16 Best Shoes for Zumba of 2021: Flexibility, Durability and Fit

Best Shoes for Zumba

Zumba is all the rage and nothing feels better than the right shoes on your feet so you can turn and pivot like a dancing queen. In just one hour of fast dancing you can burn up to 500 calories with Zumba.  The upbeat fun Latin music makes for the reason more than 15 million people are flocking to these classes.

Unlike other forms of exercise Zumba requires multiple lateral movements, pivots, turns etc.  The wrong shoe can make it hard to move.  You don’t want your feet to be encumbered when you hear the beat of the music take off.  Your shoes should help you take off.  Let’s look at how you can land the right shoe and make the most educated decision on what to put on your feet.


Top Shoes for Zumba Comparison Chart

ProductHeel TypePriceWhere to Buy?
RYKA Woman’s Influence Cross Training ShoeFlat$$Check on Amazon
Asics Women’s Gel Fit Sana Cross Training ShoeRaised$$Check on Amazon
Zumba Women’s Fly Fusion Dance SneakerRaised$$$Check on Amazon
Zumba Women’s Flex II Remix High Dance ShoeRaised$$$Check on Amazon
Ryka Women’s Tenacity Dance Training SneakerRaised$$Check on Amazon
Capezio Women’s Rockfit Dance SneakerRaised$$Check on Amazon
Bloch Women’s Boost DRT Dance SneakerRaised$$Check on Amazon
Zumba Women’s Z1 Dance ShoeRaised$$$Check on Amazon
Ryka Downbeat Fitness ShoeFlat$$Check on Amazon
Asics Women’s Rhythmic 2 Cross Training ShoeFlat$$Check on Amazon
Reebok Hayasus Cross TrainerRaised$$Check on Amazon
Asics Rythmic 2 Cross Training ShoeFlat$$Check on Amazon
Puma Cell RaizeRaised$$Check on Amazon
Ryka Dynamics 2.5 Cross Trainer ShoeRaised$$Check on Amazon
Nike Women’s Flex Trainer SixRaised$$Check on Amazon
Nike Women’s Flex Supreme 4 Cross Training ShoeRaised$$$Check on Amazon


Shoes for Zumba Buying Guide


The most important features of shoes for Zumba include pivotabillity, smooth gliding across the floor, good lateral movement. Comfort is actually the top feature to search for in a Zumba shoe.  The reason for that is you are dancing on your feet twisting and turning so much you want your feet to feel happy and free and able to perform the full range of movement. The second feature that is vital for a Zumba dance class is a shoe that is light on your feet.  You want to be able to twist and turn and pivot freely without hindrances.

Which leads us to the third most outstanding feature and that is the pivot point. You don’t want to stick to the floor as that would damage your knees. The fourth feature you are looking for is shoes that are very shock absorbing. Zumba is a very energetic form of dance so it can be quite hard on the feet. Thicker soles are often designed so as not to bruise the feet. The heel counter is the part that supports the back of the foot.  Make sure to get an Achilles notch so the backs of your feet will not rub.

Good Zumba shoes are very breathable because your feet will get very sweaty.  It is vital to have shoes with a lot of stability to support all the different dance moves such as twisting and turning. Wide soled shoes are particularly useful to support the feet. It is key to have plenty of space for your toes in the toe box area.

Types of Shoes

There are different types of shoes you can use for Zumba. These range from the solid sole, split, mid and low. The solid sole are excellent for those with high arches or flat feet. They provide good support for the arch.  The split is mostly used by women who are more experienced dancers. They allow more flexibility in the sole because they have no midsole.

They do not have any arch support in them. The mid is a shoe that covers all of the ankle. This shoe will offer a lot of stability and support.  They are less flexible of a shoe. This shoe would be perfect for someone just starting out learning Zumba dance or with feet problems. The low reaches below the ankle.  They offer less support but more flexibly and freedom.


Best Shoes for Zumba Reviews

1. RYKA Woman’s Influence Cross Training Shoe

This shoe is phenomenal for Zumba dancing. Ryka has a philosophy that their shoes need to be specially created with the unique needs of a woman’s foot.  Because women’s needs are different then men’s in the athletic market, it is rated as the number one shoe out there on the market.  It is made for women by women.  This shoe has plenty of support for bouncing and jumping.  It comes in a variety of terrific colors that are bright and energetic.

