11 Best Supportive Shoes of 2021: Options for Casual, Work, Running, & More

Supportive Shoes

Many people need shoes that will offer support for their feet.  There are a variety of medical conditions that cause foot pain and other various foot problems and when someones searching for a shoe they will need to find a shoe that will support that condition.  Others may have weak arch areas of their feet, if that is the case, they will need to find a shoe with a good arch support, to give that area of your foot the support that it needs.  When someone has a high arch, they may need a different type of support in their shoe than someone that has a flat foot.  Finding the right shoe that offers the support that you need for your feet is very important.  If you are someone that runs to stay in shape and to relieve stress, you will need a different type of shoe than someone who just needs a supportive shoe to go out and run their errands.  Some people can purchase shoes that will offer the support that they need, while others can purchase an over the counter Orthotic to replace the insole inside of the shoe that they are wearing.  There are others that will have to go to a foot specialist and get a special made Orthotic that will match and support their feet.  Finding the right shoe for your feet type, will allow you to be able to live a normal more productive life even when you have a condition that will cause pain in your feet.

Top Supportive Shoes Comparison Chart

ProductMaterialSole DesignPriceWhere to Buy?
ASICS Women’s Gel Venture 5 Running ShoesSyntheticRubber $$Check Price On Amazon
New Balance Women’s WX608v4 Comfort Pack Training ShoeLeatherRubber $$Check Price On Amazon
Keens Women’s Presidio ShoeFull-grain & Nubuck LeatherRubber $$$Check Price On Amazon
Ryka Women’s Devo Plus 2 Walking ShoesMesh/SyntheticSynthetic $Check Price On Amazon
Skechers Sport Women’s Skech Air Run High Fashion SneakersFabric & SyntheticSynthetic $Check Price On Amazon
New Balance Men’s 990v4Leather & TextileRubber $$$$Check Price On Amazon
ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6 Running ShoeSyntheticRubber $$Check Price On Amazon
Skechers Men’s Afterburn Memory Foam Lace Up SneakersLeather/SyntheticRubber $Check Price On Amazon
Under Armour Men’s Threadborne Fortis Running ShoeTextile & SyntheticRubber $$$Check Price On Amazon
Saucony Men’s Cohesion 11 Running ShoeSyntheticRubber $Check Price On Amazon

Supportive Shoes Buyers Guide

Once you have decided what type of shoe and support that you need for your feet, the next thing you need to do is to make sure you select a proper fit.  You could purchase the best supportive shoe ever but if it does not fit properly, applying the pressure and support to the right areas of your feet, it is not going to do you any good.  It is important to make sure that your arch matches up properly with the arch support of the insole.  You need to make sure that if you have a high arch that you insole is designed to support a high arch.  The heel area needs to settle properly into the cushioned area designed to support the heel.  The toe box needs to be comfortable and not too tight, giving your toes and feet room to move naturally and comfortable.  There are many factors that need to be considered and research that needs to be completed so that you know that you are purchasing the best shoe for you.

Upper Shoe

The upper part of your shoe is the part that will show a lot of the style and fashion statement.  This part of many shoes is made with a synthetic or a leather and mesh.  The mesh will allow the airflow to go through the shoe and helps to keep your feet cool.  When your feet sweat inside of your shoes, if you have a shoe that is made of a porous material it will allow the moisture inside of your shoe to dry quickly and allow you to have dry and comfortable feet.  This also helps to reduce the foot odor and bacteria inside of your shoe.  The inside of the upper on most quality shoes are lined with a porous fabric and are padded in areas that could rub and irritate your feet.  On most shoes the collar and tongue are padded but in others there is also padding around the ankles and in other areas where there could be pressure applied to your feet.  There are certain styles of these supportive shoes that are made to be a deeper depth that will allow extra room for you to put in Orthotics without making the shoe too tight on the tops of your feet.

Lacing System

The lacing system on most shoes styles are designed to help keep the shoe snugly on your feet.  There are a variety of systems that have been used.  There are some that offer straps with Velcro that pull over the top of your feet.  This normally works well for someone who has back problems or other problems bending over and tying the strings.  Some of the running shoes may have elastic on both sides of the top of the shoe that the shoe string is ran through.  This elastic will allow pressure as your foot moves to help to keep a secure fit and proper flexibility.  There are other designs that are inlaid eyelets that the strings are laced through.  These are more stable and do not flex with your foot as your shoe moves.  The laces must be pulled through and tightened to the comfort of the person’s foot to help hold the shoe in place and to keep your feet from sliding around in the shoe.


