10 Best Under Armour Running Shoes Rated & Reviewed 2021

Best Under Armour Running Shoes

When it comes to running shoes, there are a plethora of them out there on the open market.  From shoes that have very minimal features to ones that look like they came directly from outer space, you can run the gambit all in the hope of improving your time.  Today, we are going to be taking a deep dive into the world of Under Armour’s running shoe offerings.  In our guide, we’ll be breaking down the ins and outs of them, giving you some general tips on what to look for in a running shoe, and we’ll also be helping you by reviewing the ten best and most popular offerings from the brand.  All of this will be done to keep you from having to go through the tedium of relentless research.  So, let’s get it started then!

Top Under Armour Running Shoes Comparison Chart

ProductMaterialSolePriceWhere to Buy?
1. Under Armour Men’s Charged Intake 3SyntheticSynthetic$$Check Price On Amazon
2. Under Armour Men’s Micro G PursuitSyntheticSynthetic$$Check Price On Amazon
3. Under Armour Men’s Speedform Gemini 2.1Mesh^SyntheticSynthetic$$$$Check Price On Amazon
4. Under Armour Men’s Toccoa Trail RunnersTextile & SyntheticRubber$$Check Price On Amazon
5. Under Armour Men’s SurgeTextileRubber $$Check Price On Amazon
6. Under Armour Men’s Charged Escape 2SyntheticSynthetic$$$Check Price On Amazon
7. Under Armour Men’s Charged RogueSyntheticSynthetic$$Check Price On Amazon
8. Under Armour Men’s HOVR Sonic 2Textile & SyntheticRubber$$$Check Price On Amazon
9. Under Armour Men’s Speedtire Ascent Low DropSynthetic & Mesh$$$$Check Price On Amazon
10. Under Armour Men’s Kick Distance Spike SneakersTextile & SyntheticSynthetic $$Check Price On Amazon

Under Armour Running Shoes Buying Guide

A Quick History

It’s hard to believe, but Under Armour has only been around since 1996.  It’s been a meteoric rise since then for them, with the brand becoming mainstays in virtually every single sport they have waded their toes into.  They began with compression shirts, mostly, but since have truly diversified to become a global force that rivals Nike and Adidas.  That’s something that would have been truly unfathomable to believe just a couple of decades ago from an upstart company.

Why Under Armour Running Shoes?

If Under Armour is so new to the game in running shoes, and just shoes in general, why should they be considered?  For one, it’s because of their commitment to new technologies.  One of the beauties of a new company is that they will very much be open to considering fresh ideas.  Under Armour specializes in just that sort of thing, taking what’s old and improving upon it.  On top of that, they have always been very interested in making sure that style is not overlooked in this process.  So many shoe manufacturers are about either fashion or function, but Under Armour gets just the right mix.  Typically, they also have very durable pairs of shoes that are lightweight, so that’s a major plus that has to make you stop and think about giving them a try.

Men’s vs Women’s

Some brands out there are super confusing when it comes to their offerings for men’s and women’s shoes.  Some of them will not carry the same model of shoes for the two genders, but Under Armour does do so.  If you like the HOVR, for example, then you can find it in both men’s and women’s sizes.  They will have the two genders split, however, in order to give you a better anatomical fit and also to give you the support (and weight associated with it) that you need.  There may be some color differences between the two sexes, and there often are, but you can still find the same basic shoe.  If you see a review below for a men’s or women’s shoe, it also applies for the opposite gender.

Width and Length

We’ll get into finding the right fit in a little bit, but first we need to quickly touch on a couple of things that are helpful to know.  Under Armour do a pretty good job of running true to size in most cases, so that is something you should know ahead of shopping for your shoes.  This does not mean they are foolproof, however, so you will need to look at research and make sure before you buy.  Some of their ‘lines’ are known for being undersized, so you will have to adjust accordingly to that.  We’ll make sure to point out any issues in our reviews with our list.  Width is another thing that’s great about UA.  They do have some models which allow you select wider shoes so that you can have more room and not be forced to move up.  Not all of their models are this way, though, so you can’t assume it to be true in all instances.

