12 Best Tactical Boots 2021: Steel Toe, Military, & Waterproof Options (Men’s & Women’s)

Tactical Boots

Think about it; our feet take the most beating compared to other body parts. They endure extensive mileage, are exposed to a wide range of inhospitable terrain, and often have inadequate support. If you work is in tough environments, say you are a law enforcer, fire fighter, police, or even a fun of adventures, you have to give your feet military treatment. We are talking about keeping them dry, impervious, and cushioned for utmost comfort.

It doesn’t matter where you live – whether you reside in the posh cities or in a more rural setting, it would be nice to have a pair of well-crafted tactical boots for use in different situations.

If you are looking for the best tactical boots out there, we know it can be a difficult task browsing through dozen of options without an idea on how to select the right one. If this is you, don’t worry because you are in the right place. We are going to take you through some of the important things to keep in mind as you embark on your shopping and some great choices in the market. You won’t leave empty-handed!

Top Tactical Boots Comparison Chart

PriceWhere to Buy?
11 ATAC 8 Inches Men’s BootLeather & textile8$$$$Check Price On Amazon
Belleville TR960ZWP KHYBER Lightweight Waterproof Side-Zip Tactical BootLeather & Synthetic8$$$Check Price On Amazon
Magnum Men’s Elite Spider 8.0 BootLeather8$$Check Price On Amazon
Under Armor Men’s Valsetz RTS Side Zip Military and Tactical BootSynthetic, Textile7$$$Check Price On Amazon
Bates Men’s Ultra-Lites 8 Inches Tactical Sport Side-Zip BootLeather/Fabric8$$Check Price On Amazon
Rocky Men’s C4T Tactical Boot – Perfect for militaryLeather8$$Check Price On Amazon
Reebok Work Duty Men’s Rapid Response – Best versatile tactical bootsLeather/Textile6$$Check Price On Amazon
Danner Men’s Acadia 8″ BootLeather & Cordura8$$$$Check Price On Amazon
Corcoran Men’s Waterproof Insulated Field BootRubber10$$$$Check Price On Amazon
Original S.W.A.T. Men’s Metro Air 9-Inch Side-Zip Tactical BootLeather9$$Check Price On Amazon
Garmont T8 Bifida Tactical BootSuede$$$Check Price On Amazon
Salomon Guardian CoyoteLeather$$$Check Price On Amazon

What exactly are Tactical Boots?

Now, let’s begin with understanding what tactical boots are.  In simple terms, tactical boots are type of boots built to protect the feet from extreme stress. Although they are more preferred by the military men and law enforcers, they are not strangers to the civilian feet. Many people love them just because of their solid construction, high arch design, and protective properties.

So, why do you need to get yourself a pair of tactical boots? Here are some convincing answers:

  • For starters, these shoes are built to offer utmost protection to your ankles and the entire feet. So, if you work in an area prone to injury, these shoes will guarantee you the much-needed protection.
  • If you are carrying load that’s heavy for your body, you’ll need strong footwear that can support your leg muscles. These shoes are strong enough to help you through.
  • Want to go for an adventure in the woods or in areas with thick bushes? There are chances you’ll encounter those creepy crawlies like snakes. With these kinds of shoes, you’re sure that their bite won’t penetrate through your footwear to your feet. Awesome, right?
  • If you work in hot or extremely cold temperatures, there are tactical boots built for any climate. There are those that keep moisture and water out, making them ideal for wet environments; those built to provide you with a firm grip when walking on ice; and those built for desert areas.

Types of Tactical Boots

There are different types of tactical boots out there and each pair comes with different features. These boots are used for different purposes. They are mainly ideal for difficult tasks that include; military training and combat, extreme sports, and adventure among others. Below is a sample of different types of these shoes:

Standard combat boots

These boots are simple and plain. They don’t have any aesthetic features, which explain the nature of their function. They are not made to conform to any trend or fashion. Black is the main color, with rough fabric and leather make. These boots have a good traction and made to withstand all kinds of weather, allowing you to use them in different situations.

Jump boots

We can bet, either in the movies or in real life, you have seen military men jumping from parachutes and that sort of action. Do you know the types of boots they use? Jump boots! That’s right; these kinds of shoes are specifically made for this purpose. They come with reinforced heels and a hard toe cap to absorb impact. Better yet they feature rubber soles to give you a soft landing and avoid injuries and cases of accidents.

