15 Best Steel Toe Boots 2021: Waterproof & Comfortable Options

Steel Toe Boots

Many people may be required to wear steel toe boots for their jobs. These people could include construction workers, mechanics, heavy equipment operators and many others. This is mainly required for safety factors and in some areas and industries, it is the law. This helps to protect the toes and part of a person’s foot.  No one plans on dropping something or to have something fall on their foot, but it happens. Not only is the safety factor important in selecting these boots, but many people work standing on their feet, sometimes in the cold and in various weather conditions. When selecting the proper type of boot it is also important to choose one that is comfortable and gives support to your feet.

A good insole that provides support to your arch helps to keep your feet from hurting towards the end of the day.  If you work out in wet weather or even snow it is important to look for something that is water proof, to help keep your feet dry and warm. Trying to work with wet feet all day can be very uncomfortable and can cause many problems for your feet. Some boots come with skid resistant soles while others do not. This would be your personal choice or possibly a requirement for your job. Another consideration would be if the boot is oil or stain resistant. If you work in an area where you could get oil or grease on your boot it may be more important to you to select one with stain resistance. Last but definitely not least, the quality and durability of your new boot is very important. No one wants to pay a higher price for a pair that will not hold up to the job that you need it to do.

Top Steel Toe Boots Comparison Chart

PriceWhere to Buy?
Timberland Pro Men’s 6” Pit Boss Steel-ToeLeather6$$$Check Price On Amazon
Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift Steel Toe Work BootLeather$$Check Price On Amazon
Keens Utility Men’s Detroit 8” Steel Toe Work BootWaterproof nubuck8$$$Check Price On Amazon
Everboots Protector Men’s Steel Toe Work BootLeather6$$Check Price On Amazon
Dr Martens Unisex Hynine Steel Toe 6 Tie Leather Rubber BootsLeather$$$Check Price On Amazon
Larnmern Anti-Static Mid Steel Toe Work BootsRubber+Cow Leather+Mesh$Check Price On Amazon
Muck Boot Arctic Sport Steel Toe Insulated Men’s Rubber Work BootLeather & Synthetic14.25$$$$Check Price On Amazon
Wolverine Men’s Floorhand 6” Waterproof Steel Toe Work BootLeather6$$Check Price On Amazon
Timberland Pro Direct Attach 6” Steel Toe BootLeather6$$$Check Price On Amazon
Georgia Boot Men’s G9382 Logger Work ShoeLeather9.5$$$$Check Price On Amazon
Skecher’s Workshire Steel Toe BootsLeather5.25$$Check Price On Amazon
Kingshow 5” Men’s Steel Toe Work BootLeather5$Check Price On Amazon
AiChuang Unisex Steel Toe Work Boots$Check Price On Amazon
Labo Brand Men’s Leather Steel Toe Work BootLeather8$Check Price On Amazon
Condor Arizona Men’s 8” Steel Toe Work BootLeather8$Check Price On Amazon

Steel Toe Boots Buying Guide

OSHA, which stands for Occupational and Safety Health Administration, regulates and governs the standards set for safety in the industrial fields.  They adopt a set of guidelines for each type of field and regulate the employers to mandate their employees to follow these guidelines.  If these guidelines are not followed, fines can be issued with stiff penalties for noncomplying employers. OSHA uses the standards and testing results of the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) to make sure that theses boots meet the proper guidelines for the safety protocol.  There are many regulations and standards set by OSHA for the steel toe boots. The Protective Strength and compression ratings are two of the most important safety issues that are tested by ASTM and put in place by OSHA. To test the Protective Strength, the testing is done by dropping weights, starting at 30 pounds, then 50 and then 75 pounds on the steel toe part to see what it can withstand, without causing damage or crushing the steel. Then the boot is given its rating and is approved by OSHA as a safety standard.  The compression testing is also done in a similar manor.

Safety Protection and Compression

When making your purchase, know what is required for your industry.  If the boot you are considering has a 1/30 rating, it means that it has been tested and approved for a force of thirty pounds to fall on your foot and your foot should be protected.  If it shows a rating of 1/75 then it means that it has been tested and approved to protect your toe area of your foot.  When a steel toe boot shows the rating of 1/75, it has reached the highest safety rating that OSHA has put in place.  Next is the compression rating; a rating of C/30 means it withstood 30 pounds of compression.  As with the Protective Strength the highest rating is that of 75 pounds and is listed on your boot information as C/75.  When you have a rating of 75 on both, it normally can be assumed that the boot has a built in toe cap which helps to provide extra protection and durability.

