10 Best Women’s Boxing Shoes of 2021 [Updated]

Best Women’s Boxing Shoes

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.  It’s a saying we have all heard at one time or another, but very few of us have actually thought about the ramifications of such a saying.  What it really means is that boxing is not about how quickly you can move your arms around.  You’re not some inflatable tube guy waving away in the wind!  Rather, it’s all about the positioning of your feet.  How effective, or ineffective, you are in the ring is going to depend on how well you’re able to move.  On top of that, you’re also going to want to make sure that you’re plenty protected while doing so.  That’s where boxing shoes come into play.  In our buying guide today, we’ll be taking a dive into the world of women’s boxing shoes.  We’ll break down all you need to know about them, and in addition to that we will also be reviewing some of the best and most popular pairs on the market.  So, let’s get ready to rumble!

Top Women’s Boxing Shoes Comparison Chart

ProductTop/CutMaterial/sPriceWhere to Buy?
1. Reebok Women’s Boot Boxing ShoesMidMan Made$$Check Price On Amazon
2. Puma Women’s Eskiva Hi Deep SummerHighLeather;Mesh$Check Price On Amazon
3. Venum Elite Boxing ShoesHighGlossy PU Patent, PU Flex, Mesh$$$$$Check Price On Amazon
4. Otomix Women’s Pro TKO Super Hi Boxing ShoesHighCanvas & Suede Leather$$$$$Check Price On Amazon
5. Uzafit Miami Crossfit Boxing ShoesHighLeather$$$$Check Price On Amazon
6. Puma Eskiva Women’s Mid Cross Trainer ShoesMidLeather$Check Price On Amazon

Women’s Boxing Shoes Buying Guide

Why You Should Consider Boxing

If you are just now starting to delve into the possibility of doing boxing, then you might not be totally sure of whether or not you should or want to do it.  This section here is all about giving you reasons to back up your ‘hunch’ to sign up and do it!  First and foremost, there is the obvious reason to do boxing.  And that’s got to be, clearly, for the exercise that it brings.  Boxing is tremendous cardio work, but it’s not just that.  Fitness is about much more than just flailing about.  You could do basically anything on earth and constitute it as ‘cardio’ if you thought about it hard enough.  Instead, it works all kinds of muscles.  It works your hand-eye coordination, something that everyone desperately needs, especially as we age.  It’s also going to work muscles that you may not have worked out very much before.  Your legs and shoulders, of course, are going to get quite a workout, but your lats and obliques (think the ‘side’ abs) are also going to get cut if you stay with it long enough and follow the proper technique.

Another reason you should consider doing boxing is because it has a lot of mental health benefits as well.  Not only are you going to be helping yourself by moving and getting into better shape, but you will also be feeling better because you are exercising.  You will see that you are getting better in terms of technique, and you’ll enjoy that you start looking more and more like you envisioned you should.  In addition to that, you can let out a ton of stress by boxing, all of which can come back to boost your confidence.

Of course, you’d be remiss if we didn’t point out the self defense aspect.  That’s always going to play a role, and you’ll be much more able to protect yourself if you have some skills.  You will at least be able to put your ‘guard’ up and will know some vulnerable areas to strike in a little bit more.  It also can be great at helping you get rid of that slumped over, hunchback like posture that you may have.  By teaching you how to stand, that’s going to improve your ‘discipline’ tremendously!

Why You Need Boxing Shoes

It’s easy to get into the mode of thinking that shoes are becoming much too specialized today, and in some areas we would definitely agree with you.  Companies are going a little overboard at times with their offerings.  With that being said, there is a lot of importance that you take the time to wear boxing shoes if you plan on boxing for an extended period of time.  If you are just starting out in a new sport or activity, it’s totally understandable to just wear whatever you have that’s going to allow you to get by in a decent fashion.  However, once you have decided that you want to stick with boxing and are a ‘regular’ at it, you will need to get actual boxing shoes.  Boxing shoes are going to provide you with some very necessary pieces of the puzzle.  One of them is going to be the grip that they bring to the table.  Without having the proper amount of grip to the ground, you’re going to find yourself in a world of hurt.  On top of that, you need to have ankle protection while in the ring.  Nothing can take you down faster than a wobbly ankle or knee, so by having these high ‘tops’ beneath you, you will be reinforced and much more able to use proper technique and form against your opponent.  Boxing shoes are also important to have because they do differ from other shoes in that they fit you differently.  This fit is done to maximize your effectiveness in the ring.  We’ll make sure to discuss this more in a bit!

