10 Best Vionic Shoes of 2021 [Review & Buying Guide]

Best Vionic Shoes

Having issues walking or just feeling comfortable while doing so?  Welcome to the club.  There are numerous people out there, all of which are just hoping for some relief, and many just never seem to find the answer that fully helps.  At least, not without spending either a ton of time or money to try and figure out what it is that’s going on to try and fix it.  Vionic shoes offer an answer to the problem, however, as they are not only shoes but they also have all of the orthotics built into them.  No longer do you have to go buy expensive shoes and then get fancy custom inserts to place in them, all the while crossing your fingers that the combination works.  Instead, Vionic shoes take out the guess work and allow you the freedom to feel better.  Today, we are going to be looking at the ins and outs of Vionic shoes in our buying guide.  We will then rank the top ten examples to help you get a good start.

Top Vionic Shoes Comparison Chart

ProductTypeMaterialPriceWhere to Buy?
1. Vionic Women’s Tide II Toe Post SandalSandalsLeather$$Check Price On Amazon
2. Vionic Women’s AmberSandalsMicrofiber$$Check Price On Amazon
3. Vionic Women’s Kea Orthotic TrainersSlip OnsMesh$$$Check Price On Amazon
4. Vionic Women’s Rest Samoa Slide SandalSandalsSuede$$$Check Price On Amazon
5. Vionic Women’s Splendid Midi Slip On SneakersSlip OnsLeather$$$Check Price On Amazon
6. Vionic Women’s Pacific Rio Platform SandalSandalsLeather $$Check Price On Amazon
7. Vionic Women’s Rest Farra Backstrap SupportSandalsLeather$$$Check Price On Amazon
8. Vionic Women’s WalkerTennis ShoesLeather$$$Check Price On Amazon
9. Vionic Women’s Spark Minna Ballet FlatFlatsLeather$$$$Check Price On Amazon
10. Vionic Women’s Rest Kirra Backstrap SandalSandalsLeather$$$Check Price On Amazon
11. Vionic Women’s Sky Alaina Slip on Active SneakersSlip OnsTextile$$$Check Price On Amazon

Vionic Shoes Buying Guide

An Absurd Fact

Before we begin in earnest, we should look at a stat that is related to wearing shoes so that you can see just how big of a problem pain in the feet really is.  90% of American women claim they own at least one pair of ‘painful’ shoes.  If this is the case for the ladies, you have to think that men also have a significantly high number here.  Maybe they are too stubborn to admit it, but this is a major problem that needs to be rectified, and Vionic are striving to do just that.

What Are Vionic Shoes?

Vionic shoes, you may be wondering, are a specific brand of shoes that have been introduced to the market as a response to a number of factors.  The most important of which is the pain of people all over while walking and standing.  These shoes seek to fix that problem by offering a cheaper alternative thanks in large part to placing the orthotics inside of their shoes.  This keeps you from having to use buying two things, effectively.

Why Are They So Good?

Vionic shoes are so valuable because they are one of the very few footwear brands to be heavily associated with the APMA.  The APMA, or the American Podiatric Medical Association, recommends many of Vionic’s shoes for people that have a myriad of foot problems.  As a result, they have really grown in esteem in recent years and are considered more than a minor player in the game, if you will.

Why Orthotics?

If you are just stepping your toes into the waters of more advanced shoes, you may be wondering what the big deal is about having shoes that have orthotics built in is.  This is a fair question, but in reality it’s a very big deal.  Orthotics are made to help individual wearers with their own specific footwear challenges.  Some of us have awful problems in the front of the foot, some have terrible heels.  We may have high arches or flat feet.  No two feet are exactly a like (right?), so it’s tough to get it just right with any old shoe.

Then you have to think about the ways that normal shoes are hard on people that need orthotics.  A lot of times, these shoes don’t even allow you to remove their insert.  When this happens, you have to either painstakingly pull glue apart or you have to try to lay an insert over the top of it.  This creates a big problem with sizing and usually leads to discomfort.  Even if the insert solves the issue you were having, you have probably created a brand new one.

And then even if you do get the insert into the shoes, it may not line up well, and you may not see much- if any improvement.  The shoes you were using just may not suit you and your gait.  Your gait determines how you walk and the posture in which you stand as well.  This doesn’t seem to be a big deal, but anything that changes that or hinders natural movement can be bad.  So, having built in orthotics, rather than trying to cram them in, is just so beneficial that it makes good cents (and sense) to go with a shoe that has them included in them already.

