15 Best Wrestling Shoes 2021: Wide Feet, Ankle Support, Youth & Adult Options

great wrestling shoes

Wrestling as a sport has come a long way. The ancient Greeks, who were the first to compete in the Olympic wrestling, used to wrestle barefoot. The Roman culture that followed afterwards realized that they had to come up with appropriate footwear that would help wrestlers have better performance, increased support and stability. They came up with leather sandals.

Now, fast-forward. Today, the modern wrestling incorporates a number of gear that you need to wear before you can even step foot on the mat. We are talking about headgear, singlet, and, of course, the right wrestling shoes.

When it comes to picking the best wrestling shoes, it’s all about comfort, flexibility, support and stability. With the huge number of options available in the market, it’s common that you may be overwhelmed when purchasing the right pair for the sport. Don’t worry, though – we are here to help. We are going to take you through some of the things you need to consider when shopping for wrestling shoes and a number of great options out there to suit your needs. There’s something for everyone!

Top Wrestling Shoes Comparison Chart

1. ASICS Men's Split Second 9 Wrestling ShoeAAAAA$$$
2. adidas Wrestling Men's Combat Speed 4-MAAA$$$$
3. ASICS Mens Aggressor 3 Wrestling ShoeAAAAA$$
4. Adidas Hvc Mens Blue Synthetic Athletic Lace Up wrestling ShoesAA$$
5. NIKE Men's Inflict 3 Wrestling ShoesAAAA$$$
6. ASICS Men's Matflex 5 Wrestling ShoeAAAA$$$
7. adidas Men's Adizero Wrestling XIV-M
8. ASICS Mens JB Elite III Wrestling Shoe
9. Otomix Stingray Escape Bodybuilding Weightlifting MMA Boxing ShoeAA$$$
10. ASICS Dan Gable Evo Men's Wrestling ShoesAA$$$
11. Adidas Wrestling Men's Response 3.1 Wrestling ShoeAA$$$
12. ASICS Men's Cael V7.0 Wrestling ShoeAAA$$$$
13. ASICS Men's JB Elite V2.0 Wrestling ShoeAAA$$$$
14. adidas Men's mat Wizard.3-MAAA$$$$
15. adidas Men's Pretereo III Wrestling ShoesAAA$$$$

Wrestling Shoes Buying Guide

There’s a good reason why you can’t be allowed to wrestle using your regular sneakers. You see, your ankles, toes and the feet are very delicate and could be easily broken or injured whilst wrestling or training. And just like other sports, you need to have the right pair for wrestling – whether training or engaging an opponent in a real match. Let’s learn amount about what you need to keep in mind.

What is a Wrestling Shoes?

First things first! What exactly is a wrestling shoe, and why should you wear one when training or engaging in the sport? Well, simply put, a wrestling shoe is a specific kind of shoe designed to offer you best performance when wrestling or training. There are a number of things that make wrestling shoes unique and different from your regular sneakers or trainers. These include:

High-Top Design

You see, when wrestling, your ankles need as much support as they can get to avoid chances of injury. This is solved by having shoes with high-top design.


Wrestling is an aggressive sport, right? Well, no one would want to enter a ring with shoes that would wear them down. Wrestling shoes are made to be extremely lightweight, so that you can move easily and execute your stance without much hassle.

Traction Sole

The mat where wrestling mostly happens is slippery, especially when you are sweating. With wrestling shoes, you won’t need to worry about slipping and losing the match, just because your shoed could not offer the needed grip. All pairs come with a rubber sole that offers better traction.

So, what are some of the factors you should keep in mind when shopping for wrestling shoes? What makes a par better than the other? Let’s dig deeper.


Materials used to make wrestling shoes are probably the most important things to consider, and for a good reason. When wrestling you are going to sweat, also you will need a pair that offers excellent airflow to keep your feet dry and cool.  In respect to this, most shoes come with a synthetic upper deigned with a breathable mesh, providing your feet with enough ventilation so that you don’t slip on your sweat easily.

