15 Best Slippers for Toddlers (Boys & Girls) of 2021

Best Slippers for Toddlers

There are a lot more problems with toddlers shoes than we might think of.  Off the top of the head, you can think of issues immediately.  Do they even like how they look and want to put them on?  Are they going to be comfortable enough that they will actually leave them on for a long time?  Are they easy enough to use, or are they going to be too big of a hassle to deal with?  All of these questions are very valid and they show just how big of a challenge picking shoes for toddlers can be.  Today, we are going to help you with that problem by taking a closer look at the best slippers on the market this year.  Slippers are not the answer for everything, but they can take away a big chunk of your worries, helping you to more easily outfit your child.  First, we’ll be taking a look at what you need to know and think about in our buying guide, and then we will follow it up with a top ten list to help you begin your search.  Let’s get this party started then!

Top Slippers for Toddlers Comparison Chart

ProductMaterialPriceWhere to Buy?
1. Hudson Baby Unisex Cozy Fleece BootiesFleece$$Check Price On Amazon
2. Minnetonka Cassie Toddler SlippersCow Suede$$$Check Price On Amazon
3. Crocs Kids’ Soft Liner Slip On Toddler ShoesSynthetic$Check Price On Amazon
4. UGG Kids Tasman II MoccasinLeather & Textile$$$$Check Price On Amazon
5. Carter’s Kids’ Character SlippersFabric $Check Price On Amazon
6. Stride Rite Boys’ A-Line SlippersSuede$$Check Price On Amazon
7. SITAILE Kids Fur Lined House SlippersPremium fabric$Check Price On Amazon
8. Sesame Street Character Toddler Sock Top SlippersFabric or Textile$$Check Price On Amazon
9. Josmo Kids Paw Patrol Toddlers Aline SlippersFabric $$Check Price On Amazon
10. Adidas Kids Adilette Shower SlidesSynthetic $$$$Check Price On Amazon

Slippers for Toddlers Buying Guide

Convenience Is King

First and foremost, you have to think about the ease of use of shoes.  A lot of the time, it’s just plain out difficult, if not impossible, to try to get shoes on the youngster.  They are busy, or at least think they are, moving around and having fun doing who knows what, and the last thing they want to have to deal with is having to sit still for a minute- or several- to have their shoes put on and then tied.  With slippers, the ease is incredible, as you can just slide them on.  It’s extremely convenient not only for the parent or grandparent but also for the kid as well to get them back on the ground and off running again.  It may not seem like such a big deal at first glance, but this is really a major issue that you will see in short fashion if you are put in a position where you have to tend to a toddler!  Trying to do more than just that is going to ratchet up the difficulty, leading you to look to a potential shortcut.  This is one of those!

Aren’t They Too Flimsy?

You may be asking this question, and if you are, then there’s nothing wrong with that.  Slippers aren’t as protective as normal shoes, no, but they aren’t exactly made to be, either.  They are made to be more comfortable and to give the child something fun to wear around the house and possibly elsewhere on occasion.  They are not meant to be the end-all to footwear, trumping everything that gets in the way.  They are more of a complement to the rest of the wardrobe.  Slippers are going to be more flimsy, but it’s not like your child doesn’t go around barefoot at all, either.  They are better than going like that, because they at least are going to be able to keep them warm and keep their feet from all sorts of messy areas.  We know stuff happens after all!


The fit of any pair of shoes is going to be crucial to the wearer, and that is no different as it relates to slippers for toddlers.  Unlike regular shoes, however, the rules are a bit different, meaning you need to look for something else than what you are looking for when you are shopping for yourself or another adult.  Getting and keeping slippers on can be a chore, sure, but with the right fit at least you have one less thing to try and worry about.