Slip Resistant Outer Soles

Some industries will require that you have a non skid sole.  This can be very important to prevent falls or slips that can cause injuries, costing the employer and the employee big dollars in medical bills and missed wages.  When making your selection, look for the rating of SR or SL which both appear to mean skid resistance or slip resistance, depending upon the manufacture.  If you are unsure of the meaning or need more detail of what type of resistance that this shoe offers, many shoe stores will have information from the manufacture that can offer a more detailed explanation

Water Resistant Boots

Water resistance boots are normally made from leather, canvas or another fabric that has been treated with water repellant that helps to keep the water out of the fabric. This has mainly been designed for use in lighter rain or snows, to help the person wearing them keep their feet dry. On a normal this repellant has not been applied to allow the boot to wade through water or to walk in heavy snow.  In a normal situation a person working in a lighter rain, will continue to have dry feet throughout the day.  Some may have to be retreated after a time, but most shoe stores carry water repellant that can be sprayed on for longer protection. The water resistance is not the same as a boot such as a snow boot or other type of rubber boot that has been designed to wear in a deeper snow or to wade through a water puddle.  These types of boots are designed with material that water cannot penetrate through, so the person wearing them can wade in water if necessary and still keep their feet dry.


Comfort is vital to your feet especially if you stand on your feet most of the day.  Sometimes when you first purchase your boots, they are comfortable and feel supportive.  Suddenly you are noticing that your feet, legs and back are starting to hurt.  This is in indicator that the insoles inside of your boot may be wearing down and not giving you the support that you need.  There are many different insoles that you can purchase to put inside of your boots.  A proper fit is vital to provide quality support for your body.  It is important to find the perfect foot for your new insole.  First know your proper shoe size.  Next you would need to know if your arch is flat, med or high.  One of the best way to determine, is to look at your foot print, for example when you get out of the shower.  If your foot print makes your foot look wider and fatter, then you can determine that you are flat footed.  If on the big toe side of your foot, there is a partial indention about midway that can determine that you have a medium arch.

If there is a curve inward about midway that leaves very little print, then it would be safe to determine that you have a high arch.  Once you have determined which arch that you have, make your selection accordingly.  Make sure the support that you are considering is designed for a work boot, insoles are designed differently depending upon the type of shoe that you are putting them inside of. Check your current work boots and see if the insole inside of them is a removable one.  If it is a removable insole, it will pull out of your boot easily.  If it does not come out, then your boot is not designed with a removable insole.  Step your foot on the insole and make sure that the arch support fits your arch properly.  Once you have selected the proper fit, then slide your new insole inside of your boot and try it on.  This should once again give you the proper fit and comfort that your body needs to get you through the work day.  There are many different brands and styles to choose from, along with a wide price range.  In this case purchasing the one that is the cheapest is not always the best.  Select one that appears to be durable and offers a sturdy support and of course fits your foot properly.

Keeping Your Feet Warm

Selecting a pair of boots to keep your feet warm, especially if you are working outside is also a huge consideration.  It is miserable to be outside all day with cold feet.  There are a variety of insulations that are put inside of work boots.  Some are designed to be breathable and will allow your feet to feel cooler in the summer along with being warm in the winter time.  There are several types of insulation that are used inside of boots, but the most popular one seems to be Thinsulate.   Thinsulate is manufactured by the 3M Company.  They have a variety of different types that have been designed to meet the needs of various conditions.  The original type is also called type C.  It is lightweight but warm and has been designed to allow the moisture to escape but to maintain the warmth inside of the product.  The flame resistant Thinsulate has been designed to create warmth but has been combined with fire resistant fibers.  This will help to protect the person wearing this product from an electrical arc or coming into contact with flames.  The featherless got its name because it works similar to down but actually uses no feathers.  It is a lose insulation that provides the warmth and when moisture is added seems to add only more heat.  The last type is the water resistance.  This is made with hydrophobic fibers that are designed to provide dryness to the person wearing it.  When it was designed they were able to maintain its light weight and the ability to keep its warmth.  The Thinsulate is measured in grams and can start as low as 200 grams in a pair of boots and go upward.  The colder the weather that you are working in, the higher number of grams that you need to purchase to insure that your feet stay warm.

