10 Best New Balance Running Shoes 2021: Men’s & Women’s

New Balance Running Shoes

Running is something you’ve most likely done at some point during your life. It is an activity you may do when you’re scared, exercising, or trying to clear your mind. Running is usually done as a sport or a form of exercise. There are several types of running you can participate in. Running can be done by anyone such as beginners or experts. It all depends on what you can do and how much your body can take. You’ll decide the type of running that works best for you and is most valuable to you. You’ll also decide why you are running. Do you want to run to clear your mind, relieve stress, or to contribute to weight loss? Running has many benefits pertaining to quality of life and health.

Keep in mind, you’ll need to take care of your feet if you want to run. There are specific shoes designed for running. Wearing the proper shoes will make the activity more pleasant and you’ll be much more comfortable. While running it is important to wear the correct shoes just like it is when you do anything else. The wrong shoes will weaken your performance and will cause pain immediately or later down the road.

New Balance is an extremely popular shoe brand that offers a variety of great running shoe choices. If you’re looking for a running shoe that delivers what it offers, New Balance is a suitable place to begin your search.

Read on to discover the top ten New Balance Running shoes of 2018.

Top New Balance Running Shoes Comparison Chart

ProductMaterialSole DesignPriceWhere to Buy?
New Balance Fresh Foam Beacon v1Textile & SyntheticRubber$$$$Check Price On Amazon
New Balance 1400 v6Textile & SyntheticRubber$$$Check Price On Amazon
New Balance Vazee Rush v2Textile for Men, Mesh & Synthetic for WomenRubber$Check Price On Amazon
New Balance Cypher RunSynthetic for Men, Textile for WomenSynthetic for Men, Rubber for Women$$$Check Price On Amazon
New Balance FuelCore Sonic v2Textile & SyntheticRubber $$Check Price On Amazon
New Balance 990 v4Leather & Textile for Men, Pigskin Suede & Mesh for WomenRubber $$$$Check Price On Amazon
New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo v2Textile & Synthetic for Men, Synthetic/Mesh for WomenRubber$$$Check Price On Amazon
New Balance 720 v3Synthetic for Men, Synthetic/Mesh for WomenSynthetic for Men, Rubber for Women$Check Price On Amazon
New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v4Mesh/Synthetic for Men, Synthetic for WomenRubber$$Check Price On Amazon
New Balance Fresh Foam CruzTextile for Men, Synthetic/Mesh for WomenSynthetic for Men, Rubber for Women$$$Check Price On Amazon

New Balance Running Shoes Buying Guide

Types of Running

How you’ll be running is completely up to you. There are several types of running you can participate in. Each style requires a different amount of energy and time to complete.

The most common runs runners participate in are base runs, long runs, recovery runs, and progression runs.

A base run is a run completed at your natural pace. This means you won’t push yourself very hard. You’ll run at a pace that is comfortable for you. Base runs are usually not too long. You choose how long you’d like to run, it’s common for them to be a few miles each. The length will depend on the skill and endurance of you as a runner. Base runs are done frequently and play a significant role in training and exercise.

A long run is like a base run besides the fact that it’s longer, obviously. After a long run, you’ll most likely experience some form of fatigue. Long runs increase endurance and help you train to accomplish even longer distances. A long run can be done at several different paces. Some runners choose to start running slowly then speed up while others choose to run at their natural pace the entire time.

A recovery run is a short run at your natural pace. A recovery run is designed for training and building endurance. It’s a short run that helps you get some extra running time in while saving energy for the harder runs. Recovery runs are usually done at a slow pace and after a more intensive run.

Progression run is a type of running that starts off at your natural pace and speeds up over time. This is a harder style of running because it takes more out of you. Progression runs are usually rather long, and you’ll feel a heavy amount of fatigue once it’s completed.

Some other runs that aren’t as common are hill repeats, tempo runs, and intervals. These runs are designed for more intense training purposes and for people who run or work out competitively.

