10 Best Shoes for Neuropathy of 2021: Managing Your Symptoms with Cushioning and Support


If you suffer from neuropathy in the feet, you are certainly not alone! Neuropathy is a painful condition that commonly affects the feet, making it difficult for individuals struggling with it to find comfortable footwear. This condition is characterized by damage to the peripheral nerves and leads to a number of symptoms which can make the simple task of walking quite uncomfortable.

Luckily, proper footwear can make all the difference in treating neuropathy pain and may even make symptoms quite manageable in your day-to-day life. But, you may be wondering how to find a pair of shoes that will help with your neuropathy pain. There are many, many options available on the market, most of which vary in design, style, features, and construction.

To simplify your search for the best shoes for neuropathy, we’ve compiled a list of the top-performing options available today. The products provided here, along with the detailed buying guide given below, will give you everything you need to select the perfect pair of neuropathy shoes for you.

Top Shoes for Neuropathy Comparison Chart

ProductHeel TypeShoe TypePriceWhat to Buy?
Orthofeet Orthopedic Diabetic Men’s SneakersRaisedSneakers$$$Check on Amazon
Telic Shoe Arch Support Recovery Z-Strap SandalRaisedSandals$$Check on Amazon
ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6 Running ShoeRaisedSneakers$$Check on Amazon
Brooks Women’s Launch 4RaisedSneakers$$$Check on Amazon
Skechers Men's Afterburn Memory-Foam Lace-up SneakerRaisedSneakers$$Check on Amazon
Orthofeet Charlotte Orthopedic Leather Women's Arch Support SlippersFlatSlippers$$Check on Amazon
Orthofeet Sanibel Orthopedic Diabetic Women’s Mary Jane ShoesRaisedMary Jane$$$Check on Amazon
Orthofeet Shreveport Men’s Outdoor ShoesRaisedOutdoor$$$Check on Amazon
Propét Men's Stability Walker SneakerRaisedSneaker$$Check on Amazon
Women's Extra Wide Diabetic ShoesFlatSlippers$$Check on Amazon

Shoes for Neuropathy Buying Guide

People with neuropathy have to extra careful when selecting footwear. Due to the fact that this condition can lead to a complete loss of feeling in the feet, it’s crucial to protect the nerves with high-quality footwear. Otherwise, a lack of feeling in the feet could cause the person to neglect an injury.

First, let’s review facts about neuropathy to better understand the symptoms, risks, and needs associated with this condition.

What Exactly is Neuropathy?

Neuropathy in the feet is a condition that many people struggle with. It leads to a tingling sensation in the toes, often followed by complete numbness in the feet. Neuropathy forces people to pay special attention to their footwear in order to prevent a complete loss of feeling in the feet.

Neuropathy in the feet can also be called peripheral neuropathy, as this condition stems from an issue in the peripheral nervous system. When nerves in the feet are damaged, there is dysfunction in the peripheral nervous system as false signals of pain, or no signals at all, are sent to the brain.

There are multiple causes of neuropathy in the feet, but one major cause is diabetes. Diabetic often suffer from neuropathy and must seek out an effective treatment in order to feel comfortable. Diabetic neuropathy commonly affects the feet, as opposed to other areas of the body; when you see orthotic shoes for diabetics while shopping, know that those shoes are designed to help manage neuropathy pain.

Other causes of neuropathy include:

  • A serious injury
  • Exposure to harmful substances, chemicals, or metals
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol
  • Certain medications, including antibiotics

In addition to wearing protective footwear at all times, people suffering from neuropathy in the feet may be able to ease pain using over-the-counter pain medications, prescription medications from a doctor, and other remedies such as meditation and massage.

When neuropathy is addressed and proper footwear is worn, the severity of the symptoms can be reduced and feeling can be returned to the feet.

Look out for these qualities in a pair of shoes for neuropathy to manage the difficulties of this condition:


Neuropathy in the feet is defined by nerve sensitivity, so proper cushioning to protect your nerves may be the singular most important factor to look out for in a pair of shoes. Ample cushioning not only makes a pair of shoes more comfortable to wear, but also reduces the amount of impact on your feet, (namely the nerves in your feet), so you may be able to walk pain-free.

