10 Best Velcro Shoes Rated & Reviewed in 2021

Best Velcro Shoes

Velcro and shoes.  Two words that bring about certain thoughts in the mind.  You either love the two together, or you absolutely loathe them.  With that said, if you are here, there’s a very good reason for you to be.  You are clearly interested in Velcro shoes and what they have to offer.  And luckily for you, we have you covered.  Below, we are going to break down the ins and outs of Velcro shoes for you.  We’ll look at the features and pros and cons of them, what they are used for, and who they are best used for.  After answering those questions and laying that out for you, we’ll then take a look at some of the top pairs on the market currently in 2019.  We’ll do that by reviewing the top ten examples, all so you can get an idea of where to begin (or end!) your search for Velcro shoes.  So, let’s get it started!

Top Velcro Shoes Comparison Chart

ProductTypeMaterialPriceWhere to Buy?
1. Hush Puppies Men’s Gil Slip On ShoesSlip-OnLeather$$$Check Price On Amazon
2. Skechers Men’s Afterburn Strike Memory Foam Velcro SneakersSneakersLeather & Textile$$Check Price On Amazon
3. Dr. Scholl’s Men’s Brisk Dual Strap SneakersSneakersMesh & faux leather$$Check Price On Amazon
4. Converse Kids’ Chuck Taylor Low Top SneakersSneakersSynthetic$Check Price On Amazon
5. Nordic Lifting Powerlifting Men’s ShoesTraining Shoes$$Check Price On Amazon
6. Nike Kids’ Revolution 4 Running ShoesRunning ShoesTextile & Synthetic$$$Check Price On Amazon
7. Puma Unisex Kids’ St Runner Sd Velcro SneakersSneakersLeather & Synthetic$Check Price On Amazon
8. Leader Show Men’s Casual Safety Walking ShoesWalking ShoesRubber $Check Price On Amazon
9. New Balance Men’s MW577 Hook and Loop Walking ShoesWalking ShoesLeather$$$Check Price On Amazon
10. Merrell Trail Chaser Hiking ShoesHiking ShoesSuede/Mesh$$Check Price On Amazon

Velcro Shoes Buying Guide

Ease of Access

The first and most obvious aspect to having a pair of Velcro shoes is that they are going to be easier to get on and off.  This is a convenience issue, for many, and Velcro certainly delivers that in a huge way.  If you are wanting to get on the go in a hurry, there is no better thing to have in regards to footwear.  A lot of people will contend that having shoes that you just slip on or even tennis shoes that are loosely tied are preferable.  This is definitely your own choice to make, but that actually can cause damage to be done to tennis shoes or other athletic shoes since you are basically pulling them off and on, over-stretching the support.  With Velcro shoes, you don’t get that, and you get the convenience of being on the move very quickly.

A Savior for Kids

It’s 7 AM in the morning and Suzy and Johnny are still upstairs putting their shoes on.  You’re rushing as best you can to get them out of the door, but you just don’t know how on earth you’re going to do it.  The kids just haven’t learned how to tie their shoes yet, and it’s only slowing you down more and more when you have to take a step back and do it for them.  You can’t get on to them because they are trying, but you also can’t afford for them to be in a position where they are unsafe because their shoe strings are dangling all over the place.  In this scenario, Velcro works wonders.  Whether it’s fully Velcro or just Velcro on top of the normal laces you typically see, it at least gives some closure and means they will be much safer and won’t have to worry about tying their own shoes.  It’s a great idea to get them shoes that have each, since they can practice with them a little and then put the Velcro on, but even if not, it’s just a wonderful chance to save some time and get on the go.

Great for the Elderly

Another group of people that will be very much impressed with the use of Velcro in their footwear would be that of the elderly.  Sometimes, it’s just difficult to be able to get down there and tie your shoes.  Maybe it’s not even an everyday thing, but you just can’t quite manage to tie them on certain days.  Such is the way of the world, right?  What are you to do then?  The answer can and should be to try to go with Velcro.  Sure, you still have to get them on and fasten them, but it will be so much easier than trying to tie your shoes.  A lot of people, even if the bending down and tying part wasn’t a problem, would have problems with this simply because their hands aren’t as good at doing things anymore.  If that’s you, then Velcro is here to save the day and help you get where you need to go much quicker and easier.

