10 Best Water Shoes 2021: Great for Hiking, Kayaking, & Beaches (Men, Women, & Kids)

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Enjoy the water on your vacation to the beach, camping trip, forest hike to the river, or favorite water sport like kayaking or surfing with water shoes that help you go further in comfort and style. Your water shoes should stick with you in the terrain you know you’ll be exploring – the right pair will protect you from being hurt by obstacles under the water, release water just as quickly as they take it in, grip slippery surfaces, and dry quickly so they’re ready when you are. There are water shoes for athletes that will grip your surfboard like a tree gecko as well as amphibious water shoes for kayakers hauling in and shipping out. Some pairs are more stylish for casual travel wear around the city and the boardwalk. And others are so comfortable you might wear them at home and in the garden as well. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all water shoe and the choices are as unique as you are. But they’re not all sure to stand up to the test. Whatever shoe fits you, you’re sure to find the one with this in-depth buyer’s guide and review of the top ten consumer reviewed water shoes for 2018.

Top Water Shoes Comparison Chart

ProductMaterialSolePriceWhere to Buy?
Zhuanglin Quick Drying Aqua Water ShoesFabricRubber$$Check Price On Amazon
LeKuni Barefoot Water ShoesPolyester & Spandex Rubber$Check Price On Amazon
Quicksilk Quick Drying Slip On Water ShoesPolyester & Spandex Rubber$Check Price On Amazon
Speedo Tidal Cruiser WatershoeNeoprene Rubber$$Check Price On Amazon
Leaproo Aqua Socks Barefoot WatershoesMeshRubber$$Check Price On Amazon
Cevinee Athletic Aqua Socks$Check Price On Amazon
Hinzer Quick Drying Water ShoesRubber$Check Price On Amazon
Herobest Quick-Dry Water ShoesPolyesterRubber$Check Price On Amazon
Clapzovr Water Shoes$Check Price On Amazon
Aleader Slip-on Athletic Water ShoesTextileSynthetic$$Check Price On Amazon

Water Shoes Buyer’s Guide

When you’re looking forward to some fun in the sun, wind, and waves it’s better to plan ahead with your water shoes. While the dollar store is a popular option, if you’re interested in sports and activities where you’ll be in and out of the water, you’d be surprised how many quality options there are. From traditional stretchy water shoes to water socks and jelly sandals, there’s something for everyone. Traveling for a beach vacation means you’ll be walking on the boardwalk and in casual situations in the city and there are stylish shoes for that as well.

The very first thing to consider are the types of activities you’ll be using your water shoes for because one pair may be great for the beach while another will protect your feet from sharp obstacles in a murky river. They do have some features in common which make them the most popular and well-rated choice for the majority of wearers, such as:

Quick drying

Since you’ll be walking in the water, shoes that retain that water will only bog you down and catch bacteria that make Athlete’s Foot a problem. All the shoes below are quick drying but you’ll find each brand accomplishes that in different ways. Some shoes are hydrophobic to repel water, others have holes in the sole to prevent water pooling in the in-sole, and still other more sports-oriented shoes are made of a stretchy, nylon blended fabric that is thin enough to still feel like you’re barefoot.

Sole thickness

As you read you’ll see water shoes and water socks. Water socks really aren’t durable to be used outside of a pool and will not protect your feet from painful debris common to river beds. You’ll also find some shoes that are more protective cannot handle the abuse of hiking through rugged terrain to the next aquatic spot, like on a waterfall or river hike. The more casual styles are comfortable for use on sidewalks and look good to wear all vacation, or in the garden, or at the water park.

Upper fabric

This is where you’ll find the most variety. From blended fabrics that stretch like you’ll find in a water sock or water shoe from an athletic brand, to jelly-clog style sandals, and even hydrophobic knits your choice has as much to do with appearance as function.

Arch support

Many of the water shoes below are barefoot style. That is, they have very little if any arch support at all. This could be a problem if you plan on going for long walks, playing your favorite sport for an extended period time, or have a foot injury to consider. The casual styles, amphibious shoes, and jelly sandals have more padding in the in-sole than you’ll find in a water sock or a style which is strictly a water shoe.


