14 Best Indoor Soccer Shoes 2021: For Hardwood Surfaces & Artificial Turfs

Indoor Soccer Shoes

Indoor soccer is a sport played inside an arena, basketball court, or volleyball court. Indoor soccer is very similar to outdoor soccer with only a few key differences. Indoor soccer can be played on a hardwood floor or artificial turf. Outdoor soccer can also be played on an artificial turf, more and more stadiums are switching to artificial turfs since they are easier to maintain.

A good indoor soccer shoe should play close attention to the areas of your foot that need attention and will contribute to how well you play. A good soccer shoe will also protect your foot and help promote good foot health. Your foot health is very important. Choosing a pair of shoes that fit correctly and are designed to do the task at hand will be a step in ensuring a healthy future for your foot. Indoor soccer requires special shoes designed for comfort and to maximize your playing abilities. The outsole, insole, upper, toe box, and the tongue of a shoe are all areas that should be considered when purchasing an indoor soccer shoe. Your shoe should offer an acceptable amount of protection and traction.

Read on to discover the top 10 indoor soccer shoes for hardwood and artificial turfs of 2018.

Top Indoor Soccer Shoes Comparison Chart

ProductMaterialSole MaterialFloor TypePriceWhere to Buy?
Puma King ITLeatherRubberHardwood Surface$$Check Price On Amazon
Adidas Performance Ace 15.3SyntheticRubber Hardwood Surface$Check Price On Amazon
Nike Tiempo Genio IISyntheticRubberHardwood Surface$$Check Price On Amazon
Adidas Performance Samba ClassicLeatherRubberHardwood Surface$$$Check Price On Amazon
Kelme Star 360LeatherHardwood Surface$Check Price On Amazon
Under Armour Magnetico Select TurfSyntheticRubberArtificial Turfs$$Check Price On Amazon
Adidas Performance Ace 15.3 TurfSyntheticSyntheticArtificial Turfs$$Check Price On Amazon
Nike Tiempo Genio II TurfSyntheticRubberArtificial Turfs$Check Price On Amazon
PUMA 365 Ignite STTextile/SyntheticRubberArtificial Turfs$$Check Price On Amazon
Diadora Mago RPolyurethaneArtificial Turfs$Check Price On Amazon

Indoor Soccer Shoes Buying Guide

Indoor Soccer

Indoor soccer is just like outside soccer besides the fact that it is played inside. Indoor soccer is a little different in some areas but just as fun and exciting as outdoor soccer. You’ll have a wonderful time whether you’re playing or watching the sport. Indoor soccer is played in an arena or gym. Any type of inside area can serve as an arena. Sometimes basketball or volleyball courts are used. Players run up and down the court or arena showing off their skills and scoring points. The sport can be played on the hardwood floors of the court or the court can be covered with artificial turf. Artificial turf is fake grass. The activity is very popular in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. It was originally designed to allow soccer to continue being played during the winter months, using the arena or gym as a shelter from the weather. Snow does not make an outdoor soccer game easy at all! Minor and professional leagues exist, and the game played by both adults and children.

This sport is played in an indoor facility. The playing field is smaller than usual and so are the penalty and goal areas. The field is a rectangular area with hardwood or artificial turf flooring. The ball is covered in a suede-like material to help it glide easily across the playing field. The ball can be played off the wall because honestly, it’s inevitable, the ball is going to hit the wall constantly. The game is played in 4 quarters of 15-minute intervals. During the game, there are 3 short breaks and a half-time between quarters 2 and 3. There are 6 players to each team. The teams may have additional players serving as substitutes. If the ball isn’t in play, the teams can substitute players in and out an unlimited number of times. General contact rules apply, and the typical red and yellow cards are used. You’ll be penalized for charging or holding other players. Sometimes there is an additional penalty card in blue.

Indoor Soccer V.S. Outdoor Soccer

The key differences between indoor and outdoor soccer are found in the rules and the equipment used for play. There is also a significant difference in the size of the area the sport is being played in.

