11 Best Snake Boots of 2021: Comfortable for Hunting & Hiking in Hot Weather

Best Snake Boots

Contrary to what many people think, we are not always the kings of our domain.  When foraying into territory that we don’t know very well, sometimes we are not on top of the food chain.  Technically you may be, but you get the gist of it.  Hunters and hikers will know this, or should know this very well by now.  If you are moving into a spot where you are not always seen, there is always a risk of snakes coming out to bite you.  Most of the time you can’t even see them until it’s too late, making it an absolute necessity for you to have boots on that will repel them.  Today, we are going to make sure you don’t become the latest victim by helping break down all you need to know about snake boots and by ranking some of the best and most popular pairs for you to consider.  Let’s get it going then!

Top Snake Boots Comparison Chart

ProductMaterialPriceWhere to Buy?
1. Irish Setter Men’s 2875 Vaprek Waterproof Hunting BootsLeather & Synthetic$$$Check Price On Amazon
2. Lacrosse Men’s 4X Alpha Snake BootsRubber$$$Check Price On Amazon
3. Rocky Men’s Lynx Waterproof Snake Hunting BootsTextile$$$$Check Price On Amazon
4. Thorogood Men’s Snake Bite 17 Inch Waterproof Hunting BootsLeather $$$Check Price On Amazon
5. Guide Gear Men’s Waterproof Leather Snake BootsLeather $$Check Price On Amazon
6. Crackshot Men’s Snake Bite Proof GuardzFabric$Check Price On Amazon
7. Lacrosse Men’s Snake Country 17 Inch Snake BootsLeather & Textile$$$Check Price On Amazon
8. Danner Women’s Wayfinder Knee High Snake BootsSuede & Nylon$$$Check Price On Amazon
9. Danner Men’s Vital Snake BootsLeather & Textile$$$Check Price On Amazon
10. Danner Men’s San Angelo Western Snake BootsLeather & Textile$$$$Check Price On Amazon

Snake Boots Buying Guide

What Is a Snake Boot

A snake boot is not just a fancy name given to a pair of boots just because it makes them sound cooler or just because.  In our guide today, we are going to be talking about snake boots that are very much intended on keeping you safe.  We will not be referring to any pair of boots that fail to uphold this standard.  Just because a pair of boots looks like a pair of snake boots does not make them so, so we are going to make sure that you don’t fall into that trap.  A snake boot can also be called a “snake proof boot” as it’s made in order to help safeguard your feet and ankles while you are doing an array of activities outdoors.  While snakes technically can be anywhere, most people generally know if they are in a very heavily populated area.  If that sounds like where you will be, or if the grass is super high, then you have to very seriously consider a pair of snake boots.

Snake boots are going to be boots that cover a significant portion of the legs.  They will almost always come up to either the middle part of the calf or up to your knee.  They also have a lot of thickness built into them, using stern materials so that snakes can’t get their fangs into your legs.  On top of this, they also have to have another function: keeping you happy doing your activity.  If you have a pair that is protective but is not built for outdoor use, then you’re probably not going to be super happy with them.  So, a good pair of snake boots are going to be made to ensure you have the traction you need and that they are rugged enough to last through some hard wear and tear.  Some are better than others at this, so that’s one thing that separates them from one another.

Considering Materials

We know that snake boots have to be strong and thick enough to combat any and all bites from a snake, but which materials are going to be the best and which ones won’t be so good at doing this?  There are actually quite a few materials that do a pretty good job at warding off bites.  They can include but are not limited to Kevlar, ‘cordura’ nylon, denim, and other more dense synthetic materials.  Most snake boots will not use just one singular material, either.  Rather, they will use a combination of them to make it all work.  Think about your socks you have on.  They probably have a couple of materials to them: cotton and spandex.  Without them working in tandem, they aren’t quite as effective.  This is the same idea with snake boots.  Some will be more protective and rigid while some will bend a little.  They can strategically place these materials in various spots in a bid to enhance how you feel without hurting your safety in doing so.

Aside from those materials, you also can consider leather and rubber boots as well.  The issue with leather, however, is that it can be extremely heavy.  One thing a lot of hikers and hunters will hate is having too much weight on them.  If you are walking a long way, an extra ounce or two is really going to add up to a lot over time and it will wear you out.  Leather is generally considered to be the strongest of all the materials, but because of its abundance of weight, many people end up overlooking it because it’s not that much stronger than those listed above.  Rubber, on the other hand, also has its pluses and minuses to take a closer inspection at.  They are great at pushing water away from you and they are super flexible and even comfortable to wear.  But their biggest worry is that they do not yield nearly as much protection as leather or the others do.  Some rubber boots, if they are made for the purposes of dispelling snakes, can be ‘OK’ for this use, but the majority of them are going to fall short.  So don’t just settle for rubber boots that look like snake boots.  Those will end up getting you bit and will not allow you much protection at all.