The shoe makes it easy to glide across the floor without sticking.  The tread pattern grips for lateral movements.  It provides great stability at the ball of the foot so you cannot roll your foot. The shoe has a spin spot on the bottom to make turns across the floor much smoother. The shoe is wider across the ball of the foot. This shoe is great for high intensity workouts. The shoe gives you a little bounce great for Zumba. The bottom of the shoe is made for making round movements. The shoe is good for Plantar Fasciitis.


  • Lightweight yet very supportive
  • Plenty of wiggle room width wise
  • Provides enough cushioning for heels and the balls of your feet
  • Can be worn right out of the box and onto the dance floor
  • Great for exercising on hard surfaces
  • Circle located on tread of shoe helps create less friction for pivoting motions



  • Shoes are short size 10 may need 11
  • Shoelace tie is too low or shallow
  • Need to order a half size larger than actual size
  • Not enough cushion


2. Asics Women’s Gel Fit Sana Cross Training Shoe

This shoe is rated as the second best shoe out there on the market. The top feature is the gel cushioning at the back along with a rubber sole.  If you are dancing on your feet nothing feels better than gel to help you glide across that floor.  Feel the music without feeling the impact on your knees, legs or feet.  This shoe feels like a sock and slips on comfortably.  What’s not to love about a shoe that comes in 5 color options for the girl who loves to be styling when she works out?

This is the best shoe out there for women who are experiencing sensitive feet. This shoe has a uniquely designed crisscross network of fabric around the heel that provides the stability necessary to allow for movement in any given direction. The soles let you pivot quickly so you can turn on a dime. The toe box has enough stretch in it or just the right fit a movement.



  • Offers right amount of shock absorption
  • Lateral movement is good
  • Quick movements are easier
  • So lightweight with a flexible sole
  • Easy to pull on with tab in back
  • Price is on point
  • 5 colors



  • Narrow shoe not made for wide feet
  • Takes effort to put on due to tongue sewed in
  • High arch
  • Tendency to be ½ size smaller
  • Heavier than normal sneaker
  • Not good for jumping


3. Zumba Women’s Fly Fusion Dance Sneaker

This amazing shoe has a unique feature called Z Compress Energy Return System which minimizes impact by reducing force.  This shoe will allow you to uniquely grip the floor for sliding across it in those favorite dance moves.  The shoe features breathable mesh for a soft and flexible fit.  Who doesn’t desire a dance shoe as light as a feather?

This shoe is light so you are able to move around without any injury. The shoe has a lot of great shock absorption for jumping around with. The shoes are very attractive and stylish for the girl on the go.



  • 6 colors
  • Tread great to pivot on wood floors
  • Wider toe box
  • Provides great side and arch support needed for dancers
  • Able to turn and spin easily
  • A lot of cushion
  • Pivoting without hurting knees



  • Shoe stretches after worn for a period of time
  • Doesn’t come in narrow width
  • Lack of arch support
  • Order half size larger
  • Difficult to put on because of band attached to tongue


4. Zumba Women’s Flex II Remix High Dance Shoe

The shoe has a breathable upper for a soft flexible fit. It features a soft lining along with a very cushioned footed.  The bottom of the shoe has the Z slide technology which lets you slide easily on any surface. One of the best features of this shoe is the ankle strap which secures firmly around your ankle and makes dancing easier.

This shoe holds up well for dancing at a high impact. This style of shoe is wider than other dance shoes which makes it perfect for women with wider feet.  This shoe has a circle spot which allows for quick turns and directional changes. This shoe provides a beautiful arch support for your foot.



  • Extra Dance support
  • Leather strip across back and front that gives extra durability
  • Designed for female foot
  • Allows for easy pivoting
  • Low grip
  • Move smoothly



  • Flat shoe
  • Lack of padding
  • Only comes in one color


5. Ryka Women’s Tenacity Dance Training Sneaker

Ryka was founded in 1987 by an individual who wanted to create a better-fitting athletic shoe specifically for women and at the special needs of their feet.  This is a low impact shoe with a round toe. This shoe is great shoe for a dancer who needs more support around the ankle. It comes with a lightweight breathable mesh design.  There is a pivot point built right into the shoe which helps with twisting and turning.