Best Steel Toe Boots Reviews

  1. Timberland Pro Men’s 6” Pit Boss Steel-Toe

Timberland has been known as a global leader with their design and style of their footwear.  With the creation of many of their boots such as the Pit Boss Steel Toe, they have proven to show their customers another quality product.  This boot has been made to endure a hard life on construction sites and many other types of job sites.  It has been designed with an insole that will help to support a person’s foot and arch, making a more comfortable work day.  With its proper support of the foot and arch, this also helps the person wearing them to eliminate their back and leg pain.  The soles are made from a durable rubber for anti slip and oil resistant traction.  The top of this boot is well padded to add comfort and to keep from rubbing against the person’s leg.  The steel toes are padded for comfort but also meet the regulations of the safety guidelines.  This boot has proven to be very popular and wears well for the price that it is available for.


  • Well built and designed
  • 100% leather
  • Removable sock liner to help prevent blisters


  • Soles are too hard for a bigger person
  • Some of the eyelets appear to cut into the boot laces
  • Seams in the back that irritate your heals and ankles
  1. Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boot

Caterpillar has made a steel toe work boot called the men’s second shift.   This boot has been a popular choice because of its rugged design and outstanding quality.  It is made of leather with an added steel shank for extra support.  Its insole offers support for the workers that are on their feet most of the day.  The inside is lined with a nylon mesh to allow the feet to breath and to help prevent moisture buildup on the inside, keeping the feet dry.  The steel toe meets all of the ASTM safety standards.  It has been designed with a padded collar and tongue to help give more comfort for the leg around the top of the boot.  There are inlaid hex shaped grommets for the boot strings to make them easier to lace and a more durable tie.  The sole is also skid resistance to prevent slips and falls on wet surfaces.  This boot appears to last longer than some of the others for many different workers.


  • 100 % leather
  • Nylon mesh lining has been added to give more breathability
  • Added steel shank to give more support and stability


  • Rubber separates from the soles
  • Rubber sometimes will peel or crack on the toes around the steel toe protector
  • The slip resistance doesn’t always work on all surfaces or for all wearers
  1. Keens Utility Men’s Detroit 8” Steel Toe Work Boot

Keen has designed an 8” boot to go higher up your leg, it works well for someone with longer legs and also goes higher to help keep the debris out of the top of your boots.  This boot is made with durable quality from water proof nubuck.  It has a padded tongue and collar to keep from rubbing and causing irritation.  Its design of compression-molded mid soles will help to add support and comfort when you are on your feet most of the day.  The boot is lined on the inside with a hydrophobic lining to help make it more breathable for your feet.  Lined with a metatomical foot bed; a Keen signature, to offer more comfort and support for your feet.  This boot meets the ASTM standards for safety protection with its steel toes and also with its electrical shock hazard reduction.  The soles are designed to help you keep your footing with its non skid bottoms.  Even though with its 8” tall top, this boot seems to be light weight and a great fit for most of its fans.  This boot also seems to last longer than a lot of other steel toe boots.  This boot appears to have the quality and the comfort to make its price worth trying it.


  • Made from water proof nubuck
  • Compression molded mid-sole
  • Enhances ankle stability


  • Seam stitching has a tendency to sometimes pull out
  • Inside padding seems to wear out faster
  1. Everboots Protector Men’s Steel Toe Work Boot

The Protector is quality designed to help protect your feet on any type of job site.  This boot is made of leather with the steel toe that is rated 1/75 and a compression rating of C/95.  The soles are designed of rubber and to protect against electrical shock hazard up to 18,000 volts.  They are also oil and skid resistant on most any surface, to protect from falls and injuries.  Steel shanks have been added to help relieve pressure on your foot and to help with stability on uneven surfaces.  The multi-layered outsole will help to relieve pressure on your foot and allows more ability for your foot to flex and bend than many other boots.  The sizing on this boot runs about ½ size larger than the Caterpillars or the Timberlands.  This allows more room on the inside for your foot to move and breath.   Seems to be a good fit for many workers so would appear to be a good steel toe boot for the price.