Indoor Soccer

Indoor soccer is played in a closed, walled in area or field. The flooring can be either hardwood or covered with artificial turf. The teams are smaller due to the limited playing space. There can’t be too many people running around in a small area because players could get hurt. Too many people would cause absolute chaos. The team is made up of 5-8 players. The team formation is 2 forwards, 1 midfielder, 2 defensive players, and 1 goalkeeper. Players can substitute in and out of the game an unlimited number of times as long as the ball isn’t being played. Unlimited substitution is good for a small team, it allows everyone a chance to get in the game! The only playing gear that is different are the shoes worn by players. Shoes for indoor soccer vary depending on the surface of the field. If the surface is hardwood flooring like a basketball or volleyball court the shoes will have a thin, flat, rubber bottom. If artificial turf is the surface the shoes will have a bunch of little studs on the sole. The studs provide appropriate traction on artificial turf. Indoor soccer often uses 3 flags instead of 2. The third flag is blue. There is no off-side rule and slide tackles are not allowed.

Outdoor Soccer

Outdoor soccer, obviously, is played in a large, outdoor field. The ground is natural grass or in some cases, artificial grass. The team consists of 11 players. There is way more room in an outdoor field so it’s possible to have a bigger team. No walls are present to disturb the flow of each kick or the motion of the runners. There are 2 forwards, 4 midfielders, 4 defensive players, and 1 goalkeeper. Players can only be substituted in and out of the game 3 times. Outdoor soccer shoes have studded cleats designed to issue maximum traction. The studs are typically large so they stick into the grass as the player runs up and down the field. Yellow and red flags reveal penalties and warnings. An off-side rule must be followed when the sport is being played and side tackles are allowed.

Indoor Soccer Shoes V.S. Outdoor Soccer Shoes

The type of shoes are the biggest difference between indoor and outdoor soccer. The field or turf the sports are played on are different which means the same type of shoe will not provide good traction or an efficient gaming experience for both.

Indoor Soccer Shoes

Indoor soccer shoes look very similar to regular sneakers. They should be built to be protective and durable. You can wear these shoes for other activities if you want to. The outsole is flat and lightweight. The flat outsoles provide good traction for hardwood floors. Shoes for artificial turfs don’t have a flat outsole, they will be covered in a bunch of little studs. Artificial turfs aren’t as thick or deep as natural grass, so the studs won’t need to be as long and thick as are for outdoor shoes.

Outdoor Soccer Shoes

Outdoor soccer shoes are cleats with multiple long studs which allow them to get a good traction on natural grass. Natural grass is different than an artificial turf. Natural grass calls for deeper studs to dig into the thick, tough ground. Artificial turf is thinner and isn’t as deep. Outdoor soccer cleats also offer stability on the uneven ground. The studs are bladed or cone shaped. Many outdoor soccer shoes are designed to be used on natural and artificial grass since a lot of soccer fields are converting to artificial grass since it is easier to maintain.

Whether you’re an indoor or outdoor soccer player you’ll need shoes designed for the sport. The correct shoes will enhance your performance on the field. The incorrect shoe will most likely hold you back from reaching your full potential.

Your position and the Field

Your shoe purchase is a big decision. You must make sure you’re buying a shoe that will do its job. The type of shoe will play a crucial role in comfort, stability, and durability. You’ll want to choose a shoe that is a good fit for the position you’re playing and the grounds you’re playing on. Your comfort is important also, a comfortable player is an excellent player!


Each different position may call for different qualities in a shoe. Attacking, defending, and goalkeeping require different movements and a different amount of durability. Players that attack will need a durable shoe with a sturdy toe box. The lighter the shoe is the easier it will be to attack and carry through movements. A protective toe box is important to keep the player from getting hurt. Defensive players will need a very durable shoe because their shoes get the most wear and tear. The shoe should offer a good amount of protection to ensure no harm comes to the feet inside them. The shoe should be lightweight and easy to move around in. A defensive player will be all over the field trying to stop the other team. Goalkeepers are moving constantly from side to side, a good shoe for a goalkeeper will offer maximum traction to keep from slipping and missing the opportunity to block. If you’re a goal keeper, play close attention to the traction the soles offer, the last thing you want is to miss a good block because your shoes aren’t giving you enough traction.

