13 Best White Sneakers of 2021 [Buying Guide & Reviews]

Best White Shoes

As simple as it may seem or sound to say, sometimes a pair of plain white shoes are just the perfect choice for you.  Whether it’s because you have such a huge array of colors in your wardrobe, or you just have to wear white to work in, or as close as you can find, it’s just a good, solid pick.  Today’s buying guide is going to delve into the world of white shoes for you so that you can have all of the information within your reach.  Following our guide, we’ll also have reviews of the some of the best and most popular pairs of them out there currently on the market, all in a bid to help you narrow down what it is that you need and what you don’t need.  So, let’s get to it then!

Top White Sneakers Comparison Chart

ProductMaterialPriceWhere to Buy?
1. Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running ShoesTextile$$$Check Price On Amazon
2. Skechers Women’s Go Walk Joy Walking ShoesTextile$$$Check Price On Amazon
3. K-Swiss Men’s Classic VN Fashion SneakersLeather$$$Check Price On Amazon
4. Jenn Ardor Women’s Slip On Casual ShoesMan-made$$Check Price On Amazon
5. Centipede Demon Unisex Quick Drying Water ShoesFabric$Check Price On Amazon
6. Adidas Originals 3 MCTextile$$$Check Price On Amazon
7. TOMS Seasonal Classics Women’s Slip On ShoesCanvas$$$Check Price On Amazon
8. Dream Pairs Women’s Elastic FlatsMan-made$Check Price On Amazon
9. Sperry Men’s Striper II Salt Washed CVO SneakersTextile$$Check Price On Amazon
10. Adidas Originals Kids’ Swift Running ShoesTextile & Synthetic$$$Check Price On Amazon
11. Jiasuqi Men’s Casual Breathable Athletic ShoesKnit Fabric$Check Price On Amazon
12. Flammi Women’s No Show Socks95% Cotton/5% Spandex$Check Price On Amazon

White Shoes Buying Guide

Reasons To Buy White Sneakers

To a few, this may seem extremely random and simply strange.  Why, in the world, would you want a pair of white shoes?  Furthermore, it’s not just the desire to have them but more of the willingness to search.  There’s actually a good reason for this, though.  A few, actually, and those are going to be listed methodically here so you can confirm that you’re not indeed crazy!

– White matches everything.  If you’ve ever run into that kid, or adult, that just doesn’t know how to match, you’ll know this is huge.  Some people are just not so good at matching their clothes together. Shoes are an optional piece as far as that is concerned, but for many in more professional or public settings, it’s not a choice.  They have to match.  White makes perfect sense because it matches everything out there.  It can go with jeans, shorts, skirts, and dresses of all colors.  This is the advantage that it has over a lot of other colors.

– It’s naturally cooler than black.  Black also matches virtually everything, but the major issue you’ll find with black is that it’s going to be a heat-seeking missile.  Any time you get in the sun for long, you’re going to begin to burn up.  White doesn’t do this, since it’s effectively the opposite of black and works to cool in most scenarios.

– There is something for everyone.  White shoes range in all kinds of looks and styles.  They do not have to be a certain type in order to qualify for the specification, even if that shiny new, sparkling pair of sneakers is firmly in your mind as you read this.  You can fit your personal style to it, rather than having to acquiesce to whatever you are ‘supposed’ to look like.

– They have an awesome lineage.  Even if you aren’t planning on wearing them for athletic usage, you still have that history to look back upon.  In the early 20th century, the white color came to be associated with all sorts of athletic events.  Athletes from all over the world began to wear white shoes, and that sort of has been passed on today.  Even if you’ve never so much as touched a ball or ran, you’ll still be getting a bit of the aura off of this.

– White can be a nice work shoe.  Some workplaces will require you to wear only a certain range of colors- or color.  White might just be a requirement, so you will want to stick within their guidelines.  A pair of white shoes, then are not just a fashion thing but also a mandate, if this is the case!