Hill repeats are an intense run. Football players often use this method to increase their speed and endurance. A hill repeat is a short run uphill. Uphill repeats are hard, and you’ll often feel pain and fatigue during and once the run is complete.

A tempo run requires a moderate amount of effort and intensity. A tempo run is done in the fastest pace you can handle over a specific amount of time. You’ll run as fast as you can for as long as you can handle. The amount of time a runner can handle depends on their endurance and level of skill while running. Your speed, and pace will increase with steady tempo run training.

Interval running can be done in long or short periods of time. This allows you to be able to run fast and slow down in different intervals which will increase the amount of time you’ll be able to run without become fatigued or experiencing too much pain. The periods where you jog or slow down serve as recovery periods before you pick up the pace again.

Another common way to run is in a triathlon or 5K race. These races are pretty popular. The runs are usually scheduled to benefit a charity which brings some fun into the mix.

Benefits of Running

Running is great for your health. Whether it’s done for a sport, exercise, or just an activity you like to participate in you’ll get some great health benefits.


The strength of your lungs will increase due to running. Runners tend to have stronger lungs because running exercises your lung muscles. Over time, you’ll notice that your lungs are stronger because you’ll be able to run longer distances without getting winded. Running consistently can strengthen your immune system. You’ll notice a higher resistance to germs and common illnesses because your body will be becoming healthier. Your legs will also get stronger. Running strengthens the muscles in your legs because they are the main part of your body you’re working out. Running consistently will also increase your bone density and joint strength. You’ll notice differences in your strength and endurance over time. Your body will start feeling great and you’ll be more confident.

Weight Loss

Running will give you a major confidence boost. You’ll look and feel great if you keep up with the activity. Running is a form of exercise, so you’ll experience weight loss. You’ll be able to burn major calories each time you go for a run. Keep in mind you’ll need to eat healthy as well as run because the activity will make you super hungry by the time you’re done. Running will also give you a nice shape and tone your body and muscles. Results will be different depending on the runner so do what works best for you.

Stress Relief

Running will enhance your brain’s serotonin levels which will help you relax. Some people don’t even run to lose weight or become healthier they do it to relieve stress and ease their mind. Why you run is completely up to you. Running for fun can relieve stress, relax you, and ease your mind while toning your body. Sounds like a win, win situation to me!

About the Company

New Balance was originally an arch support company, it wasn’t until 30 years later that they began designing sneakers. The company was founded in 1906 by William J. Riley. Riley was born in Britain but migrated to the United States. New Balance originated in Boston, Massachusetts and headquarters can still be found there today.

The company originally only sold shoe supports for people that were on their feet for extended periods of time. The main customer base for these supports were community service personnel like police officers and firefighters. When they first began designing sneakers, they were still focusing on arch support. It was about 60 years after the founding date the company began focusing on athletic sneakers.

Today New Balance is a popular, name brand in the shoe industry. New Balance creates some of the best running shoes on the market.

What You Should Look for In Your Running Shoe

Different running shoes offer different benefits. You should choose a shoe that is specifically designed for the type of running you’ll be doing.

The most common running shoes are designed for road running. No matter the type of running you’re doing it will usually be done on the for. Base runs, progression runs, long runs, intervals, and recovery runs are most likely going to be done on some form of road, track, or other concrete area. A good road running shoe should be lightweight and breathable. You’ll need a good amount of cushion built in or added with an insole to stay comfortable during your run. You’re running shoe shouldn’t be too bulky or heavy. A bulky or heavy shoe can deter you from reaching your full potential during your run. You’ll also want to make sure you’re getting good shock absorption to keep your feet and joints from hurting when you hit the ground with each step. The outsole should be flat, so you have good traction on the surfaces you’re running on.

There are also shoes designed for off-road running such as trails, hills, and dirt. This type of shoe would be good for hill repeats. This type of shoe should offer protection, support, and stability. Trails, dirt, hills, and rocks are usually uneven surfaces, so you’ll need a shoe that offers good traction, shock absorption, and a stable make. The shoe will offer a decent amount of cushion for good shock absorption. The tongue and ankle area will be thick and offer a lot of cushioning also, so the shoe keeps your foot sturdy during the run. The outsole shouldn’t be completely flat, some ragged designs will help ensure you’re getting the best traction possible.

