11 Best House Shoes & House Slippers of 2021

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House shoes.  Slippers.  Comfy shoes.  Whatever you call them, you know what we are talking about.  The kind of shoes you look forward to wearing all day and week long once you get off of work and can just relax.  In 2019, it’s still a pleasure we don’t want to give up on.  Today, we are going to be taking a very close look into some of the best and most popular pairs of house shoes on the market in 2019 via our buying guide.  We’ll examine what makes them just so good at what that they do, and we’ll also be helping you out by providing you some of the top pairs in our reviews so that you’ll have somewhere to start your search for your new favorite pair of comfort shoes.  So, let’s get started and get you feeling better then!

Top House Shoes Comparison Chart

ProductMaterialPriceWhere to Buy?
1. RockDove Men’s Original Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper95% Cotton / 5% Spandex$Check Price On Amazon
2. Ultraideas Women’s Cozy Memory Foam SlippersMicrofiber$$Check Price On Amazon
3. Ultraideas Women’s Soft Yarn Cable Knitted Memory Foam SlippersMicrofiber$$Check Price On Amazon
4. Wishcotton Light Breathable SlippersCotton-blend$$Check Price On Amazon
5. Jessica Simpson Comfy Faux Fur Women’s House SlippersFaux Fur$$Check Price On Amazon
6. Zigzagger Men’s Comfort Suede Fabric Memory Foam SlippersFleece & Microsuede$$Check Price On Amazon
7. Slow Man Women’s Walking ShoesMesh Fabric$$$Check Price On Amazon
8. Hanes Men’s Memory Foam SlippersRubber$$Check Price On Amazon
9. Halluci Women’s Cross Band Soft Plush Fleece SlippersFleece$$Check Price On Amazon
10. Ultraideas Women’s Memory Foam Open Toe Slide SlippersRubber sole$Check Price On Amazon

House Shoes Buying Guide

Why You Want/Need Them

Some people are naturally just going to be a little bit unsure of why they need a pair of house shoes.  After all, you get along just fine with your socks or your bare feet.  Perhaps you’re someone that just like to wear sandals or flip flops around the house.  If that’s you, no problem, but you might be giving up something, too!  Here’s a look at some of the things you gain, or could gain, from wearing house shoes.

– Rest and relaxation.  Some house shoes are going to be better than others about this, with some of them able to give you a ton of luxury.  You won’t only be without the weight of those clunky shoes you usually wear.  You’ll also be using something that is plush and basically massages you as you go about your leisure time.

– They keep you warmer.  This does depend on the type you choose, sure, but one thing that house shoes can do for you over going barefoot is keeping you warmer.  These shoes generally do a great job at trapping heat in, making it possible for you to go without socks while wearing shoes.  If you have flooring that is usually cold, this is a great way to keep your feet nice and toasty.

– Traction.  Once again, not all house shoes are created equal, so you will have to take a close look at them.  But on the whole, house shoes are going to offer much better traction than just wearing socks or going barefoot.  This can be a risky proposition for some people, so wearing house shoes with a good, steady base of support could be just what you need to keep you upright and on the move.

– Stress relief.  We’ve talked about rest and relaxation, but house shoes can also actually relieve some of your stress away, believe it or not.  Studies have shown that students are more likely to read more and also better when they are wearing comfortable slippers, all the while productivity has been shown to increase by using them.  We don’t suggest you wear them to work unless you are allowed to do so, but there is no questioning their usefulness to the cause.

– Flexibility.  Lastly but not least is the fact that house shoes are very flexible when compared to other shoes.  This does contribute to helping you relax and be comfortable, but there is more to it.  When you can safely splay out your toes and not be confined, you just feel so much better.  There are no hard ends with slippers and house shoes, and that’s just how we should all like them!


The chief concern that you need to know about when considering house shoes is that of comfort.  If a pair of shoes, regardless of what they are made for, are not comfortable, your likelihood of wearing them is going to go down drastically.  Kids are a perfect illustration of this.  If there is the least bit of something wrong, they will scream, kick, and eventually figure out a way to throw off the shackles of their shoes.  It just happens over and over again.  With house shoes, especially house shoes, you need to make sure that you have plenty of comfort built in.  Without comfort, you are going to be stuck with sore feet and an unhappy attitude.  Comfort is the king, since you’re going to be looking for relaxation, and one thing that can definitely help you obtain comfort is going to be memory foam.  Memory foam is one of those things that has burst onto the scene and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon due to how well its able to lock in comfort.  It remembers you, basically, and that helps the shoes conform to your feet specifically, rather than taking a wide approach that fits everyone within a certain size range.  Even if you don’t find memory foam, there are other materials that can yield comfort.  Materials that are very dense, like sponge, are also going to work well for you.  That is due to the fact that they will provide you with more cushioning, thus giving a lot of comfort.  Lastly, remember not to take everything at face value.  How many shoes online do you see companies claiming are uncomfortable?  We don’t remember a single pair ever claiming to not be comfortable, so don’t always assume it’s true.  While we’d all love to see that every shoe felt great, it’s just not the case.  So, make sure you do your research and truly find comfort, because looks and words aren’t always going to be true!


