12 Best Beach Shoes of 2021 [Rated & Reviewed]

Best Beach Shoes

Figuring out the best of anything can be tough.  Of course, we all have our preferences and things that we like, so that plays a major part in the decision.  With beach shoes, this is especially the case.  You might emphasize style over comfort, for example.  Or you could just be looking for the total package.  Today, we are going to be taking a look at the various types of beach shoes so that we can help you figure out just what you are looking for.  Whether it be a pair of no frill shoes or a pair that will help you in and out of the water, we’ll make sure to touch all of the bases in our buying guide.  Following that, we will be taking a look at some of the best examples currently on the market in our reviews.  So, let’s get right to it and get you in the best pair possible!

Top Beach Shoes Comparison Chart

ProductTypeMaterialPriceWhere to Buy?
1. Sanuk Men’s Chiba Slip OnsSlip Ons65% Cotton/35% Polyester$$$Check Price On Amazon
2. Adidas Men’s Adilette Shower MuleSandalsSynthetic$$Check Price On Amazon
3. Kunsto Women’s Bird Nest Jelly Ballet FlatsFlatsSynthetic $Check Price On Amazon
4. Crocs Men’s Santa Cruz Playa Lace Up SneakersSneakersTextile$$$Check Price On Amazon
5. Crocs Kids Swiftwater Wave Water SandalsSandalsSynthetic $$Check Price On Amazon
6. KIIU Men’s Thong Flip FlopsSandals Synthetic$Check Price On Amazon
7. Under Armour Men’s Kilchis SneakersSneakersTextile$$$Check Price On Amazon
8. L-Run Baby Water ShoesWater ShoesPolyester$Check Price On Amazon
9. Good Studios Slip On Aqua ShoesSlip OnsMesh$Check Price On Amazon
10. Crocs Women’s Kadee Li Flip FlopsSandalsSynthetic $$Check Price On Amazon
11. Skechers Women’s Beach Bingo Ditch Day SneakersSneakersFabric or Textile$$$$Check Price On Amazon

Beach Shoes Buying Guide

Why Beach Shoes?

Some people may be wondering why beach shoes are even necessary to begin with, so we should take a quick look at an overview of what they can provide for you on your day out.  Here are a few things that they are able to offer you:

– Protection.  While beach shoes are not going to be the equivalent of steel toed boots, you can count on them being able to protect you from a lot of things on the beach.  No more worrying about stepping on things!

– Heat helpers.  It might seem a bit convenient, but the sand can get super hot during the day.  Those feet and toes, especially if you have sensitive ones, might have a hard time without a pair of shoes to back them up periodically.

– Water fun.  Sometimes you will want to wear water shoes but you won’t be 100% confident in them doing well around and/or in water.  With beach shoes, you will have this available at your fingertips (toe tips, rather) so that you won’t have to worry as much about your shoes getting ruined.

– Uniqueness.  A lot of the best beach shoes that are going to be for sell on the market are going to be super unique in their makeup and their looks.  If you’re someone that values style and fashion, then you can count on them being there to help you stand out at the beach or elsewhere!

Preparing for the Beach

Regardless of what you prefer, there are some things you absolutely are going to have to have when you hit the beach.  Without them, you’re going to have a pretty miserable time.  Your footwear has to be up for the job, or you are going to be left very frustrated, so make sure you don’t go through that and instead have the proper shoes beneath you to stop the craziness from occurring.  Even if you don’t think you need shoes, you do.  You might kick them off once you get there, sure, but you have to have something as you get there.  Not all beaches are pristine and going to be super clean.  You need that protection beneath your feet, since it can be very dangerous to your health to step on certain pieces of debris.  Don’t forget this, it could really play a pivotal role in how much fun you have on your day by the water.


One of the biggest things you have to take a look at with beach shoes is going to be how much water they drain.  Shoes that don’t drain off water very well are going to be at a major disadvantage when compared with shoes that do drain well.  One thing to keep in mind here is that not all shoes are created equal.  This may seem like an obvious assertion, but what we mean is that just because one pair of shoes that looks a certain way drains well does not mean all of them will.  The materials used to make shoes can have a major effect on how well they drain.  For example, a pair of flip flops may seem ideal and made to drain, and while it’s usually a pretty safe conclusion to jump to, it is not always the case.  Some pairs will not drain as well as others, so it’s important that you take a look at that.  For some of you, drainage will not matter as much as other people.  Maybe you are just going to take a walk, or you are just going to be sitting and watching your family.  Even if this is you, you should be aware that you’ll be unable to fully stay clear of water.  That’s just how it is.  Better to have too much drainage than not enough in this instance!