Normal Adults Benefit, Too

Even though it might seem a little dorky, childish, or ‘old,’ regular ol’ adults can also benefit from the use of Velcro shoes as well.  This is because they are just so much easier to put on and get on with it in.  Too often, you will find yourself in situations where you cannot afford to stop and tie your shoes.  Certain types of athletes will know this all too well, and it could seriously cost them a chance at glory in their given sport if they are forced to do so.  Hiking shoes, shoes for lifting weights, and even shoes that are made for triathletes have used Velcro, quite successfully, over the years, in a bid to help you get a faster transition and also to cut down on potential maintenance of them.


One of the biggest issues that faces America today is obesity.  That may not sound like it has anything to do whatsoever with Velcro shoes, but in reality it very much does.  That’s because this obesity causes a lot of swelling.  Swelling of the feet is a normal function of the body and is a reaction to a stressor.  The stressor being that of exercise or activity.  You don’t have to be working out for your feet to swell, you just need to be doing literally anything active.  You can be standing for a couple of hours, walking, or running.  The body’s natural response is to swell in the extremities, meaning your feet and ankles.  This can be an uncomfortable proposition if you don’t have right sizes shoes, even for the most fit of folks, but it can be a massive, life ruing problem for bigger people.  This swelling can make your day so much longer and harder, almost making you want to throw in the towel.  A lot of these said bigger folks are going to have diabetes.  Some diabetics aren’t obese, though, so don’t get the wrong idea.  These people, depending on how advanced their edema (swelling) is, need to be careful with their feet to keep from getting any sort of heat marks, rashes, or anything at all.  So if they experience swelling, it can be a terrible health hazard.  To correct that, one answer is to turn toward Velcro shoes.  For anyone that has issues with swelling making them uncomfortable, whether it’s because they have health problems or otherwise, then this is one way to fix that.  You can go throughout your day making slight adjustments to the material as you go.  This way, you don’t have to feel restricted and like you want to quit all the live long day.  It’s not a perfect answer, but it sure is better than tying shoes that offer little to no hope of a solution.  And that’s not to say laces are bad.  It’s just not conducive to what you need in this instance.


Usually, style is mentioned early on in a guide or article about shoes down toward the end of it.  This is because there is a whole, whole lot more to the situation of choosing a pair of shoes than just style.  Unfortunately, though, this is a very big deal to a lot of people, and it’s why some have avoided Velcro shoes in the past to their own detriment just so that they would look better.  This issue is not as prevalent as it once was, so for that you can thank you lucky stars.  The days of having awful looking Velcro shoes aren’t done and dusted, sadly, but they are moving in a direction that is much more stylish.  With a bevy of shoe types to pick from that will help you navigate all sorts of activities, there are plenty of options for you to go with.  There are still going to be ones that look like ‘old people’s shoes” on our list, but the sheer number of them that look bad has gone down drastically, opening you up to the ability to wear them and look decent without having to be completely embarrassed.  This is a big deal to many, so it needed to be said fairly early!

Looking for Comfort

Nobody wants to buy a pair of shoes that they can’t get on, but they also don’t want to buy a pair and then be forced to wear said pair that’s just not comfortable.  Comfort means a lot of things to a lot of people, but basically it amounts to “can I wear these shoes for long periods of time.”  If the answer is no, if any one thing is too much for you to handle, then they don’t have the comfort that you need.  It’s true that you sometimes have to sacrifice here and there with shoes.  It’s hard to have it all, especially if the goal is to stay in a budget, but comfort is one of the things no one is willing to wave the red flag on.  The leg up that Velcro shoes have over the rest of their footwear competition here is the adjustability of it.  As we discussed before, you are able to account much better for swelling as the day progresses, meaning you get a much better fit.  Not only that, but you are also more secure, which is going to help a lot of minds, making for a much more comfortable day on both mind and body.

Types of Velcro Shoes

There are some types of shoes that you will be seen better options for use on Velcro shoes, but in truth, there are a lot of types that you could see out there on the market, all in an aid to make your life easier and stylish, too.  Gone are the days where Velcro has to look bad, thankfully, for us all!  By figuring out what activity is that you will be doing, you can not only get the best fit but also save some money in the process.  All in all, that’s never a bad thing.

