16 Best Shoes For Teachers 2021: Comfortable, Supportive, & Stylish Options (For Men & Women)

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Finding the best pair of shoes for your school teaching job can be difficult.  Teachers are standing on their feet a lot during the day.  It does not matter if you are male or female, finding a pair that is fashionable and comfortable has to be a priority.   Teaching all day can be trying, so you need to be as comfortable as possible and hurting feet and legs do not help at all.

Finding shoes that are comfortable for all day use and that are affordable and will fit into your budget may even be a harder task.  The best choice is to find shoes that fit your style and then find the ones that are the most comfortable that will fit into your budget.  You want to choose a pair that is made with quality so that they will last longer.  With wearing those all day you will want to find a pair that is breathable or that you can wear breathable stockings with.

Top Shoes for Teachers Comparison Chart

Shoes for Teachers Buying Guide

There are a huge variety of different styles of dress shoes for both men and women.  There are dressy shoes that can be worn with fancy dress attire and casual dress that can be worn with a variety of different outfits to wear to the office or to a casual dress outing.  There are a variety of comfort factors added to these shoes in the form of linings, insoles and arch supports.

The designs of the outer soles are also designed differently some are more smooth while others are designed to help with traction and comfort.   A lot of these different attributes are due to the variety of different manufacturers.  There are other factors that are taken into consideration such as a winter dress boot would not be as desirable if it had a thin smooth sole.  When making a selection to purchase that special pair of shoes that you might need for work, there are many decisions that need to be made.  Know what qualities that you want your new purchase to have.  What is important to you?

Outer Shoe

The outer part of the dress shoes can be designed out of 100% leather, nubuck leather, manmade synthetic materials and a variety of different fabrics and mesh.  Each type of shoe is then designed into its own style.  Some are created to be something to wear with dressier outfits such as suits or dresses.  Others are styled to be worn with a more casual dress approach while again there are others that can be worn with either.

They also come in a variety of colors with different types of stitching or buckles or some other types of decor to create the look.  Many people will start looking at what meets their personal style of dress.  It is important to think about when you plan on wearing these shoes, is it to a special event or with your outfits for work or both.  Select a color for the season and also one that will go with that special outfit or the majority of your wardrobe.   In the spring and summer the normal color would be whites or lighter colors and in the fall and winter the normal colors would be black or darker colors.

Outsole Options

The outer sole of most shoes are made from rubber or some type of manmade materials.  They are designed to support the shoe and the foot.  Some of them are designed to be smooth which do not provide any type of traction control.  Others have ridges and grooves or lugs that will help hold traction in wet or snowy weather and also on slicker floors.

These are great if you live in an area with a lot of moisture to help too keep your footing.  There are soles that are designed to be flexible and will give or flex with your foot as it moves.  Others are stiff and do not allow them to flex with your foot as you walk. The manufacture on these shoes made the choice to focus on maybe traction instead of flexibility.

Insole Types & Options

The insole and the foot bed are basically the same things inside of your shoe.  It goes underneath the bottom of your foot for comfort and support.  These are designed in various ways for different shoes.  Some are padded with layers to be more plush and comfortable while others are thinner and gives very little support.

Some of the more plush ones are designed with memory foam and lined with fur these are very soft and plush and are suppose to shape to the bottom of your foot for extreme comfort and support.  There are those that are designed to be more firm and have an arch support that should line up with the center of your foot to match your arch.  Some of these are designed with so much support that they will help prevent foot fatigue, which in turn will stop overall foot and pain in the ball of your foot.

Shoe Lining

The lining inside of various dress shoes will also vary depending upon the style and the manufacturer.  Some shoes will have a lining that has very small pores, making them not very breathable.  With these shoes when your feet sweat, the moisture will stay inside of your shoes and leave your feet wet for a long time.

When the lining is designed out of a material that has larger pores, the shoe is breathable.  With the larger pores, or a fabric like mesh it allows the moisture to escape and your feet stay dry.  Other lining with larger pores or fibers will absorb the moisture, pulling it away from your feet, also keeping your feet dry and comfortable.  Needless to say, when a shoe is not breathable and the moisture builds up inside and on your feet, the shoe can also absorb odors and sometimes become quite smelly when it is taken off.