One of the few shoes out there that provides a Velcro strap. The Velcro strap gives the shoe a secure fit.  The circular tread pattern is outstanding so the foot can pivot when you need to and stay put when you need it. This shoe will alleviate strain on your feet and knees to keep you free from injury. The heel padding in this brand is just the right amount of cushioning.

The shoe has a reasonable price point and is very affordable. You can move smoothly and glide across the floor easily with this shoe.



  • Rubber sole durable
  • Great for lateral movements
  • Wide in toe box
  • Allows for sashaying
  • Gorgeous colors
  • Great joint support



  • ½ size smaller needed
  • Arch could be better
  • Flat shoe
  • Runs large in toe box


6. Capezio Women’s Rockfit Dance Sneaker

Capezio has been labeled the dance maker since 1887.  Who could know dancers feet better than this outstanding company? This shoe is phenomenal for advanced dancers.  The shoe is very flexible so you can point through your shoe. The shoe provides excellent cushioning on the ball and heel.  The shoes are lightweight and have a good pivot point.

Capezio is a fantastic shoe that makes extended sizes such as size 13.  It is made mostly of synthetics, mesh and suede. These shoes have a lot of fabric and thus provide fantastic ventilation. They also have a boxed toe for toe stands.  It features a removable insole.



  • Uses a system called flex points
  • Ventilated well with perforations in toe
  • Dancers toe will feel cool and not sweat
  • Good for flat feet or dancing on carpet



  • Manufacture errors such as tears in shoes
  • Sizing system seems to be flawed
  • No growth room on side for dancers whose feet swell
  • Shoes run narrow for those with wider feet
  • Hard plastic outsole not good for wooden dance floors


7. Bloch Women’s Boost DRT Dance Sneaker

The Bloch makes a shoe that is great for advanced dancers who want flexibility in their shoe.  The company Bloch is known for creating dancewear that incorporates very lightweight material and a customized fit. The Bloch Company was founded by Jacob Bloch, a cobbler from Australia.  He began making the shoes when he noticed a ballet dancer struggling to stay en pointe.

The shoe manufacturing method employed is called a turn shoe.  The shoe rocks at providing optimum arch support unlike any other shoe. The heel is cushioned to provide ultimate comfort. Bloch makes a shoe that is favored by women who dance Zumba 6 days a week.  Their unique shoe is favored as “magic dancing shoes.”  The shoe has a nice sporty look.  One of the few shoes available that have a pivot point allowing dancers to do a 360 degree turn. This shoe comes with the optimum amount of grip for every dance move.



  • Fantastic price
  • Cushioned heel which gives a lot of support
  • Twist and slide easily
  • Split sole provides great support for jumping
  • Extremely comfortable sole



  • Sizing off need to order up to 2 sizes larger


8. Zumba Women’s Z1 Dance Shoe

This company makes a modern looking shoe that has two pivot points easy to twist and turn without putting pressure on the knees. The outsole has two pivot points that let you slide.  There is an excellent arch support built into the shoe.  These very modern looking shoes are about the lightest out there weighing only 1.5 lbs. The lighter the better to keep your feet flying across the dance floor. These shoes look phenomenal with the original Zumba logo on the shoe.



  • Rubber outsole has two pivot points
  • Provides superior grip and sliding support
  • Great fit for wide feet



  • Price point higher
  • Insoles very thin
  • Not enough padding for hours of dancing


9. Ryka Downbeat Fitness Shoe

Ryka is a phenomenal brand for Zumba dance.  This shoe has a high-top design that provides great support for ankles.  One very distinctive feature is antibacterial removable insoles in the shoe. The antibacterial insole will fight odors. This shoe protects your ankles and has the perfect pivot point for the turns. Shoes are flat and allow for maximum lateral movement. The colors are neutral so can be mixed and matched with lots of workout clothes.

The shoes are highly breathable as they are made of synthetic plastic to let air in. The high top design of this shoe makes it great for protecting your ankles from any kind of injury.