Staying Cool

Another big aspect of going to the beach with the right pair of shoes is going to be keeping yourself cool.  It might sound crazy to you at first, but it is possible to do so through shoes.  We’ve all been there, if you think back hard enough.  If you’ve ever had shoes with no holes in them or no system to get air in, especially with socks, it can be downright stifling and uncomfortable.  To avoid this, a good beach shoe needs to have some way for air to flow through them.  This can come in the form of sandals or flip flops, obviously, but it doesn’t just have to fall into this category alone.  Instead, you can find shoes that are made with mesh or perhaps literally larger holes in them.  Mesh is going to be best for those that don’t get around the water as much, while the larger holes mentioned will also be great for letting water in and out.  Either way, it’s vital that you pick something that is breathable for you to wear.  It can be a long day at the beach, and you will not want to find yourself overheating.  Yes, you can overheat a bit from your feet, whether you believe it or not!

Types of Shoes For the Beach

We have talked about how not all shoes are made for the beach and how that not all of a certain ‘category,’ if you will are exactly meant for use at the beach.  However, we still need to delve into the types of shoes that are good, generally speaking at the beach, and just why they do such a good job at it.  So, here’s a look at them!


It’s an easy choice to lead off any list about shoes that can be worn at the beach, for sure.  Sandals are great because they give you basic protection while still giving you a ton of airflow.  There are all kinds of different types of sandals, too, and we won’t get too much into detail on those here.  Nonetheless, sandals are a good pick for people that don’t mind displaying their feet and are going to be going into the water.  They can be taken off very easily and slipped back on even quicker, too, allowing you to get the most fun out of your day possible.  Just remember that you need to see them have materials that take on water well.  Some just don’t and will wear out very quickly if you fail to account for them.


We have refrained from calling these “tennis shoes” here for a very good reason.  And that is because tennis shoes really aren’t made for the beach.  Sure, you can wear them out there, but they won’t be that great.  They will usually be too heavy and they may not have the right amount of airflow built into them.  That’s no fun at all.  With sneakers, those that are designed with the beach in mind, you get plenty of airflow and you also might just see that they have good drainage to them.  They might not have this feature, but you can count on them being lighter than other pairs of shoes are in this genre.  The biggest advantage to sneakers is that they are probably going to be your best bet for walking long distances.  They have a ton of support and good traction, both of which are necessary as you go for a long walk.


Like sneakers, flats can also find their way to the beach and be useful as well.  This is great news for all of the ladies out there, for sure!  This type of shoe is very much a no frills solution, even if they have some flash and sparkle to them style wise.  They are low to the ground, not heavy at all, and they are, in many cases, able to breathe very efficiently.  The best type for beach use is probably a ballet flat, or slipper, since there is very little there to hold you back.  But to each their own!

Water Shoes

It’s hard to find a better way to describe this type, so we will just label them as “water shoes.”  Water shoes can come in a number of looks and shapes, but most of the time they are going to look a lot like tennis shoes.  Only they will have holes in them to aggressively drain off water in a fast manner.  Water shoes don’t have to be like tennis shoes, though.  Instead, they can take the form of an almost sock like look as well.  This way they are super light on the feet while still offering a basic form of protection.

Slip Ons

The last type we will touch on here is that of slip ons.  While sandals and flats could technically be slipped on, what we mean here is really a more leisurely type of shoe that has a closed top to it.  Some would call these ‘boat’ shoes.  This type is most typically found to come in more earthy colors and can be shaped much like a boat is as well.  They are light and made out of natural, in many cases, substances.  They are awesome for laying around and sitting around in, and even talking short strolls, but they aren’t quite so good at longer walks or begin soaked in water.  If you want to stand out and have something versatile, then this is the direction in which you might go.


One thing you should never, ever forget with shoes is to make sure you get the proper sizing.  With that said, you can be thankful that beach shoes differ quite a bit from others out there, especially more athletic ones, so you don’t have to be quite as hard and take such drastic measures to make sure you get the most out of them as you would with athletic shoes, for example.  Here are some tips to take a look at and consider for sizing:

– Consult all sizing charts and reviews of any products you are considering.  If you take a look at reviews and find that people consistently claim they are too small or large, then it’s very likely that’s the way they run.  Looking at charts is also very much a necessary thing to do for you if you want the right size.  There are no universal sizes, remember, so you should take steps to make sure you’ve got the right size by taking a look and this and measuring yourself if you need to do so.

