9 Best Bamboo Socks of 2021

Best Bamboo Socks

Bamboo has to be one of the top materials in the world, doesn’t it?  From beds to food and now to socks, it can literally, or it appears that way, do anything.  While that might be a slight exaggeration, it does illustrate just how well it performs.  Today, we are going to be looking at the ins and outs of bamboo socks.  Bamboo socks will give you a leg up on the competition by being a great alternative to traditional cotton socks due to a number of reasons.  In our buying guide, we will be taking a deeper dive into those reasons so as to help you decide whether or not to buy them.  On top of that, we’ll also be reviewing some of the best examples of bamboo socks on the market currently, all in a bid to help you get a nice starting point.  Let’s get to it, now!

Top Bamboo Socks Comparison Chart

ProductTypePriceWhere to Buy?
1. Bam & Bu Women’s Premium No Show Casual Bamboo SocksNo Shows$$Check Price On Amazon
2. Serisimple Women’s Bamboo Thin Ankle SocksAnkle Socks$Check Price On Amazon
3. Anatolian Natural Antibacterial Bamboo SocksDress Socks$Check Price On Amazon
4. Bamboo Sports B Super Soft Workout SocksAnkle Socks$$Check Price On Amazon
5. Leotruny Women’s Bamboo Mesh Low Cut SocksNo Show$Check Price On Amazon
6. Emre Luxury Bamboo Dress SocksDress Socks$$Check Price On Amazon
7. +MD Unisex Low Cut Bamboo SocksAnkle Socks$$Check Price On Amazon
8. Panda Stuff Men’s Organic Bamboo SocksDress Socks$$Check Price On Amazon
9. 1Sock2Sock Men’s Anti Odor Crew SocksDress Socks$$Check Price On Amazon

Bamboo Socks Buying Guide

The Importance of Socks

Socks in general are much more important than what you may be led to believe.  A whole lot of people spent a lot of time emphasizing the importance of shoes.  You see shoes that are made for very specific niches, subsets, and genres today.  They are shoes that are made for athletes, shoes made for people who just want to work all day on their feet, and shoes made for lounging in.  Then there are 100 others that run off of those three, too.  If you are one of those people that have a foot condition, whether it’s major or minor, you’re also going to be doing extensive shopping for the best shoes.  But a lot of times, a good pair of socks can go a long way toward helping you reach your goal, no matter what it is.  The tandem of a good pair of shoes with a good pair of socks is crucial.  You can’t have the best experience for your feet without that!

Aren’t Socks all the Same?

One of the things that are prevalent in our current culture is the thought that socks are all the same, no matter what they are made out of or from.  Even when people seem to know that a certain pair is different from the next, they still don’t tend to trust that they are indeed all that different.  Or if they do, they ignore it and still go with what they always have for one reason or another.  The stone-cold truth of the matter, though, is that not all socks are the same.  Whether it’s the price or the materials used, they each are unique and can do different things for you.  You would never wear a pair of casual shoes to play tennis in, even if they look similar.  So why would you wear a pair of casual socks to workout in?  That’s one thing we have to break!

What Makes Bamboo Unique

One of the first things that come to mind with bamboo socks is going to be: what makes them different?  Why do I need them and what do they bring to the table that will make my life better as a result of wearing them?  There are a few things that bamboo brings to the table that differs from what others do.  We will take a look below at some of them.

Odor Control

One of the major issues that people see as a result of their feet is the odor.  For many, it doesn’t seem to matter what they do.  They just stink.  It’s unfortunate and sometimes isn’t even a laughing matter.  Even for the best of us, it’s sometimes an issue that we have to deal with.  Bamboo socks, however, are able to fight against this extremely well.  Many socks out there are able to, or at least claim to be able to, wick away sweat very well.  In 2019, anything less is really just a massive shame on them.  But bamboo goes above and beyond that because it is naturally made to be anti-bacterial.  Many of the materials that you see on the market are great for specific things, but very rarely do the materials have this to them, so they need to be enhanced with others.  It’s why a lot of socks are made from a blend of materials.  Bamboo does not need to do this, at least for the purpose of getting rid of smells.  Because bacteria are not allowed to fester inside of them, you are not going to be stuck with those awful smells.  This does not mean you don’t need to regularly wash them or that they won’t get dirty, mind you.  You definitely will still want to take good care of them if you want the utmost out of them for a while to come.  The final note here is that you should look for at least 75% of the sock to have bamboo in it if you want this property.  Anything less and it just doesn’t tend to work as well!


