10 Best Puma Shoes for Men in 2021

Best Puma Shoes for Men

Puma SE is a German Company that operates multinational with their brand known as Puma.  They design and manufacture casual and athletic footwear.  They also offer a line of apparel and accessories.  The company was started in 1948, so they have been in business for a long time.   Their headquarters is in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, Germany.   Puma has become the third largest sportwear manufacturer in the world.   With the use of improving technology and meeting the demands of todays consumers, Puma has a variety of different styles and types of shoes.  They still work with quality materials and craftmanship keeping the Puma brand popular and selected as the choice of many.  Some of their most popular shoes are their classic styles that were created many years ago but have been modernized with technology to keep this style alive.  Many of their shoes are lightweight, flexible, and supportive offering comfort and durability to allow the wearer to be comfortable in their style of Puma shoe that they have selected.  There are cross-training shoes, casual sneakers and many other categories of quality designed shoes.  When making your selection for a pair of these quality made shoes, knowing as much as possible about them will help for you to make the best selection for you.

Top Puma Shoes for Men Comparison Chart

ProductMaterialSolePriceWhere to Buy?
1. Puma Men’s Tazon 6 Fracture FM Cross Training ShoeSyntheticRubber$$Check Price On Amazon
2. Puma Suede Classic LFS SneakerSuedeRubber$Check Price On Amazon
3. Puma Men’s Roma Basic SneakerSynthetic leatherRubber$$Check Price On Amazon
4. Puma Men’s Smash V2 SneakerLeather and SyntheticRubber$$$Check Price On Amazon
5. Puma Men’s AxelionSynthetic$$$$Check Price On Amazon
6. Puma Men’s Cell Surin 2 FM Cross Trainer ShoeSyntheticSynthetic$$$$Check Price On Amazon
7. Puma Men’s Tsugi Jun SneakerTextileRubber$$Check Price On Amazon
8. Puma Men’s Cell Regulate SL SneakerTextile and SyntheticRubber$$$$Check Price On Amazon
9. Puma Men’s Basket Classic LFS Fashion SneakerLeather and textileRubber$$$Check Price On Amazon
10. Puma Men’s Vigor Evoknit FS SneakerSyntheticRubber$$Check Price On Amazon

Puma Shoes for Men Buyers Guide

Puma men’s shoes are made with quality and modern styles.  These shoes have been popular for many years.  They come in a variety of styles and classes.  They still proudly produce the classic look with modern updates making them more comfortable and supportive for all day wear.  When making a purchase of your new Puma shoes, know the type of shoe that you are looking for and what you are going to be wearing them for.  If you are going to be wearing them for your work outs or running adventures, then make sure you find one that will suit that need.  If you are wanting an everyday wearer and are not into the cloth upper parts of the shoes, then look at the leather or synthetic that provide the style and the support that you need.  Puma offers a variety of different levels of support and flexibility with their different styles of shoes, find the one that matches your needs.  The quality materials that Puma uses and the modern technology, as long as you select the proper style and size for your feet, then you will have selected the best shoe for you.


Puma has a variety of different types of materials that they manufacturer their shoes from.  They have been known to use leathers, knits and a variety of different types of synthetic type of materials.  This has seemed to work well for them for many years.  The knits seem to be quite breathable helping to keep the shoes from feeling quite as stuffy or hot on your feet.  Some of the leathers have been very durable and have given a long life to the shoes that many have purchased.


With many of the materials that Puma has to choose from, for many people the breathability for some is very important.  When you select your shoes that offer airflow to circulate through out your shoe, this will help to keep your feet dry and comfortable.  This is a great choice for your workouts or even cross-training running shoes.  You will know if a shoe is breathable by the porous materials that allow the air to come through.