Fit and Size

Just as is the case with all types of shoes, boxing shoes need to have a very good, specific fit in order to give you the best possible level of performance.  Like many other types of footwear, they also have their own specifications that make them perform as well as they can.  Without living up to these parameters, you will not do all that well relatively speaking.  The first thing we should discuss is about how a pair of boxing shoes should fit.  The ideal fit for them is to be very snug and tight.  In fact, you want them to be as tight as possible without any extra room.  It might seem a bit uncomfortable at first, but that’s not the idea at all.  The idea is to make sure you are locked in and ready to go at all times, not so that you are so uncomfortable that you can’t move.  Remember, you need to be very assured of yourself in the ring when it comes to footwork in order to protect yourself at all times, so your shoes need to be snug and out of the way.  Any little bit of movement up and down or back and forth could cost you a slip that could see you getting hit.

Next up, we need to talk about women’s and men’s boxing shoes.  While there are going to be a lot more men’s offerings out there, thus making them a little easier to find in general, it’s vital that you understand why women’s boxing shoes are made and are preferred for women.  Men’s feet are bigger and wider, in general, than those of women, mirroring the fact that men and by and large also bigger than their counterparts.  This is just genetics and the way it is most of the time.  As such, when women wear men’s shoes, there is oftentimes a forcing of the foot in there.  The length is typically fine, but it’s the width that causes the issues.  In most forms of shoes, this is not that big of a deal, especially if the shoe is going to be used for more casual circumstances.  But in the world of boxing, as we saw in the paragraph before, it can be dangerous to have this extra space.  By having women’s shoes on if you are a woman, your needs are better met due to the complexities of your feet being taken into account.

In terms of size, what you need to make sure of is that you consider all size charts when you are looking at buying a pair of boxing shoes, especially when you are doing so online.  It’s super easy and efficient to order online, but it can be a pain in the rear to try and figure out what size to get.  Some boxing shoes are going to run very small and narrow, too much so, and the only way to know that is to make sure that you take a look at sizing charts and size yourself appropriately.  Another good way to check that you have the right size is to see what everyone else is saying.  If 95% of the people claim they are too big, then they are most likely going to be too big, meaning you need to make an adjustment and order a bit differently than you might otherwise do.  Of course, you should not forget that you need to try them on as well.

When you get your shoes delivered to you, since most of you are not going to try them on in person beforehand, you need to try them on immediately to see how they feel.  To best get an idea of how they are going to feel in the ring or during a training session, you should prepare yourself just as you would in those moments.  That means that you should be ‘warm,’ meaning you should have done some exercise to mimic how you will feel when you are actually active.  This way, the swelling that takes place in your ankles and feet will be taken into account.  It’s very possible that if you don’t factor this in you will end up hurting and being a little sore in the ring due to them being claustrophobic on you.  Wearing socks is also another good way to ensure you feel the same way.  Whatever you plan on wearing when you are wearing the boxing shoes during your sessions should be worn, so as to give you a full and complete view of how you can expect them to feel later on.


One of the main things you’ve got to do before purchasing any pair of shoes, regardless of the activity, is to make sure that they are able to breath out at least a little bit.  This is especially vital when you are talking about sports.  When you are boxing, you are going to be generating a ton of body heat, and a lot of that is going to concentrate in the feet.  This can create a few problems.  First and foremost, it can add weight to you due to the simple fact that sweat occurs as a result of moving around continuously.  It may seem like a trivial matter to you at first, but it is anything but that at all.  If you are moving around so frequently, you end up having a ton of weight being added.  That is if there is no way for moisture to escape.  If there is a method to bring that about, then breathability is at hand.  Breathability is a very big factor that can’t be overlooked, and the best way to make sure that you have it available to you is to look at the materials at hand.  Boxing shoes can be made from a few materials.  Two materials that are very common are leather and suede.  Leather has been, basically, replaced in a lot of other types of shoes, but for boxing it’s still very popular.  It looks great, it feels good, and it’s able to breathe well when worn.  The same can be said of suede, so both of those materials are excellent choices for you to turn to.  If neither of those are included, however, it doesn’t mean that breathability will take a hit, necessarily.  Other kinds of materials can be used.  If you see synthetic leather used, along with mesh usually, then this means that there will plenty of ventilation to go around.  Mesh provides tiny holes in the shoes so that you can move around more freely.  It may seem like a small matter, but as we’ve stated before, having the ability to move around without all of that excess water weight, which can cause bad feet healthy, at any rate, is definitely the way in which you will want to go!

