11 Best Slide Sandals of 2021


It’s the year 2019, and slide sandals are all the craze.  Or at least they should be, anyway.  Slide sandals are comfortable and fashionable, and as a result are a great replacement for those old flip flops that you have lying around.  When it’s gets warmer outside, which hopefully that will be soon, you will need a pair of slide sandals to help you navigate through life normally again without sweating.  When it’s just too hot to stand to wear tennis shoes or boots any longer, you will always have something to turn to.

Today, our guide is going to break down all you need to know about slide sandals, figure out why they are different from all the other kinds of sandals that you see out there, answer any lingering questions, and also review some of the most popular pairs out there today.

Top Slide Sandals Comparison Chart

ProductStrap TypePriceWhere to Buy?
Under Armour Women’s Ignite VIIIPadded$$Check on Amazon
Adidas Adilette Women’s Cloudfoam+Not Padded$$Check on Amazon
Crocs Women’s Capri Shimmer Cross-BandNot Padded$Check on Amazon
Nike Women’s Benassi Just Do ItPadded$$Check on Amazon
FunkyMonkey Women’s Comfort SlidesNot Padded$Check on Amazon
Adidas Performance Men’s Superstar 3GPadded$$Check on Amazon
Nike Men’s Benassi SolarsoftPadded$$Check on Amazon
Adidas Originals Men’s AlphabounceNot Padded$$Check on Amazon
Under Armour Men’s Playmaker FixPadded$$Check on Amazon
Puma Men’s PopcatNot Padded$$Check on Amazon

Slide Sandals Buying Guide

What Makes Them A Slide Sandal?

If you are like a lot of people, you might not realize the difference between a slide sandal and a pair of flip flops, but we’re here to answer that question.  The definition, if you will, of a slide sandal is that they have no back to them and also have open toes.  Typically, you will see them have one solitary strap to keep your foot in place, though there could be a couple in some instances.

One thing that you can really tell a difference in is the level of comfort.  A lot of people love loafers or moccasins, because of the comfort, but those are much warmer.  Plus, those just don’t give you as much freedom as a slide.

A slide has a lot of nonrestrictive properties to it, meaning you can move your feet around at will.  There’s usually just one little place involved to keep you locked in, unlike ordinary sandals.  Normal sandals can pinch you from the tops, while a slide sandal is going to keep you much happier and not allow that kind of thing to happen.  They are also extremely soft and comfortable.  They deliver this with a foam that is very plush, giving you a chance to recline and sit back after a hard (or easy) day doing whatever you do.

Getting the Proper Size

Some people find themselves getting intimidated when they are shopping for slide sandals because of the sizing.  However, you shouldn’t be all that worried, because it can be handled rather easily with a couple of pointers.  The biggest problem that confounds consumers is that slide sandals do not come in half sizes.  So if you are an 11.5 what are you supposed to do?

This is an easy answer.  Slide sandals are supposed to be the most comfy shoe in your wardrobe, therefore it would be a poor choice to tell you to go smaller.  Instead, you always go up.  This will just give you more room to maneuver into.  And they won’t be way too big with you just going a half a size up over your usual shoes, either, so don’t worry about your toes hanging over the edge or anything like that.  I’d love to see everyone have the exact size they need, but that is not possible all of the time.  Because of that, it is always a good idea to go up a size instead of down.  No one likes to cramp their feet, and you really don’t want to in a pair of shoes designed to promote comfort and freedom!

As far as width goes, that’s also going to play a role as well.  The best way to decide about the width is to try them on in person.  This is simply the best way of getting the right fit period, but we live in a very busy world in which people just don’t do that as much anymore.  As such, the next best thing to do is to carefully read online reviews when you are looking to buy a pair of slide sandals.  In our reviews later, we’ll make sure to take note of any that run too narrow or too wide so that you can make a better decision about which specific shoe to get and what size to order it in.

Replacing Your Old Ones and Maintaining Them

How do I maintain my slide sandals, you might ask?  With so many of them costing quite a bit more than you’d think at first glance, it becomes important that you are able to use them for a couple seasons in a row or more.  You can do that by taking care of the Nubuck.

Nubuck is a fine material, but it does take some love and TLC from time to time.  Nubuck is a form of leather made from cowhide that is designed to look like suede.  As such, it is considered to be a premium material.  It has its advantages, and one of them is the extreme comfort that it yields.  In some cases, though, you will start to notice your shoes slipping off your feet and just not staying on as well as they used to.  In that case, you need to find a solution.  A quick one is to use hairspray on them.  You spray it on the insoles, after checking that there is no dirt or dust there, thus giving you some added traction and stickiness.