Walking Shoes

One of the main benefits of Velcro is to help those that want to get on the move and simply walk.  It doesn’t seem like a big deal to some of us, but the ability to do that shouldn’t’ be taken for granted and it’s a big part of some people’s lives.  These types of shoes are great for walking, since they are comfortable, and they absorb minor shocks that come with walking.  They don’t offer an abundance of support when compared with running shoes, mind you, but they do well for walking and standing.  They are typically heavier than running shoes, or other tennis shoes even, so they aren’t conducive to running in that regard, either.

Running Shoes

Running shoes, such is the way the trend is going currently, are super lightweight in modern times and as such are going to be less than ideal for other purposes in many cases.  A lot of people believe that running shoes are great for working in, but that’s not always the case.  Workouts aren’t even always doable, at least if you want to perform well, with them on.  Velcro seems like a waste of time, but it can actually save you a ton of time in certain types of running, such as in marathons and triathlons.

Casual Tennis Shoes

You also have to include your casual and tennis shoes in this list.  A lot of kids products are made to be tennis shoes, but they are really quite casual.  They can be played in, but they don’t have a huge amount of protection and support to them.  They make for a good playground shoe, or for us older people, a good shoe to walk around in casually when we go out in public.

Dress Shoes

Make no mistake about it, there is a definite market for dress shoes with Velcro closures on them.  This may not be the largest market of shoes in the world, but there are needs there, too.  Sometimes, as bad as we might hate it, the occasion calls for us to bite the bullet and wear something more dressy than just a pair of athletic shoes.  Dress shoes meet the mark and class up the joint just that little bit more to help you impress those around.

General Shoe Terms

There are some things that you can’t get around, and these are always going to be factors, or certainly should be, when you are looking at purchasing footwear.  This does not change when you talk about Velcro shoes, since it’s such a small, though necessary, change for many.  This section is all about breaking down shoe terms to help you identify if a pair will be good for you or not.


This is a biggie that you have got to have in any pair of shoes.  We discussed comfort and how we have to feel good to keep wearing a pair of shoes, and we contend that support is going to be the primary determiner of this.  Even with a cushy, padded shoe, if you have no support, you’ll not want to wear them for very long.  Support is found in all sorts of places.  It can be found on the mid soles and the outsoles mostly, and it is typically not able to be viewed by the naked eye.  There are cases where this can be seen, but a lot of times people get tripped up and don’t realize it because they think it’s there for looks.  If a pair of shoes is able to be folded onto itself or twisted easily, it will lack basic support.  These are good tests to help you evaluate a pair of shoes.  Flexibility is not a bad thing, but if there is nothing there it’s gonna hurt!


Cushioning sounds a suspiciously large amount like support, but it’s not necessarily going to be.  Cushioning can yield support, but it’s not always going to be able to supply it.  Cushioning is any sort of way that has been constructed by the manufacturers of a pair of shoes to take shocks out while walking, standing, or running.  Cushioning is going to help the shoes bend but not break, essentially, so that you can get through more comfortably.  Cushioning does not always equal support, though, because some of us have different feet types than others.  Maybe a shoe is cushioned well but is made for those with flat feet more than with high arches.  If this is the case, then support may not follow in tow.


A lot of the time we mistake padding and comfort for cushioning and support.  Padding is going to be anything inside of the shoes that makes us feel better.  You can go through pages and pages of online listings and come with very comfortable shoes.  This is thanks to the use of padding and foam technologies.  They feel great on your feet, thanks to all sorts of things.  The tongue could be padded to be made easier on your feet, they could be memory foam to help ‘remember’ your feet, the options are almost limitless.  This is very helpful and should be a part of your overall picture, but it’s not the entire thing and you should not overgeneralize and believe that padding alone will suffice.  It doesn’t add up to support, not by a long shot.