  • Multi-layer outer sole support to help with jars to the body
  • More flexibility to the foot and the sole
  • Durable for the price


  • Steel toe area can be uncomfortable
  • Lace hooks have a tendency to break keeping from a tight lace up
  • Inserts may need to be added for more comfort
  1. Dr Martens Unisex Hynine Steel Toe 6 Tie Leather Rubber Boots

The Hynine Steel Toe has been designed to work for men and women.  It is made from leather with a rubber sole that is anti slip resistance, making it good for gripping most any surface.  The sole is also designed to be protected against electrical shock hazards, to protect the wearer against accidental electric charges.  The comfort level of this boot seems to be unanimous among the customers that have ordered them.   The steel toe meets the ASTM standards of safety rating of 1/75 and the C/75 compression rating.  A toe cap has been added for the protection of the area around the steel.  The interior has a breathable lining to help keep your feet more comfortable and to control the moisture.  The insole or foot bed has been designed with antibacterial properties to help protect the feet from any type of infections from being sealed up inside of the boots all day.  The insole also offers a comfortable and supportive base to comfort your feet all day.  This boot seems to be worth the price that it is available for.


  • Comfortable for both men and women
  • Has an added toe cap for extra protection from the steel
  • An antibacterial insole that helps to protect your feet


  • Insoles could be a little softer for some customers
  1. Larnmern Anti-Static Mid Steel Toe Work Boots

This boot is designed with a rubber sole and a combination of cow leather and a mesh to create the upper part.  The mesh on the upper helps to make this boot breathable for the comfort of the  wearer.  A reflective strip is added to the top area, creating a safety protector at night or in hard to see area.   This gives an added protection to the person wearing these boots.  The sole on the outside is designed to be oil and skid resistant to prevent slips and falls on almost any surface.  This sole and insole have also been designed to reduce electrical hazards protecting the wearer from any accidental electrical build up or charge they may encounter.  The steel toe area on this boot meets the standard safety guideline that is required on most sites.  This boot appears to offer its customers the quality and comfort to last all day long on most any job site.


  • Breathable tops for more comfort
  • Added mid sole that offers extra support to your feet
  • Oil and skid resistance to prevent slips on most any surface


  • Water resistance could be added to the exterior of the boot
  • Insole could be a bit more comfortable
  1. Muck Boot Arctic Sport Steel Toe Insulated Men’s Rubber Work Boot

Muck Boot is known for their production of quality water proof rubber boots.  Their boots are rugged and made with quality.  This boot measures 14.25 inches high from the arch.  It is designed to work outdoors in the snow or even in construction if there is a water break or some other job site where the worker has to wade in water or work in heavily wet weather.  This boot has proven to be water proof in many occasions.  The soles are design with anti skid resistance to keep the wearer from slipping and falling on the snow or other wet surfaces.  The sole is also designed with electrical shock hazard to keep the wearer from being electrocuted from unexpected electrical arcs or currents.  Thermal foam sits under the foot bed or insole with a fleece lining to keep your feet warm in extreme cold conditions.  The insides will adjust and form to your feet to add support and comfort on your cold wet days.  The steel toe meets the ASTM ratings of 1/75 for safety precautions and a rating of C/75 for compression.  This is important when working in water or in deeper snow because the visibility is not always available for the wearer.  The boot stands a total of 17 inches tall including the outer sole to the top.  This boot appears to be of quality and one of the favorites for working in cold weather.  The price versus its usage seems to work well together.


  • Durable and well built
  • Keeps feet warm but not hot to where they will sweat
  • Meets most ASTM regulations that is needed on a variety of job sites


  • Outer layer has been known to split or crack
  • May be kind of tall for someone with shorter legs
  1. Wolverine Men’s Floorhand 6” Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boot

Wolverine is a well known name in the foot wear industry.   The upper part of this boot is designed with 100% full grain leather that is water proof to keep your feet warm and dry on most job sites.  The outer sole is made from a rubber with anti slip/skid to keep your traction on most surfaces.  The steel toe meets the ASTM guidelines of Safety precautions at 1/75 and compression ratings at C/75.  This shows the protection that this boot offers for the toes against things dropping on your boot.  This boot is designed with a full cushioned insole and a rubber midsole to add comfort and support for the person wearing this boot.  Many workers are on their feet for several hours a day and need the added support of a good insole.  This boot for the most part has appeared to be well worth the price that you pay for it and is the choice of several people from a variety of different industries.