Types of ‘White’ Shoes

The idea of white shoes, as we mentioned above, does trace back to athletic shoes.  As a result, the first thing that most people will have in mind is that we are talking exclusively about sneakers and the like.  However, this is not going to be the case with our guide today.  There are a ton of different kinds of shoes that can be useful and match virtually everything.  So, that’s what we are going to take an inspection upon today instead of forcing you to stick with the same old just because!  Here’s a look at some of the types of white shoes you might see and their uses.

Sneakers/Athletic Shoes

For obvious reasons, we’ll go ahead and make mention of this type since it’s the prevalent one out on the interwebs if you will.  Sneakers are awesome for a variety of reasons.  Generally speaking, they are much, much better in athletic events, so that is one of the benefits of them.  The thing, though, with them is that not all of sneakers are made for athletic usage.  This is something some folks just don’t get.  It can look like a ‘tennis’ shoe without being one.  On the plus side of this is the fact that even when this is present you get a great casual feel to them.  They are usually supportive and fairly breathable on your feet, hearkening back to their roots as athletics.  It is true that full on athletic shoes- particularly running shoes- are lighter than their more casual counterparts, however.  So if that makes a difference to you, then you should look in that direction.

Low or High?

Within the realm of athletic shoes and so-called ‘sneakers’ will be both high and low tops.  There are also medium ‘tops’ as well, but those are increasingly becoming known as high tops, for whatever reason.  High tops are like the Converses of old, and they are associated closely with basketball and sometimes football, though even that trend is fading fast by the looks of things.  A high top offers the utmost in protection, mainly for the ankles, but it does so at the cost of increased weight and a lack of movement.  A low top, in contrast, is going to offer you a much lighter experience, whether it’s for athletic or casual use doesn’t matter.  Plus, it’ll be more flexible and freeing, even if you don’t have as much protection.


Nearly every lady loves herself some flats.  Some have been known to wear them until they can’t be worn anymore.  This type of shoe is just a massive hit out there because they are super casual but can also be dressy.  Comfortable and freeing, they are light and easy to carry around.  Many pairs are already quite versatile in terms of matching, but this is only ramped up to 100 when you put them in all white.  Flats are not the most protective or supportive type of shoe out there, but for lovers of them it’s hard to argue that with them, simply because they are so great for them.

Thinking Outside the Box

It might seem like it’s all covered with ‘tennis’ shoes and with flats, but there can be other types of white shoes as well.  In fact, any pair of shoes that are white can be, even if those are the prevailing two.  One such possibility is that of water shoes.  Water shoes are awesome for anyone that’s planning on going to the water but does not want to take a chance around it while on land.  You can wear them to an amusement park or to the lake or beach, such is their high level of versatility.  Since they are white, the sun light will not make them overheat too bad, and they will drain water away since they are indeed water shoes.  This is one of the ways you can think outside of the box for sure!


No matter what the style looks like, you are going to have to have some things in a shoe.  At the top of the list is going to be your overall comfort.  No one is going to want to wear that brand new pair of white shoes, that look awesome mind you, if there is a lack of serious comfort to them.  In order to have true comfort, though, you need to have a holistic approach to the situation.  For many, comfort is this and that, but it should be a more general feeling.  If you feel that the shoes hurt for any reason, then it is not comfortable for you.  Here are some things to do to make sure you’ve truly got comfort.  By looking over these, you’ll be able to essentially check yourself.

– Sizing must be right.  We will touch on sizing later for you, since there are so many diverging products on our list.  But this is just to say that the way you fit yourself is going to have a telling impact on the way you feel in your shoes.

– Insoles are vital.  To many, the first (and only) place they look for comfort in is with the size (maybe) and then the insoles.  The specific region of the insoles we are talking about, of course, is the inserts. The inserts is the part that you stand directly on top of.  It can be squishy or super hard.  Many people judge shoes solely by this.  While that is a mistake to make, you should also make sure it’s reasonable for you and that you can manage a full day with them beneath you.  Also, though, you need to look at the materials in there besides the inserts.  If the materials are rough or coarse, they could irritate you. They might also be too hard against you, so that’s worth checking out.

– Look at the tongue and heel collar.  The tongue is going to usually be the place where the shoes are secured, especially if they have laces to them.  A tongue can often be too big and cumbersome or too small to do anything with.  Remember, you want to be able to adjust on the fly, so if it’s impossible to do so, you’re not getting what you truly need.  The heel collar is much the same way.  You just don’t want anything pressing into you or causing heat spots to form.

