10 Best Slip Resistant Shoes 2021: Options for Work, Style, & Comfort (Men & Women)

wet ground slip resistent shoe reviews

Whether you work at a restaurant, hospital, or any number of jobs, you will know that keeping on your feet is an absolute must have.  The way that you do that is by getting a good pair of slip resistant shoes.  These shoes make sure that you don’t slip, even when there is grease, oil, or water around, and they keep you from getting injured in the process.

On top of that, they will keep you out of trouble, because in some instances, your employer will require you to wear them.  Today, we will take a deep look into the world of slip resistant shoes.  We’ll take a look at all of the factors to consider, answer any questions that you might have, and then we will review and rank some of the most popular pairs currently available in 2018 just to make sure that your life is made just that much easier.

Top Slip Resistant Shoe Comparison Chart

1. Skechers for Work Men’s Mcallen Slip OnMen$$$
2. New Balance Men’s MID626v2 Work Training ShoeMen$$
3. Skechers For Work Men’s Cottonwood Elks ShoeMen$$$$$
4. SafeTstep Men’s Blast RunnerMen$$
5. Fila Men’s Memory Workshift Shoe
6. Skechers For Work Womens Ghenter ShoeWomen$$$
7. Skechers Kincaid II Slip On LoaferWomen$$$
8. Skechers Women’s Synergy-Sandlot Work BootWomen$$$
9. Emeril Lagasse Women’s Canal Canvas Slip On
10. StickyPro Women’s Work ShoesWomen$$$

Slip Resistant Shoe Buying Guide

What Do Anti Slip Shoes Exactly Do?

Slip resistant shoes keep you from slipping over, that’s really all there is to it.  The concept is simple, and it’s similar to a shoe that doesn’t mark on the bottom in that regard.  You simply turn to them because you either want or are required to do so.  One thing that a lot of people will forget is that a good pair of slip resistant shoes will help you in both wet and dry situations.

There are some shoes out there that don’t do a good job of being on slick, dry surfaces but do in the wet.  Today, we’re going to do our best to bring you only pairs that do both well, so as to keep you happy, healthy, and on the job.  Another thing to remember before we delve in any further is that no shoe is going to keep you from falling.

Even a slip proof shoe is not going to make you magically able to keep your feet in anything.  With the right mixture of ingredients, anyone could fall wearing anything.  So, much like with waterproof items, eventually the dam will break and can add up and cause you to fall.  Don’t mistake this for a catch-all.

Sometimes, even the best slip resistant shoes just won’t keep you on your feet, so you should know that before we get too far in.


Types of Anti Slip Sole Designs

Something that has to be said right away, because you will notice it fairly quickly anyway, is that the designs of the slip resistant shoes are not always the best.  In fact, they can be described as “plain” at times, and have thus left a lot of people craving for more.  This is just a fact of life, and it’s one that you will have to accept.

But there is a reason for this.  The people making these shoes have not purposely made them to be awful looking and an eyesore.  Instead, they have done it because a lot of places don’t want their workers wearing all kinds of outlandish colors.  Most places will tell you that you have to have a black pair of slip resistant shoes.  It could end up being another color, or a couple of  colors to pick from, but you won’t see very many people wearing rainbow shoes if there is a mandate involved.

This is a big reason why the shoes might seem to have a lack of flair to them.  If you just absolutely have to have that to your shoes, then it can be found, but it will be harder to find shoes with that kind of eye catching look than it would be in other areas of the market.  Lastly, keep in mind the fact that a lot of these shoes are going to be made for places that could get you very dirty.

Black just doesn’t take staining nearly as bad as other colors, and this is another reason so many are made in that color and why you’d probably want to go with black anyway.  Having to clean those sparkly white shoes would get old after a while, and at some point they’d look a cream color (if not yellow) anyway.  So save yourself some time and relax.  It won’t be the end of the world.


Shoe Comfort

A lot of people have a one track mind when they have been told, or when they realize, that they need a pair of slip resistant shoes.  Instead of thinking about all of the aspects of shopping for the shoes, they only concentrate on the fact they need something that won’t make them fall over.