  • Design is of quality and durable
  • Top is impressive with its water proof ability
  • ASTM rating of 1/75 and C/75


  • Insoles could be more supportive to keep feet from hurting
  • Insides need to be more breathable so feet won’t get so hot
  1. Timberland Pro Direct Attach 6” Steel Toe Boot

This boot is designed with a leather top and a synthetic sole.  The top is water proof, keeping the wearer’s foot and socks dry.  There is also a padded collar added to the top for more comfort against rubbing and chaffing.  The interior has 400 grams of insulation to keep the warmth inside of the boot.  The outer sole is designed with a rubber lug to be oil resistance and non marking and non skid for the best traction for the wearer.  The interior mesh lining, designed to let your foot breath and help to prevent sweating for the comfort of your feet, along with the supportive insole have been treated with a antimicrobial treatment to reduce odors and bacterial build up inside of the boot.  This boot has been designed to be quality and durable along with comforting for your feet with the technology of the Timber Pro ability.  For the most part, these boots seem to be worth the price and hold up nicely.


  • Quality and durable
  • Water proof really works
  • Keeps your feet warm


  • Sizing appears that it might run a bit small for some customers
  • Leather split on the outside on the toe near the steel area
  1. Georgia Boot Men’s G9382 Logger Work Shoe

Top of the boot is made from 100% genuine grain leather.  It is designed with a one piece rubber vibram Tacoma outsole.  This sole is oil, chemical, heat and metal chip resistant.  It has been designed to be durable and flexible all at the same time.  The steel toe area of this boot meets the ASTM required guidelines for safety and protection of most job sites.  A steel shank has also been added along with a padded insole for more durability and comfort.  The inside is lined with a 400 gram Thinsulate lining, keeping your feet warm and allowing them to breathe to prevent sweating.  Georgia Boot offers a one year warranty on this steel toe logger, for any manufacture or material defects.  This boot appears to be durable and rugged to with stand many hours of use and abuse on a variety of different job sites.  It appears to keep your feet warm even in extreme cold weather and has been a popular choice among many outdoor workers.  This boot seems to be worth its price range for many wearers.


  • Appears to be well built
  • Keeps your feet warm and dry
  • Lasts longer than many other boots


  • Seems kind of clunky to some wearers
  • Fit seem to be too tight
  1. Skecher’s Workshire Steel Toe Boots

Skecher is a global leader in the foot wear industry.  They have used their expertise in creating this pair of 100% leather steel toe boots.  The outsole of this boot is made from rubber and has anti skid traction to help prevent slipping type injuries on most any work site.  The memory foam insole lines the bottom of the boot to make a comforting foot rest for the person wearing the boot.  The steel toe protects the top of the toe area in case something falls or is dropped on the foot.  The upper part of the boot is made from leather that is stitched to make the boot more durable.  This boot appears to be a good choice for some of its customers, but not such a good choice for others.  With being on the lower end of the price spectrum, this boot has held its own.


  • Made by Skechers, a well known name in the foot wear industry
  • Top is made from leather that is stitched to make it more durable
  • The anti skid soles seem to work well for most job sites


  • Appears that this boot needs additional memory foam with the insoles
  • Insoles do not seem to hold up for a bigger person very long
  • Rubber sole has came loose from the shoe
  1. Kingshow 5” Men’s Steel Toe Work Boot

This boot is constructed with full grain nubuck leather.  It has a rubber sole that offers a Good Year Welt that is slip resistant, preventing slips and falls and many job site injuries.  The 5” upper part of this booth is water resistant, helping to keep your feet warm and dry.   The boot appears to be a little bigger than most of its size but seems to work well with wearing a thicker sock to take up the extra room.  This also helps to keep your feet warmer on a cold winter day.  Has the steel toe that protects your foot against falling objects.  This boot is at the lower end of the price scale but seems to be worth what it is priced at.