Coverage Area

One of the keys to making sure you are protected is to… make sure there is enough material there to protect you, naturally.  The best way to make sure you have what you need is to examine how high the boots cover.  If the boots do not cover at least the middle part of the calf, then you are not going to be getting the protection you need, regardless of what the company may say about their boots.  While most boots are going to range in size between the standard of 16 and 18 inches, some snakes are going to be able to strike even higher than that.  That makes knee high boots a very much legitimate choice for you.  If you happen to know what kind of snakes are in surrounding terrain, then you can sort of tailor the length of the boots a bit better.  Not all snakes are created equal, and not all boots are, either!


You would be surprised, in a lot of cases, about the price of snake boots.  These boots are not cheap, and it would be foolish to state that they are, but they do come in at a cheaper price than one might imagine or assume.  The price they ultimately end up at is impressive given their preventative abilities.  Many products on the market, whether they be in the footwear sector or not, are only going to rise in price due to being made for safety reasons.  But the truth is that you can find a good pair of snake boots on the market for a fairly reasonable price.  Again, they won’t be super cheap.  A good pair of boots are not cheap.  But you don’t usually have to go well beyond the normal price of a good pair of boots just to make sure they guard against the possibility of a snake bite.

Getting the Right Fit

No matter what kind of shoes or boots you might be looking at, a big part of getting the most out of them is always going to be the fit.  Without the right fit, you can pretty much forget about being comfortable.  Sure, you may have the protection you need, but without basic comfort, you’re going to want to take them off as soon as you can.  It’s not something anyway likes to experience, so you need to make sure to find a good, secure fit that will last you all day, not just a few minutes here and there.  Here are some tips to keep in mind as you search out the best fit for you:

– Boots take a lot of time, in most cases, to break in.  This is an unfortunate side effect that comes along with strong, stiff materials that are found in boots.  Because the boots are made for more protective measures, you just have to deal with them being more rigid and not flexing quite as well to begin with. It just takes time to open them up a bit, so you may find them to be a little less appealing when you begin wearing them.  The best way to do this is by easing your way into them.  You can start by wearing them for a little bit in the house.  You can move gradually until you are then ready to get in the great outdoors with them on.

– Trying on boots and shoes might not be nearly as common in the modern world with the popularity of the internet taking over, but doing so is important for those that are first timers in this process.  If you’ve never had a pair of boots before, specifically snake boots, you should try and go to the store and try out some pairs.  This way you can get a feel for them and what it is you like and dislike.  This not only helps you narrow down the size you need, but it also will help you identify the brands you like and prefer.  You can always go home and look for the best deal online following this.

– Look for boots that are going to give you ample room in the toe area.  You don’t want too much room to be fair, but you also don’t want too little.  You also need to consider what you’ll be doing.  If you are more active, such as a hiker or someone that walks a lot while hunting, you’re going to want a more snug fit.  If you are someone that is going to be sitting around more and walking less, then you can increase the size to give you more room.  Regardless, you need to make sure your toes can wiggle. This means up and down and side to side.  You definitely do not want boots that restrict your movement. Again, they will be stiff to begin with, so that’s just how it is.


Another key component of any type of footwear is going to be the closure.  The closure seems like a big word, but it’s just what we use to convey the way you put the shoes or boots.  With boots, there are some various ways that you can go with.  There are going to be slip on boots, which simply slide right on your feet.  These are the least time consuming for you since you can just slide them on and go.  They also don’t get caught on a whole lot of things, either.  This is a common issue if you have zippers.  With that said, zippers can be effective, too, as they don’t take a lot of time, either.  Laces, like with a lot of shoes, are another possibility, and they are a good choice if you value a lot of ability to adjust your boots to your specific liking.  Some people deal with swollen feet on a regular basis, so if that’s you you’ll most likely appreciate being able to tie your shoes more tightly or loosely as you go throughout the day.  Velcro is another choice that can be made, though it’s usually be employed on a pair of boots in conjunction with another type.  Velcro can be great for ensuring they stay on, but it can wear out over time.  It’s also very adjustable as well, which is helpful with swollen feet, as we talked about above.