We mentioned before about how traction is much improved when you wear the right pair of house shoes.  Here is where we go into depth about it.  Traction might not seem like a big deal at all to you, but if you have ever been to a spa or a hotel where they give out cheap slippers, you will know why this matters.  In a pinch, those are just fine and you get a lot of use out of them.  You can walk around and feel plush, but the second you hit a surface that isn’t nice and squishy there are issues.  If it’s slippery or wet, or if the ground is too hard and there is nothing beneath you, they fold over.  It’s a big problem, seriously, especially if you are someone that is older or have had health problems in the past.  The best way to circumvent all of this is to find shoes that have some traction to them.  Maybe you feel this is unnecessary and overboard, and if you do that’s fine, too, but this is still something you should look into.  You can find perfectly good, comfortable house shoes that have a good rubbered sole on the bottom and won’t allow you to fall or to have things ‘stick’ you.  You never know when you might need them in a hurry, even if they are ‘just’ house shoes.  They sure beat wearing socks in terms of traction on a slipper floor, after all!

Open or Closed (and Backing)

Another choice you will find yourself making is over whether to have an open slipper or a closed one.  This all comes down to preference, of course, but we should take a look at the pros and cons here.  Both of them are going to be easy to put on and to take off.  With some closed toe shoes, it’s hard to get them on, but this is not the case with a slippers since you’re still going to be able to just slip them on and go.  So, there’s no real advantage as far as that goes to turn to an open toed one.  The advantage of the open toe is that it’s going to be lighter and much more freeing than a closed toe slipper is.  You’ll be able to move your toes around any which way you like, and you will do so without the additional weight.  It’s not like the closed toe version will weigh dramatically more, but there will be a minor difference for sure.  The issue you’ll run into with an open toed version is that it will not be as protective for you.  While you’re not likely to get the same protection as a steel toed boot, for example, from a closed toe shoe, you’re also going to be getting more than an open toed.  Things that might be dropped are more likely to hurt your feet, and you could stub your toe on any number of objects.  Plus, you don’t have as much warmth about them, either.  With a closed toe house shoe, you don’t have to worry about socks.  You may end up needing them to stay warm with open toed shoes, even if those are open toed shoes are well insulated and do a good job of trapping a lot of warmth into them.  In reality, you also can take many of the same arguments and put them into place when you consider if you want to go with slippers that have a backing to them or not.  Some slippers do not have a backing, while others will have them.  If you have them, you have more protection from sliding out of them.  You won’t be as ‘free’ in the back, but you will be able to get up and go quicker.  It’s all a matter of what you like and what you would like to have on your feet.


Nobody likes to buy something only to see it tear up right in front of their very eyes.  We all know that some things last longer than others, but that doesn’t mean we just want to take our money and burn it into thin air.  So, durability is going to play a role, whether we like to admit it or not.  The best way to look for durability in house shoes is to look at some of the key features.  First and foremost, you will want to look at the materials that are used to make them.  If the materials are known to be durable, such as things like Nylon, rubber, and elastic, then you’ll more than likely have a pair of shoes that will hold up fro a while.  On top of that, though, you also have to think about the process and the manner in which they were constructed.  Sometimes you will see an item use the best materials but not nearly the best construction method possible.  When this occurs, it’s a letdown because you expect the item to be better.  However, the way they have put those parts and pieces together is just not up to par.  So, look for that, too.  The people doing the job and the craftsmanship- of lack thereof- are just as crucial as the ingredients, if you will.