One of the main things that anyone that is active will tell you about their shoes is that they need to be able to be breathable.  Being breathable means they are able to let out steam, if you will.  They release sweat from them, all the while letting air in so that you have a much more comfortable experience wearing your shoes.  Most of the time, mesh will be used for this, since it offers the chance to have a lot of open spaces.  The need for this really can’t be overstated, because in some moments you feel like you are ten pounds heavier than you are.  Having a shoe with a modicum of breathability in it is going to help you keep from overheating down there and make sure you don’t accumulate sweat and smell so bad at the same time.


Flexibility is something we all can see for ourselves and doesn’t need a lot of definition.  You either have it or you don’t, it’s really quite simple.  If a shoe is able to move around and bend a decent amount, then you will want to go with it.  Shoes that lack the ability to move might be protective but they are also restrictive and will make agility difficult if not impossible.  Shoes that have too much flexibility lack protection altogether and can end up hurting you.  With Velcro, you naturally are going to get more flexibility than without.  All things being equal, Velcro stretches more and is going to allow you to make adjustments.  This is, of course, a welcome sight for those that problems with their feet swelling.

Finding the Right Fit

Finding yourself the right fit for your shoes is also a task that you have to work carefully on.  Too many people order shoes haphazardly and end up with them not fitting them properly at all.  A lot of times, this is blamed on the manufacturer or seller, but in so, so many cases, it can be filed under the fault of the consumer.  What you have to do is take a step back, first, and realize that there is no ‘regulation size’ to shoes.  We have seemed to forget this over the years, but there is no real standard by which companies are required to go.  Sure, they do try to get close, but there are so many factors involved.  Some run small and narrow, others run large and wide.  Then you throw in companies that have global appeal, and it gets more confusing.

So, first of all, you need to make sure that you read any sizing charts or any information that the seller, if it’s online, has available to you.  They may indicate that they run big or small, and you need to know this.  If that isn’t there, you can also get a good grasp of their ‘true’ size by looking at reviews.  If a lot of people say they are big, then they are probably big!  Not pigeonholing yourself into a specific size is also important here.  A lot of us think in absolute terms.  We are such and such tall, we weigh this much, and we wear these sizes.  That is not always true, though. We do fluctuate over time, and if it’s been years, you’ve probably changed.

We talked about adjustments and flexibility already, but it’s also very important to make note of the width, length, and depth of shoes if you are diabetic.  Now, no one wants to have their shoes rubbing up against them and causing blisters because they are too small or short in one place or another.  But this is a health risk to someone with diabetes, so it has to be taken very seriously.  Trying on shoes in person would be advisable, but if you can’t do that then try on your shoes immediately at home and don’t keep wearing them if the width, the length, and the depth are not all to your liking.


The materials that a shoe uses are going to speak volumes about how well they hold up and how well they perform their function.  If a pair of shoes is made out of good, reliable materials, they will be able to, or should be able to, carry out the task at hand.  Here’s a look at some materials that you will see, apart from the obvious Velcro, on our list.


Leather is the old dog in the race and has been around a long, long time.  Leather is plush and comfortable, it’s super durable, and it just looks really nice.  There are issues with it, however.  One of them is the price in which you pay, which tends to be higher.  And despite the premium nature of it, it’s easy to get scuffs.  On top of that, it’s not the best when it gets wet, so those make for issues that are tough to overcome for many.  Not to mention the environmental effect that it has.


Synthetic materials are technically anything that is human made.  This means they are, in theory, better for the environment.  As it relates to shoes, synthetics are used to, in essence, replace leather.  They are made to mimic it but they do so at a cheaper price while being much more flexible in so many cases.  In old times, when they had just began to use synthetics for shoes, it was inflexible and slippery in many cases, but that has changed.  There are few negatives to it now.


Suede is another possible choice for upper- the top portion of the shoe.  Suede is very nice looking and is great if you want to dress sharply.  It can be problematic for you if you are looking for a more proficient athletic shoe, but all in all it has its up just like it has its downs.  The fact that it won’t scuff is very helpful, too!


Mesh is one of those things that you will see used in conjunction with other materials in order for the pair of shoes to be made more breathable.  We’ve talked about that above, so there’s no need to go much further.  Mesh is relatively cheap and it’s super flexible and, obviously breathes out very well.  The issue with it, though, is that when too much of it is present it does cause a lack of durability.  It’s not very strong and can help cause tears fairly easily, so that’s something to be on the look out for.