This is great and all, but it covers up what you should be doing, which is making a choice over a pair of shoes that you will be wearing frequently for quite a while.  With that, you have got to have something that is comfortable feeling to you.  Without that, you will be throwing away the shoes, no matter how great they might be at staying on your feet.

Comfort is about a lot of things, but the way they feel inside is the thing that most people are going to comment on.  A footbed that has memory foam, gel, or some other system can help to give you the desired amount of comfort.  However, you need to be careful when you encounter a pair of shoes that seems to be ultra comfy.

They might be, but they might be too plushy, too.  A pillowy feel is great, but some people go crazy after a while with that on all day long.  Another thing that some shoes will fool you with is that they will always feel good because of the insoles. This is just not the case.  If you feel good because of the insoles, you should be happy for that.  But if the shoe is floppy and offers no overall support, your feet are going to end up hurting anyway.

You can usually do a few ‘tests’ to a shoe to check for this.  Take the shoe and try to bend it and twist it gently.  If you do this gently and are able to make the shoe fold over itself pretty easily, then you aren’t going to see a lot of support.  Another thing to do is to look at see if the shoe is flat.  A flat shoes generally means there is a lack of support, too.  This is not good because it means your arches will ache.  If you just so happen to be flat footed, as I am, this is a recipe for disaster.  Your feet will hurt doubly bad, and you will be in such a hurry to get them off that you might end up taking them off in the car.  Not exactly the most safe of driving there, huh?


How To Check and Verify Anti Slip Claims 

Checking for yourself is a crucial part of ensuring that you actually have indeed purchased slip resistant shoes or that you will be purchasing said pair of shoes.  There are ways to do this besides just believing the advertising automatically, and you should always make sure to take a look before you buy them and realize you have made a mistake.

You also should do these tests when you receive the shoes as well, just to make sure that you were not sent something that is not what you ordered.  The best way to prevent all of this is to try them on in store, but given the busy nature of everyone in today’s culture and the fact that online shopping is so prevalent, that can sometimes be too much of an ask.

The Importance of the Sole

These are the things that a sole need to have on the bottom in order for them to be slip resistant: pliable and rubber and a tread that is small.  Those don’t seem to be a big deal, but a good number of shoes can be eliminated right off the bat.  A slip resistant shoe needs to have something pliable about it on the bottom, meaning they it is flexible and easily bent.  This doesn’t mean the whole shoe, as we have discussed previously, but instead just the bristles on the bottom.

Finger Press Test

If you can take your fingers and press them down and the material moves, then that is a good sign.  You also want to look at the tread.  Some shoes can be quite trendy and make big fashion statements with the tread.  That is NOT what you want to see in a slip proof shoe.  Instead, you want to see a very small tread.  No large, round holes or other strange cut outs of the sort.  Instead you just want a bunch of tiny places, the smaller the better.  The smaller ones provide even more traction than those that are larger.

If you can look at those two things, and make sure that they are also rubber (but not only rubber) then you can be safe in the knowledge that you have a slip resistant shoe if they pass your tests.  One thing that is a bit of an added bonus sometimes is that they can make your shoes a little bit more springy, which can make them more cushy and comfortable over the long haul!

The next thing to do is to put them to the test yourself BEFORE you to go work or put them into use.  Try out your own slip n’slide, if you will.  Concoct some mixture and see if it makes you slippery.  If you don’t feel 100% safe with them, then you will know they aren’t the right shoes for you.  Since they are only ever so slightly used at that point, you can safely return them and get something that suits you better.  It is much better to do it this way than it would be to wait, wear them to work, and then realize they won’t do.


Who Would Be Best Served For This Type of Shoes? 

There are a few ‘easy’ positions that won’t be that hard to name off that would need a pair of slip resistant shoes.  First and foremost are the two that we mentioned earlier: people that work in kitchens and nurses.  But servers at restaurants or bartenders also need them since they are going to and from the kitchen as well, so you will want to protect yourself as best you can.  There are some other professions that could really make use of them, too, and those shouldn’t be overlooked just for simplicity’s sake.