One of the main things you’re going to want to do, in addition to figuring out what kind of boots to wear and what kind of snakes reside in the area you’re trekking into, is to identify if you need boots that are able to cast off water or not.  Some boots are going to be awesome at pushing water away from you, while others will not be very good at that at all.  Most of the boots you see marketed as snake boots will be made with at least a little waterproofing in mind, but this is not always a guarantee.  So, you need to take a good, long look at it and then you can decide on where to go.  If you are going into an area that gets little rain, like the desert, it may be totally unnecessary to have this feature.  But if you’re in wet lands, or in varied climates, then it will certainly be worth your while to get a pair that is waterproof.

Air Circulation

One of the main things we discussed earlier about any pair of footwear is size.  Next to size, you have to have comfort.  Nobody is going to wear a pair of shoes, no matter how protective or supportive they are, if they don’t give them comfort over a long period of time.  Sure, you can get through short stretches of time with uncomfortable things on, but you are not going to want to, are you?  One way to keep yourself nice and comfy is through air circulation.  Also known as ‘breathability,’ this refers to how much air is allowed to flow through the boots.  On warm, sunny days, this is especially important to have available to you.  It’s going to get piping hot in there, all the more when you factor in socks and being on the move, so you really want to have boots that have some way of ventilating themselves.  Even on cooler days, a lot of movement can make you extremely warm in the foot region, so you’re going to want this feature in many instances.  Snake boots, unfortunately, have been known for not being so good at this in most cases down the years.  However, technology has improved drastically in recent years, and improvements have been made to them.  The ways that you can experience air circulation is through either the use of breathable materials on the outside (of course these will be used along with the others to make sure it’s not ultra flexible and flimsy) and inner linings.  The lining of a pair of boots can be great for this, as this area doesn’t help much with preventing bites and thus can be a bit more flexible to provide you with airflow and that cooling sensation.  On top of keeping you cool, breathable boots allow your feet to smell less due to getting that excess bacteria out.  So it’s also quite a hygienic tool to have at your toes!


The brand that you choose to go with is also going to have a pretty big say in the degree of safety and quality that you get.  Sometimes you can find an extremely cheap pair of boots that were made by a lesser known company.  They could be really great and do just the job you want, but the chances of that are slim.  It’s usually best to go with a tried and true brand.  If you know the name, it’s likely because they are trusted on the marketplace and have been around a long time.  If you are ever unsure, you can ask people at the stores that specialize in this sort of equipment.  There is a slight drawback to buying well known brands, though, and it’s the cost.  Typically, you’re going to have to pay a bit more for products that come from one of the major players.  That’s just how it goes, so you should be prepared to make your decision and balance the repercussions of it.  Lastly, sticking to a brand you know and love is usually a good idea.  Maybe your feet don’t fit so well with Brand ‘X’ but you find Brand ‘Z’ to be great.  Your friend might lean toward ‘X,’ and all of the articles, lists, and guides point the other way, but at the end of the day it’s all about you and how you feel, and most importantly, that you are protected.  If you are happy, then you’re good to go and you can just stick to what you know works best for you.

The Top 11 Snake Boots of 2019 Reviews

  1. Irish Setter Men’s 2875 Vaprek Waterproof Hunting Boots

These boots go above and beyond in terms of protection. First and foremost, they have snakeguard technology built in to make sure that a snake cannot penetrate through them. However, they go further than just that alone.  They also are made to be waterproof, meaning you can go through all kinds of terrain and not have to worry about feeling like you’ve been through a swamp.  There is Armatec covering around the boots, making them resistant to abrasions, which will help them continue to look great and make sure their integrity is not compromised.  They even have technology inside that is used to kill bacteria that causes odor as well.  The one potential downside to these is that they are made from full grain leather.  With that said, it’s light and is ultra durable, so it’s not the worst choice in the world as far as leather goes, for sure!


  • Waterproof
  • Resists abrasions
  • Repels odorous bacteria


  • Leather makes it slightly heavier than some
  1. Lacrosse Men’s 4X Alpha Snake Boots

If you want a pair of boots that gives you a little bit less coverage but still has plenty of protection to them, then this is the kind for you. These boots are made out of hand laid rubber, making them super flexible and comfortable to wear. Of course, they do have the downside of being a little bit less resistant, but at the end of the day, these are still made with proofing yourself from snakes in mind.  Because of the rubber makeup, they are able to withstand water pretty easily, too.  One of the calling cards of these particular boots is their high level of adjustability.  They have a gusset on the back and a strap to make it easy to fine tune how you feel.  Plus, they are great for very cold temperatures, keeping you warm and insulated at temps as low as -20 degrees F.  That’s crazy low, but it’s nice to know you’ll be guarded from that if you are heading into those conditions.