Upper Shoe

The upper part of the shoe is the part above the sole that fits around your foot offering support to your ankle and the rest of your foot.  This can be made from fabrics or leather and other types of synthetic materials.  Many of the athletic types of shoes are made to fit your foot snugly and does not allow your foot to move away from the fabric.  This would be called rubbing and that can cause blisters and sore areas on your skin.  Some of these firm fitting shoes offer quality fits for quality control when you are running or even just walking.  Many of these are designed to fit tighter than other shoes so that it does offer a more secure fit and more support to your feet.

Lacing Systems

Some of the lacing systems in the Puma shoes are known as unique systems.  They lace from loops that are attached just above the sole of the shoe and are then threaded through the eyelets and through the gussets of the tongue.  Some of these can be tied up like a regular lace but others are basically just like one string and between the loops and the strings will offer a stretch that will keep your shoe tight fitting on your foot.  This design is kind of like a slip-on shoe with no laces to tie but offers laces that will hold your shoe in place on your foot.  There are other designs that attach on each side and just stretch across the top of your foot also offering a proper fit, keeping your shoe on your foot and in place so that you get the proper support that the shoe was designed to give.   The main purpose of the lacing system is to give the wearer a firm and proper fit for their shoe and to keep the opening in the shoe closed to keep out the debris from the outside areas.


Most all Puma shoes are designed with a logo on them.  Some have a band with the letters that spell PUMA and looks quite sharp across the front of the shoe. Other have silhouettes of the Puma cat and are displayed in various locations on the shoe.  Many times, the cat is displayed on the tongue, heel and on the bottom of the sole and even on the insole inside of the shoe.  There are some that are shown such as with the letters spelling Puma and then with the name of the shoe and the cat logo.  No matter how it is displayed on the shoe it has been done with taste and style offering a quality looking shoe for you to be proud to wear.

Out Sole

Many of the outer soles are designed from rubber.  This gives the shoes more shock absorbance and a more durable sole.  The soles are designed with a variety of different traction styles on the bottoms, depending upon the purpose of the shoe.  Athletic shoes will have traction on the bottoms to allow the athlete to keep control on a variety of different types of flooring to keep them from slipping and allowing them the grip to make rapid turns and stops.  The more casual or every day wearing shoes will also offer quality traction, but the designs will be different styles and will also offer traction on a variety of different flooring surfaces.  These will focus more on tile or concrete and even asphalt surfaces and the traction will be designed to handle the footing on these types of surfaces.  This will keep the wearer from slipping or sliding as they are walking in the mall or on a sidewalk.


The insoles of these shoes are designed from a variety of different types of materials and for different levels of support.  A running shoe will have different levels of support depending upon the level or running or style of running the runner will do.  Athletic shoes will be more supportive depending upon the style of athletic shoe that it is.  A tennis shoe will have a different level of insole support than a basketball shoe.   Some of the shoes offer a smaller amount of support to allow the wearer to have more natural movements of their foot.  Others have more support on their muscles and ligaments that all travel through the arch section of their foot.  This allows them to not get overworked or stretch because of extended use.   This helps to prevent injuries to many active wearers.  The casual shoes also offer quality support allowing them to be worn and offer support all day.  This is important for many wearers, as we get older, we look for the shoes with quality support to keep our feet from hurting and still have the ability to walk or to do our normal daily routine.


The midsoles are the part of the shoe that houses the arch supports and the beginning of the shaft.  Since the midsoles supports the arch support area, they are normally designed from quality type of materials and construction.  This makes them more durable and allows the wearer more support all day.  This is a very important supportive area of the shoe.

Best Puma Shoes for Men Reviews

  1. Puma Men’s Tazon 6 Fracture FM Cross Training Shoe

This Puma men’s cross training shoe has been selected as an Amazon Choice Product.  This means that this shoe has high ratings, reasonably priced and is ready to ship when it is ordered on Amazon.  This shoe has been designed as a cross training shoe and light running shoe.  It has been styled in a modern fashion allowing it to provide comfort for a black working or walking shoe for many customers.  This shoe has been made from 100% synthetic material on the uppers.  The outer sole has been made from rubber creating a great traction for a variety of different surfaces.  The insoles offer a cushioning support to comfort your feet for a long day.  The cushioned top sits as a low top as the shaft measures low top from the arch.  This training sneaker displays the Puma logo to show off your style.  The shoe comes in a variety of different colors allowing you to select the color that works best with your style or your running gear.  This shoe is worth its price for many customers, helping them to comfortably enjoy their day.


