12 Best Shoes to Wear with Jeans (for any Occasion) in 2021

Best Casual Shoes for Men with Jeans

Whether it’s because jeans are your favorite bit of attire or you want to use them for their sheer versatility, they can be a great way to spice up your look and save some money in the process.  The only thing, though, is figuring out what you can and want to wear with it.  Shoes are essential, and you need to get them right if you want your look to be just perfect.  Today’s buying guide is going to help you find the pair of casual shoes that are just right for you to wear with jeans.  Some of us are not as good as others at doing this, so we’ll break it down for you and help you get where you want to go.  We’ll then be reviewing some of the best and most popular pairs of shoes to wear with jeans out there, all to help you get a start on where to look.  Let’s get going then!

Top Shoes for Men with Jeans Comparison Chart

ProductMaterialPriceWhere to Buy?
1. Adidas Men’s Seeley Skate ShoesSynthetic$$$Check Price On Amazon
2. Nike Men’s Air Force 1 Low SneakerLeather & Synthetic$$$$Check Price On Amazon
3. K-Swiss Men’s Classic VN Fashion SneakerLeather$$$Check Price On Amazon
4. Mio Marino Men’s Casual Oxford ShoesSynthetic Leather$Check Price On Amazon
5. Toms Men’s Carlo FlatsCanvas$$$Check Price On Amazon
6. Dockers Men’s Hawking Knit NeverWet ShoesNubuck$$Check Price On Amazon
7. Levi’s Men’s Ryan Denim ShoesFabric$Check Price On Amazon
8. Dockers Men’s Kepler Casual SneakerFabric$$Check Price On Amazon
9. Vilocy Men’s Slip On Canvas Boat ShoesCanvas$Check Price On Amazon
10. Alegria Men’s Flexer ShoesFabric,Leather$$$$Check Price On Amazon
11. Mephisto Men’s Thomas Lace Up Walking ShoesLeather$$$$Check Price On Amazon
12. GoldToe Men’s Doug Slip On Canvas ShoesCanvas$Check Price On Amazon

Casual & Dress Shoes for Men with Jeans Buying Guide

Why You Should Match Jeans with Casual Shoes

The biggest reason we can think of to wear jeans along with casual shoes is that it’s a super versatile way to dress.  You can look both respectful and cool at the same time, all the while you are very much comfortable.  Some of us just don’t like ‘dressing up,’ so wearing more dressy clothes is way out of the question for us.  Jeans go with virtually any color, too, so you don’t have to worry about mixing and matching and then crossing your fingers that your likes them and doesn’t think you’re a doofus.  If you wanna remain comfy and be able to have all kinds of looks while having the same relative feel, then this is just the way to go.

What Does ‘Casual’ Mean?

You might be wondering what casual means to us and that is something important we should quickly make mention of.  For our purposes today, casual is going to be something that is worn for leisurely activities.  Casual shoes, then, are going to be shoes that are to be worn when you are going out for fun or just trying to ‘chill.’  This does not mean a certain kind of look, however, at least not to us.  Some people will think of casual attire to mean something more business like, while others will think of it as flip flops or the like.  While we will stay solely in shoes, we’ll make sure to cover options for all kinds of people, not just a type or two.

Finding Your Style

The word jeans might bring up a certain connotation in your mind- it could be either positive or negative.  Some will see them as a great way to dress, while others will loathe them and fail to see the merits of them.  As mentioned above, jeans are a great and versatile way to go with your choice of clothing.  You can wear them year round (although they can be miserably hot in the summer outside) and they go with all colors.  With that said, though, you need to realize that you can have a lot of different looks within the subset of ‘jeans.’  You can be sporty, you can be carefree, or you can be ‘preppy.’  There’s plenty of other looks you can pull off as well, so you don’t have to force yourself into one specific spot.  You can find what you like and tailor your look accordingly.  Loose or tight, faded or dark blue, holes or no holes, these are all choices you can make that go right along with your shoes.  Just make sure your shoes line up with them, of course!