If you are experiencing this type of problem with your shoes, make sure that you are wearing a sock that has larger pores so that it will dry quicker.  Cotton is designed to absorb the moisture and will normally trap the moisture inside so your feet will get wet and stay that way for a while.  Cotton socks are not a good choice for a shoe that is not breathable.

Closures (Slip Ons vs. Lace Types)

Dress shoes are designed with different styles.  The closure of the shoe also varies helping to create the style.  Many are designed as slip ons.  The fronts of these are solid, but the top is open for your foot to just slide in and out.  Some of these may have elastic or stretchy panels to allow the top to stretch so that it will make it easier for your foot to go in or come out of the shoe.

Most shoes with laces are designed with the inlaid eyelets.  The shoe strings are laced through the eyelets, allowing the wearer to make the shoe as snug or as loose as they need it to be for their comfort and control.  Others may be designed with fasteners such as buckles and a strap to help to keep the shoe secure on your foot.  Not as popular in dress shoes as it is in some other types of shoes, are the straps with Velcro.  There are some dress shoes that offer the straps with Velcro for an easy fastening for your shoes.

Shoe Care Options

When considering your shoe type and style, the ability to take care of your shoes is another consideration.  This is important, because the better you take care of your shoes, just like anything else, the longer they will last.  Most of your shoes you will be able to wipe clean with a damp cloth.  Warm water seems to help to loosen dirt better than cold.

If your shoe is a material such as a nubuck leather or a suede, you must be careful and not use too much moisture on them.  If your shoe is designed from leather, wiping it clean and then applying mink oil or special leather oil especially for the type of leather that your shoe is made from will help to keep it looking new and shiny.  This will also help to keep the leather in its original form, keeping it flexible and making it last longer.

There are shoes that are made from manmade materials and some of them can have shoe polish put on them to cover up any scuffs or scratches.  Make sure to match the proper color of polish to your shoe and no one can tell that you have used a shoe polish on your shoe.  Some people take their shoes for granted and never give them the care that they need.  Why would your but a car and never change the oil or add water?  Well yes your car cost more than a pair of shoes, but think of the number of pairs of shoes that you will own during the life of your car.

Best Women Shoes for Teachers Reviews

Soft Italian Leather Mule Slip-On Style Women’s Designer Handmade Shoes

This shoe is designed with 100% soft Italian leather on the inside and out.  The insole is a Microlight padded design to be soft and flexible for your comfort.  The toes are in a pointed design with a strap that goes across the foot to secure the shoe in place for more control and a comfortable walk.

The shoes are handmade, by craftsmen with 50 years experience and are designed with comfort and style.  These shoes are designed to go with most casual dress outfits for a style and comfort.  These handmade quality and well designed shoes are priced in a higher range, but should last for a long time.



  • Soft and comfortable
  • Shoe is flexible and easy on your feet
  • Handmade by a craftsman with 50 years experience


  • Higher price range
  • Come from overseas so will take longer to ship


Skechers Women’s Shape Ups 2.0 Comfort Stride Fashion Sneakers

This Skecher is designed with 100% Trubuck faux leather with a padded top and tongue.   Ripstop textured mesh fabric panels at the front and the sides to create a cooling effect.  The interior is designed with a memory foam foot bed featuring air cooled breathability.

A firm polyurethane frame is used to add support and comfort to the foot.  This shoe also has a Kenetic Wedge soft foam mid sole to help with support and comfort on your feet.  A lace up front, gives the wearer the opportunity to lace a secure fit for support and control when walking.  This shoe is designed with durability and comfort for a long day on your feet.  This shoe looks good on your feet and matches up well with a pair of jeans.

This shoe is also supportive and will work to wear with many casual outfits for a more casual work environment.  This shoe is well constructed with Skecher quality and worth the price to most people.