Cross-training running shoes are more high-tech and durable. They’re designed for people who will be doing many different activities such as running or doing various work-outs in the gym. These shoes offer a higher top to provide stability and protection to the ankles. This allows you to get enough support doing various movements. The outsole and insole of this style shoe will be thin which allows you to have a higher knowledge of your contact with the ground. These aren’t the best style shoe for long runs but for all other activities, they’re great.

For any type of running and any style shoe, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting protection, stability, and support. You should be comfortable in your running shoe. The comfort will enhance you’re running experience and keep you running longer. Make sure your shoe offers everything you’ll need such as comfort, traction, and shock absorption.

How Your Shoe Should Fit

I’m sure you have a pretty good idea of how your shoe should fit. Running shoes should be looked at a little differently than your everyday shoes. You won’t want them to be as tight as all your other shoes.

A running shoe that fits correctly should have enough toe room. You should have enough toe length and width. It’s recommended that you leave a thumb length of space between the front of the shoe and your big toe. Your feet will surely retain moisture while you’re running, they may swell a bit. If the toe area is too cramped, you’ll get blisters. The toe area should have a little bit of wiggle room for added comfort. The shoe should hold your heel into place to minimize injuries. The best way to find out if your heel is being held in place is to do a little jog around the store before you buy them.

The arch support is also a highly important area to pay attention to. Look for a shoe with the arch support you need. All feet are different so it’s likely that just because a shoe works really well for your friend it doesn’t mean the same shoe will work well for you. Try your shoes on and make sure you feel a decent amount of support from the arch. If you can’t find an arch that fits your foot well, you may need to purchase an additional insole to use with your shoe. A good running shoe should offer a firm and secure fit. When you lace up your shoe pay attention to how it feels. If you were running would you feel safe a secure? Make sure the closing system is reliable and you can tie or secure the shoe as tight as you’re comfortable with.

Running shoes should be seamless and flexible. The upper should be seamless to ensure the shoe is comfortable. Seams can cause blisters and irritate your foot when wearing the shoes frequently and for prolonged periods of time. Keep in mind, your foot will be moving while you’re running, if the shoe’s upper has seams, they’ll be constantly rubbing your foot. Running shoes should be flexible to match your natural movement. Check the point in which the shoe bends. It should bend around the same area as your foot. This will ensure a natural movement and very comfortable run.

If it’s your first time buying running shoes or trying out a new brand go into a store, so you can make sure you’re getting what you need from the style and brand. Distinct brands use different sizing, so you never really know what you’re going to get. For the best run possible, pay attention to the key areas in the running shoe.

Top 10 New Balance Running Shoes Reviews

1. New Balance Fresh Foam Beacon v1

This is an amazing running shoe designed for both men and women. The outsole is rubber which provides great traction while running on any kind of surface. The shoe features ground contact fresh foam, this foam helps to provide shock absorption and a bounce with each step. The upper is lightweight mesh. The shoe is very breathable and effortless to wear for extended periods of time. The insole is made of foam for added cushion and comfort. The midsole is a reasonable height which is comfortable for most arch types.

The best thing about these shoes is the comfort they offer. They feel great. All the engineered foam technology makes them more comfortable than other running shoes. These shoes are as lightweight as they advertise. They fit snug but not to the point that they are too tight. They are easy to purchase because they are usually true to size. These are a little expensive. After prolonged frequent use you may see some wear and tear before you think they should. On certain surfaces they may be squeaky which could be annoying to you or people around you.


  • Lightweight
  • Foam insole and outsole
  • Good fit


  • Expensive
  • Short lifespan
  • Squeaky

These are a very good option for someone who pays close attention to comfort while running. New Balance really got it right with the engineered foam!