There are a couple of ways that the shoes will be staying on them.  One method is that of using elastic.  This is a nice, super simple way to keep the shoes up and on them.  Elastic conforms well to the feet, but it does not squeeze way too tight.  This is good news, since you definitely do not want the slippers to take away natural range of motion or their freedom.  The downside to elastic is that it’s going to be super easy to take off once the child understands and realizes that they can do so.  After the Rubicon is crossed, they can and will take them off any time they like.  This process will remain until they get a little bit older, so you have to remember and come up with ways to get them to keep them on at various points.  The other method is that of the hook and loop.  This type of closure is going to be a little bit more hardcore.  It’s not going to allow them to use their fingers and their might to throw off their shackles nearly as easily.  This is not a foolproof plan, by any means, but it can buy you some time while you try to attend to some other tasks you just have to do.

Fit is also all about getting the size right as well.  And this is a tough one for you to have to decide on.  You want your child to be protected, so you do not want to go too large and make them slide in and out of them constantly.  But you also don’t want to get their exact size, either, since it’s not going to be their size for too long.  This is one area of footwear where we would give you the green light on buying slippers that are bigger for them to grow into.  This doesn’t mean that you should be looking to get them something that is just massive and floppy on their feet, but it does mean you can go up a couple of sizes and still be safe.  This is good, smart purchasing at its finest.  There is little to no reason to go with anything that will not last very long.

Making sure the slippers aren’t too tight is a very big issue for you to be aware of.  Doing so can cause some very serious health problems, as well as just having a generally uncomfortable child.  Even if slippers don’t seem rigid, they can do a world of damage if they are too tight.  First of all, you could have circulation problems as a result of it if they are too tight with the elastic.  Secondly, you could have the toes rubbing up against the material in the front.  This can cause blistering to form, and let’s face it, that’s not even fun for us adults.  The whole point of a pair of slippers is to be as un-restrictive as possible while giving a modicum of security.  This can’t be achieved if they are too tight.  So if you’re ever in doubt, then it’s best to go ahead and buy a new pair so you can save money on trips to the doctor for all kinds of conditions that should have been prevented in the first place.

Lastly, sizing and getting the best fit is going to come down to how the shoes are sized.  Sometimes, you are going to see shoes that are sized just as you would expect, while other times this will not be the case.  A pair could come in a range of sizes, or they could be in a specific size.  Either way, taking a good, long look at sizing charts is the best way to ensure you are getting the correct size for your toddler.  Another thing that is very helpful is looking at the reviews that others have left.  This can instruct you on if you should go up and a size or two, or possibly even down.  We’ll make sure to clue you in on this in our own reviews if it comes up with any after our research.  Don’t assume all shoes and their sizes are created equal; it will end up costing you pretty badly if you do!


Fit is a major part of the puzzle, but the function of slippers is just as critical to the cause of it all as well.  Without them doing what they are meant to do, you might as well just forget it all entirely.  But what is it that slippers are designed to do and what are not they not designed for?  Those two questions need to be answered so you can get the best pair for your young one to wear.

The first thing that we have to talk about with function is that of warmth.  There are a few things, but this is the kicker that sets this all in motion.  If you have noticed how cold the toes of your baby are, then you may well be moved to get her or him some slippers.  This is a natural reaction, and one that you need to look for.  So, if you are indeed looking for something for warmth, then you have certain types of materials to look for, which we will discuss at length in a bit.

The next, and perhaps most important step is going to be making sure that the slippers in question do not fall short in terms of traction.  As kids age, they are going to be very clumsy.  Go watch a four and five year old soccer game for proof of this.  Those kids are older, and this holds true.  Which team wins usually?  It’s the one that has the most coordinate kid or two.  It’s not that tough.  As they learn to crawl and walk, the transitions can be rough and it can make slipping extremely easy.  That is not what we want, so you need to look for shoes that have some sort of system to give traction.  Sometimes, you can get away with slippers that don’t have them, but you need to be mindful that those are only right for use in certain situations.  Maybe a quick ride in the car or laying down, or perhaps they might be good for a toddler that is developing very well and isn’t that prone to falls.  But that’s taking a big chance, since we were all open to that possibility.

The next part of the function of slippers to take a closer look at is with their weight and able to be moved in.  A big part of developing can actually be hindered if shoes are constantly worn at all times.  This lack of natural movement can cause muscles to grow and strengthen more slowly, so it’s not ideal to leave them shackled up all of the time.  Slippers need to be of a quality to where they are light and easy to move around in and also flexible.  Remember science class when you would test the dullness of various minerals with each other?  In this case, we want something that is more pliable than rigid.  This is going to come at the cost of durability, but that’s really not a chief concern anyway due to fact the shoes aren’t going to last for years and years.