  • Made with Skecher quality
  • Comfortable for a long day
  • Shoe is breathable to help with sweating feet


  • The sizing is not right for some people, too small
  • The toe of some shoes have appeared to come unglued
  • The insole on some shoes are not the same as others


Nike Women’s Tanjun Running Shoes

This shoe is designed with a combination of leather and synthetic materials with a rounded silhouette toe.  Made with the Nike quality, this shoe has been designed with comfort in mind.  It has a padded top and tongue and a lace up front for a comfortable and secure fit.

The outer sole is designed from rubber to add support to your feet.  The inside has an insole foot bed to enhance the comfort of the shoe.  The inside is also lined with a fabric lining to help to make the shoe breathable and to help with keeping your feet at a comfortable temperature.

The breathable lining will help to keep your feet from sweating with jeans and can be added to a casual dress.  These shoes with the Nike quality and comfort are worth the price to most fans.



  • Created with Nike quality
  • Designed for comfort to wear all day
  • Supportive to your feet


  • The sizing seems to run big for some people
  • There has been some complaints about the outer soles wearing thin
  • There does not seem to be the support some people expect from Nike


Clarks Women’s Ashland Bubble Slip-On

These ladies casual dress slip-ons can be quite an addition to any woman’s wardrobe.  These shoes are designed with style and comfort for the hard working lady on her feet all day.  These can be worn with jeans or in a more casual dress fashion.

They are made from 100% leather and come in a variety of different colors.  The sole is made from a synthetic rubber to withstand all of the abuse that it will receive day after day.  The insole is Ortholite to add comfort and support your feet all day long.  Contrast detail stitching and a tie accent on the top to give it style and its own fashion sense.



  • Looks good and is very versatile
  • Comfortable when you have to wear it all day
  • Available in many different colors


  • This one does not appear to meet the quality of other Clark shoes
  • Stitching has been coming apart
  • Tassel keeps coming off of shoe


Kelly and Katie Sandro Women’s Suede Slip-On Dress Shoe

This classic women’s suede chunky heel dress shoe, offers a comfort and fashion for most any dress style.  This shoe has a manmade outsole with a 2 inch heel designed for a little more of a dressier look.  It offers the closed toe style with a buckle strap on the top to create its own style.  The interior has a cushioned foot bed along with a padded insole to add comfort and support for a long day on your feet.  These ladies dress shoes offer comfort and support making them a popular shoe for the office.  This dress shoe is worth the cost and will enhance most any wardrobe.



  • Comfortable for all day at the office
  • Look great with most any outfit
  • Offers a cushioned foot bed and a padded insole


  • Size runs big
  • The heel and sole came unglued after a couple of wears


Naturalizer Women’s Channing Slip-On Loafers

This women’s casual dress shoe was designed for comfort and style.  It has leather uppers and a man-made outer sole for support and flexibility.  The shoe is designed with stretchable inserts on each side to give more room and comfort along with an easier on and off of the shoe.

The insole and foot bed are designed with a comfort system that will allow a comfort wear all day long.  The style will go with most any casual dress outfit and still be a very comfortable shoe choice.  The price is very affordable for the quality of the shoe.



  • Built with quality and comfort
  • Has a style to go with most any outfit
  • Stretchable insert on each side for ease of getting it on and off and for comfort across the top


  • As the toe gets scratched the outer covering peels off
  • Shoe seems to stretch as it is worn and becomes too bit
  • Seams are coming apart on some pairs


Merrell Women’s Jungle Moc Slip-On

This shoe is designed with 100% leather and textile, along with a synthetic upper.  The rubber sole has 3mm lugs to help with comfort and traction on slick floors.  The inside has a Aegis Antimicrobial treated lining and a Merrell air cushioned heel along with a molded nylon arch shank for comfort and support of your feet.  When your feet are supported, this helps to prevent feet fatigue and foot pains.  This slip-on has been designed with quality and comfort and looks great with jeans or most casual dress pants.  A long day of being on your feet can be made tolerable with these comfortable and well fitting shoes.  The price is very comparable to the quality of these shoes.