  • Cheaper priced
  • Steel Toed
  • Offers a rubber sole with slip resistance qualities


  • Light moisture will absorb into the fabric
  • Support inside does not last very long
  • Size seems bigger than it says
  1. AiChuang Unisex Steel Toe Work Boots

These unisex steel toe work boots are designed to help both men and women support and comfort their feet on most any job site.  The rubber soles are design to not only be slip resistant, but are also oil, acid and alkali resistant.  This helps to protect your feet from slips and falls but also helps to protect them from chemicals.  The mid soles are designed with a steel plate to keep objects from poking through the bottom of the shoes into a wearer’s foot.  The inside has a cushioned insole that will comfort and support the person’s feet.  The net lining helps to make the inside breathable, allowing the heat to maintain, while the moisture is allowed to escape.  This keeps a person’s feet from becoming too hot or holding in the moisture and causing them to be extremely cold in winter temperatures.  The steel toe area is designed to protect the toes from being crushed from something accidently falling on top of the foot.  Most customers are recommending adding an insole that fits you and is comfortable and then they love these boots.  There are some very happy customers just as these boots come from the manufacturer and would consider them a good price for the boot.


  • Warm on the inside during the winter
  • Big enough on the inside to add additional insole for more comfort
  • Light weight and not clunky when wearing


  • Needs an added insert for comfort
  • Sized in foreign sizes
  • Sole wears quickly
  1. Labo Brand Men’s Leather Steel Toe Work Boot

The Labo is designed out of genuine leather that has been treated with water resistant chemicals.  The top is eight inches tall for a higher boot.  This helps to keep the debris out of the boot and works well for someone with longer legs.  Has a low padded collar around the ankle to provide a better fit and more comfort to the ankle area.  This can help to prevent rubbing or chaffing to the ankle area from the leather.  The outer sole is designed for non skid to prevent slips and falls on a variety of different surfaces.  The steel toe area is designed to help to keep from injuring the toe area.  Many times accidents can happen on a job site, anything from items falling or being dropped on a person’s foot to kicking something and possibly breaking a toe.  These boots have been designed with many safety factors in mind and have seemed to be reasonably priced for their quality.


  • Boot is 8 inches tall which works best for some work areas
  • Padded ankle collar for added ankle support
  • Made from genuine leather


  • Boot has a strong chemical smell that can linger for quite some time
  • Insoles wear out quickly and soles are very hard
  • Quality is not what was expected by many customers
  1. Condor Arizona Men’s 8” Steel Toe Work Boot

These boots are designed from 100% genuine leather for a more durable and long lasting upper.  The steel toe is designed to meet the ASTM guidelines for safety.  The outer soles are attached to the upper section of these boots by us of direct injection.  This is a method that does not use glue that has been known to come undone.  It is a trademark of Condor and creates a quality and durable outer boot.  The outer sole is designed with skid and oil resistance and has been tested for additional flex for the comfort and durability of the boot.  The insoles are made of ultra cushioning and have polyurethane mid sole to support and comfort the foot all day long.  This boot provides a 12 month warranty to the consumer.  It has been recommended to order a size larger than you would normally wear.  These like most boots have worked well for some customers but others they did not work very well.  The price is reasonable for the overall quality of this boot.


  • The outsoles are attached to the body with the use of direct injection technology
  • Boot comes with a 12 month warranty
  • Meets ASTM safety guidelines


  • Inside of the boot seems to come apart easily
  • Complaints about the sizing of the boot
  • Splitting on the outside around the steel toe area

Conclusion And Final Steel Toe Boots Recommendations

Something I have learned, are that some boots seem to last a lot longer than others and one of these issues that there were several complaints about was with the water proofing.  Keeping your boot cleaned as much as possible will help to prolong its life.  Water resistant coatings are available for a variety of different types of fabric.  Make sure to use the proper water resistant coating for your type of boot and reseal them periodically will also help to keep them water resistant.  It is important to clean out the small rocks or gravel from the crevices in the outer soles, this will help to keep them from cracking or breaking from the pressure of the rocks as you are walking on them.  When your shoes get wet, it is best not to try to dry them on a direct heat source, this can cause the fabric to dry out and crack or become brittle.