Anyone that works both inside and outside would be remiss to not think about buying a pair.  So people that are contractors, engineers, and even real estate agents might be wise to get a pair and wear them, at least when they are on the site.  This would cut down on their chances of falling.  Even people that just like to walk a lot outside could get a lot of use from them.  Icy conditions are a menace in some climates, and though they won’t fully keep you up just because they are slip resistant, doesn’t mean they won’t help you out a great deal.  Even if you have to carry two pairs of shoes and a bag, it might be worth your time and money over the long haul to keep you from getting an injury and being unable to work for an extended period of time.


Picking the Right Size

We’ll try to be brief here, but this is just as important as anything in picking out shoes.  Getting the proper size can make you either the happiest person on earth, or it can turn you into the meanest, most ornery person imaginable.  Here are a few tips to get you going in the right direction:

Measure Your Feet

Identify your true size.  Most already know this and can access this information by looking at their current shoes and judging by those.  This is very helpful, but it’s not always the only thing you need to know because some shoes will either run large or small, so you might have to adjust for that.  If you are unsure of your size, go in store and measure yourself or get someone to do so.  Some foot specialists will also do this, and they can tell you a wide range of other things like gait (the way you walk), if you need any special inserts, and other valuable pieces of information.

Try on some shoes, even if they aren’t what you want.  This step is huge, and especially if you are buying for someone.  No one likes to guess and hope, and this is doubly true here.  Even if you try on pairs that aren’t anywhere close to what you want, it helps to get a grip on what you need both in terms of width and length.

Understand the Length & Width of Your Feet

Don’t forget the width!  The length can be just perfect for you and still lead you to an uncomfortable experience if you don’t judge the width properly.  If you have a narrow foot, you are usually going to be OK, but if you have a wide foot, you might find problems with finding shoes.  Some offer wider selections, some run naturally wide, and others will need you to size up accordingly.

Give Your Feet Room to Breathe

Give yourself a thumb between your toes (each and every one of them) and the end of the shoes so you have wiggle room.  This is self-explanatory really.  You don’t want to have much more room than that, though, because you will be sliding inside of your shoes, which is almost as bad as sliding on the bottoms.

Water Retention & Foot Sizing

Do this later in the day.  By measuring later in the day, you get an idea of what it’s going to be like when you are working in the latter parts of your shift.  Many, many people forget this and end up letting their tired, swollen feet dominate their shoes and make them miserable at the end of the day because they are cramped.


Men’s vs Women’s

 When we begin our list here in a few moments, it will be split into sections: one for women’s and the other for men’s.  The reason we are doing this is simple.  And it has nothing to do with style.  Style is going to be affected by the gender in a lot of cases, but it’s not always important.  However, what is important is that shoe manufacturers make shoes for specific purposes.  And with that, they intend their shoes to be used in a certain way by a certain person for a certain cause.

If you believe that’s not the case, you simply aren’t giving these people much credit for their work.  Women’s shoes differ from men in a lot of ways, and this is a distinction you should know.  Men’s shoes are often heavier, because men are heavier and have specific challenges that women just generally don’t have.  And the shape of the shoes can be totally different.  It’s not a slight at all to either sex, but you don’t have to put yourself under that strain if you are a woman, and you really just shouldn’t.

So, we are going to overlook at the unisex picks today and get straight into it with picks for only women and then picks for only men.  Unisex seems to be all the talk nowadays, but that is just not a true reflection of how life is, and it’s certainly not the way footwear is intended to be used and worn.

Best Slip Resistant Shoes for Men


Skechers for Work Men’s Mcallen Slip On

Just like with the women, the men’s category begins with seemingly dominant Sketchers at the top of the pile. This pair of shoes is more of a casual look to them and won’t give you as much protection as a sneaker, but they will be much easier to put on and take off.

This slip has a lot of traction on the bottom with a ton of bristles beneath you to push the oil and water away and keep you on your feet.  On top, it is made with a ton of mesh, very reminiscent of the top shoe in the ladies’ category.