  • Phenomenal price
  • Maximum comfort
  • Beautiful looking
  • Insole provides enough support for heel and arch problems
  • Great for wide feet



  • Sizing needs to be ½ to 1 size larger
  • Little too much traction
  • Takes awhile to break in


10. Asics Women’s Rhythmic 2 Cross Training Shoe

The Asics are a very modern and sleek looking shoe. The lightweight features are great for easy movement across any surface while dancing. This is a cross training shoe so it is great for other sports and activities. This shoe has both rear foot and front foot gel cushioning system.  The shoe is fantastic for absorbing shock so as to protect the dancer’s feet, knees and hips from injury.



  • Dancer can take leaps with pivot point on outer sole
  • Jumping less painful to ankles
  • Asics great on sizing



  • No arch support


11. Reebok Hayasus Cross Trainer

The Reebok Company offers Turntone Technology just for this shoe.  This is great for dancing and Zumba. They have high ankle support as well as sidewall stability. This shoe is great for women who have high arches. The shoe provides great heel support and keeps the ankles stable. This shoe provides a fantastic outsole which is needed for Zumba turns.



  • Come in many colors
  • Ortholite sock liner
  • Works well with orthotic insert from the doctor
  • Supports feet, hips and knees
  • Front wide enough to accommodate if you have a bunion



  • Shoe is tighter so size is not true to scale
  • Buy a size up to try it
  • Run big in the toe box


12. Asics Rythmic 2 Cross Training Shoe

The Asics are well designed for high energy workouts like Zumba.  The shoes are lightweight and great for high impact.  They have added cushioning in the midsole.  They provide a synthetic mesh upper which keeps your feet cool and dry.  They are great for long workouts.



  • Rubber outsole offers great traction
  • Lateral and medial supports
  • Full length eva midsole
  • Lightweight



  • Limited colors


13. Puma Cell Raize

The Puma Cell is built just for women with a heel cushion which is outstanding for high impact. They have a rubber outsole which provides great traction for not slipping. They are extremely comfortable and feel like having pillows on your feet. They come with an EcoOrtholite sock liner.



  • Breathable upper keeps feet dry and cool during dance
  • Ever Track High abrasion rubber sole
  • No breaking in period needed



  • Narrow fit
  • May need to size up


14. Ryka Dynamics 2.5 Cross Trainer Shoe

This shoe has a breathable upper to keep your feet dry and cool while working out and sweating to those great Zumba songs.  The insoles are removable to be washed and replaced when worn.  They have a Re-zorb sock liner. This feature provides shock absorption which reduces fatigue on the legs, hips and knees while dancing long workouts.  The shoes are reasonably priced.



  • Mesh uppers that breathe to keep your feel cool
  • Lace up for a snug fit
  • Rubber outsoles great for traction



  • Not as many colors
  • Sizes are smaller
  • Sixe up
  • Zumba Energy Fuze


15. Nike Women’s Flex Trainer Six

Nike always makes a great shoe and this one excels for Zumba. This shoe is specifically designed for dance aerobic classes. It has an amazing lightweight design perfect for Zumba.  It also comes with a small pivot point at the bottom so it is easier to turn.  The shoe is available in many vibrant colors.



  • Sleek looking
  • Shoes fit true to size
  • Lightweight
  • Good support
  • Versatile



  • Rubs back of ankles
  • Not supportive enough
  • Runs narrow


16. Nike Women’s Flex Supreme 4 Cross Training Shoe

This shoe is comfortable and lightweight.  The flexibility and supportiveness make it a super shoe for Zumba dancing.  There is a neoprene sleeve that goes around the ankle to make it amazingly comfortable.  They are comfortable for wearing all day long.  They perform straight out of the box and do not require a break in period.



  • Durable
  • Good grip
  • Great for people with bunions
  • Good support for endurance workouts



  • Runs wide and big
  • Heel support not good


Conclusion and Final Shoes for Zumba Recommendations

Zumba is an energizing and unique form of exercise sweeping the nation.  You will enjoy your dance classes more when your feet are fitted to the right shoe.  Each woman’s foot is unique and there are many different brands to choose from.  What works for one woman will not work for another. Make sure to take all the features into account when choosing a Zumba shoe.  If your feet have special needs take that into account as well.

We learned thus far about all the most important features of the Zumba shoe such as the pivotability, breathability, wiggle toe room, lightweight, ankle support, and heel support. Some features which help but are not required are gel in the sole for extra support and High tops for extra ankle support.  Some desirable features include; removable insoles, flexible insoles or odor treated insoles.