The so-called ‘sporty’ look is one of the main looks you can get from pairing casual shoes with jeans.  This is a fairly diverse look, but it can be summed up by the person looking like an athlete while being casual.  This can include regular jeans with no holes in them or jeans with some holes in them, though they shouldn’t just be ripped in most cases.  As far as shoes go, this type is going to very much have an athletic flair to it.  They don’t have to be full on basketball court sneakers, but they do at least hearken back to the days when that was the look on the court and it began to translate to fashion circles.


It’s hard to put a label on some of these, and you might be tempted to put this one down as ‘nerdy,’ but that would be very harsh to do so.  This look combines the sporty kind of look with a smarter look.  For instance, you can pair the same jeans, although with a nicer, more dignified shirt, with a pair of flats and pull off this look.  This is going to make you look a little bit more approachable and looks really good with glasses, even if they aren’t prescription ones.

The Rugged

The rugged look isn’t really what it might sound like at first to you.  The word kind of invokes the idea of boots and rolling around outside, but really all we mean here is something that is outside of the box and not super clean.  In other words, it can be a ‘hipster’ or ‘hippie’ kind of look.  An outsider that might be trendy before you ever get trendy.  These shoes aren’t all pretty, instead of using the beauty of being unique to stand out and make you feel different and fitting your own style.

These are just a few ideas, and there are all sorts of various avenues that you can go into, splitting tiny hairs and combining them to find the exact perfect style that makes you happy.

Some Tips For Pairing Jeans With Casual Shoes

There is a whole lot more to getting the most of your fashion than just buying a pair of shoes and jeans and then throwing them on.  So, here’s a few things to keep in mind as you seek to do so:

– Slim jeans are in at the moment, so going with them is a very good idea.  This may not be exactly the style you are going for, but it’s a no brainer if you are looking to impress someone- whether it’s for a new potential job or a possible date.  When they are your correct size, this type is very flattering on you and will make you stand out for all of the right reasons.

– Make sure your jeans are fitted to you well.  We all go through changes in our bodies from time to time, so you may need to try them on every now and then to make sure your weight hasn’t changed and caused them to fit differently than before.  When they bunch up or ‘crowd,’ it takes the focus off or your shoes (and you) and puts them there.  That’s not such a good thing since people will be wondering what’s wrong with you and why you would wear that.

– Look out for what color jeans you pick and what style of wash you go with.  Some colors are going to look more business like but will be just as comfortable as normal jeans.  That conveys a message while saying that you aren’t too uptight.  The wash is also important.  It’s nice to stand out and look different than the next person, but you also have to remember that each kind of wash will need to be treated a bit differently when you clean them.

– As far as holes in the jeans go, or that ‘distressed’ look, be aware that it’s a fine balancing act to walk. If you are merely going to go with them for strictly casual purposes, then they will do you just fine. But if they are meant for something beyond that, then you’ll not look the utmost professional as you would probably like to look.  Just keep that in mind and know that not all jeans are going to just be magically acceptable everywhere you go.

– Don’t forget about your shirt.  This guide is mostly about the relationship between your shoes and your jeans, but your shirt is also going to be telling a story as well.  If you don’t have a shirt that goes along with the story, you’ll not really look all that great.  So, make sure you don’t wear a super formal shirt or something that just doesn’t match the rest of the ensemble and you’ll be good to go.

Things You Should Look For

All shoes have certain things that you need to look for, so it’s a good idea for you to take a closer look at them before you decide to buy them or not.  Here are some of the things you should be keeping an eye on.


Because casual shoes, of which were are covering today, don’t have to be as functional as many other types of shoes, comfort can be pushed closer to the top of the list with them.  So, this is why we have put this as #1 in what you should be looking for.  Comfort is an idea that is difficult to express, but it’s one of those things that you recognize when it is present.  Furthermore, you definitely notice it not being there when it’s not, so you really want to make sure you have it right.  Comfort extends to a number of things, and if any of them cause you problems then you may end up ditching the shoes and leaving them behind.  Here’s what to look for:

– Are the shoes relatively light?  Casual shoes don’t need to have as much support or protection as shoes for constant use or those for athletics, therefore you can go with a lighter pair.  While some do have a heavier design to them, you will most likely want to steer clear of those since they can drag you down and tire you out so much faster than lighter shoes.