Tanker boots

These boots are built for use in tanks and vehicles because of their strong nature. They are not complicated in design. Rather than laces, straps are preferred so that they don’t get stuck in the tank. When it comes to the materials, you’ll love the fact that these shoes are made of pure leather. This comes in handy in case there is spillage of fuel or other harmful substances. They are, however, not fit for combat as they lack ankle support.

Jungle boots

You see, there are three things that make jungle boots unique compared to most types of boots: first, they have been around since World War 2, which means they have withstood the test of time, owing to their incredible ability to be used in sticky and slippery environments. Soldiers during those times used these shoes on marshy grounds, shallow water and even mud. Secondly, these are well suited for using through thick jungle, no wonder they bear the name ‘Jungle boots.’ And for your information, they were instrumental in winning jungle warfare during the second greatest war of the 20th And lastly, these boots have small eyelets in the flanks of the shoes that help discharge water and mud if they enter the shoe.

Desert boots

These boots were the idea of Norman Schwarzkopf, who designed them using Saudi Arabian recipe. You see, its making include rough suede combined with laces and sidings made of nylon. One thing you will love about these shoes is the ability to release heat, as the desert can be extremely hot, and these boots will come in handy. This was possible after the common internal steel protector was eliminated. Drainage holes had to be sealed because the desert sand could easily get into the shoe making it uncomfortable compared to a traditional cowboy boot.

Low temperature tactical boots

These are more similar to the desert boots, but are specifically made for use in areas that are extremely cold. On the inside, they come with a generous amount of padding well distributed on all sides, allowing your feet to remain warm at all times.

Basic Parts of Tactical Boots

These bad boys are specifically designed in different parts to make them suitable for the harsh terrain out there. As a fan, it’s wise to understand these parts and their functions so that the next time you go shopping for the right pair you’ll appear as an expert. Here are the most common parts of tactical boots that you should know about:


This is the entire top portion of the tactical boots. Its weight has a big impact on the weight of the boot, as well as its abrasion/water-resistance, durability and breathability. In most cases, you’ll find that this part is made up either full grain leather, split grain leather (combo between leather and nylon), Nuckbuck leather (buffed leather that resembles suede), and synthetic (includes polyester, synthetic leather or nylon).


This is the lining that’s just above the outsole of the shoe. It provides cushioning and stiffness of the boots. They are usually made of EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) or polyurethane, which feels firmer and studier.


This is the entire section that’s in contact with the ground. To make it durable yet lightweight, most manufacturers use rubber and a small addition of carbon to provide reinforcement for extra stiffness. Considering that some of these boots are built to be resistance not only to water but also other industrial substances such as oil and petroleum, the outsole could also incorporate Vibram, which is a high quality of rubber made in Italy.

Choosing the Best Tactical Boots: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Just as is the case with purchasing other shoes, there are a number of things that you need to have in your fingertips before you hit that ‘buy’ button. You wouldn’t want to go for a pair that will tear apart in a few months or one that doesn’t provide the much needed support, just because you didn’t do your research.

To make the job easier for you, here are some of the things you need to remember to ensure that you get tactical boots that works for you and of course your work environment.


When it comes to tactical boots it’s all about toughness; it’s about how well the shoes will serve you and the duration you can use them for. One of the most important things to keep in mind is the durability of the shoe. You see, these shoes are made to tackle intense environments and most of them are designed to be durable to some level, but remember that all pairs are not made the same. Some are made to be rugged than others, incorporating strong materials to handle any kind of terrain. Depending on where you want to use them and the kind of tasks you got lined up, you’ll need to ensure that the durability ratings of your preferred pair stack up accordingly to the job ahead.


If you are looking to buy tactical boots, one thing is certain – you’ll likely use them in less than desirable conditions such as forests, mountains, and construction sites. Let’s be honest, these environments are not the most pleasing to begin with. You’ll need as much comfort as possible in your feet to be able to handle whatever task is ahead of you. Getting a tactical boot that’s not only super durable but also comfortable is a plus. Just to be on the safe side, ensure that the pair you intend to buy comes with a foot bed and some sort of insole to keep your feet comfy. If you are lucky enough, you might even come across several brands that make their tactical boots using molded technology for that extra comfort.