Zumba shoes are quite different than running shoes because of all the lateral movements required.  Most running shoes only need to move forward and backward.  If you don’t have the proper footwear you risk injuring your feet or knees. It may be helpful to look for a shoe with a split sole for all the jumping that is required in a Zumba class.

Some shoes have a Velcro strap for extra support for keeping the ankle secure to reduce injuries. You want a Zumba shoe to fit snugly so it is secure, but not too tight as your feet may swell during dancing. The shoes should be easy to slip on and the tongues on Zumba shoes are unique in that they are sewn into the shoe.

Zumba shoes need to be replaced every 100 hours or depending on the frequency of classes taken per day and per week.  This is vital to prevent injury as Zumba is fast paced, energetic and high impact involving lots of twisting and turning.  You want to keep from injuring your ankles and from rolling out. You need to protect your knees from the impact. The shoes are easy to clean and can be worn outside of class for other activities.  Zumba shoes can be worn on hardwood floors or on a carpeted surface.

The right shoe is worth the investment to keep your feet healthy and happy while enjoying a fast and exhilarating workout. Enjoy your new shoes, enjoy your dance classes and love the new founded energy you bring to the rest of your life.


Frequently Asked Questions About Shoes for Zumba

How is Zumba Dance different from other kinds of dance and what moves are specific to Zumba that require special shoes?

Zumba is a high intensity Latin-based dance craze sweeping the nation.  It includes many different styles of dancing including salsa, reggae merengue, cumbia, samba, flamenco, hip hop, Bollywood and belly dancing.  Because it combines so many different dance styles it burns a ton of calories and is considered a dance party.  You’re guaranteed to leave feeling better than when you started because you will sweat and get those feel good hormones pumping.

The majority of the dance styles incorporated is fast moving across the floor and requires twisting, turning, sashaying and more.  You will feel the beat of the fun music and move along with the energy of everyone in the room it is easy to catch on to it because the dance steps use the same patterns of movements over and over.  You can see with the uniqueness of so many different dance styles combined why you will need special shoes for Zumba.

What are some of the problems with Zumba shoes?

The main complaint about Zumba shoes seems to be about the sizing and people saying the shoes were either too narrow or not right for wide feet.  Some had to buy the shoe a half size up. The sizing can be confusing but if you read the reviews this will help eliminate that unnecessary confusion. For example, if a particular brand runs large or small the reviews will let you know.

Also people may not be used to the fact that Zumba shoes are intended to fit snugly because of the nature of the dance. Some brands have a wider range of colors available than others.  Some brands offer neutral colors and others offer bright colors. The neutral colors can be worn with a wider variety of clothing colors.  Some Zumba shoes do not seem to provide enough arch support for those with arch issues.  If that is the case a simple solution is to use an insert or orthotic from another company.

Can I wear running shoes for Zumba?

You have a lot of lateral movements in Zumba and running shoes do not support those kinds of movements. Zumba also incorporates a lot of twisting, pivoting and turning movements which running shoes do not support.  Zumba also has very fast movements which a running shoe may not allow you to make.

Running shoes soles are not going to allow you to make smoother movements. Running shoes are heavier and you need lighter weight shoes for Zumba in order to keep your feet turning all over the place for each unique dance move. Running shoes are designed to move forward and back.  They have a totally different end game in mind than dancing. Zumba shoes are designed to help protect your joints from all the high impact movements. Running shoes were originally just designed with running in mind.

So be sure to consider the purpose of the shoe and the kind of support you need and the direction you will need to go in the shoe before buying.

What factors affect the kind of Zumba shoe I need?

It depends on your shoe width, joint flexibility, ankle strength, floor surface you will be dancing on and the number of times you will do Zumba in a week.  Some dance on hard wood floors and others on carpet if you dance on a smooth surface you will need a shoe that allows you to pivot and turn smoothly without catching your foot.

One of the most important factors is how often you attend a dance class. Some dance once a week, some 4 to 6 times a week and others like instructors may dance several times daily.  You will need to select a shoe based on how often you dance.  Also, your weight and whether you are flat footed or have high arches will make a difference in your shoe selection.

If you have any special needs such as a bunion or pronation issues take extra time when trying on the shoes to make sure it is the right shoe for your feet.  If you have very sensitive feet that bother you, than you may want to look at the brands that provide gel cushioning in the shoe.