Gait Type

The type of gait that you have is going to determine, or should determine, what kind of shoes you go with.  People that are very much slanted toward pronation (inward rolling of the ankles) or supination (outward rolling of the ankles) need shoes that take pressure off of them.  You can’t expect to have the same results with just any old pair of shoes, and for that reason, you must be careful and choose accordingly.  The truth is that Under Armour, as most are in the shoe market, are shoes made for neutral runners.  This means they are set up for no noticeable gait pattern.  This means anyone can use them decently, but if you have a severe case of the two above, then you are not protected fully.  There are some UA offerings designed to help combat those two styles of running, but you do have to look a little bit harder.  Using forums and looking at others’ reviews are two very good ways to help you figure out if they will help- or hinder- you.

Types of Running Shoes

There are also various types of running shoes that you could well see when you take a survey online of the market as a whole.  Just like their competitors, Under Armour also offers shoes made for different kinds of running.  Here’s a breakdown of what makes each unique and why you need to heed their intended purposes.

Road Running

The vast majority of running shoes you see out there today are going to be those made with the general purpose of running on the road.  Pavement running is the easiest for most people since it doesn’t take but a short stroll for them to get out on the open road and begin to run.  This is also technically the ‘easiest’ surface to run on, even if it’s not the softest, since it’s usually uniform in its layout.  There can be bumps here and there, sure, but by and large you get the same good surface all throughout.  What you need on the road is a very flexible pair of shoes that can take shocks to the joints but also ones that are responsive enough to act when you call on them to do so.

Trail Runners 

Trail running isn’t as common, but it’s growing in popularity due to the varied landscapes that you get to see.  Rather than the monotony of running on the road endlessly, you get the chance to run on a trail that has a ton of versatility to it.  One moment you could be on uneven and muddy ground, the next hard rocky ground that mirrors pavement.  Such is the extremes that it takes.  Under Armour also offers shoes to help you get through all of these challenges.  What you need with this type of running is more support and stability than with the flexible road runners.  Things like plates and toe caps are an option and quite common, while lugs offer you traction to help you traverse through the mud.

Track Running

Track running might sound like the same thing as road running, but it is not.  Instead, we are talking about the kind of shoes that are designed for sprinters, hurdlers, and the like to use.  These are very much minimalist in their construction, utilizing the lightweight in order to get you a burst off the line when the gun goes off.  You also need support, however, because you have a tremendous load placed upon the foot and toes as you go about this motion.

Treadmill Running

If you thought that treadmill running was the exact same as road running, then we wouldn’t blame you.  In many ways it is.  The caveat here, though, is that you don’t need as much to your shoes if you are indoors.  You don’t need as much breathability, unless you just love turning up the furnace and you don’t need as much cushion and support, either, since the treadmill, hopefully, will have some bounce to it to help account for the shocks you receive.  Also, treadmill running typically signifies that you are working out at a gym.  This means you most likely need a versatile pair of shoes.  These are known as ‘trainers.’  These are not really running shoes, but you can use them- in spurts- for running.  Just don’t expect them to be the most responsive if you’re out on the road trying to put in work.  Not all athletic shoes are the same, so keep that in mind!

Zero Drop Running Shoes

It’s hard to figure out a good place to put this type, so we will stick it here just to help you understand it.  Zero drop running shoes could technically go into any of the above categories, and they are shoes that are made to be flat to the ground, with just a small sliver of a slab of material between you and the ground.  Usually, you would see a running shoe that is up off the ground and the amount of space between it and the ground is referred to as a ‘drop.’  Zero drop running shoes promote a more natural range of motion for the runner, but they do take some getting used to.  It’s very much discouraged for you to switch to them cold turkey if you want to try them.  Under Armour do not usually make them, but they do have a couple of pairs of zero drop running shoes if you insist on them.

Parts of the Shoe and Shoe Terms

There are some thing that are a given for all shoes, and this is one such section where that is definitely how it is.  Here’s a look at some parts of the shoes and also some terms that accompany them.


The soles are the bottoms of your shoes, and this is the part that is going to supply the traction that you need.  Depending on the type of shoe you have, there will be different materials used and could look different.  Typically, though, it’s going to be strong rubber.  It may be raised or have a higher profile for certain uses, but generally it will be made from that.  This area has come a long way in recent times and can even contribute to shock absorption, which will take some much-needed pressure off the back and neck.


The midsoles are the area between the soles and the upper part of the shoes.  This is not only where you can’t see, but it’s also on the sides where you can visibly see.  If you look closely at any modern shoe just about, especially if it’s designed for athletics, you will see marks going about it.  Many of these marks are made to make the shoes either thicker or wider, possibly both.  These are cushions and lead to support.  You can have a supportive shoe without them, but this area is a bonus, if you will, and might just show that the shoes go above and beyond.