Resistance to water and other substances

You don’t have to be concerned about water leaking in while you wear a pair of tactical boots. Moreover, you don’t have to be too cautious about other substances that could come in contact with the shoes when wearing them. It’s best if the boots are waterproof because water can have a disastrous impact on the shoes if they come in contact with it. Most of these shoes can be resistant to other substances such as lubricants and petroleum products. This is an added advantage to people who work in companies that deal with these products. You see, most people think it’s not necessary to have this added advantage as they are rarely exposed to such substances, but we can tell you it’s better to be safe than sorry just in case you come into contact with them.


Now that you are looking to purchase tactical boots, it’s correct to assume that you’d be using them on different terrains – from the undulating paths to the harsh, rocky terrain and everything in between.  It’s obvious to note that your feet will likely ensure a lot of punishment in the process. To some extent, you can’t avoid the fatigue, but trust us – good cushioning will prove to come very much in handy! Tactical boots with a great midsole that offers a high level of cushioning, reducing the stress on your lower extremities will be welcome.


Just as mentioned above. Tactical boots are generally built for hash terrain and condition, but one pair wouldn’t be ideal to be used in both hot and cold climate. On the same note, some are built to be waterproof, whereas others incorporate better material to be resistant to industrial products such as oil and petroleum. If you are just looking for a high boot that you can use for security roles or trekking (just to name a few), you’ll do well with a decent a decent pair of tactical boots. On the other hand, if you are looking to use the boots to walk for extended period, especially when covering rough terrain, you’ll need to check the design of the shoe to ensure that it provides the much-needed support.

Good Traction

Before you hit that ‘buy’ option, check and see if the tactical boots offer good traction. As a general rule of thumb, boots with better traction always perform better on any terrain. So, how do you know? Inspect the outsole; confirm the material it has been curved out from. If it is made of natural rubber or Vibram and the underside has visible rut a pattern to provide you with a toehold while running, leaping or striding, then you’re good to go.

Lace and Zippers

Tactical boots can be identified in two different categories: those that come with zippers and those that have normal laces. The ones with zippers are easier to wear and remove, making it fast and effortless. Those with normal laces are designed to allow the user to tighten the laces. They are also known to be largely resistant to fraying and tearing.


Most people ignore one important factor: the weight of the tactical boot. You see, the weight of these boots can be easily ignored but if you find yourself in a situation where you get to wear heavy tactical boots, you won’t like the experience. It can be so tiring and exhausting. They can take a toll on your feet after adorning them for several hours and you sure want to avoid this. The best way to avoid such circumstances is to choose a pair that is light in weight as this will help you move around with ease and it will be one of the best decisions you will have made.


Price is a huge contributing factor, because your budget will influence the type and quality of the boot that you go for. Generally, a good pair tactical boots should cost your between $50 and $200, with the price depending on the construction and extra features. You’ll find that the more popular brands will price their boots higher than the less known ones.


As you begin hunting for tactical boots, you’ll likely come across dozens of brands, sometimes getting overwhelmed with the huge options out there. So, what do you do? We’ve got some advice for you: only stick to the well-known brands to ensure you get unmatched quality. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular brands that have been in the footwear industry for long and always deliver to expectation.


This Company has been making tactical boots since 1932. Yes, that’s almost 9 decades! This only means one thing: they have learned all the ins and outs of making these shoes and perfected their art. The company prioritizes on comfort, durability, and of course strength!


Magnum is all about boots and safety footwear! The company conducts intelligent research to determine what the end users want, and goes ahead to design boots with specific consumer in mind. They have a footwear line for military, police, healthcare personnel, and firefighters.


This brand specializes in a number of footwear for both men and women, including backs and packs. However, if you mention the name of the brand, what comes into the minds of most people is their tactical boots. Whatever type you need, you can trust 5.11. to deliver to your expectation.

Under Armour

This is a household name not only in the U.S. but also other regions. From training apparel to quality sport shoes to best tactical boots, you won’t be disappointed with Under Armour.


Saving the best for last. If you were surprised that Rocky has been around for almost 9 decades, here’s another shocker for you! Belleville entered the business of making shoes in 1904, over a century ago. Although it started with regular shoes, it made its first military-style boot in 1917 when they were given an order to make such pairs for the World War I military. Since then it has remained dedicated to crafting most efficient tactical boots with innovative design.