Most water shoes won’t hold to a long hike through the mountains, woods, or jungle and you’ll find yourself barefoot before you make it back to the hotel. This is the main problem with cheap, convenient water shoes you’ll find at a dollar store or general beach shop. Take a look for shoes reviewed as more versatile for use on land as they will be more likely to go the distance.


This is an especially important factor if you plan on walking over slippery stones, fording rivers where you can’t see the bottom, or enjoying a water sport like surfing where you need grip for safety. While all of the shoes below have anti-slip bottoms, some brands added unique features like rubber inserts at high-wear section of the out-sole or ridged, marked patterns on the sole.


The shoes incorporate a drainage system including the upper fabric, holes in the sole of the shoe, or both. Shoes with holes in the sole may turn out to be a pain for amphibious activities like gardening where you may find yourself walking through mud that seeps into the foot of the shoe. Some of the shoes with holes in the sole deal with gathering sand better than others. But a common concern with this feature are pebbles which tend to get stuck in the drainage holes themselves – not difficult to clean, but they may affect your comfort. By contrast, shoes that do not use holes in the sole will tend to gather water in the foot bed which will bog you down with river walking and extended movement in the water. Water socks are different than both because the fabric is so thin there is no space for it to gather water or debris at all, but their durability generally limits them to pools and water parks. Weigh your options with your activities of choice to best choose the kind of drainage you prefer.


How effectively the shoe lets in air impacts both the health of your foot and the speed at which it dries. Shoes that breathe poorly will heat up as you use them and may end up feeling sticky and uncomfortable. This is a breeding ground for bacteria. Likewise, if you need to wash your shoe or are taking a quick break from your activities and want them clean before your next use a shoe that lets in more air will serve you better. However, if you want to use your shoes in a more casual context with socks, more breathable shoes will also let in more water when walking through puddles or rain and you will get soggy. With a water shoe more breathability is good, but your use of the shoe will show you clearly which is better.

Now that you know the main features we’ll be covering, you’re prepared to weigh your choices as you read the reviews below. You’ll find all the shoes have these features it’s only a matter of the way they are delivered to give you your result. With all that said, scroll down to discover the very best water shoes of 2018 for comfort, lightness, and traction.

Best Water Shoes Reviews

1. Zhuanglin Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

This 90% fabric shoe with a rubber sole features a durable and breathable air mesh upper that allows your foot plenty of air circulation to breathe and easily allow water in and out. It is lightweight with a Solyte mid-sole which provides a comfy, bouncy cushion and is durable to protect your foot against things you might step on in the water. The Water Grip outsole gives excellent traction against slipping on wet stones. And the ComforDry sockliner gives you a comfortable, cooler and dryer space for your feet that is healthier against bacteria. The holes in the sole drain the water that gathers in the foot-bed which, together with the air mesh upper, makes this water shoe quick drying. The lightweight mesh it’s made from integrates a midfoot webbing system. It slips on and is flexible for an adaptive yet supportive fit. The outsole has articulated flex grooves that allow for natural range of motion and exceptional comfort with a barefoot style fit. They’re great both in and out of the water for daily or travel walking on your way to the next river or stream as well as aerobics. These shoes are all about supporting your best performance for maximum fun. With Zhuanglin Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes you may feel they finally designed the absolutely perfect water shoe, and they may quite possible be the best water shoes you’ve ever owned. If you live on or near an island or the coast where water shoes are a big deal this is well worth the money. They are everything water shoes should be – light, breathable, and most importantly capable of draining water out of the bottom. Most water shoes have soles of solid rubber or plastic with a mesh upper which does nothing about water pooling in the sole. Zhuanglin finally solved that too common problem with a genius solution. The holes in the bottom of the soles are raised to protect your feet from sharp object. Looking closely, you can see the two layers of mesh on top of those holes directly under the foot that stop sand and stones from getting into your shoes from the ground while allowing water to slip right out the bottom. They are extremely comfortable for walking anywhere at all and so light it’s like they’re not even there. And there is no shoe that comes anywhere close to being as breathable which is the perfect solution for Athlete’s Foot.