However, that won’t do forever.  If you are still having issues, then you can turn to other helpers.  If you notice the sandals are slippery, then you might need to get a Nubuck brush and cleaner.  Nubuck will collect oil and dirt from all around, and this tends to cause it to mat up a lot like hair would.  Because of that, they can make it harder on you to stay comfortable and on your feet at times.  By using the brush and cleaner, you can get the matting to go away while also cleaning the sandals.  Be careful, though, because if they are made from Nubuck and you don’t get an approved cleaner, it can ruin your slides!

Those aren’t the only things to know about this subject, though.  If you still find yourself slipping, then you might just need to replace your shoes altogether.  It’s not a fun thing to think about, especially if they are your favorite slides, but you might just be at the end of the road for them.  Like all shoes, they will wear out on you after a while, no matter how long they’ve been in commission.  Over time, the fabric is going to stretch and the insole will break down.  They won’t be as comfortable, they won’t grip the same, and they might even eventually tear apart.  Sometimes a good fit will become one that is too big for you because they have stretched so much.  These are all reasons for you to ditch the pair you’ve got and get a new pair.  However, if you’re not prepared to throw in the towel just yet, there is a last-ditch effort you can make by purchasing your own insoles.  It’s an extreme method to bring for sandals, but if you just really love them it might be your go-to move to keep them on your feet for another season or two, or three?

A final thing to add is that if you notice that your sandals aren’t supporting you like they used to, then you really had better replace them.  If you bought a pair and they never made you sore only to begin to experience pain a couple years later, then you should know there is a problem with the shoes, in all likelihood.  It’s not always easy to pinpoint that, but if you haven’t’ done anything else differently, then you need to look in the mirror and realize it’s the shoes and make a change before it creates persistent foot ailments.

How To Get the Best Fit

Sizing and fit are related to one another, but they are still not quite the same and we need to talk about the fit.  The fit of a slide sandal is not all that different than that of a normal shoe.  You want room to move around, sure, but you don’t want too much of it because then your feet move up and down inside them and cause you to become a walking hazard.  So, you want to make sure you are secure yet comfortable and don’t bind yourself in to them.

Another thing to do is to make sure the points of pressure feel good on you.  If you are trying them on in person, which again is recommended, you will want to make sure they feel good to you in the heel, in the midfoot, and in the toe areas most of all.  If they feel good in those places, or in any places where you’ve had problems before, then they should feel good overall for you.  If you can’t try them on in person or just don’t want to, online reviews and research can help a great deal.

Next, a good thing to do is to evaluate how thick the sandals are.  If the sandals are too thick, they lose flexibility and you will feel stiff in them.  If they aren’t thick enough, you just won’t have much to hold on or support you, which isn’t the best thing, either.  A good amount will range between an inch and one and a half inches.  This will make it much simpler to keep natural motion and fluid movement going.

Heels are another major consideration for you.  While this feature is not required by any means, you might find yourself wanting a heel that has a ‘cup’ to it.  A heel cup helps not only secure your foot in even more but it can also pad and cushion you even further.  They make you very unlikely to lose them, resulting in injury or getting made fun of, for that matter, and will make you feel really awesome at the same time.  Just because there is not a heel cup, though, does not mean you have found a bad pair of slide sandals.

No matter what you ultimately decide in regards to a heel cup or not, you need to keep in mind that you should always keep about a half an inch between the heel and the edge of the shoe.  This is done so that you don’t step on the very back part of the sandal, which will cause you to develop blisters.  So, as mentioned before, if you have any doubts whatsoever, it is better to size up just in case.


Enclosures, or straps in this case, are mechanisms that shoes use to keep you in place.  They can range from laces to Velcro to elastics and all sorts of other materials.  Each have their own pros and cons, and we are going to take a quick look at the choices that you will have with most slide sandals to help you better understand and make your purchase decision.


Velcro is a very commonly used material for this purpose because it is very comfortable and easy to deal with.  Velcro is very simple to adjust, and thus is a good idea for someone that has feet that swell up a lot.  If you are an athlete and plan to wear them after games, for example, this might be a good choice for you because they can be adjusted.  Through Velcro, your slides can feel good both before and after any activity.

