8 Best Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet 2021: Low, Mid, & High Options (Molded & Detachable Spikes)

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Soccer has gotten more and more popular as time has gone on. Known as “football” in many countries around the world, soccer is played by thousands of men, women, and children across the globe, and once every four years, millions of viewers come together to watch the World Cup in the summer to see which country is crowned soccer champion.

As soccer has evolved, the cleats, or shoes, that are used to play it have also changed. There is still emerging technology that helps soccer cleats grip harder, feel lighter, and have better durability than ever before. There’s constantly many new designs coming out and features that every player would like to get their hands on.

While many soccer players have relatively few problems picking out their cleats, and their choice mainly comes down to aesthetic look or comfort, players who have very wide feet may have a tougher time finding a great cleat. Like many other sports, cleats for soccer are designed to run small and narrow. This ensures a tight fit to the foot, so the player won’t have to worry about the shoe coming off as they’re on the field. While this does work, it complicates things for people who have naturally bigger or wider feet, as it’s tough to find a great cleat that accommodates.

Understanding this problem, there are many brands that have created cleats just for those players who have wide feet. Any soccer player knows what it means to find a great cleat that fits well and enhances your game. A common question is how to find the best soccer cleats for wide feet. Luckily, this guide has the top 8 on the market, and also goes more in-depth as to which features to look for as you shop for wide soccer cleats.

Top Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet Comparison Chart

ProductMaterialTypePriceWhere to Buy?
Nike Tiempo RioSynthetic LeatherLow-cut$$Check Price On Amazon
Adidas Performance Women’s Ace 16.3 Primemesh Soccer ShoeSynthetic/TextileMid-cut$$Check Price On Amazon
Puma EVOSPEED 4 H2H FGSyntheticLow-cut$Check Price On Amazon
Puma Universal II Indoor Soccer ShoeSyntheticLow-cut$$Check Price On Amazon
Nike Magista ObraSyntheticHigh-cut$$$$Check Price On Amazon
New Balance VisaroSyntheticLow-cut$$Check Price On Amazon
Adidas Performance Copa MundialLeatherLow-cut$$$Check Price On Amazon
Adidas Performance NitrochargeSynthetic Leather / TextileLow-cut$$Check Price On Amazon

Best Soccer Cleats Buying Guide

What’s Important About Soccer Cleats?

Whether you play soccer casually, compete indoors, or are a professional, you’ll discover that cleats are absolutely critical when you’re on the field; arguably, it’s the most important part of equipment you’ll need, since you play soccer with your feet and all you have otherwise are your shin guards and your uniform. During soccer, your body undergoes rigorous stress and pressure, and you’ll be running constantly. While this affects a lot of different areas of your body, your feet especially will be put through some brutal stuff. Soccer is very demanding and requires training that’s of high intensity. The sport will definitely take a lot from your body and put it to the test. To be prepared, you need the right gear; having good cleats helps you achieve the best game you possibly can, no matter which position you play.

This is why it’s important to have the proper footwear and to ensure your cleats are comfortable and fit correctly. It’ll enhance your performance, and it will benefit you in the long run as you continue to play.

Are There Different Kinds of Wide Soccer Cleats?

Soccer cleats do have different styles, and your choice may depend on what position you play; for example, midfielders will need a lightweight shoe so they can run fast, and goalies will need a cleat that grips the ground hard. In general, however, there are three types of soccer cleats, and these apply whether the shoes are designed for wide feet or not.

  • High top cleats are heavier and offer a lot of protection for the ankle, with a boot-like design. They provide a lot of support for your ankle and foot.
  • Mid cut cleats aren’t quite boot-like, but provide a little bit more support to your foot. They’re more lightweight and have a very secure fit.
  • Low cut cleats are very lightweight. They do not come up around your ankle so there is no protection there, but they are still generally supportive and secure.