  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Repels water and the cold
  • Easily adjusts


  • Not quite as protective as leather, etc.
  1. Rocky Men’s Lynx Waterproof Snake Hunting Boots

A lot of people just can’t stand to give up their laces, and that’s what this pair from Rocky is going to deliver to you. These boots are going to fit you just the way you want due to the elaborate lacing closure system. On top of that, they are constructed with strong materials and hardware to ensure it won’t be wearing out much too early.  The footbed inside is cushioned to make sure you not only have comfort with each step but that you are also supported and won’t be hurting at the end of the day when you’ve finished up.  The upper is made out of condura nylon, making it super rugged and still light enough to be walked around in easily for long periods of time.  The toes and the heels, two high-wear areas of all shoes, have been enhanced with abrasion resistant materials, and they have waterproofing in them as well.  You won’t be worrying about getting your feet wet in these, thankfully!


  • Light but rugged upper
  • Cushioned insoles
  • Reinforced heels and toes
  1. Thorogood Men’s Snake Bite 17 Inch Waterproof Hunting Boots

If you prefer to hunt alone, then look no further. These boots, all puns aside, are made to be a combination of stylish and functional. They have a zipper that makes them easy to get on and off in an instant, plus it’s shaped in such a way that it will be comfy and flexible on your feet.  The midsole utilizes EVA cushioning, which is great for long lasting support after you’ve been up on your feet for a long time.  These are made with waterproof materials and are also breathable, and they are, of course, going to be thick enough to repel the danger of snakes taking a nibble at you.  By using a combination of leather and synthetic materials, you get a nice blend of each, giving you a ton of upside and yielding a safe, effective pair of boots.  They do lack a bit of ankle support, so be aware of that.


  • Breathes well and repels water
  • Zipper makes taking on and off easier
  • Mixture of materials for maximum versatility


  • A little flimsy in the ankles
  1. Guide Gear Men’s Waterproof Leather Snake Boots

Next up is one of the cheaper options on our list, though they still run you in the triple digits. These boots are made out of leather, making them ultra durable and resistant to bites. That does make them heavier than most, but you do get those supreme qualities from them.  With strong metal ‘D’ rings and a ton of laces, you will be sure to get the perfect fit to increase comfort each wear with them.  In addition to that, they’ve also got a side zipper to ratchet up the adjustments and make you feel even better.  They even used some ultra rugged Nylon along with the leather to help them last longer, all the while helping you combat those vicious, venomous snakes that are on the prowl.  They do not have a lot of insulation to them, so these are going to be awesome for the summer but probably not as good in the winter.  They have 100% guaranteed dryness to them, so you can expect them to have excellent airflow to them.


  • Lower price than many
  • Rugged and durable
  • Guaranteed to stay dry


  • Not the warmest in the winter
  1. Crackshot Men’s Snake Bite Proof Guardz

If you are one to think outside of the box and just don’t want to buy a pair of boots, then you can go with another option. Rather than boots, you can turn to these guards instead. These guards are made to be put over your shins, ankles, and perhaps your knees in order to replicate the effect of boots.  This is great if you just can’t find anything comfortable or you just love wearing tennis shoes or hiking shoes out and about.  The advantage they have over many boots is that they are lighter at just 11 ounces, making them ideal.  They also are cheaper since they are not an actual boot.  On top of that, they are backed by a $1 million liability policy, giving you even more confidence in them that they will do their job as advertised.  While it is not a pair of boots, it’s certainly worth a look if you don’t like wearing them as some just don’t!


  • Very light
  • Cheaper choice relative to boots
  • Backed by huge policy
  1. Lacrosse Men’s Snake Country 17 Inch Snake Boots

There are plenty of styles that you can find in boots, but sometimes it’s tough to find a style you like in a snake boot. If you are looking for a more western or country look, then these ‘cowboy’ boots are just what the doctor ordered for you. These boots are just like the ones you saw on Westerns growing up, only they are resistant to snakes.  They are made out of full grain leather and some synthetics, too, so it’s not going to be inflexible on you while still giving you a ton of durability.  On the sides, they are laced, very clearly, by mesh, making sure that you have airflow on even the very warmest of days on the farm.  The holes at the top make them easy to pull on and off, and you even get the pointed toe kind of look you think of with this style.  That isn’t everyone’s cup of team but for those that love it, this is your choice!