– Look for cushioning and support to be present in the shoes if you are going to be in them for a while. For those of us that are on our feet a whole lot throughout the day, you will be begging for some support.  While support and cushioning are not always 100% the same, shoes that have support to them will typically have adequate cushioning built in.  A lot of times, you can’t see this being done, unfortunately, but you can get an idea when you wear them for an extended period and then take them off.  If the bottom of your feet end up killing you, then they don’t have a ton of support.  Some shoes are just not as good at this as others, so you need to remember that there is a difference between fashion shoes and usable shoes, sometimes.

Finding The Right Size

A major part of having comfort is going to be ensuring that you’ve got the right size shoes beneath you.  If you overlook, it is doing so at your own peril, because you will be hurting sooner or later.  Here are some things to keep an eye on as you try to do this and give yourself the best possible fit you can:

– Check sizing charts, guides, and reviews to gather information on them.  Because some of the shoes we are going to have in our list, and the ones you might find you like, are off the beaten path a bit, you will need to cross-check for sizing.  You may need to measure yourself.  What you don’t want to do is automatically believe your ‘normal’ size will automatically carry over.  Believing this is going to help set you up for sure-fire failure.  We will make sure to point out in our reviews in a bit whether a pair has any obvious sizing issues to speak of.  This is crucial to do since there is not always a universal size!

– Make sure that you check length and width when you are trying them on.  Whether it’s in the house after delivery or in a store, you should make sure you have plenty of room all throughout the shoes. This includes the length AND the width.  Too many folks overlook one at the cost of the other.  But you need both in order to feel as good as possible, so take this seriously.  Some shoes just never line up quite right, so you’ll either need to go up a half size or look for something else.

– Think about how and when you will be wearing the shoes.  If you are wearing them for pure casual use, then this won’t matter quite as much to you, but if you are going to be playing a sport or standing a lot, you’ll want to make sure you try the shoes on after some activity.  If you don’t do a little bit of something, then you’ll be running the risk of having shoes that don’t fit so well to you when you get to the tougher parts of the day.  This is because of the swelling that happens inside of our bodies as a response to exercise.  Also, you should consider if you’ll be wearing socks or not.  It seems like a tiny, minuscule thing, but they could throw you off greatly and cause discomfort down the line.


There is no doubt that the style and fashion of shoes are important.  Is it the most important thing, though?  That is hard to say.  Sometimes the answer is yes, and if you’re here then it’s partly going to be a yes, at the very least.  Style is usually not something we would push to the front of the line.  We would recommend that you choose a pair of shoes that are functional for you and then comfortable first, then go to style, normally.  But here, you obviously need to find white shoes first. Then, you work backwards.  Comfort and then function.  Unless, of course, you are thinking in terms of performance in athletics.  If so, you’ll want to go with style, function, and then comfort.  They are all important, but depending on what you are doing you can rearrange them to line up for your needs.  All of that aside, make sure you will be happy with.  If you are someone that just wants to have a pair of shoes that will match virtually everything in your closet, then go for something that’s more general.  If you want something to help you on the court or on the pavement but also some casual, then there is that, too!

Tips To Keep Them Pearly Whites!

If you are here, then you are going to want to keep your shoes as white and fresh as they can be for as long as you can.  Doing that is not always going to be the easiest thing to do, since white is so easily gotten dirty.  With that being said, here are some tips for you to help you prevent them from getting all nasty and dirty.

Clean as you go.  We’ll get into some specifics below, but before that you should heed this general rule of thumb.  Clean your shoes as you go and you won’t have to work so hard, plus stains won’t set in.  If you see them get dirty, wipe it away immediately, or as soon as possible.  There’s no need to be a clean freak and do it the second it happens, but you also shouldn’t leave it and let it fester, so to speak.

– Pinpoint the materials used, especially the uppers.  This is going to make a difference in how you clean them.  You can’t clean certain materials the same way you can with others, so you have to be very careful so as to not destroy them.  Uppers that are made out of leather will require more work out of you.  And more care, too.  If you are unsure if you can do something or not, then consult online resources.