  • Double mesh bottoms allow water out and no sand or rocks in
  • Lightweight, plush padding, and puncture proof
  • Dry and breathable construction perfect for Athletes Foot


  • Uncomfortable for long walks as the mesh and stitching rubs on your feet
  • Rocks can still get inside the holes in the mesh
  • Less than stellar customer support

2. LeKuni Barefoot Water Shoes

LeKuni specializes in designing multi-functional, comfortable water shoes that are both high quality and cost effective.  LeKuni Barefoot Water Shoes are made of high quality materials – ultra-lightweight, stretchy, and breathable polyester and spandex upper for a close fit with easy on and off for comfort. Breathable, flexible, and comfortable insole. And smooth neck to prevent chafing around the ankle. The outsoles are non-slip rubber, anti-skidding, and wear resistant. The perfect sole to keep you stable when walking on dangerous slippery rocks that also protect your feet from pointy objects like tree branches in river beds. No problems with sand or rocks getting inside, either. The insoles are ergonomically molded to fit the shape of your foot and padded for shock absorption with a protective space for each one of your toes. Great for beach and water sports of all kinds including yoga, beach walking, swimming, pools, wake-boarding, sailing, fishing, volleyball, kayaking, and more. Once out of the water these shoes drain quickly to keep you dry and comfortable. The lining is very flexible and pockmarked with honeycomb-shaped holes that makes drainage faster. Plus they are durable even for hiking versus a cheap, common pair from a dollar store that is likely to break before you make it back to camp. They feel like wearing socks that are comfortable, lightweight, and easy to dry that have the sturdiness of a good pair of sneakers. They may be worth a repeat purchase for the family or as your go to shoe summer to summer. It’s a great deal on a quality water shoe for the price.


  • Great shoes for traction and protection in dangerous waterways with slippery, pointy obstacles
  • Light and breathable like a water shoe yet sturdy like a sneaker
  • Comfortable and sturdy enough for hiking as well as water sports


  • May have a challenge with sizing
  • Company may ship late from time to time
  • Occasional ‘lemon’ pair from manufacturing defects

3. Quicksilk Quick Drying Slip On Water Shoes

Quicksilk includes the features common to customer favorite water shoes – open mesh upper and holes in the sole for drainage provide superior breathability and quick drying. It as a Solyte midsole for lightweight, bouncy comfort with lasting durability. The Water Grip outsole gives better traction in slippery environments. They are very sturdy yet still flexible. You might call them super durable because they are tough enough to replace hiking shoes for jungle and mountain treks without sacrificing any of the qualities that make them great water shoes. Quicksilk Water Shoes run slightly larger than true to size but many wearers say they fit perfectly. They are so comfortable you can also replace your flip flops. They will exceed your expectations of typical wet, drippy, smelly water shoes. They are functional, versatile, and stylish enough to wear walking around the streets on your travels – expect compliments. They look like well-designed, lightweight water shoes. The soles protect your feet well from rocks and unexpected debris hurting you, but, the rocks in turn actually get stuck inside the holes put there for water drainage. You may need to stop to pick away the rocks fairly regularly depending on where you’re walking or wait until evening to wash them in the sink.


  • Versatile for light hiking, walking, as well as water treks
  • Stylish and comfortable enough to wear as a travel shoe
  • Protects your feet from sharp objects and stones


  • Stones get stuck in the drainage mesh in the bottom
  • Wash in the sink to avoid color bleed on other items
  • The top may be itchy for normal walking without socks

4. Speedo Tidal Cruiser Watershoe

Make your next day at the beach a special one with Speedo Tidal Cruiser Watershoes. It features a mesh upper for water drainage that also helps it dry quickly. It is designed for slip on with pull tabs for easy on and off. It has a neoprene, stretchy collar for a snug and secure fit and a padded footbed for comfort on your aquatic adventures with a rubber outsole. With each shoe weighing just 8 oz it feels like it isn’t even there. Speedo is the number one swim brand around the world known for its relaxed, lifestyle aquatic footwear. This super comfortable slide-on sandal has a seaweed massage in-sole that will make your feet thank you. The athletic style looks like a watershoe to wear on and off the boardwalk all day. It breathes well, grips well, and can help keep your feet clean in a public shower. It gives a good, very comfortable fit like gloves on your feet. Great for walking around a water park all day or everyday on a vacation to the beach. And they’re durable for your choice of water sports whether beach volleyball, kayaking, or walking in the surf. The size does run a little bit small and if the sizing isn’t just right for you your foot may slip around inside the shoe – which definitely opens up the possibility for blisters. To avoid that you could try wearing them with socks inside for longer, everyday walking around but that kind of defeats its purpose as a water shoe.