The insole inside of your shoe is part of the foot bed.  This is a very important part of the shoe that you must make sure that matches and supports your feet.  There are a variety of different styles and types of insoles that are available.  One of the popular with many supportive tennis shoes is the memory foam.  This foam insole is very plush and cushy and will form to your feet as you wear them.  This gives your feet the support and comfort that you need to be able to walk comfortably or to be on your feet for a longer period of time.  I purchased a pair of Skechers with the memory foam insoles, feels like walking on a cloud.  At the shoe store I was told that the foam may become too squished or flattened after a while and may need to be replaced to keep the comfort and support.  The shoe store where I bought my shoes has them for sale, just like the type that came with the shoe.  Many insoles no matter what they are made of are designed to be removed from the inside of your shoe.  This allows you to replace and put in a new insole to help keep your feet supported.  With a removable insole, it will allow you to add your special Orthotic that has been specially made for your feet or on that you can buy over the counter that has been designed with special support for your feet.

Mid Sole

The mid sole is designed in the arch area of your shoe.  This area is vital to match the arch of your feet for a good fit.  This area of the shoe is designed differently for many different styles.  Some offer a very padded mid sole with added supports around the area give the arch the support that it needs.  Others just offer a padded arch that leaves the firmness to offer medium to lower support.  Some offer an extra mid sole that can be removed so that it is the choice of the customer if they want to wear their shoes with or without the extra support of the added mid sole.

Outer Sole

The outer sole of a shoe is designed many times with rubber or is sometimes made from a synthetic material.  On a good supportive shoe, this sole is flexible so that it can allow your feet to move naturally.  Some outer soles have added air pockets or layers of carefully aligned materials, helping to support and cushion each and every step that you take.  Most of these soles are designed with traction to help to keep your balance and control of your steps to keep you from slipping on most any surface.  There are some that are designed with special directional lugs to help you stay balanced going up and down hills.  There are many different types of traction control such as specially designed grooves, lugs, certain patches of a different type of rubber or material that is strategically placed to keep the shoe from sliding.  This is important for most people, slips and falls can cause a variety of injuries that we all would like to avoid.


Selecting a shoe that offers flexibility is very important for the proper movement of your feet.  A combination of the outer sole, the insole and the mid sole must all work together to allow you shoe to flex naturally with your feet.  One way to test the flexibility of a shoe would be to take your hand and push the toe area upward and see how easy the shoe flexes and bends on the bottom.  This will let you know if a certain shoe is too stiff for your needs or will allow you to have the natural movements that your feet need to help to keep down the pain from various conditions.

Best Women’s Supportive Shoes Reviews

  1. ASICS Women’s Gel Venture 5 Running Shoes

This running shoe is designed with a synthetic and mesh upper so that it is breathable, keeping the runners feet cool and dry.  With the synthetic and mesh both having larger pores the sweat from your feet will evaporate quickly keeping your feet dry and more comfortable.  The shaft measures approximately 2.25 inches from the arch leaving a comfortable and creative upper edge that is padded for additional comfort.  The interior is lined and has added gel cushion supports to help to protect and support the runner’s feet.  The interior also has a removable sock liner to help hold the foot in place and to add extra support. The removable sock liner can be worn or left out of the shoe depending upon the wearer’s choice.  This liner can also be washed to help prevent foot odor and bacteria inside of the shoe.  Check with manufacturers care instructions for washing instructions.  There is also a removable foam liner to that can be taken out so that orthotics can be added if needed by the wearer.  The rugged outsole is made from an abrasive rubber with multi surface traction to help the wearer keep their balance and traction on most any surface.  This shoe comes in a variety of colors so that it can match most any style and a variety of outfits.  The support that this shoe offers has given it close to five stars in the reviews by the consumers and has made it worth the price that it is sold for.