2. New Balance 1400 v6

The New Balance 1400 v6 is a fantastic shoe for racing on concrete surfaces. These shoes are usually purchased by track runners or racers. They are made of synthetic material, so they are very lightweight and breathable. The outsole is rubber, you’ll get good traction on many kinds of surfaces. This shoe features a REVlite midsole for added comfort and support. This is an update or remake of the previous New Balance shoe the v5. The upper lightweight but it provides a very strong structure that will help you feel secure during your run. The tongue is slim to enhance comfort and to reduce any blisters or cramps in your foot.

These shoes feature a very nice design. They’re offered in assorted color schemes and they’ll look good with any running gear. These shoes are well worth the investment. They are affordable and decent quality. If you’re already familiar with the fit of New Balance shoes the ordering process will be easy, if not, you’ll likely need to try them on because they run kind of small. Once the shoes are on your feet they may feel bulky and heavier than some other running shoes. Some people have said the insoles are stiffer than they prefer.


  • Affordable
  • Stylish
  • Decent quality


  • Sizing off
  • Bulky feel
  • Stiff insoles

If you want to look great while you’re running the stylish New Balance 1400 v6’s is a wonderful choice for you. They are worth the investment and they’ll hold up over time.

3. New Balance Vazee Rush v2

The New Balance Vazee Rush v2 is one of the best running shoes made by New Balance. The shoe is made completely out of synthetic material. It is very lightweight and breathable. The outsole is rubber. The shoe features a removeable insole and a molded sock liner for comfort. The midsole is designed from rapid rebound cushioning that is created to transfer energy from you and your shoe to the ground. The upper is mesh but provides a moderate amount of support. All the benefits of this shoe will lead to an effortless and productive run.

These shoes are stylish and there are multiple colors available. There’s even one set of colors that are glow in the dark which is great if you ever want to do a night run. The Vazee’s are designed to have enough room to still be comfortable when your feet swell from running. The insoles are very comfortable and offer enough support for most foot types. The laces are kind of stretchy which allows you to get the most secure closure you can for your foot. The lifespan is actually pretty long, you can expect these to hold up for quite some time. The sizing may be off, so it’s recommended that you use the size chart and read customer reviews if you are purchasing these online. If you’re purchasing in the store, make sure you try them on. Some consumers have said that these are more of a fashion shoe than a running shoe pertaining to style and fit. The insole may be too soft and may not offer enough support for everyone.


  • Stylish
  • Rapid rebound cushioning
  • Spacious


  • Sizing is off
  • Insoles too soft
  • Made more like a fashion shoe

These shoes will put some pep in your step! They are an excellent choice of a running shoe if you prefer soft cushion and minor support. These shoes focus on comfort, the level of comfort needed for you will determine if these are a good fit for you and your running. Keep in mind there are glow in the dark options!

4. New Balance Cypher Run

The New Balance Cypher Run’s are a subtly designed high-top running shoe. They are available in a few assorted colors. They are completely engineered from synthetic materials including the outsole. The upper is lightweight and breathable mesh. They contain a removeable foam insert which contributes to the amount of cushion and comfort you’ll get while running. An easy toggle lacing system is used for a secure and snug fit.

The lacing system is a great benefit, they can be adjusted to be as tight or loose as you desire. The shoes are very lightweight and easy to wear, they offer an understandable connection with the ground. Some consumers have said it feels like they’re barefoot. The arch provides a moderate amount of support for running and any other activities you may do. The sizing is pretty accurate on most occasions. Since the laces don’t tie, the opening may be too narrow you’re your foot making it hard to put these shoes on and take them off. They are not waterproof so keep them away from the water. The back of the shoe may rub the back of your foot causing blisters in that area.


  • Adjustable lacing system
  • Thin fit
  • True to size


  • Narrow opening
  • Not water resistant
  • Causes rubbing

These are one of the more stylish running shoes available. They offer a decent amount of support with the higher top. Some runners prefer a higher top sneaker while others prefer a lower top. The decision is up to you.