Many types of shoes feature plenty of padding in the sole. This helps to support the arch while simultaneously lessening strain on the feet with every step. Memory foam insoles are a great option, as the foam is soft and comfortable while providing plenty of support. Whichever pair of shoes you select to help manage neuropathy symptoms should have a relatively thick sole in order to provide enough protection for your sensitive nerves.

In addition to padding in the soles of the shoes, great shoes for neuropathy often feature padding around the sides of the shoe and at the top. With lace-up shoes, a padded tongue is a fantastic feature because it will protect the nerves on the top of your feet. In general, more is better when it comes to cushioning in shoes for neuropathy, so long as the cushioning is lightweight and doesn’t add too much bulk to the structure of the shoe.

Keep an eye out for shoes that offer cushioning to protect pressure points in the feet. When pressure points are left exposed and unprotected, symptoms of neuropathy may easily be exacerbated.

Arch Support

For shoes that you’ll be wearing all day long, arch support it a must. Shoes with wonderful arch support promote healthy feet, a natural stride, and pain relief at the end of a long day. People with neuropathy and sensitive feet must wear shoes with arch support in order to reduce the amount of impact imparted on their nerves. Additionally, if you have flat feet, arch support is a feature in shoes that you simply cannot ignore.

Shoes with orthotic insoles are a top choice for arch support. Orthotic insoles are designed to promote a healthy stride and greatly reduce the about of stress on your feet, which will in turn protect your sensitive nerves from further damage.

If you would prefer to insert a custom orthotic in a pair of shoes, instead of sticking with the included insole, look for a pair of shoes with removable insoles. This will make it easy to slot in the custom orthotic and start wearing the shoes right away.


A great pair of shoes for neuropathy is one that you’ll be wearing regularly. After all, in order to best manage your neuropathy symptoms, you’ll need to wear comfortable, supportive, and protective footwear consistently, ideally on a daily basis. So, keep durability in mind as you shop for neuropathy shoes. A long-lasting pair of shoes should well-made sole that can easily withstand outdoor use. Shoes with rubber soles are often a great choice, as rubber will last through frequent wear.


When it comes to finding a great pair of shoes to manage your neuropathy symptoms, it’s highly important to consider your budget. Shoes with the best cushioning, arch support, durability, and overall design are typically the pricier options. While saving money is a top priority for many, many people, the health of your feet needs to be a driving factor in your purchasing decision.

Consider the fact that a fantastic pair of shoes for neuropathy is one that you’ll likely be wearing on a day-to-day basis. After all, those suffering from neuropathy should wear protective footwear at all times, so you’ll get plenty of use out of the perfect pair. So, it’s worth it to find an excellent pair of shoes that you’ll truly want to put on day after day, even if the price tag is slightly higher than ideal.

When considering the price of a pair of shoes for neuropathy, consider value for money. There are many available options that offer a balance of quality and affordability, enabling you to feel good about the purchase for months and months to come.

Now that we’ve reviewed the main features to look for in an awesome pair of shoes for neuropathy, let’s look over the best options available to you today.

Best Shoes for Neuropathy Reviews

There are countless pairs of shoes available on the market today made with the needs of people with neuropathy in mind. With this abundance of available options, it can quickly become tricky to pick out the ideal option for you. We’ve simplified the shoe shopping process by hand-picking the ten best shoes for neuropathy available today. The products listed below provide a range of features and designs to help manage neuropathy symptoms. Consider the pros and cons of each in order to find the perfect pair of neuropathy shoes for you!

1. Orthofeet Orthopedic Diabetic Men’s Sneakers

 Specially designed to reduce pain from conditions including neuropathy, the Orthofeet Orthopedic Men’s Sneakers deliver an exceptional range of features. Constructed of high-quality, durable leather, these shoes are not only comfortable and great for your foot health, but also long-lasting. These shoes come in gray or blue.