You also can’t afford to compromise on the quality of other materials used to make the shoes. It’s always best to invest a few more dollars to have quality materials such as leather not only for the best performance on the mat but also for longevity. However, if you are just starting out, there’s no harm with going for the nylon shoes because they are a bit affordable, incredibly light, and durable.


When it comes to the soles, you’ll basically have two main options: split soles and uni-soles. Now, with split soles you’ll have a shoe with two separate rubber pieces, with the lower piece supporting your heal and the top one supporting the ball of the foot. On the other hand, if you go for a pair with uni-soles, you’ll have a single piece of rubber sole running full length. Comparing the two, the uni-sole is best for heavyweight wrestlers that have mastered the act of remaining straight and maintaining a flat stance. If you are lightweight or just starting out, you’ll find the split sole options great for you as they provide improved mobility.

Comfortable Fit

For the best performance, wrestling shoes should have a comfortable fit. They should feel like a sock that snugly fits your foot. Don’t go for loose shoes as these will likely impede your mobility and speed. You may also sustain injury if again; you go for a pair that’s too large for you. Because wrestling shoes are designed to stretch especially during break-in period, it’s best to go for a pair with a snug fit.

Ankle Support

You don’t want to sustain any major injuries during the wrestling match, and that’s why you need utmost protection on your ankle. A good pair of wrestling shoes should offer great ankle support without being too restricting. When you try the shoe on and notice that they are tightly fitting on the first try, chances are they are not right for you. They should feel a bit snug and be high enough to cover your ankles.


The weight of wrestling shoe goes hand in hand with your performance on the mat. Wrestling is all about strategy; it’s about moving around freely and having a perfect grip on the mat. You will not want to go for a shoe that will weigh you down as this will affect your performance.

Generally all wrestling shoes are designed to be lightweight and that’s why most of them are made using materials such as mesh and nylon. Although some heavyweight wrestlers prefer the heavier options, if you are a beginner or a lightweight wrestler, remember that the lighter the shoes, the more flexible they are, and the better the performance.

Stitching Strength

Wrestling shoes should have strong stitching – no compromise about that! You see, the weak point of these kinds of shoes is usually the sole and the stitching. While it’s uncommon for the sole to fall apart, the stitching or region where the rubber is glued to the sole could fall apart after several sessions of training and competing. You should go form models that are durable and show strong stitching. This way you will enjoy maximum strength and longevity of your shoes.

Lacing System

The lacing system of is also very important, and that’s why wrestling shoes have to comply with regulations for additional protection. Some shoes come with asymmetrical lace, whereby the lace ends aren’t aligned evenly but safe enough not to make you trip while on the match. The other type is integrated lace garage. This lacing system incorporate some tiny pockets where laces are tucked in to keep them unexposed. This prevents cutting or scratching the opponent’s feet or tripping you down. The last thing you’ll want is to have your laces getting under your shoes during the match!

Wrestling Shoe Brands

There are many brands that make wrestling shoes, but the truth is that only a few have mastered the art of manufacturing quality pairs that perform as expected. Some wrestlers are loyal to specific companies, whereas others don’t mind the brand provided the shoe offers the needed features. Whether you are on a tight budget or not, it’s always best to go for brand that makes specific wrestling shoes for the best performance.  Adidas and ASICS are two of the biggest brands that nearly all wrestlers go to whenever they want wrestling shoes. Always stick to the well-known brands and you’ll not regret it1


The design of the wrestling shoe is also very important. There are V-shaped and circular-shaped options, and each is perfectly suited to specific wrestler. If you’re a heavyweight, you’ll do better with V-shaped wrestling shoes. This is because having a firm stance on the wrestling mat is more important that moving quickly. To be able to perform locks and throws, you’ll need to have a firm base.