Floor Type

The field type for indoor soccer can be either hardwood flooring or covered with artificial turf. A hardwood floor is exactly the same as a basketball or volleyball court. Sometimes these courts are repurposed for indoor soccer. This is very common in the winter months in areas that have cold winters and snow. The field can also be artificial turf, artificial turf is basically fake grass. Artificial turf is similar to the fields used in outdoor soccer.

The makeup and style of the shoe you’re considering purchasing should be based on the kind of field you’re playing on. Hardwood and artificial turfs aren’t the same, so the shoes worn on these fields shouldn’t be the same either. Shoes designed for hardwood floors should have flat, gum outsoles that do not make marks and are non-skid. The soles will help stick to the floor to control your movements. They should also be flexible and very lightweight. They are very similar to basketball shoes since both sports are played on the same court or field. Shoes designed for artificial turfs will have multiple rubber studs on the bottom. These studs will help create traction while running and moving on the fake grass. They are made to be very durable and are usually very cushiony to relieve any pressure you may feel due to the ribbed bottom.

Shoe Makeup

The way the shoe is designed, and each area of the shoe should be considered while making your purchase. Before you can decide on what shoe, it’s important to understand how a good shoe is made and which areas you should pay attention to.

The material the shoe is made from can affect your performance and the quality of the shoe. Your shoe will either be made from leather or a synthetic material. Leather shoes are high-quality. The leather stretches and provides a good amount of flexibility for movements. A leather shoe is usually very durable, and they have a way of molding to your foot which contributes to the comfort received. You’ll feel like shoe is designed specifically for your foot. Shoes that are made from synthetic material, such as mesh, are more lightweight than leather shoes and are easier to clean and maintain. After a while, leather usually stretches which will lead to replacing them. Synthetic shoes do not stretch as much so the lifespan is longer. Synthetic shoes are also lighter than leather shoes. Synthetic shoes aren’t as durable as leather and they don’t mold to your feet as well.

The decision of what material you want your shoes to be made of is completely up to you. It is a personal preference. Your needs are what is important in the decision-making process. Try both types of shoes on and see which one you think will enhance your game the best.

Once you decide what kind of material you want your shoe to be made of you’ll have to consider how certain areas of the shoe are constructed. The way the shoe is designed will contribute to your comfort and efficiency on the field.

Besides the material the shoe is made of, the 5 areas you should pay close attention to when purchasing a shoe for indoor soccer are:

  • The sole

The material of the sole should be appropriate for the surface you’re playing on and provide maximum traction. The sole should be thin, so you have a good feel of your movements and the ground. Your feet will move better if you have a good knowledge of the space between your feet and the ground. Playing will feel more natural. When playing on a hardwood surface, the sole will need to be thin, flat, and sticky. When playing on artificial turf, the sole will need to be thin and ribbed or studded. The sole is something you need to pay close attention to. The wrong type of sole won’t give you the stability and traction you need for the surface you’re playing on.

  • The insole

The insole is important because it’s the part of your shoe that provides comfort. Comfort is so important in a shoe. A good insole will provide support and cushion. In some cases, you may need to purchase additional insoles to enhance the comfort of your shoe. You can purchase insoles almost anywhere. Whether they’ll be on your feet for long or short periods time, you’ll want to be comfortable the entire time. All feet are different, just because a shoe is comfortable to someone else, doesn’t mean it will be just as comfortable for you. Buy a shoe that provides the comfort you need. Some feet may be more comfortable in shoes with a lot of support from cushion and insoles and other feet may need less cushion or a thinner insole for comfort.