– Do they breathe well?  Shoes that you are potentially going to be wearing outside, especially in warmer months of the year, are going to need some way to have air flow through them.  Some materials are better than others at this.  Some shoes will have a couple of materials used, while others will just go with one.  If they don’t breathe well, you may find yourself overheating and getting them off as soon as possible.

– Are the insoles to your liking?  As said before, we are all different and have certain preferences that others might not have.  One of them will revolve around the insoles.  This is the inner part of the shoes that you can look into when you hold them up.  This includes but is not limited to just the inserts.  The inserts seem to be all the rage, but if you have the best feeling insert ever but have lining that scratches and irritates, then it’ll do you no good at all.  Look for all of it to be comfy, including the material that will sit on your heels.

– Are the shoes able to help you move freely?  Anyone that has worn shoes that just won’t budge will be able to relate to this.  Shoes that are super tight are no fun at all, and this is something that can happen as a result of the materials used and the way they are constructed.  Look for shoes that give you some ability to move around in the them, otherwise you’ll not have the kind of comfort you really need.


The other thing that you really have to be mindful of is the fit of the shoes.  This goes for any pair you might find out there, especially casual ones.  Casual shoes are not going to be very casual if you don’t have the right size and don’t feel good in them.  This is also a big part of the comfort equation.  Here’s some tips to put to use in finding the right pair of shoes.

– Balance yourself well but don’t worry about your shoes being slightly bigger than normal shoes.  If the shoes are just going to be used for casual wear and tear, so to speak, you don’t have to worry about them having the most perfect fit ever.  You are not going to be running a marathon or doing a million squats in them, so you don’t need them to be super snug and just right.  You just want them to be big enough to where you can move around in without sliding too much.  This will help you get the width right, since it won’t hurt you much to go up a half of a size or so.

– Check sizing charts and any available information carefully that has to do with sizing.  A lot of times, you will not get the same sort of fit from your ‘tennis’ shoes or flip flops that you do for your casual shoes.  With shoes being made in various countries and to fit people from all over the globe, it’s easy to lose sight of not having a true ‘standard’ or ‘universal’ sizing out there.  Look at any sizing chart given and be ready to measure yourself to match it.  You should also look at reviews and see what people are saying.  If they are consistently saying that shoes are running big, then you can pretty much count on them to be big.

– Don’t forget to include your socks when you are trying on shoes, whether it’s in the store or at home after your box has arrived.  These should be the socks that you generally plan on wearing, or something similar to them.  This way, you will have no surprises once they are on your feet with your normal socks.  Surprises are nice and all, but when you surprise yourself it’s not really the best of gifts, is it?


The materials used to make a pair of shoes is always of importance to you to take a look at, so here is where we are going to break that down for you.  We’ll make sure you know the pluses and minuses of each so that you’ll know what screams casual- and what doesn’t.  As a quick aside, this is mainly going to deal with the upper part of the shoes, rather than the soles, which should almost always be rubber, anyway.


Leather is one of the more common materials that are used with shoes today, but this material is very much getting phased out little by little.  In the old days, it was the go to for everything from dress shoes to athletic shoes.  But nowadays, the athletic shoes have virtually left it behind.  Dress shoes remain with them, since they are super classy and have a really nice feel to them.  The issue, however, is that we are looking for something casual here.  Leather shoes don’t exude casual.  And on top of that, they are not the easiest things to take care of, so they just don’t make for the simplest of materials and should be overlooked here.


Synthetics sometimes referred to as ‘textile’ are an answer to leather that is cheaper, more flexible, and also more breathable.  For those reasons, many shoes have moved away from leather and to these man made products.  Despite how it might sound, as if they are a mere mockery of leather, these shoes do look much better for casual usage and thus are a decent choice here.  This type is durable and is easier to take care of, too,  all of which just about means you check every box on the list.


One such material that is often paired up with synthetics is that of mesh.  Mesh is used in order to make shoes breathable, providing holes from which moisture can escape so that you get plenty of airflow in and out.  The main issue you’ll find with shoes that have too much mesh built in is that they are not all that durable.  The material is relatively weak, so it can tear some.  But the fact it’s cheap does help to drive down costs, so that’s a big help on top of being able to breathe.


