10 Best Shower Shoes of 2021: Keeping You Safe, Comfortable, and Even Fashionable

Best Shower Shoes

Falling is absolutely zero fun when you are in a vulnerable position and simply not ready for it.  Showers are a place where you are very much prone to this occurring.  But that’s not the only thing that showers bring to challenge you and your health.  Today, we are going to look at the best shower shoes on the market this year so that you can stay safe and remain in over good health.  We will begin by breaking down everything you need to know in our buying guide and then will finish up with a top ten list of the most popular options.  So, let’s get to it then!

Top Shower Shoes Comparison Chart

ProductTypeMaterialPriceWhere to Buy?
1. Vertico Poolside Sport Slide On SandalSandalsRubber$Check Price On Amazon
2. Crocs Crocband Flip Flop Shower ShoeFlip FlopsSynthetic sole$$Check Price On Amazon
3. Finleoo Quick Drying Shower ShoesSandalsRubber & plastic$Check Price On Amazon
4. Adidas Kids Adilette Shower SlideSlidesSynthetic sole$$$Check Price On Amazon
5. Nike Women’s Kawa Shower Slide SandalsSlidesSynthetic$$$Check Price On Amazon
6. Vertico Shower Rubber SandalSandalsRubber$Check Price On Amazon
7. Clapzovr Men’s Water Clog ShoeClogs$Check Price On Amazon
8. Vifuur Barefoot Slip-on Water ShoesWater ShoesFabric$Check Price On Amazon
9. Under Armour Men’s Locker III Slide SandalsSlidesEthylene Vinyl Acetate$$Check Price On Amazon
10. Adidas Men’s Alphabounce SlideSlidesSynthetic$$$$Check Price On Amazon

Shower Shoes Buying Guide

Why Shower Shoes?

If you live in a public place, with shared showers, you will know, or should know, all too well how much of a potential hazard that can be.  Shared showers are a necessity in many places, such as dorms and communal living spaces, and while this is just something we have to begrudgingly accept, it’s still not something that can be looked past.  In order to stay safe and prevent the spread of fungus and bacteria, shower shoes are very much a requirement for all to wear.  Even if you don’t want to do it, you need to just suck it up.  It is for your own health and well being, and no one else is going to be looking out for that.  As stated, this scenario can be found in dorms, but it’s not just limited to them.  People that go camping regularly will also have themselves going through this process as well.  You may also find yourself showering at the gym after a long, hard workout when you have no time to get back home to do so.  You just never know what the last person might have left behind, so it’s a wise decision to go with shower shoes in order to protect you.

A second thing to discuss, as we started this with, is the issue of slipping and falling.  These two concepts sound like being the same exact thing, but they are a little different, actually.  Slipping is going to never be ideal, but it’s not full on falling.  But it can still mess you up pretty bad and leave you hurting.  Full on falls typically are a result of a slip.  A good way to prevent those from happening in the shower is to use a shower shoe.  This is a valid idea if you are going to be using a shower that you are not accustomed to.  Some showers are made to with a more slippery paneling than others, and this could produce a bad time for you.  Shower shoes are also a good call for those that are aging, have severe health problems, or are just recovering from surgeries and want to make sure they are safe in the shower.  There are many reasons, and they are all very important to those that seek out shoes to keep them as safe as possible.

Are They Really Necessary?

If you think that shower shoes are overkill, then this section is all for you.  This is not meant to scold you, but it is meant to help you realize that you are invincible to a degree.  You aren’t capable of shaking off every single known disease or fungus out there, like it or not.  Bad things can happen to you, no matter if you’re the coolest person or the lamest.  Shower shoes are going to protect you from a myriad of potential threats, both visible and invisible.  If you are someone that works out, you will probably have heard about or had Athlete’s foot before.  This downright hurts and is a pain in the butt to deal with.  In order to make sure you don’t come down with it, you need to wear shoes any time you are in the locker room area, walking around a pool, or in the shower.  Perhaps the worst thing that could come of your time not using shower shoes is MRSA, which is better known as the Staph infection.  This can be deadly if it goes untreated for a while, such is the severity of it, and it is known to flock to places that are not regularly disinfected.  Does that sound like a place where you want your feet to be or like something you want to chance?  This article is not about trying to get you to wear shoes in your own personal shower at home.  That’s totally up to you and isn’t wholly necessary in most cases.  But this is a matter of your health, and not to be hyperbolic, it could be life or death.