These orthopedic men’s sneakers provide excellent orthotic support. A premium orthotic insole is included with this shoe; it features an anatomical arch support section and a cushioning heel pad that conforms to the shape of your foot. As the orthotic molds to the contours of your feet, you’ll experience unmatched comfort and pain relief, not only in the feet but throughout the body in the knees, hips, and lower back.

To reduce any pressure on toes and bunions, these orthotic men’s sneakers include extra depth and a wide toe box. This will not only help relieve pain from neuropathy, but also provide greater comfort as you walk. The interior of the shoe includes a seam-free lining that’s cushioned with foam to shield sensitive feet–an exceptional feature for those suffering from neuropathy.

These shoes include the Ortho-Cushion System. With a lightweight sole and air cushioning, this biomechanically engineered system reduces impact on the joints, minimizes foot pain, and increases stability with each step. In addition, the Ortho-Cushion System helps to promote a natural gait for improved foot health.



  • The durable leather design keeps these shoes in great condition for years to come.
  • The premium orthotic insole of these Orthofeet men’s sneakers features anatomical arch support and a cushioned heel pad for remarkable comfort and pain relief.
  • With added depth and an extra-wide toe box, these sneakers relieve pressure on the foot for minimized discomfort from neuropathy.
  • The seam-free lining features foam cushioning to protect sensitive nerves in the feet.
  • The Ortho-Cushion System included in these Orthofeet sneakers is biomechanically engineered to reduce impact, improve stability, and relieve pain.



  • These orthopedic men’s sneakers are, while not exceptionally expensive, somewhat pricey.
  • The sizing of these Orthofeet sneakers runs small.


2. Telic Shoe Arch Support Recovery Z-Strap Sandal

If you’re seeking a sandal that’s ideal for managing neuropathy pain, the Telic Arch Support Recovery Z-Strap Sandal may be perfect for you. As the winner of the “Best Comfort Shoe” by The New York Times About.com Readers’ Choice awards, you can count on these shoes to deliver on quality. These sandals were originally designed for athletes to use as a recovery shoe, but after rave reviews of their performance, these shoes are now worn by a wide range of people. They’re notably comfortable for people with foot conditions including neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and more.

These supportive sandals are constructed from 100% Novalon with a synthetic sole. As you wear these shoes and your body temperature reaches the PillowSoft Novalon, the material conforms to your foot to create the perfect fit. The material, with its blend of elasto-polymers, absorbs shock, reduces impact, and exhibits a “bounce back” effect for complete comfort. These Novalon sandals are also waterproof, antibacterial, and machine washable. They’re incredibly lightweight to minimize strain on your legs and feet.

For exceptional comfort and neuropathy relief, these sandals feature an ergonomically correct footbed that conforms to the unique shape of your feet. The small negative heel and soft arch support keep your feet healthy and feeling great.

These sandals are relatively affordable and entirely recyclable.



  • The 100% PillowSoft Novalon material reacts to your body temperature to perfectly conform to the shape of your feet.
  • These sandals reduce impact on your feet and legs as you move for exceptional comfort.
  • The Telic Z-Strap Sandals are waterproof, antibacterial, and machine washable, so you can wear them outdoors without having to worry about ruining the material.
  • The ergonomically correct footbed features a negative heel and arch support for complete foot comfort.



  • Sandals are open-toed shoes and, therefore, aren’t ideal in cold weather or in the rain.
  • These sandals are designed to be worn with bare feet, not socks.


3. ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe

The ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe is a high-quality athletic shoe that provides many ideal features for those suffering from neuropathy. As a best seller and a highly popular product among all types of customers, these shoes are certainly worth consideration as you seek out the perfect pain-relieving neuropathy shoe. The synthetic material and rubber sole are standard in a sneaker and provide reasonable durability.

One of the most attractive features of these ASICS Men’s Running Shoes is the rearfoot Gel Cushioning System. The gel cushioning provides relief from foot pain, namely symptoms of neuropathy, by attenuating shock and minimizing the impact imparted on your feet as you walk. This cushioning system also provides a smooth transition to midstance for a healthy, natural gait.