Selecting that perfect pair of boots is very important for everyone that works on their feet all day, but as we have seen there are a huge variety of boots to choose from and many factors that play into making that decision.  A huge factor depends upon the industry that you work in and what ASTM regulations that your boot must meet.  Then of course you want to find the perfect pair to give comfort and support to your feet and that will keep your feet warm and dry.  When working outdoors when it is cold, it is very important to find the proper insulation and linings that will keep your feet warm and allows them to breathe so the sweat does not build up inside of your boot.  Most of us have a budget that we need to stay within, and that can make this decision even a little more difficult.  My advice would be to find a few pair that are in your budget and read the reviews that others have written.  Look for the pros and cons for each pair that you are considering.  While you are doing this, keep in mind that not all of us have the same type of feet and not all of us have the same satisfaction level.  What may be perfect for you; may not be as perfect for your friend.  Looking at many different types of steel toe work boots, someone just starting out in the construction field might consider the Everboot Protector Men’s Steel Toe Work Boot.  This boot is priced around the mid range and seems to be worth its price.  This should be able to keep someone starting out in their budget, but offer them a quality boot that should last until they can increase their budget amount.

FAQs About Steel Toe Boots

There are many questions that people have about Steel Toe Boots.  Here are some of the most popular:

If I purchase my boot from Amazon and need to return it, how does it work?

You can return your product by going to Amazon.com and selecting your orders.  Go to your order that has your product that you are returning on it, select return.  You must let Amazon know why you are returning the product.  Give them as much as an explanation that is possible.  You will have the options to select a refund or to get another product.  For example if you return a pair of boots, because they are too small, you can either choose to get your money back or you can exchange them for a larger size.  Amazon will then give you a date in which your return product must be returned by.  Next you must print out your return label and select your type of shipping method.  Package your item securely in a sturdy box and add any paper work that has been requested.  Make sure that the box is sealed securely and then apply the shipping label on the outside in the proper location.  Mail your package at a proper facility that you have selected as your method of shipping.  You may track your exchange product by going to amazon.com and under your order section.  If you have any questions during the exchange process, you may go to amazon.com/help/refund.

How can I break in my steel toe boots faster so I do not have to suffer so long on the job site?

There are several different ways to be able to break in work boots faster than just wearing them and suffering all day on your feet.  When you first get your boots, try to start out wearing them at home for a couple of hours a day.  This will help your feet get use to your new boots.  You can put on some thick socks while you are wearing them and this will help to protect your feet and to stretch out your boots.  Sometimes it just takes time to get your feet use to wearing steel toes if that is something that you are not use to doing.  When most boots are new, they seem to be stiff and not user friendly.  As you are wearing them for a couple of hours, this is called the breaking in process.  To help make them more flexible you can take and bend them back and forth, including the sole to help give the boot more flex to work with your feet.  You can also use a broom stick and by pushing the broom stick down into the toe of the shoe and bend the boot back and forth over the broom stick stretching the leather and making the boot more flexible.  There are also many different types of shoe stretchers that can be inserted inside of the boot to make them stretch and feel more comfortable.

Other methods include the water methods.  First the hot water method that has been used by the military.  Set your water proof boots in hot water for 30 minutes.  Take out and empty all excessive water and wear them for 30 minutes.  This should help to break them in and make them more comfortable for your feet once they dry.   You may have to reapply a water repellent after this method.  There is also the cold water method.  Wear the boots and see where they are uncomfortable or too tight.  Seal some water in a bag and put it on that area.  Set the shoe in the freezer with the water in place.  As the water freezes, it will expand and stretch the leather.  Take boot out of freezer and let thaw.

Another method would be to use a dry heat on your boot.  Take a hair dryer and blow it on the boot in the area where it feels too tight.  Get it good and hot and then put it on your foot.  The heat should loosen up the fibers and when your foot goes in it should stretch them to where it is more comfortable on your foot.

If your boot gives you a proper fit, but is just too stiff to walk in comfortably, you might try oiling it.  Make sure you get leather oil of course, but mink oil would also work.  Apply a good coating of oil to the top of the boot and let set overnight.  The next morning, wipe off any oil that remains on the outside of the boot.  Put the boot on and you should see a big difference and have a more comfortable and flexible boot.