What Vionic Shoes Do

If Vionic shoes are so great, you ask, then they must do things that others just don’t do.  And that is very much the case, with their features sticking out from the rest of the crowd in so many cases.  There are two main ways that Vionic shoes do this: they align naturally and they give you support from on high.  In this section, we break down what those two things mean for you and your body.

Natural Alignment

All too often in the shoe world what we see is the tendency for shoes to be made for a wide swath of people.  This is, of course, done so that more money can be made for the shoe manufacturers.  They save a lot of money because they only need a few molds and they can force basically everyone to fit into these certain sizes of shoes.  Some do a better job at others than allowing each individual foot to have its own needs met, but many of them fall short of this.  Vionic shoes do not, however.  Instead, Vionic shoes seek to hug your arches and give you the support you need, no matter what your natural alignment may be.  You can be a pronator, which sees the ankle both inward, or a supinator, which is the opposite of pronation.  Either way, you are going to have a shoe that supports your natural body alignment.  The same goes for whether you have high arches or flat feet.  You are still going to be supported, rather than looked over just because your shoes don’t fit the profile.  The way that they have done this is by using what they call ‘Orthaheel’ technology.  This is essentially a heel cup, a pretty deep one at that, to give you stability.  This locks you into place and makes sure you have plenty of confidence.  Then, they have a foot bed well ahead of its time which gives you arch support, no matter what kind of arches you have.  Lastly, the midsole is made to be firm and flexible, something very few companies have figured out how to do so far.  With all of these facts together, what you end up getting is a recipe for comfort since the shoes actually fit you and your needs.

Elevated Support

Another great aspect of Vionic shoes is that they are one of the rare footwear manufacturers out there that have been able to make it possible to have support while wearing a high heel.  High heels hurt so, so many ladies that it isn’t funny.  But they keep coming back to the well.  If you’re at the end of your rope but you just want something that works for you, then try Vionic shoes.  They do an extraordinary job with their heels, locking you into place and giving you support.  In ordinary heels, your weight is pulled forward and you are sat in an unnatural position.  This causes all sorts of issues, not limited to pain, discomfort, potentially going numb, bunions, and corns.  Nobody wants to deal with any of these.  What Vionic has managed to do is to use the deep heel cup, in a high heel while giving you full contact with the arch of the foot.  This means your weight isn’t slid forward like with ordinary heels any longer, taking the stress off of the balls of the feet and allowing you to actually wear the heels for longer than five seconds.  What a novel concept, huh?

Sandal Support

Luckily for you, they have also figured out a way to make sandals supportive.  This breakthrough is massive, since so many people go into the summer months and have absolutely nothing that supports them.  They want to wear flip flops and sandals, but who can do that when their feet are hurting so bad?  The choice is clear.  Either throw in the towel and quit wearing them, giving up on the coolness and freedom, or to push through and hurt badly.  It’s not much of a choice, is it?  With Vionic, though, there is a third path that can take you to where you want to go.  Because people physically cannot put orthotics or even cheap store bought inserts into sandals and flip flops, there is no option to improve them.  Who knows how well that work out anyway.

Contrary to those sandals, Vionic’s have their own orthotics built right into them, helping a wide group of people to have improved conditions.  In fact, one study indicated that as many as 68% of wearers saw an improvement in their pain as a result of wearing Vionic shoes.  This is a massive number!  No, it’ s not perfect, but a 68% chance is much better than settling for a 0% chance with a pair of sandals that are guaranteed to make you hurt.

For The Ladies

Remember that stat that we referred to earlier?  It wasn’t just a random thought thrown in here.  Rather, it was included because it was supposed to help make a point.  Ladies and shoes are quite honestly synonymous with one another.  It’s estimated that the average woman owns 19 pairs of shoes.  If you own 40 or more, then you are just making up for others.  It’s estimated that four pairs are worn by said woman at a given time.  So, long story short, women buy the vast majority of the shoes, therefore stats on ladies are much, much easier to find.  Furthermore, it means that women are much more likely to be purchasing shoes.  Whether they are made for men, women, or children, the woman is the more likely to buy them.  These two facts mean that shoes are going to be produced, in most areas of the shoe world, for woman.  That’s the case with Vionic shoes.  And that is reflected in our list below, which will include 11 offerings from said company, all of which are made for women.  It’s just a market that has a need, or quite frankly, demand, and it is being serviced by Vionic in a very, very big way with a multitude of styles and looks for you to go into your day with.


One of the things that Vionic has taken the time and effort to is to give ladies a choice.  As we touched on earlier, they have a number of different types of shoes, all of which are engineered so that you will have support, comfort, and stability while you work, travel, work, play, or whatever it is you are doing.  This means you are able to go with so many looks, and even colors, in a lot of cases, and it means you can have orthotic support without looking ‘uncool’ or ‘old.’  Not all of the styles are going to fit your or your purposes, but there is such a wide array that something will be a good fit for you.