  • Offers comforting support
  • Outer sole is designed from rubber creating a quality traction
  • Shows the Puma logo on the outside of the shoes


  • Shoes seem to fall apart after a few months for some wearers
  • Shoe caused blisters on some wearer’s feet
  • Not much airflow in the upper part of the shoe, the shoe is hot for some wearers
  1. Puma Suede Classic LFS Sneaker

This men’s shoe has been selected as an Amazon Choice casual sneaker.  The upper has been designed from 100% suede.  The classic look and style of this suede sneaker has form strips on the tongue, side and heel that shows off the Puma logo.  The outer sole has been designed from rubber and offers quality traction on most surfaces.  This shoe offers a textured toe bumper to help to protect the toe area of your shoes.  This will help prevent scuffs and damage to the toe area of your shoe.  This shoe offers a laced enclosure that threads through the eyelets on both sides and through the gusseted tongue to help to offer a comforting and secure fit.  The low profile and classic old skate style for Puma offers a quality shoe for many wearers.  This shoe is worth its price for many wearers and offers comfort and stability.


  • Quality classic design
  • Suede upper construction
  • Textured toe bumper to help protect the toe of your shoes


  • Size seems to run a bit small for some wearers
  • Does not offer comfort and support like some Pumas for some wearers
  • Toe box seems to run very small for some wearers
  1. Puma Men’s Roma Basic Sneaker

This men’s Puma sneaker has been designed with quality and classic style.  This modern shoe has been created to show the sporty street style shoe that has been around since 1968.  With modernization this style of shoe is still popular in today styles.  The upper has been made from a synthetic leather with formstrips added to enhance the style.  A T-toe overlay has been added to help to add protection to the toe area and to give the shoe more durability, making the life of the shoe longer.  The Puma logo has been proudly displayed on the side, heel, tongue and the insole.   The rubber out sole has been designed with sawtooth style traction helping to give a smooth and secure footing on most any surface.  The lace up enclosure has been designed to offer a quality and snug fit allowing the wearer to adjust the tightness or the looseness of the strings.  The cushioned insole offers a quality arch support for all day wear when necessary.  The tongue and collar have been padded for the protection of the wearer to prevent rubbing or blisters to form in these areas.  This shoe is available in a variety of colors, allowing you to select the colors that work the best with your wardrobe.  This shoe is worth the price as it offers the Puma quality and support to comfort your feet day after day.


  • Classic style street shoe with a modern flair
  • The rubber sole has been designed with saw tooth tread to offer quality traction
  • The insole has been designed with comfort and quality arch support


  • Color faded rapidly off of the shoe for some wearers
  • This style seems smaller and narrower for some of the normal Puma customers
  • Rubber strip on the bottom for tread came unglued for some wearers
  1. Puma Men’s Smash V2 Sneaker

This men’s sneaker has been designed from an upgrade from the Puma Smash Icon.   This creation is classified as a casual sneaker and has been designed to be supportive and durable for all day wear.  The upper has been created from 100% leather and synthetic materials.  The padded upper collar measures as a low top from the arch.  The lace up enclosure offers a gusset on the tongue to help to hold the padded tongue and place and provide a more secure and proper fit.  The outer sole is designed from rubber offering traction to the wearer allowing them a more secure footing.  The bottom of the shoe is also stamped with the Puma logo.  This shoe comes in a variety of different colors, allowing the customer to order various colors as they are selecting their new shoes for their daily outfits.  The classic but modernized design is worth its price as it offers comfort and durability as you go about your day.