All of that mesh not only makes the shoe breathable, which is a plus if you are working somewhere where it is hot and ventilation is hard to find, but it also makes them very light and easy to walk around in, which is a must have if you are turning to a slip on in the first place.  The elastic gores that they have used at the openings, which effectively replace laces, are easy to move and expand and allows you to easily place the shoe and then helps them stay on.  The collar is padded from the top, while the insole uses memory foam to pad your feet and cushion you.

The heel is slightly raised, too, which is nice to see, and means it has a little extra support.  The toe is also up in the air a bit, too, which just helps you over the course of a long day to retain as much energy as possible.  One thing that must be said is that this pair is better for standing than they are for walking. Another negative is that they run very big, meaning it’s hard to order online.  There is also a lack of protection from hot water, so kitchen work would be tough with them.



  • Mesh makes them breathable
  • Very light on your feet
  • Nice style



  • Doesn’t keep from getting you wet
  • Best for standing and not walking
  • Runs very large


New Balance Men’s MID626v2 Work Training Shoe

With this pair of shoes, believe it or not, you get a lot better look than you might have imagined. New Balance, and Sketchers both really, tend to get a bad rep, but both of the colors offered in the MID626v2 look nice and would make you happy. Outside of that, the shoes have a lot going for them.

There’s plenty of traction given to you by the grooves on the bottom of the shoes, and they also come with a major plus: a shock absorbing heel. What this does it take the energy of your steps and the concrete or hard surface and send it back to you to help you lessen the load.  A big thing that can be said about them is also the fact that they give good all around protection to your foot.

They have a high backing in the heel area and they also have a nice toe area, too, that looks like it won’t be easy to just cave in.  They aren’t extreme amounts of protection, but they are big improvements over many products out there.  While they aren’t considered to be waterproof, they do have the ability to protect much better than those with a lot of mesh used in the event of dropped items.

The first problem to mention is that the toe area is a little bit thin.  This isn’t noticeable at first, but after a while it can add up and lead to a tear.  Secondly, they hold onto debris on the bottoms, making it tough to clean them out and clean floors, too.  They also take a bit of work to break them in, so that is another concern.



  • All-around protection
  • Shock absorbing heels
  • Really nice design



  • Toe area wears thin and tears
  • Takes on debris
  • Takes time to wear them in


Skechers For Work Men’s Cottonwood Elks Shoe

A huge shock to see Sketchers come back into the list here this time (sarcasm font needed). This time, though, it’s a pair for the guy that is looking for something more elegant. These shoes are classy and fashionable for work shoes, and they could double for church shoes, too, if you really needed them to be.  The bottoms have a lot of traction to them, even if the back part of the middle portion doesn’t have any noticeable tread to it.

On top of that, you get an insole that has Sketchers’ relaxed fit compound inside to give you a cushy feel to your day.  This memory foam comes in handy because so many dress shoes I’ve encountered just don’t have any sort of comfort built into the insole at all.  The laces are even supported by metal rings to ensure the seams won’t come loose and that your shoe strings will stay exactly where you intended for them to be.

One of the possible strikes against them is that they only come in black.  Brown might have been a good option, too, and it’s unfortunate that it’s only reduced to one color.  The only issues in terms of wear for these shoes is that after a while the toe surface area will begin to flake, while the edges of the shoe will separate over time, too.  They do lack a little support, so that is something you will have to juggle with.



  • Classy and elegant look
  • Good for supervisors
  • Memory foam different than most dressy shoes



  • Only comes in black
  • Prolonged use can lead to flakes and tears
  • Lacks some support


SafeTstep Men’s Blast Runner

Alright, the name might not be most tacky we’ve seen, but SafeTstep still offers a viable option in this sector for men if you are wanting to get a sneaker type look to work in and remain on your feet while doing so. There are plenty of treads, well spaced and designed to help you do just that, so no worrying about that.

The shoe itself doesn’t look the best, but it’s also not that bad, either.  It’s not going to get you compliments, but it also won’t get you laughed at and will blend in with a number outfits.  The upper is made of mesh and synthetic material, with the use of the former being especially prevalent in this model.