On the other hand, if you are a lightweight wrestler, the circular-shaped option will prove to be more beneficial to you. This kind of pair allows you to have more traction, allowing you to move quickly and swiftly on the mat. You’ll also enjoy fast footwork and pivoting at different angles.

Shoe Style

As much as you are looking for a pair that offers excellent performance, you should also consider your personal style. Wrestling shoes that offer a variety of colour options are always great as you can choose one that suits you. You can go for a pair that is quiet or subdued or one that offers bright patterns. Whatever your option will be, you’ll certainly feel more confident and comfortable in a style that you love.

Best Wrestling Shoe Reviews

ASICS Men’s Split Second 9 Wrestling Shoe

For the best performance in a wrestling match, you will want a pair of shoes that offers utmost flexibility and traction. The ASICS Men’s Split is built for that and more. Firstly, The ASICs Men’s Split Second 9 incorporates a lightweight split-sole design that allows for flexibility, enabling you to efficiently and quickly maneuverer around the mat.

And there’s more! The pair provides a great snug fit, perfectly wrapping your foot to provide the much-needed comfort. The upper is made of synthetic and designed with a mesh to allow for airflow, meaning that your foot will remain dry and cool throughout the match or training session.



  • Synthetic and mesh upper for breathability
  • Lightweight design
  • Split-sole design for increased flexibility
  • Excellent traction


  • Width of the shoe could be a bit narrow, so pick a slightly larger size


adidas Wrestling Men’s Combat Speed 4-M

When wrestling, each second counts. You can’t afford to lose because of bad choices of shoes. The adidas Wrestling Combat Speed 4-M shoes are built with performance in mind to allow you to execute your strategy perfectly without worrying about slipping on the mat. For starters, the pair features a single layer of mesh that improves the air flow to your feet, ensuring that the sweat doesn’t affect your performance. Better yet, the shoe provides a sock-like fit, not to mention a shoe grip that guarantees steady foot while you are on the mat.

When it comes to flexibility and durability, the adidas Wrestling Combat Speed 4-M is designed with a rubber sole that can stretch to accommodate your movements and an outsole made from split suede leather for longevity.



  • Perfect sock-like fit
  • Flexible rubber sole
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable mesh
  • Multiple colour options


  • A bit pricey
  • A bit difficult to put on tae off


ASICS Mens Aggressor 3 Wrestling Shoe

The ASICS Aggressor 3 is a pair for the veteran wrestlers. It’s crafted out of durable materials to take any kind of beating. The pair features a synthetic upper for longevity, a rubber sole that’s easily flexible, and a DuoSole outsole that reduce the weight of the shoes.

Tightly fitting, these shoes are designed with the Lace Garage Technology, which provides convenient pockets where laces can be tucked in and remain unexposed for the best performance. And when it comes to the overall design, you’ll love the fact that you can wear the shoes anywhere, not just when wrestling or training.

Adidas Hvc Mens Blue Synthetic Athletic Lace Up wrestling Shoes

There’s a lot to love about the adidas HVC Athletic Lace up Wrestling Shoes. Apart from the cool design, the shoes have been specifically built to offer great traction so that you can get a firm grip as you try to get your opponent down.  Starting with the materials, this features a breathable mesh fabric to allow for excellent ventilation. You won’t have to worry about your feet heating up following hours of practice or producing a foul smell as a result of excessive sweating.

Thanks to the innovative lace system, you can securely tighten the shoes, ensuring that you have a perfect fit before you get in to the match. The Velcro closure found around the ankle will even give you an extra closure, guaranteeing you excellent support.



  • Breathable mesh fabric
  • Great support on the ankle
  • Tightly secured by lace
  • Thick synthetic sole


  • The bottom is a bit heavy
  • A bit narrow for wide feet, so ensure to get a slightly larger size


NIKE Men’s Inflict 3 Wrestling Shoes

Nike has not ventured into wrestling shoes so much compared to brands such as adidas and ASICS, but the few pairs it has released are incredible when it comes to features and performance.  The NIKE Men’s Inflict 3 is one of the few options that have been received well in the market. The shoes may not impress you with flash, but they make up for it in performance. They incorporate a great tread coverage that gives a strong grip.