Generally, soccer players tend to favor low cut cleats and potentially mid cut cleats. These will be the most lightweight, and unlike other sports, you don’t really need the extra ankle protection; you’ll be wearing shin guards, and high top cleats could interfere with the way that your shin guards fit.

There are also two different kinds of cleats, which were designed for specific playing surfaces:

  • Molded cleats, which are typically used on turf fields due to the fact that they provide better traction and can grip harder, since the outsole is attached permanently.
  • Detachable cleats, which are better suited to any type of field and are versatile due to the fact that they’re interchangeable. The studs on these shoes can also be replaced. However, it should be noted that these tend to be more expensive than molded cleats.

If you know you’ll be playing mainly on turf, or mainly on grass, you can make your choice accordingly. However, most soccer cleats currently on the market are designed to be suitable for both types of surfaces, so you don’t need to worry about this feature too much. The most likely time the surface will impact your choice of purchase is if you play indoor soccer; you actually can’t have studs or spikes in your shoes in this case, and instead will need a smooth rubber outsole that won’t leave any marks on indoor surfaces.

Things to Keep in Mind As You Shop for Wide Soccer Cleats

There are many different variables when it comes to shopping for the best soccer cleats. What type of feet you have, your playing style, and which position you play will all factor in to your decision, but ultimately, you should consider buying cleats the same way you’d consider purchasing regular shoes. The cleat should be very comfortable, durable, have good grip, and you should be able to wear them for a long time, as soccer is one of those sports where you might have to wait awhile before you get a break.

While there’s a variety of things to consider when you pick soccer cleats for your wide feet, the most important consideration is that the sizing for wide cleats will be much different than the sizing for regular cleats. This is because cleats are typically made from material that’s very thin so you can get as much control with the ball as possible. No matter what the brand is or what features it has, you’ll probably have to end up trying several sizes before finding the best one for you–and it probably won’t be your regular size.

Another thing for people who have wide feet to think about is the specific type of material the shoe is made from. The most ideal material in your case is leather, or at the very least synthetic leather, because you’ll find the most elasticity with this type of material.

In general, you should look for cleats that support your playing style (which means you should figure out what your playing style is), and know what kind of surface you’ll be playing on–turf, grass, or indoor? On top of that, the three biggest factors are materials, sizing, and design if you’re looking for wide cleats specifically.

  • If you have wide feet, you should get cleats whose uppers are constructed of leather material or synthetic leather. You should also keep an eye out for shoes that mold to your feet and have breathable material that provides great comfort, as this will optimize the way you’re able to play.
  • Getting wide cleats are a little bit out of the norm as cleats tend to run tight and small, so this can be a little tricky. As previously mentioned, a lot of times, “wide” sizing is different from actual sizing. If you get the wrong sized soccer cleats, this could negatively impact your performance, so it’s important to try on several different sizes and take care to think outside the box as you’re considering cleats. If you buy online, always conduct research and look at other user’s reviews so you’ll know what to expect. Many companies have great return policies, but you should look into these before making a purchase.
  • A lot of soccer players are able to make a statement with their cleats; it’s one of the few aspects of your uniform you have a choice over, and you can make the collars, colors, and laces all different. If you’re interested in aesthetic and in cool designs, this is a great thing to keep in mind as you shop soccer cleats. Laces are a great feature to look into customizing if you would like to make a statement.

No matter what purchase you make and what factors into your decision, any soccer cleat you purchase should always fit well and be comfortable; otherwise, there’s not point in buying it, no matter how lightweight or fancy it is. Shoes that are too tight can negatively impact your performance, while shoes that are too big could slip off and negatively impact the way you play as well. Your soccer cleat should support your skills, and help you play your best games yet.

Beyond looking good and playing well, one of the reasons why finding a great cleat that is comfortable and fits well is essential is because it helps you protect yourself: you don’t want to get injured on the field. Since soccer is so focused on the legs and the feet, it’s very easy to injure your lower body, and you need all the support and protection you can get.

