6 Best Tesla Running Shoes of 2021 (Updated Review + Buying Guide)

Best Tesla Running Shoes

Tesla, also known as TSLA in some circles, is a shoe company that you may have never heard of before, but it is one that promises to shoot up through the ranks over the years to come.  Much like Under Armour a couple of decades ago, Tesla has emerged from obscurity to try and meet a need out in the current market.  Rather than going with just one item, though, they have concentrated on a lot of things.  Today, we are going to key in on running shoes.  In this buying guide, we will let you know they why, how, and what about Tesla running shoes.  On top of that, we will also be reviewing some of their shoes, all in a bid to help you pick out which might be best for your specific needs.  So, let’s get going then!

Top Tesla Running Shoes Comparison Chart

Product NameMaterial/sSolePriceWhere to Buy?
1. TSLA Men’s Boost Running SneakersSynthetic Skin Suede / Air-Mesh / EVA Midsole / Soft LiningRubber$Check Price On Amazon
2. TSLA Men’s Lightweight Running ShoesFlex groove$Check Price On Amazon
3. TSLA Men’s Trail Running Minimalist Barefoot ShoesDura Nylon BandZero-drop$Check Price On Amazon
4. TSLA Unisex Quick Dry Slip On Aqua ShoesSpandex Upper / Synthetic Sole / Polyester$Check Price On Amazon

Tesla Running Shoes Buying Guide

What is Tesla?

Tesla, or TSLA again, is a fairly new company on the scene in the world of athletics.  Beginning back in 2007, they have been around over a decade, even if you haven’t known about it.  This, it may seem, is strange, but it’s not really.  If you think back, you will see that Under Armour– a massive player in the world of athletic clothing today- started only in the mid 90s.  They originally started to fill the gap of providing a good undershirt for athletes in all kinds of sports.  Since then, their business has blossomed to include all sorts of clothing, both for leisure and for athletic usage.  TSLA is hoping to do the same kind of thing.  Using the internet as a massive support system to their business, they have been able to expand rapidly and become an integral player in the game despite many probably never having seen them in stores.  This might mean you had never heard of them until today, which is honestly just OK.  Tesla got off to its start, much like the aforementioned Under Armour, by focusing on one thing: suits for triathletes.  That dedication led to them doing more undershirts and increasing their share of the market little by little.  Like UA as well, they have now started to branch into shoes, which is the point of our article here today, after all!

The Main Benefits Of Tesla

While there are going to be benefits to buying from virtually every company, even if the product you end up getting is largely garbage in the end, there are some benefits that Tesla brings to the fore that others just can’t or don’t right now.  One of the things that is not common out there at the moment is a commitment by companies to get good products to athletic consumers for a relatively low price.  Typically, what you see are three things going on.  One, of course, is that the price is going to be super expensive from the well known companies you know.  For our purposes here, we’ll name drop Adidas, Nike, and Under Armour, once again.  Second, you could see super cheap materials and products offered.  These will have either no brand name to them, or they will be from a brand you have never heard of that is likely foreign.  As Tesla shows, this is not always bad, but it’s also not something that is a given, either.  The third option is that you could get lucky.  What we mean by this is that sometimes the ‘good’ stuff will drop into the secondary market at stores- or even online- and you will then be able to afford the better stuff.  What Tesla is able to do is to mitigate this by starting out at an affordable price.  None of their stuff is dirt cheap, but it’s also not going to be super expensive.  Some will be a little wary of this, and that’s within your right to do so, but it’s a huge plus in your corner with Tesla.

Two other things should be mentioned as primary benefits of going with Tesla here as well.  One of them is going to be about their willingness to experiment and push the limits.  All companies that want to revolutionize shoes, or shirts, or whatever, are going to express themselves by pushing the limits by trying new technology.  Tesla does just this, as they have shown from day one by pushing their triathlete suits to the brink and then taking that success and expanding upon it.  Another thing Tesla does well, with their shoes at least, is going to relate to them being very versatile.  There has been a movement in the world of shoes to go into super specific areas of late.  This is not always bad, but it’s also driven the price up and forced people to pay for multiple types of shoes.  So it’s a double whammy, of sorts, like the old game show.  You lost your turn and your money, so that’s no good!  At any rate, with Tesla you generally can use your running shoes for multiple areas, freeing you up a bit and keeping you going for a longer, happier stretch of time!