Insulation and Breathability

In a whole lot of cases, you will look at the two words above- insulation and breathability- and think that they are opposites.  They do have that connotation, but really they work together.  Or at least they should if you have a good pair of slippers in front of you.  Insulation is going to, of course, refer to how well something is able to retain warmth or coolness.  Think about insulation for your house.  If you don’t have enough of it, or the quality isn’t good, then your air conditioner or heater is going to be running much more frequently, driving your bill up tremendously.  In much the same way, you want a slipper that is going to retain warmth, since for a lot of folks, that is one of the main reasons you are turning to them in the first place.  When we take a closer look at materials, we will break down which ones are they best for keeping you warm and which ones just look like they would be.

Breathability is very closely linked to insulation, but this is a slightly divergent concept that needs to be talked about.  One of the keys to keeping any pair of shoes on a toddler is going to be their comfort.  If they don’t like how they feel, or how they look, they are going to end up being thrown to the side- literally.  Breathability, or the ability to get air into the slippers, is also going to be something to look for.  This is not something that all slippers are so good at doing.  Some could be excellent at providing insulation but terrible at giving you breathability.  Some could be exceptional at yielding breathability, while others fall short at giving you insulation.  Others are going to be good at both, so it’s just a matter of taking your time and examining the materials and what others have to say.  If you see that it’s an issue for a lot of people and that’s something you know is a problem for your tot, then it’s best to avoid them.


This section is going to talk all about the materials that you might find in slippers.  Each material has its own set of pros and cons, so you will have to weigh those out before making a final decision on what you should purchase.  We will start with the uppers before we move to the soles!


Cotton is a natural choice, as it is a traditional material that has been used in a bevy of clothing over time.  It’s literally nature, which aids to its popularity, and it’s also very well known and loved for a number of reasons.  It’s relatively cheap, it is soft, and it’s super comfortable.  It can be stretched fairly easily, too, helping the comfort even more.  It does have some breathability to it as well, though durability is going to be an issue as well as a lack of warmth.  Furthermore, it can sag and flex way too much if it gets drenched in sweat or water, leading you to sure fire frustration.  If it’s pure warmth that you are craving to provide your youngster, then this is not the best pick for you.  But if it’s summer time, then this might just be the way to turn.


Wool is probably going to be representing the direct opposite of cotton here.  Wool is going to be your best bet if warmth is the primary concern that you are seeking to rectify.  It’s got great insulation properties and will move moisture away from it, too.  The negative to wool is that it can be annoyingly itchy to the child.  This is one of the main reasons why you may see them end up throwing the slippers off, so for that reason alone, many will not go with a wool selection.  There is a way to get around this, though, if you just can find and then use a small, very thin sock.  That can make up for that itchiness and still let the natural range of motion be emphasized.


Fleece is probably the most popular of the three upper materials for slippers, and it’s for a good reason.  Fleece offerings are very warm, and it’s not a material that requires a lot of time for them to get ‘warmed up,’ either.  Some materials will need the person wearing them to wait a little bit, almost as if kinetic energy does the trick, but with fleece that is not the circumstance.  Because it is thick and also plush, it’s also quite durable as well, giving you two very big factors to hang your hat on.  The thing to look out for, and a potential negative, is that of a lack of grip.  Fleece is quite slippery and can cause falls if it is not augmented by rubber or something underneath.  So, this is one thing you’ll have to think about and observe before making a purchase.

Leather and Suede

Leather or suede is another choice that can be used and paired with some or maybe even all of the above.  Most shoes don’t utilize just one or two materials, since they will take the best of them and use those properties to make the best shoe they can.  Leather and suede are both very durable and are able to thus be adequate for use on the uppers.  Both are made to be very durable and each are also breathable.  If you have some insulation, via fleece or wool, then you ramp this up and get total coverage.  Synthetic leathers, which are leathers that are made to be easier to clean and cheaper, among others things, are also quite common and are a decent shout since they also can be breathable and durable, too, as well as providing more flexibility.  Suede is easier to clean than leather, and it does not scuff, which might be preferable for the parents of a youngster that is bound to get a couple of scraps and the such.