How are Zumba shoes different than other athletic shoes?

Zumba shoes have extra padding and cushioning so as to protect your ankles and knees when you are dancing. The soles are not as sticky and they have pivot points because the dance requires so much turning on your feet. The soles are built for impact because the dance itself is so energetic and you are moving and grooving to the beat of the music.  The shoes are designed to protect your ankles from rolling out during dancing.

Also, the shoes are made for high impact and energetic twisting and turning.  Zumba shoes have a rubber outsole to provide traction. The shoes are designed for maximum air flow and breathability because Zumba dancer’s feet will sweat a lot during the course of one hour workout. The breathability of the shoe keeps your feet dry so you don’t feel sweaty while dancing.

Zumba shoes need to move so your feet don’t get stuck on the floor as that would damage your knees or other parts of the legs.  All Zumba shoes have a pivot point and this is what allows you to move.  The soles need to be shock absorbent.  This means the soles are thicker so as to protect your feet and the rest of you upper legs.

umba shoes have a heel counter that supports the heel and stabilizes the foot. An important aspect of this is the Achilles notch so as to keep the backs of your feet from rubbing.  Zumba shoes need plenty of wiggle room for the dancers toes because this supports all the different moves that are used in a dance routine.  Check the wiggle room of your shoes when your toes are stretched out.

Where do I buy Zumba shoes?

You can buy them anywhere other athletic shoes are sold or online at name brand retailers or on Amazon or eBay.  Zumba shoes are at the same store as other athletic shoes are available. It is for you to consider both the advantages and disadvantages of online versus retail shopping.  The advantages of online shopping are that you get to see all the reviews posted by other people who have worn the shoe.  You may get free shipping and never have to leave your house.

The advantages of going to a store is to try on the different pairs and see how your feet feel in the shoe.  This can be very time consuming especially if you are going to a number of name brand stores.  Reading reviews is done in the comfort of your own home and you can comparison shop brands that way.

How should the shoes fit my feet?

The shoes should be slightly snug and not too loose because you don’t want to slip out of them.  The right fit insures your ankles and knees are protected. You do not want to roll your ankle or sprain it while dancing.  The shoe should not be too tight as your foot will swell during exercise due to sweat and impact.  If the shoes are too tight then you will experience unnecessary pain.

Having a shoe that is too tight on will inhibit your circulation and keep your foot from breathing properly.  You don’t want unhappy feet after dance class or during dance class because it is all about having fun at Zumba. Take the extra time when buying shoes to insure the proper fit as it is an important factor in the long run.

Can I wear Zumba dance shoes outside?

Yes, you can wear then for walking, all throughout the day and other forms of exercise. They are comfortable to have on your feet for any form of activity. Zumba shoes are very sleek and stylish and will go with all your sporty clothes. They are modern and designed with the gal with a fashion sense in mind.  So you won’t mind being seen all about town in these great shoes.

On the flip side, if you fall in love with Zumba dancing then you will want to keep your shoes in tip-top condition.  They look pretty and stylish with all your dance gear so you will not want them to get dirty with mud or wet surfaces.  You also will not want to track dirt onto hard wood floors where others are dancing as it will cause them to stick or trip over the clumps of dirt.  Zumba is a fast paced dance and dancers can be injured from getting stuck in a turn due to large clumps of mud on the dance floor. The more hours you dance the more you will need to replace your shoes, so it may be to your advantage to just keep the shoes especially for Zumba class. You can carry them in a special bag and put them on once you get to class.

How do I care for my Zumba shoes?

You will want to throw them in the wash once a month to keep them clean and fresh and nice looking. Make sure to wash them on cold and air dry them so they will not shrink. You should remove the shoelaces so they do not snag. You can also soak the shoes in white vinegar before you wash them so they do not stink due to sweat odors.  Odor reducing inserts are another great idea.

If you have white shoes and you notice a scuff on them you can use a magic eraser to remove the scuff and keep your Zumba shoes looking like new. If you are flat footed make sure to wear corrective insoles so as not to wear down the sole too quickly.

Should I wear socks with my Zumba shoes or can I dance barefoot?