Reebok Work

Founded in 1989, this company specializes in different kind of shoes, with the tactical boots being one of their main line. It’s a household name, best known for making durable and comfortable shoes.


How can we forget about Bates? Some may say we are saving the best for last, because is perhaps the most popular brand in making military-grade footwear. Bates has been providing men and women in uniform with quality gear for 130 years, making it a favorite brand for many people.

Best Tactical Boots Reviews

11 ATAC 8 Inches Men’s Boot

When it comes to the quality of tactical boots, only a few can match 5.11. The company is well known to produce military-grade products, with the 5.11 ATAC tactical boots being one of their success stories. This pair has acquired the ‘bestselling’ status on most retail sites, and for a good reason. To begin with, the shoes are made from quality synthetic rubber and leather, guaranteeing utmost performance and longevity.

Think about it; if your job is all about responding to emergencies, say a firefighter or a policeman, you wouldn’t want a pair of shoes that would waste your time just because of fumbling laces whenever you are called upon. With a shaft measuring 8 inches from arch, this pair comes with a unique side zipper, allowing you to just slip your feet into the boots and get going without much hassle.


  • Comes with a synthetic sole
  • 100% leather and textile materials
  • Side zip functionality to keep the laces tied every time
  • Rugged nylon construction with moisture wicking and antibacterial lining
  • Shock mitigation system


  • Some may find thickness of padding not comfortable along their ankle
  • Runs a bit small for those with wide feet

Belleville TR960ZWP KHYBER Lightweight Waterproof Side-Zip Tactical Boot

Old is gold. If this saying is anything to go by, then there’s no doubt that Belleville has made it in the world of tactical boots. Founded in 1904, with only a workforce of only 50 people and amateur founders, the management utilized their incredible marketing skills to become one of the most popular shoe makers in the U.S.

The TR960ZWP KHYBER has long been used by military personnel and law enforcement agents. Many officers who have had the privilege of owning these boots can attest the unmatched quality that they offer. This pair is made with sophisticated construction technology, incorporating original leather and synthetic materials to ensure that they are not only tough on any terrain, but also last long to serve their purpose.  The sole is specifically made to be waterproof and resistant to industrial products such as oil, petroleum products, and lubricants. Lastly, the pair has a side zipper that makes it easy to wear.


  • Original leather and synthetic materials
  • Waterproof fabric
  • Lubricants, petroleum products and oil resistant
  • Side zip for easy slip-in and removing
  • can be worn in different environments


  • Zipper can wear out if you don’t maintain it by lubrication
  • A bit expensive

Magnum Men’s Elite Spider 8.0 Boot

If you work in hot areas that require touch shoes, you’ll appreciate what the Magnum Men’s Spider 8.0 Boot has to offer. The company behind it – Magnum – has been making these kinds of shoes for a long time now, and knows just what it takes to make them perform to expectation. Made from suede and denier nylon materials, you can be sure that this pair will resist wear and tear even when using it in harsh terrain or environment. It also incorporates an aero mesh liner, which promotes air circulation, allowing your feet to get enough aid to cool offer and get rid of any building order.

And there’s more! The shoes also come with a sockliner that’s built with ergonomics in mind. This feature comes with a contour that corresponds with the natural profile of your foot, guaranteeing utmost comfort every time you step out on these shoes. When it comes to the outsole, you’ll love the fact that it’s chipped to provide both traction and steadiness when you’re traipsing or walking on uneven or rugged terrain.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Composite shank
  • Very spacious toe box
  • Comes with slip-resistance Vibram outsole for great traction and steadiness
  • Heel counter that provides support to arch
  • Mesh upper for breathability


  • The toe section and eyelets could wear out quicker
  • Size configurations could be misleading, you may need to go with a slightly smaller size

Under Armor Men’s Valsetz RTS Side Zip Military and Tactical Boot

You are searching for a tactical boot, which is designed to last and is stylish, but you are wondering where you will find such a pair, right? Well, you’ll appreciate the Under Armor Men’s Valsetx Tactical Boot! This pair provides exactly what you need to tackle those hard work environments. This boot is tactical and sleek, and will definitely look good on you, whether you are wearing it to work, or normal day. Better still, it’s made using lightweight material, ensuring that it doesn’t weight you down when on it.