  • The toe area

The toe area shouldn’t be too tight, but you also don’t want it to have too much wiggle room. The toe area should provide protection so something sturdy and durable is a must. Your movements and running will be directly affected by the toe area of the shoe. If it’s too tight, it will be hard to run and make sudden movements because you’ll feel pain in the process. The toe area should also be flexible to provide a good range of motion. Cramped toes can lead to additional foot problems later in life.

  • The material

As stated before, the material of the shoe will play a role in the quality of the shoe. The shoe can be made of leather or a synthetic material such as mesh. Leather shoes are more durable and high-quality than synthetic shoes. Synthetic shoes are more lightweight and have a better life span than leather shoes. The preference of material is completely up to you, you’ll know which kind of material feels the best on your foot. The material should allow the shoe to be lightweight to maximize your playing ability, your movements will deteriorate if your shoes are too heavy. The material will make the shoe easy and comfortable to play in.

  • The tongue

The tongue of your shoe should be lightweight, thin and comfortable. A tongue that is too bulky will make your shoe tighter and therefore uncomfortable. With a thick tongue, you’ll feel pressure on the top and sides of your foot. The shoe will have an overall better feel with a thin, barely noticeable tongue.

To make an educated decision about a shoe, you should be well informed on what a good shoe offers. The above-listed areas are ones you should pay close attention to as they will play a significant part in whether the shoe is high quality or not. Understanding how a shoe is made and what each area of the shoe should offer will make the decision process easier when purchasing your indoor soccer shoes.

How your Shoe Should Fit

I’m sure you have a pretty good idea of how your shoe should fit. Trying on your shoes will help you decide if they are comfortable or not. A shoe that fits just right will be snug but not too tight. Your feet should fit comfortably in volume and width. You can use a size chart to determine your size. The sizing shoe companies use isn’t always the same, sizing charts and measurement equipment can be used to determine the best size for you in each brand of shoe. A shoe that fits right won’t cause any pain, discomfort, or pressure. A shoe that fits also won’t cause any chaffing or blisters.

When shopping for your indoor soccer shoes you’ll need to make sure they fit comfortably. Remember, you’ll be running around and making quick movements, so you’ll need them to offer support. The wrong shoe will affect your playing and hurt your feet.  Shopping in-store is probably the safest way when purchasing indoor soccer shoes especially if it’s your first time. If you decide to shop online read reviews to help determine if the sizing is correct and how the shoes perform while playing. Try your shoes on and if possible, walk or run around in them. The initial try on may feel like the shoe fits but once you start moving around and using them it may be a different story. It’s highly recommended to wear the socks you’ll be wearing with the shoes when you try them on. This will allow you to determine if you need a bigger size due to the thickness of the sock. You may also want to try on a few different sizes to get a better feel of the shoe. If the shoe feels tight at first, consider whether it will stretch over time. The material the shoe is made of will determine whether it will stretch or not. Leather stretches, synthetic materials usually do not. The only problem with leather stretching is that it might over stretch once the shoes are worn a lot which will make them feel bigger.

You determine your level of comfort in a shoe. Make sure your shoes are comfortable for you and fit correctly. Shoes that are too small or too large will hurt your playing skills and your feet.

Best Indoor Soccer Shoes for Hardwood Surfaces Reviews

When purchasing indoor soccer shoes for a hardwood playing surface make sure you get a pair with flat, gum outsoles to give you the best traction on the given surface. You’ll want the shoes to be comfortable and lightweight for a pain free playing experience.

1. Puma King IT

The Puma King IT’s are the most sought after indoor soccer shoe. They are completely made from leather which means they’ll be comfortable and mold to your feet over time. The material is lightweight and easy to move around in. The rubber outsole provides good traction on hardwood floors. The outsoles are non-marking and non-skid. They feature an ankle liner and a fold over tongue. The ankle liner provides good support and stability while playing and wearing. The fold-over tongue provides extra support and protection. The insole has added e+Cell technology to prevent wear and tear and a weakening insole. Puma is a very high-quality brand in the shoe industry. Puma pays close attention to comfort and consistency with these shoes.