Features You Must Have in a Shower Shoe

There is actually a whole lot more to shower shoes than just being able to keep you standing in the shower and keeping your feet from touching areas where tons of others have.  That’s part of the job of them, sure, but those are not the only things that shower shoes need to do.  In order to have them work for you, and work well, they need to do other things, too.

One of those things is to dry quickly.  Shower shoes, or any shoes for that matter, that don’t dry well will begin to form a smell.  Over time, this is going to turn into mildew and your shoes will just never be right again in all honesty.  Nobody wants this to happen, and sooner or later those shoes will not be of much use as it will start to eat away at the integrity of them.  This is why you can’t use just any pair of shoes constantly, unless you want to put them up next to a box fan or something every single time you use them.

Shower shoes, of course, also have to have protection against a fall.  This means that they need to be made with slip-resistant materials.  This can take a number of varying forms and use a lot of materials.  Tread is also important.  If the shoe you are using lacks tread, then you are going to be in for a world of trouble, since it will yield little to no traction.  This makes falling much, much more likely, and it could set you up for a disastrous time.  Traction also comes into play as it relates to the inside of the shoes as well.  The foot bed, where the back of the foot fits, or more aptly called the heel counter, can aid in keeping you up and about as well.  This area of the shoe can also grip your foot, locking you into one place, and keeping you from sliding in or out of your shoes.  Fit also plays a role, but we will get to that later.

The whole point of a good shower shoe is to make sure that you are not going to be getting infected, and if they don’t have basic forms of protection, you can forget that.  Not all sandals, flip flops, or slides will work, and that is because they are not anti-microbial in nature.  These types of shoes are going to steer clear of those putrid odors that come about due to mildew and mold.  They also help a bit more with fungi protection.  There is a little debate on if this technically makes you safer or not, so there is that to consider.

Another valuable tool to have with a pair of shower shoes would be for them to have drain holes.  This is a fairly simple concept that you can grasp based on the name alone.  These holes allow water to seep out while you are getting wet.  This way, they don’t take on a ton of water inside your and on top of your feet.  They also help them dry quicker, since they are going to make sure the water runs through them instead of soaking into them.  Some people do get worried about this, however, in more public areas because the possibility of fungi and bacteria is more likely, since there are clear and precise avenues to come through.  This is a minute possibility, but it is one nonetheless.  Most often, drain holes are seen with shoes that are more ‘regular’ in nature, though you can find them in sandals and the like, too, if you look hard enough.

Keeping Them Clean

If you want to stay safe and for your shoes to last as long as possible, you have to be taking care of them.  Durability is influenced by the materials used by the company to make the shoes, but it’s also heavily impacted by the way you use them and take care of them.  If you walk on nail, how well do you think they will hold up?  That’s extreme, sure, but you get the point.  It’s recommended that you clean your shower shoes once a week.  Yes, it’s true that they are effectively being rinsed every single day that you use them, but that’s just a rinsing.  How many of you go into the shower and just use the water instead of soap or body wash?  It’s better than nothing, but it’s not what we usually do.  The water, for one, can be slightly dirty, as most people with common sense know not to drink shower water.  On top of that, the shoes collect grime and the like on the bottom of them.  Over time, this can build up, and if you manage it right, it’s not going to be a huge deal to clean them every so often.  A good way to do this is to use water and a mild detergent.  You don’t have to go with a harsh bleach or anything, just take a good soap or the like to it, and you should be plenty fine with them.  After proper cleaning, make sure to let the shoe dry out in a nice, open space.  Stuffing them into a bag will probably not give you the results you are looking for.  Either the bag will get wet, or your shoes will smell because they didn’t dry properly.

Aren’t They Lame, Though?

Well, it depends on what your definition is, but no, shower shoes aren’t lame.  Staying safe isn’t lame at all, unless you think it’s cool to be sick and have fungi on your feet.  If so, then you can be cool over there.  In terms of looks, the answer is also a resounding ‘no.’  In older times, shower shoes may well have been ugly blots on humanity.  You would never want to be caught wearing them, such was their terrible looks.  But that has all changed today, as there are a number of shoes that will keep you protected all the while helping you look cool as well.  There is also something for just about everyone.  You can find shoes that are going to match your specific style, which is great on campus, as it will help you stand out and might just start up a conversation or two.