The soles also have to have good coverage, or you are in for a world of trouble.  The materials above are great for uppers and can be used for other things, too, but none of them are really a good choice at all for the bottom of the slippers.  This is, unless, you want to take unnecessary risks of falling.  That’s why rubber is so important.  This can take the form of a few things.  It could be that rubber is present in just a couple of spots.  If you have ever seen those socks they give out at hospitals, you will get the idea.  They place a couple of spots there to help slip resistance, but otherwise, it’s not like there is a full on supply beneath like a regular shoe.  This cuts down greatly on the weight of the slippers, and as a result, may be a better choice for you.  You can also go with a full rubber sole.  This will make double sure that they keep firmly rooted to the spot, but it will come at the cost of some extra weight and a little bit of flexibility.

Synthetic Soles

Then, you can also have synthetic soles, too, which are interesting to say the least.  This variety can work for you, and it’s often going to just be rubber that is laced with some sort of raised areas.  These can be in the form of tiny circles or something similar to that.  This is designed to give more traction without adding more weight.

Evaluating Your Surroundings

A major part of picking out the best pair of slippers possible for your tiny human is acknowledging what you will be using them for and where they will be worn at.  Some slippers, no matter how breathable and comfy they may be, will not do well outside.  That’s most likely the case, in fact, though there are some that can be found for this.  For most people, the answer to this question is pretty easy.  They will just be worn inside for warmth and a bit of protection.  This, though, is not without its own nuances.  You have to be mindful of the type of floor that you have, too.  Carpet is not going to be nearly as potentially hazardous as hardwood floors.  you’ll need a whole lot more traction if you are on hardwood, so this needs to be taken into account.  Failure to do so could end up in you taking a trip to the doctor’s, which could have been easily avoided with a decent pair of shoes.  It’s cheaper to buy these shoes than go to the doctor or ER just once.  Much cheaper, really.  So it’s not ideal, it’s necessary to pick something that fits you and the sort of places your child will be encountering the world in.  Age is another thing to consider.  If they are super young, they will maybe just be wearing them for warmth and nothing else.  This is just fine, and you can get a lot of mileage out of them and don’t have to worry about the rest.


Let’s just face it right now.  No matter who you are and your age, the chances of you wearing something go down drastically if you don’t like how they look on you.  How they feel is more important, sure, but fashion is something that we all have got to have to get full enjoyment from an article of clothing.  That is also the case, maybe even more so for a toddler.  If they are dead set on something, they will want to wear it.  If they find it ugly, or whatever, then they will not wear it.  It’s really quite simple, as silly as it might seem to be.  We can all relate.  We’ve all had our favorites and our less than desired things before, even as adults.  So, this is all to say that you need to take into mind your toddler’s sensibilities, their likes, and their dislikes.  If you know they love Elmo, buy them a slipper with Elmo and they might just keep it on.  Don’t buy a girl something that most boys would love, or vice versa, or you will be running the risk of them hating them.  Chances are pretty high they are going to try to throw them anyway, but you have a much, much better chance at them staying on as intended if you just take fashion into account.


Usually, when we use this term it’s all about how long something lasts.  That’s the case here.  We don’t want to pay for something only for it to tear up the very next day, that’s for sure.  But there is an underlying current beneath durability.  For a product to be durable, it has to be engineered well.  It can’t be haphazardly constructed and bring you much durability.  Not all are created equally.  Some will be made very well for a low price, others will have a high price and not seem to well made.  This is the lottery you play some times.  Most of the time, at least with ‘regular’ shoes, you can get a sense or quality and/or durability by how much you pay, but as you will see below, that’s not the case necessarily with toddler’s slippers.  Look for well built materials to be used.  The seams are also important, if they exist, between different material types.  If the seams are weak, then there will be tearing and ripping as a result of either poor craftsmanship or oversight.  Looking through reviews will also let you know about this.  Chances are high that you don’t have a whole lot durability if you see lots and lots of people continually pointing out that ‘XYZ’ breaks on ‘ABC’ product.