Puma has provided a well-made and good-looking shoe with the King IT’s. These shoes work best on hardwood surfaces, but they can be used for artificial turfs also. They can be worn for the sport or for any other daily activities. These shoes provide a moderate level of arch support for those with higher arches. Since these shoes are made out of leather they mold to your feet quickly which results in a shorter break-in period.

Puma’s run a bit wider than other indoor soccer shoes but for a wide foot, you’ll still have to order a bigger shoe. The initial fit is very narrow, once the shoe is broken in they loosen up a bit. The quality may not be as expected for a leather shoe. The lifespan tends to be sort of short with heavy use. The toe box should be a little more protective, you may have to wear multiple pairs of socks to protect your toes from the impact of kicking or stopping the ball.


  • Made out of leather
  • Short break-in period
  • Foldable tongue to cover laces


  • Sizing off
  • Little protection
  • Short lifespan

Overall, the Puma King IT’s are a great indoor soccer shoe. They are reasonably priced and provide a flawless playing experience during their lifespan.

2. Adidas Performance Ace 15.3

The Performance Ace 15.3’s are designed by one of the most popular companies in the shoe industry. The shoes are completely made from synthetic material. Synthetic material is usually more lightweight than leather, so these are a very lightweight shoe. They’ll help maximize your performance and you’ll feel like you have nothing on your feet! The outsole is made of good rubber that will provide traction on hardwood surfaces such as basketball or volleyball courts. The tongue is thin to maximize comfort. This shoe also features a padded collar. They contain molded foam insoles to help your feet feel comfortable while playing. These shoes are designed to give you, the player, complete control of the ball and your movements.

These a great investment for the price. They aren’t too expensive. These are also a shoe that will look very nice on your foot and with your soccer gear, they are stylish. These shoes are made well, the upper is lightweight and durable and the traction you’ll get is excellent. They fit tight at first but after a few hours, you’ll feel them loosen up. The foam insole really contributes to the comfort factor. You won’t experience any pain or discomfort while running around on the court.

Although these shoes are well made and great to play in, they won’t last long. With heavy use, they do not have a long lifespan. The toe box isn’t made to last very long either. Kicking the ball After a few games, you may need to repair the toe area because you may see some separation. You may have to order a size larger for them to fit correctly.


  • Priced right
  • Stylish
  • Lightweight


  • Short lifespan
  • Sizing off
  • Weak toe area

These shoes are a worthwhile investment for the price even if you have to replace them kind of frequently. You’ll experience great traction indoors and your game will be on point!

3. Nike Tiempo Genio II

The Tiempo Genio II’s are made by the famous shoe maker Nike. This is a very high-class brand and they make all kinds of different sneakers. The Tiempo’s are out of synthetic leather. They are ankle high and designed specifically for indoor courts. They are very lightweight. The outsole is non-marking and non-skid rubber. The outsole is gum rubber, it is sticky and great for traction. The midsole is made of high-tech cushion and includes an EVA sock liner. The inside of the shoe will enhance the comfort you get while playing in them. These shoes are available in assorted color schemes which will help them match with any color soccer gear!

The front area of the shoe features ribs that allow for good control of the ball. The ribs make blocking, kicking, and passing accurate and easy. The shoes are made of leather, but they are very lightweight compared to other indoor soccer shoes. The first wear is usually tight, once they are broken in they loosen up and become much more comfortable.

These shoes have a very narrow fit and they run small. You may have to order a size larger. They’ll be a little tight at first even if you do order a size larger. If you have wider feet your feet may bulge over the sides of the sole which may cause the lifespan of the shoe to be short. The upper is weak, after wearing these shoes often, the upper may wear and tear. The wear and tear of the upper will give the shoes a more worn and less new look.