Types of Shower Shoes

There are a bevy of options for you to turn to when it comes to shower shoes, and here is where we are going to go over each one of them so that you can get a good grasp on what they are good at and what they are not so good at.  Some of them will be types that can be used in more than one setting, while others are going to be strictly meant for the shower.  No matter which you pick, this information can prove handy and help you make up your mind.


A lot of these terms are going to be pretty similar, or at least seem that way, but they each are slightly different and those differences can be pretty telling to your overall enjoyment of them.  A sandal is sort of the grandfather of them all, if you will.  If you didn’t have the sandal, you wouldn’t have other off shoots of it.  A sandal has always been thought of as having more protection and security to it.  It doesn’t have to have this, but for our purposes it does.  It will either have a place to lock in your toes, your heels, or maybe even both of them.  Sandals come in all sorts of styles, ranging from those for more athletic uses to dressy wear.  This makes them versatile, though some shower sandals are not going to be good at all for the ulterior usage.

Flip Flops

Flip flops are going to diverge a little bit away from that of sandals while still technically being an example of them.  Flip flops are sandals that are easier to get on your feet, but they still give you a little bit of security.  They do this via having a place (called a ‘thong’) between the big toe and the second toe alongside of it.  This gives you a modicum of security, but it is less than that of a regular sandal would yield.  This type is able to be used in the shower, on the boardwalk, and in other places as well.


Slides are the more extreme version of the sandal.  This type utilizes no heel to them and has no stopping point at the front.  Instead, they have a strap across the top in which you slide into.  It’s very minimal and freeing, as a result, and is thus seen as the much more stylish version of the sandal and is thus preferred by tons of people today.  They are not the most formal of wear, since they are so sporty, but they do give you the opportunity to go into the locker room, the shower, and out to the pool, not to mention the beach and boardwalk, all while looking cool and hip.


One option in which you may go with is a clog.  This is not the ‘coolest’ look for a whole lot of people, but if you are looking for more security and even more comfort, then this is the way to go.  A ton of sandals, flip flops, and slides now are made to be more comfortable than ever, but with a clog, you have more of a chance to have a raised, padded heel to help you get more comfort.  This is a better choice, at least for many, if you are at a water park of something of the sort, and for a lot of older people as well.  Of course, they do seem dorky to some folks, so it just won’t ever be a good fit for them.  That’s OK, but the choice is still out there.  A lot of times, the clog will have built in drain holes, so that’s going to help them stay dry and dry quicker than other types.

Water Shoes

The final one is the literal ‘water’ shoe variety.  This type of shoe is made to be like a regular tennis shoe, only it can traverse into water as well.  It fully covers the entire foot, but it does take on water since it is super breathable and has tiny holes all around it to ensure drainage.  This type is best for days at parks where there is water available and is also great for kayaking, canoeing, and other sorts of adventures that might have you on both land and water.  This type can be seen as overkill for some people, but because of its diverse purposes, it can be an effective and valuable option to use for shower shoes.  You don’t always have to think inside the 3×5 of conventional thought to come up with a great option.  A lot of times these water shoes are going to be slip ons.  Sometimes, they might even be basically a spongy sock that absorbs water and then pushes it out.  Either way, it’s an option that can do you a whale of good.


You can’t go through a ‘buying’ guide without mentioning, at least in part, the issue of cost.  A big part of the price is going to be determined by how well the shoes are made and the brand they are made by.  Like it or not, Nike and Adidas are going to run your bill up higher than companies that you have never heard of.  And a lot of times, that is rightly so.  They are usually cooler and typically use better materials as you go up the price ladder, so this is the case.  You can find deals within them, but they usually will cost more if the brand has a sterling reputation.  How ‘cool’ they are is also going to be a factor that rears its head.  If the shoes are made to be so cool that you will want to wear them around all of the time, then you can pretty much count on them costing you more than that ugly pair that you’re going to the shower and back with, hoping you don’t see anyone that will see you in them.  If you are someone that doesn’t care about versatility or style, then you will be able to keep your price down considerably.  But if you do care about brand name, or being able to wear them while not looking like a dweeb, then you need to prepare yourself for having to pay more, barring that you find a massive deal on a pair.