5. New Balance FuelCore Sonic v2

The New Balance FuelCore Sonic v2’s are an updated version of the previous model. The update is designed to push the running to new speeds. They are available in assorted colors and sizes. They are made from synthetic material with a rubber outsole. The outsole is firm and flexible at the same time. It provides great traction on multiple surfaces. The upper is mesh with a BOA closure system. A BOA closure system is fastened with a dial that will be able to customize the closing fit to your liking. The insole is engineered with New Balance’s REVlite foam which makes these shoes a very comfortable running option.

The BOA closing system makes closing the shoe fast and easy. It also offers a firm closure to ensure stability during use. The knob is placed in a somewhat awkward location which makes tightening and loosening awkward also. These shoes are very durable and have a long lifespan. The upper is lightweight and breathable. Wide feet fit in these shoes perfectly. These are a great shoe to use for running in the rain, the traction is strong, and they’re water resistant. The midsole wears kind of quickly and may need to be replaced by another insole purchased separately. The mesh upper is stronger than usual and the shoe doesn’t have a tongue which gives it a different feel than other running shoes.


  • BOA closing system
  • Accurate fit
  • Water resistant


  • Awkward knob placement
  • Short lifespan of midsole
  • No tongue

The FuelCore Sonic v2’s are a great running shoe for all surfaces and all weather elements. Keep in my they are structured differently than other running shoes, so they may take some time to get used to!

6. New Balance 990 v4

The New Balance 990 v4’s are a more expensive running shoe. They are available in a ton of assorted colors. They’ll look good paired with any running gear. They are made in the USA. These shoes are breathable and light weight. Unlike most other New Balance running shoes these are not made of synthetic material, they are 100% leather. Leather shoes are usually more high quality and more expensive than shoes made of synthetic materials. The upper contains some mesh which is secured with leather straps. The collar offers dual-density padding for comfort. The outsole is flexible, blown rubber. The insole is engineered with EVA technology for good shock absorption.

This is an updated version of the v3s. Many people were very happy with the older version, but the newer version is even better. There is a more spacious toe box in this version which is great when your feet start to swell from running. These shoes offer a very good arch support and are recommended by many podiatrists. These shoes are designed very well and are made in the USA which makes them desirable. The sizing is a bit off with this version. They don’t fit quite the same as other New Balance styles. These shoes may not be made sturdy or comfortable enough for the price being paid for them. The break-in time for this style is a tad longer than other styles because of the leather.


  • Spacious toe box
  • Secure arch support
  • Made in the USA


  • Sizing is off
  • Expensive
  • Long break-in period

This are a more high-quality shoe since they are made of leather. Leather is usually more durable and more expensive than synthetic materials. The leather may feel heavier and more bulky than synthetic materials also. If you’re considering these for running, try them on a get a good feel for them before purchasing.

7. New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo v2

The New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo v2’s are made from synthetic materials. They feature a mesh upper with laces as a closure system. They are imported. The outsole is flexible rubber and the midsole is engineered from fresh foam. The fresh foam midsole absorbs impact very well. You’ll be able to run long distances and still feel comfortable. These shoes feature a no-sew application for a well-made look. They aren’t bulky at all and they are very lightweight. This shoe will give you an amazing balance between cushioning and support! They are good for runners who need stability and comfort at the same time.

These shoes provide the perfect amount of stability. They aren’t too unstable but also aren’t too stable. They are priced fairly for the quality of shoe you receive. There is a moderate amount of cushioning and arch support. They are a nice, subtle style that will look great on your feet. The sizing is vaguely off in width and length. The lifespan is rather short with heavy use and the material is thin. You may see some separation in the upper and on the outsole.


  • Provides stability
  • Fairly priced
  • Good arch support


  • Sizing is off
  • Short lifespan
  • Thin material

New Balance does a very good job making running shoes. These shoes pay close attention to support and cushion which are two of the most important areas to consider while looking for a running shoe. The amount of cushion and support you need is up to you, try these on to determine if they are right for you.