– Decide what you are wearing your shoes for.  If, by the small chance, you are going for a more performance-based use, then you will need to be more strenuous and careful with your sizing.  If you are buying for leisure, then you can be much more liberal with your sizing.  You can go a little bit bigger to give yourself more room.  Just don’t go overboard and give yourself so much that the shoes continually fly off your feet.  If you are going to be doing a lot of walking, you may want to get as close to your ‘true’ size as possible, though it’s all up to you.

– Don’t forget to take width in account.  As with all shoes, the width is going to be paramount to how well your shoes fit on you.  Length is important, no doubt, but if you don’t have room to wiggle your toes, or your toes are hanging off your sandals, we don’t want to leave those out, then you don’t have a very good pair of shoes.  Sometimes you will just have to forget about a pair of shoes altogether if you can’t find a nice balance between the two, or you may need to move up half a size.  Regardless, make sure you are plenty comfortable, otherwise you won’t wear them very often.

Durability and Price

One of the things that people like to talk about and think about is the durability of a pair of shoes they are buying.  With beach shoes, naturally, this is not going to be much different.  You’re going to want to see that the pair of shoes you buy lasts as long as possible so you can get the most for your money.  With that being said, there are some things to consider for you before you buy them.  For one, you need to look at how often you are going to be wearing your shoes.  If you don’t wear them that often, or you don’t live near the beach, it might be wise to go with something that is a little bit less durable, and thus a little bit cheaper on the scale.  There is nothing wrong with doing this, of course, but you do need to remember that the amount of protection is likely to be scaled back a bit if you go this route.  If you do live near the beach or find that you will wear the shoes often in our settings, then you may want to invest in a pair of shoes that will last longer.  It’s really just up to you and what you are expecting from your shoes, but don’t ask too much.  Find what you need and don’t worry with the rest is the best way to do it in this situation.

The Top 11 Beach Shoes of 2019 Reviews

  1. Sanuk Men’s Chiba Slip Ons

Kicking off our list here is a pair of shoes that have a classic hippy sort of vibe to them. The slip ons could be considered a pair of ‘boat shoes, such is their leaning toward leisure and fun. Composed of cotton and polyester, they are unique and stand out above all.  They are also quite comfy, using a molded EVA footbed, which conforms to your foot and wicks away sweat and bacteria to keep you cleaner and healthier.  The outsole uses spongy rubber that gives easily, allowing you to feel like you are walking on clouds.  These shoes are best for walking and lounging out on the beach, but they are also versatile since you can wear them in just about any informal setting.  They are one of the more expensive offerings on the list, but that’s due to the fact that they are stylish and stick out just a bit compared to the rest.


  • Molded EVA footbed
  • Spongy rubber
  • Very unique style


  • Expensive for some
  1. Adidas Men’s Adilette Shower Mule

Up next is one of the more ‘cool’ looks on our list. These slides from Adidas are made with maximum comfort in mind, all the while giving you eye catching good looks via a number of colors. From the flashy to the understated and classy, there is something for everyone here.  These synthetic slides are made to be very light and super easy to slip on and off.  With a footbed that is as soft as a pillow, you will get all kinds of comfort on the beach, on the deck, or at home.  With an EVA outsole, they are light but still durable enough to last, all while the Cloudfoam that Adidas is now famous for works to comfort and cushion you all the while having a quick drying ability to go with it.  One thing to keep an eye on is that they do run small, so you will need to take that into account and adjust accordingly.


  • Comfy, cushy Cloudfoam
  • Drys quickly
  • Awesome looks
  1. Kunsto Women’s Bird Nest Jelly Ballet Flats

Not all flats are going to be great on the beach, but these certainly can do a great job for the lady in your life (or you) thanks to a few strategic decisions made by the manufacturers. Most importantly is the fact that they have great airflow thanks to a number of tiny perforations being made into the fabric throughout the shoes. Another thing that’s great to note is that rather than have a pointed toe, these have a rounded one that is made out of PVC, which is going to make them a heck of a lot more comfortable while still being plenty cute to wear and impress whomever with.  The outsole is slip resistant, contrary to what you might be led to believe, while they can be taken on and off on a whim.  It’s hard to do a whole lot better than these, too, as far as price goes, so it’s a nice leisure shoe if you don’t’ ask too much of them!