We discussed earlier about the prominence of their heels, thanks to their technology, so we don’t have to touch on that aspect here.  Instead, we just need to point out that they have heels of all shapes and sizes for you to pick from.  From high profile ones, to lower profile ones that will make walking that much easier, there is something for you to find to make your day more enjoyable.  Heels are super formal, or at least can be, but they can be casual, too, in the right circumstances.  They have some in both varieties, making you more able to be happy with your selection.


We also talked about their sandals earlier and how they actually will provide you support when compared to the flip flops that you see, both cheap and expensive alike, elsewhere.  So that’s been covered.  Sandals’ style, though, needs to be quickly looked at.  If you want something that is super freeing, light, and is going to give you maximum comfort and breathability, then look no further.  A trip to the beach or a long ride in the car are just two places in which you would be thankful for having sandals on.  And there’s will give you the feel good factor all day, not just when you slip them on, unlike so many others.

Tennis Shoes

Technically, hardly anyone wears a tennis shoes, but you get the point here.  These shoes are athletic sneakers, basically, are meant to help you do a ton of things, from walking to running to playing indoor soccer and all points between.  Some are even made to look athletic but are built to be great for very specific things, such as standing all day.  Vionic shoes come in this look as well, and there are a couple of choices you’ll be able to find.  Some are more sporty looking and more sleek, while others are more functional than stylish.  They all, though, will have superior support over shoes that are not made with orthotics or fit well with your feet.

Slip Ons

If you want a mixture of the benefits of a sandal and that of a tennis shoe but you don’t want the extremes of either of them, then a slip on is a good bet to go with.  A slip on is not going to require any sort of tying of the shoe, but it will have more outward protection and warmth, best for colder days.  This doesn’t mean they lack breathability, though, but it does mean they aren’t going to be super cooling for the beach or warm, summer days.  Also called ‘trainers’ by some, these can be great walking shoes and for shorter trips, as well as days on your feet, whenever you have the required support. When you don’t have that, there is trouble afoot (pun intended), but that’s not a worry much when you have Vionic on your side.


“Haha,” you must be thinking.  There is absolutely no way there is a flat anywhere in the world that has support.  That just can’t be.  Well, look no further.  Vionic, and a few others, have figured out a way to not absolutely kill you with a flat.  They have ‘ballet’ offerings, and they are going to give you the opportunity to look the way you want, be comfortable and sleek, and not just kill yourself with aches and pains that threaten your livelihood.  Flats do not seem to be the best choice to many, and usually they would not be if you are in that much pain, but you can do more than just ‘pass’ the test with Vionic’s version.


As you can probably imagine, Vionic shoes are not the cheapest in the world of footwear.  But if you come to love and appreciate what they bring to the table, you will soon realize that the price they cost is well worth what you spend.  The fact of the matter is that they are only more expensive due to the fact that you get both an orthotic inside of the shoe as well as the regular materials that comprise a shoe.  This fact cannot be overstated or lost.  When your find yourself looking for a pair of shoes and inserts as well, what you find happening is that the price is going to go up considerably.  Orthotics are not cheap in many cases, especially ones that are prescription.  Oftentimes, even ones you find over the counter in stores will be quite expensive to purchase, meaning the total cost of the shoe goes up exponentially.  This is something that Vionic has tried to avoid by putting it all together in one easy made package.

The Top Eleven Vionic Shoes of 2019 Reviews

  1. Vionic Women’s Tide II Toe Post Sandal

We’ve talked about how good of a job they do with sandals, so they start the list here with a pair of thong style flip flops. These flip flops are made from all leather, meaning they feel really good and have premium durability when put in the right conditions. With a slight raised heel to them, they even will take some pressure off the heels, even more so, while allowing to have so much comfort through the use of EVA in the midsole. EVA forces the flip flops to expand but still is rigid enough to give you support, giving you the best feel possible.  The advantage to wearing flip flops is that you’re going to be able to have so much better breathability.  Plus, they have so many various uses as well.  They can be dressy or casual, so you can get away with wearing them in so many settings.  Another major plus is the color choices, which are not lacking, something you typically do not find with other sandals on the market.