The downside to Velcro is that it does lose its ability to stick together after a while.  Once its lose that stickiness, it can be tough to adjust, if not impossible.  If you adjust it, you might find yourself unable to even use them as it won’t go back.  If you don’t adjust it, though, you are stuck with it in one spot.  The other issue with it is that everything sticks to it.  Unless you are Danny Tanner and never encounter dirt, stuff will stick to it, and it makes it hard to adjust and readjust.

Buckle Straps

Buckle is another choice that you could make for your slides as well.  Buckle straps also give you a lot of chances to adjust them, and are good for people that find their feet swollen after a long day.  They can also, gulp, be paired with socks, though I do not suggest that at all.  Usually, when you see buckle used, they come in a pair, so be ready to see that.  The negative to this type is that they tend to get very stiff over time, and it can make it hard to move the straps.


The final choice we are going to talk about is elastics.  Known for being used to make just about anything stretchy (think yoga pants), elastic is great for people that swell as well.  In fact, none of these are poor choices for that.  Elastics are extremely comfortable, too, and they sort of end up molding to your feet.

The issue with elastics is a lack of being able to adjust them.  While it might not be that big of a deal to begin with, they stretch out over time and will most likely become too large to wear in the end as they become bigger loops than once intended.


The best way to ensure you are getting a durable sandal is to look at the outsole of the shoe.  Durability is a big component when you are looking at any shoe, to be fair, but it can sometimes go a little overboard.  If you want something ultra durable, you won’t always get the best feel.  By the same token, if you want an ultra plush feel, you aren’t going to get as much durability.

This is the balancing act you have to do when selecting a slide sandal for use.  The outsole is where it’s at, and if durability is more of your thing, then rubber or other synthetic materials are what you are looking for.  These materials are not uncomfortable, by any means, and they are among the best that give you a lot of durability.

If you see that a shoe is made from leather, then you will need to understand that it won’t last as long.  And also that sometimes that it won’t have as much grip to it.  Leather will feel better in a lot of cases (the gap is closing considerably, though) but it costs more and often just doesn’t hold up.


What the upper part of the shoe is made of is also important in assessing the amount of durability that you will have in your slide sandals.  The upper of a shoe is usually much bigger than on a sandal, so many would wrongly assume it doesn’t matter for a slide.  That’s just not the case, however, and you have to know what it’s made out of to grasp the whole shoe.  If the upper is made out of leather or synthetics, then it will generally last longer.

However, these uppers will not be as breathable as one composed of mesh or other fabrics would be.  Mesh gives you a lot of tiny, perforated holes that allow air to get in.  While it’s great for keeping you cool, I think you can understand why it would be much easier for them to tear.  Synthetics and leathers are better than mesh in the durability department, but they won’t give you as much air as you might prefer.


It’s probably an afterthought to think about your slides giving you support, but in reality they really need to be giving you some.  All shoes need to make you feel safe, first and foremost, and if you aren’t getting that, then what’s the point?  Walking barefoot beats an unsafe shoe any day of the week.  Being supported means that they shoe stays on though things like the strap and the heel.  If those things aren’t present, you definitely can’t have support.

Next, you evaluate how well they feel underneath you.  If they make you sore, they aren’t right for you.  Sometimes, we have a tendency to believe if they feel good, then they will be supportive.  That’s not always the case, though, so be careful before you believe they’ll always feel good.

Related to this is shock absorption.  Believe it or not, slide sandals can absorb shocks like sneakers can.  This means they are good for a lot of walking and even standing in place, which could be excellent for a day at the beach or even working if you are allowed to do so, perhaps behind a desk.  Some sandals do a good job at correcting problems like Plantar Fasciitis and gait issues, though, it would be hard to judge that just by reading reviews instead of case studies.  But if it helps you, then it helps and no one can debate that!


Best Slide Sandals Reviews

1. Under Armour Women’s Ignite VIII

A whole lot of slide sandals, and any kind of sandal for that matter, come with a very flat look to them, but these are not one of those at all. Coming in a few different colors to pick from they are both stylish and supportive because of the way the sandal is contoured. Instead of having a flat shoe that offers no support, it is higher and thicker in the back and also has a toe that points up a bit.