  • Supportive and comfortable for most wearers
  • Removable foam insole to allow room for orthotics
  • Outer sole designed to be supportive and offers traction on many surfaces


  • Size may appear to be big for some wearers
  • Shoe doesn’t seem to last as long as some would think they should
  • Outer sole seems to be a bit slippery on wet surfaces
  1. New Balance Women’s WX608v4 Comfort Pack Training Shoe

This women’s shoe is designed by New Balance, whose goal is to create the very best.  This shoe is offered in a variety of different colors to match most any outfit and to show off the customer’s style.  The shoe is designed from 100% leather and designed to be fashionable.  The upper has been designed with a lower cut around the ankle and a padded collar around the top, padded with foam to keep the back from rubbing against the wearer’s heel.  The insole has been padded and an IMEVA midsole was added made from firmer density foam to add extra support to the arch and bottom of the feet.  This helps to soften every step and to support the ligaments in the bottom of the foot, which connects your toes to the heel.  The lacing system is created with elastic loops that the string gets laced through, allowing the elastic to stretch and keeping the pressure on areas where it is needed to keep the shoe tight and comfortable for the wearer.  A rubber outer sole has been added that has grooves to create traction that will help the wearer keep more control of their footing and balance.  The design of this shoe was created to help offer support for a person who is walking or training.  Supporting the wearer’s feet also means to allow the foot to move naturally and to protect the muscles and ligaments that make up the foot’s structure.  This shoe with all of its comfort and quality is worth the price that many customers have paid.


  • Designed with style and comfort
  • Pads and supports the wearer’s feet
  • Offers a flexible lacing system that helps to keep the shoe in place where it needs to be


  • Leather toe seems to peel off easier than it should
  • The comfort level of this shoe may not please all wearers
  • This shoe does not offer the ankle support that some customers were looking for
  1. Keens Women’s Presidio Shoe

This women’s Keen shoe has been created for support and comfort.  This shoe is made from 100% full grain leather and Nubuck leather.  The exterior is designed to be waterproof and stain resistance.  If a spot gets on the exterior, rub it with a gum eraser and brush and the spot should disappear.  The lacing system is designed with inlaid eyelets that the shoe string is ran through to help tighten the shoe to meet the wearer’s comfort level.  The outer sole is made from rubber and the outsole is created with gripping action and non marking on floors to help to keep your balance and stability on most any surface.  The interior is lined with a padded collar to keep the top from rubbing on your ankles or heel.  The foot bed has added a Cleansport NXT for natural odor control to offer a clean feeling inside of this shoe.   The insole is cushioned with an added EVA arch that will support and hug your feet, giving you the comfort and support that you need in the proper areas of your feet.  With the stylish design of this shoe also comes the choice of a variety of colors that will match most any outfit.  This shoe will look fashionable with jeans to khakis giving you comfort while you go on with your busy day.  With all of the benefits and comforts that this shoe offers, the price seems to be worth what the customers pay.


  • Fashionable and casual style to go with jeans and casual dress
  • Padded insole to support and comfort your feet for all day wear
  • Soft leather exterior that can be easily cleaned of any spots


  • The tongue seems to be a bit too stiff and rubs on the foot
  • This shoe does not seem to offer the support that many others of this brand has offered
  • The quality of this shoe does not seem to be what some customers were expecting
  1. Ryka Women’s Devo Plus 2 Walking Shoes

This shoe has been designed with style for comfort and support for the wearer.  The style of the upper is mostly mesh with synthetic support overlays.  This allows the shoe to be breathable and to keep your feet more comfortable and dry.   The lacing system uses a lace and tie shoe strings to allow the wearer to tie them as tight or lose as they need for their comfort and to keep the shoe snugly on their feet.   The lightweight EVA outsole offers a full length re-zorb platform and an external pod network between the outsole and the midsole.  This eight piece radiused skeletal eight piece rubber works simultaneously with the re-zorb midsole and the cobblestone construction to give a flexible and comfortable natural walking action.  The inside of this shoe is lined with a padded tongue and back collar to provide additional comfort by keeping these areas from rubbing against your skin.  The insole is padded and designed to add comfort and support along with the outsole to soften and support each step that is taken all day long.  The re-zorb active foam midsole help to add additional support and comfort to the arch area of your feet, keeping them moving naturally and relaxed.   The benefits and comfort that this shoe offers to its wearers has made its price well worth what you pay.


  • Designed with mainly an upper mesh to allow airflow through the shoe
  • The insole and outer sole are designed together to give support and comfort to your feet
  • Padded collar and tongue adds comfort


  • The outer soles of these shoes might offer a little more antiskid resistance to wet floors
  • The mesh fabric may not wear long enough for some customers
  • The sizing may not seem right to some
  1. Skechers Sport Women’s Skech Air Run High Fashion Sneakers