  • Quality watershoe from a major, trusted brand Speedo
  • Very comfortable with the correct fit
  • Neoprene protects ankle from rubbing and blisters


  • Potential for blisters from feet sliding inside the shoe if not correctly fitted
  • Not really a stylish choice for everyday walking around
  • No additional traction for slipper surfaces

5. Leaproo Aqua Socks Barefoot Watershoes

Keep your feet cool and dry with a quick-dry shoe like Leaproo Aqua Socks. They have seven drainage holes in the bottom to let water flow out and plenty of air flow in. It has a breathable mesh, stretchy upper that is quick flexible. The neck of the shoe both prevents chafing and makes it easier to put on and take off again. Leaproo Aqua Socks are extremely lightweight and breathable to be friendly on your skin. They give you the feeling you are walking barefoot to the point you may forget you’re even wearing them at all. But they have the added benefit of non-slip rubber soles that protect your feet from painful rocks, stones, and slipping. And they are flexible to be easily tucked into a beach bag or backpack of adventure supplies. All said and done, this is a solidly good pair of comfortable, convenient, and versatile water shoes for public showers, the beach, the pool, jogging, surfing, and more. They fit true to size, they look nice, and the drain water fairly well but they do tend to keep the sand in. The sand may also eventually clog your drainage holes so be ready to smack those out on the ground or wash in the sink with a toothpick. Otherwise you may feel like you’re walking with little sand buckets on your feet. They fit well and look nice in bright colors.


  • Comfortable and blister free design
  • Fit true to size
  • Lightweight and flexible enough to feel barefoot


  • Tends to keep sand inside
  • Drainage holes tend to get clogged
  • Insoles may slide out of the bottom when wet

6. Cevinee Athletic Aqua Socks

Cevinee Athletic Aqua Socks are made of a stretchy, breathable material that fits snugly enough to feel cozy while being light and flexible for a barefoot feel. The anti-slip sole is very lightweight and gives good traction underwater. When you’re done, roll them up and slip them back into their compact carry pouch – they’re quick dry and will dry as you go without dripping on the rest of your things. They are ergonomically designed to fit the shape of your foot and stay on your feet beautifully. And they are versatile for multiple uses like water aerobics and aqua therapy in the pool as well as sports on the beach, swimming in lakes, walking in rivers, white water rafting, surfing, and more. You can still feel the skin of your foot through the light, stretchy fabric and these may be the most truly, barefoot feeling water shoes you’ll find. The soles are way too thin to protect your feet from walking through murky rivers over pointy obstacles and debris. The insole is not removable so no slipping around inside the shoe but, alternatively, if you need to switch out the insole for support this may not be the water shoe for you. Also they are not incredibly durable for rough or strenuous sports. These would be a much better shoe to use in the pool, soft sand, or in a boat like a kayak or sailing.


  • Comfortable, thin sock design with traction for pools, sand, and boats
  • Light and flexible with skin-soft material feels truly barefoot
  • Quick-drying and comes with pouch to dry in while traveling


  • Soles too thin for rough walks and hiking through obstacles
  • Not very durable
  • Defective insert cushions may come out of the shoe

7. Hinzer Quick Drying Water Shoes

Hinzer water shoes are a unique and quality choice featuring seven holes in the bottom for good water flow out of the bed of the shoe for a cooler and healthier choice for your foot. They dry quickly. And are made for comfort during water sports. The rubber soles have a thick, incredibly comfortable foam arch-support insert inside that are flexible and protective against pain from stepping on stones and debris. They are made from fine, smooth fabrics that stretch over the top of your foot and don’t chafe around the ankle. These are barefoot water shoes that use the same foot muscles as if you were wearing nothing at all with natural pressure and balance from your toes. Move freely with agility and articulation without restraint. The fabric is breathable and comfortable against your skin. They are comfortable to wear at the water park, for surfing, beach volleyball, wake-boarding, sailing, parasailing and even pilates, weight training, cycling, and jogging on the beach. Hinzer developed a unique, high quality and faster water-repelling rubber for the sole that feels more comfortable on all surfaces and are a noticeable improvement over last year’s models. Your foot easily glides into the shoe thanks to the lug on the heel, yet it fits tightly enough to protect you from slipping. They are lightweight and compressible for easy, convenient packing. The upgraded drain sole offers great traction on all surfaces that makes them distinct from other water shoes. They are perfect for any water sport where you need your feet to grip. The mesh insole only makes drainage better.