When it comes to the materials, Nike opted to go for synthetic with upper mesh and some leather towards the sole. The breathable mesh is designed to allow for flexibility and inflow of air to keep the feet dry. Additionally, the shoes feature full-length midsole for better control.



  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent traction
  • Quality synthetic material


  • Few colour options available


ASICS Men’s Matflex 5 Wrestling Shoe

The ASICS Matflex 5 Wrestling Shoe is an affordable option, yet offers amazing features to suit any wrestler. With a lace-up design, the she is made of synthetic and fabric materials that provide durability and comfort. The sole of the shoes runs full-length and offers great traction to ensure you get a good grip on any angle.

To offer the best performance, the ASICS Matflex 5 Wrestling Shoe comes with a breathable upper mesh. This feature allows as much air as possible to flow into the shoes, drying away the sweat so that you don’t slip. It also offers superb support for both the foot and the ankle.



  • Excellent traction
  • Affordable option
  • Breathable design
  • Great support to the feet and ankle
  • Lightweight design


  • A bit narrow for people with broad feet


adidas Men’s Adizero Wrestling XIV-M

Speaking of style and fashion none can beat the adidas Adizero Wrestling XIV-M Wrestling shoes. The overall design of the shoe is really cool; you’ll even want to use it for casual, everyday use. It’s available in a variety of colour options to suit those who are into fashion as they are into wrestling.

When it comes to the make, the pair is made purely of synthetic and textile materials with an upper mesh to allow for airflow to the feet. The sole, on the other hand, is built from rubber to enhance flexibility and provide a great grip when on the mat.



  • Cool design
  • Plenty of colour options
  • Uniquely designed sole for great grip and traction
  • Synthetic upper with breathable spaces


  • Gets damaged easily when used in wet conditions


ASICS Mens JB Elite III Wrestling Shoe

ASICs as a brand has perfected the art of making sport shoes. The ASICs Men’s JB Elite III Wrestling shoes are a perfect example of what they are capable of. They have designed the pair with a split-sole to allow you utmost flexibility the moment you step into the ring. The shoes come with different treads on the heel and the toes to enable you to utilize all stances, switching easily from support to speed.

The ASICs Men’s JB Elite III Wrestling shoes are made to last. They feature a synthetic upper, a rubber sole for perfect grip, and an open mesh to offer excellent breathability and comfort.  And as an added bonus, this product comes with a flashy design and available in a number of color combinations allowing you to wear it even when you are not in the gym or wrestling.



  • Comfortable to wear
  • Come with a breathable mesh
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Designed with a split sole


  • Some users find it a bit heavy
  • Sizes may not be accurate, so order half-size up


Otomix Stingray Escape Bodybuilding Weightlifting MMA Boxing Shoe

The Otomix Stingray Escape may be designed for weightlifters and boxers, but it has proven to perform as well for wrestlers and MMA fighters. Talk about being versatile!  These shoes are extremely lightweight – you’d think you’re wearing athletic slippers. But even with the lightweight nature, they incorporate all necessary features to deliver as expected.

The Otomix Stingray Escape shoes are also designed with a high ankle to offer your foot excellent support, and come with leather and synthetic material to guarantee longevity.



  • Thin sole that offers a perfect grip
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Supports the foot evenly
  • Extra ankle support
  • Perfect for other supports such as bodybuilding, martial arts and weightlifting


ASICS Dan Gable Evo Men’s Wrestling Shoes

If you are a fan of wrestling, which we know you likely are, you must have heard about Dan Gable, popularly known as just Dan. He’s an American former freestyle wrestler and coach and an Olympic medallist. Having a pair of wrestling shoes associated with his name is incredible. You know it has to live to expectation! The ASICS Dan Gable Evo Men’s Wrestling Shoes are a new version in the line of Dan Gable Evo shoes, with improved quality and performance right from flexibility to grip to comfort and everything in between.