8. New Balance 720 v3

The New Balance 720 v3’s are 100% synthetic or mesh material including the sole. The upper features a no-sew make with mesh underneath. The classic New Balance “N” is placed on the side. The midsole is engineered with EVA technology. The inside of the shoe is enhanced with Comfort Ride cushioning technology to give extra comfort for running. The women’s version contains a removeable foam insole and a molded heel insert. There aren’t too many color options available, they are available in subtle designs that aren’t too flashy or loud.

These are a very attractive shoe, consumers have been very pleased with the way they are put together and the designs they include. You’ll have an effortless and comfortable run with these. They are very cushioned so they’re very comfortable, it’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds. The break-in time is minimal, and the lifespan is moderate. With heavy use you may see some wear in tear in the upper, some people have said they are poorly constructed. They may stretch after wearing them frequently. The fit is more narrow than other running shoes, even other styles of New Balance. The arch support could be better.


  • Stylish
  • Comfort Ride cushioning
  • Minimal break-in time


  • Poorly constructed
  • Narrow fit
  • Little arch support

The lifespan on these shoes may not be last as long as some of the others but they are priced fairly, and they’ll enhance your run. They cater to the comfort of runners and the cushion supplied is superb. Most New Balance shoes pay close attention to arch support, but these are slacking a little bit. Try them to find out if they offer enough arch support for you.

9. New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v4

The New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v4’s are a very reasonably priced shoe. They are made of synthetic and mesh material. The outsole is flexible rubber to provide great traction of any number of surfaces. They feature dual-density fresh foam midsoles to provide the running with extended and improved comfort. The upper has a no-sew design for a well put together look. The women’s version comes with a removeable insert. There aren’t many colors or designs available, they are a simple, sophisticated looking shoe that will look good with any of your running gear. The v4’s are an update to the previous v3’s, they are designed to help you beat the heat. They have a more breathable and lightweight upper than other models.

The fresh foam insole provides the comfort needed for running long distances. The outsole offers a good grip and it’s flexible. The shoe is very lightweight and more breathable than other options out there. If wearing these frequently you may experience early wear and tear in the soles. The soles tend to have a short lifespan. They fit narrow, so you may need to order a size larger or wider than usual. Some consumers have complained that since New Balance stopped making shoes in the USA the quality of their shoes have declined over the years.


  • Fresh foam insole
  • Grippy and flexible sole
  • Breathable upper


  • Short lifespan of the sole
  • Narrow fit
  • Imported

New Balance imports most of their shoes now, for some consumers this may influence whether or not they purchase. New Balance makes wonderful running shoes that are comfortable for long and short runs. These shoes are great for running in the hot weather and they are decent quality for the price.

10. New Balance Fresh Foam Cruz

The New Balance Fresh Foam Cruz’s are a stylish running shoe available in many assorted colors for both men and women. The colors available are trendy. They are slip on, so you don’t have to worry about any lacing issues such as them coming untied while you’re running. Synthetic and mesh material are what the shoes are made from. They offer a fresh foam midsole and an added molded foam insert. The fresh foam insoles strive to keep your feet feeling fresh even after a long run. These are a desirable choice for a running shoe, but they can also be used as a regular, everyday sneaker.

These running shoes are designed to look like some of the name brand, fancy shoes that are available on the market but are more reasonably priced. There is more cushion in the heel area than the toe area which helps focus on the shock absorption with each step. You’ll feel little to no pain while running in these shoes. There is a minimal break-in period required, the only thing that may take some getting used to is the padded foam on the back of the shoe. Once you get used to it, it will make these shoes more comfortable. The sizing is off for these. The New Balance website even suggests you order a size larger for a good fit. Since there are no laces, the opening may be too tight or narrow for everyone. Some people have had issues getting their feet in and out of the shoe. Over time, the foam insole may start to fall leaving the shoe not as comfortable as it once was. Some people also think these shoes aren’t really designed for serious runners, they work better for everyday use, walking, or jogging.