Another one of the major benefits that bamboo can offer you is that it is biodegradable.  It’s a big, long word that just basically means that bamboo is naturally sustainable and will erode back into the environment without any waste.  Take certain synthetic materials, for example.  They have become increasingly popular throughout the world because they are cheap to produce, easy to clean compared to other materials, and are flexible and good for a wide range of uses.  While all of those are great, they also don’t have the benefit of being able to decompose naturally.  They are more durable than bamboo will be, and that’s one of the downsides of bamboo, but they will not erode and will be ended up being ‘wasted.’  Bamboo is great for those with a mind toward conservation and being stewards of the earth!


One of the major pluses of bamboo socks is that they are not super thick and coarse on your feet.  One of the main issues we’ve always had with socks is that they are thick and cumbersome.  A lot of times, even the no show varieties are heavy on our feet and end up being super hot simply due to being extremely thick.  With bamboo, this is not something you’ve got to worry about.  Some people prefer thicker due to the activities that they do or just the general feeling that they have been accustomed to.  However, this shouldn’t stop you from trying out bamboo for its lack of thickness.  As stated before, that thickness is very much capable of getting in the way, so you should sidestep it entirely by going with something thinner and more conducive to actual life.

Premium Feel

One of the things that will separate bamboo from other materials used to make socks, such as cotton and wool, will be that it’s usually a more ‘premium’ feel to it.  Premium is hard to describe for many, but basically what we mean by it is that it has a special purpose and that it meets that goal.  Premium materials generally are not great when faced with constant and consistent use and abuse.  Let’s take a look at leather shoes, for example.  We discussed synthetics earlier, and the reason they have become so popular in the shoe industry is that leather shoes just don’t do well when used a ton and in adverse conditions.  When it comes to bamboo socks, you are going to get a great feel for the life of the socks, even if they don’t last you forever.  It’s more about quality than quantity, so keep that in mind!


The final piece of the puzzle here that will mention that makes bamboo stand out is going to be their ability to self ‘regulate.’  What we mean by this is that the material is adept at providing you with the utmost in temperature control.  If it’s hot or cold, you are going to be covered by them.  When it’s warm, bamboo works well because it is very breathable.  Basically, this means you get a lot of airflows and you are able to have sweat wick away from your feet.  This is good because it lightens the weight of you.  On top of that, though, bamboo socks are also able to work very well in the winter, even if their thinness doesn’t lend itself to making you believe it to be the case.  They will be keeping you warm by locking in the heat during the cooler months, all the while giving you some much-needed relief in the warmer summer months!

Maintenance of Bamboo Socks

As with any article of clothing, the maintenance of bamboo socks is going to be important to get the most life out of them as well as the most quality possible.  For the most part, you are not going to see a lot of differences between the way you should wash them and the way you wash other pairs of socks.  However, you should read over any information that is made available to you by the socks you do buy just to make sure.  One of the best things that you can do to them after you have washed them is to let them air dry.  We have been letting most of our clothes air dry for a while now, and it has really helped the life of them tremendously.  This is, even more, the case with socks.  With bamboo, you’re going to be getting a shorter lifespan already, so you can coax extra life out of them by avoiding the dryer and using air to let them dry.  Just keep in mind that they do take longer to dry out than typical pairs of socks!

Types of Bamboo Socks

Depending on what activity you are doing, or what kind of occasion you’re going to be engaging in, socks are going to look and feel quite a bit different on you.  Here is a look at some of the things that you can see out there, all of which are made from bamboo.

No Shows

One of the more popular types of socks out there currently, and for a while now, is the no show socks.  These socks are extremely minimal, even relative to bamboo, and aren’t even seen the majority of the time by those around you.  These socks are awesome for really warm days and are also a good choice for use with a pair of low profile shoes.

Ankle Socks

Of course, you also have the next step up, which is the ankle or low cut sock.  These socks are not as low profile as no shows are, but they also don’t take up a lot of space, either.  They give you a lot of ability to breathe out while giving you more support and protection if you are a bit more rigorous.

Dress Socks

Dress socks are sometimes needed, even if we hate to do it, and this is one area that might make you extremely happy.  Instead of feeling way too hot by wearing those thick, sticky socks, you can go with bamboo to help you with breathability.  Sure, they will take more room upon you, but they will be a lot better than those others you’re used to seeing and wearing!