  • Exceptional price
  • Excellent amount of airflow
  • Comfy rounded toe
  1. Crocs Men’s Santa Cruz Playa Lace Up Sneakers

You just knew that Crocs would make the list, and they make it for the first time here with a some beach sneakers. These sneakers are very classy and dressy looking, but that shouldn’t make you fret. They are still very light and they feel like they are a customized fit thanks to having padded heel cups and a dual layer of material to keep them nice and squishy.  Along with that, they even have tiny nubs placed all over the footbed that effectively massage you as you go about your day.  They also have good traction and a relaxed fit, too, which means you don’t have to worry about them feeling way too tight on your feet and squeezing the life out of you.  While these are not the best choice for someone that is going into the water, they will certainly be good for walking and sitting around just hanging out.


  • Padded nicely
  • Relaxed fit
  • Massages all day long
  1. Crocs Kids Swiftwater Wave Water Sandals

If you have a kid that just can’t stay out of the water, then you are going to want to go with something that is not only going to protect them wherever they go but will also drain quickly when you need to go elsewhere in a hurry. With these Swiftwater sandals from Crocs, you will be able to do just that. These sandals have plenty of holes around them to allow water to run off rapidly, all the while being thick enough to prevent your kid from stepping on hazardous items that might be laying on the beach.  Despite that, they are flexible up top and won’t be restrictive to them, all the while being light enough to move from one thing to the next without any problems.  With a relaxed fit as well as foam that won’t absorb water, you can count on them to check all of the boxes any parent is desperate to have checked.


  • Quick to dry
  • Thick and protective while still being light
  • Flexible and not restrictive
  1. KIIU Men’s Thong Flip Flops

Up now is a pair of traditional flip flops that will do you well on the beach as you stroll upon it, or perhaps get in the water a bit as well. These ‘thong’ style ones are going to be much easier to keep on than many out there, though a few people will not like them because of the aggressive nature and how they dig into you. With a very thick heel to them, these flip flops have a ton of cushion and will be comfortable for prolonged usage.  They are friendly around water, very friendly in fact, with the materials drying out very quickly, which is not always the case with all sandal types.  These are easy to clean and don’t pick up smells, which are both things you’ll love to hear if you wear your sandals religiously.


  • Easy to keep on your feet
  • Dries quickly
  • Won’t pick up smells
  1. Under Armour Men’s Kilchis Sneakers

Up next is a really cool pair of sneakers from Under Armour that will help you in a number of endeavors. These can be used on the beach, on the boat, or just casually around town or at home, such is their high degree of versatility. They are very breathable and drain water very well, too, both of which are going to make for good usage in and around the water.  However, they also have a lot of very convenient features, such as their bungee lacing system, which makes them super efficient to take off and put on.  With an outsole made in a J-shape, they will not allow you to fall, either, which is great news for anyone concerned about traction.  On top of all of that, they are super nice looking and have many colors to pick from.  The one issue to be aware of is that they do have a fairly high price point.


  • Very fast drying system
  • Easy to pull on and off
  • Superb traction


  • High price
  1. L-Run Baby Water Shoes

Here is another option for the youngsters, though these are definitely targeted toward the babies of the bunch. These shoes are made much like socks are, so they are made with comfort in mind. If you have been around babies, you probably know how much they hate having shoes on and want to kick them off.  With these, they won’t feel like much of anything is on them, giving them both protection that they need and the ability for the shoes to dry very well at the same time so as to not upset them when play time in the water is over.  With the use of spandex, they are very flexible and easy to maneuver around in, an essential fact of life that all kiddos need with their shoe selection.  They come in a bevy of colors and have a wide fit, too, so you won’t have to cram those little toes in there anymore.  With a very low price, too, there is no reason to not give them a try.


  • Flexible and easy to wear
  • Protective yet light
  • Very low price


  • Lacks durability
  1. Good Studios Slip On Aqua Shoes

Whether you are a man or a woman, these shoes can do quite the job for you if you need something you can get into the water with. These aqua shoes come in a number of colors that stand out or help you fit, and they will definitely be keeping you cool even on the warmest of days. That’s because they have a ton of mesh, which is going to allow water to seep out of them all the while remaining super breathable.  With plenty of drain holes beneath them, the water will get out of them in a hurry, allowing you to leave your beach activities and move elsewhere without feeling all yucky.  The toe is a nice addition to these, over something that is more like a sock, giving you more protection and allowing you to get a little bit more wild with your play.  These are a good choice for all sorts of stuff, so they are very much worth checking out, especially for the low price point they come in at.