  • Lots of colors
  • Flexible and rigid
  • Leather makeup
  1. Vionic Women’s Amber

If you want something that is meant for a little bit more wear and tear, then these sandals are a good choice to go with. They also come in a number of colors, and they are going to offer you more security than then Tide II’s did. They have three straps atop the foot and one in the rear to help lock the foot, all the while utilizing an EVA wrapped footbed that fits the contour of your very foot, not the average foot.  Because of the straps, there is a ton of adjustments that are able to be made, letting you get the best fit and feel no matter the time and place and what may be going on.  The outsoles are raised a bit and this makes them more durable, as does the use of rubber, which makes this a good workhorse pair of shoes.  The heel is also raised a little, at 0.5 inches, meaning they are also a trendy look and won’t just be pigeonholed as a shoe you wear just to work in.


  • Contoured footbed
  • Great durability
  • Awesome adjustability
  1. Vionic Women’s Kea Orthotic Trainers

Next up is a shoe meant more for casual types of situations, possibly work, or even for walking. First of all, the looks of these aren’t as bad as you might believe when you take a closer look. When you look close, you’ll see that with a color change, you can look nice and feel nice, too, while keeping you feeling more athletic and agile.  With a mesh and synthetic upper, they are both very breathable and also good for the environment, all the while giving you flexibility and ample ability to move around in the forefoot.  If you are worried about durability due to mesh, you shouldn’t be, due to the use of gore paneling that reinforces and ensures that it will not be splitting open.  With rubber on the outsoles and the soles, there is plenty about it to keep you grounded and feeling comfy at all times.


  • Great in all kinds of circumstances
  • Breathable and flexible
  • Extreme durability
  1. Vionic Women’s Rest Samoa Slide Sandal

If you’re looking for more of a sparkling kind of style of sandal, then this is the way to go. This slide sandal is going to be super easy to get on, but it will give you more support and lock down than a traditional sandal or flip flop would since it has two straps. Those two straps also make adjusting all the more easy for you to do. Made from suede, they are diverse from the other options we have seen so far and soft to the touch, all while giving you the raised footbed, made out of EVA, to help alleviate those terrible pains that you are just done dealing with. The outsoles are raised all over these slides and made from rubber, prompting them to be durable and resistant to slippage from all sorts of potential situations.


  • Bit more secure than other sandals
  • Stylish and easy to get on
  • Takes pain off of you
  1. Vionic Women’s Splendid Midi Slip On Sneakers

If you want something that’s a cross between functional and stylish, and even possibly flashy, then these are the pick for you. The slip ons can be used in an array of scenarios, from walking and standing all day to short little trips. They go above and beyond the slip ons we saw earlier with their style, which is further increased by the number of perforations made on them.  This means this choice is going to be much better in warmer climates than a lot of the other slip on you will find, but it also means it’s no done by using mesh, which adds to the durability.  With a white outsole, laced with rubber, they are made to last a while and look good all that time.  The footbed is made out of EVA and is engineered to be soft, cushioned, and supportive, helping you to get through with a much more enjoyable experience.


  • More stylish slip on
  • Durable
  • Very, very breathable
  1. Vionic Women’s Pacific Rio Platform Sandal

These are one of those looks that might take an acquired taste but look great nonetheless. With a raised heel, but one that is still equipped with a deep cushioned footbed, and three straps across, these look very modern but old school at the same time. The faux leather look means you get the look of the leather you want but you don’t have to worry about the same characteristics or not being animal friendly with them. These are both fun and functional, thanks to their style and their ability to actively support you unlike the majority of similar products on the market.  If you are looking for a firm sole that doesn’t give way, this is the pick to go with, helping you stay close to the ground and feeling better all the live long day.


  • Old and new mesh together
  • Fun and functional
  • Firm sole
  1. Vionic Women’s Rest Farra Backstrap Support

If you want to talk about class and style, then there are few that will be able to hold a candle, or even try to do so, against these. These very supportive sandals are made with a backstrap and two other straps and running between those two is a shiny piece of jewelry to help you stand out. These are both functional and able to double as formal attire, too, giving you something that allows you to go out and still feel good thanks to their exquisite use of cushioning and support systems.  The footbed is wrapped to match the contours of your feet, while the microfiber used is stretchy.  Along with that, the number of straps present makes adjusting them to all of your needs easier than ever before, letting you remain practical while showing off.


  • Very formal
  • Functional thanks to cushioning
  • Practical adjustments
  1. Vionic Women’s Walker

While these are far from the best looking shoes you’ll find, there is a definite need for a purely walking shoe, and this rises up to meet that challenge head on. These are made to be super supportive and comforting while you walking, giving you support and offering cushioning to impact your blows. The rest so far will do you well, but these go above and beyond for that purpose.  You also get a pair of shoes that have goo breathability thanks to a strategic use of mesh all around and because of the polyurethane base they used to construct the shoes out of.  The cloth up top in the inner part of the shoe is made to be anti-bacterial as well, reducing odors and keeping your feeling as clean as possible. If it’s purely walking that you seek, you have a friend in these.