  • Flexible and supportive to your feet
  • Added arch shank for support
  • Slip-on for easy on and off access


  • The size seems to be a bit small and narrow
  • Shoe might seem heavy to some wearers
  • The toe could peel with rougher wear


Skechers Women’s Go Step Light-Indulge Loafer Flats

This women’s loafer has been designed to be light weight and flexible.  It is designed from leather and has a rubber outer sole.  These shoes are great for the winter and very flexible and comfortable. This slip-on is designed for easy off and on access.   Add a pair of socks that match your pants for a comfortable and relaxing outfit to wear all day long.  These shoes are very comfortable as expected with the skecher,s name.  Add them to your favorite casual dress outfit and they work well for a hard day in the classroom or at the office.



  • Comfortable
  • Flexible
  • Great for most casual dress pant outfits


  • Shoe appears to be too wide for some wearers
  • Some wearers would like to see a better arch support
  • The toe box is a bit narrow for some wearers

Best Men Shoes for Teachers Reviews

Dream Pair Bruno Marc Moda Italy Men’s Oxford Wing Tip Dress Shoes

These men’s dress shoes are an Amazon Choice.  They are designed with man-made materials and are made in the USA.  They are available in a variety of different colors to match most any outfit from dress to a casual dress.  The inside is designed with a lining and a latex cushioned foot bed.  This wing tipped design shoe is flexible for better control when walking.  It also offers comfort for when they have to be worn all day long.  The outsole is designed with a non skid outer sole to keep you on your feet even in a wet surface.   This shoe has proven to be comfortable to meet the demands of the long day.  For the price this would be a good shoe to add to your collection.



  • Made in the USA
  • Designed to be comfortable
  • Has flexibility to give you more control when you are walking


  • Outer soles could have more non skid added
  • Shoes come with a strong chemical smell
  • The soles seem to wear thin with a lot of walking


Skechers Men’s Porter Ressen Oxford

This men’s casual oxford is designed with leather and a synthetic outer sole.  The interior has an air cooled memory foam foot bed for comfort.   This breathable insole will help your feet to stay dry by absorbing the moisture and with its breathing capabilities allows the moisture to dry quickly.   These shoes come in a variety of different colors to be a great addition to most any wardrobe.

These shoes seem to be of Skecher’s quality and have become a popular shoe among customers.  These shoes look great with and also with most casual dress attire.  The comfort of these shoes makes wearing them all day a breeze.  The day goes so much easier without tired feet and achy legs.  For the quality of these shoes and the functional abilities that they offer these shoes are well worth their price.



  • Quality constructed
  • Offers comfort for your feet all day long
  • Breathable insole to help keep your feet dry


  • Shoe seems to run a bit large
  • The outer leather might scuff a bit so some customers rubbed them with mink oil to stop it
  • Seems more like a classic fit than a relaxed fit


Skecher Sport Men’s Stamina Nuavo Cutback Lace-Up Sneaker

This men’s Skecher has been designed for quality and comfort.  It has been constructed with Nubuck leather, mesh and a rubber sole.  The interior is lined and has a cushioned comfort insole to help to tolerate a long day.  This shoe comes in a variety of different colors and looks well with sporty attire or casual dress.  It looks great with a pair of khakis in a casual dress setting for in the classroom or in the office.

With the added comfort and style these shoes look great and keep your feet from getting fatigued and your legs from aching.  The mesh that has been added helps your feet to stay cool and allows the moisture inside of your shoes from escaping.  This quality shoe offers style and is functional for all day wear.  The price range for this shoe should be well worth the comfort that you receive.



  • Constructed with Skecher quality
  • Adds comfort for your feet all day
  • Allows moisture inside of your shoes to escape


  • Some customers are not happy with the comfort of this shoe
  • The toe has been known to come unglued
  • The memory foam wears out after usage some have added additional insoles


Nike Men’s Lunar Fingertrap Cross Trainer

The construction of this shoe is made from synthetic and textile.  The outer sole is designed from rubber with multi directional grooves for better traction.  These shoes are designed for flexibility and control so your foot can move naturally with your shoes.  This adds comfort for all day wear.   The inside has a lightweight breathable mesh that fit your foot like a sock but allows easy on and off access.