  • Very good price
  • Drains very fast
  • More protection for toes
  1. Crocs Women’s Kadee Li Flip Flops

Crocs hit the list yet again here with another pair of shoes, though this time they are flip flops made just for the ladies. These flip flops emphasize both being cute and comfortable, giving you a sleek and slim design that is also casual. They are lightweight and will be able to take on water, meaning you can get in and around it without having any issues, unlike with some of the others on the market.  With straps that are actually comfortable and molded to fit on actual feet, you won’t have to worry about irritating blisters or hot spots after your day at the beach.  On top of being nice to use at the beach, they are super versatile and can be used in all sorts of scenarios, making them ideal for someone that has a small wardrobe but wants to expand it.  With a relaxed fit and grips in the footbed, comfort and slip prevention is taken very seriously.


  • Molded straps
  • Slim and sleeker than most
  • Comfy and won’t slip
  1. Skechers Women’s Beach Bingo Ditch Day Sneakers

Rounding out our list here is a pair of Skechers shoes for the ladies if you plan on ‘ditching’ your troubles behind for a while and enjoying the sun. These shoes are made to be a cross between sneakers and flats, allowing you to have something lightweight while offering slightly more support and protection. These are cute and understated, and they are flexible thanks to a sole that bends.  With memory foam used in the footbed, you can count on them being able to mold to your specific foot, a trait that many, many shoes lack.  Despite having laces on them, they are mainly there for show, so it’s just going to be a slip on, giving you a lot of ability to be them on and off with easier.  They won’t the best in the water, but for long walks and lounging to and from the beach, it’s going to be hard to beat them.


  • Brand known for comfort
  • Mixture of sneaker and flat
  • Very flexible but protective

Conclusion And Final Beach Shoes Recommendations

As stated before, finding the perfect pair of shoes is not a perfect process.  There are all sorts of factors that go into it, and it’s no different when you consider beach shoes, either.  Whether you go with something that has a closed toe or an open toe is a very big call, and only you can make it.  But it’s not just that that you have to decide.  There are even more decisions to be made.  Thankfully, our buying guide and reviews will have helped you to narrow down some of those questions and will have gotten you into a much better, more informed frame of mind.  After the reviews, you will now have a very good spot to jump off from as well in your quest for the right beach shoes for you!

FAQ’s About Beach Shoes

Are There are Beach Specific Shoes?

The answer to this question, we’re sure, is probably a ‘yes,’ but most of the time you are not going to be able to find a pair that are made with just the beach in mind.  It’s one of those niches where you see that a pair can be a useful beach shoe, but you don’t really see them being produced.  It’s not like there is a genre of beach shoes that are next to the basketball shoes, for example.  With this being said, it’s not bad news since there are so many various types out there.

What Is the Best Type of Beach Shoe?

Really, there is no good answer here other than to tell you that to each is their own.  What you may like, I might not have a lot of use for.  It just depends on what you are doing.  If you’re going on a long walk, you’ll probably want a more aggressive, padded pair, while if you are going deep in the water, you’ll want something that can easily drain off water.  Whatever you end up going with it, it should fit you and your overall style, all the while being comfortable enough for you to wear for a while.

Do Beach Shoes Cost a Lot?

This just depends on what kind of shoe you buy, the company that makes them, and the materials that they have used.  If you go with a pair of beach shoes that cost a lot, you can generally count on them lasting longer.  With that said, a lot of people don’t need them to last that long since they don’t live near a beach, so you can safely go with a cheaper alternative in a whole lot of cases.

Are Pool Shoes Good For the Beach?

The answer here is a ‘maybe.’  While you could find that you can wear beach shoes to the pool, or vice versa, the answer is not always a clear and resounding ‘yes.’  That’s due to the fact that the materials might not lend themselves to doing a good job at everything.  There are many things you could be doing at the beach, from walking to playing beach soccer, building a sand castle, or jumping in the water.  Footwear needs to be altered for each of those, so it doesn’t easily translate.

How Do I Wash My Shoes?

Any pair of shoes will have their lifespan expanded when you take care of them properly, and this includes you making sure to wash them properly.  The best to wash them, however, is going to come down simply to what kind of shoes they are.  Some will be easy to way and can be done so in the washing machine, while others will take hand washing.  By reading instructions on whatever material is used to make your specific shoes, you can get a much better idea of how to do this to get them clean and make sure you don’t destroy them in the process.

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