This makes them very breathable in areas, but it does not take away from the fact that they have good water resistance built into them as well.  This fact is a major plus for you to look at, and it should be considered if you are in need of a shoe that will keep you on your feet and dry, too.  The bottoms even look like they have some shocks built into them, which is nice for a change of pace with the style.

With all of that said, they do come apart over time and will wear out with a lot of use.  But they are extremely comfortable, as noted by people with shoes falling apart beneath them.  They are also quite heavy, too, which can be a real bummer if you are standing and an even bigger pain if walking all day.



  • Very, very comfortable
  • Breathable and resists water
  • Shocks on the bottom



  • Not going to last a loonnnnnggg time
  • A little bit heavy
  • Not the best look ever


Fila Men’s Memory Workshift Shoe

Rounding out our list is a choice from Fila that won’t exactly tickle your fancy if you want a great, fashionable look. But it does have its perks, chiefly that they have a great amount of comfort through their memory foam and sockliner that work together to pad and cushion your foot throughout the day.

On top of that, the laces are made in such a way that they have perforations that allow your foot to not only relax but also breath a little.  This makes them more durable in other areas because there isn’t a lot of mesh, which can fail to hold up, in some shoes.  The bottoms have a decent amount of tread to them, though I am a little perplexed about the designs running through them that constantly break them up.

They come at a very reasonable price, which has to be mentioned and also come in a couple of different widths to give extra toe space to some wearers if that is what you need to have.  A change from leather to synthetic material has also meant they are less durable than previous models of the same shoe, meaning these might not last as long as you’d like them to.  They’ve also got a lack of support, so long days could get even longer if you have feet issues already.



  • Breathable laces
  • Memory foam sockliner
  • Great price



  • Lacks a ton of support
  • Less durable than they used to be
  • Questionable looks and tread designs

Best Slip Resistant Shoes for Women


Skechers For Work Womens Ghenter Shoe

Sketchers is well regarded for their work in this sector of the market, and as such they are at #1 with this sneaker look. And you can immediately look at it and not be disgusted, so that’s a major plus, too, right? Despite the black, fairly plain look, it looks classy and isn’t just plain Jane with a nice design.  On the bottoms, you get a nice surface with plenty of tiny treads on the bottom that will give you a good amount of traction.  One of the things you might be most happy with is the amount of mesh that is used in these shoes.  Mesh is used to give your feet the chance to breath, and this does that in spades, with it located all over the shoe in front, back, and middle.  The mesh also makes them very easy to clean, with you being able to throw them into the washer and then leave them out to air dry.  They are also lightweight in nature due to the use of the material, meaning you are able to not feel much of anything on you, which can be a real life saver toward the end of a long shift at work.  A downside to mesh is that they do let in water easily, so that is something to factor in.  Some users have expressed issues with a lack of arch support, so if you are flat footed, you might really want to do your research and think about these shoes because they might not be the right ones for you.



  • Look like regular sneakers
  • Tons of breathability built in
  • Not bulky at all compared to many



  • Arch support can be lacking
  • Mesh can let in water


Skechers Kincaid II Slip On Loafer

If you want less of an active look and to appear more ‘lady like,’ then this is an option for you to consider. This loafer, also from Sketchers, will bring you the same level of slip resistance as the sneakers above did. The tread is slightly different from that of those, but they do have a ton of pliable ‘bristles’ in place to get the job done.

As far as looks go, these are pretty nice, but they look a tad bit strange when viewing from the side because of the treads, so that might be a no-go for you.  They are definitely intended for someone that is a little bit less hands-on, though, and could be just the shoe for a supervisor or just someone that is in and out a lot.

The insole is laced with memory foam to help them remember your foot’s specific needs.  A lot of people swear by memory foam, and it can be a real godsend for them to help them get through their days as a result.  You also get a lot of durability with these shoes as they just look like they will hold up a while.  One thing I’ve noticed looking at them is that the heel area is quite short.