Depending on how often and where you are planning to wear your shower shoes, comfort is going to either be a big deal or just a minor one.  If you are buying a pair of shower shoes for strictly the shower, then you are not going to give much thought about comfort.  It will be seen as a bonus for you to have and nothing more.  But if you are wearing your shoes for more than just the shower, you’re going to need them to be at least moderately comfortable over long periods of time.  The best way to determine this, unfortunately for many, is via trial and error.  All of our feet are different and they will respond accordingly to various types of shoes.  So you just have to wear them out for a while to see how they feel.  Just putting them on and going “ahhhh, that feels good” does not automatically mean they will remain comfortable for extended periods of time.  A shoe can be comfortable and lack support, which over time is going to lead to them hurting you.  Therefore, they are NOT the same thing at all.  We’ll make sure to help point out if shoes are comfy or not in our reviews, while also pinpointing why or why not this is the ultimate case.


Getting the right fit from any shoe you buy is going to be essential, and that’s also the case with shower shoes.  Whether you’re going to wear them down to the beach on a date or you’re just going to and from the shower room, you need to make sure you have the best fit you can have.  A lot of comfort issues, as we discussed above, have to do with how well, or abysmally poor, your shoes fit.  A shoe that is too large is a major hazard, especially when it comes to showers.  In normal situations, shoes that are too large can come off, rub up against your heels, and force you to slip.  That’s just a normal scenario.  In a shower, if you fall, the damage can be great.  And let’s be honest here, it can happen to anyone.  Maybe it is a slight chance, to be fair, but it is a chance nevertheless.  Being too small is also a challenge, since your feet are going to be hanging out of the shoes.  If your feet are touching the floor, the purpose of them is basically being defeated right then and there.  They are doing you absolutely zero good if that’s the case.  Paying attention to sizing, thus, is very important, and you cannot assume that shower shoes will match regular shoe sizes.  To the contrary, they can differ vastly.  Some of them are going to run small, others will run narrow.  That’s not even necessarily the shoes that are produced and made for people that live in other countries.  It’s a must for you to look at the sizing charts that are made available to you whenever you go to size, since it will instruct you on what to get.  Doing research and reading what others have said via their own reviews is also helpful with this task.  You can get a better idea of how they generally correlate to normal shoe sizes, and then you can make a decision on it.  We’ll make sure to include any information on shoes that happen to be too large or too small so that you can adjust and make the right call to keep yourself as safe as you can.


Some of the shoes that are out there are going to use microfibers in order to try and make them more comfortable and supportive.  This is a great thing in most cases, but it can make them a little bit tough to deal with in regards to shower shoes.  So, you have to be careful about how you use them.  What happens is that a small area, usually on the strap, is going to be laced with this material.  It ends up getting wet, duh, and then it takes longer for it to dry out when compared to other materials.  It can leave them being a little bit ‘clammy,’ as some have described it, and it means you may need to take your shoes and dry them very well, perhaps with a fan or placing them outside in the sun for a while.  The last part, though, should be done with moderation, since the sun can have long lasting effects upon the integrity of the shoes.  This is particularly a problem when it comes to most shower shoes, since they are much flimsier than regular shoes that are built to be tougher and sustain all sorts of damage.

The Top Ten Shower Shoes of 2019 Reviews

  1. Vertico Poolside Sport Slide On Sandal

We kick off our list here with a very secure sandal for both the men and the ladies. These sandals are also super affordable as well, so that’s a great feature of them. With a rubber sole that has serious tread to it and a raised heel for comfort, they aren’t just good for the shower, either.  With their looks, which are understated but not bad, you can get away with wearing them for a range of activities, not just in the shower.  The rubber is made to be waterproof, making sure you not only stay up on your feet but also so that you don’t have to worry about them falling apart over night.  The insoles are made from EVA, which is one of the greatest advancements in shoe technology.  It makes them lighter than ever, but they are still supportive and strong.  They’re even better with the use of memory foam as well!


  • Super affordable
  • Excellent traction
  • EVA insoles


  • Sizing tough due to unisex status
  1. Crocs Crocband Flip Flop Shower Shoe

Crocs are a very big name in the shoe world, and they are well known for their comfort and their eccentric looks, too. These aren’t the craziest they have, but they do offer a million and one colors for you to pick from. With a thong design, these are made to give you slight support, while still letting you be relatively free.  This helps make them lighter as a result, making you feel as if nothing is on your foot.  The heel is raised slightly off the ground, aiding you with your degree of comfort, while the foam cushion contributes to that as well.  The ‘thong,’ which is not something everyone enjoys, is made from soft tpu materials, helping make sure you don’t get ‘dug’ into and develop blisters and painful sores from it.  Sizing is inconsistent, so you will have to be mindful of that fact.