The uppers are the part of the shoes that are seen by those as you walk by.  These include the tongue and laces, as well as the toes.  The toes are interesting because you can have all sorts of designs.  They can be flexible and flimsy or they can be backed up a bit more.  The material of the upper is going to help determine durability, flexibility, and how breathable they are.  Some materials are very good at one or two of them, while others will work and emphasize something else entirely.

Under Armour Technologies

Every company nowadays has an abundance of technologies that they are bringing to the shoe game.  Under Armour is one of those, and they are attempting to make the shoes better for you as your run in a myriad of ways.  Here’s a glance at some of the things you may get to see from them in a given pair of shoes.

Use of EVA

EVA is one of the more universal technologies out there today, but it’s one of the main reasons you are able to get shoes that are both light and supportive.  EVA is a foam like substance that is usually placed in the midsoles.  In older times, shoes were much heavier than they are now, and they weren’t as supportive.  Somehow, manufacturers have figured out that EVA can both reduce weight and give support, and Under Armour also utilizes this very valuable tool.

Reinforced Rubber

A big, big part of the equation of any pair of shoes is going to be the soles that they provide.  How good for a job the bottoms do will ultimately determine how well the entire shoe performs.  If the soles are falling apart, you better believe the rest will soon follow behind.  In many of Under Armour’s offerings, you will see a reinforced traction component.  Whether it’s meant for a trail runner or a shoe designed for the road mostly, there is a good chance there is going to be abrasion resistance put into the shoe.  This doesn’t make them last longer, per se, but it does help them refrain from taking on scuffs and opening up huge gaps in them.  That alone can save you both time and money.

Micro G Lining

Comfort is a major factor in any pair of shoes you might find, and that’s going to also be the case with Under Armour.  One way that they have made your experience more comfortable is by using their Micro G lining.  What this brings to the table is soft, plush sockliner and insole.  Many of them are so comfy that you wouldn’t feel like you need to wear socks (please don’t do this, though)!  It’s just another way to help you develop less problems and to feel better.

Charged Cushioning

When we get to our list below, you will see the word ‘Charged’ a lot.  There are plenty of Under Armour shoes that utilize this kind of cushioning, so that’s why it’s so much of an ever present.  This is a type of padding that is made to help absorb shocks and to give you a nice, solid, and firm fit and support.  Some people do not prefer this because they want to feel and be closer to the ground.  But what you give up is a lot of support, so if you have relatively weak feet and ankles then you’re most definitely going to want to have this sort of thing on your side.


Every shoe company works on, or should be working on, ways to keep you as cool as possible.  There are few of us who would raise our hands and vote to not have a way for our shoes to breathe out.  It’s essential, even if you don’t realize it.  Without breathability, your feet are going to be super sweaty, which is going to make you heavier and will also set you up for bacteria and fungus to set in.  What you need are some holes for this to escape from, and you need them to also allow you to get a nice breeze rolling through.  Under Armour has a couple of things that can help in this effort. One of them is mesh, which is not all that revolutionary.  But the other is 3D printing.  This is a newer technology that is being used for a whole lot of things.  It can be used to make a breathable but light and strong material, that way you don’t have to worry about your uppers tearing just because they are too flexible and breathable.


We have talked about durability here and there throughout the article and even in this section, but this bit of tech leads directly to it and is very much related.  Under Armour uses what they call “Dyneema” fibers for many of their shoes.  It’s said to be a fiber that is as strong as metal, which means it’s going to have the benefit of being light like a fiber but the strength of the aforementioned metal.  This is often weaved into the upper part of the shoe so that you can sustain a little bit of extra ‘damage’ to them without feeling the effects as badly.

Fitting Running Shoes

There are just some things that are universal, no matter which brand you go with, and sizing yourself properly is one of them.  You can have the latest, greatest shoes on the market with all the bells and whistles but it will mean nothing without having the proper size.  Here’s a look at some of the things you should do to make sure you are properly sized to protect yourself from injury and any potential pain.

– If at all possible, go to the store and try some on.  This is a very wise thing to do when you are going to be using a brand you haven’t before.  Even if you have done so, trying on shoes will give you a basic understanding of how they feel on your feet.  You may totally fall in love with the looks, but if they are off just a bit, you might have to pick another model or even brand.