  • Lightweight
  • Gum outsole
  • Ribbed sole for accuracy


  • Sizing off
  • Narrow fit
  • Easy wear and tear

The Nike Tiempo Genio II is a great shoe for indoor soccer. You’ll experience an efficient and thorough playing time. Passing, kicking, and blocking will be a breeze in these shoes!

4. Adidas Performance Samba Classic

The Adidas Performance Samba Classics are a shoe that is great for indoor soccer or everyday use. They are stylish and can be found in assorted colors. These shoes are made completely of leather. They contain a suede overlay for added protection and resistance from wear and tear. The outsole is made of gum rubber. The gum rubber outsole provides good traction on hardwood surfaces. The outsole is very sticky and holds a strong grip. The sock liners are removable, so you can determine what is more comfortable for you. The insoles contain EVA material which makes these shoes very comfortable for wear.

The Samba’s are an indoor soccer shoe with a long lifespan even if they’re worn every day. Unlike many other soccer shoes, these have insoles with high arches. These are the best soccer shoe you’ll find if you suffer from high arches. If the high arch bothers you, the insole can be removed. These are usually true to size whether you have narrow or wide feet. These are a very stylish shoe; many people purchase them for casual wear as well as for indoor soccer.

The tongue is long because this is a soccer shoe, sometimes the tongue may feel bulky and the length can be an annoyance. The high arch may be too much and uncomfortable for some people, even though the arch support can be removed it can be a major inconvenience to have to tear your brand-new shoe apart to do so. A major complaint is that these shoes aren’t made like they use to be. They are less durable, and the materials aren’t the same as previous versions.


  • Long lifespan
  • Arch support
  • True to size


  • Long tongue
  • Arch support
  • Cheaply made

The Samba’s are a classic shoe made by one of the most popular shoemakers in the industry. These shoes will make playing effortlessly while providing style. The arch support is a perk for people that struggle with high arches, if you don’t have high arches, the insole is easy to remove! These shoes may not be made like they use to be, but they are still a very good choice for use on hardwood surfaces.

5. Kelme Star 360

The Kelme Star’s are a highly underrated shoe. They may not be one of the top brands, but they are a very valuable choice for indoor soccer. This shoe is very different from other soccer shoes. The rubber outsole is created with technology by Michelin, like the tires! The rubber is created with the same material tires are made of. This makes the rubber outsoles very heavy duty and they have a strong grip. You’ll be able to control your ball like a car controls its’ tires. Although the rubber is heavy duty a durable the shoe is still very lightweight and flexible.

The Kelme Star 360’s are a substantial value for the price. They are priced reasonably. The padding on the inside is comfortable and it allows for protection while playing the sport. The Michelin outsoles provide a great amount of traction, you’ll have full control of your movements on the court.

The sizing of these is off. Instead of running small they run large. It is recommended that you order a size or half size smaller for them to fit correctly. If you order the size that works best for you they will fit perfectly. The quality of the upper and the rest of the shoe isn’t that durable. They won’t last for a long time. The lacing system isn’t top notch. There have been complaints that the holes are too far apart, so the shoes don’t close tightly or correctly.


  • Affordable
  • Michelin outsoles
  • Good protection during contact


  • Sizing off
  • Easy wear and tear
  • Weak lacing system

These are an up and coming brand for indoor soccer. They are very affordable and worth the investment. The lifespan can be short with heavy use but with these shoes, on your feet, you’ll be unstoppable on the court!

Best Indoor Soccer Shoes for Artificial Turfs Reviews

Artificial turfs are like natural grass. Shoes designed to play on artificial turfs won’t have a plain, flat surface like those designed to play on a hardwood surface. Indoor soccer shoes for this playing surface should have short, small ribs or studs on the sole. These ribs and studs will provide traction for the best possible playing experience.