  • An upgraded version of the Puma Smash Icon
  • Designed for all day durability and comfort
  • Rubber outsole offering a quality traction


  • Shoes wore out quickly and soles cracked for some wearers
  • The inside of the shoes ripped apart after a few months for some wearers
  • Sizing is off for some wearers
  1. Puma Men’s Axelion

This Puma design men’s fashion sneaker has been created with quality and fashion.  The upper part of this shoe has been created from a knit fabric.  The lacing system of this shoe is attached with loops near the sole and runs through eyelets and into the gussets in the tongue helping to offer a secure and snug fit.  The padded tongue has been designed with a pull loop allowing the wearer to pull the tongue into place as they are tying the shoe for the looseness or tightness that they need for a proper fit.  The padded collar also offers a pull loop at the back of the heel allowing the wearer to easily pull the shoe into place for a comfortable fit.  This design proudly totes the Puma logo on the heel, insole and the bottom of the out sole.  The insole has been designed to be cushiony and supportive protecting your feet for an all-day wear.  The inside lining has been created from a soft fabric to add to the comfort that this shoe has to offer.   This creation has been designed to be lightweight and supportive allowing each wearer to enjoy the comforts that this shoe offers.  This selection can be ordered in different colors, allowing each purchaser to be able to choose their own style and color that they prefer.  The Puma Men’s Axelion is worth its cost to many wearers for the comfort and support that it offers.


  • Upper created with quality knit fabric
  • Unique lacing system attaches near the soles and then goes through the eyelets and gussets on the tongue to keep the shoe securely in place on your feet
  • Padded collar and tongue offer pull loops to help to pull the shoe on in place


  • The inner sole of the shoe fell apart for some wearers after short periods of wearing
  • The lace loops seemed to break for some wearers after a few months
  • Sizing didn’t seem correct for some of the wearers
  1. Puma Men’s Cell Surin 2 FM Cross Trainer Shoe

This men’s shoe has been deemed to be a great shoe to wear before, during and after your normal workout routine.  Be it while you are in training or you are prepared to compete in a run these shoes will comfort and support your feet.  The upper of this shoe has been made from a synthetic material.  The top of the foot area has been designed with holes to allow airflow to circulate through the shoe helping to keep your feet dry and comfortable.  The sole has been designed from synthetic materials allowing traction on most surfaces for the wearer to keep their footing during their work outs.  This shoe has been created as lightweight and durable allowing the wearer comfort and support.  The top of the shoe sits higher than some of the Puma shoes and is a great asset for many wearers.  This shoe has been created to help to create shock absorption protecting the wearers feet from the impact as they hit the ground.  This helps to protect the wearers feet, ankles, legs and back.  This style is offered in 4 different colors giving the purchaser some choice to which colors that they choose to wear during their work out activities.  It appears to be worth its price giving the wearers the support and comfort during their wearing time.


  • Quality cross trainer shoe
  • Added airholes to help the air circulate allowing your feet to stay cool and dry
  • Offers quality shock absorption to protect you from the jolts as your feet hit the ground


  • Quality and support do not seem to last as long as Puma use to
  • Eyelets ripped out for some wearers
  • Shoe was not comfortable enough for some wearers
  1. Puma Men’s Tsugi Jun Sneaker

This men’s Puma shoes have been created to give a comfortable and supportive fit.  The upper has been made from a two-toned knitted upper with added ribbed details on the vamp to help to create the style of this shoe.  Leather overlays have also been added for style and to add additional support to the top section of the shoe.  An elastic gore has been added to the heel area for added support and a more secure fit for this shoe.  The lacing system has a unique style and has been designed to hold the knit upper in place on your foot offering you a snug but comfortable fit.  The laces go through loops that are designed at the upper edge of the leather overlays and then through eyelets that are in various locations on the knit upper.  The laces also thread through top of the foot near the toe area allowing a snug fit even on the top of your feet.  The heel and tongue offer pull loops to help you to pull these shoes comfortably in place.  The outer sole has been designed from rubber with a unique and quality traction pattern.  The Puma logo displays proudly on the back of the heel, on the insole inside of the shoe and on the pull loop attached to the tongue.  The shaft of this shoe measures to a low top from the arch of the shoe.  The inside has been designed with a comforting and supportive foot bed allowing you comfort for a long day on your feet.  This shoe comes with the main colors of green with black and white and a version in red with black and white.  This shoe is worth its price for the comfort and support and its unique style that it offers to its customers.


