10 Best Shoes for Surgeons 2021: Comfort, Support, and Performance

Best Shoes for Surgeons

Surgeons do a lot at their job. This includes surgical procedures, running around the hospital, and standing almost all day. As a result, surgical footwear is a priority for all surgeons across the country. However, finding the best shoes for surgeons is certainly no small task. There are plenty of shoe options available on the market right now. So there is no shortage of options for you to pick from. Luckily for you, this buying guide has all of the information you need.

This buying guide covers plenty of important information on surgeon shoes. You can learn all about professional hospital wear, surgeon shoe information, and the top ten best shoes for surgeons. Use all of this information to make shopping easy. That way, you spend less time looking at shoes and more time living your life. There is nothing but amazing shoe options below. Plus, you may learn a thing or two in the process!


Top Shoes for Surgeons Comparison Chart

ProductUpper MaterialHeel TypePriceWhere to Buy?
Crocs Men’s & Women’s Classic ClogEVAFlat$$Check on Amazon
Merrell Men’s Encore Gust Slip-On ShoeEVARaised$$Check on Amazon
Skechers for Work Men’s Flex Advantage Mcallen Slip-OnMesh/SuedeRaised$$Check on Amazon
Merrell Women’s Jungle Moc Slip-OnSuedeRaised$$$Check on Amazon
Merrell Men’s Encore Bypass Slip-On ShoeMeshRaised$$Check on Amazon
Crocs Men’s & Women’s Classic Fuzz Lined Clog ShoeEVAFlat$$Check on Amazon
Calzuro Autoclavable Clog with Upper VentilationRubberRaised$$Check on Amazon
Skechers Sport Men’s Equalizer Coast to Coast Mule
Mesh/SuedeFlat$$Check on Amazon
Danko Women’s Professional MuleLeatherRaised$$$Check on Amazon
OOFOS Unisex OOcloog ClogRubberFlat$$Check on Amazon


Shoes for Surgeons Buying Guide

Historians trace the presence of surgery all the way back to 6,500 B.C. They note that the surgery involved drilling a hole in a skull. Now, surgeries take place almost every single day. In America, surgeries are responsible for saving lives and for rudimentary procedures. For instance, removing a child’s tonsils involves a surgical procedure. On the other hand, so does a kidney transplant. So surgeons are important and deserve to wear only the best shoes for surgeons available. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Let this buying guide make shopping easy again!

The History Of Surgery

As previously mentioned, the historical significance of surgery has some legs. Even ancient societies recognized the importance of a surgical procedure. Therefore, modern society works yearly to advance the surgical professional. Now, there are more advanced surgeries than ever before. All the while, the surgeons continue to grow in talent. But, surgeons cannot work without the right shoes. So you need to get the best surgeon shoes available for the job!

The Importance Of Surgeons In 2018

The job of a surgeon is essential for so many Americans. So wearing the best shoes for surgeons is going to be important for all parties involved. Surgeons perform better when they feel good. On the other hand, sore feet can be a serious distraction on the job. Simply put, if construction workers need construction boots and gear then surgeons need surgeon shoes. Everyone needs to get different performance features out of their shoes!

Hospital Wear For Professionals: The Do’s & Do Nots

Hospital wear always involves some type of scrub. But, your footwear is going to be up to you. Obviously you need to get shoes that perform well. Do you need shoes that look professional? No. Across the country, doctors, nurses, and surgeons are all wearing Crocs. According to data, Crocs had a record first-quarter sales number of $311.7 million in 2013. Most of their business cam directly from these surgeons, doctors, and nurses.

If Crocs are the most popular shoe among medical professionals then you obviously do not need to wear formal footwear to work. Instead, you can buy slip-on shoes. Now, you should buy Crocs is a more tame color. After all, some of the more vibrant colors may lack the professionalism required in a hospital. Nonetheless, these laceless shoes are great for the hospital. Keep this in mind while searching for the best shoes for surgeons.

What Makes The Best Shoes for Surgeons Special?