This helps your shoe to stay secure and under your control.  It will allow your feet to breath and the sweat or moisture inside of your shoe to escape to keep your feet dry and comfortable.  This Nike shoe works well for your everyday wear or will add to the looks of your casual dress attire.  The quality and design are of Nike quality and is worth the price that you pay.



  • Stylish and comfortable design
  • Has a breathable mesh to keep your feet dry
  • The outer sole add traction to keep your feet from slipping


  • Shoe seems to run small especially narrow
  • Seams have came unstitched
  • The toe of the shoe has been known to come unglued


Toms Men’s Preston Nubuck Dress Lace Up

This shoe has been designed from corduroy and textile uppers.  Rubber outsole designed for traction. The foot bed is a removable dual density cotton twill with an antimicrobial coating for a fresher foot environment.  The foot bed also adds comfort to help support your feet.

This shoe comes in a variety of different colors that will go with most any casual dress outfit that you have.  The comfort and flexibility of this shoe should give you comfort as you put in your long day.   With the added versatility that this shoe offers it will add flexibility to any wardrobe.  The comfort and great style is worth the price for this men’s casual dress shoe.



  • Shoe is comfortable to wear most of the day
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Goes with most casual dress outfits


  • Size may run too narrow for some wearers
  • Feels to flimsy of a sole for some
  • Outer sole may not hold up


Dockers Men’s Trustee Leather Oxford Dress Shoe

These Dockers Men’s Dress Shoes are designed with 100% polished grain leather uppers.  They are designed with durable rubber outsoles to provide comfort and traction.  This shoe has a soft latex foot bed that provides flexibility and quality comfort for all day wear.

These shoes offer a quality appeal to any casual dress and to some dress outfits.  They offer style and quality wear.   These shoes are sure to dress up any wardrobe and give you a quality you deserve.  They are worth what you will have to pay for them and give you the comfort that you would expect from a good pair of shoes.



  • Made from leather
  • Provides comfort all day wear
  • Offers style and quality


  • Soles may not be as sturdy as they should be for such a nice shoe
  • This shoe may have a squeak that can last for a long time
  • This shoe may not offer breathing ability


Desai Men’s Leather Oxford Dress Shoe Cap Toe Lace Up

This men’s oxford is designed from leather with a rubber sole.  The inside is designed with soft leather and a cushion foot bed with a removable insole and a heel grips liner to protect your feet from rubbing and causing blisters.   This shoe ranks in its style with a cap toe design with waxed laces and a handmade coloring process.  This shoe screams of comfort and style as you match it with most any of your dress and casual dress attire.

It is recommended to order your Desai Men’s Oxford ½ size smaller than you would wear your sneakers for a snug fit.  To clean these shoes, take a damp cloth and wipe clean.  If the color is starting to fade or to get scuffed, use the proper color of shoe polish to make your shoes look new again.  This shoe is designed with quality, looks and comfort and equivalent to its upper scale price.



  • Fashion and style
  • Comfort
  • Outer sole with anti slip pads


  • The lacing system is a bit odd
  • Sometimes it is hard to get on your foot


La Milano Men’s Leather Cap Toe Lace Up Winter Dress Boot

This men’s winter dress boot offers you a way to dress in style and still stay warm.   It is designed with genuine leather uppers with stylish details for your winter wear.  It has a waterproof comfort outsole with non slip traction and extra gripping action to help you get through those slushy sidewalks and streets.  The interior has a cushioned memory foam foot bed to comfort and support your feet.

This dress boot has an inside and foot bed that is lined with a faux fur to add warmth and comfort to your feet.  The lined padded collar at the top of this stylish boot helps to trap the warmth into your boot for your comfort.  This boot can be worn with dress, casual dress or will even dress up a pair of jeans.  Wear these proudly and with confidence to a wedding, to the office or out to dinner in your finest dinner wear.  With the elegant style and comfort that this boot offers, it is worth the price for the quality and functional tributes.