  • Comforting and uniquely styled
  • Unique and secure lacing system
  • Elastic Gore added to the heel for a more secure fit


  • Shoe feels heavy for some wearers
  • Sizing is not right for some customers
  • Toe area tore for some wearers
  1. Puma Men’s Cell Regulate SL Sneaker

This men’s fashion sneakers are a great design for the Puma men’s line.  They are designed from synthetic and textile allowing a comfortable and supportive fit.  The upper has been designed with cell technology allowing airflow to circulate through the shoe, keeping the wearers feet cool and allowing the moisture from the inside dry rapidly.  The strap that goes across the top of the shoe proudly says PUMA creating a style all of its own.  The lacing system creates a secure and comforting fit as it attaches with loops near the outer sole and runs through a gusseted tongue keeping the tongue in place as it holds the shoe firmly for a comfortable fit.  The inside has been designed to offer comfort and support making this a shoe that appears to be comfortable for a long day on your feet.  The Puma logo displays on the heel, the bottom of the shoe and on the tongue.  The outer sole has been designed with rubber, with added traction on the bottom allowing for a proper footing for most any surface.  This selection is available with some variety to the colors such as black with red on the soles and white with the red also styled on the sole of the shoe.  This shoe appears to be worth its costs for the comfort and reviews shared by satisfied customers.


  • Comfort for all day wear
  • Styled with fashionable design for men’s fashion wear
  • Cell technology offering airflow circulation through the shoe


  • Shoes seem too tight for some wearers
  • Seemed to wear out quicker than other Pumas for some wearers
  • Inside foam felt a little off center and not right for some customers
  1. Puma Men’s Basket Classic LFS Fashion Sneaker

This men’s fashion sneaker has been designed with a classic and clean look.  The upper has been designed from leather and styled with leather overlays.  Holes have strategically been arranged to show more style and allowing airflow through the shoe.  A gold colored Puma lettering and logo along with the name of the shoe are proudly displayed on the side of the shoe.  The lacing system encloses the shoe with the laces going through eyelets and through the gusset on the tongue adding for a more comforting and secure fit.  The inside has been designed with soft fabric to help make you feel the softness of this shoe.  The insoles are designed to be comforting and supportive allowing you to wear them all day and still feel the support.  The outer sole has been designed from rubber and offers a quality traction for multiple surfaces.  The shaft measures low-top from the arch.  This shoe comes in a variety of colors allowing you to select the colors that you need to match your wardrobe.  It appears that this shoe is worth its price because of its customers ratings and all of the comfort and support that it provides.


  • Clean and classic stylish design
  • Lacing system to allow a tighter or looser tie for your comfort
  • Rubber out sole with quality traction


  • Not as rugged as some customers would have preferred
  • The stitching on the inside left blisters on some wearer’s feet
  • Toe box seemed too tight for some wearers
  1. Puma Men’s Vigor Evoknit FS Sneaker

This men’s fashion sneaker has been designed to be lightweight and fashionable.  The upper part of the shoe has been made from quality knit for maximum flexibility, durability and comfort.  Synthetic overlays have been strategically placed over the knit to add support and style to this design.  Laces are designed to run through eyelets and across the top of the shoe helping to keep a more secure and comforting fit.  The puma logo is displayed on the pull loop at the heel, on the insole, the strap at the front at the top and on the bottom of the shoe.  The front and the heel of the shoe have been designed with pull loops to make this shoe pull into place easier.  The inside has been created to be comforting and supportive to the wearer.   The shaft measures low-top from the arch.  The outer sole has been designed from rubber and various designs on the bottom creating a quality design for various surfaces.  This lightweight men’s shoe has been created and designed in a red, white and a Quarry Puma white so that you can have a selection when placing your order for this comfortable shoe.  This shoe is worth its price providing hours of wear.