Surgeon shoes are not particularly special. After all, this is not the same buying process as a basketball player buying basketball shoes. There are not necessarily shoes made just for surgery. Instead, there are shoes that best fit the qualities required for surgeons. Thus, surgeon shoes are just like some of the normal shoes you see out in public. However, these shoes for surgery are much more practical than the standard footwear worn by people.

Knowing what to look for in surgeon shoes is not simple. If it were simple, then this buying guide would not exist. Instead, there are some key features that should come with some surgeon shoes. These qualities are potentially similar to what you may look for in everyday footwear. But, other qualities are more in line with the medical industry. Read the next section to know all about surgeon shoes and what to look for!

What To Consider While Buying The Best Shoes for Surgeons

Are you a medical student looking for some survey shoes? Nervous about your first days at the hospital? Take the pressure off of yourself early by buying some great shoes for surgery. After all, shoes are going to be essential to your performance in the workplace. Foot discomfort is a serious distraction. Surgeons cannot be distracted. Use the following factors to help guide your shoe buying process. Then, buy yourself some of the best shoes for surgeons on the market.


Size is always the hardest part of buying shoes online. First and foremost, no one wants to return a product to Amazon. This is tedious and consumes a lot of time. Therefore, you should take care of shoe sizing before anything else. Use your favorite pair of shoes for a frame of reference. That shoe size is going to be a good barometer of sorts.

Customers should check out the Amazon size chart. Furthermore, look into the review sections for shoes as well. Buying shoes online can lead to a situation where shoes run small or large. This means that the shoes are bigger or smaller than they should be. Now, this is not the end of the world. Instead, you can work around this problem. Buying larger shoes or smaller shoes is going to be the smartest idea.

So, use all of the review information to learn the proper sizing. Customers always complain about potential sizing issues online. They usually note if the shoes are too big or too small upon purchase. Let their information help you out. That way, you get the best shoes for surgeons at the right size.

Water-Resistant, Stain-Resistant, & Slip-Resistant

These are three key features to look out for in surgeon shoes. Water-resistant, stain-resistant, and slip-resistant shoes are the safest bet This is because Crocs offer all three key features in one shoe. Furthermore, it is a slip-on shoe built for convenience. To understand why these features are important, you have to understand the job of a surgeon. A job that can be pretty nasty.

Blood and other fluids can get messy inside of a hospital. Thus, surgeons shoes may get pretty gross in a short period of time. You need shoes that can let these fluids drip right off. If not, your shoes are stained and definitely ruined. No fluid in a hospital is a fluid that you want on your shoes. Therefore, it is wise to keep an eye out for stain-resistant shoes.

Now, slip-resistant shoes are going to be the eye of your prize. The floors of a hospital can be dirty. Also, the floors of a hospital can get dirty and sloppy in a matter of moments. Therefore, anti-slip material is a smart move for any surgeon. After all, slipping and getting hurt is going to instantly derail your day and week. So the best shoes for surgeons are going to keep you safe while on the job.


Price is one of the easiest factors to consider. However, some customers find themselves embarrassed when it comes to the budget. Do not be embarrassed. Customers always want to get a good deal on their products. Thus, there is nothing wrong with trying to find value in your surgeon shoes. As a matter of fact, the best shoes for surgeons are not going to be expensive!

Some of the best surgeon shoes come from brands like Crocs and Skechers. Therefore, you are not going to empty out your wallet for surgery shoes. Instead, customers can get a good deal with nearly all of the top ten choices. Take five minutes and set up a budget. Set a minimum price and a maximum price. Then, use these price points to find the sweet spot. This is going to help you buy one of the best shoes for surgeons on the market. All the while, you save yourself some money in the process.

Comfort & Breathability

Comfort and breathability truly go hand-in-hand. After all, sweaty feet are not comfortable at all. So look for shoes that have a mesh design with breathable material. That way, your shoes fit well but are not too snug while at work. Instead, you enjoy shoes that are cozy and feel great at all times. Furthermore, breathability helps you avoid terrible smells. Shoes can build up with a bad smell overtime if there is no airflow.