Yes, it is a good idea to wear socks with the Zumba shoes because your feet will be doing a lot of sweating.  The socks help to prevent odors and reduce blisters. You can try thin socks first and if your feet sweat a lot you may want to switch to thicker socks. The shoes are designed to be breathable and for air circulation to keep your feet cooled off as you dance. Some people who do not have Zumba shoes can actually put duct tape on their feet and use that for sliding purposes.

It is highly recommended that you wear shoes to protect your knees, hips and ankles.  You do not want any injuries from dancing and the shoes are designed for maximum support and protection.

How often do I replace my Zumba shoes?

You should replace them after 100 hours of Zumba dance. Because Zumba is so high impact the shoes will wear out more. This will vary for every individual based on the number of classes you take every day and weekly.  Most Zumba instructors say you should replace them every 4 to 6 months.  If you do not replace them you will notice your knees and joints bothering you.

Check your shoes often for signs of wear and tear.   When you are keeping your shoe in good condition it will keep your body in the same.  Some other factors to consider when replacing shoes are if you pronate or if your feet roll in or out that may wear on your shoes more often and require a new pair sooner than later.

A good trick is to write down the date you purchase the shoes as your likely to forget and put a memo note on your calendar 4 months down the road to check them.  Another trick folks try is a tag placed in the shoelace that clocks the number of hours you dance in them.

Are Zumba shoes expensive?

There is quite a range of prices and styles as well as brands.  The best shoe for you is worth the investment over time in keeping your feet, ankles, knees and hips free from injury.  You do not have to break the bank to have a good shoe for Zumba.  It is just important to recognize that you need extra support for your ankles so they don’t roll out with all the twists and turns.  You need a different athletic shoe because of all the lateral movements that other shoes such as running shoes are not designed for.  You are investing in your health, your future and your happiness.

You can investigate all the price ranges and determine which a good fit for your budget is.  Consider the features of the shoes and the long term cost of your feet and their wellbeing. A cheaper shoe is not necessarily a better shoe because it may not be the best shoe for you.  If you have special needs such as pronation, arch issues or bunions you may want to pay more for the right shoe to keep your feet ultimately happy.

What are some of the top brands for Zumba and the history of these brands?

Ryka, Asics, Capezio. Bloch, and Nike shoes are among the top brands. Ryka is top because of their extensive research to design the most phenomenal shoe solely for women. The Q angle or quadriceps angle which involves the relationship from the hip to the knee is different for women by about 5 to 7 degrees. Women tend to shift their weight more towards the outside of their feet.  Ryka shoes have a narrower heel, a roomier forefoot and a more secure footed. The research gives women the best shoe for their unique biomechanics that differs from men.  This shoe design has a customized technology based on 130 years of shoe research.

Asics stand for Latin words which translated means a sound mind in a sound body.   Asics is known for the gel in the shoe.  Asics began in 1949 when they first started manufacturing basketball shoes in Japan.  The company is known as a leader in innovation and has a strong research and development team.

Capezio is the foremost name in dance and goes back to 1887. Salvatore Capezio, an Italian cobbler opened up his first shoe shop next to the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City.  Who knows shoes better than this company making dance shoes for dancers?  Capezio makes jazz shoes, ballet shoes and tap shoes. They understand well the pressure put on a dancers feet and how to keep their feet in proper form during dancing.  They continue to excel in research and innovation.

Bloch based out of Australia is a manufacturer of women’s dance and pointe shoes and dance costumes. This company is known as a leader in the technical dance market.  Their design features and materials are all linked to dancing. Some of the world’s leading professional dancers wear Bloch shoes while dancing.

Zumba features their own brand of dance shoes specifically for Zumba dancers. Zumba Fitness LLC is the name of the company and they sell apparel and everything Zumba. Who would know the needs of Zumba dancers feet better than the leading in the industry and creator of the dance itself?  All of their shoes have the Zumba logo on them.  Because the makers of Zumba classes make these shoes they take great pride in creating the most outstanding shoe for the user. They are the global leaders in the dance industry and work relentlessly to perfect the best products. Their passion for excellence is supreme.  If it has the Zumba logo on it you better believe it is the best in the business.

Nike Company was founded in 1964 and named after the Greek goddess of victory. The original idea for Nike came from the idea of waffles.  It sparked the idea for a grooved pattern on the sole of its trainers to help the runners grip the running tracks.

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