  • Stylish for winter wear with your jeans to your finest dress attire
  • Comfort insoles and lining to keep your feet warm and dry
  • Outsole designed with an enhanced traction so you can get to your special function


  • Boot may seem a bit wide to some customers


Final Recommendations About Shoes for Teaching

With so many different types of shoes to choose from, it is important to choose the pair with the style that will meet your needs.  Remember when it comes to dress shoes, you have the dressy style, the casual dress or you have the style that will normally work for both categories.

If you are going to use your selection primarily for work and you are on your feet a lot during your shift, then you would of course want something that went with most of your outfits in your wardrobe, but it is very important to find a shoe that will be comfortable.  A shoe that will support and comfort your feet all day will help you to enjoy your day because you are not hurting.

Achy feet and legs, make it hard to enjoy your day because when you hurt it is hard to stay relaxed and in a good mood.  Another big decision that should affect your decision is your budget.  You do not want to go over your budget that you can spend on a pair of shoes, because this will cause you to not be able to pay one of your bills or maybe not be able to have lunch this week.

Make sure that you choose a pair of shoes that not only fit your needs and your budget, but choose one that is also made of quality.  You want a pair that will last for a while and still meet your needs.  That is why it is important to research on the shoes that you are purchasing by reading the reviews and maybe find the manufacturers page and see if that shoe offers some kind of guarantee.  Believe it or not some shoe manufacturers really do offer a defect in craftsmanship or material guarantee.

If you are a female school teacher and standing on your feet a lot during the day, a really good pair of shoes to consider might be the Skechers Women’s Go Step Light-Indulge Loafer Flat.  These shoes are built with quality, comfort and style to work with most casual dress clothes.  The price appears to be affordable for the quality and comfort that these shoes offer.


Frequently Asked Questions About Shoes for Teachers


Do school teachers really wear sneakers when they are working?

This question will have different answers depending upon where your work.  There are some places that will allow certain designs of tennis shoes to be worn with casual dress attire.  There are other places that will not allow tennis shoes or sneakers at all no matter how good they work with casual dress.  Different schools have different rules and dress codes for their teachers and students alike.

Everyone knows that most sneakers provide comfort and support for your feet, especially the better quality ones.  If you are one of the luckier ones and can get away with it, by all means, take advantage of it and help to support your feet.  Of course you want to use common sense and select a pair that will match your work clothes wardrobe.

Make sure that your selection offers a good support system for your feet and supplies the comfort that your feet need so they are not hurting by the end of the day.  Being comfortable and still looking good is part of everyone’s dream.  No one likes to have to be uncomfortable in order to just look good or professional.

When looking at men’s dress shoes, how do you know which ones are ok for dress or casual dress?

When it comes to dress shoes, what use to be considered for formal wear such as Derby shoes, are now being worn with casual dress.  There are shoes such as oxfords that will work as both.  There is a style of designing that is done with decorative perforations that is called broguing.

This use to be done on professional dress shoes only used to wear for formal dress attire.  Today, even shoes with some types of broguing, is being used to wear with casual dress.  These shoes are elegantly designed and use to go well with formal wear, but today they are being used to help dress up the casual dress style and are being worn to work.  The socially set proper dress attire including the colors, such as white for spring and summer and black for fall and winter, are not as stringent as they use to be.

As long as the shoe looks professional and the color matches the outfit, be it formal wear or casual dress, it is socially acceptable in today’s social world.  So wearing a pair of shoes that are moderately brogue be it oxfords or derby shoes with a nice casual dress outfit is totally socially acceptable today.  On the flip side, loafers were designed at one point to wear with casual dress.  They gradually started being dressed up a bit with decorative items such as tassels and ties and now are acceptable with formal wear and jeans as well as casual dress.

What are the best casual dress shoes to wear?

The best casual wear dress shoes are not always the same for everyone.  The most popular ones are the quality sneakers for the people that are allowed to wear them for work.  The quality brands like Skechers and Nikes, have certain models that are designed for comfort and style.

There are styles that work quite well with casual dress.  These shoes are built to withstand abuse and many hours of walking or standing on your feet.  They will help to support your feet and help to do away with foot fatigue and leg pain.  The big answer to this question is that are you allowed to wear them to work.  One of the most versatile casual outfits, involve Khaki pants or pants like Dockers or Dickeys that come in various colors and can be dressed up more with a nicer top and accessories to make this type of wardrobe acceptable in most professions.  The insoles say a lot about the quality of the shoe.