Canvas is one of those materials that does a really good job at doing multiple things at a time, which is always going to be one way to save some money.  Though it’s not as breathable as mesh is, it’s still going to be quite breathable on its own, especially when compared to something like leather.  Plus, it’s easy to clean, durable, and is really nice for casual wear.  The other benefit to them is that they are light and that they just stand out from the crowd, making them a nice little change up in your wardrobe.

The Top 13 Pairs of Casual Shoes to Match with Jeans Reviews

  1. Adidas Men’s Seeley Skate Shoes

It doesn’t get a whole more casual than a pair of skate shoes. Whether you skate or not, these can be a great look to go with just about any pair of jeans you have, from the fully intact to the ripped and torn. These shoes are fully synthetic and are super light as they are made to be flat to the board and ground. Thanks to having resistance to abrasions, they will hold up longer and will be all the easier to keep clean.  They come in a wide variety of colors, all of which look super nice, as we have come to expect from Adidas.  It is a more punk or sporty look to the proceedings, so if that is not your cup of tea then you’ll want to look elsewhere.


  • Awesome looks and colors
  • Very light and flexible
  • Versatile and will match plenty of jeans
  1. Nike Men’s Air Force 1 Low Sneaker

Basketball shoes are not always the best choice for casual wear, but for some of us, that’s the ideal choice. These check a lot of boxes for casual shoes, as they just look so classy, all the while not holding you down with a high top like so many other shoes that are meant for the court primarily. These shoes have a nice mix of real leather and synthetic, making them more durable yet flexible and breathable (though not overly so) at the same time.  The colors on show range from the sophisticated and understated to the flashy and eccentric, giving you a wide range to go with the rest of your ensemble.  With the Nike Air technology, one of the first to gain massive notoriety in shoes, they even call back to an era when shoes weren’t nearly as cool as they are now while giving you comfort.


  • Durable and flexible
  • Flashy and classy colors
  • Nike Air tech included for comfort and cushion
  1. K-Swiss Men’s Classic VN Fashion Sneaker

If you are thinking about strictly sneakers that are for fashion, then K-Swiss is probably one of the first names that comes to mind. They make our list here with a pair of shoes that don’t let you down casually. These shoes are made out of fully leather material, making giving them a classy look all the while helping them to feel great and last quite a while.  With the use of their square laces and the ‘D-shaped’ rings that they go through, these shoes are a throwback to a time that has passed, giving them another positive for many to draw upon.  They are a low top and are fairly flat, though the heel does have some height to them to give you additional comfort and cushion from the ground.  Overall, these are a great way to turn to if you want to look sporty but stand out from the crowd a bit.


  • Classy and sporty look
  • Throwback style
  • Durable and comfy
  1. Mio Marino Men’s Casual Oxford Shoes

These are much more dressy than many of the pairs on here, but there are always exceptions to every rule. This is one of those, as these shoes can be worn in such a way that they are still very casual with jeans. On top of that, they are a great, low price alternative to many out there that would be sold that look like them.  With a synthetic upper, they look like real leather, though they give you all the benefits of synthetics.  This means they are flexible, more breathable, and durable all at the same time.  Thanks to the use of very soft fabric for the lining, you can count on them being comfortable right from the get-go with very minimal, if any, break in time required.  These do run bigger than most shoes, so you will need to adjust for that accordingly.


  • Great price
  • More dressy option
  • No breaking in needed


  • Fit is a bit bigger than most
  1. Toms Men’s Carlo Flats

Toms might be viewed as more of a ladies’ thing, but that is far from the truth. They also make an excellent choice for men to turn to for casual footwear, since they are just so light, flexible, and stylish. The flats are slip nos, meaning you don’t have to bother with doing any tying or anything like that.  On top of that, they are made out of canvas, which is the ideal choice if you want to have a nice look that’s super easy to clean while still being breathable and not having a ton of openness to it like mesh has.  These are great for that ‘smart’ casual kind of look you are attempting to pull off, and they will help open some doors for you that potentially have never been open to you before.  The insoles feature an Ortholite cushion, giving you more comfort and support, which can help you stay on your feet longer throughout the day.