From a mere glance, these shoes look like a casual pair you’d wear on any occasion, but that’s the idea. It’s built to match abnormal sneaker, but incorporates complex features that deliver great performance for wrestlers. For starters, the lacing system complies with the rules of wrestling shoes, as they are well tucked in pockets to remain unexposed. Better still, the pair is designed with MONO-SOCK Technology Fit System, incorporating an elastic internal sleeve instead of the traditional tongue. This shoe also makes a great deadlifting shoe for those also into weightlifting.



  • Offers excellent grip and flexibility
  • Durable rubber and suede materials
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Comfortable fit
  • Utilizes an elastic internal sleeve instead of traditional tongue


  • A bit expensive
  • Sizing comes smaller than expected


Adidas Wrestling Men’s Response 3.1 Wrestling Shoe

The adidas Response 3.1 Wrestling Shoes are the deal when it comes to wrestling thanks to the host of features they incorporate. Firstly, the pair they are designed with a breathable, synthetic upper mesh that keeps your feet comfortable and aerated. Owing to their high arch support, you won’t worry about injuring your ankle while on the mat.

When it comes to the traction, the Response 3.1 Wrestling Shoes are designed with a rubber sole that provides a strong grip, allowing you to pivot and move easily on the mat. The toe area is rounded to keep your forefoot secure and comfortable throughout the match.



  • Rubber sole for great traction
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Synthetic upper mesh
  • High arch


  • Strap that covers the laces may come out with regular use
  • A bit narrow, so get a larger size for a good fitting


ASICS Men’s Cael V7.0 Wrestling Shoe

Beating your opponent in a wrestling match is dependent a number of factors, and wearing the right shoes is at the top of the list. The Cael V7.0 Wrestling Shoes are made with a wrestler in mind. The upper is made of breathable synthetic leather that not only allows enough air to flow to your feet by also guarantee you the much needed flexibility whenever you enter the ring. They are meticulously designed to move with your foot and offer superb ankle support whenever you need it.

This pair also features Integrated Lace Garage technology that makes it compliant with the set rules of wrestling shoes. This means that laces are tucked in small pockets ruling out the chances of tripping on them. The rubber sole, on the other hand, is designed to offer great traction and increased flexibility.



  • Great traction
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Breathable ecsaine synthetic leather upper
  • Non-bulky breathable tongue


  • Shoe sides not properly sized for people with really wide feet


ASICS Men’s JB Elite V2.0 Wrestling Shoe

Based on design specification of a two-time world Olympic and world champion wrestler, Jordan Burroughs, the ASICS Men’s JB Elite V2.0 Wrestling Shoe are sure to wow you not just by overall design but also by performance. They are built with specific technology to enable you to reach your potential them moment you step into the mat, offering you durability and quality. The upper of the shoes is made with a single mesh layer to provide excellent breathability and comfort.

The ASICS Men’s JB Elite V2.0 Wrestling Shoes meet all the regulations set for tournament wrestling competition when it comes to the lacing system. They incorporate Lace Garage Technology, which keeps the laces tacked in pockets and unexposed to keep you safe when wrestling. The slip rubber sole is another great feature as it offers splendid traction giving you a firm grip on the mat so that you can manage to move quickly and accurately.



  • Excellent air flow
  • Non-bulky tongue
  • Superb flexibility
  • Integrated lace garage technology



  • Size table may be inaccurate and the shoes may feel smaller and narrower


adidas Men’s mat Wizard.3-M

Durable, lightweight, strong, flexible, and comfort – these are some of the benefits that the adidas Wizard.3-M offers. The pair comes with a 3D mesh upper that’s designed to keep your feet dry and cool throughout the wrestling match. The underlays are made to be durable and strong, offering you the much-needed support in the ankle and midfoot.