Other Benefits of TSLA

Besides the main benefits, that we listed above, there are other things that you can count on with Tesla running shoes as well.  So, let’s take a look at a few of them, so that you can get a good idea of what it is you are looking at exactly.

– You get good durability.  Believe it or not, you are going to be getting decent durability when you purchase a pair of running shoes from TSLA.  This is probably a small surprise to some of you due to the price that you are going to pay and the lack of their popularity on the marketplace, but it is still a big benefit to know that they are going to last you a reasonable amount of time.  Rather than you having to worry about them not holding up for long, you will not be having to do that.  Don’t take this to mean they will hold up forever, however.  At the end of the day, they are not likely to last a ton of time under constant strain.  You also have to realize that price does matter, so that is a knock on them. But you can rest assured they will do you much better than store bought ‘buddy’ brands and most, if not all, knock offs.

– Another major plus that TSLA is able to offer you is that they do a very good job at promoting ankle health.  They do this by making sure that the ankle is kept in the correct position.  This may not seem like a very big deal to you, but it should be viewed as something you want and need.  Some shoes, especially lower priced ones, do not do a very good job at giving you a lot of stability and security. Whenever this occurs, you are in for a world of hurt, realistically speaking.  When your ankle moves, the rest of you is going to suffer.  One part of the body does not work without the rest, remember, so it’s vital you take care of all of it.

– People really like them.  It’s not always good to look online to see what others are saying.  For all you know, they might be talking about how bad you are.  But with products that are being sold, it’s always good to know what others in the ‘community’ are saying.  And with TSLA, they are by and large talking very positively about them.  They like them for a myriad of reasons: price, style, and their versatility.  There is something for everyone, so don’t let yourself be left behind, or out of the picture entirely!

The Good and the Bad

We talked about the positives of TSLA running shoes so far, but we also need to look at the negatives, too, or the potential ones for you.  One of the big positives is that they do have a lack of price in general when compared to shoes from others.  They are not nearly as expensive, but at the same time they are able to easily trump the offerings of off brands without a lot of fuss.  The issue with this, however, is that they do have a tendency to be light weight.  Now to some people, this is not a bad thing.  In fact, today’s shoe market, as you could guess, has more lightweight shoes in it than ever before.  One brand in particular, that of Nike, very much believes in lightweight options.  So much so that some people routinely flock to them or steer clear entirely due to what they like or don’t like.  With TSLA, it’s going to be much the same way for you, in many cases.  Sometimes, you will be happy and impressed with them being lightweight.  Heck, we all like it when we pick up a pair of shoes and feel they are light.  It lets you know you’ll be able to move freely and effectively with them on.  With that said, though, there is some worry to go around.  When a shoe is light, something has been given up.  Some bit of support.  For bigger runners, those that have had injuries in the past, and super frequent flyers, if you will, this can be a recipe for disaster.  It’s not something that should make you panic and give up on them right away, unless you fall in those categories, but it is something you should be aware.

Types Of Running Shoes

While we have talked quite a bit about how well Tesla shoes are able to perform under diverse circumstances, we also should talk about the types of shoes and how they differ from each other.  Knowing the limitations of various shoe types could help you unlock your potential, rather than forcing you to have to settle for just good enough.  Remember, you can wear them for multiple things, but at the end of the day, you’ve still got to rely on them for mostly one specific purpose!

Road Running

The most common type of shoes for running, and possibly in general today, is going to be ‘normal’ road running shoes.  Road running shoes are shoes that we should all be familiar with.  They are made for the pavement and slight excursions to grass occasionally, utilizing a tread that is not dissimilar to many tires.  They have good abrasion resistance in general, which allows them to last a while on the road.  They also can do well in adverse conditions, if you remain on the road, such is their level of usefulness.  This type of shoe is flat and is usually pretty light in today’s market as well.  As stated before, various companies and models do fluctuate, but by and large, these types will have some of the lowest weighted shoes out there.  If you want to go super fast in an actual race, you would want to look for something lighter, while a frequent practice pair would be best served to be heavier.  They offer you more protection that way, while the lighter shoes will give you a chance to be lighter and thus quicker on your feet as you run in your race.