  • Very comfy
  • Tons of colors
  • Very lightweight


  • Inconsistent sizing is annoying
  1. Finleoo Quick Drying Shower Shoes

If you are looking for something that’s cheap and going to be used mainly for just trips to and from the shower and the time between, then these are a fine choice to go with. Despite having a few colors to pick from, they are not the most stylish slippers you have ever seen, so they might not make the list for looks. But this isn’t about looks, it’s also about safety.  These are made with drainage holes, helping them dry out quicker so you can use them time and time again. This would be very much appreciated by athletes that are putting in multiple shifts per day, along with others as well.  They have small dots on the insoles, helping to massage your feet as you walk, providing you with maximum comfort as well as making sure you do not slip and fall.


  • Very low price
  • Drains quickly
  • Massage as you go


  • Not the best looking
  1. Adidas Kids Adilette Shower Slide

Up next is Adidas, the originator of the slide in the minds of a lot of people, with their Adilette. This shoe is a perfect one for the kids if they are going off to a camp or the like, though they can run pretty expensive. These shoes are made from all man made materials, which makes them very flexible, durable, and also comfortable as well.  Adding to the comfort is the fact that you just have the lone strap to lock you in, meaning you don’t need anything else and will be very free and light on your feet.  The cloudfoam used in the heel area makes them super comfy, and it means they are a great choice for other things on top of just being used in the shower.  This, and their looks, means they are super fashionable and very much ‘in.’


  • Cloudfoam comfort
  • Very fashionable
  • Light and flexible but still durable


  • Can be expensive
  1. Nike Women’s Kawa Shower Slide Sandals

With Nikes, you can almost always count on style and fashion to be at the fore, and that’s certainly the case with these slides. These are made to be super soft and comfy, using their solarsoft foam to make them very plush right under your feet. In the midsole, they use their Phylon foam, present in a number of other shoes that they make, in order to make them lightweight but not sacrifice the durability of them.  While it’s unfair to say that they have a lot of drainage to them, they do have some holes throughout them to help them drain.  Coming in four different colors, these are a relatively flat shoe compared to others that we have seen so far.  Watch out, though, if you have narrow feet, or if you are looking for a budget option, because this isn’t great for those two things!


  • Light and durable
  • Very plush feel
  • Extreme style


  • Expensive choice
  • Runs very wide
  1. Vertico Shower Rubber Sandal

Vertico makes its way back onto the list here with a second offering, with this one being a thong sandal that will make security a bit more of a priority. It’s also a little bit more stylish, and it’s going to come in at a very reasonable price, too, so you are going to be able to wear it to other places in addition to just the shower alone. The insoles use EVA in small pockets, helping to cushion you as you walk and stand in them but are otherwise pretty flat, meaning they are going to be lighter and not much to carry.  They may represent an issue if you plan to wear them all day, but they can work for more than just in the shower.  They do retain a tad bit of water after showering, but all it takes is just a quick toweling and you’re done.


  • Great price
  • EVA for cushioning
  • Very light


  • Not a ton of support
  1. Clapzovr Men’s Water Clog Shoe

If you’re looking for something that is beyond a normal ‘shower’ shoe, then this clog is a way to start your search. This pair is very affordable, and it’s going to offer you immense drainage, with holes located all over it to keep the water out and keep them dry. The sole is made out of EVA, helping reduce the weight and make them durable while also being comfortable to use while walking.  Not to mention the ease in which you can put them on, which is very clear by their design.  With the closed toe, you are able to do a lot of activities, in addition to just showering, and you will not have to worry about slipping as much because of having a stopping point essentially.  The main thing with these is going to be their looks, which some people will just never be able to look past.