– Make sure you are going in a state that is similar to the one in which you will be running in.  This is a twofold strategy.  First, you need to wear the same socks you plan on running with, as well as taking any potential inserts or orthotic aids.  On top of that, the second thing to do is to make sure you are at least a little ‘warmed up.’  This means you need to have been on your feet for a while or have just done some exercise to get that swelling going in your feet.  If you don’t factor that in, you may end up with shoes that are too tight to you when you are in the latter stages of the run, leading to incredible amounts of discomfort.

– Balance your width and your length together.  It’s a smart move to measure yourself and make sure you have the correct size, first and foremost.  After you have done that, you should make sure you have enough room for your toes.  Most don’t forget about this vertically but they do horizontally.  If you don’t make sure you can splay them outward, you will end up trashing the shoes or only wearing them in fleeting moments.  But don’t take it too far.  There are instances where you should just forgo a model or even brand if you have to sacrifice too much one way or the other.  Your toes can get blistering from having too tight of a space but you can slip and fall or put too much pressure on your knees if you have shoes that are too large.

– If you do buy online, make sure to try them on right away and make sure you use the same guidelines as above.  If you don’t feel comfortable in them, or that you can survive running for four to six months in them, then don’t go with them and send them back.  It may be a pain, but it will save you a lot of trouble in the future.

The Usefulness of Running Shoes

While running shoes are really great at what they do, you should take careful note of their limitations.  Running shoes are not one size fits all pieces of equipment that can be automatically utilized in every situation you may find yourself in.  If you are looking for a good shoe to workout in, more than likely it will not be a running shoe because it is much too flimsy.  If you want a shoe that will be good at basketball or other sports that require lateral movement, you’re also going to be out of luck.  You’re going to be disappointed because running shoes are engineered to get you forward.  They don’t have lateral support and the tread only faces on direction: to the front.  That doesn’t lend itself to much use in those instances, does it?  Running shoes are also generally very comfy on your feet, but this in and of itself is not an indication that they will be great for working in, either.  Standing and walking all day are much different than running for a set period of time.  Even if you run 10 miles a day, you are wearing them much less than you would if you are working an eight-hour shift.  This is not to say that you can’t find a good pair of Under Armour running shoes for these purposes, but it is unlikely, to say the least, that you will find a pair that really gives you the best support and usefulness.

Top Under Armour Running Shoes Reviews

  1. Under Armour Men’s Charged Intake 3

These shoes are exceptional if you are looking for something that is flexible, neutral, and feels like it is tailored specifically to you. They have, of course, the Charged cushioning built in, helping to ensure you don’t get left out in the cold. But on top of that, they are made with a molded insole that will lock in your ankle and heel comfortably and in a fashion where it fits right to your own foot.  This further adds to the comfort and support you get, and when combined with snazzy looks and a very breathable upper, you get top of the line features, to say the least.  On top of all of that, these shoes are affordable relatively speaking to other shoes that are in this same sort of category.  Perhaps the one strike against them is that some will not like the aggressive nature of the heel, which can overheat you at times.


  • Very, very comfortable
  • Personalized feel
  • Flexible and neutral


  • Aggressive heel too much for some wearers
  1. Under Armour Men’s Micro G Pursuit

If you want more color options and you still want a similar level of performance, then the Micro G Pursuit is a good way to turn toward. The differentiating factor between these and so many others out there is the use of the Micro G, which is found in the midsole. It is great for not only making the shoes very responsive but also to make them explosive, helping you push off powerfully while getting a lot of cushioning as well.  There is foam padding located in the ankle are and under the tongue, helping to ratchet up your comfort, all the while an EVA sockliner is used to give you more arch support and to provide more shock absorption without adding extra weight.  Make sure to take a careful survey of these before buying them because some have found them to be narrow. Also, the mesh used is a little bit less durable than some have preferred.


  • Tons of colors
  • Explosive and responsive to movement
  • Comfy and supportive


  • Can run narrow
  • Not the most durable upper
  1. Under Armour Men’s Speedform Gemini 2.1

Straight away you will notice something a bit different with these. They have the toes and the heels up off the ground, putting more of the pressure in the middle of the foot as a result. They also have a design so that the laces are above the heels quite a bit, too, so that makes them stand out that much more.  It’s a sort of ‘bootie’ construction, which will help you get more comfort while allowing more range of motion and still keeping you locked in.  The use of mesh is prevalent all over, making sure that you have a super breathable experience.  The toe cap is molded and made to be very durable, though it’s not going to be to the degree that a trail running shoe is.  They also have flexed grooves that fit to you anatomically, so that’s going to help launching and pushing off from stride to stride.  Some have found the ankle to be painful as it’s quite stiff, so look out for that.