Skecher is a well known brand with its own technology for quality and design.  This women’s shoe is designed with a mesh upper, allowing the air to flow through the shoe keeping the wearer’s feet cool and comfortable.  The larger pores will allow the moisture from your feet to evaporate, keeping your feet dry and comfortable.  The upper mesh is designed with synthetic overlays, giving support to the mesh and to your feet.  The lace up system is designed with inlaid eyelets that the shoe strings lace through allowing you to be able to lace your shoes as lose or tight as you need them for comfort and control of your shoe.  The interior is lined with fabric and has a padded tongue and collar to help keep the shoe from rubbing on your foot or the back of your heel area.  The insole is designed from memory foam which forms to your feet and adds support to your pressure areas of your feet.  The memory foam makes you feel like you are walking on clouds and helps to prevent hard jars on your body.  The midsole offers an Endure-Lite Responsive cushioning which provides an excellent shock absorbent action to protect your feet and joints.  The outer sole is designed with Skecher’s Air Tech technology with a clear air cushions and rubber pads for traction.  The design offers a supportive walking shoe for daily wear but also a high traction and super shock absorbent shoe for even your toughest work out.  The support and comfort that this shoe offers along with the Skecher quality and fashionable design, makes this shoe well worth the price.


  • Designed with extra top stitching to add to the fashion style of these shoes
  • Memory foam insoles that form to your feet for comfort and support
  • Light weight and quality design to offer advance shock absorption


  • Once the memory foam forms to your feet some people do not think it is plush enough
  • Sizing may not be a correct fit for all customers
  • The outer sole appears to be uncomfortable for some wearers as the rubber seems to wear off

Best Men’s Supportive Shoes Reviews

  1. New Balance Men’s 990v4

This shoe is shown as one of Amazon’s best selling shoe.  This Men’s shoe has an upper that is designed from mesh with leather overlays to offer support to your feet.  The mesh makes the shoe breathable allowing moisture on the inside of your shoe to dry quickly and air to enter and help to keep your feet comfortable. The upper also offers a padded collar to keep the top of the shoe from rubbing against your skin and causing irritation.  The lacing system is styled with inlaid eyelets allowing the wearer to lace up and tie their shoes as loose or tight as they need them to be for their comfort and control.  This shoe offers a fashionable style and is available in a variety of colors to match most any style and most people’s wardrobe.   The outer sole has been created with a blown rubber construction to allow flexibility and comfort.  The flexibility will allow the wearer to move their feet more naturally, giving them balance and control of their shoes.  The inside of these shoes offers a cushioned support for your feet to allow you to wear these shoes all day long.  These shoes are light weight and very supportive and comfortable.  The quality stands up to the New Balance brand and reputation.  These shoes make great walking shoes for many people and some use these as their running shoes.  For all of the comforts and benefits that these shoes offer along with the quality of their construction, this shoe is worth its price.


  • Designed with fashion and quality
  • Supportive and comfortable for all day wear
  • Light weight and flexible


  • Do not seem to have the normal New Balance quality as most of their shoes have
  • The padding on the insole of the shoes seem to be a bit thin
  • The arch support could use more support to satisfy some customers
  1. ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe

This men’s shoe is another one of Amazon’s best sellers.  This shoe has been designed with style and support.  The upper portion is made from mesh with a synthetic overlay to give the upper section support and to support your feet.  This also allows your feet to breathe keeping them comfortable and dry.  The front is designed with an inlaid eyelet lacing system so that you may adjust your shoes to the tightness that is comfortable for you and helps to hold your shoes in place.  The outer sole is designed with ASICS high abrasion rubber that is placed in various areas on the bottom of the sole to allow for traction and support on a variety of different surfaces.  This outer sole has reverse directional lugs which has been designed to give traction for up and down hill surfaces.  The purpose of this outer sole was designed to give you the durability, traction and support to help create a quality pair of shoes.  The heel section of this shoe has added gel support to cushion and to work as a shock absorption protector for your heels as you walk or run.  The inside is lined and padded giving additional shock absorption and support for your feet.  The padded collar and tongue is used to cushion the top area of the shoe to keep it from rubbing against your skin.  This shoe has been designed to create a quality shoe for those who are looking for an all day shoe or those who want to wear them while they run.  The fashion and style of this shoe offers a variety of colors to go with most any style or wardrobe.  For many wearers this shoe is worth the price for the quality and comfort that they offer.