A couple of the more specific things to look for include reinforced stitching and rubber soles.  Reinforced sewing is going to take place when you see seams on the side sewed on to the connect the sole with the rest of the shoes.  A pair of house slippers doesn’t have to have this in order to be successful, no, but it does got a very, very long way toward reaching that lofty goal.  Rubber soles are also a big deal, not just to traction and protection, but also to durability.  When you have a rubber sole, what you are getting is thickness.  Thickness means extra padding, which equates to longer lifespan.  A thin piece of fabric is going to wear out, even walking on carpet on hardwood.  This won’t happen nearly as quickly with rubber.  With rubber, you can genuinely expect to go years with them, especially if you don’t wear the house shoes all that often, as most don’t get the opportunity to do so.  Another tip is to look for shoes that are designed for ‘indoor/outdoor’ use.  If you are going to be needing to put them through the ringer just a bit more, having this ‘tag’ on them will mean they can take more of a beating than others can that are only designed for house wear.


Support is not going to be a massive part of the selection process here, but you should still consider it.  Like we talked about with traction before, some pairs you find out there just don’t do a good job at seeing you maintain your place.  Support can also contribute to this.  Super cheap pairs of shoes are not going to offer support, just like they are not likely to give you much traction.  What we mean by support here is that the shoes are too ‘flexible.’  While it’s one of the positives of house shoes to have flexibility brought to the table, it is big risk when there is too much of it and the shoes end up essentially folding over onto themselves.  One way that helps with support is when you have a shoe that conforms to your foot, like memory foam.  The beauty of memory foam is that it is soft yet it has a firm, rigid base that doesn’t let you sink into the ground too much.  Because of this, you get more support and can keep your balance.  We know you won’t be wearing your house shoes a whole ton, but it’s still important for most of us to have a good level of support so that we don’t injure ourselves in the house and find it difficult to do what we love and need to do.


As with any pair of shoes, you need to make sure that your sizing is correct.  Doing so with house shoes is a little bit less important than your running shoes or your soccer cleats, for sure, but it’s still something you will want to get right.  Here’s a few tips to take a look at to make sure you stay safe, happy, and comfy as you lounge around in them.

– Unlike with shoes made for sports, you do not need to make sure you size yourself according to the ‘warmer’ parts of your day.  Instead, you need to make sure the size you pick lines up to when you are lounging around.  This means you should be very inactive when you try them on, just as you will be while wearing them.  If you do have socks that you plan to wear, you should wear them to try the shoes on with just to make double sure.

– Make sure the shoes aren’t too loose.  We know that you want to wear them a little bit loose, and we don’t really blame you for that, but you don’t want them so loose that they will literally come flying off at a moment’s notice.  If you are walking around the house, and they come off, you could get injured, if you are the most able and capable of people.

– Consult with sizing charts and also keep an open mind.  Sometimes you’re going to find sizing to be a little frustrating online, especially when you are dealing with multiple vendors from all over the globe.  Keep an open mind and don’t be scared to go up or down a size if the sizing charts or reviews indicate you should.  Part of the time, companies will admit their shoes run large or small.  Other times, you will want to consult with reviews to see what people are saying.  If they claim something is large or small, then it’s very likely, assuming there is a bunch of voices agreeing, that they are indeed large or small.  Make sure to heed those warnings, or you might not have the best kind of fit.

The Top 10 House Shoes of 2019 Reviews

  1. RockDove Men’s Original Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper

Kicking off our list is a pair of no back slippers that will make any man happy thanks to the use of memory foam. They simply pamper your feet by conforming to them via molding and giving you a pillow like touch to them. With a knit upper on top, they can breathe out well, helping to make sure odors don’t get trapped in and become an issue.  With a sturdy rubber sole to them as well, you can head outside a bit without worries.  They even have a waterproof bottom, too, which means you can do more than just go out there on the clearest of days.  Despite not having a backing to them, they do have a slight raise in the heel via a collar that should help to lock you in a tad bit better.  Overall, it’s just a hard pair of shoes to beat when it comes to treating yourself and staying on your feet.


  • Sturdy for occasional outdoor wear
  • Very comfy memory foam
  • Breathes well and doesn’t take on odors
  1. Ultraideas Women’s Cozy Memory Foam Slippers

Up next is a pair of slippers that will make any lady feel special. That’s because they have the ability to keep you warm and cozy all the while ensuring they don’t slip or fall. With a very soft fleece lining to it, you are given plenty of warmth and softness at the same time.  Beneath you, there is a rubber sole that will make sure that you are not able to slip, all the while being able to walk without any annoying noises being made, contrary to many other options on the market.  In addition to that, you also have a very dense memory foam insole to them which provides comfort via exquisite cushioning.  They retain the shape of your foot well all the while standing out and offering some style and class that others just don’t hold up to.