If you have a custom orthotic to help you manage pain from neuropathy, these ASICS sneakers may be an excellent fit. These shoes feature a removable sockliner–simply take it out and insert your custom orthotic to achieve your ideal level of support.

To increase durability, these sneakers feature an AHAR outsole. AHAR stands for “ASICS High Abrasion Rubber”, which has been placed strategically in areas throughout the outsole for a truly long-lasting shoe.

The ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6 shoes are available in an exceptional range of colors to fit every style. From black or gray to red or green and more, you’ll find a color combination that’s perfect for you.

What makes these shoes an excellent choice for individuals suffering from neuropathy is the protection, cushioning, and support that they provide. While intended for use as an athletic shoe, these the Gel-Venture 6’s can be worn as a day-to-day shoe for those with sensitive feet.



  • These ASICS shoes for men feature a rearfoot Gel Cushioning System that absorbs shock and reduces impact for improved foot health.
  • The removable sockliner allows the wearer to insert a custom orthotic, if so desired.
  • The AHAR outsole provides exceptional durability to keep you wearing these shoes for years to come.



  • These ASICS Gel-Venture 6 shoes were designed as athletic shoes, not specifically as shoes for neuropathy. So, certain features such as the reversed lugs on the outsole for traction in outdoor conditions, may be unnecessary.
  • These shoes are not the most lightweight or the most affordable option on this list.


4. Brooks Women’s Launch 4 

The Brooks Women’s Launch 4 shoes are a pair of athletic shoes that may be fantastic for women suffering from neuropathy. Made from a breathable mesh material, these shoes control moisture and minimize odors for all-day wear. Plus, the upper stretch construction provides optimal stretch and flexibility for a comfortable fit.

For those looking to add a custom orthotic to their pair of shoes for neuropathy, these Brooks women’s sneakers could be a fitting choice. These shoes feature a removable engage footbed to accommodate custom orthotics for improved foot health.

For enough cushioning to manage neuropathy pain, these shoes feature a cushioned BiMoGo DNA midsole with an insole board that offers optimal plush and flexibility. The construction of this midsole is environmentally-friendly–the material breaks down 50 times faster in a landfill than other types of midsole materials, so you can feel good in knowing that these shoes were made in an ethical manner.

For complete support and foot protection, the Brooks Women’s Launch 4 shoes include a Midfoot Transition Zone and a heel segmented crash pad. These two features come together for faster transitions from heel to toe, creating a more efficient stride that exhibits less strain on your feet.

To boost the durability of these Brooks shoes for women, the outsole features abrasion-resistant HPR Plus rubber. This long-lasting material can withstand all-day wear, saving you from having to repurchase a pair of shoes due to damage.

These running shoes come in a wide selection of colors, giving you the freedom to find the perfect look for you. Whether you go for a bright color or an understated neutral tone, these shoes prove that you can look good while wearing shoes that relieve neuropathy pain.



  • The eco-friendly and cushioned midsole provides a comfortable fit and nerve protection.
  • The Midfoot Transition Zone and heel Segmented Crash Pad features of this shoe minimize impact and help to largely relieve strain on your feet and legs.
  • The outsole features HPR Plus rubber that’s abrasion-resistant for excellent durability.
  • These shoes have a removable engage footbed and can accommodate a custom orthotic.



  • These shoes were designed, first and foremost, as running shoes, and don’t provide as much cushioning for neuropathy as other shoes on this list.
  • The Brooks Launch 4 shoes are bulky compared to other shoes listed in this article and are, therefore, heavier.


5. Skechers Men’s Afterburn Memory-Foam Lace-up Sneaker

These Skechers shoes for men offer enough support and cushioning to relieve pain from neuropathy. The lace-up sneaker design allows for a close, comfortable fit that won’t shift as you move. Supportive overlays and a padded collar offer the cushioning that’s especially important for sufferers of neuropathy and others with sensitive feet.

These Skechers men’s sneakers have a memory foam insole that will support the arch and keep the foot feeling comfy. In addition, an Articu-Lyte rubber sole offers exceptional traction in any conditions.