  • Easy to return and exchange for the correct size
  • Great for casual wear in the yard when you know you will get wet
  • Like socks with excellent padding against debris and traction against slipping


  • Insoles may slip and wad up underfoot
  • Don’t breathe so easily and get too warm
  • Sizing runs large

8. Herobest Quick-Dry Water Shoes

Herobest water shoes are for swimming and walking. The upper is a fast drying stretchy fabric with good breathability. The outsole is a durable, anti-slip rubber thick enough to protect your feet from sharp objects on the ground underwater. They are flexible and lightweight which give freedom of movement and make them a comfort to wear. Herobest included drainage holes in the sole of the shoe so water flows out to keep your feet cool and dry as well as more comfortable and easy to move in the water. These shoes can be used in and out of the water at the beach, pool, in the garden, cycling, sidewalks, and for water sports. Although they are great multipurpose shoes, Herobest Quick-Dry Water Shoes are not recommended for hikes in rough terrain. They are pretty accurate to size but run slightly small by about a half size. The soles are soft and flexible, but without much padding like minimalist or barefoot shoes. If you don’t need arch support they are comfortable for all day wear but if you do, your feet will be tired in a few hours. They are great breathable and comfortable shoes for boating or daily wear with socks. They are stylish enough to wear all the time at work, for play, and at school in rainy weather. Casual, classy, and affordable.


  • Comfortable for daily wear outside of the water
  • Good multipurpose shoes for water sports
  • Stylish enough for casual wear in daily activities


  • Not strong enough for rough terrain
  • No arch support and very little padding
  • More comfortable paired with socks

9. Clapzovr Water Shoes

Clapzovr Water Shoes are an eco-friendly, quick dry flat clog-style sandal that are soft, comfortable, and multi-functional water shoes for land and aquatic use. It is a jelly watershoe made entirely of waterproof PVC. It features breathable PVC water holes around the upper and a lightweight non-slip EVA sole with good traction for daily walking and activities where your shoes are sure to get wet, like the garden, camping, or a light hike through streams. It has a removable foot bed for easy cleaning. The well-cushioned insert comes out easily, dries quickly, and pops back in easily. They are dry and ready to use again after a few minutes sitting in the sun. They are durable and quite comfortable for long walks on the beach and the pavement. The colors are bright and cheerful and you might have a few people approach to find out where you got them. A comfortable and functional option for the price. The sizing runs slightly large so order a half size smaller to accommodate for stretching which is common with pool shoes. But if you have a wider foot, no worries, go with your normal size. They have good traction in the water so have no fear of slipping. They stay on your foot well even through vigorous swimming even though they slip on and off easily with the attached flap on the back. These shoes are great for tubing, which is a mix of trail walking and water use fording rivers. They are also a natural choice for kayaking. However, these shoes tend to get filled with sand so beach walking may not be the best choice. Also pebbles tend to get stuck inside the smaller holes along the edge. If tanning is a concern, you should know the holes in the upper will leave you with a strange pattern like the spots of a giraffe. All in all, they are very comfortable, easy to swim in, and are supportive of your arch thanks to their inner lining.