Best Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet Reviews

Now that you understand why finding a great fit for your soccer cleat is so important and which features to look out for as you shop soccer cleats, here are the best 8 cleats for wide feet.

Product #1: Nike Tiempo Rio

Nike is well known throughout the world for their clothing, sports equipment, sneakers, and sports shoes. As a top sports brand, you know that any shoe you get from Nike will be comfortable and of high quality, and the Tiempo Rio is no exception. This cleat looks very stylish, but it’s not just about looks; it delivers everything a soccer cleat should offer. Made from synthetic leather, the material allows for great ball control, and the studs along the bottom of the cleat are cone-shaped and bladed so the shoe penetrates the ground as much as possible. This gives you great traction and support, and makes the shoe ideal for both soft and hard ground fields. For comfort, you have a padded heel and EVA sock liner that’s high density so it has highly responsive cushioning. It’s very lightweight as well. Overall, this shoe is durable, strong, and comfortable. And if you have wide feet, this shoe will fit perfectly.

However, each shoe on this list does have some negative aspects to it, and Nike is not immune to some negativity. Finding a great fit could still be difficult, as some people thought the shoe ran large but others felt it was too small. The cleat tends to be tight in the toe area, may split at the seams over time, and be too tight once you actually begin to play in them and your feet swell up. They’re also very flexible, which is great, but some people found that it’s to the point where the cleat is flimsy.


  • Bladed studs that are in coned shapes for great traction and support
  • Synthetic leather provides a durable and strong upper that supports great ball control
  • Very lightweight
  • EVA sock liner made of high density material for superior cushioning
  • Padded heel provides additional comfort


  • Tend to split at the seams
  • People found that they are flexible to the point of being flimsy
  • Fitting may still be difficult
  • Great fit until you actually play in them and your feet swell; then they are a bit tight
  • May be a little tight in the toe area

Product #2: adidas Performance Women’s Ace 16.3 Primemesh Soccer Shoe

Adidas is another brand that’s known throughout the world for its sports apparel and equipment. The cleats that it creates for soccer and other sports never disappoint, and their Ace performance soccer shoe for women holds up to the standard. This is a great choice for female soccer players, as it’s one of the only cleats on the market made specifically for the shape, size, and contours of the female foot. With a great design, color, and look, the Ace 16.3 delivers. With the primemesh overlay, the shoe is very breathable and the synthetic upper is soft yet durable to support you every time you touch the soccer ball.  The upper also has primemesh material that provides a sock-like fit so you receive ultimate comfort, and overall the cleat is very lightweight. The design of the studs creates a pocket underneath your foot, so you can have greater control with the ball. Overall, this is a great soccer shoe–and it’s built to accommodate wide feet, so you can achieve your best performance yet.

However, this shoe does come with its downsides as well. Although they’re made for wide feet, this cleat still tends to run small, and it has a very narrow opening that can make it difficult to get your foot into the shoe. It also tends to be snug in the toe area; in fact, it’s recommended that you order a size up if you’d like to get a great fit. A lot of people also found these shoes to be difficult to clean, and the ankle area of the cleat may interfere with the way your shin guards fit.


  • Made specifically for female soccer players
  • Primemesh overlay
  • Soft yet durable synthetic upper
  • Primemesh upper provides a sock-like, very comfortable fit that also improves ball control and lessens the time needed for breaking in
  • Design of the studs creates a pocket underneath the foot so you have greater control


  • Narrow opening can make it difficult to get your feet in
  • Tend to run small
  • Tends to be tight in the toe area
  • Can be tough to clean
  • Fit around the ankle can potentially interfere with shin guard fit