The Skechers Men’s Afterburn sneakers have a 100% leather and synthetic materials construction. These materials are highly durable and will stay in great shape for years to come. These shoes come in a selection of neutral tones that men will appreciate for everyday wear.

These men’s sneakers work well as shoes for neuropathy because they provide more support and cushioning than other shoes with being full-blown running shoes. You may choose to wear these shoes during light exercise or for walking around at work, but they don’t include extensive athletic features. You’ll have the features you need for comfortable, supportive feet during the day without the bulky, high-tech additions that are intended for athletes.



  • The simple leather construction makes allows these shoes to coordinate with a wide range of outfits.
  • The memory foam insole supports and cushions the feet for a comfortable feel.
  • The Articu-Lyte rubber sole is durable and provides traction for safe outdoor wear.
  • The supportive overlays and padded collar will protect the nerves in your feet to reduce neuropathy pain.
  • These Skechers shoes are highly affordable, especially when compared to other sneakers with similar designs.



  • Some customers have noted that the glue used to adhere sections of these shoes together may wear out over time, causing the structure to fall apart.


6. Orthofeet Charlotte Orthopedic Leather Women’s Arch Support Slippers

For a casual women’s shoe that offers protection and cushioning for neuropathy pain, consider the Charlotte Arch Support Slippers from Orthofeet. These suede slippers are not only warm, soft, and ideal for indoor wear during the chilly winter months, but also provide exceptional support for a large number of foot conditions, including neuropathy. The thoughtful design increases stability and encourages a natural gait for improved foot health.

The Orthofeet brand is known for its fantastic orthotic support, and these Charlotte slippers are no different. A premium orthotic insole is built into these shoes, minimizing pain throughout the feet, legs, and back. With anatomical arch support and a cushioned heel pad that molds to the singular shape of your feet, these slippers provide a custom, supportive fit. The Ortho-Cushion System has been engineered to reduce pain and minimize impact for relief from neuropathy pain, as well as regular aches and pains throughout the body. The sole of these slippers is ultra-lightweight and features air cushioning to provide an added lift to your step.

To minimize pressure on your toes and bunions that may be causing you pain, these Orthofeet slippers have an extra depth design and a wide toe box. This roomy construction provides a comfortable fit that eliminates the risk of pressure or swelling. The non-binding upper contributes to this pain-free design that’s ideal for those with neuropathy.

The interior lining of these shoes is soft and seam-free. Also, foam padding in the lining curbs discomfort, protects pressure points, and provides comfort for those with sensitive feet.



  • These suede slippers are soft, warm, and exceptionally comfortable.
  • The premium orthotic insole included in these Charlotte slippers reduces pain throughout the body, not just in the feet.
  • The extra-wide toe box reduces pressure on the toes and prevents painful swelling.
  • The anatomical arch support and cushioning heel pad conform to the shape of your feet for a custom fit.



  • Due to the fact that these shoes from Orthofeet are slippers, they’re not an ideal choice of work footwear or intensive outdoor wear.


7. Orthofeet Sanibel Orthopedic Diabetic Women’s Mary Jane Shoes

For an orthopedic footwear choice that will go with many different outfits while providing enough support to manage neuropathy pain, consider these Mary Jane shoes from Orthofeet. With all of the fantastic features that the Orthofeet brand is known for, including a premium orthotic insole and anatomical arch support, these shoes are an overall great choice for improving foot health.

As you walk and move, the cushioning heel pad and anatomical arch support in these shoes comfort to the shape of your feet. This creates a custom fit that reduces impact and strain on your feet, legs, and lower back. With lessened impact, there will be less strain on the nerves in your feet and neuropathy pain may feel more manageable.

These Orthofeet shoes for women feature the Ortho-Cushion System. This excellent feature includes an ultra-light sole that uses air cushioning to put a spring in your step (literally). Biomechanically engineered to reduce joint pain and impact, the Ortho-Cushion System will help you overcome neuropathy symptoms and walk pain-free.