  • Designed with quality knit for a comforting fit
  • Created to be lightweight and comfortable
  • Rubber outsole with quality traction


  • Hard to put on for some wearers
  • The dye kept fading onto some wearer’s socks
  • Elasticity at the top rubbed some wearers legs

Conclusion And Final Puma Shoes for Men Recommendations

When purchasing your new pair of Puma Shoes, selecting the right one might be confusing for some.  The Buyers Guide hopefully gave you some information and there is a world of information on the internet.  Do your research and find out the information that you want to know about the specific shoe that you are considering.   There are buyers’ guides, reviews from consumers that you can learn a lot from.  The manufacturer should have some information online that you can read and learn about to help you know that you are making the right selection.  Finding the pair that fits you properly and offers the support, flexibility and quality that you need, makes the right pair for you.  You will also want to find the proper style that matches your personality.  Once you have selected the perfect pair for you, make sure that it works well within your budget.  Knowing that you can stay within your budget and select the proper shoes makes the purchase even more rewarding for your lifestyle.  If I were looking for a pair of good casual day wearing shoes, I would select the Puma Men’s Roma Basic Sneaker.  They still offer a classic look with a modern flair.  It has been styled from a synthetic leather and has been designed with the comfort and durability for a long day’s wear.  The selection can be made from a variety of different colors allowing you to make the choices that will match your wardrobe.  With selecting a quality classic style with a modern flair that offers a durable and quality craftmanship, these shoes would be the perfect match for me.

Frequently Asked Questions About Puma Shoes for Men

Do all Puma Shoes provide shock absorption?

Not all Puma shoes are designed to provide shock absorption.  One of the qualities of Puma is that they use an Ignite foam, which is designed more toward offering an energizing foot bed.  Puma shoes are known to focus on a more quality responsiveness.  This means that the Puma foam insert is designed to be more springy, tense and minimal.   This allows your foot to move more natural and to make the transition on your pronation movement when running or training, an easier and smoother transition.  They offer the support to help to keep your muscles and ligaments from stretching and tearing.  This helps to prevent injuries and allows the person to be able to enjoy the time on their feet.  There are also some Puma shoes that offer a quality shock absorption.

Are all running shoes alike?

No not all running shoes are alike, just like not all runners and running styles are alike.  There are a variety of different running shoes that are under a variety of different brands.  These shoes are all made differently.  There are neutral running shoes that offer little to no supportiveness in the shoes.  This allows the runner to be able to run barefoot type style with little or no support.  These shoes offer mainly the sole to protect the runner’s feet from small stones or debris on the running area.  There is other type of shoes that offer some support and then other will offer more support protecting and supporting the arch area of the feet.  Another huge factor in running shoes is the flexibility that various shoe designs offer.  Some shoes are very flexible and move naturally with your feet.  Others are made to help to hold your feet and do not move or flex near as much.  Some running shoes are designed to be very breathable and again not all are made that way.  The best way to determine is to choose what is important for you and then research the shoes only with the qualities that you are looking for.

How do I know how to get the right size for my new Puma shoes?

From the research that I have done, Puma shoes are made to fit a bit tighter than many other types of shoes.   This seems to be especially true in the width category.  This has been done to offer a more quality fitting shoe, but for some wearers, especially those with wide feet it creates an issue of them finding the proper size.  My advice would be to go to a local shoe store that carries the Puma brand and try on some different ones.  Find the one that fits you properly and is comfortable on your feet.  If you have found this shoe online at a cheaper price, it is okay to wait and order it online.  This gives you a base sizing for this brand and can help you to not order a shoe and then when it comes in it is the wrong size and has to be sent back and wait until the new size arrives.  Getting the proper size in any shoe is very important.  If you do not select the proper size shoe, the shoe will not offer you the support and flexibility where it is supposed to and the it will not have the ability to do what it was designed to do.