  • Extra gel in heel area to act as a shock absorber
  • Reverse directional lugs to help with traction uphill or downhill
  • Offered in a variety of different colors to match any style


  • The padding on the inside is thinner than some wearers like
  • For some, this shoe overall is just not as comfortable as past ASICS shoes
  • The mesh on the upper has been known to rip or tear for some wearers
  1. Skechers Men’s Afterburn Memory Foam Lace Up Sneakers

This men’s lace up sneaker is also known as one of Amazons top selling shoe.  The upper section of this men’s skecher shoe is designed with mesh and synthetic overlay to keep the mesh in place and to support the wearer’s feet.  This design adds both breathability to your feet and allows support to help keep the shoe in place.  The front of this shoe is made with metal top eyelets, allowing the laces to be tightened in the areas where the wearer needs the most pressure and support.  This style offers a padded collar and a padded mesh tongue that will again help the airflow to your feet and the padding will help to make the shoe more comfortable near the top.  The outer sole is designed with an Articu-Lyte rubber sole along with a high traction rubber sole.  This combination of the soles components make this shoe flexible and give you the traction that you will need on most surfaces.  Then a 1 ½ inch heel has been added for more shock absorption and support to your tired feet.  The inside is lined and padded for comfort and support while the bottom of the shoe gives you a memory foam insole that will mold and comfort your feet.  The memory foam will conform to each person’s individual feet and help to massage them as you walk, keeping them feeling more refreshed and active. The design of this shoe has been constructed with the Skecher quality and technology.  This allows support and comfort for the wearers to be able to wear these shoes all day for a comfortable fit.   With all that this shoe has to offer it is worth the price that its customers pay.


  • Memory foam insoles
  • Quality construction with Skecher technology
  • Multi layered outer sole designed to support and comfort all day


  • Sole has separated from the shoe for some wearers
  • This shoe appears to be stiff and heavy for some wearers
  • The memory foam insoles seemed to wear out faster than some wearers hoped
  1. Under Armour Men’s Threadborne Fortis Running Shoe

This men’s Under Armour running shoe is designed with a threadborne upper that is porous and breathable for the comfort of your feet.  The upper provides a compression like fit that gives directional support to your feet and to the shoes.  It also offers a fashionable style with the Under Armour emblem that will go with a variety of different outfits.  This shoe comes in several different colors allowing you to have a choice to tote your style.  The front is laced with strings that will help to keep the shoe in place and add comfort for the wearer.  The shaft measures approximately 3 inches from the arch.  The inside provides a snug and supportive ankle bootie that allows a snug fit around the ankle area.  There is also a molded cushioned sock liner that has been designed to form to your fit giving you maximized comfort and support for your feet.  The midsole support has been added with an embroidered construction to keep it in place.  The rubber outer sole has been designed with multi surface traction and enhanced flexibility for the control and balance of this shoe.  This shoe is made to be durable and give the wearer the ability to be able to wear these shoes comfortably all day.  With this shoe being a good all around supportive shoe, most customers feel that this shoe is worth the price that they have paid for it.


  • Quality designed and constructed
  • Flexible and supported inner and outer sole
  • Extra support with the ankle bootie that offers extra snugness


  • Size seems to run narrow for some people
  • The midsole that is sew in on the bottom seems to move and make the shoe hard to get on and off for some wearers
  • Quality may seem to be lacking for some wearers
  1. Saucony Men’s Cohesion 11 Running Shoe

This men’s shoe has an upper made from mesh and has synthetic supports that are designed to give support to the wearer’s feet and the shoes.  The upper is breathable and allows airflow to filter through allowing the moisture from inside of the shoe to dry rapidly helping to keep your feet dry and comfortable.  The padded tongue and collar are designed to help to keep the edges of the shoes from rubbing against your skin and causing irritation.  The rubber outer sole offers flexibility and traction so that you will always have control of your balance and your shoes.  The toe cap has been designed to protect your toes and to make your shoes more durable.  The front lace up system is designed to allow the laces to be strung and tied as loose or tight as necessary.  The technology for these shoes allows you comfort from the toughest work out to the leisure stroll that you might take through the park.  These shoes are comfortable and enduring for most any treatment that you might give them.  For the quality and comfort of this shoe it is worth the price that this shoe sells for, for many but others do not agree and say this shoe is not the quality of other shoes of the same brand that they have purchased.