This is all done with synthetic materials used for both the upper and the sole as well. This makes them durable and allows them to give adequate traction, while remaining lightweight, which is really a must-have if you are even going to bother with a slide at all.  The adjustable strap that is included even has Under Armour’s patented HeatGear in it, making them much more cool on your feet as you wear them on even the hottest of days out.  The footbed has a 4D foam base to give you added comfort, making this a desirable shoe all the way around.

The biggest problem with them is that they tend to run small, so you will need to adjust accordingly.  The Velcro also is hard to tighten for some, leading to annoyances.  Lastly, they aren’t the best at getting wet.



  • Awesome styles and colors to pick from
  • Very comfy and conforms to you
  • Lightweight materials



  • Not good for wet weather
  • Velcro hard to stay in place
  • Tendency to run small


2. Adidas Adilette Women’s Cloudfoam+

Adidas really outdid itself years ago when it came up with the Cloudfoam technology, which has saved them in one part of their business and has seen them prosper in others as a result. The Adilette Women’s Cloudfoam+ uses this technology to give you the chance to be comfortable and also get a return on the energy that you expend.

The sole of the shoe is rubber, meaning that durability will not be much of an issue at all, while the rest of the sandal, with the exception of the occasional EVA used, is made out of synthetics.  This includes the strap, which is made from it as well.  This means there is not any adjustability built in to them, which can be seen as a positive or a negative.

You won’t have to worry about it falling off or not fastening, but you also will have to be 100% positive on the size and feel before jumping in feet first.  Like the UA design, these are also very lightweight and durable, though they won’t be quite as cool on you because they use synthetics instead of HeatGear.  These shoes are good for being around the water and are also very easy to clean.

A problem you will run into is that they are not good for people with high arches.  They also seem to have sizing issues, with some saying they are too large and some saying too small, so it makes it hard to judge accurately.



  • Cloudfoam is very cushy
  • Good for water
  • Very easy to clean



  • Strap can’t be adjusted
  • Not conducive with high arches
  • Sizing issues abound


3. Crocs Women’s Capri Shimmer Cross-Band

If you are looking for something a little bit less sporty and possibly a tad bit more elegant, then this offering from Crocs could be just what you are looking for. A fashionably savvy choice, the Capri Shimmer comes in three different colors, all of which look great and will match well with just about any of your casual clothes.

The most noticeable change from the first two reviewed is the cross-band that is used to secure you.  It is much bigger than the other two, and should be more supportive, but like the Adidas listing, it does not have any adjustability to it.  In the back, they have a raised heel like the ones from UA and the toe is pointed slightly upward.

The insole of the shoe has tiny ridges and circles running on it that are used to increase your comfort. These upper is made from canvas, which makes them fashionable but also means they will not be quite as durable as something like synthetics would.  The sole is made from synthetic materials and looks really grippy, particularly on the edge where there are raised grooves made to help aid traction.  The Croslite foam cushion inside also adds to the comfortability of them, along with traces of suede.

One problem you could run into is if you have a narrow foot.  These sandals tend to run wide, making them tough to stay on for wider wearers.  Another problem is that the straps are a little rough on the edges. It wouldn’t be an issue unless you walk a lot, so you might want to think about the purpose you’ll use them for.



  • Fashionable type choice
  • Cross bands for better support
  • Raised heel and toe pointed upward



  • Runs wide
  • Straps rough, making walking tough for long
  • Not a lot of ability to adjust


4. Nike Women’s Benassi Just Do It

Coming in a multitude of colors, this offering from Nike is the one with the most options so far on the list that we’ve seen. These shoes are just the classic slide look, with one singular strap and not a lot of frills about them. They don’t have a lot of a raise in the heel, but they do move up a little.  The toes are flat, however, so they run down from back to front.

The upper and the sole are made from synthetics and on both sides, they use their Phylon foam to support and cushion you.  The Phylon also helps contribute to the shoes being lightweight and durable, which is a big plus.  Rubber on the bottom makes them durable and adds traction to the equation, while the Nike logo just let’s everyone know where you stand in the brand wars.  Just remember, the strap will not be able to be adjusted in this model, so you will have to factor that in.

Like so many of Nikes shoes, these also run small as well, meaning you will have to be careful when ordering them online to make sure you get the right fit.  A few people do not like how tight the band is on their foot, so that is a related worry.