– Generally, you can use baking soda or a mild detergent and water with a rag to wipe down your shoes. The uppers might need a bit of scrubbing done, or the outsoles, but this can usually do the trick for you. The bottoms can be a bit trickier, so using a toothbrush might just help you eradicate the trouble.

– Use the washing machine with care.  We really don’t recommend this, but if you must do so, you need to make sure and use the washer with supreme care and confidence.  Don’t do anything too harsh to them, and certainly don’t put them in the dryer, unless you want them to get ruined!

The Top 11 White Shoes of 2019 Reviews

  1. Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoes

If you want to look fresh on the run, then there are going to be few better than these shoes from Adidas. The Cloudfoam technology they have used in these has changed the game dramatically in the world of running, and unlike so many, these running shoes are super versatile and will be able to be used in number of settings. That’s because of the Cloudfoam which has made them so supportive and comfortable.  On top of that, the use of knitting in the upper makes them very flexible and gives you an extreme degree of padding to make you happy.  All the while, there is an abundance of mesh around to make them super breathable, too.  With a memory foam sockliner, you’ll be getting what amounts to a custom fit inside, too, all the while looking nice and classy.  Another thing to love about them is that they combine a slip on with laces, making them super easy to pull on and off but still giving you the safety and security of laces.


  • Tons of breathability
  • Supportive and comfy
  • Great for athletics and casual wear
  1. Skechers Women’s Go Walk Joy Walking Shoes

Skechers is one of the more well known brands out there for comfort and casual wear, so it’s no shock to see them here with these walking shoes. These walking shoes are not like a lot of them that you have seen. Those are usually heavy and just have a bulky look to them, unlike these. These, instead, are slip on shoes that are so much lighter.  Yet they still carry with them the trust and reputation that comes with Skechers.  The midsole has super cushioned 5Gen material to give you plenty of support, all while the insole is very springy and will rebound thanks to the use of their ‘Goga max’ compound.  They use mesh all the way around them, too, which helps to cut down further on the weight, provide much more flexibility, and to also give you a ton of breathability in the process.  Plus, they are easier to clean than many other materials out there, too, so that’s a big plus to speak about as well.


  • Tons of cushion and rebound
  • Easy to clean
  • Flexible, breathable, and light
  1. K-Swiss Men’s Classic VN Fashion Sneakers

K-Swiss is one of those brands that are known for their sneakers, yet they have always been associated with fashion. This pair is no different, utilizing a very old school tennis court look. Made from leather, you will get all of the benefits that come with it, such as a premium feel and maximum durability.  Sure, you don’t get the same breathability that mesh gives you, but you don’t exactly need it since you’re not going to be on the move as much with them, after all.  Even the laces look super stylish, using the bigger, thicker variety to help them stand out along with metal ‘D’ rings.  You might not feel like they have a lot of use functionally, but they still operate well thanks to the use of EVA all over.  They use it in the heels to make them more comfy and to drive down the weight, while also using the same material in the midsole to do the same.  The footbed is also padded, so even if you do have a couple of extra ounces to carry, you’ll at least do so in comfort and style.


  • Old school style
  • EVA helps comfort
  • Very durable
  1. Jenn Ardor Women’s Slip On Casual Shoes

If you want a pair of slip ons that are a little bit more fashionable than the walking shoes from Skechers that we saw earlier, then this could be just the ticket you need. These casual shoes are made with comfort solely in mind, using a soft latex upper that is super cushy and padded for your feet. This helps them to be breathable as well, even if they don’t look like it.  The insoles are soft and padded, too, helping you to get rid of that pain that might be sticking around after a long day.  Even the lining inside is also made to be breathable, which is really helpful for warm days, even if you’re just sitting around with nothing much to do at all.  Plus, hey, they’re flats, so they won’t weigh much and would be excellent travel shoes to have on.  They are a little bit narrow, so you may have to adjust and go up a half size or so.