Durability and Price

Durability and price are two concepts that will be forever talked about, and they are linked to one another.  If you have a pair of shoes that are cheaper, you will just have to be mindful that they are not likely to hold up as well as those that cost more.  Certain brands do charge higher prices than others, so that also contributes, but price and durability have a definite correlation to be aware of.  This isn’t to say you can’t find great deals, though!

The Maintenance of Velcro

Durability is always a concern about any product that you buy, and that’s going to be the case with shoes made with Velcro closures, too.  While the quality in which the shoes are made and the brand and price have a lot to with how long your shoes will last, you also have a duty to partake in if you want to see them last as long as possible.  Part of the duty is taking care of the Velcro, which is not the same as taking care of other shoes and the materials that are normally used.  With Velcro, you need to be a little bit more proactive and clean as you go.  This is actually a good idea for just about anything.  Rather than wait until something has been dirtied up for three months, you can clean a tiny bit every day and not be dreading it.  It’s the same concept here.  What you want to do is inspect the Velcro and make sure there is no fuzz or dirt attached to it.  It’s going to happen from time to time, so don’t fret if there is.  You’d be foolish to think they’d never get dirty, so it’s not something to be scared of. You just want to wipe that all away as you go, that way it stays clean and looks nice.  Plus, it will stay ‘sticky’ for a lot longer if you are able to do that.  Too much of that fuzzy stuff will make it hard to attach, and you’ll find yourself having to buy a new pair of shoes in short order.  After doing that, just make sure that when you are putting your shoes away for the day or night that you close the Velcro up.  Failure to do so could lead to dirt and the such getting attached again, thus creating more work for you to do.

Men vs Women

Before we get to our reviews below, we should briefly talk about men’s and women’s shoes.  Most of the items below are men’s, but the majority of them have a direct counterpart in the women’s section.  If they don’t, then they probably have something very similar.  The difference, and it feels significant to us, between the two genders’ footwear has to do with width.  Ladies shoes fit them better because they are tighter than men’s would be.  A man would have to squeeze into a female’s pair of shoes, while a lady might find more room.  There is also sometimes a lack of support relatively speaking for females, so there is that, too, that will encourage you to stick within your own gender if at all possible.

The Top Ten Velcro Shoes of 2019 Reviews

  1. Hush Puppies Men’s Gil Slip On Shoes

Starting off our list here is a more dressy type of shoe from an old classic company in Hush Puppies. These shoes are made from all leather and come in a variety of colors, some of which stand out and some of which blend in. They even have wide and wider sizes available, making it an ideal choice for those that have got to have additional room.  With a padded collar and removable EVA footbed, which reduces weigh all the while turning up the cushioning a few notches, you can count on these being comfortable.  With their ‘Zero G’ shock absorbing outsole there to further turn that up, you can count on them helping you get through your day with style and grace.  They possibly can be too dressy for some, but that’s the lone complaint here!


  • Very classy and dressy
  • Tons of padding and cushion
  • Very wide to help increase room
  1. Skechers Men’s Afterburn Strike Memory Foam Velcro Sneakers

Coming up next is a good, general pair of sneakers that can help you get through a number of tasks. Whether it’s standing up all day or walking from point to point, these shoes are made with double straps to give you even more adjustability than you usually get. With a deep, thick sole and great rubber on the bottom, you get excellent traction to keep you in place, all the while getting a comfortable ride thanks to the use of memory foam in the inserts.  This is something that Skechers is known for, and you will benefit greatly from wearing them since they are so plush.  These leather shoes do hold up well, but they can overheat a little bit.  They’ve also come up lacking with their looks a bit, so that’s second strike against them.


  • Memory foam insole
  • Lots of adjustability
  • Great traction


  • Far from good looks
  • Not the most breathable
  1. Dr. Scholl’s Men’s Brisk Dual Strap Sneakers

Up next is a pair of sneakers that are great for walking in, in large part due to their lightweight status. These are super light, making it easy to carry them along for the journey, all the while using what are called ‘Air Pillow’ gel insoles to boost the comfort of the wearer. Dr. Scholl’s has long been in the insert game, so you had better believe this is a central focus to these shoes.  There are two straps, just like the previous offering, as well, ensuring that you have plenty of adjustability as well with them.  By using mesh and synthetics together, they are breathable and flexible, helping to correct one of the problems of the above example.  Like it, however, these do not have the greatest looks you’ve ever seen, so there is that to consider.