  • Canvas is strong and breathable
  • Comfy and cushioned
  • Great for a smarter look
  1. Dockers Men’s Hawking Knit NeverWet Shoes

Sometimes your need to look casual will overlap with a need to do things that are a little bit less glamorous, and when those times occur, shoes like these from Dockers can be there to give you a pick me up. These shoes are made to be dressy but they also are functional using knit to give you a stretch in four different directions, helping you to have the most comfort and flexibility possible. With a footbed that is cushioned and springy, they respond well to each and every step.  The NeverWet part is perhaps their biggest plus side, since it will repel stains and water from them, meaning you could wear these to the beach or on the boat with little to no problems while still looking great.  On top of that, they look great and won’t weigh you down much at all, making them just what the doctor ordered.


  • No stains or water damage
  • Stretches extremely well
  • Functional and comfortable
  1. Levi’s Men’s Ryan Denim Shoes

Next up is a pair of shoes that can really match up to your jeans, seeing as how they are denim. Though technically made out of fabric and synthetic material, this is a great way to spice them up and give you a fresh new look. With that said, these may or may not intentionally be made to look like skate shoes but they do look just like them as they are low to the ground and have the white siding to go along with them.  They even have the kind of laces and eyelets you’d expect from them, too, though they wouldn’t be as supportive as those kinds of shoes are.  One of the main knocks with these is that they don’t have very many colors to pick from, with only a couple of them on offer, so that’s a disappointment.


  • Looks like dark jeans
  • Skate like charm
  • Light and durable


  • Not many colors to pick from
  1. Dockers Men’s Kepler Casual Sneaker

Another pair of Dockers comes into the list now, and this time it’s a pair of shoes that will make for excellent ‘smart’ casual wear. These shoes are made out of fabric for the upper, meaning they will flex well and be easy to clean. Add in the four way stretch, like the earlier pair of Dockers had, and you can see why this is the case.  With NeverWet also available along with the comfortable footbed, you get a lot of the same benefits with a more reserved look.  The ‘cupsole’ construction that they have used makes them more durable thanks to the additional rubber used, and they even have anti-microbial technology to rid you of odors and the like.  They only have a couple of colors as well, so that’s a small shame.


  • Smart casual look
  • Comfy and durable
  • Stretches and won’t stain


  • Not a ton of colors
  1. Vilocy Men’s Slip On Canvas Boat Shoes

This is the kind of pick you’ll want to go with if you want something that’s a bit different and more ‘rugged’ looking. These shoes are made out of canvas, but unlike most of the others on the list are not made to have perfect, straight edges to them. Instead these shoes are made for convenience to slip on and off all the while looking like you don’t have a care in the world.  Because of the use of canvas, they are breathable and flexible, while the inner linings are made to make sure you don’t slip and slide around despite having a slip on beneath you.  Thanks to meticulous stitching work, they are stronger than you might think at first glance, making them ideal for a lot of casual wear and tear all over the place.  They’re also quite cheap, too, so that won’t be holding you back.


  • Off the beaten path look
  • Breathes and flexes extremely well
  • Great, low price


  • Not the most clean cut look
  1. Alegria Men’s Flexer Shoes

Alegria is known for its ability to provide shoes to professionals that will get them through long, hard days, but they also have been able to branch out to casual wear and do so with these shoes. Depending on the color you go with, you will have a potentially more dressy choice, making them better for date nights or slightly more serious times out. With a nice, padded collar in the back between your heel and the back of the shoes, you’ll get plenty of comfort, particularly when it’s paired with a comfortable insole, too.  These are not the regular kind of casual shoes, as they do concentrate on helping support you all day, so they will cost you much more than the rest on here.