To improve toe comfort and reduce swelling, especially for those with bunions or hammer toes, these Orthofeet shoes have a toe box with added width and an extra depth design. The upper is soft and made with comfort in mind, providing a non-binding construction for pain relief.

These Orthopedic Mary Jane Shoes come in black, gray, and blue, providing a handful of color options, the mesh material is breathable and offers excellent air circulation to reduce odors after intensive use. The classic Mary Jane design is versatile–these shoes could easily be worn to work, to a casual get-together, or simply for everyday use. While the price tag for these shoes is relatively high, you’ll get plenty of wear out of these shoes and have the freedom to pair them with many different outfits.



  • These shoes have a classic, simplistic design that will coordinate well with many different outfits for many different occasions.
  • The breathable mesh construction of these shoes will allow you to wear them all day without overheating or experiencing uncomfortable odors.
  • The Ortho-Cushion System features an ultra-light sole that’s biomechanically engineered for improved foot and joint health.
  • The extra depth design and extra wide toe box provides added comfort and reduces swelling, even after long days on your feet.
  • The cushioned heel pad and anatomical arch support will help to protect your nerves and ease neuropathy pain.



  • These shoes have a relatively high price tag.
  • The Mary Jane design is great for everyday use, but doesn’t make for a good exercise shoe.
  • The fit of these shoes provides extra room and may be too large for some people.


8. Orthofeet Shreveport Men’s Outdoor Shoes

For a pair of heavy-duty shoes that will help relieve neuropathy pain, consider these Orthofeet Shreveport Outdoor Shoes. Constructed from attractive and high-quality nubuck leather, these shoes get top marks for their durability. Plus, as with all Orthofeet shoes, they’re designed with comfort and foot health in mind to lessen pain from foot conditions like neuropathy.

These men’s Orthofeet shoes provide excellent orthotic support. With a premium orthotic insole, anatomical arch support, and cushioning heel pad, you’ll notice a different as the impact on your body is reduced. These features work together to relieve pain from the heel all the way up to the lower back, easing nerve discomfort at the same time.

These shoes use an Ortho-Cushion System to greatly lessen joint pain and lessen strain on your feet, which will lighten the burden for sensitive nerves as you walk. The biomechanically engineered design enables you to walk freely and without pain.

These men’s outdoor shoes from Orthofoot are made with a non-binding, extra-depth design with an extra-wide toe box. This gives your feet a bit of extra room to take pressure off of the toes and curb swelling before it starts. These shoes also have a seam-free interior that’s padded with foam, which will protect sensitive nerves and keep neuropathy symptoms in check, even after long periods of time spent on your feet.

One fantastic factor to consider with these men’s shoes is their style. Despite their detailed, pain-relieving construction, these outdoor shoes are quite attractive and stylish. The nubuck leather provides a high-end feel with the lace-up design adds a casual touch. Depending on your profession, you may easily transition these shoes from the workplace to a weekend getaway and even a casual social event. The versatility of the Orthofeet men’s shoes makes them a sensible purchase that you’ll get plenty of wear out of.



  • The Ortho-Cushion System with air cushioning provides the padding, support, and custom fit you need to manage neuropathy pain.
  • These men’s shoes come with a premium orthotic insole with anatomical arch support and a cushioning heel pad to reduce pain throughout the body, from your feet to your lower back.
  • The extra-depth design with an extra-wide toe box give the feet space to be fully comfortable.
  • The interior of this shoe is soft, padded, and seam-free to improve nerve comfort.
  • The nubuck leather design is attractive and durable; these shoes may be worn for all different occasions and are highly stylish.



  • As these shoes are made for outdoor wear, the design is bulkier and heavier than other options on this list.
  • These men’s shoes from Orthofeet aren’t sturdy enough for all types of intensive outdoor use, such as long hikes on difficult terrain.


9. Propét Men’s Stability Walker Sneaker

For a simple, everyday men’s sneaker that provides the comfort and protection to ease neuropathy pain, consider the Propét Men’s Stability Walker Sneaker. With a rubber sole and 100% suede construction, these shoes deliver on both durability and support.