Product #3: Puma EVOSPEED 4 H2H FG

Puma is another great, global athletic brand that not only influences sports but also fashion and lifestyle. It aims to create high-quality athletic gear that performs consistently and provides power to the player with unexpected but innovative designs and creations. The Evospeed soccer cleat has an interesting look: they’re bright blue and bright orange. For players who wish to be more inconspicuous, this might not be a positive aspect, however it’s perfect for players who want to stand out. The cleat is also very durable and comfortable, and will fit great even if you have wide feet. A synthetic sole cushions your foot, and all of Puma’s cleats are designed with knitted ankle socks so you get a great fit that’s snug and supportive. The studs are conical and bladed so you grip the ground hard, and they’re designed for use on both real grass and artificial turf. You can take the shoe on and off easily with the pull tab located at the back. Overall, not only is Puma’s Evospeed very fashionable, but it’s also very comfortable and supportive to wear.

The downsides to this soccer cleat are that they tend to run small; even those who found a shoe in their size still experienced a pretty snug fit. The material of the outsole is also hard and not very flexible. This hardness could potentially cause problems as you’re trying to control the ball. The shoe also could slip off your foot very easily as you’re playing, which is not something soccer players want to happen, and the laces are abnormally long, which could cause problems.


  • Long-lasting durability and very comfortable fit
  • Heel tab to easily pull on and off
  • Knitted ankle sock for a snug and supportive fit
  • Conical, bladed studs for excellent grip
  • Great for use on artificial turf and real grass


  • Tend to run small
  • Overall very snug fit
  • Material of the outsole is hard and not very flexible
  • May slip off your foot very easily
  • Laces are abnormally long

Product #4: Puma Universal II Indoor Soccer Shoe

It’s possible to play soccer both indoors and outdoors–in fact, there are thousands of people around the world who play indoor soccer. In order to do this, you need to have a different type of shoe than ordinary cleats, and Puma, one of the best athletic brands available for sports gear, delivers great shoes for this exact purpose. The Universal indoor soccer shoe is made out of 100% synthetic leather materials, which gives you great control and makes it easy to clean. Rather than having spikes or studs along the bottom, the outsole is completely smooth and made out of rubber, making it perfect for indoor use. The outsole was designed so that it also doesn’t leave marks on any type of flooring, which is necessary if you wish to play indoors. The material was specifically made abrasion resistant, and the tonal topstitching around the shoe gives it a great look. If you need an indoor soccer shoe that’s very durable and lasts a long time, yet is comfortable, soft, and supportive, this shoe is the one for you.

Some of the downsides to this shoe are that even though they’re fine for people who have wide feet, they do tend to run small, so this is something to be aware of as you’re ordering. A lot of people also found that the rubber sole tends to break apart and chip very easily. Although they’re durable, it does take a long time to break these shoes in, and they’re tight in the toe area. The shoes also do not have very excellent traction, and you may slip and slide around a lot as you play.


  • 100% synthetic leather materials
  • Rubber sole
  • Long durability
  • Abrasion resistant and tonal topstitching
  • Outsole is specifically non-marking, making it safe for indoor use


  • Rubber outsole tends to chip and rip up easily
  • Tend to run small and narrow
  • Tight in the toe area
  • Long break-in period
  • Do not have great traction

Product #5: Nike Magista Obra

The Magista Obra is a great, cool-looking shoe that’s perfect for the soccer player who wants excellent comfort and support but would also like to look stylish. This cleat is an unusual depart from the typical leather and utilizes synthetic material instead. However, you get great elasticity because of the FlyKnit upper, which is one of the things Nike is well known for and which provides a sock-like stretch to the shoe, so it feels like you’re wearing a sock more than a cleat. This is perfect for players who have wide feet, because this means that the cleat will mold to your foot comfortably and perfectly. The inside of the heel has counter cups, which cushion the foot and help to secure the cleat for a locked-down fit. With a Dynamic Fit collar that secures this fit without impeding motion and 3D texture that provides targeted friction for greater control, in the end, the Magista Obra is a great buy and can amplify your skills on the field.