  • Fleece is warm and soft
  • Retains the shape of your foot
  • No noises made
  1. Ultraideas Women’s Soft Yarn Cable Knitted Memory Foam Slippers

Ultraideas goes back to back here with another pair, though these do have some slight differences to them. First of which is the use of soft yarn and faux fur. This not only makes them stand out a bit more, but it also means they are able to be even warmer than the previous pair was.  It does mean they might make a bit more of a mess, however, so that should be kept in mind.  At any rate, these are also very dense and have great memory foam beneath your feet to give you plenty of padding and cushioning to get you through the end of the day with comfort.  Thanks to the rubber soles, you will be able to go inside and outside, all while making sure that none of the cold is able to run up through them and get to your feet.


  • Inside and outdoor use
  • Very, very warm
  • Dense memory foam for comfort and cushioning
  1. Wishcotton Light Breathable Slippers

Up next is our first pair of slippers that are more of a traditional shoe. These have a backing to them, making them able to lock you in a bit better, but without sacrificing freedom and comfort in doing so. Made out of a cotton blend, these are super soft all over, including in the bed of the foot, which is also going to utilize memory foam.  When added to EVA, this is especially nice to give you support and cushioning after a long day on your feet.  With a sole that is light and good for indoor use but still also capable of handling outdoor conditions, you won’t have to worry about skidding or going outside to grab the mail or just take a quick stroll.  Thanks to the use of the cotton fabric, it breathes very well and is very quiet, too, making them an excellent choice for someone that is moving around leisurely in a crowded house.


  • Cotton blend for softness and breathability
  • EVA and memory foam super plush
  • Quiet and good for outdoor usage if needed
  1. Jessica Simpson Comfy Faux Fur Women’s House Slippers

With a thick memory foam cushion beneath them, you can count on these being super supportive and comfortable all day long, not just for a couple of hours. It’s this that makes these stand out, though the looks don’t hurt that at all, either. They look great, like fur, with a number of modern styles that are blended with more traditional fur offerings.  The sole is extremely nice and will not allow you to slip via textured grips that ensure no sliding will take place for you.  With the faux fur, you can count on them being very warm for whomever is wearing them.  One thing to keep in mind with these is that they do run a little bit narrow, so you may need to go up a size if you have wider feet and want to have more range of motion.


  • Blend of modern and old school styles
  • Very warm and soft
  • Supportive enough for all day use
  1. Zigzagger Men’s Comfort Suede Fabric Memory Foam Slippers

Coming up next is something that will do you well if you want something reliable and super comfy. First of all, they have memory foam, which as we continue to touch on, is just great and will leave you in a very positive mood. Along with that, the combination of fleece and microsuede makes them soft to the touch and extremely warm on your feet.  With rubber sole to them, they are versatile as well, allowing you to skate free all over the house and even range outside for some adventures, too.  With no backing, they are comfy and very easy to slip on, while being big time fashion statements at the same time.  One of the top positives has to be that they are easy to take care of and clean, allowing you to wash them in the washing machine with no issues whatsoever.


  • Very warm and soft
  • Easy to slip on and fashionable
  • Super easy to clean
  1. Slow Man Women’s Walking Shoes

Up next is a real step into left field, in all honesty, but hang with us here. These are shoes designed for walking, but they are done so with a twist. They are made to be a combo between house slippers and sneakers, and they give the best of both worlds.  Up top, you have a mesh fabric to them that makes them breathable but also is going to make them warm when you are inside and aren’t moving around much.  But on the bottoms you have a stiff rubber sole, including a pronounced heel area, along with an air sole unit, that makes sure you have a lot of cushioning.  These are much more aggressive than many of the other offerings we have seen so far, no doubt, but that is also going to be helpful to people that are in and out of the house more than others.  It’s not a traditional look for a house shoe by any means, but sometimes the exceptions are worth pointing out just as much as the rule, so to speak.


  • Great for walks
  • Awesome outdoor shoe
  • Keeps cool and warm, depending on the weather


  • Too much for some folks
  1. Hanes Men’s Memory Foam Slippers

Hanes is very well known for their underwear and other leisure apparel, so it’s not a major surprise to see them launch a pair of slippers on this list. These house shoes are great because they offer you more support and protection than regular ones. They are both closed toe and also have a backing to them, giving you a lot of comfort and support despite having a little less freedom of movement.  This is perfect for someone that is putting a premium on warmth and doesn’t want to expose much of the foot.  With a thick memory foam footbed for cushioning and protection from odor, you can count on them to smell just fine no matter how warm it is outside or inside of them.  With a durable, well gripped sole to them, you can venture outside or traverse inside easily, giving you plenty of options to use them.