Some of them are designed for comfort with such design as memory foam or added arch supports.  The styles vary in all types of casual dress shoes and honestly are a matter of personal style and personality.  There are also other shoes such as Dockers and loafers that are made with quality and comfort that are top of the line and will add style and class to most any casual dress outfit.

What type of casual dress shoe is the least likely to go out of style?

There are many shoes that have been around for a long time.  Oxfords for one have been around I know since the 50’s, think of the saddle oxfords, a very popular shoe to go with the poodle skirts.  The styles of the oxfords have changed with the times, but the general style of the shoe fairly well remains the same for casual dress.  There are some that have been designed that can also be worn with more of a formal appeal.

Dress boots are another type of dress shoe that will normally stay in style for a long time.  Most boots tote the classic boot look, with additional flairs to set them apart from the rest.  Many dress boots have been designed to wear with your dress clothes and with your casual dress or even your jeans.  These are designed for style and to perform like a boot.  Boots are known to be durable and rugged while they provide a variety of different functions such as anti skid soles and things like comforting insoles for all day wear.

Most offer linings such as fur or fabric to keep your feet warm and comfortable.  Some also add a form of water resistance or waterproof.  It can range from an overlay to a chemical treatment and can make them 100% waterproof or can be a resistance chemical that will have to be reapplied to help keep them water resistant.  If you live in an area with a lot of snow for the winter and trying to select a dress boot that can be worn into your work environment in an office or classroom, find one that will go with most of your casual dress outfits and will give you comfort and durability all day long.

Why do some people prefer to buy certain brand name shoes?

Some companies or brands normally have their own styles or technology that makes their products different from the rest.  Some people use the more advanced brands as a social status, especially when they are younger and are more impressionable.  Some of that has to do with society, some has to do with the ideas that advertisements put in their minds.

As we get older and grow we realize that brands do not make us socially accepted.  We start looking at, is this product worth the money that I will spend and will it give me the qualities that I want in a shoe.  When we are looking for a shoe to wear with casual dress, yes as we get older we want to still look good, but comfort and lack of pain also becomes very important.  There are a couple of brands that I prefer, not because the name of the brand, but because of how they make my feet feel.  They seem to provide support and comfort for my foot shape a lot more than any other brands.

I have purchased various brands that I can wear for maybe six months and this shoe is worn out and has never given me the support and comfort that I was looking for.  When I go back to one of my two favorite brands, yes I pay more in fact quite a bit more, but I have the support and the comfort for my feet and I have had some styles of these brands last up to 3 years.  So there can be various reasons that people choose brand names, and I truly believe that these reasons change with the times and with our personal preferences and choices.

What are the best casual dress shoes to wear with Khakis for teachers?

Khakis are a very popular form of casual dress attire.  They can be dressed down or up with the use of shirts and accessories.  They are normally reasonably priced and provide a comfortable fit for both men and women.  A dressier shirt or sweater will dress a pair of khakis up.  You can add scarves or shirts with ties or different forms of jewelry to help dress them up.

Shoes are also considered an accessory to your outfit.  Everyone has their own personal style, but I guess the big question is how to incorporate your own style into what is acceptable with your casual dress especially on the job.  On the research I have seen, that you do not wear black shoes with khakis.   Hmmm I was always taught that black goes with everything.  Well I guess it is a matter of personal opinion and what type of job that you have if this is appropriate.  Social acceptance today has lowered the bar and a lot more is socially acceptable today than it was several years ago.  To me khakis are one of the easiest type or style of pants to select your shoes to match.

I would say make sure your shoes are a casual dress shoe.  Select a shirt that is a casual style dress shirt and yes a fashionable polo shirt should meet the criteria.  Then select your style of casual dress shoes.  I know that there are brown oxfords or loafers that come in leather or suede.  Some of them are lace ups and others are just slip-ons.  As long as you look semi professional in your casual dress, be happy and enjoy your day.

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