These boots also come with slip-resistant laces that make them fit for all kind of surfaces, meaning that you can walk on icy surfaces to slippery grounds without slipping. The tactical boots also comes with a sock liner which has plush memory foam that fits your feet and provides you absolute feel good effect. The boot also has micro G inside to give extra support.


  • Comfortable thanks to the memory foam
  • Comes with a good grip, so it’s slip-resistant
  • Durable owing to its great construction
  • Due to its light feature you can easily perform tasks without tiring your feet
  • Easy to put on because of the side zip


  • With heavy usage, the sole can separate from the shoe
  • Some may find the ankle and toes support wanting

Bates Men’s Ultra-Lites 8 Inches Tactical Sport Side-Zip Boot

This is the newest iteration in Bates’ line of tactical boots, and boy, it’s a killer; a pair to be marveled at – right from the aesthetics to the features! The pair is designed using though leather and nylon materials and doesn’t incorporate any metal parts, meaning that they are lightweight and can be carried even in airports without having to explain yourself. Thanks to the nylon zipper, wearing and removing the tactical boots is a breeze.

When you go to the inside, you’ll find a thick rubber insole designed to provide utmost comfort. The best thing about them is that they are removable, so you can easily replace them when they wear out. The pair’s shaft measures to the mid-calf from the arch and comes in two colour options: sage, black.


  • Quality rubber sole
  • Tough construction
  • Extremely lightweight for a shoe of its caliber
  • Metal-free design
  • Removable slip-resistant outsole


  • Laces are a bit short

Rocky Men’s C4T Tactical Boot – Perfect for military

Speaking of world-class tactical boots, the Rocky Men’s C4T have what it takes to be considered military grade. These boots are actually made for military training as well as combat. They can be found in two distinct colors; sage green and desert tan, which are ideal for combat in deserts and jungles. Its construction is mainly tough nylon for durability, with speed eyelets on the outer parts to let out sand in the desert and water in the jungle.

Although these shoes are made of tough durable nylon material, you will be surprised to find that they are actually lightweight and also comfortable, making them ideal for tough environments. The pair also has 550 cord laces held in place by NATO hooks for perfect fit.


  • Tough build
  • Comes with premium NATO hooks to hold 550 cord laces
  • Features speed eyelets
  • Quality, durable materials yet lightweight and comfortable


  • When new, boots can produce cracking noises but only for the first few uses

Reebok Work Duty Men’s Rapid Response – Best versatile tactical boots

Reebook has been a household name since those old days. Although you may know the brand for making quality sport shoes and sneakers, it has a department for work boots and tactical boots, and we must say it has proven itself to be a big contender in this sector too.  Versatility is one feature that makes the Reebok Work Duty Men’s Rapid Response boots a favorite for many tactical boot enthusiasts.  It’s no surprise that this pair is made for rapid response purpose, owing to its lightweight nature and strong build.

With a dull tan color, its design comprises ballistic nylon and suede leather for overall strength of the shoes and protection of the feet. The rubber soles are slip resistant in oily surfaces and waterproof in case you encounter wet surfaces. This pair is also electric shock-proof and has insulated foot force surface that is shock absorbing. It has a side zipper that you can adjust for easy wearing and comfort.


  • Can be used in different terrains
  • Can be worn for a long time
  • Strong toe cap for added protection
  • Adjustable side zipper for ease and comfort
  • Rubber sole ideal for shock absorption


  • Poor aesthetic qualities

Danner Men’s Acadia 8″ Boot

For decades, Danner has remained one of the most favorite brands for law enforcement personnel, and for a good reason. The company has been boot manufacturing business since 1932. That’s almost nine decades of craftsmanship. The Danner Acadia 8-inch Boot features insanely solid materials that could even outlast you. The general construction of the shoes incorporates shock and abrasion resistant Vibram and leather for durability and longevity. The pair comes with Gore-Tex lining to make it both breathable and waterproof, and a fiberglass shank for a reinforced toe.

The Danner Acadia 8-inch Boot features patented stitch technique, keeping the boot always ready to use. To prevent your foot from sliding while you are attending to your duties, these are designed to be a bit narrow, but the company also offers wider options for those people with wide feet.