  • Tons of colors to choose from
  • Phylon comfy and light
  • Good traction



  • Runs small and tight
  • Band can be tight on the foot
  • Not a lot of adjustability


5. FunkyMonkey Women’s Comfort Slides

If you want to totally move away from the ones we have looked at so far, then the FunkyMonkey is a good departure from it. These shoes are totally different in that they have a heel cup to them and also have two buckle straps built on to the uppers, both of which are separate for the other. Not only does it mean they are easily adjustable, but it also means they can be adjusted in one place or both, which makes them even more comfortable.  The heel in the back is cupped to support you even more than you already were, which is a plus for many.

The number of colors available is pretty abundant and sure to make any lady happy with the choices they have.  They also happen to be very inexpensive to buy, which is another reason you’d have to consider them.  The EVA foam that they use helps them be lightweight, waterproof, and flexible at the same time, and it lends itself to being easily washed as well.  The contoured footbed means you will be able to walk around with a shoe that molds to you, on a number of different terrains even!

Because they are from overseas, the sizes tend to be a little big, but that’s not all that uncommon on the list so far.  Durability is also a question mark because of the foam, but at the price it is to be expected.



  • Good for the beach
  • Lots of colors to pick from
  • Tons of adjustability



  • Durability concerns
  • Runs big


6. Adidas Performance Men’s Superstar 3G

If you want that classic three stripes look with a slide sandal, then this is just the pick for you. Coming in a few different colors, they all look great, with none looking better than the traditional black and white in my estimation. The shoes are very simplistic, but like so much of Adidas’ best, that is part of the appeal.

The thing that’s easy to spot about them is that the strap is adjustable.  It is made out of a similar product to Velcro, which makes it very easy to adjust no matter what kind of fit you want.  The next thing you’ll notice is that the insole has a textured look with three distinct areas in it.  The Cloudfoam used in it makes you very comfortable, as does the foam, which rebounds to help you retain your energy while also contouring to your foot like a custom mold would.

The outsole uses EVA to make the shoe lighter than it would otherwise be, and also helps with the comfort.  The sole is made from rubber, and has four circular patterns cut into it to help provide you traction.  This is the option for you if you want something light but still also able to take a pretty good beating at the same time.

The one thing you might not like is that they aren’t the best for water.  Another issue is that they have moved the strap a little from previous models, which has caused the foot to slide a little while wearing them.



  • Very classy look
  • Light and robust
  • Lots of adjustability



  • Foot can slide due to strap changes
  • Not great for or in water


7. Nike Men’s Benassi Solarsoft

If you are looking for a wide variety of colors and choices, ranging from vibrant ones to quiet ones, this is the sandal for you. This slide is made with a rubber sole and synthetic upper, making it ideal if you are looking for durability above all. The bottoms have great traction with a number of treads on them to help you forge a path to where you want to go, while the foam insole does a great job at making you experience peak comfort. They use dual density foam to do this, making you feel lush and plush at the same time, no matter if you’re indoors or outdoors.  While the strap is not adjustable, like some others, it is also padded and offers a lot of comfort in its own right to keep you happy.

The shoe is a pretty flat one, but it does have a bit of a raised heel and then runs downward toward the toes, so it will have some support for you if you are standing or walking quite a bit. The outsoles even have grooves made into them, which isn’t just there for fashion but also so that they can be lighter and give you more durability over time.  These are sturdy enough to the point that some have played, casually mind you, sports in them!

Another big plus is that they actually run true to their size, which is not an easy thing to find in the world of Nikes.  The biggest issue you might face is not having much water resistance with this pair of slides.  They also become very slick when they are wet, making it tough to keep them on your foot.  They also aren’t as sponge-like as some other pairs, so if that’s what you want, you might look elsewhere.



  • Good for activity
  • Quite durable
  • Soft with padding all over



  • Not as cushy as some
  • Water resistance is lacking
  • Gets very slick when wet


8. Adidas Originals Men’s Alphabounce

Another choice from Adidas that many people have taken to is the Alphabounce, which brings that technology over from their sneakers to a slide sandal. Coming in just two colors by the looks of things, the style is very nice but not overpowering as it has been with some previous models. Aside form that, these shoes offer a ton of comfort.

The Bounce tech has been used to give the wearer comfort all day, while keeping them from having their energy sapped during a long day on their feet.  The EVA on the outsole also helps accomplish this by making it comfy and doing so while remaining light.  The rubber sole used is a little bit different than most with a plain look, but it will be durable and fairly good in terms of traction for normal uses.