These Men’s Walker Sneakers also feature a leather upper that’s both attractive and durable. The rocker profile offers support while the included perforations deliver breathability for all-day wear. While these shoes are undoubtedly sneakers, the suede design makes them a great choice for day-to-day wear, from a casual day at the office to a light exercise session.

The D-ring lacing system built into these Propét walking shoes enhances foot stability and provides a close, comfortable fit. The speed-lacing closure system is an advanced feature that keeps you from having to worry about the laces coming undone.

As a Medicare/HCPCS code A5500 shoe, you can feel confident that these shoes are designed with the needs of those suffering from neuropathy in mind. The molded-EVA midsole is both supportive and durable to keep you comfortably on your feet for hours, while the internal heel counter helps to reduce impact on the nerves.

These shoes come with a removable cushioned orthotic. This orthotic includes cushioning and support to manage neuropathy symptoms, but you also have the choice to remove it and insert your own custom insole.

The Propét Men’s Stability Walker Sneakers come in a wide range of styles and colors so that you can select a design that you love. From black or white to denim suede, dark brown, and more, there’s sure to be an option that coordinates with your day-to-day wardrobe.

Note that these shoes run small. The manufacturer recommends ordering a half size larger than you typically do in order to achieve the right fit.



  • The suede and leather construction makes for an attractive shoe that’s durable enough to withstand daily use.
  • The D-ring speed-lacing system helps you achieve a close, comfortable fit without the hassle of a typical lace-up shoe.
  • The perforations included in the design of this shoe offer great air circulation and breathability for comfort.
  • The cushioned orthotic included with these men’s walking shoes can be removed and replaced with a custom orthotic, if desired.
  • The molded EVA midsole offers support and reduces pressure on the feet.
  • This is a Medicare/HCPCS code A5500 shoe and designed with sensitive feet in mind.



  • These shoes run small and you’ll need to order a half size larger than normal.
  • Some customers note that these shoes begin to shrink after long periods of intensive wear.


10. Women’s Extra Wide Diabetic Shoes

For a pair of shoes that offer complete comfort for indoor wear, consider these women’s diabetic shoes from secret slippers. While these shoes aren’t suitable to wear outdoors, they offer the protection and complete comfort you need to ease neuropathy pain while walking around the home or office.

While a rubber sole for durability, these shoes go above and beyond the average slipper. A premium orthotic insole includes anatomical arch support along with a heel pad with cushioning to accommodate sensitive feet. The orthotic insole relieves pain from your feet up to your back, enabling you to stay on your feel for longer periods of time with lessened discomfort.

These diabetic shoes for women have a form-fit design with extra width for added comfort and stability. The design features Velcro tabs for a fully adjustable fit. So, if you’re experiencing any swelling, you may simply loosen the Velcro; if you need a tight fit for greater stability, you many tighten the Velcro.

The soft material of these slippers is gentle on sensitive nerves. The construction allows for extra width and plenty of room in the toe box to relieve any pressure on tender feet. Plus, the interior of these shoes is seam-free, providing comfortable protection with every step.

These women’s slippers are an affordable option for those seeking a protective indoor shoe. The design comes in both black and pink.



  • The soft material of these women’s slippers is gentle on sensitive nerves.
  • The adjustable Velcro tabs enable you to fit the perfect fit every time you put the shoes on.
  • The rubber sole offers both protection and durability.
  • The orthotic insole with a cushioned heel pad and ample arch support promote a healthy stride and improved foot health for those with sensitive feet.



  • These shoes will work best as indoor slippers and shouldn’t be worn outside.
  • Comfort and protection are the top priorities of this shoe design, meaning that the design isn’t stylish.
  • The sizing of these slippers is often inaccurate; be sure to consult the sizing chart before placing your order.


Conclusion and Final Shoes for Neuropathy Recommendations

There you have it–the ten best pairs of shoes for people with neuropathy. While the products listed above vary greatly in many ways, from style to material to design features and more, each pair of shoes is highly rated by customers and offers the features needed to ease pain from neuropathy.