  • Comfortable for long walks where you will be in and out of water
  • Practical for vigorous swimming, kayaking, fording rivers, and tubing
  • Great arch support


  • Tend to collect sand in the bottom
  • Pebbles and small stones get stuck in the holes around the edge
  • Strange tan pattern on your feet from the holes in the upper

10. Aleader Slip-on Athletic Water Shoes

This stylish athletic water shoe features contrasting colors on a quick-drying knit fabric upper that is closed and flexible for easy on and off, yet fits well enough to step with you whether in the water or on land for sports. It has a very light, slip resistant EVA cushioned sole that provides maximum traction in wet conditions without sacrificing its ability to drain water from the insole. The supportive, plush insole and inner lining of the shoe are very breathable to keep your foot cool and dry. In addition, the Aleader is constructed with a soft, molded cushioning for shock absorption you won’t find in other water shoes. This is an amphibious sport shoe that can support and protect your foot where most other shoes can’t. The durable mesh upper is hydrophobic, repelling water for superior lightness and fast drying. It features a unique contrast-stitched lateral support system that locks the shoe to your foot and prevents your foot slipping around inside the shoe. It integrates something called FluidFlow technology that prevents water-logging by draining water through the out-sole that keeps the shoe nice and light even after contact with water. And it offers excellent traction on slippery rocks by integrating rubber pods fitted to high-wear areas of the outsole designed with a slip-resistant pattern. They are light, comfortable, and supportive. The fit runs true to size or a half size larger than expected. These are effectively a stylish water sneaker with holes in the bottom for draining, so while they are perfect for waterfall hikes with mixed wet and dry terrain, avoid stepping through mud and be aware small stones will get stuck in the drainage holes.


  • Durable, well-fitted water sneaker for amphibious sports
  • Stylish and comfortable enough to wear on land for general use
  • Unique features include shock absorption, hydrophobic knit, and anti-slip rubber pods


  • Drainage holes let in sand, mud, and pebbles
  • Not easy to clean sand out
  • Do not fit narrow feet well because of knit upper rather than stretch

Conclusion And Final Water Shoes Recommendations

Now you’ve seen the crowd favorite, best reviewed water shoes of 2018 reviewed in detail. By now, all features considered, at least one pair be calling you out to play. The ideal shoe is up to your personal taste and needs as an aquatic adventurer.

Whether that’s a water sock like Cevinee Athletic Aqua Socks for the pool or waterpark; a quick-drying watershoe like Zhuanglin Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes on an exotic beach vacation; or exploring waterways deep in the forest with protective, amphibious watershoes like LeKuni Barefoot Water Shoes or Quicksilk Quick Drying Slip On Water Shoes; athletic water shoes that grip your surf board like Hinzer Quick Drying Water Shoes; or casual water shoes for traveling like Aleader Slip-on Athletic Water Shoes as well as Clapzovr Water Shoes, there is a pair of shoes made to walk with you.

They all share certain features in common that make them comfortable, quick to dry, light to wear in and out of the water, their ability to drain water as well as debris, and with a safe amount of traction. How they deliver them and in what measure is the difference that will determine if you make it through that river and back again with your shoes (and the bottoms of your feet) or without them – hence, the comfort and enjoyment of your overall experience on your trip.

So before you leave to hit the waves, be sure to buy the right shoes to walk, hike, wade, surf, and shop with you in style to make your journey that much more comfortable, light, and safe to walk on. Choose a shoe and take the first step.

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Shoes

Q: Is the quality of water shoes truly important?

I’m completely new to water shoes and I could use some advice. There are tons of kinds and brands around, but is the quality of the water shoe actually all that important for someone who’s a casual water-hiker, not an athlete who is training for performance? I’m checking out aqua shoes on Amazon and Zappos and curious whether or not the less expensive ones work just as well for simple protection of my foot, light running at the beach, or jumping on slippery rocks.

A: Yes the quality of the water shoe is very important and will help you enjoy your experience so much more. The less expensive ones are a grab bag and overall far less likely to make it through a hike without falling apart. You don’t have to be an athlete to have specific needs in a shoe. Each brand is a little bit different. But for a shoe that will protect you from debris that hurts your feet on a hike, give you traction on slippery surfaces, light running, and be durable enough to use on a hike I would recommend you check out an amphibious shoe like LeKuni Barefoot Water Shoes, Quicksilk Quick Drying Slip On Water Shoes, or Aleader Slip-on Athletic Water Shoes.

Q: What is a quality, inexpensive water shoe for walking in the rain?

I have a shoe in mind but it’s hard to find them in my price range and I can’t find them used. I’d rather find a better deal than the retail price for that brand. What shoe would you recommend for getting caught in heavy, downpours? I’m needing solid shoes with grip that won’t get soggy or damaged from rain.