  • Quality, solid construction for durability
  • Squeak and slip resistant sole
  • Waterproof
  • Innovative stitch down construction
  • Fiberglass shank


  • Narrow profile could be uncomfortable for people with wide feet
  • A bit heavy compare to similar pairs in the market

Corcoran Men’s Waterproof Insulated Field Boot

Being waterproof and insulated, are some of the qualities you will love about this Corcoran field boot.  With 400g insulation for shock-absorption, this tactical boot gives you a good balance, which is made possible by the heel section providing support to the ankle. These features enable you to wear the shoes and work with them in the fields and perform other outdoor tasks.  When it comes to the construction, the pair is made of original leather, which enhances breathability and prevents water from leaking in. The thick tough sole provides a good grip while working on icy or even slippery surfaces.

The insoles are removable, hence making them easy to clean. Better still, they make your feet comfortable due to their soft texture. You can also easily slide your feet in and out of the shoes and enjoy comfort thanks to the adjustable lace tying system. The polyurethane mid-sole material makes it shock-absorbing; hence you can easily maneuver rough terrains and hard surfaces.


  • Totally waterproof
  • Highly durable
  • Quick and easy lacing system
  • Comfortable and removable insoles
  • Good insulation


  • Hard to dry the shoe once inside is exposed to water
  • Can be quite heavy

Original S.W.A.T. Men’s Metro Air 9-Inch Side-Zip Tactical Boot

When any product is associated with S.W.A.T, you know that its quality stuff. S.W.A.T, a team of highly trained police officers in the U.S. are known to adorn strong, lightweight gear to be able to tackle any terrain and move with ease. And do you know what boots they wear? Your guess is right – tactical boots! The Original S.W.A.T. Men’s Metro   Air 9-inch Side Zip Tactical Boot have everything a military and emergency personnel needs. They feature a visible heel air cell to allow for impact absorption, double-stitched upper for extra durability, and most importantly, a custom-molded phylon EVA midsole to allow you to move easily.

Aesthetically, this pair is sleek and comes with a cool design. Its lacing system makes it easy to wear and remove, and has a polishable leather toe. The shoe’s overall design doesn’t include any metal components, which allows it to pass metal detectors in airports and other places.


  • Sophisticated shock absorption
  • Easy to put on
  • Water resistant and comfortable
  • Passes through metal detectors
  • Ideal for combat and risky situations
  • Good aesthetic qualities


  • With time the zipper gets worn off
  • The leather tends to peel off after some time, though with heavy use

Garmont T8 Bifida Tactical Boot

The Garmont T8 Bifida Tactical Boot is one of the few tactical boots that you can use in a wide range of terrains, including snow-capped mountains, arid zones, steep inclines, muddy paths, and rocky ledges. Designed with outsole curved out of Vibram, you can be sure to enjoy solid traction and stability, minimizing chances of accidental falls and trips.

The tough materials are not the only strong points of these shoes; the upper is made of nylon mesh to be breathable, allowing enough amount of air to get into your shoes to cool off your feet after a long walk and of course to get rid of any building odor.


  • Hard suede leather upper
  • Great for use in different terrains
  • Moisture wicking lining to keep your feet dry and comfortable
  • Nylon mesh to support breathability
  • Precise shaping for a tight fit


  • Takes some time before breaking in
  • Size a bit narrow, so get a slightly larger size

Salomon Guardian Coyote

Now this boot is a real beauty. The upper is stitched out of a combination of materials, which include mesh, synthetic and leather, making the shoe cool and unique. The thick outsole is fashioned out of polymer, while the underneath comes with grooves to give you a stable toehold.

When it comes to the collar and tongue, you’ll love the fact that they are designed to get of your wear when wearing the shoes. You can literally slide your feet in and out of the shoes without keeping on stretching or loosening the collar.


  • Quality synthetic, meshed fabric and composite suede materials
  • Lace closure for a personalized fit
  • Mesh upper allows circulation of air
  • Extensive tongue and collar for a convenient fit
  • Cool design


  • Slightly heavy because of the strong materials

Conclusion And Final Tactical Boots Recommendations

Now that you’ve learned everything there is to learn about tactical boots and gone through a number of options that have made the cut in our list, we believe that you’re no ready to go out there and make the right decision when purchasing these boots for whatever purpose. We loved every pick we covered in our review, but we are going to highlight a few options that have made the editors cut, depending on their use.