Many people choose to wear athletic shoes to manage neuropathy symptoms, due to their exceptional support and cushioning. If you like to work out and need a shoe for everyday wear, check out the ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe, the Brooks Women’s Venture 4, or the Skechers Men’s Afterburn Memory-Foam Lace-up Sneaker.

For people with foot conditions such as neuropathy, sandals are a popular option. With plenty of wiggle room and a casual fit, sandals can help you feel comfortable on your sensitive feet. The Telic Shoe Arch Support Recovery Z-Strap Sandal listed above is an awesome pair of sandals to help you recover from neuropathy discomfort.

Any individual with neuropathy can’t go wrong with a pair of shoes from the brand Orthofeet. While relatively pricey, Orthofeet shoes are excellent for improving foot health and minimizing sensitivity in the feet. There are many Orthofeet shoes listed in this article, all of which are worth your consideration.

For those seeking a pair of shoes for indoor neuropathy relief, check out the two slipper options listed in this article: the Orthofeet Charlotte Orthopedic Leather Women’s Arch Support Slippers and the Women’s Extra Wide Diabetic Shoes. Both of these pairs of slippers are designed to enhance foot comfort around the house or even at the office.

Managing symptoms from neuropathy in the feet can be incredibly difficult. But, with a fantastic pair of comfortable, supportive, and cushioned shoes, you can overcome neuropathy pain and get back on your feet for good.


Frequently Asked Questions About Shoes for Neuropathy

Below, you’ll find the answers to common questions about shoes for neuropathy.

What’s the difference between straight lasted, curve lasted, and semi-curve lasted shoes?

Basically, the last of a shoe is the shape of a shoe. So, curve lasted shoes have a curved shape when you look at the profile of the shoe, creating a significant arch shape when you look from the heel to the toe. Straight lasted shoes are, as the name suggests, straight from the heel to the toe. Semi-lasted shoes fall somewhere in between, providing the slight arch of a curve lasted shoe with some of the thickness of a straight lasted shoe. Many types of athletic shoes offer a semi-lasted construction.

How can I accommodate swollen feet while wearing a pair of protective shoes?

If your neuropathy means that you often struggle with swollen feet, look for a pair of shoes with a wider construction. A wider pair of shoes will give your feet extra wiggle room to accommodate the swelling. Added width will also reduce any pressure on your feet to prevent any further swelling.

More specifically, extra width in the toe box can greatly increase comfort and help you manage swelling. Toes can often start to feel uncomfortable when a toe box doesn’t have extra room, sometimes leading to bunions and other foot complications. For those suffering from many types of foot conditions, a shoe with extra room in the toe box is a good choice.

If you select a pair of lace-up shoes for neuropathy, you may simply loosen the laces to accommodate swelling. Then, once the swelling has gone down, you can easily tighten the laces again to achieve a close, supportive fit.

What is the benefit of added height in the heel of a shoe?

Many sneakers and other types of supportive shoes advertise a slight added boost of height in the heel. Also called the heel-to-toe drop, this added heel height provides a bit of extra cushioning and support for the back of the foot. For those with sensitive feet, added height in the heel may take impact off of the nerves in the feet for comfort. However, it’s important to make sure the heel height isn’t excessive. A high boost of height in the heel can promote an unhealthy and unnatural stride that may promote injury further down the line.

What is the benefit of orthotic insoles?

Orthotic insoles offer numerous benefit, not only for those suffering from neuropathy and other foot conditions, but for everyone who wear shoes. Orthotic insoles reduce the amount of stress placed on the feet, legs, and lower back when you stand and walk. When some of the stress is relieved, you’ll experience less soreness, swelling, and general discomfort. Orthotic insoles help reduce this pain by effectively distributing your weight in the feet, lessening the amount of weight on pressure points, and absorbing impact.

For people struggling with neuropathy, orthotic insoles can protect sensitive nerves from further damage and ease existing pain. The insoles promote a healthy stride so that you can spend more time on your feet despite your foot condition. Talk to a podiatrist about having a custom orthotic made for you.

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