  • Comfy insoles
  • Very breathable and flexible
  • Light and great for walks


  • Not the best looks
  1. Converse Kids’ Chuck Taylor Low Top Sneakers

Now we move onto something for the kiddos out there in these Converses. These ‘All Star’ sneakers are the very same ones that so many adults use, only they utilize two Velcro straps to make sure the tying will not impede the day for anyone. Coming in a range of colors for both boys and girls, they have a soft foam sockliner for comfort and a classic canvas upper as well that makes them super easy to clean.  With a nice rubber sole to them as well, they are capable of doing a lot of tasks without being great at any one of them.  They are light, as they are low tops, but that also can be a problem for some if you are worried about little ankles rolling over.  So that is something to consider with them.


  • Two straps lock you in
  • Colors for girls and boys
  • Very comfy


  • Low tops are prone to rolling ankles
  1. Nordic Lifting Powerlifting Men’s Shoes

Back to the adults here with a pair of shoes that are made for those of us who want to lift some serious iron. These shoes, made for power lifting, are going to help you stay in the zone and lift more weight thanks to the immense stability that they breed. Part of this stability comes in the form of the strap that runs across it, which not only makes them easier to get on and off and to wear but also because of the support it breeds.  They are very durable and have a great warranty that backs that up, helping further drive down your time spent worrying about them. The heel is raised in the back, helping ratchet up the stable nature of them as it tapers down toward the toes. These are great for the gym and are sure to last you a year!  If you are using them for something else, though, these would not prove to be very useful.


  • Very, very stable
  • Extreme durability
  • Great warranty


  • Not intended for non-gym use
  1. Nike Kids’ Revolution 4 Running Shoes

Following along now is this listing from Nike. Like the Converse above, these are made for both boys and girls, and it shows with a few awesome looking colors that look like the Nikes us adults would wear only with a strap to them up top. With a synthetic and mesh upper, they are very breathable and flexible, though they are meant to last.  Nikes are known, especially lately, for being lightweight, and these keep up that trend for sure.  They are also very responsive, making them an awesome idea for a shoe to play in or just wear casually.  Because of the soft foam in the midsole, they also are able to have good cushioning all the while holding down the overall weight.  One thing you might find is that the Velcro isn’t up to snuff in some cases.  Frustrating to say the least.


  • Great styles
  • Very versatile shoes
  • Light and flexible


  • Velcro isn’t up to par sometimes
  1. Puma Unisex Kids’ St Runner Sd Velcro Sneakers

Here is another example of pair of shoes for the youngsters that will do them well for playing and for causal usage. These Pumas look spiffy, but they are not up to everyone’s liking style wise. Made using a suede like synthetic material, these are going to be super durable and resilient but will not breathe all that well thanks to having no discernible ventilation system.  They do have a reinforced toe area, which can be a big help to parents with children that wear out shoes quite quickly, so that’s a big plus.  If your child has wider feet than most, these may not be the best choice since they seem to run quite narrow relatively speaking.


  • Durable and resilient
  • Toe is reinforced
  • Won’t scuff or get overly dirty


  • Style is questionable for some tastes
  • Not for wide feet at all
  1. Leader Show Men’s Casual Safety Walking Shoes

If you want a good, affordable pick for yourself and want to have Velcro attached for your walking shoes, then this is the way to go. These shoes are made to be lightweight and comfortable, all the while giving you the ability to adjust easily. Unlike so many with Velcro, these don’t broadcast to the world that they are by accentuating the shoes in different colors, helping it to sort of blend in a bit.  With a nice rubber outsole that’s thick and built with a lot of cushioning, these could just become your favorite causal and/or walking shoe because of the versatility they exhibit.  They look really nice, too, which is a diversion from some of the others we’ve seen in the active sort of genre, so that will get bonus points.