Like all cleats, however, there are some downsides to the Magista Obra. While the Dynamic Fit collar helps secure the shoe, it doesn’t have a tongue, so it’s hard to widen the opening to get your foot inside and some people had issues with this. The outsole also tends to break apart quickly, and it takes a long time to break in this shoe. It also is a Nike shoe, which means it can be expensive, and not only will you have to be completely sure about this cleat before buying it so it’s worth the price, but you also need to be careful you aren’t duped into buying a fake.


  • FlyKnit upper which molds to your foot comfortably and perfectly
  • Synthetic leather upper for flexibility
  • Cleat secures itself to your foot for a locked-down fit
  • Counter cups inside the heel provide excellent cushioning
  • 3D texture provides targeted friction for greater ball control


  • Is on the higher end of the price scale
  • Dynamic Fit collar does not have a tongue, so it’s hard to make extra room at the opening and some people had trouble getting their foot in
  • Outsole separates from the rest of the shoe very easily
  • Long break in period
  • May be tight in the toe area

Product #6: New Balance Visaro

New Balance is a brand that’s well known for its comfortable, supportive shoes. They’re perhaps most popular for their running and walking shoes, but they also make excellent sports cleats. The Visaro is one of their top cleats, with synthetic materials that provide great breathability, a TPU plate, and EVA footbed that’s made from Fresh Foam material. This material has great cushioning and conforms directly to your foot. The cleat also has a moccasin design, which provides excellent comfort and fit. Not only do you get great comfort, but you get great ball control as well: the whole outside of the shoe is designed for this, with an upper that’s made from synthetic and PU film materials, as well as tri-layer, molded foam. This helps you receive the ball and strike it, all while getting great support. New Balance’s mission is to help athletes be the best they possibly can, and the Visaro definitely carries on this mission.

The downsides to this New Balance cleat are that although it was designed for wide feet, it can still have a very narrow fit around the middle of the foot/arch area. The arch in general was uncomfortable for people, and the toe area can be tight. There’s a long break in period that led to blisters for many people, and the choice of colors are too odd and bright for some.


  • EVA footbed for the midsole made from Fresh Foam material
  • TPU plate
  • Synthetic upper has PU film material for great ball control
  • Tri-layer, molded foam to the upper
  • Moccasin design for excellent fit and comfort


  • Tend to run narrow in the arch area
  • May be tight in the toes
  • Design of the arch can cause some discomfort
  • Break in period can cause blisters
  • Some people did not like the choice of colors

Product #7: adidas Performance Copa Mundial

These cleats from Adidas are a classic; they’ve been in the game since the late ‘70s, and this version of the Copa Mundial continues the line with skill. As a reinvented version of the Copa Mundial, he outsole is very durable and the material of the upper is full grain leather. This type of material is actually the most recommended for people who have wide feet. While the cleat’s designed for firm ground, it performs just as well on other surfaces. This version has added features for comfort, including OrthoLite sock liners, an EVA midsole that’s die-cut, and synthetic lining. A compression tongue provides an improved overall fit. This soccer cleat is great for players who want that classic style.

Some negative aspects to the Copa Mundial are that the lining does tend to rip after a short period of time. As the shoe begins to wear out, you’ll find that the sole may separate from the rest of the shoe. Unusually, this shoe also runs large, so keep this in mind when you order your size. Overall the shoe is roomy in the toe area, which could negatively impact your performance as your foot moves around, and the way the shoe molds to your arch can be uncomfortable.