  • Very breathable
  • Soft and padded all over
  • Much more fashionable slip on


  • Runs a little narrow
  1. Centipede Demon Unisex Quick Drying Water Shoes

We talked about thinking outside of the box earlier, and this is a pair that definitely do that in a couple of ways. First, they are unisex, so they can go for either gender. Secondly, and much more importantly, they are water shoes!  These shoes are going to be able to get absolutely soaked in water and will drain out due to 11 strategically located holes.  Up top, the material is very flexible and breathable, as you would expect it to be thanks to the need for them to dry so quickly.  Plus, they are elastic, which is going to make them expand with your feet, ensuring you don’t have any cramps of limitations.  They are light and very easy to clean, making them a no brainer for you and the family if you are headed on a trip and don’t want to spend a fortune on shoes or worry about yours getting doused in water!


  • Dries super quickly
  • Fits well to the foot and adjusts
  • Very, very light
  1. Adidas Originals 3 MC

You can’t really go wrong with Adidas, can you? These are proof of that in a very big way. These shoes are made to look like old school shoes and are also unisex, though these are technically skate shoes.  This means they are low to the ground and have that sort of grippy feel to them that makes you feel secure, all the while keeping them light and responsive so that you can be on your toes at a moment’s notice.  With EVA lining throughout them, they are cushioned and comfortable while remaining lighter than others that choose to go with other materials.  The outsole is going to last longer due to it being vulcanized, all the while the tread used in that same area makes them much more flexible than many.  Thanks to the use of a canvas upper, these shoes are able to be both breathable and durable, combining the pluses of leather with synthetic’s and mesh’s benefits in one package.


  • Breathable and durable
  • Flexes very well
  • Supportive and cushioned
  1. TOMS Seasonal Classics Women’s Slip On Shoes

According to more than one lady we know, Toms are always in season. And while these here might not be the best look in winter or in the rain, they are certainly spectacular for the summer. These 100% canvas slip ons are ultra comfy and will super easy to get on and take off since they feel like a feather on top of your feet.  The fact that they are canvas not only is going to make them breathable but will also make cleaning them off all the easier, too, while the slightly raised heel in the back is a nice touch to help give you a bit of support.  The upper is flexes enough to give you a lot of flexibility in the most critical areas, all the while the padding in the footbed makes you feel even more comfy.  These are great casual wear shoes and for travel, though they don’t have the abundance of support you’ll really need for long, hard days on the job.


  • Easy to clean
  • Breathable and very flexible
  • Light and fashionable


  • Not a ton of support
  1. Dream Pairs Women’s Elastic Flats

If you happen to want something that is a bit more fashionable and formal, then this is the way that you ca turn without going too far overboard. These are still flats, technically, but they have a more sophisticated look that could work at more formal functions and possibly at work. They are made from synthetic materials, which are going to make them easier to clean and more breathable and flexible than leather is.  On top of it, the footbed is comfy and the straps that help keep you locked in are soft and stretchy, all the while being very, very stylish.  There is lining inside that is very soft, too, helping make sure you’re not overawed and under intense pain all of the time.  There is a slightly raised heel in the back, which makes them more fashionable, too.  The price is really great, and you don’t have to carry a ton more weight around, so these are great for a more formal look.


  • Very formal
  • Bends to your needs
  • Comfortable and supportive


  • Too formal for most uses
  1. Sperry Men’s Striper II Salt Washed CVO Sneakers

Boat shoes are all the rage at the moment, much like white shoes are, so it’s only natural that the two would cross paths somewhere along the line. Sperry is the unquestioned leader in that type, so they have made the list with a bit of an exception here. So far, we have seen all white shoes, but these differ just a little with some color to them, albeit fairly natural ones on the laces, the sides, and on the soles. Apart from that, they are all white.  Besides that, these shoes are made to be great around water and on land, making them ideal for use on a boat thanks to the ‘wave siping’ molded grip compound on the soles.  The upper is made out of lightweight vulcanized synthetic material to make it flexible and secure, while the footbed is molded to your feet as well.  If you are looking for versatility in terms of casual wear, there aren’t many more than will beat these!