1. Under Armour Magnetico Select Turf

The Under Armour Magnetico Select’s are a great shoe for artificial turfs. The shoe is made from synthetic material. They feature ClutchFit technology which gives them the feel of leather but the durability of synthetic material. They are very form fitting and the cling to your feet. The outsole is a padded rubber material, it is great for dry natural surfaces and artificial turfs. The upper is made from soft synthetic material and wraps around your foot for a glove-like fit. The glove-like fit provides additional support and stability other soccer shoes won’t offer. The sock liner features an anti-microbial ortholite material for added comfort.

These are a shoe that can be worn on both natural grass and artificial turf. Many soccer fields are switching to artificial turf rather than natural grass because it’s easier to maintain. This makes finding shoes for artificial turfs much more common and easy. These shoes are high-quality and there isn’t really a break in period, they mold to your feet right away. They are reasonably priced. They are lightweight and breathable for a comfortable playing experience.

These may run a bit large and spacious in the toe area causing some excess movement of your feet and for wide feet they are a bit narrow. The material they are made with is very thin for breathability and it doesn’t hold up for frequent use or over a prolonged period of time.


  • Good for natural grass and artificial turf
  • Minimal break-in period
  • Lightweight and breathable


  • Large and spacious toe box
  • Narrow fit
  • Easy wear and tear

These are a great shoe for the price. You’ll have no trouble running and getting traction on artificial turfs or natural grass. The material may wear and tear easily, but they are well worth the investment.

2. Adidas Performance Ace 15.3 Turf

The Adidas Performance Ace 15.3’s for artificial turfs are one of the best indoor soccer shoes on the market. They are colorful and feature the signature Adidas 3 stripes on the side. They are a good-looking shoe with a high amount of comfort. They are made from synthetic material making them very durable and lightweight. The sole is also made from synthetic material. The outsole features Traxion studs for a strong grip on artificial turfs. The Traxion studs increase control and precision while on the field. The outsole is also non-marking and non-skid. These shoes will ensure an accurate game with complete ease.

The Performance Ace 15.3’s are a good choice for artificial turfs and natural grass. The Traxion studded outsoles provide a great grip and stop players from sliding. Changing direction and stopping are easier while wearing these. The synthetic material makes cleaning and caring for these shoes very easy. Cleaning and caring for your shoe on a regular basis will make it last longer.

The sizing is off a bit on these, some consumers have reported having to order a larger size while others have had to order a smaller size. It may be best to physically try these on before purchasing. These shoes are great for indoor soccer but if you purchase with the intent to use them outside also, they won’t hold up in the rain. On wet surfaces, you won’t have the control you need. The lifespan of these is short with heavy use.


  • Good for natural grass and artificial turf
  • Traxion studded outsole
  • Easy clean and care


  • Sizing off
  • No control on wet surfaces
  • Short lifespan

The sizing for these shoes is either hit or miss. Go into a store to try them on to save some time with returns and exchanges. These are a promising investment for the price. With heavy use, they’ll need to be replaced often but the quality of the shoe will enhance your soccer experience.

3. Nike Tiempo Genio II Turf

The Nike Tiempo Genio II’s for turfs are very similar to the Nike Tiempo Genio II’s listed earlier in this article. They are made from cow leather which makes them a very high-quality shoe. The midsole provides moderate cushioning for added comfort. The sock liner is made from EVA material and it helps relieve pressure on the foot from the rubber studs placed on the outsole. The only real difference between these and the previous ones is the outsole. The outsole for turf shoes have rubber studs to give you strong traction on artificial turfs.

These are an indoor soccer shoe that delivers what they say they will. The EVA sock liner makes the shoe very comfortable which is great for wearing them often or for extended periods of time. The quality cow leather upper is designed to give the shoes a great look and extend their lifespan. These are plain design that will look great with any soccer gear.

These, like most shoes, are off on their sizing. You may have to order a size up or down to get a good fit. They fit narrow at first and it may take some time to break them in. Wider feet may cause the lifespan of the shoe to shorten due to bulging over the side. You may need to add additional insoles to help keep pressure off your feet from the studded outsole.