Now, our top pick for those looking for an innovative pair for job profile, be it military, law enforcement or firefighters is the 5.11 ATAC 8” Men’s Boot. You see, this pair is designed with quality leather upper that can withstand any amount of beating, a spacious toe area for those who need some feet movement inside their shoes, and a pylon midsole that makes it extremely lightweight. Better still; the outsole is both slip and oil resistant, offering solid thrust and traction.

Our second choice, a close runner up to the 5.11 ATAC is the Bates Men’s Ultra-Lites 8 Inches Tactical Boot. Besides the fact that this pair has been built by a company with over 120 years of experience in the boot manufacturing sector, it’s both a beauty and a bad boy! The upper is designed with top quality leather and hardened nylon similar to the one used in military ballistic industries, giving it the needed strength to handle anything that comes its way. Although it looks very strong on a mere look, it doesn’t have any metallic components so that it remains lightweight.

It wasn’t easy to pick our third choice, because all other pairs have proven to have what it takes. However, considering the work that Belleville has put into its line of tactical boots, it’s worth highlighting the Belleville TR960ZWP. This pair is literally designed for the tactical operators, who include military personnel, firefighters and police. The overall design and high-end materials used to make the shoes cannot go unnoticed. The pair combines the worlds of function and form, offering oil resistant sole and superb waterproofing technology, making it a great option for a wide range of terrain.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tactical Boots

What is the ideal height for tactical boots?

For starters, tactical boots come in different sizes these days, but the most common size you’ll come across is the 8-inch variant. This height is considered ideal by many people because it offers a better balance between protection and comfort. When shopping for these shoes, you will find sizes that are below the standard 8 inch, so don’t get limited to a particular size. The best size narrows down to personal preference.

What’s the ideal size of tactical boots?

When choosing tactical boots, the saying that “one size fits all” is just a fallacy. Most people shopping for these types of boots end up with the wrong size, yet they ordered the accurate size. You see, most tactical boots are designed to be slightly larger than normal pairs to allow for enough movement of the feet. So, while trying them out, wear your pair of sock that you would otherwise wear when going out to hunt or hike. If it fits well, then it’s most likely the right size for you. If it doesn’t chances are, it will feel uncomfortable if you wear these shoes for long. If the toes touch the shoe’s front, consider that as a big red flag!

Are tactical boots soft-toed or steel-toed?

This is a common question that many people purchasing tactical boots ask. While there are plenty of options that feature steel-toes, most designs (and most popular) are the soft-toed boots. The latter allows the boots to be more lightweight and flexible, allowing you to move easily when tackling harsh terrain. Their steel-toe counterparts are well known to be more durable and rugged.

Do I go for lace or zippered closure?

Frankly, this depends on your preference because each of these closure systems has their own advantages and disadvantages. If you go for a pair with lace closure, you’ll be able to choose how your feet will position on the insole – whether firmly or loosely – without compromising on the comfort. However, you’ll need to keep on tightening or loosening the laces in order to get a customized fit.

On the other hand, if you go for a zippered closure, you won’t need to do anything; just slid your foot inside the boot and walk away. However, for this option, you’ll have to be contended with the fit you get – you can’t do much about it!

Do tactical boots break in?

Well, not all of them. The better quality tactical boots are designed to be extremely stiff, so they have to move with your feet to be more comfortable. This means that such pairs need to ‘break in’ to allow them to last longer without wearing down the sole. If they don’t, you’ll be in danger of getting blisters and other foot problems.

Are all tactical boots made to be waterproof?

The simple answer for this question is no! You see, most tactical boots have the waterproof feature to some extent, so if you are looking to use it in wet environments, ensure you check the brand’s specifications to see the extent of waterproofing. Some companies even go to an extent of adding extra waterproofing features, so that their pairs can be used in environments that deal with oil, petroleum and other lubricants.

How should I clean tactical boots?

It’s pretty easy. If you’ve used your tactical boots in muddy areas, you’ll want to let the mud to dry before you can clean it. But don’t use a strong detergent; brush off the mud once dry, and then wipe the shoes using a mild detergent and soft cloth. If you go for a pair made of suede, use a soft brush to clean it, stroking the shoes over the entire boot.

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