  • Great with wide feet
  • Extreme versatility
  • Very affordable


  • Distinct lack of style to some people
  1. Vifuur Barefoot Slip-on Water Shoes

If you want a much, much lower profile, then this pair of ‘shoes’ is the way to go. These are also very affordable, but you can’t exactly call them a shoe since they are a lot like socks, slipping on easily. These come in a multitude of colors but do feature a rubber sole, so you don’t have to worry about them causing you to fall and get injured.  The fact that they are breathable is obvious, since they are going to let water in and out so easily, meaning they can be used for various purposes.  With that said, their flexibility and comfort is only going to get you so far.  They can be used for more than showering, but you won’t get a massive amount of protection or support from them in some situations, meaning you will have to think long and hard about them before making the plunge and ordering them.


  • Affordable option
  • Cross between socks and shoes
  • Very, very flexible


  • Not a lot of support or protection from rocks, etc
  1. Under Armour Men’s Locker III Slide Sandals

Under Armour is also known for bringing extreme style to the table, along with excellent functional abilities as well, and that continues here with these. These slides are made to be easy to get on, and they are super plush to wear, giving you a very generous amount of padding in the heel area to not only cup you in but also to pamper yourself. All three elements, the strap, the foot bed, and the outsoles are made and contoured with the goal of pushing water away, making them an effective shoe for the shower. On top of that, of course, their style makes them an easy choice to double as you go out and walk on the beach or walk around the pool, even. They dry really quickly, unlike some of those in this market, so that’s going to be one of the biggest factors in buying them.  Some find the material a bit stiff, so it’s fallen to number nine here.


  • Stylish and versatile
  • Padded heel area
  • Made to get water away


  • Material too stiff for some
  • Expensive
  1. Adidas Men’s Alphabounce Slide

Rounding out our list here might be our most fashionable option yet, though it does have its faults as well. These shoes are very much made for the locker room, but that hasn’t stopped people from using them in the shower as well. Coming with a pronounced curve in the toes and ample thick heel, these are made to be very comfortable thanks to Adidas’ bounce midsole. This makes them very effective at walking around since they are responsive, something very few others can boast about when it comes to slides.  With very soft foam lining around, you see your comfort amplified all the more by their careful, thoughtful engineering.  The main issue with these is going to be that they are not fully waterproof.  They are resistant to water in most areas, but there is some microfiber that will attract water and make it harder to dry out.  They are also quite expensive as well, so there is that, too.


  • Great looks
  • Very responsive
  • Comfortable


  • Not fully resistant to water
  • Very expensive pair

Conclusion And Final Shower Shoes Recommendations

No matter what your reason for purchasing shower shoes, you will have found a ton of information today in order to help aid you in your endeavor.  Finding shoes in 2019 is a whole lot harder than what it should be, if you really think about it.  We have so many options available online that it actually has caused a lot more issues for many than it has offered up solutions.  But when you combine all of the information into one area, as we have done here, it’s a lot easier and you can go about your day much more efficiently.  After our buying guide and our list, you’ll be much better positioned to make a good choice that is right for you.  So, hit the showers, we’re done here!

FAQ’s About Shower Shoes

Why Are Fungi Such A Problem?

The reason that it’s so easy to get fungi in a shared shower room is because of its propensity to thrive in areas that are wet.  Damp, moist places will see it grow, and it can end up spreading very quickly if you fail to take precautions against it.

Can I Wear Shower Shoes Other Places?

Yes, yes you can.  There is nothing wrong with doing this at all.  The shoes are not going to carry pathogens or fungi or anything like that, so you are good to go.  You may want to rinse them off so as to not bring mud or dirt to and from, but you can absolutely wear them on the beach, to the pool, etc.  Since cleaning off shower shoes is super easy (you just rinse them off!), this is no problem at all.

How Long Do Shower Shoes Last?

Depending on whether you get shower shoes for just the shower or not is going to be the answer to this question.  If you use your ‘shower’ shoes all of the time, hours at a time, then they will wear out quicker than someone that uses their shoes sparsely.  However, if you just use them for the shower, and maybe a tiny bit of wear after or directly before, then they should last you quite a long time, years even.  Possibly even a decade if you are lucky.  I’m sure you’d want to update your style by then, but you get the point!

Are There Any Leading Brands?

This is one of those sectors of the shoe market where you can make a case for several, but in reality this is a ‘no.’  You can find the big names, the start ups, the underdogs, and all of those in between competing in this space.  On top of that, people have so many varying preferences in this arena that it’s just about impossible to figure out who is on top and why they are at a specific time and for what very specific reason they are there.

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