The adidas Wizard.3-M is designed to fit your foot snugly like a glove. It features synthetic 3-stripes upper that’s reinforced to offer you the much-needed support so that you can easily move with confidence around the mat. It has a rubber sole and one-piece outsole built to offer you maximum grip on any direction, not to mention comfort and great stability.



  • Great support for foot and ankle
  • 3D mesh breathability
  • Superb traction
  • Rubber sole for improved traction
  • Strong and lightweight


  • Sole is a bit stiff
  • Expensive compared to other similar pairs in the market


adidas Men’s Pretereo III Wrestling Shoes

Featuring supportive heel structure and a reinforced ankle zone, the adidas Men’s Pretereo III Wrestling Shoes are a great pair if you are looking for a more comfortable option that offers utmost protection to your ankle area and the entire foot. The unique this about the shoes is that they come with sticky rubber outsoles to provide superb traction in every direction.

The adidas Men’s Pretereo III Wrestling Shoes also feature a single-layer mesh upper that allows your feet to receive as much air as possible so that they can remain dry and cool at all times. This material also ensures that the shoes are lightweight, letting the users move easily without feeling weighed down.



  • Anti-slip lining
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable upper mesh
  • Sticky rubber outsole


  • May feel smaller for people with broad feet


Conclusion & Final Wrestling Shoe Reviews

The importance of buying the right wrestling shoes cannot be stressed enough. If you are to win any match or train effectively, there are a few things you can’t afford to overlook. You need to have great flexibility, perfect traction, excellent ankle support, and of course comfort. Best wrestling shoes will offer you these benefits and more, giving you an upper hand over your opponent.

We understand that it can be difficult to find the right fit considering that there are countless options out there. As we have explained, if you understand the materials that make up wrestling shoes, the soles they incorporate for great traction, the features they offer for increased comfort, weight of the shoes, overall design, and the size of arch for ankle support, you’ll definitely find a pair that works for you.

Based on the research that we’ve conducted, our top pick based on flexibility, traction and comfort is the ASICS Men’s Split Second 9 Wrestling Shoe. This pair offers excellent support and airflow, allowing both heavyweight and lightweight wrestlers to perform exceptionally in the sport. The split sole design allows the fore and rear of your foot to operate independently, guaranteeing you superb flexibility.

Based on the overall design and a premium look, we’ve chosen to go with the adidas Men’s Adizero Wrestling XIV-M. This shoe is a real beauty. It comes in a variety of colour combinations, allowing you to wear it while wrestling and casually on any other day. When it comes to performance, the pair provides excellent flexibility, support and comfort. The upper mesh is designed to allow flow of air to your foot, keeping your feet dry and cool throughout your training session or wrestling match.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wrestling Shoes

Why are wrestling shoes important?

Wrestling shoes are meticulously designed to replicate barefoot, but with improvised features for the best performance. For instance, if you wrestle barefoot, the sweaty feet will make you keep on slipping on the mat. With the kind of movements experienced in a wrestling match, you will want to wear shoes that have better traction and provides you with a firm grip. Again, you need to protect your feet and ankle from any possible injuries, and that’s why you will find many options out there with a high arch and tucked in laces for utmost protection.

How long do wrestling shoes last?

Wrestling shoes are built with durable materials so that they can last you as long as possible, keeping in mind the aggressive nature of the sport. Generally, a great pair should last you around one year, but you can find excellent shoes, especially those from big brands such as adidas and ASICs going for about two years. Remember, though, the longevity of wrestling shoes will be highly dependent on the use. If you use them regularly for training and wrestling, chances are they won’t last long. This is also true of you are an aggressive wrestler.

How many pairs should own?

Whether you train regularly or just a few times in a week, never make the mistake of going for a single pair. A day will come when you’ll wish you had two. Because of the aggressive nature of wrestling, these shoes tend to wear out quickly, so it would be best if you have several pairs – some for practice and others for comptitions.