This might be a problem if you don’t have the right size or have ankle problems.  The material used is a cloth-like substance, which means they are super easy to clean and also are waterproof, which is a change from the earlier Sketchers that we took a look at.  These shoes do take a little bit of time to break in, so be aware of that and prepare accordingly for it.  They do wear out as well after a lot of use, so they might not be the best choice for a person that is in amongst it all the time.



  • Change up from sneaker look
  • Good for supervisory duties and general walking
  • Memory foam a major thumbs up



  • Little bit strange look
  • Wears out after constant use
  • Takes a while to get them broke in


Skechers Women’s Synergy-Sandlot Work Boot

If you’re working a job where you’re allowed to wear some vibrant colors and you want more protection than you typically get from other slip resistant shoes, then Sketchers has you covered with the Synergy-Sandlot ‘boots.’ These are called boots, but right off the bat you can tell that they are essentially sneakers.

The one main difference between them and other sneakers is that the toe area has an alloy toe, meaning you will have increased protection from running into things and things falling on you.  It doesn’t mean total protection, mind you, but you will have a lot more coverage than you otherwise would have had.  The colors available are all really nice, and just an overall creative design in a workspace that’s usually not very creative.

They would make well for someone that is working outside or in a warehouse type environment that still requires you to have slip resistance.  The upper uses both leather and synthetic, and though there isn’t a ton of mesh on these, they do have a decent amount of breathability built in to them.  The footbed also has the memory foam inside, so you don’t lose that feature by moving into a sneaker.

One issue that wearers have stated is that this pair of shoes runs a little large.  They also are not waterproof, so if you will be getting drenched, they are not the right pick for you.  Finally, they are tough on people that walk a lot. They are a little heavy, even though the toe is alloy and not steel, so it can be tough to walk all day with them on.



  • Great for outside work
  • Awesome colors and style
  • Protected toes a big plus



  • Heavy for walking
  • Not very waterproof
  • Tends to run large


Emeril Lagasse Women’s Canal Canvas Slip On

If you want a more trendy look and are allowed to have one, then this pair of black and white shoes from Emeril Lagasse could be the ticket you need to draw. Using canvas wholly, this pair of shoes looks to mix style with safety in the workplace in a new way unlike we’ve seen on the list. This pair is just so topical and good for the modern crowd and the wants and needs of the consumer that it has to be commended.

On top of that, the insole is composed of memory foam that not only comforts but also seeks to give the wearer an added balance to their day, too.  Even the bottoms of the shoes look great with a lot of treads on them and a green color, which will be make you happy in two ways.  The ‘NeverWet’ system will make wearers extremely happy because it prevents them not only from slipping at work but also from getting soaked with water, too!

There is also odor resistant lining used to make them stay smelling fresh like the first day you got them (OK, that might be a stretch!).  I do have some reservations about these shoes, though, and the chief one is just the fact that they look so flat.  This indicates they might lack some support in the arches, so if you need that you might need to steer clear and look elsewhere.  They’ve also got short heels in the back, meaning they could roll over easier.  They also have shown to stain a little easily, so that is a downer on the white part.



  • Simply doesn’t look like a slip resistant shoe
  • Very trendy
  • Won’t get you wet on the job



  • Can stain quickly
  • Not a lot of support
  • Ankles and heels not given much protection


StickyPro Women’s Work Shoes

If you just have to have something that has a ton of flash to it, then this is the pair to turn to on our list. With the StickyPro, you get a range of colors that all stick out, if you choose to not pick black that is, in more ways that just the color. They also look a lot like Crocs in a sense, so that, too, is always going to attract attention and looks your way.

They do differ, though, from Crocs and shouldn’t compared.  For starters, they are much more reasonably priced.  They also have a high back heel area that allows you to have more protection as well as a raised heel.  This is a good thing because it means you get more support than a flat shoe.

The toe is also pointed up front to help you if you are a toe first striker where you’re basically pushing off on your toes.  It also helps guard against hitting things a little bit.  But the bottoms are where it’s at with these, with some bigger treads than you usually will see on a slip resistant shoe.  This bottoms have an anti-torsion system and have great shock absorption, something you can’t have on a flat shoe.