  • Made to be breathable and comfortable
  • Flexible and good gripping outer sole
  • Comforts your feet even during the toughest workout


  • Fabric seems to tear on some of these shoes after a short time
  • The insole seems to be hard and does not offer enough padding
  • The arch support seems to be weak and does not offer enough support for the arch of the foot

Conclusion And Final Supportive Shoes Recommendations

Knowing the importance of finding the best supportive shoe to match your feet and the purpose of which you want to use them will help you to find the style that will match your needs.  Remember you can find the greatest shoes in the world, but if you do not make sure that you have a proper fit these shoes will not work well for you.  The importance of the comfort and functions of the shoe is extremely important, but also important is the fact that the shoe will match your style.  I have seen many reviews that say this shoe is just plain ugly or something like this shoe is like a billboard saying look at me I have a medical condition.  When you select your shoe make sure it is something that will match your style.  Most of these shoes come in a variety of colors that you can choose to match your wardrobe and to give you your own fashion statement.  Another factor to consider when making your decision is your budget.  Make sure that the shoes that you have selected matches or will fit into your budget.  If you find a pair that is more expensive than you can afford this week, tuck back some money and add more to it each payday until you have the amount you need to get that perfect pair of shoes that you have selected.  Someone looking for a pair of supportive comfortable shoes in ladies might make a good choice in selecting the ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 5 Running Shoe.  This shoe seems to offer a lot of comfort and support and comes in a variety of different colors so that it can match most any wardrobe or style.  It seems to be a good quality and overall has good reviews.  This shoe runs in the average price of the quality and supportive shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Supportive Shoes

Some consumers may still have questions about making the right selection for the best supportive shoe:

What benefits does a proper fitting shoe offer?

A proper fitting shoe offers many benefits including comfort.  A shoe that fits you well and is right for you can help to prevent injury to your body, helps to protect you feet, legs and joints in your body.  Your shoe should feel comfortable from when you first put it on, there should not be a break in period required.  Your shoe should help with the alignment of your feet as they touch the ground.  When your shoe fits properly it will help support the natural movements of your feet, keeping the muscles and ligaments from being torn or stretched because of being over extended or being forced to move improperly.  A properly fitting shoe will help to protect your feet and help to keep them healthy.  It will help you to be able to keep your balance and control allowing you to participate in your activities with ease and comfort.  When a person has an injury to a muscle or ligament that causes foot pain, selecting a properly fitting shoe will help to support this area, taking the pressure off of the injured area and giving support to keep it from becoming damaged even more.  Also when the pressure is taken off the injured area, it will reduce the pain and allow the injury to heal.  Overall a properly fitting shoe offers many benefits and helps to protect the wearer in many ways.

What is the best way to find a properly fitting shoe?

The best way to find a properly fitting shoe would be to go to a brick and martyr shoe store.  Most of these stores have trained employees that are there to help you find the perfect and proper fitting shoe.   It is best to shop for a new shoe when your feet are tired and maybe swollen from a hard day of being on them.  Use the same type of socks that you will normally wear with your shoes.  It is wise to always have your feet measured when looking for a new pair of shoes.  Like the rest of us your feet will change as we grow and even as we get older.  By letting the shoe associate measure your feet it will give you the proper sizing to start with to try on your new shoes.  Once you have selected the shoe that you are interested in, try it on.  Make sure the shoe is comfortable when you first put it on.  Check the room at the toe of the shoe and make sure there is enough room for your toes to move naturally.  It is recommended to give a 1-1 ½ cm between the end of your big toe and the end of your shoe.  Walk around in the store a little at least enough to make sure that the shoe is comfortable and fits properly.  Make sure that your heel does not slide up and down in the shoe as you walk.  If the ball of your fit feels like it is being squished, then try on a wide width in that style and see if that works better for you.  Once you think that you have the proper fit and it feels comfortable on your feet, take them off and look them over.  Make sure it is the design that fits your style.  Check on the inside and make sure there are no seams or rough areas that could irritate your feet after you have worn them for a bit.  Check on the outer soles and make sure that they have the flexibility and the traction that you will need for your protection and comfort.  Once you have found the perfect shoe that meets the requirements that you are looking for, your feet will feel more alive and full of energy and will not hurt or become sore.

Are added arch supports actually beneficial in your shoes?

Yes, arch supports in your shoes can be very beneficial.  They help a person to keep their posture giving them a proper body alignment when they are walking or running.  This helps to reduce injuries such as strains or sprains to muscles or joints.  Proper posture will also help a person have proper contact with the ground as their feet come down and will help to prevent a fall which could even cause a more serious injury.  If a person would happen to strain or injure a ligament in their foot, the arch support will also help to give that ligament support holding it in its natural position and keeping it from causing any further damage.  Some people who do not have a good arch support in their shoes, may experience pain in the arch area after extended walking or being on their feet for an extended period of time.  I feel an arch support is a very important part of selecting a properly fitting shoe.  The arch support is actually part of the mid sole of your shoe, which offers the most support for your feet.

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