The price you pay for any item is always a concern, even if it is a minimal one.  All parents are looking to find a good deal, there’s no question about that, and there is always a budget to abide by.  The best slippers are going to be ones that are of a high quality that meet your expectations and also fall within your price range.  The thing with the price of slippers that divulges from the normal shoe industry is that you don’t have to pay nearly as much to get great use out of them.  Kids are not going to be wearing their slippers for years and years.  It’ll be a couple of months or so and they’ll be on to the next size and bigger and better things.  This is a postage stamp in time, and as such, you don’t need to spend much.  Some brands will run more expensive than others do, and that’s OK, but generally you can find a good pair for a fairly low price that will keep you and your child happy.  If you can afford more expensive, then great, but don’t feel that you will be held back because you just won’t be unlike so many other sectors of the market.

The Top Ten Best Slippers for Toddlers in 2019 Reviews

  1. Hudson Baby Unisex Cozy Fleece Booties

Opening up our list is a fleece offering that will keep your little toddler warm all the while keeping him or her up on their feet thanks to strategic tread placement on the soles. With a hook and loop closure, you get a little bit more protection and leeway from them figuring out how to slide them off, and they just look plain cute all the while. Coming in a multitude of colors, for all kinds of kiddos, this option will also be breathable thanks to the use of polyester.  This means you’ll have the insulation and breathability needed to help keep them nice and comfy, a must have in the world of slippers.  Even with the rubber included, however, these are not the greatest grip in the world, so you need to be mindful of that fact.  The other concern is sizing, which is tough to get a grasp on.


  • Warm and breathable
  • Tons of colors
  • Easy to get on and off


  • Sizing is questionable
  • Not as much grip as some would prefer to have
  1. Minnetonka Cassie Toddler Slippers

If you’d like something quite a bit different, then these slippers are the way to go. These are very much slippers, without a whole lot of closure to them, but they are still a good choice due to the use of suede, which makes them very plush, durable, and easy to clean. They look very nice and classy as well, and you just sense a step up in quality when peering at them. With a few colors to pick from as well, both the young lady and boys will be happy with the selections. With a rubber sole that runs throughout the shoes, they will give excellent traction no matter where you are at the time. Because of their rubber sole, they can be used both indoors and outdoors, a definite plus for the mobile and agile youngster.  They do run a little bit big and the laces are hard to keep tied, so those are slight concerns, along with a higher than average price.


  • Very classy
  • Durable and plush feel
  • Good for indoor and outdoor use


  • Runs big
  • Expensive for some
  1. Crocs Kids’ Soft Liner Slip On Toddler Shoes

If indoor use is your primary goal, then these will do you just fine. Coming with an all synthetic makeup, in both the upper and the soles, these are going to be incredibly flexible and breathable at the same time. The soles are back up with gripper ‘pods’ to help gain even more traction to the floor, helping prevent falls on harder, more slippery floor types. The upper is very soft on the top, while the footbed, where the feet reside, is super comfy and is also warm thanks to the fuzzy lining they have laced it with.  They are super lightweight and easy to get on the move with, provided you are indoors, at least.  They only have two colors, pink and blue, so that is limiting to your choices a bit.  Some find that sizing up is the best bet.


  • Pods breed traction
  • Flexible and breathable
  • Light and mobile


  • Might want to go up a size
  • Only a couple of colors to pick from
  1. UGG Kids Tasman II Moccasin

UGGs are well known for their quality and desirability, and if you have a youngster that wants to look just like Mom or Dad, this could be the ticket. With an easy to slip on construction that has no backing for the heel, they are easier than all get out to get on. With leather up top, they are breathable, durable, and have that premium feeling your child will adore.  Beneath them, they feature a synthetic rubber sole that runs throughout, making outdoor use possible as well. All around the edges where you slip the feet in is EVA, which is going to make it even more plush without making them too heavy.  The biggest problem with this choice is going to be the price, which is really, really high for a kid’s slipper.  They also run a little snug for some, so that is an adjustment that might need to be made.