  • Very affordable
  • Great looks
  • Light and cushioned


  • Not a well known brand
  1. New Balance Men’s MW577 Hook and Loop Walking Shoes

If you are diabetic and have issues with your feet that need to be taken care of, then these can definitely do a great job for you. With several choices, such as the regular sizes, wider, and then wider, you get plenty of options to make sure you have the room you require. With two straps up top, you don’t need to worry about them being too harsh on you throughout the day and you won’t have to fool with them constantly.  Made from 100% leather, they are decently breathable and will be able to hold up for some time.  Despite that fact, they are not the most breathable ones out there, so that needs to be accounted for.  The looks are not all that great, either, so that might lead to disappointment for a few.


  • Very trusted brand
  • Lots of adjustability
  • Very wide options


  • Not the best looks
  • Not among the most breathable
  1. Merrell Trail Chaser Hiking Shoes

If you find yourself on the trail frequently and in need of tying your shoes and you’re sick and tired of it, then these are the way to go to fix that. These hiking shoes have all the same great features regular hikers need but also have Velcro to keep you locked down and on the hike. With the use of suede and mesh, they will be almost resistant to getting super dirty all the while being very breathable thanks to pockets of it being placed all over the shoes.  With a footbed made out of EVA, you can count on comfort coming but not doing so at the cost of extra weight.  With excellent traction thanks to their ‘M Select Grip,’ you’ll never put a foot wrong during the day.  These are for good as well, mind you, so that’s something to be aware of and isn’t exactly stated very well.


  • Tried and true outdoor brand
  • Excellent traction for the young ones
  • Comfy and breathable but still light


  • Not for adults contrary to looks

Conclusion And Final Velcro Shoes Recommendations

Finding shoes in 2019 is not as easy as it might first appear to be.  With the abundance of choices available on the world wide web, it can get flat out frustrating to try and choose one pair over another.  Some folks, even if they know what they want, just give up and move on to the next thing.  Others, who don’t really have much product knowledge, just buy something merely based on the looks and possibly a review or two.  Rather than do either of those things, or a combination of them, we have helped you out today by giving you both.  Not only do you get an idea of the types of shoes you can purchase, but you also have the why, the who, and the how as well.  Having all of the information and getting the reviews will give you a place to start, making this process as painless as possible.  So, get to it now!

FAQ’s About Velcro Shoes

How Do I Clean My Velcro Shoes?

Just like with any other footwear product, you are going to need to consult the specific instructions given by the manufacturer for cleaning information.  No two shoes are made just alike, meaning there are all sorts of materials that can be used to compose them.  This means you can’t just wash them any old way, lest you end up making a mistake and damaging your shoes.  Cleaning Velcro itself is a special challenge, so you need to be mindful of that and consult labels, tag, or manuals you have been given.

Do Velcro Shoes Cost More Or Less Than Normal Shoes?

The answer here is just an “it depends.”  You can find Velcro shoes that cost more and you can find some that cost less than regular shoes you find on the shelves at stores.  It really just comes down to the materials used, how well the construction process has been done, and also which brand it is in question.  The higher the quality of a pair of shoes, discounting the Velcro entirely, is likely to attribute to the price being higher or lower.  The Velcro isn’t much of an effect here, luckily for you.  So, look for the other stuff in terms of judging the effectiveness, price, and value, rather than just the Velcro.

How Do I Break In My Shoes?

Breaking in shoes is a big topic of discussion on virtually every shoe article on the internet, and it’s easy to see why.  First of all, breaking in time varies based upon the shoes in question.  Some will take little to no time at all, others will take a while.  Just to be sure, you should plan on wearing them around the house for 30 minutes or so to begin with.  Once you start to adjust, you can then go up with the time frame and then go to more regular usage of them.  It’s smart and reliable and will save your feet from hurting a little bit, potentially.

Should I Be Concerned With The Brand?

This is question you yourself will have to answer.  Many people find brands that they know and love, and they end up sticking with them.  Others like to try out new ones to see if they have made some improvements over their old shoes.  It’s really just a matter of preference.  In some cases, it’s smart to stick with a brand, since you know how they fit and feel and you’re somewhat used to them.  Generally, sticking to a brand you know will pay off with service, but it may cost you extra for that and the styles.

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