  • Flexible and light
  • Very versatile in a casual sense
  • Traction great for wet and dry use
  1. Adidas Originals Kids’ Swift Running Shoes

Adults aren’t the only ones that can use a pair of white shoes. Kids can, too, even if you feel like they are going to be all green and black in the blink of an eye! These shoes are, of course, super fashionable as a result of coming from Adidas.  But moreover, they are a perfect shoe for wear to school and to casual functions due to their versatility.  For adults, it’s not always best to wear running shoes for sports and play, but for a kid it will be plenty fine, all the while giving them plenty of support and protection when not playing, too.  With mesh all over, they are going to be flexible and breathable, which is a must have for a child due to comfort being such an importance to them.  You don’t want them refusing to wear them after all!  The upper is not going to hold up extremely well if the wearer is rough on them, so that is something to keep in mind for sure.  They also can run a bit small, so that’s something to be aware of.


  • Lots of versatility
  • Extremely good looks
  • Breathes and flexes well


  • Not super durable
  • Can run small
  1. Jiasuqi Men’s Casual Breathable Athletic Shoes

If you want a lower priced option for your selection, then this might be the way to go. If you are only going to wear them once or twice, then you may not want to spend big, so this is a good way to navigate around that eventuality. With that said, these are great looking and don’t look like a pair of unknown brand shoes, so that’s a huge plus!  They are made out of knit, like so many of the modern manufacturers are going with.  This makes them bend and flex well, adds tremendously to their breathability, and it helps aid comfort and gives off a cooler look to your shoes.  The lining inside is made out of mesh, which is going to help increase the aforementioned breathability, all the while helping rid you of bacteria and fungi, too.  The soles are even made to be super flexible, too, which is great if you are going to be using them for causal wear but not so good for active wear.  Be wary of that.  These are a good idea for a little bit of use, but don’t take them overboard.  If you follow that guideline, you’ll be good to go and will be very happy with your choice.


  • Very breathable and flexible
  • Looks great
  • Very low price


  • Not gonna be the all-time best for active use

BONUS: Flammi Women’s No Show Socks– This isn’t a pair of shoes, but it does make the list, as a bonus, due to the fact that they can help cover up the fact that you have socks on. So many times you will not have a really good pair to match up with your flats, so this feels that void in a big way.  These just seamlessly fit around your toes and the heels in a comfy way, thanks to a silicone grip, making sure you don’t overheat with them on or slip.  Just a nice thought to add to your flats!

Conclusion And Final White Shoes Recommendations

Finding a pair of shoes in 2019 looks to be easier than ever on paper, but many find it increasingly harder to do.  You have to search and search for that perfect pair, and then you find out that the color you want isn’t out there.  That’s one of the joys of online shopping.  Yes, there may be a plethora of items to scroll through one after the next, but you can just about always count on being able to either find the color you are looking for or some strange and outlandish ones that stand out.  That’s one of the advantages when you look for white shoes, and it’s why a list like this, along with a guide, is just so valuable to you.  So, go find your new, fresh pair of white shoes then, won’t you!?

FAQ’s About White Shoes

Why Are White Shoes So Popular?

It’s hard to give just one reason, so here’s a few things to look at.  For one, they go with a ton of stuff.  You can wear jeans or shorts, with all kinds of shirts.  Various colors, too.  The link to the past is also part of it, since athletic shoes were basically predecessors to them.  That has helped them be passed on.  Lastly, it’s a trend that just happens to be very ‘in’ right now.  Some people love to stay trendy, some do not.  While white shoes are always going to be around, we’re sure there will come a time where they are just not as popular as they are right now.

Do I Have To Pay A Lot Of Money For White Shoes?

To get a good, quality pair of white shoes, you don’t have to go out and break the bank.  That is, of course, depending on what you are going to be using them for.  If you are planning on wearing them to the ball, then you’re going to end up paying more money than someone that’s just going to wear them out on the town for the night.  The same goes for someone that’s going to be using them as their primary work or fitness shoes.  You can go with a cheaper option than those, but it’s not wise since it can put your foot under untold stress.  So, basically the answer is no.  You by no means have to spend a lot of money just to get a pair of white shoes.  In fact, you can find some really great deals on this type of shoe due to how many of them that are out there.

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