  • Stylish
  • Reasonably priced
  • Minimal break-in period


  • Sizing is off
  • Padding around the heel
  • Not the best for actual running

If you’re into style. These are a great shoe for you. If you’re a more serious running you may want to choose one of the previous options because these aren’t the best for running or running long distances.

Conclusion And Final New Balance Running Shoes Recommendations

Running is an activity any one can do. The type of run and length of the run is up to you as the runner. Running will help you relieve stress and get in shape. When you’re running it’s very important to wear a shoe that will contribute to your running experience. Make sure your shoe offers stability and protection in areas that are most important to you. Running shoes don’t fit the same as your everyday shoes will. There are certain areas that shouldn’t fit just right, you should have some extra room for when your feet swell. When you’re looking for a new or better running shoe, New Balance is definitely a company you should keep in mind. They have been focusing on athletic shoes for years and their designs and styles can help enhance your running experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About New Balance Running Shoes

How do I know when it’s time to buy new running shoes?

Pay attention to the condition of your shoes, you’ll need to know when it’s time to buy some new running shoes. You love your running shoes, right? But sometimes it’s time to move on. Shoes are only good for about 300-600 miles depending on the quality of the shoe. After so many miles, you’ll start to feel the quality of the shoe deteriorate. When it’s time to replace your running shoes you may notice less traction, separation of the upper, the shoe starts stretching, or the padding on the inside is weakening. Continuous running in shoes that should be replaced may result in injuries or unnecessary pain during your run.

I like to sprint and run fast, what kind of fit should I look for?

If you plan on running fast, look for shoes with a snug fit! When it’s time to pick up the pace, a snug fit will be highly important. A snug fit allows you to connect better with your foot, your shoe, and the ground contact. The snug fit allows for a better energy transfer and a safer run.

What are some common signs that my running shoes aren’t fitting properly?

You should be able to tell if your shoes aren’t fitting correctly. If they don’t fit correctly, they won’t feel good. Some common signs that your running shoes are not fitting correctly are: tingling or numbness in the toe area, bruised toes, and blisters on your toes, top of your foot, or your heel. If you experience these symptoms return your shoes and start over. Try shoes on in the store so you get a good feel for them.

Does the type of surface I’m running on affect the wear and tear of my shoes?

Yes, the surface you run on will have an impact on the wear and tear of your running shoes. Road running usually takes the most wear and tear on sneaks. You’ll notice your treading wears out quickly. There are also other factors than the surface that may wear your shoes out. Your weight and the frequency of your runs can also affect the lifespan of your running shoe.

Should I own more than one pair of running shoes?

This is up to you. It’s not a bad idea to own multiple pairs of running shoes. You could have ones for different surfaces or that offer different fits for different types of running. Running shoes can get expensive so it’s less common for people to go into to a store a purchase multiple pairs of shoes just for running than it is for them to purchase one running shoe. Multiple running shoes will create a diverse running experience and may contribute to your endurance. It’s also a fantastic way to try different shoes out.

Which is the best lacing system for a running shoe?

In the New Balance shoes listed above there were three different lacing systems. There are regular laces, BOA dial systems, and slip on shoes. Regular laces are the most common, you may use some extra time tying them when they come loose, and the laces could potentially be dangerous if you trip over the during a run. The BOA dial closure is more high-tech. The dial allows you to adjust the closure to the perfect fit for you just like laces. Slip-on shoes are a hit or miss for many people. Sometimes the opening for your foot is too small to fit your foot through it. A slip-on shoe can be time consuming and frustrating. I’d say the best closure system is a BOA dial system because it’s adjustable and there are no laces to get in the way. It’s also newer technology.

Why do different shoe styles from the same brand fit differently?

Even though a shoe is from the same brand as another shoe it can still fit differently. Each style shoe is made differently even if it’s from the same brand. There may be more cushioning or padding in certain areas which give the shoe a smaller fit than a different shoe.




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