  • One of the best looking UA has
  • Tons of mesh
  • Molded and durable


  • Ankle is stiff and coarse
  1. Under Armour Men’s Toccoa Trail Runners

If trail running is you’re thing, then this shoe is just the one you’ll want to have from UA. Not only do they look very cool and fairly normal, unlike many trail shoes, but they are also made to be very durable. They have a toe cap that is there to help you stay protected all the while also helping you push off without getting too much wear and tear.  The upper is also made to bring you the best of both worlds in durability and breathability as its made out of ripstop synthetics, which are great for ensuring you’re not going to have tears from just any old scuff-up.  The insoles have EVA sockliners, and the midsoles also use EVA to make them as light as they can be and to be responsive.  The bottoms have small, circular lugs to them that aren’t as pronounced as many trail runners but will still be good for grip on a wide array of surfaces.  The one thing that some might not like is that they are very lightweight relatively speaking for trail running shoes, and that might be a problem for some.


  • Very durable
  • Comfy and supportive
  • Light and responsive


  • Very light for trail shoes means a possible lack of support
  1. Under Armour Men’s Surge

The idea behind the surge is to minimize the amount of weight and maximize the durability at the same time. One of the ways they have done such is to use rubber pods, strategically, beneath the heel and forefoot. This is just one of the great features included in this listing, with the use of EVA also being particularly abundant in both the midsole and insole as well.  This helps them to be comfortable, feel like they are a custom fit, and makes them responsive and lightweight while being cushioned from the blows.  With cushioning around the ankle collar and a TPU heel overlay, you are able to get a nice balance between feel good and durability.  They are breathable yet reinforced in the upper, using mesh and bonded taping at the middle of the foot to help prevent those all too easy tears from occurring.  These make a ton of noise, so you should be aware of that defect.


  • Reinforced to be more durable
  • Cushy and supportive
  • Rubber pods very useful


  • Makes a ton of noise
  1. Under Armour Men’s Charged Escape 2

Another of the ‘Charged’ shoes comes in here at #6, and these shoes have to be right up there for some of the best looking, among a lot, in the Under Armour line. On top of that, they have that high level of cushioning that most of us that don’t have great arches need thanks to extra cushioning supplied. With just the right blend of firmness but responsiveness, you’re able to push off and move freely while still not left writhing in pain after you have finished your run.  There is a firm heel counter to help keep you in place as well, which is a welcome sight for many but could be seen as a negative to a select few as well.  The Micro G sockliner is used here, and it’s molded so that it fits the shape of your foot.  The rubber used is resistant to abrasions, helping to enhance the durability of the shoe in the places that you typically see the most wear and tear in.


  • Firm but responsive cushion
  • Locks you in well
  • Very good looking


  • Can be a little restrictive to some
  1. Under Armour Men’s Charged Rogue

The Rogue isn’t wholly dissimilar to the Escape 2, but there are some differences between them. One of them is the upper, which is engineered in such a way to be reinforced so that it can support you and still be lightweight. There is also a heel counter, much like the Escape 2, but it’s located on the outside, so it won’t be as aggressive at locking you in and might be a better fit for you personally as a result.  The Charged cushioning makes durability, support, and responsiveness all equally good, while the sockliner they have provided can be taken out if you need to bring your own orthotic into the picture.  The ease of use is further accentuated by the fact that the shoes are reflective all the way around them, meaning you’ll be able to be spotted by those that are driving in the worst and darkest of conditions.  These do run notoriously small, so you will need to adjust and order at least half a size up.


  • 100% Reflective
  • Less aggressive lock down
  • Light and supportive


  • Runs very small
  1. Under Armour Men’s HOVR Sonic 2

If you are looking for a modern pair of shoes, then you can’t get much more modern that these. Coming with an array of great colors and a brilliant design, they also can be connected digitally to record your stats from your runs. HOVR also brings you a ‘zero gravity feel,’ which means you will be getting help over each stride by the shoes so that you don’t lose as much energy, making you quicker and able to push off and even run longer if you like.  The toes are up off the ground with these, so that’s going to help take pressure off of them, especially if you are someone that strikes toward the top of the foot.  With compression mesh that molds to your foot, you get the best of both worlds, like you are wearing a shirt on your feet!  They’re also very comfortable, too, which is a must-have for any run.  Unfortunately, because of the way the heel is made, it’s not very conducive to using orthotics, so be aware of that.