  • Leather is made of full grain leather; ideal for those with wide feet
  • Designed for hard ground, but performs well on other surfaces
  • EVA insole is die-cut for comfort
  • OrthoLite sock liners
  • Compression tongue for an improved fit and comfort


  • Lining tends to rip easily/quickly
  • Tend to run large
  • The sole may separate from the rest of the shoe over time
  • Very roomy in the toe area
  • Fit of the arch may be uncomfortable

Product #8: adidas Performance Nitrocharge

Adidas emerges in this list once again with another great cleat for players who have wide feet. These cleats are unique in that their heels are a little bit higher than typical soccer shoes, due to the extra padding and protecting that has been added to the design. Beyond that, there’s a lot to this shoe: the Bravo 3W upper is abrasion resistant, with a leather finish to the very front part. The outsole has an element that provides better energy output, the elastic ENERGYPULSE. Meanwhile the upper also has an ENERGYSLING element, which gives you incredible energy return and stability as you play. On top of all of this, the lining is made of soft textiles and the sockliner is made from die-cut EVA material, so you also get excellent comfort. If you’re looking for a cleat that has great features for energy and control of the ball while you still get great support and comfort, look no further than the Nitrocharge.

However, this Adidas cleat does have some downsides to it. It’s designed for hard surfaces, which means that it’s not ideal for players who tend to play on turf. The heel part of the cleat also comes up the leg and can cause blisters, so it’s recommended that you wear high socks. The toe area comes apart relatively quickly, and the white aspects of the design easily become dirty and tarnished.


  • Extra padding and protection; more than usual for a soccer cleat
  • ENERGYSLING element to the upper which provides great stability
  • ENERGYPULSE element to the outsole for an increase to the output of energy
  • EVA sockliner has a textile finish and is die-cut
  • Bravo 3W Upper is abrasion resistant


  • Designed for hard ground only; are not ideal for players who compete on turf
  • Heel part of the cleat comes up high on the leg and may cause blisters
  • White aspects to the upper become dirty and tarnish quickly
  • Shoe tends to fall apart at the toe very quickly
  • Tend to run narrow/small

Conclusion And Final Soccer Cleats Recommendations 

Soccer is popular around the world, and there are many top brands involved in creating excellent cleats for players of the sport. While fashionable and comfortable cleats aren’t hard to come by, cleats that were meant to accommodate players with wide feet can be more difficult to find. If you have wide feet, you need shoes that are made of leather or synthetic leather for flexibility and breathability, and it’s just as important to get cleats that keep your feet stable as you run around the field. While aesthetic look and design is a factor, the most important thing is that you purchase a cleat that’s comfortable and molds to your feet, and that it lasts a while; the last thing you want is to get injured while you’re playing, and you also don’t want to hamper your style. You need cleats that will last the entire season as well.

Take a look at the top eight cleats listed above; soccer players who have wide feet are sure to find something great. Whether you play on turf, play indoors, love Nike, or are more of a New Balance fan, there are lots of options out there for you and lots of opportunities to be able to enhance your game.

Frequently Asked Questions About Soccer Cleats

I keep seeing “FG/AG/SG.” What does this mean?

These letters stand for: Firm Ground, Artificial Ground, and Soft Ground. If the cleat you’re looking at says something like 16.3 FG, this means it’s a version that was made specifically for firm ground. These factors matter only if you tend to play on a specific type of field; if you always play on turf, you will prefer a AG cleat, and if you play on grass, an FG cleat. If the shoe does not specify this, that means it is fine for any type of surface.

What’s the best material for people who have wide feet?

If you have wide feet, you should look for soccer cleats that are made from leather or synthetic leather; these will provide the best flexibility and breathability and are best accommodated for wider feet. The shoes may be a little bulkier due to the thickness of this material, but it will also enhance protection and control.

How long do soccer cleats generally last?

In general, your cleats should last at least one season or one year. This is if you take good care of them and if they’re of decent quality. Like all sports shoes, they most likely will not be durable for several years.

What size should I get?

The sizing for your cleats, even if you have wide feet, are the same as any shoe: you should buy cleats that you feel very comfortable in and which provide a snug (not uncomfortably tight) fit. Since sports cleats are made a little differently, this means that most people end up purchasing cleats in a different size than their regular shoes or sneakers. For example, you might wear a size 9 women’s in general, but will get a size 8 soccer cleat.

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