How do you size wrestling shoes?

This is a great question considering that most people order their exact size and end up with uncomfortable fit. As much as wrestling shoes should be as tight as possible, you may want to get a slightly larger size so that option if you are heavyweight wrestler. This gives the shoes more room to stretch while at the same time offering you a snug fit.

Should I go for a split sole or a uniform sole?

Wrestling shoes either come with a split sole or a uniform sole, commonly known as a uni-sole. The split sole shoes, which come in two different parts are best suited for lightweight wrestlers and beginners. This type of sole allows the wrestlers to focus more on flexibility, balance and speed.

On the other hand, the uniform sole shoes are the traditional style shoes. The sole runs full length and not split in to two like their counterpart. Shoes with this kind of sole are best suited for heavyweight wrestlers who want to focus more on support and rigidity at the bottom of the foot, without worrying much about flexibility. If you are looking to maintain a straight stance on the mat, this will be a great option to go for.

How much do wrestling shoes cost?

Wrestling shoes are more expensive than your regular sneakers, because of the extra features they incorporate. However, they shouldn’t cost a lot more than your basketball or running shoes. Generally, there’s a range of acceptable costs, which depend on the quality of the shoes, the size you want to get, and the brand you are going for. You’ll find that the bigger sizes cost a few dollars more, while the popular brands are likely to price their shoes higher than the less known brands. But generally a decent quality will cost as low as $40 and a premium one will go for hundreds of dollars. As a general rule of thumb, whether you are on a tight budget or not, don’t go for the really cheap wrestling shoes as they may not offer the expected performance. Some may fall apart with just a few uses, while others will provide poor traction, comfort and stability.

What brand should I consider?

The issue of brand is not really important, provided you stick to the well-known brands. You see, the popular brands today may not be the next season. Although some of the most common brands are adidas and ASICS, has also entered the market with great options that will likely capture the attention of wrestlers. If you get a good par with the features you are looking for and it feels good, go for it. If it doesn’t fit perfectly, try another style.

Can you go use your boxing shoes instead of buying wrestling shoes?

The simple answer to this question is no. You see, boxing shoes are made with a different design. One of the most notable differences is the sole. Wrestling shoes are made to offer as much traction as possible, which is not the case with boxing shoes. The boot height for wrestling shoes is mostly low type, while that of boxing shoes is mid top/high.

However, you will find options in the market that are designed to suit both boxers and wrestlers. Such options incorporate all necessary features for both sports, providing the needed support, stability and traction on different surfaces.

Can wrestling shoes be used for other sports?

Although other types of sport shoes can’t be used for wrestling, the other way round is true. Considering the innovative features they come with, it’s no surprise that many people would consider buying wrestling shoes for other kinds of sports such as martial arts and running. Weightlifters in particular find these shoes satisfactory because they offer them the much needed balance and traction, while protecting their ankles should anything happen.

Can you wear socks with your wrestling shoes?

You might have come across some wrestlers wearing socks with their wrestling shoes. Well, there’s a good reason for that. With regular use, these shoes tend to loosen, which decreases their performance level. Instead of purchasing a new pair, some wrestlers prefer to wear socks so that they can compress their feet and have a tighter fit. That’s one group. The other wears socks so that they can have an extra layer of support and keep the feet as dry as possible. There’s nothing wrong with this, and most experienced wrestlers recommend using the right socks to help keep the foot in place.

How do you clean wrestling shoes?

Cleaning your wrestling shoes shouldn’t be very difficult. Most of the times, you will find shoes that come with instructions on how to clean them in the right way so that you can avoid getting infections. To do it effectively, get some warm water and clean them using a cloth, gently rubbing them down. Do not scrub them or use any kind of detergent as this may damage them with time. Once you get rid of all the grime and dirt, leave them to dry by themselves. Remember that these kind of shoes are meant to be tight, so if you aggressively clean them or use a washer, they will stretch and negate the fit needed to engage in the sport. Most

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