  • Dressy or casual look
  • Supportive enough for all day use
  • Comfy and padded


  • Very expensive choice
  1. Mephisto Men’s Thomas Lace Up Walking Shoes

If you want that classic trainer look and don’t mind stepping out and paying a pretty penny for it, then this is the pair for you. These very high dollar shoes are made to be casual and comfortable all day long through the use of leather. This makes them comfortable and very durable, plus gives them that status of class you want to give off.  As far as casual shoes go, these really do go above and beyond, bringing you a flexible and soft ride thanks to a soft-air midsole that cushions you and gives lasting support.  With a padded collar and tongue as well, they take your all day pleasure very seriously, unlike many of the others we have picked.  The price is quite high for these, but if you want more than just comfort and lightweight features then they may just be what you have been crying out for.


  • Super soft and comfy
  • Supportive all day long
  • Premium leather feel


  • Very, very high price
  1. GoldToe Men’s Doug Slip On Canvas Shoes

If you want a lower priced option on some flats, then this is the way for you to go. These canvas shoes scream casual out loud; providing you with flexibility, breathability, and comfort all day long. Thanks to a lack of laces, you can just slip them on and off at ease, making your day so much easier and freeing.  The stretchy goring where the ‘tongue’ typically is makes them feel as if you have gotten a customized fit, while the memory foam insole offers something unique to the list we have seen so far.  With a few different colors, all of which utilize white on the bottoms and sides to accentuate it all, these shoes will stand out for all the right reasons as you waste away the day with friends, family, or just by yourself.


  • Feels customized
  • Stretchy and breathes well
  • Memory foam for better cushion and comfort

Conclusion And Final Casual Shoes for Men with Jeans Recommendations

Finding casual shoes out on the market is super easy and can be done quickly.  But finding the best ones can take some time and effort, all because there are just so many to pick from.  You’re bound to be banging your head against the wall in no time if you don’t know what it is you are looking for, so we have attempted to help you solve that problem by breaking down the types of shoes you can turn to.  You don’t have to wear the same old pair of shoes for everything anymore.  Even if you don’t want to look ‘cool,’ you can still be super casual and enjoy your day in jeans without looking like a total goof any longer.  So, what are you waiting for?  Get out and purchase that new pair of shoes already!

FAQ’s About Casual Shoes for Men with Jeans

Are Casual Shoes Going to Cost A Lot?

This question is a fairly common one, but you can rest easy knowing that it’s not an automatic here.  You can find a pair of nice casual shoes that fit your style for a relatively low amount of money.  It really just depends on what you want, the brand you go with, and the quality in which they are made.

Can I Just Wear My Tennis or Running Shoes?

Sure you can.  You can wear anything you like along with jeans, though the question should be ‘should I wear them or not?”  One of the things that a lot of people forget is that they are putting extra mileage on their shoes every single time they wear them.  They will wear out quicker if you wear them constantly, not to mention that they will be dirtier.  So, that’s something to keep in mind, since you don’t want to look like a slob.

How Do I Clean My Shoes?

Cleaning your shoes is going to depend totally on the materials that the shoes are made from and the way it has been put together.  You should always consult any instructions available to you on doing this before you begin.  Don’t assume you can do any old thing to them, or you could end up with a destroyed pair of shoes.  One way to make sure they stay ‘fresh’ is to clean as you go.  Wipe them down with water and a rag when they get dirty.  That way, you’ll never have to worry about them getting too far gone where you end up having to resort to desperate measures to clean them off.

How Long Does It Take To Break In My Shoes?

This all just depends on the type of shoes you have.  Certain pairs will be quick and painless to break in, while others will take some time.  Thankfully since you are using them for casual means, you won’t be needing them for a long time, at least on your feet, so you should be alright if you don’t have time to wear them around beforehand.  With that said, it’s best to just wear them a bit at home and then ease your way into using them on a more regular basis going forward.

How Long Will My Shoes Last?

How long your shoes last will ultimately come down to how well you wear them, what you wear them for, the materials they are made from, and also the way they are constructed.  Some shoes can be worn for only the correct uses and will have the best materials only to fall apart due to having a poor construction.  Others could have a great construction only to have poor materials and leave you hurting.  This is just a question that varies from person to person.  If you want them to last as long as possible, then only wear them for what they are meant to be used for casual usage.  Don’t wear them to play in or anything extreme.  Otherwise, they won’t just look dirty but they won’t feel so good, either.

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