  • Good traction all over
  • Exquisite looks
  • Very breathable and durable


  • Runs snug for some wearers
  • Very, very expensive price
  1. Carter’s Kids’ Character Slippers

This is the first ‘fun’ sort of choice we have had so far, as it’s a fur monster character slipper that will make any young girl pretty happy to wear (assuming they aren’t afraid of monsters)! One of the coolest things about these is that they not only cover the feet but also extend upwards to the ankles, like they are boots. This makes the super warm on the wearer, and it adds to their appeal greatly as a result.  They are made from all fabric, which is going to make them comfy to wear.  The issue we’d have with these is that the bottoms do not offer a ton of traction at all.  It will take someone being very careful to wear them and no get hurt while playing, so that is a potential hazard to be aware of.  It’s not something that should totally discourage you, but it is a factor to consider.


  • Very fun looks
  • Covers up to the ankles
  • Very, very warm


  • Not much traction provided
  1. Stride Rite Boys’ A-Line Slippers

This is another choice that has several options to make you look cool. You can go for the plain plaid look, or you can go with a fire truck, shark, or dragon. The upper is very plush and soft, while the bottom is made with a slip resistant outsole to keep your baby boy on his feet without risking a bad fall.  They are made out of synthetic materials, meaning they will expand easily and will also breathe out well, ensuring there is no overheating or getting uncomfortable in that manner.  The closure isn’t really present, with elastic used, which does mean they are easy to take off when compared to others.  They also do great at keeping them warm, all the while helping them stand out in class or wherever they may be.


  • Breathable and stretchy
  • Easy to get on and off
  • Heat is retained well


  • Slight quality control issues upon arrival
  1. SITAILE Kids Fur Lined House Slippers

These very inexpensive, colorful, and stylish slippers are made out of fur and are sure to impress your child in two ways. Of course, they will love the various looks you can pick for them, but they will also love the way they feel on them and the comfiness they exhibit. With fabric all over the upper, you even get another choice being that they come with a covered heel and a half covered one. This means you can have them ‘graduate’ up a level once you feel they are more proficient at getting around, if you like.  The soles are made to prevent slips, with TPR- a form of strong rubber- being used to bolster security once and for all.  The foot opening is a bit small, so that might be a challenge for some, while the quality is lacking a bit in some cases.


  • Heel and half heel choices
  • Many colors and styles
  • Plush fur


  • Small foot opening
  • QC is lacking some
  1. Sesame Street Character Toddler Sock Top Slippers

If you’ve got a young one that loves them some Sesame Street, then look no further. With Elmo and the Cookie Monster being choices, everyone can be made happy by this two in one item. Not only are these slippers, but they also can capably double as a puppet in your hands, giving them even more to do with them.  They come up pretty high on the ankles and use elastics to do this, so they will be plenty warm thanks to that and the knitted collar along with the fabric used.  The footbed has foam in it, making it very cushy as they made steps across the ground.  The sole is synthetic, but it doesn’t offer the greatest traction ever, so that is something to look out for.  Some of the lining is inconsistent as well, leading to some parents’ frustration.


  • Two purposes
  • Big time warmth
  • Cushioned foam feel when walking


  • Inconsistent lining quality
  • Not the utmost traction
  1. Josmo Kids Paw Patrol Toddlers Aline Slippers

Another huge favorite of kids today is Paw Patrol, and with these slippers you can carry that love around wherever you go. With super soft plush material used inside and out, these are soft to the touch and a dream to walk around in. The soles are rather small and unimpressive, but they do offer a little bit of slip resistance, although there are better ones out there.  This is a very fashionable pick if there ever was one, and that is going to help if you just cannot convince your kid to put their shoes on for anything.  They are also easy to get on them, so that’s sure to make you happy and save a lot of time.  They do tend to run big and wide, so this can be something that is a no-go for some buyers.