‘Tops’ and ‘Cuts’

The ‘top’ or ‘cut’ of a pair of boxing shoes is a very big deal, and it something very much worth talking about.  As with all shoes, you need to be familiar with this in order to make the best decision on what to buy.  Generally, there are just three choices: high, low, and mid.  High tops are going to provide you with the most protection, coverage, and support, unless they are not good shoes.  High tops are going to come up to your ankles, making sure that rolling them is impossible.  If you are someone that has had ankle issues before, are larger, or just feel that you need to have that support, then this is a great choice for you.  The drawback to this type is that they are heavier and restrict you more, which is very much unfortunate.  The low cut, meanwhile, is a type that is going to work to do the opposite.  It’s very freeing and will not be heavy on your feet at all.  You can splay your toes, and the whole foot, and spring around easily.  There is less protection, though, which is one reason this type is not as popular in boxing circles.  It’s just not been the choice forever, either, which is another reason it’s not now.  This is a common choice for people that like to vary their workouts, so keep that in mind.  Then, you’ve got the Henry Clay of boxing shoes in the mid cut.  This is a compromise that gives you the best of both worlds.  You get some protection but you don’t get all of that weight and don’t feel stuck in your shoes.  This type can be used for either fighting, hard training, or for various other workouts, and it’s becoming more and more the norm in all sorts of sports.  As a result, it would be no real surprise to see the mid cut become the favored choice of boxers in the next couple of decades.  That said, it’s still the high top that is ruling at the moment!

The Top 6 Women’s Boxing Shoes of 2019 Reviews

  1. Reebok Women’s Boot Boxing Shoes

Starting off our list today is an offering from Reebok that seeks to give you a ton of protection all the while allowing you to move quickly and effortlessly. These shoes are made with synthetic materials, helping them to be lighter than many others. With mesh on the tops and on the sides, you’ll get airflow in and out.  With a strap across the mid foot, you are able to have plenty of lock down, which does make up for them being a mid ‘cut.’  This means they don’t come all the way up to the ankles, allowing you to move more freely and to have more speed due to the shoes weighing less overall.  The strap in the middle does a nice job for sure at helping to provide protection despite this, so you don’t lose out much there.  A lot of people absolutely love how flexible they are, which helps them to be super comfy on your feet for prolonged periods.  That’s gonna help you stick in during those long, hard sessions for sure!


  • Lighter and more freeing thanks to mid cut design
  • Very flexible and comfortable
  • Strap for extra lock down
  1. Puma Women’s Eskiva Hi Deep Summer

Coming in at #2 is an offering from Puma which is going to put a very big emphasis on protection. These are very high tops, which mean that if you have had an issue with injuries to the ankles, or just want to have a lot more there to support you, then this is the pair for you. With a fully synthetic makeup, these are going to be very flexible and durable at the same time, allowing you to get a ton of mileage out of them before ultimately replacing them and moving on to something else.  With a heel tab to help you pull them on, they do make sure you’re going to be able to get them off despite the appearance making them look like they would be difficult to get on and off.  The footbed is cushioned well, the linings are made out of leather and are super soft, and the tongue is made to be super soft and spongy as well, taking the wearer’s comfort into account.  These are also able to be used in a lot of different types of training, and they come for a great, low price, making them ideal for anyone from a beginner to a seasoned veteran looking for a durable option to wear!


  • Very good, low price
  • Tons of ankle protection
  • Soft and comfy
  1. Venum Elite Boxing Shoes (couldn’t find women’s listing on Amazon)-

If you are not familiar with boxing products, you might not known Venum well. But make no mistake about it, they are one of the leaders for a very good reason. They have great products, and the Elite is an example of just that. These shoes are not only going to protect you and support you, but you’re also going to look amazing while in them.  These are high tops, but they don’t lock you in and make you feel cumbersome or that you can’t move.  Instead, they use flexible leather compounds and mesh to help bring you a lot of flexibility and breathability, giving you the best of both worlds without compromising the durability of them as a whole.  With a rubber outsole that has been reinforced to make them grippier and more durable and an insole that is ergonomic, you get lots of support to help you battle against persistent niggling injuries that might otherwise occur in inferior equipment.