  • Great for ultra serious runners
  • Connects to digital devices for stats
  • Compression and comfort


  • Heel doesn’t allow orthotic use
  1. Under Armour Men’s Speedtire Ascent Low Drop

If you want an option that is close to a zero drop shoe, then this is the one for you. It’s also excellent with its grip on the bottoms, as the ‘tire’ part of the name would suggest, making it a versatile pair of shoes for both the trail and the road. The advantage of having low drop or no drop shoes is that you get supreme responsiveness and natural range of motion, and that’s what these seek to bring to the table.  You would think that would be enough, but they also have the Charged cushioning technology in them, as well as the Micro G midsole to help make each and every stride easier and more powerful.  The upper is made to be soft and flexible, though the toe cap is reinforced.  They’re also resistant to water thanks to the use of UA Storm tech, meaning you can get away with running in awful conditions a whole lot more.  The biggest complaint about these is the lack of arch support that they yield.  It does take some getting used to, and some just never will get there.


  • Very minimalist in design
  • Resistant to water
  • Exquisite grip for all surfaces


  • Not much arch support
  1. Under Armour Men’s Kick Distance Spike Sneakers

The track runners needed an entry, so here’s is theirs via the Kick Distance spikes. These are made to keep you locked in while emphasizing responsiveness. They lock you in using a couple of features.  First of which is an internal strap in the middle of the foot and the second is a 3D printed heel that ensures you stay in place.  With four spikes in the front, you’re going to get off the charts grip, while the EVA midsole is made to help you absorb shocks and push off quickly and efficiently.  Despite how they might look, they do have some breathability built into them in the upper, which is important even if it is just a short event that you’ll be participating in.  Lastly, some of the colors are simply extraordinary and well worth a mention.  The durability is a problem, so be aware of that.


  • Plenty of lock down
  • Absorbs blows and responds well
  • Excellent grip


  • Lack of durability

Conclusion And Final Under Armour Running Shoes Recommendations

Finding the perfect pair of running shoes can be a tough, tough endeavor.  It takes a lot of labor to figure out what kind to get, especially when you throw the internet into the mix.  What should be helpful can confuse given the sheer number of choices available as well as all of the information you can find.  That’s why it’s so helpful to have it all in one place so that you can get an idea of where to go.  That’s what we have done today, and that is exactly why you will now be ready (or close) to purchase the right pair for you so that you can hit the ground running and set that personal best!

FAQ’s About Under Armour Running Shoes

How Do I Wash My Running Shoes?

Washing your running shoes is something you should do at a regular but not ridiculously overboard fashion.  To do this, you will want to use your hands, soap, a brush, and a possibly a rag.  You do not want to use the washer or dryer, since both can and will damage the integrity of the shoes.  Due to the lightweight nature of running shoes today, this is just asking for trouble.  Also, you should consult any how-to manuals or literature provided to you by UA so that you can be sure you don’t go against them and ruin the shoes.

How Do You Tell Your Shoes Need to Be Replaced?

The length of time you will be able to use your shoes is going to vary based on a number of factors, such as how often you use them, where you run with them, and how well the shoes are made.  To tell how when they need to be replaced, you can look at a few things for clues.  First of which is going to be the feeling you experience.  If you have never had issues with soreness before, or if you start to be much more sore than normal, it could just be that the support has been worn out.  Any tears of the upper or any loss of traction due to the soles coming off are also recipes for replacement.  Lastly, you can look to the midsoles as well.  If you see cracks or creases in the wide base of the shoes, this means the support is giving way and that you need to consider a new pair.  Never look for dirt, though.  This can be cleaned and is not a good indicator that you need to make an alteration.

How Long Does It Take To Break in a UA Running Shoe?

This simply depends on the shoe that you have purchased and you as well.  Some pairs will be quick and painless, requiring little to no breaking in.  Others will need a more thorough process where you take it a little at a time.  It’s encouraged to just wear them around the house a little at first to get an idea of how they feel.  Then possibly go for a walk and then graduate up to a run.  You definitely do not want to do a full on long distance run the first time you wear a new pair!

Can I Wear My Shoes For The Gym?

Technically you can use your running shoes for the gym, but this is usually a bad idea unless it’s a one or two time deal.  You will kill your running shoes if you are putting them under serious strain with weights, and you also will be placing untold amounts of pressure upon parts of your body without the necessary support.  Running shoes are best for just that, running.

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