  • Western style boots
  • Easy to get on and off
  • Lots of mesh to give airflow


  • Pointy toe might be hated by some
  1. Danner Women’s Wayfinder Knee High Snake Boots

There aren’t nearly as many choices for the ladies in this genre, but there are some and the Wayfinder from Danner is one of the best to be found. These boots are made with a full on lacing closure system to make sure you’re able to adjust on the fly to your specific liking. Unlike many, they do take a different approach, utilizing suede, rather than leather, in conjunction with nylon.  This gives them a different look, but it means they are easier to clean and still just as rugged and durable as you would expect them to be.  They even have lugs beneath them to make sure you have traction on all types of terrain while making sure that snakes are repelled from you.  They are also waterproof, too, keeping you dry and out of that icky wet feeling.


  • Suede stands out
  • Rugged and durable
  • Excellent traction
  1. Danner Men’s Vital Snake Boots

Danner follows up very quickly here with another offering that is unique. This one is for the men and is more of a bootie construction, similar to how many athletic shoes are moving today. The tongue is basically up higher than the heels are, making for an interesting setup.  The leather is used to make sure that abrasions don’t occur, all the while the use of synthetics is used to make them more pliable and comfortable for the wearer than what you traditionally get with pure leather.  With a mesh liner, you are sure to get plenty of airflow, all the while their Danner Dry technology prevents water from seeping in and causing you headaches.  Even the midsole is modeled after modern athletic shoes, using lightweight but cushioned materials to give you a much better day on the trail or hunt.


  • Exquisite grip
  • Breathes well and resists water
  • Cushioned midsole
  1. Danner Men’s San Angelo Western Snake Boots

Danner rounds out our list here with a third listing in a row via these San Angelo boots. These are also more of a Western style to them, though you can’t call them cowboy boots. These have a very rounded place to fit around the ankles, which makes them standout.  They also have two buckles, one at the forefoot and the other at the top to give you a lot of adjustability.  The lug design is well thought out, albeit different, leaving them flat on the ground and emphasizing contact to make it possible to keep your feet on virtually any surface type.  They are made out of full grain leather and a small bit of synthetics, so they will be more durable but less flexible and a little warmer than some others you’ll find out there for sell.  The issue with these is going to be getting them on, which is quite a task because there is a distinct lack of adjustability to it.


  • Unique looks
  • Lugs excellent for traction
  • Keeps you very warm


  • Not as good in the warmer months
  • Hard for some to squeeze into

Conclusion And Final Snake Boots Recommendations

As in all areas of life, keeping yourself protected is #1.  You wouldn’t go into a football game wearing your tennis shoes or a basketball game wearing your house slippers.  Likewise, you should not go into uncharted areas without a decent pair of snake boots on.  Just because you are the top of the food chain does not mean that you know and rule over the area.  Snakes have been around a really long time and can be super nasty predators in their own right.  You just never know where they will pop out of, and that makes them a danger to you and those around you.  To make sure you are safe, we have given you a guide and several jumping off choices to pick from.  From our list, you’ll be able to make a great start toward assuring yourself of not getting bit while pursuing your favorite leisure activity!

FAQ’s About Snake Boots

Are all leather boots good for snakes?

The answer here is a clear ‘no.’  The best snake boots are made with the intention of protecting you against the threat of snakes.  In order for them to do that, they have to have that interest in mind when they are being designed.  If the boots, no matter the materials used, are not made for the purpose of ensuring you don’t get injured via a snake’s bite, then you are very unlikely to have a ‘good’ pair for that end goal.

How long will my boots last?

This depends on a whole lot of factors.  How much you wear them, the materials used to make them, and the quality of the boots will all help determine how long a pair is able to last.  With that said, boots, and especially thicker ones such as these, are going to last longer than ordinary boots.  You can count on them upholding their shape and their usefulness for much, much longer than others you find out there.  Even still, you need to keep an eye on them getting worn down too much.  If they look vulnerable with holes or they just hurt more than they used to, it’s probably best to replace them.

Are snake boots really necessary?

If you live in the United States, or anywhere really, they probably are.  Only three states in the USA don’t have any snakes.  As of this moment.  There is no telling due to patterns of animals changing if that will be altered, either.  Only one continent, Antarctica, has none at all on it.  So, yes, snakes are a very real threat and possibility, and if you know you live in an area with them, you need to be careful and protect yourself accordingly.  If not, that’s fine and you proceed as you were, but in all likelihood you will want to get some!

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