  • Very thick memory foam
  • Superb warmth
  • More protection and durability
  1. Halluci Women’s Cross Band Soft Plush Fleece Slippers

With these slippers, you really get to stand out and make a fashion statement thanks to the way the cross band of fleece stands out. These almost look like, in a good way, a nice, fluffy Poodle walking across the street. These house slippers are super soft to the touch and allow maximum freedom of the feet, with no backing and an open toe allowing you to move any which way you like.  This does reduce the amount of protection and support, but for some people that just does not matter very much.  With a memory foam insole and EVA on the bottom and sides, you can bet on them being able to support you after a long day of working and standing.  One good thing about them is that they are ‘fixed’ to stay in a certain shape, helping to ensure they don’t wrinkle and crumple up when you need them most.  They aren’t the most aggressive variation we have seen, but they are still one of the top pairs out there for a reason.


  • Very fluffy and soft
  • Lots of freedom of movement
  • Great support and stability


  • Not the most protective
  1. Ultraideas Women’s Memory Foam Open Toe Slide Slippers

Ultraideas comes back onto the list for a final time here with this option, another of the open toed variety. These house shoes are made with no backing, in fact being totally flat to the ground with no heel whatsoever, and the open toe, of course. This means you’ll be able to wiggle your feet however you like them to.  The only issue is that they won’t keep you locked in very well, so they could slide off easier. With that said, they still have a dense memory foam to sit your feet on top of so that you can soothe and pamper your feet after a long, troublesome day.  Thanks to the lack of material, they are lighter, too, which is a positive that you’ll behold and be able to be happy with.  With EVA cushioning in the midsole, they mold well to the feet, and will be easy to adjust thanks to the bow up top.  They even have a hard, durable sole to them, making it possible to trek outside a bit in them.


  • Lightweight choice
  • Plenty of range of motion
  • Conforms and adjusts very well


  • Lacks some protection and support

Conclusion And Final House Shoes Recommendations

Finding shoes in today’s online shopping environment should be easier to do, in theory, than ever before.  You search, click, and then they get sent to your.  However, that’s much, much easier said than done.  With the proliferation of the internet and online commerce, there are a plethora of choices for you to pick from.  It’s to the point that it’s difficult to find just about anything for some people, and that often leads to giving up or just settling.  Rather than do that, though, we have composed this list and a buying guide so that you have all of the info in one place.  This makes your decision much easier and allows you somewhere to begin your search, making your life much easier in the process.  Get to ordering so you can let those feet relax like you deserve!

FAQ’s About House Shoes

How Do I Clean My House Shoes?

Cleaning house shoes is going to depend greatly upon what kind of material the shoes are made out of.  For example, if you have a pair of cotton shoes then you are going to need to approach them much differently and more gently than you would leather.  The best thing to do is to research online about how to wash them individually.  You don’t want to just assume you can throw them in the washer and dryer, else you’ll end up with them ruined.  You might also find information when you buy them, but that is not a guarantee by any means.

Are House Shoes Hazardous?

The answer here is a ‘maybe.’  We’d like to tell you no, but the truth is that almost anything can be potentially dangerous and a hazard.  That’s not to say that you will definitely get hurt while wearing them should things go wrong, but some pairs just won’t be up to protecting you like others.  If it’s a cheap pair that has no safety measures built in, you might fall.  Then again, you could fall with even the most protective of shoes on and get hurt.  Therefore, it’s not really a matter of the shoes themselves as it is you, the circumstances, and oftentimes, dumb luck.

Can You Wear House Shoes Outside?

This question depends solely upon the kind of shoes you have and the materials they are made from.  A lot of the slippers you see online will claim that you can wear them outside, and do so safely, but this is not always the case by any means.  You may not be able to do so, so it’s vital that you take a good look at them. The best ones for outdoor usage have a few things in common.  You will want to see a good rubber sole to them first of all.  This way they don’t wear out just by contacting less than forgiving ground.  You also will want to have some traction to them, that way you don’t slip and fall on harder or slicker surfaces.  If those two things are met, then you can venture outside with them.  But not for any heavy activity.  You’ll just want to make a run to the mailbox or to sit on the porch.  Nothing too strenuous, even with a so-called ‘heavy duty’ pair.

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