What is best, a composite toe and a steel toe?

A composite toe is basically the same as a steel toe, but it is non metallic and nonmagnetic safety toe cap.   The safety toe cap can be made of fiberglass, or carbon fibers.  This cap must pass the ASTM safety guidelines.  It is lighter in weight than the steel toe.  It would be the best choice if you work on a job site that you would have to go through a metal detector.   If something is dropped on a composite toe shoe it would be more likely to be damaged or cracked and the boot would have to be replaced.  On a steel toe boot, it is made of hard steel and when something is dropped on it, the steel remains sturdy for the most part and is good to continue wearing.  The steel toes are normally less expensive and give the strongest protection ratings.  Even though the steel toe boots are heavier and some refer to them as clunky, they seem to offer the highest protection rating and would be the best choice if you are working on a site where safety could be an issue.

What is the best type of boot for outdoors in the cold weather?

When selecting the best boot to keep your feet warm in the winter, finding a boot that is water resistance would be one good selection.  This way there is no water that will seep into the leather and you will not have wet feet to tend with all day.  One of the best materials to keep the water out is called Gor-Tex.  This fabric has pores, that allows the sweat to escape from the inside but keeps the moisture from coming in from the outside.  Fleece is another type of liner that will absorb the moisture inside of your boot and will help to block any moisture from the outside trying to get in.  It also will keep your feet warm.  When your feet are wet they normally get cold.  The toe area seems to be the most sensitive.  Also the lining and insulation are other factors.  One of the best insulation is the Thinsulate.  It has been designed with a mesh lining to allow your feet to breathe and allow the sweat to escape.  This helps to keep the warmth into your boot but also keeps your feet dry.  This combination is one of the best that you can find for the winter weather.  The water resistance is great for working in lighter rain or snow.  It is wise to reapply water repellant that is good for your leather to help maintain and keep the leather water resistant.

Does it matter what type of socks that is worn inside of the boots?

Believe it or not the socks that you wear make a lot of difference inside of your boots.  No matter what time of year, cotton socks are not recommended to be worn with your boots.  When your foot sweats, cotton will absorb the moisture and holds it in the fabric.  This makes your feet wet all day in the summer or the winter, this is not a good choice for your feet.  Socks that fit tight on your feet are the best choice for any season or any shoe.  The socks that are designed with synthetic fibers are recommended along with socks made from Marino Wool and yes even in the summer time.  These will absorb the moisture and allows your feet to breathe.  This way the sock is not staying wet and does not keep the moisture against your feet.  Choosing a thicker sock with pours is also another way to make the selection more simplified.  Do not always blame your sweating feet on your steel toe work boots until you have examined the type of socks that are on your feet inside of your boots.

Do different heights of a steel toe work boot make a difference?

The different heights of your work boots can make a lot of differences. Most work boots range from 5” to 12 inches.  The most common ones are the 6 and 8 inch.   First it depends upon the industry that you work in and what you are doing on your job.  A shorter boot such as a 5” would not work well if you were in the mud or water a lot during the day.  A 5” boot might work well if you are holding a sign along the highway or doing something on a hard surface.  The problem with this short of a boot is that it would not give any support to your ankle and would not help to keep debris from falling in the top of the boot.  The taller the boot the less apt it is to allow debris to come in through the top.  If you are working in mud or standing water then it would be best to have a taller top such as an 8”.    The taller boots will go over a person’s ankle and help to give support.  A person’s ankle sometime is easily twisted or just needs the extra support and a boot that can give this, especially on rougher terrain would be the best.  Most work boots have a type of a lace up system that helps to give them strength and a tighter fit and closure.  The will start lacing from the top of the foot and lace to the top of the boot.  The work boots are usually laced up with eyelets which are like grommets that are inlayed in the leather and the boot strings go through each hole to create a tight fit.  Other types include the D-ring eyelet or the metal hooks or a combination of any of these.  The purpose of them all is to make the boot tight and fit properly and to give support to the boot.  As long as the lacing system encloses the boot all the way to the top no matter what height it is the type of system that works best is up to the individual person wearing them.


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