A: Keep in mind that any water shoe you choose will be breathable, which is to say, easy water in and easy water out. A casual style water shoe you could wear without socks sounds like it would be ideal. Have a look at Aleader Slip-on Athletic Water Shoes, Clapzovr Water Shoes, Herobest Quick-Dry Water Shoes, or Hinzer Quick Drying Water Shoes.

Q: What’s the best water shoe for white water rafting?

I’m new to whitewater and looking to find a good water shoe for a class III river.

A: Whitewater rafting is an amphibious sport where it’s just as important to grip the floor of the boat as it is to have protection under the water and drain water from the sole quickly. I would definitely take a look at Clapzovr Water Shoes, Cevinee Athletic Aqua Socks, or Speedo Tidal Cruiser Watershoe.

Q: Recommendations on water shoes that fit true to size?

Long story short I bought a pair of water shoes that I loved but they were a little bit too big and I can’t find my size in the color I want. The three things I liked about them were their performance on slippery surfaces in and out of the water, the minimalist design, and how light they were even when wet. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

A: For a water shoe that fits truest to size in a variety of colors and styles you do have a few choices. All of them will give you good traction in the water and out as well as light when they’re wet. Aleader Slip-on Athletic Water Shoes is a stylish choice, Leaproo Aqua Socks Barefoot Watershoes will give you the most minimalist feel, or Quicksilk Quick Drying Slip On Water Shoes for more comfort on longer walks with a cushioned in-sole.

Q:  Water shoes for backpacking?

I am an experienced backpacker and I’m planning a summer trip through the country of Yellowstone Park. It has lots of hip-deep stream crossings and excursions to wild hot pools to be explored. I wear boots most of the time but I’m in need of an extremely lightweight pair of water shoes I can bring without adding serious weight to my pack. Found some that were way too heavy and found a barefoot pair but I figured I’d ask to see if anyone has any other recommendations or suggestions.

A: Since you have boots you don’t have to worry too much about having a rugged pair of water shoes which is good to save weight overall. You have a few options here for something light and protective. You definitely want a quick drying water shoe. One in particular that is extremely light, compressible, and comes with a pouch so it won’t drip in your pack is Cevinee Athletic Aqua Socks – but the trade-off with these are their bottoms aren’t that protective against obstacles. For a protective, amphibious water shoe your best options are probably the LeKuni Barefoot Water Shoes or Quicksilk Quick Drying Slip On Water Shoes.

Q: Water shoes for long trips?

I haven’t even thought about owning water shoes since I was like 10-years old in a swimming pool. But I’m going on a long trip to the tropics where I’ll be snorkeling and other adventure sports like cliff diving. I really don’t want to go barefooted and sandals would just be uncomfortable. Can you recommend a cheap pair of water shoes for men?

A: This is a perfectly reasonable question and good planning. It sounds like you’ll be doing a variety of different sports, swimming, and you need the shoes to be tough enough to get you there after a bit of a hike. I can’t recommend generic shoes for what you’re asking unless you’re ready to get more than one pair in case they fall apart on you – your typical water shoe isn’t all that adventurous. I would recommend either the Aleader Slip-on Athletic Water Shoes, Herobest Quick-Dry Water Shoes, Hinzer Quick Drying Water Shoes, Speedo Tidal Cruiser Water shoes as the very best for what you’re asking for.

Q: What water shoes do you wear for kayaking in warm weather?

A: Any of the shoes in the Best Water Shoes of 2018 Review above will work just fine in warm climates. The features that will make the biggest difference for you as a kayaker is whether they will protect your feet while you get your boat in the water, let water flow out easily, be light even while wet, and give you good grip in the kayak. The water shoes with the best combination of these features would definitely be Clapzovr Water Shoes which are a quick drying, jelly clog-style sandal; Cevinee Athletic Aqua Socks which are extremely light, compressible, and come with a useful packing pouch; LeKuni Barefoot Water Shoes have the perfect sole to keep you stable when walking on dangerous slippery rocks that also protect your feet from pointy objects like tree branches in river beds – no problems with sand or rocks getting inside, either.; or Speedo Tidal Cruiser Water Shoes because they give a good, very comfortable fit that feels like gloves on your feet.

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