  • Extremely marvelous looks
  • High tops that flex very well
  • Breathes and lasts a long time
  1. Otomix Women’s Pro TKO Super Hi Boxing Shoes

If you are looking for the traditional boxing shoe look, but you want more padding to possibly go into other disciplines with, then this is a good option for you to go into. These shoes are made out of suede and leather, helping them to already be fairly soft and forgiving. However, they go above and beyond that with even more padding that gives them superior support in the ankles and feet.  Despite how that may sound, they don’t have an ultra thick sole, though, which means you won’t have to worry about that slowing down your movements or making the shoes unresponsive to the ground.  It also adds to the level of grip you’re able to obtain, allowing you to be secure in the knowledge that you won’t be going anywhere you don’t want to go. The looks of these is quite nice, it must be said, with three colors that stand out a lot when compared to some of the ‘plain’ offerings out there.  In terms of boxing shoes, they can be a little bit loose, so you may need to add an insert to the mix if you want the ‘regular’ feel you are used to.


  • Tons of padding
  • Excellent grip
  • Great for other disciplines as well


  • Can be a little loose fitting to some
  1. Uzafit Miami Crossfit Boxing Shoes

Up next is a pair of boxing style shoes that are going to allow you to go out and do other things, like Crossfit, as well if you choose to do so. These ‘cross trainers,’ are great for a number of activities due to the fact that they are made in a mid top construction. This means they are not too heavy or too restrictive to you, all the while giving you enough protection to make sure that injuries don’t easily occur.  With careful attention to detail, due to them being handmade one by one out of leather, these are going to hold up for a while and keep you happy thanks to how light and breathable they are.  Those are must haves, whether it’s in the sport of boxing, lifting weights, or running around!  The ankles are heavily padded, not only making them supportive but also comfy as you wear them out and about.  The soles do a nice job at anatomically fitting the wearer, while the insoles feature memory foam that helps ratchet up the comfort level even higher for you.  These are a nice blend between what you want for boxing and for other things, making them great for someone that loves to try a lot of workouts!


  • Great for tons of activities
  • Light and breathes well
  • Memory foam insoles
  1. Puma Eskiva Women’s Mid Cross Trainer Shoes

Rounding out our list today is an out and out option that’s meant for pure training. You don’t really see pro boxers going out there in low tops, but you may see them training in them. These, despite the ‘mid’ name are not really mid tops, with them having an ‘upper’ low top design.  That’s going to maximize how much range of motion you have and will allow you to be quicker on your feet by cutting out the additional weight typically assigned to them.  Made from 100% leather, they are plenty flexible, breathable, and durable, making them much more long lasting than a ton of other choices would be in this sort of genre.  One positive thing that must be said is that these are a dream for people that deal with narrow feet and can’t fit a good fit.  These do a great job at that, so if you do have wide feet, these might be best to steer clear of.  Even though they are shorter than many of the ‘boxers’ you’ll find out there, you’ll be very glad to know that they have great ankle support and will not let you down in that regard!


  • Fast and agile shoes
  • Great ankle support relatively speaking
  • Flexible, breathable, yet durable


  • Not for fights

Conclusion And Final Women’s Boxing Shoes Recommendations

Finding a pair of shoes that are just right for you in any sport can be tough.  It’s not something, in fact, that we believe you should be rushing to do.  It takes time and patience to get it right, just like when you are in the ring.  If you go lunging in at someone, you’re almost surely going to get caught, even by someone with weaker skills than you.  Much like that, shoe shopping is a patient waiting game at times.  You’ve got to wait to strike until the right time.  Thankfully, after today’s guide, you’ll be much better placed to know what it is you are looking for and which kinds of shoes are the best.  So, get to it so you can hit the ring and start notching those victories!

FAQ’s About Women’s Boxing Shoes

What Are The Best Brands For Women’s Boxing Shoes

As always, the ‘best’ brand is going to be subjective and very much in the eye of the beholder.  One person may prefer ‘Brand X’ over ‘Brand Y,’ while the other goes in the opposite direction.  That’s just natural.  It could come down to fit, personal style, or simply experience and how long they have stuck with that company.  Generally, the best brands are those that have a long history with boxing equipment, though some new companies have the potential to sprout and emerge onto the scene at times.  Another thing to keep in mind is that brand loyalty is a good thing in that you know what to expect.  If you have always worn ‘X’s’ shoes, then going to ‘Y’s’ might throw you for a loop.  That’s why so many people stick with what they know for so long!

Is Boxing A Good Form of Exercise?

As long as you are moving and getting on your feet, anything can be considered to be good exercise. With that said, you do have certain challenges in boxing that don’t occur in other sports or activities, so if you are not able to withstand the demands, you definitely should try something else.  Boxing is just fine and has many benefits that will help you get into great shape, should you choose to partake in it!

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