  • EVA sock liner
  • Durable
  • Stylish


  • Sizing off
  • Narrow fit
  • May need additional insoles

Nike is a name brand shoe company that usually delivers on their promises. The Nike Tiempo Genio II’s for turfs will up your skills and they’ll look great on your feet.

4. PUMA 365 Ignite ST

The PUMA 365 Ignite ST’s are a smart choice to use on artificial turfs. They are made completely from synthetic material. They are very lightweight and durable. The outsole is made from studded rubber and is non-marking and non-skid. The outsole is acceptable and efficient on all hard surfaces. You’ll get an incredible grip and flawless movements wearing the PUMA 365’s. They feature a simple and quiet design that will look good with any uniform or playing gear. The upper is synthetic mesh material and allows the shoe to be breathable. High abrasion areas are covered with a see-through skin that adds more protection and durability in those areas.

The PUMA’s are much lighter on your feet than some other turf shoes. Wearing these you’ll be able to move effortlessly and flawlessly. You’ll have a good sense of the distance between your foot and the ground. These offer a moderate amount of protection in the areas that count. The lifespan is longer than a lot of other soccer shoes. The inside is cushioned well which will ease the pressure on your feet and joints.

Like most shoes, the sizing on these just isn’t quite right. They usually run a bit small and narrow. Use a sizing chart or physically try them on to get a pair that fit correctly. These are great for indoor soccer on hardwood floors or artificial turf, but they are not recommended for wet surfaces. If the surface is wet, you’ll lose a lot of traction. The mesh upper may not be as airy and breathable as described. The upper feels like it’s been covered in plastic which makes it hard for your feet to breathe while wearing them.


  • Lightweight
  • Moderate protection
  • Insole relieves pressure and prevents pain


  • Sizing off
  • No control on wet surfaces
  • Heavy upper

Choose the PUMA 365 Ignite’s and receive compliments on them all the time. They’ll enhance your game and you’ll look great while playing.

5. Diadora Mago R

The Diadora Mago’s are a less popular indoor soccer shoe brand. The design is very subtle and professional. These shoes are black and white, so they’ll match with any color playing gear. The shoe is made from a synthetic material called Polyutherene. The Polyutherene offers anti-stretching to ensure comfort for a long time. The material won’t stretch causing the shoe to feel bigger or looser. The EVA midsole provides shock absorption and comfort for all day playing. The rubber outsole is multi-studded and provides a strong grip and traction on artificial turfs. These shoes can also be worn on other hard surfaces.

The Diadora Mago’s are a reasonably priced indoor soccer shoe. The best part about this shoe is the sturdy outsole. It provides a very good grip allowing you to move flawlessly. Passing, kicking, and blocking are all done effortless with these shoes on. The shoes are made from a durable material that offers protection in all the right areas.

The sizing for these shoes is off. You’ll need to order at least a half size larger than you normally do for them to fit okay. If you have wide feet, these fit very narrow and your feet may bulge over the sides. The lifespan isn’t very long with heavy use. When the shoes are new, they are very stiff, and they don’t look natural on your feet.


  • Affordable
  • Moderate protection
  • Durable


  • Sizing off
  • Narrow fit
  • Stiff and unnatural

The Diadora Mago’s are an acceptable choice for indoor soccer. They provide a good amount of protection if you can get past the flaws. They have a sort of unnatural feel to them until they are broken in.

Conclusion And Final Indoor Soccer Shoes Recommendations

Indoor soccer is an extremely fun sport to play. Wearing the correct pair of shoes while playing can enhance your game. Indoor soccer shoes will help you effortlessly pass, kick, and block the ball. You’ll be able to stop quickly and change direction with ease. When you’re purchasing your indoor soccer, shoe make sure you consider the anatomy of the shoe and look at the quality of all the areas. The material the shoe is made from should also be considered.

The reviews listed in this article are designed to help you make an educated shoe purchase. If you have the chance, try some of these brands on before choosing one of them. Every foot is different, and every shoe fits different. It’s up to you to find the pair that is most comfortable for you.

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