The upper is made from synthetics, but it also has the ability to close with a Velcro-like compound, so that is plus because you will get the best of both worlds as far as that is concerned.  The soft foam they use on the insole just yells comfort and gives you the chance to catch your breath will doing so.  These are very much intended for post-game wear, but they can also be used elsewhere, too!

The tops of the shoes have a tendency to rub some, which can cause irritation.  Another problem is that the heel is too high for some, causing them to have issues with arch support.



  • Logo doesn’t overpower the style
  • Bounce tech great for after games
  • Adjustable and synthetic at the same time



  • Heel is tough for arch support
  • Blisters caused by tops of the strap


9. Under Armour Men’s Playmaker Fix

Coming in a few different colors to pick from and at a very manageable price worth pointing out, the Playmaker could be just the Fix for you. Under Armour has given men a different sort of look from what we’ve seen so far with a curved foot area. The toes are pointed upwards, while the rest of the shoe slants toward the middle and then back up again at the heel area to give a boat-like look to them.  For some, this could be a godsend to help them deal with flat feet.

On top of that, the strap is a fixed one, but it does have perforations built into it to make you much more breathable.  You might lose out on adjustability, but you will have the breathability to make up for it.  It’s also got padding under it just in case of swelling or other issues that you might face.  The footbed uses EVA in a bit way to give you cushioning u on your feet, and has tiny rectangular shaped knots to help do that.  The outsole also uses the same compound, which brings you both comfort and that feeling of weightlessness.

The use of synthetics all over means it will last quite a while, too, which will keep the fun going for a while.  They are good for the beach with a good amount of resistance to water, making them great for that purpose.  This does not mean they are waterproof, though!  Also, they run a little small, so you will have to keep that in mind when ordering them.



  • Very breathable
  • Curved look and feel
  • Padding under strap makes up for lack of adjustability



  • Not fully waterproof and can get slick
  • Runs small


10. Puma Men’s Popcat

Much like the previous items on the men’s list, this is another sporty looking slide sandal. Like the Under Armour pair above, this sandal has the same curved shape to it to help alleviate some of the pressure put on certain areas of the foot. Furthermore, it has leather and synthetics blended together to bring you both durability and comfort to the mix.  The sole of the sandal is made from rubber, and there is a good amount of tread to them, especially in the front and back, that will give you good traction and keep you up on your feet.

The sandals come in a few different colors, with a lot of them being very flashy and catchy to the eye.  They do have the logo taking up a big portion of them, though, so that might not be your cup of tea.  The outsole uses EVA, as most typically do now, to give you a lightweight and comfort ride.  These shoes are not waterproof and the padding on them is very difficult to get dry.  Over time, they can begin to shrink and this causes the shoes to develop an arch in them, which can be uncomfortable.  The strap is also a little low for some, due to the inability to adjust it.



  • Few different colors to choose from
  • EVA is comfy and light
  • Curved nature takes pressure off the foot



  • Strap is a bit low and tight sometimes
  • Hard to get dry once wet
  • Arch forms after a lot of use


Conclusion and Final Slide Sandals Recommendations

Shopping for shoes should be easier now than it has ever been before, but unfortunately it has become harder and harder for many due to the sheer size and scope of the task.  With so many choices, it is hard to narrow it down and select one, and even then it’s tough to tell if it’s exactly what you want and need.  That’s where we have come in to help.  After our guide and reviews, you can rest assured that you know much more than you did to begin with and that you will find the perfect pair of slide sandals for you or your loved one.

Frequently Asked Questions About Slide Sandals

Are They Really Back In Style?

You might not want to believe it, but slide sandals definitely are back in style, and the one proof that you need is that designer brands are getting in on the mix.  With Gucci and other big names mixing it up with Adidas nowadays, the market is booming and people are running over themselves to try and get them.  How much longer the trend goes on is anyone’s guess, but even then is it really so bad to be ‘out of style’ if they still look and feel great?  I don’t think so, and neither should you!

How Do You Style With Them?

For the love of all things, please don’t wear socks.  Please.  Seriously.  Just do not do it.  I’ve rarely preached against something, and won’t, but I’ll make my stand here.  No self-respecting person should do that.  A lot of these are seriously stylish, even if they aren’t your thing, but you take all of that style away by pairing them with socks, an old man’s tactic from 30 years ago.  As far as what to wear with it, anything casual would work.  You wouldn’t want to pair them up with your business attire, but if you are wearing khaki shorts or anything similar, they’d look great.


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