Trail Running

The other type of shoes that you can find on the market is that of trail runners.  Trail runners didn’t use to be super popular, but they are becoming quite the rage today due to how useful they are on all kinds of terrain.  You can scale up rocks, run on the pavement, and even go through wet or soggy grass with them on with little to no problems.  They have very aggressive grips to them, which let you stay on your feet at all times, an absolute must have on dangerous trails that are hard to have a full knowledge on.  This type is typically going to have a lot more protection and support, too.  They might have toe guards, or reinforced heels to aid you during your run.  There is a drawback with that, though, and that comes via the fact that they are going to be a little heavier.  With that said, they have come a long way in recent years to cut the weight down, allowing you the necessary protection and grip without making it way too overbearing on you.

Hybrid Shoes

It is also possible to find shoes out there that will let you do a little bit of both, giving you the best of both worlds, if you will.  This type of shoe is not common really, but you can find them.  They are lighter than most trail runners, but you can take them on the trail or on the track.  A lot of times, you might even find shoes that weren’t necessarily meant to do both end up being ‘accidentally’ decent at each.  Again, it’s just another option that you might find yourself turning to.


Durability, price, and the quality of a pair of shoes has a whole lot to do with the kind of materials that are found making them.  So, it is well worth, always worth, taking a closer examination of what kinds of substances are used to make up your shoes.  It’s also nice to know that it’s not just going to be the upper, either, that you need to contend with.  If you only look at the material that comprises the upper, you may be in for a world of hurt, literally.  Rather than doing that, you should take a whole view at the shoes, making sure they are comfy, supportive, and going to last long enough for you as well.


We don’t to stick with the uppers alone, but we do need to begin with them to get a true view of the entire picture.  Uppers are the part of the shoe that you can look straight down at if you are standing or sitting.  This is a key component because it basically encompasses the whole shoe in one spot.  If this area tears, you need new shoes, plain and simple, due to the potential woes it can exhibit.  The most common materials used today to make uppers for athletic shoes are going to synthetic leathers and mesh.  Leather used to be in vogue, but that’s been phased out due to a bevy of issues, including the cost and environment, among others.  On top of that, synthetics have been able to take over due to being easier to deal with, since you can wear them in most conditions and don’t have as much trouble cleaning them.  Mesh, meanwhile, is very much a necessity when running in warm environments.  If you don’t have mesh in your shoes, it’s probably going to end up leading to you not having a whole lot ability to breathe through your feet.  It may seem silly at first glance, but if you aren’t able to do this, you will have issues since you will be heavier due to excess sweat and potentially could develop some fungi or bacterial related problems.  Usually, you will see a combination of these two ‘ingredients’ used to make an upper, allowing the shoe to be durable and supportive while also being flexible and able to breathe well.  Too much of either can push the shoe to not breathe well or to be too lackluster at holding up, though, so you do need to keep that well in mind.


The soles are very important as well, though we as a modern society overlook them horribly.  This is the part of the shoe that keeps us on the ground, but it also goes beyond just that This part of the shoe also helps with shock absorption.  Without good, firm rubber, you’ll feel stuck and you will be stuck.  What you really want to see is rubber that gives way ever so slightly, in a bid to help you absorb the continuous blows of running and walking- or just plain old standing.


Lastly, we will mention the midsoles, which is where a lot of the magic is made when it comes to athletic shoes.  All ‘tennis’ and ‘running’ shoes look alike, but it’s in this area where the hard work is done.  Absorbing shocks is one function of this spot, though that is far from all it does.  It also works very hard to give you support- or it doesn’t.  In shoes that are made for athletics and running, of course, you’re going to see lighter materials used.  Things like EVA will be common, as it’s known for keeping weight down while also providing decent comfort and support all at the same time.  This is a durable foam component that has revolutionized running and sports training for good, and you will do well to have it on your feet, too!

The Top Four Tesla Running Shoes of 2019 Reviews

  1. TSLA Men’s Boost Running Sneakers

Starting off our list here is the Boost from TSLA, a good option that is akin to most of the running shoes you see out there on the market. These road running shoes will be adept at giving you plenty of breathability all the while being supportive, too. One look at them makes them stand out as being different, with the heel being situated differently than most you see.  It’s lower than many, but that is made up for by the use of a deep heel cup.  It’s hoped that you will gain more freedom and flexibility from not being as restricted, all while still having some lock down and knowing you’ll stay in your shoes.  With lots of mesh and an EVA midsole, these are going to breathe well and be light, helping you to do some really good work on lowering your personal best.  With soft lining inside as well, these are going to be nice and comfy, cushioning you during the day, all for a very low price.