  • Awesome for strictly walking
  • Very breathable
  • Won’t get odors


  • Very plain, old looks
  1. Vionic Women’s Spark Minna Ballet Flat

If you just have to have flats, because well they’re comfy and they’re flats, then these are a good way to go. With a slight raised heel in the back, they are made to look great in all kinds of settings and to provide you with the feel you need to combat the troubles of your day. With an all leather makeup, they are easily expandable, while the EVA footbed does a brilliant job yet again at fitting your feet and helping meet your needs and wants.  With microfiber below your feet, you’ll feel as if you’re walking on water.  In terms of style, you get a ton of colors to pick from, from the sublime and outlandish to the more plain and reserved.  There is something to fit everyone, but breathability is a concern that you have to be on the lookout for when you wear them.


  • Expands well
  • Very stylish
  • Plush feel


  • Not very breathable
  1. Vionic Women’s Rest Kirra Backstrap Sandal

The final sandal on our list, as least in terms of style, might just top the charts. This one is made to look like the perfect beach shoe but still one that can be worn out on the town just as easily for swanky dates, too. With an leather makeup, deep heel cup, and single backstrap along with a thong like look in the front to go between the big toe and the second toe, you get a ton of benefits, both with style and with function.  The microfiber footbed is made out of EVA, and it cushions you in two ways.  The rubber sole makes sure that they will last longer than a whole lot of the other flimsier sandals and flip flops out there, helping you to get the value for the added price you pay by going with Vionics.  The strap, though, has been an issue for some, with it breaking.  Perhaps it’s a little too much on its own?


  • Incredible sophistication
  • Combines style and function
  • Not nearly as flimsy as competitors


  • Strap has a tendency to break
  1. Vionic Women’s Sky Alaina Slip on Active Sneakers

Rounding our our list today is another one of the more sporty options, though this one is much better looking than the last. Just like how the orthotic is hidden, essentially, this slip on doesn’t even look like a slip on thanks to the use of a ‘fake’ shoestring setup. With pull tabs on the front and back, they are super easy to put on, while you make use of a pull string to tie the shoes rather than normal ties.  This makes them different but makes them easier to use for a whole lot of people.  They also look great in a number of colors and look like something you would see on the shelves of the bigger companies known for making and selling sporting goods.  These are very comfortable, as you would come to expect, and can double for a whole lot of purposes as you go through your day.  Just don’t go formal with them!


  • Much better sporty style
  • Easy to adjust and put on
  • Very comfy and breathable, too


  • Not for everyone

Conclusion And Final Vionic Shoes Recommendations

If you are sick of getting up every day of the week and dreading your day ahead simply because of your shoes and the pain you experience in your feet, then you no longer have to suffer through that. Vionic shoes are a great way to tackle this tricky, annoying, and even dangerous situation and to help you get back to living a fuller, healthier, and better life.  Today’s guide was made to help those with a bevy of foot issues to realize that there are answers, real legitimate ones, to be had, and that you can get relief from your pain if you just look hard enough.  Combining our buying guide with the top ten list, you’ll now be ready to make the best decision possible for you as you strive to have stability, balance, and comfort throughout your day.

FAQ’s About Vionic Shoes

Where Can I Buy Vionic Shoes?

Vionic shoes can be found at various places online, but it would be wise to stick to a couple of more trusted sites in order to make sure you are able to have any issues resolved quickly and efficiently.  The best places to buy them are either on their very own website or to buy them on Amazon, which will ensure you are taken care of in the event of something going wrong.

How Do You Clean Vionic Shoes?

Cleaning Vionic shoes isn’t too dissimilar from cleaning other shoes, really.  What you have to do, first of all, is make sure to follow the guidelines set aside from the company.  This means you don’t need to submerge the shoes in water or to use solvents.  You also shouldn’t put them in the dry or washing machine.  The best way to clean them is to use a wet cloth and wipe them down.  You can use mild soap if need be, and you can leave them to dry in the sun.  Just be careful to not do this too long, since it can compromise the integrity of shoes.

What About Break In Time?

Unfortunately, breaking in shoes is not an exact science.  It’s hard to decipher when a pair of shoes is going to be ready to go, and when it’s not going to be ready for you to wear them.  The best plan is to always start slowly, no matter the pair. Wear them around the house for 30 minutes, then graduate up to an hour, and so on.  You can work your way up the ladder, that way you don’t just go right into the deep end straight away and risk hurting yourself or putting untold strain on you.

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