Just as with shoes, getting the proper fit and size is paramount to ensuring your socks are able to do the job for you.  It’s a lot easier said than done, however, when it relates to socks because many are not made like shoes are.  While shoes are mass manufactured and thus don’t fit your foot exactly, they do get very close.  With socks, though, they oftentimes run in sizes where you will have a ‘large’ that runs between four or five sizes.  That’s a lot of difference.  For those on the smaller end of the scale, you risk having a lot of extra material, while those on the larger end might barely have enough.  Some socks today are fixing this issue by being fitted to you much like shoes.  These usually cost more, but they can make up the cost for you by not being a huge bother.  At any rate, you need to be especially attentive when looking at any sizing information, lest you end up with something that doesn’t fit you well and essentially waste your money.


One aspect of bamboo socks that you should know about them is that they are not the cheapest type you will find on the shelves of stores or online.  Of course, with that being said, there are always going to be dealing out there for you to be found, so we don’t want you to think that the price is exorbitant.  That’s just not the case.  You can get several pairs of bamboo socks for a reasonable price, just know and realize that you won’t be doing so at an extremely low cost.  If you do see a very low price, you’ve either gotten very lucky or they are stretching the truth a little bit and you aren’t likely to be getting true bamboo with them.

The Top Nine Bamboo Socks of 2019 Reviews

  1. Bam & Bu Women’s Premium No Show Casual Bamboo Socks

Kicking off our list here is something that is going to be low profile and out of the way for the ladies. These no shows socks are great because they are truly a non-slip choice. Oh so many socks, especially the lower profile ones, will slide down and end up forcing a big crumple in your shoes.  This is obviously not preferred, so these seek to correct those woes.  On top of that, they have seamless toes, which make for a much more relaxing and comfortable experience and help to prevent blistering, too.  With heel grips on the bottom, they really take the non-slip factor seriously, all the while the odor control you may be seeking is present.  Just a hard package to beat all the way around, no matter what it is you are looking for!


  • Will not slip
  • No seams in the toes
  • Helps control odors
  1. Serisimple Women’s Bamboo Thin Ankle Socks

Next up is a pair of socks that are made with more of an active thought in mind. Composed of 80% bamboo, these are going to be able to give you the anti-bacterial properties you need if you are having issues and will also be super breathable as well. They are very soft to the touch, too, which is not a requirement but sure is nice to have when you put them on your feet for the very first time. With these, you get five pairs for a very good, reasonable price, much better than many of the traditional material socks that are found in stores all over.  Another plus that you have to be thankful for is that they don’t have any spandex in them.  This might not seem like a big deal, but it ends up being one because it doesn’t leave any of those annoying marks on your legs, which is a really big positive!


  • Very, very breathable
  • Super soft and comfy
  • No marks left on your legs
  1. Anatolian Natural Antibacterial Bamboo Socks

Next up is another very reasonably priced pack of socks, though these are different due to the fact that they are more of a crew cut. This means they will run higher up on your legs, offering more protection and warmth in the colder months of the year. In addition to the usual pluses, like being anti-bacterial and being breathable relatively speaking, these socks also are going to be able to keep from annoying due to a lack of seams.  This is really something you have to treasure because all too many of them, even all these years on from their invention, crinkle up and disrupt your entire day, making you grumpy and extremely unhappy in the process.  They are soft and have a nice scent to them as well, so they are a hard one to overlook for sure!


  • Higher cut than others
  • No seams to deal with
  • Soft and smells very nice
  1. Bamboo Sports B Super Soft Workout Socks

Not all bamboo socks are made for working out in, but these are one of the rare pairs that have been designed with just that in mind. These socks are, as the name would indicate, very soft and comfortable, just like the rest. However, they are engineered for sports and athletics due to being low cut and having a lot more area cut of them for air to escape.  Bamboo is already excellent at doing this, but these socks do an even better job of letting air get in and out.  Through the use of some mesh, with the bamboo, this is accomplished with aplomb.  They also, of course, are great for athletes because they are going to be able to resist those odors, unlike so many socks.  Even when you wash many other athletic socks, it never seems to do much damage, but these change the entire equation in a very big way.


  • Mesh helps further breathability
  • No more washing smelly socks
  • Super soft and comfy
  1. Leotruny Women’s Bamboo Mesh Low Cut Socks

If you are looking for something that is quite a bit cheaper than the others, and most of the others on the market, too, then look no further, ladies! These no shows/low cut socks are a great, sustainable, and breathable way to get through your day without breaking the bank. They are composed of 70% bamboo and 30% cotton, so that is one possible reason you’ll be able to get six pairs for as low a price as they come. However, it’s not all bad just because of the use of cotton. They are still very much biodegradable and will be super breathable when compared to only cotton offerings.  They come with five silicone places (four bands and a triangle) to help you stay in place and avoid slippage from occurring.  If you want to wick away sweat and do it for a low price, it’s going to be hard to beat these!