  • Heel cup but lowered heel
  • Very flexible and lots of freedom
  • Super breathable choice


  • They do run small, so you will need to size up accordingly
  1. TSLA Men’s Lightweight Running Shoes

Next up here on the list is an option that is not all that different but still sticks out because it does have some noticeable differences to be pointed out. One is style, which is a little bit more of a priority to them here. On top of that, though, they approach the ankles and heels a little differently.  They are more regularly shaped, but they have a nice, comfy amount of padding to them to make them super soft and cushy to the touch, much like many of your favorite basketball shoes.  Only these are made, to be light, and for the road as you go about your run!  With a multitude of colors to pick from and a low price, you’re sure to please anyone with an ice surprise of dropping off these shoes in their laps!  One of the biggest things worth pointing out is that they have a flex groove sole that gives much more traction and stability than many in this money ‘segment’ can even imagine bringing, providing you with even more of a reason to take a long, hard look at them.


  • Brilliant use of flex groove
  • Very soft, cushy, and comfy
  • Tons of colors


  • Also runs small
  1. TSLA Men’s Trail Running Minimalist Barefoot Shoes

Minimalist shoes are becoming a huge rage in today’s market, but one of the things that they do cause is a drastic uptick in cost. With TSLA, you no longer have that concern. If you want to transition to a minimalist shoe and don’t want to spend a ton to experiment with, this is definitely the way to go.  These shoes not only look great, but they function well, too.  They have no drop, which does take some getting used to, as you would have guessed about them.  They also have a lot of padding and protection spots in the toes, giving you more room to run on the trail with safely.  With that said, they make you feel like you are in nothing at all, which is an abandonment from what most are used to seeing.  That’s sure to give you strange sensations at first.  With a flyknit upper, like the so-called big dogs offer, these keep dust away while providing ample air to your feet.  A win-win!


  • Nothing in but air gets in and out well
  • Very awesome looks
  • Great price as you transition and try


  • Runs large
  1. TSLA Unisex Quick Dry Slip On Aqua Shoes

Rounding out our list today is going to be a pair of shoes that do go outside of the box a tiny little bit. Technically speaking, these shoes are made for the water, as they are aqua shoes. What this means is that they breathe very well, obviously, since they are made to drain water away very rapidly.  This works well if you are sweating, too, so that’s never a worry in these.  Though they are not made for running it, per se, they can do a good job at that because they have been designed to withstand hard ground and surfaces that are too harsh on you.  Made out of spandex in the upper, they will not be the most forgiving and won’t last as long under relentless torment, but if you need a great versatile choice that you can run in or swim in, then it’s going to be difficult to beat these.  They also slip on, too, which is going to be huge at getting on the go quickly.  You just can’t overcome all of these facts, so they are worth your time to check out for sure!

Conclusion And Final Tesla Running Shoes Recommendations

Finding good, quality shoes for a decent price is not easy to do in 2019.  And for some people, going to that next step beyond- to the ‘elite’- is that which they crave the most.  While some will like Tesla’s offerings, and others will not do so nearly as much, they do represent a swift change in the direction of shoes and the marketplace in general.  As time has gone on, you’d think that prices would go down.  However, many have gone up as specialization has increased.  You end up seeing people waiting or settling for cheaper prices.  With Tesla, since they are so new, you can take a bit of a gamble and find some great prices without all of the waiting.  After our guide today, you’ll now know all you need to know to delve in and have people running up to you asking where you got your shoes from!

FAQ’s About Tesla Running Shoes

Are TSLA shoes durable enough?

Durability, like price and beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.  None of us want to spend a lot of money, or even a small amount, for something that tears up on us.  It’s common sense and a statement of a simple principle of life that we all know and recognize, even if we don’t admit it.  At the end of the day, TSLA shoes are going to be much more durable than shoes you find that are cheaper and not as well made.  But they also won’t be as durable as super heavy duty ones, and they won’t be as durable as many of the bigger names out there.  Unless they are heavier.  It’s also going to depend on how well you treat them.  If you wear them while running and walking, all over the place constantly, you’re going to see them wear out quicker.  How you wear them is also crucial as well.  Some of us are just simply rougher on shoes that others are.  You might wear a pair for years, while your brother can only wear them for months.  It’s just dependent on how you wear them, their quality, the materials used, and all sorts of other stuff that’s hard to judge from on high!

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