Does the unique lacing system of some Puma Shoes really work?

Puma shoes have been around since 1948 and with all of their experience and craftmanship and technology, Puma shoes has many unique tricks that make their shoes stand out.  The unique lacing systems that connect at the top of the outer soles and go through eyelets and through gussets on the tongue seems to me that they would definitely hold the shoe in place on your foot.  Some of this style has a knit upper and that style also helps to support your feet inside of the shoe, giving the wearer more balance and control.  Puma is also known for their unique style and design standing out on its own with many of its looks and technology.  There are other laces that attach on near the top of the soles and just go across the top of the foot.  This styles also holds the shoe in place and some say this style makes the shoes feel like a pull-on shoe.  With the comfort and secure fitting like this, the Puma unique lacing systems seem to be a great idea.  Something has made Puma survive and become very popular, making them 3rd in the industry.  Many Puma customers think that this technique works very well for them and continues to be Puma fans.  I would say yes, this unique system works well for many customers and that Puma will continue making more unique styles and technical modernizations to their shoes.

Why would Puma be the best shoe for me?

Puma has many different styles and types of shoes.  All Puma shoes are made from quality materials and are manufactured with quality craftmanship.  Puma offers a wide variety of colors and designs allowing you to make your choice to match any outfit or personality.  Some of their color patterns are very unique along with unique lacing systems to allow a comforting and form fitting fit.  Puma also offers flexibility that is needed for the style of shoe that you have selected.  Support and comfort have also been added to many different styles allowing you a very comfortable shoe that allows comfort and support for all day long.  Puma uses a variety of unique technology that has been learned and developed throughout the decades.   Puma also still offers the classic styles with a modern flair that adds quality comfort and support.  These classics designs give the wearers quality and clean looks allowing them to wear their classics in style.  The Puma cat logo shows the Puma in running and jumping fashion, making a statement about their quality of their shoes and the characteristic that they offer.  Puma has a huge fan base that are true customers that will only purchase and wear Puma shoes.  Selecting the proper types and styles may be quite a chore, because there are many to choose from.  Once you find your niche with Puma, they appear to be an amazing shoe for many.  There are other brands that you may choose from, but this is one that deserves to be checked out.  They have been in business since 1948 and have been deemed the 3rd best company.  That is quite an accomplishment.

How do I know which is the best Puma shoe for me?

A big part of the answer to this question would be to know what you are planning on doing when wearing these shoes.  Are they going to be your workout shoes or running shoes?  If so, Puma has a variety of cross trainers that will work for your workouts or for running.  There are also many different meshed upper designs that work well for your workouts or for running.   These shoes have been designed to be flexible and breathable with added support and comfort for your workouts or running experiences.  If you are looking for a daily wearing shoe there are also a variety to choose from.  Some of these are made from cloth tops while others are made from synthetic or leather.  These are designed to offer comfort and support with quality materials and techniques that will make these shoes comfortable for all day wearing.  There are the classic look styles that work well to wear for work or to wear for everyday comfort.  The classic look is designed from leather giving you the support that you need to be in these shoes all day.  These are designed to wear with a dressier attire or look great with jeans.  Once you have decided what type of shoes you are looking for, start looking in that type for the styles that you like.  If you have never worn Puma shoes before, I would recommend going to a local shoe store and try on some various styles and sizes.  Find the ones that feel good on your feet and fit comfortably.  You will need to feel the flexibility or the support that you want in a pair of shoes.   When you find one that feels right, walk around in the store a little just to get the feel and know they will be comfortable and feel good on your feet.  Find the pair that will match your personality whether it is one of their bright and colorful shoes or one of the more classic styles.  Once you have found that perfect pair, you can then order it online if you have found a cheaper price.  Getting the right shoes for you no matter what type that you choose has a lot to do with how it feels and looks on your feet.

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