They are light in their construction and also are waterproof because of the material they have used.  So no more worrying about getting wet or falling!  They tend to run quite large, so that is an obstacle you face when ordering.  Another problem is that bigger people have had issues with the support.  If you know you need additional support, it would be wise to bring inserts to any shoe you buy.  They do wear you out as well, so there’s not a lot of energy ‘return.’



  • Catchy looks and fashion
  • Waterproof to a ‘T’
  • Quite supportive design



  • Not best for heavy set folks
  • Tends to make wearers more tired
  • Runs very large

Conclusion & Final Anti Slip Shoe Recommendation

Slip resistance is a major thing that you have got to have if you are in certain industries.  You simply either have it, or you will lose your job one way or the other.  Finding pairs with this feature can be hard to do, but the internet has helped a ton with reaching out and figuring out what will work best.

That’s what we have done today.  In addition to that, we took a look at the other things that play a role.  They can be slip resistant, but if they aren’t comfortable, too, you’ll never wear them long!  At the end of the time, your time is much better served and you can rest assured knowing you did the best you could to pick out the best pair for yourself.  Read on if you have any other questions, as we have answered some frequently asked questions below!


Frequently Asked Questions About Slip Resistant Shoes


Does a Rubber Sole Mean That I Will Be Resistant To All Slips?

The simple answer to this is no.  The majority of shoes out there are made with rubber soles nowadays, yet you don’t see those people working in kitchens with them.  Just because you have a rubber sole does not mean you will be protected from falls, and you had better not believe that your employer would be very happy with you declaring they are safe only to find out that they are not in fact.

The tread of the shoe plays a major role at throwing off water, and normal ‘tennis’ shoes and sneakers just don’t have the ability to do that, even with the use of rubber.  Rubber soles will help, over something like leather or another type of material that is used for the sole, but they don’t automatically give you a better chance of staying on your feet in a slippery area.


How Do I Clean My Slip Resistant Shoes?

Cleaning your shoes really won’t be all that different from cleaning normal shoes.  IF you have a deep tread, then you might need a toothbrush to reach all the little pieces of debris that have gotten in there.  If you don’t want to go that far, you can just use a small rag or washcloth to wipe them down with.

If you know they are oily, make sure to use some detergent than takes care of grease and grim.  Then, simply rinse them off and let them dry.  One thing you should never do is use anything that isn’t a mild soap meant for getting rid of grease.  Doing so can damage the bottom of the shoes and end up cutting down on the amount of slip resistance that you have.


Does the Slip Resistant Sole Work Under Outdoor Conditions?

Most likely the answer is going to be a no.  While slip resistance is going to help you some, they just won’t give you the traction you are hoping for when you aren’t on stable ground.  If you are, for example, running on a trail, you will need something that has some depth to it to give you traction.

Most slip resistant shoes don’t really have that, as they have relatively flat bottoms, so it wouldn’t be the best combination for you.  Non slip is meant to help you inside and maybe on sidewalks and the such, but not so much in wooded areas or in grass so much.


What Kind of Certifications Should I Look For?

If you’ve been told that you have to have a certain type of shoe for your work, you will most likely be told what you need.  If not, you should ask and see which standard you are being held to.  This is a tricky area and one you need to be careful in because advertisers can be very misleading by declaring that they have been “approved” for use in “x, y, and z” when in reality they have not been and are just called that because of some panel they convened.

If you want to be safe, the best way is to make sure that they meet either the requirement of your employer, or one of these two: SATRA TM63 and TM144.  These are industry standards, and they carry much more weight than someone that claims that they “have been approved in the kitchen.”


Does The Brand Matter When it Comes to Traction?

The brand really doesn’t matter all that much in this area of the market in truth.  The only way it might matter is if you have two pairs of similar shoes and one of them is from a brand not as well-known for their slip resistant shoes.  In that case, you might want to go with the brand that you know is more of a sure-fire thing, but ultimately it is up to you.  Because style isn’t as much of a factor with these kinds of shoes, the brand names don’t play nearly as big of a role, or at least shouldn’t for you.

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