  • Look like their favorite show
  • Very cushy
  • Easy to get on and off


  • Not much slip resistance
  • Runs big and wide for some
  1. Adidas Kids Adilette Shower Slides

If you have gotten to the end of the toddler range and want to know where to go next, then you can graduate your child on up a little bit with these slide sandals. These are going to cost you more, in some cases, but that’ to be expected since you kid is growing. These slides are made out of synthetic materials and are super cushy thanks to the foam that Adidas has placed into them. On top of that, they have such great traction that they can handle showers, bath time, and all kinds of water events with aplomb. They are also super stylish, so they can match you and look just like Mom or Dad, or both, while wearing them!  They do run big, and they are for bigger kids, so this may not be the right choice for you but is the next logical step.


  • Be just like Mom and Dad
  • Very stylish
  • Super comfortable


  • Can be quite expensive
  • Tend to run big
  • Too big of sizes for most toddlers

Conclusion And Final Slippers for Toddlers Recommendations

You’ve just got home from a busy day, and the first thing you have to do is get ready to leave again.  It’s urgent and you have a screaming baby.  What to do?  Grabbing a pair of slippers isn’t the worst answer ever, especially if said child loves the way they look.  Putting them on in hurry and being able to get out the door as quickly as you can is a big time desire that everyone can empathize with.  That’s what slippers represent for you.  On top of that, they are comfortable, fairly protective, and also get your child used to wearing shoes on a more regular basis.  All of these things are very good reasons why it is smart to buy a pair of slippers for toddlers.  After our guide, you will now be much better placed to do just that.  If you’re still confused, just take a look back at the reviews and then go from there!  There’s something out there, you just have to find it.

FAQ’s About Slippers for Toddlers

Should You Pay High Prices For Toddler Shoes?

A lot of times when it comes to shoes and other types of footwear, you would be encouraged to actually pay more than just a small amount.  But that is not the case with slippers for toddlers.  While you shouldn’t pick something that is flimsy and capable of hurting your child, you also need to balance that with the fact that your toddler is going to be outgrowing his or her shoes in record time.  There’s little to no sense (cents) in going out and paying prices that are exorbitant on things they will only end up not being able to wear in very short time.  Even if you feel like it’s in your budget, wouldn’t it be best to hold back and save it for something else or a rainy day?  You just never, ever know.

Do Slippers Impede Growth?

There are some theories out there, whether they are legitimate or not is tough to unravel, that state that children need to be uninhibited in order for their feet to grow.  The idea is that shoes are too restrictive and that by wearing them, the feet can’t move properly.  However, this seems to be a case of overthinking, at least in our estimation.  You don’t need ultra tight slippers.  Slippers have a very real place in the home, and that shouldn’t be overlooked.  This doesn’t mean that you should always have your child wearing them, mind you.  There does need to be a balance where they have time to run around just as they came into this world: with no shoes on!

How Do I Wash Slippers?

Washing your toddler’s slippers isn’t nearly as difficult as it might appear to be at first glance.  Depending upon the brand and the materials, there will be different techniques, but you can find this information on the label to make sure.  In most cases, if the slippers are made from fabric or textiles, then you can put them in the washer to give them a fresh coat of paint.  Just make sure you do not put them in the dryer, since the whole process can erode the materials and leave you with a heap of what you once bought.  That would not be good at all, especially if they really loved those slippers!

Will Crochet Slippers Work?

This is a common question that is asked, and the answer is a ‘maybe.’  If you are someone that has been gifted crocheted slippers from a loved one for use, you will have to take a close look at them and then decide what to do.  They may not be the best bet for play time, unless you put some sort of rubber on them to keep your young one firmly planted on their feet.  Without that, you may find it’s not worth your time for serious use, such is the chance to cause slipping.

Why Not Just Wear Socks?

Most socks are just not as heavy duty as shoes, or even slippers are.  Socks can easily cause toddlers to trip and fall, since they don’t have the same amount of traction.  Let’s be real here, no parent is going to be buying ultra grippy socks for their kids.  That’s just not going to happen until they get older and get into activities like sports and the such.  Plus, slippers are much warmer than socks and can help with preventing some sicknesses from taking root.

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