  • Very low price
  • Super breathable
  • Holds you in place without slippage
  1. Emre Luxury Bamboo Dress Socks

The first dressy option on the list comes in here at #6 with these from Emre. They may seem to be expensive as well, but for six pairs, it is a pretty good price to pay for them. Composed of 80% bamboo, 17% lycra, and 3% elastic, these socks are going to be able to bring you the properties you would expect from bamboo while also being very flexible.  That’s a great thing due to the fact that so many of the dressier socks end up bunching and giving you awful, painful lines on your ankles.  The use of bamboo is dress socks seem a bit outside of the box, but it makes perfect sense seeing as how they are much less warm when it’s warm out.  Plus, if you frequently wear them you’ll no longer have to worry about attracting attention for the wrong reasons by smelling poorly.  Plus, they have all kinds of styles, from the flashy to the classy, giving something for everyone to draw a liking to!


  • Eccentric and classic styles
  • Very flexible and freeing
  • Breathes better than the majority of dress socks can
  1. +MD Unisex Low Cut Bamboo Socks

Next up is a multi-material pair of socks that utilize bamboo for over 80% of the makeup. That means you can count on them being able to wick away sweat and to prevent bacteria from building up, both of which are boxes you can check off. Unlike many we have seen so far, these have a sole that is cushioned beneath.  This is going to give you support that many don’t offer in this genre, but it won’t be overly thick and cumbersome on you, either.  There is also a Y-design in the heel that ensures that you don’t have any slipping taking place while wearing them, making them a good idea for both leisure and more strenuous work and workouts as well.  They also stretch very well, a relief for many for sure.


  • Very stretchy socks
  • Won’t slip on you
  • Cushioned sole
  1. Panda Stuff Men’s Organic Bamboo Socks

Whenever there is bamboo, a panda is sure to be around close by! That’s the case on our list as well, with these socks from Panda Stuff. These socks are made to be a great gift, coming in a pack of five in a box.  With many colors to pick from, these thin socks make a great choice for someone that is active or just doesn’t want to be troubled with extra thick, heavy materials on their feet.  Thanks to the use of bamboo in the hem, they are going to be able to air out well and will not attract those odors that none of us want to deal with.  They even come up to your ankles, which is a style that’s come back into popularity recently, giving you a compromise of sorts in that regard.


  • Thin and comfy
  • Very nice, vibrant colors
  • Makes for an awesome gift
  1. 1Sock2Sock Men’s Anti Odor Crew Socks

If you want a crew sock, and there are many that do once again out there, then you can’t really go too far wrong with these. These striped socks are made for those of us that have bigger feet than others, making us feel much less left out than usual. These are made to be more durable than others, using more polyamide and polyester than many and ‘only’ 67% bamboo.  This will reduce certain aspects that you will want, like the anti-bacterial stuff, but it will still make them much more breathable than most on the marketplace.  They are very diverse and functional for a range of uses and styles, making them ideal for someone that likes to switch it up on occasion.


  • Very ‘in’ fashion statement
  • Made for bigger feet!
  • More breathable than many


  • Not going to do as well against odors

Conclusion And Final Bamboo Socks Recommendations

As you can tell from our guide, bamboo is no longer something that’s just for animals to munch.  There is a bevy of potential uses, but our focus today has been on socks.  Socks are a much bigger part of our lives than you think they are, or at least they should be.  Gone are the days where you just pick up a pack and drop them in the cart without a thought.  If you want the most comfort or the best level of performance, you have to be willing to try new things.  Bamboo socks could be just the ticket to unlocking your potential.  You never know until you try it!  And this is a case where you should not be waiting to try them out!

FAQ’s About Bamboo Socks

Are Bamboo Socks Worth Paying Extra?

That question really just depends on what you value the most.  If you are having issues with odor control and need something to put an end to it, then there is far worse than bamboo socks for you.  If you have allergies and need something to fight that, then bamboo is also going to be a godsend for you.  On top of that, they are not really all that expensive, so they are worth a look at the very least.

How Long Will Bamboo Socks Last?

While it is true that bamboo socks will not last as long as other materials, it’s still going to have the ability to last quite a while if you use them properly.  If you wear them all of the time, they will erode quicker than someone who wears them less frequently.  Washing them properly is also going to be a big part of it.  How you treat them will make a big difference in their lifespan, that much is for sure.


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