Comfortability is without a doubt one of the most important factors for customers. You need to get shoes that fit well and feel good. Surgeons are always standing, walking, or running around the hospital. As a result, uncomfortable shoes really take a toll on any medical workers. Therefore, the best shoes for surgeons are going to help you relieve and avoid pain. Find the right fit and feel great at your job every single day.

The key features to comfort in shoes comes from the upper area and the sole area. These two parts of the shoe are critical for movement and comfort. Keep an eye out for ortholite pads and orthotic designs. This will provide you with the extra comfort in the right spots. Furthermore, the best shoes for surgeons are going to be incredibly flexible. That way, the shoes feel natural as you move about the hospital.


Durability is the trickiest part of finding the right surgeon shoes. You must remember one thing, shoes are not invincible. Even the very best shoes for surgeons will not last forever. It is just not possible. Especially if you are in a situation where you walk around and stand all of the time. The more mileage on shoes, the more wear and tear there is on those shoes. Thus, you can wear out a good pair of shoes in a short period of time. It happens!

Customers are best to be realistic about the durability of shoes. Now, shoes should not break down and fall apart in just one week. However, if shoes fall apart after six months, that is only natural. So do not stress out if you buy shoes for surgery and eventually need to replace them. Everyone has to replace shoes that they buy over time. Look for durability in your surgeon shoes but do not over stress it!

Support & Protection

The support and protection of surgeon shoes are paramount to the quality of surgeon shoes. The surgeon’s room is filled with sharp objects, dangerous, objects, and many fluids. As a result, you need the proper protection from these shape objects. The shoes must be strong and must be thick as well. After all, you do not want a sharp knife to pierce the shoes and hurt you. So keep an eye out for shoes that are strong in design.

You should take time to figure out the specific support that you need. No one is built the same physically. As a result, some people may have flat feet and other people may have weak ankles. Thus, customers must focus on their physical features and potential problems. That way, you get shoes with the proper support for your day to day life. Do not hesitate to see a podiatrist to get a professional evaluation.

The best shoes for surgeons is different depending on each customer’s needs. After all, some customers may need more ankle support than others. However, other customers may want to enjoy some more support in the sole. Think about how other shoes you like are designed. Then, go out and get some shoes with the proper support!

Convenient Design

A convenient design is the last factor to consider. While some customers may not care about convenience, others certainly do. It helps to own some convenient shoes that slip right on. That way, you do not waste time tying laces. Plus, these laces are going to get dirty in the workplace. So you would have to constantly sterilize your hands after touching the shoelaces. Instead, a pair of slip-on shoes is probably the smartest move. It is really great after a quick nap in the break room on lunch!

The best shoes for a surgeon with a convenient design will be easy to clean. You should really focus in on easy to clean shoes. After all, surgeons need to constantly sterilize their clothing and shoes in particular. The right pair of shoes will be machine washable or will boast have holes like Crocs. These ventilation holes allow surgeons to clean without any worries. Plus, the material is so great for quick cleaning.


Best Shoes for Surgeons Review

Men and women from all over the world represent the surgeon industry. Therefore, the top ten list must feature options for both men and women. As a result, this top ten list does just this. However, there are some exceptions to the rule throughout this list. There are some surgeon shoes made for both genders. Thus, they can be worn by both men and women without any problems. These specific shoes are going to state their gender application in the title. So pay attention to whether it is a shoe for a male, female, or universal.

Use this top ten list to help shape and guide your buying process. You will surely not regret it. Instead, you can work in comfort while enjoying a very durable pair of surgeon shoes. Buy yourself one of the best shoes for surgeons available today!

1. Crocs Men’s & Women’s Classic Clog

Across the country, doctors and surgeons agree that Crocs make some of the best shoes. As previously mentioned, more doctors are buying Crocs than ever before. Now, anyone who thinks that Crocs are for children is wrong. First and foremost, surgeons are not concerned with style. Instead, you need shoes that are comfortable, convenient, and durable. Well, these shoes check all three of those boxes. Due to this, it is the very best shoes for surgeons available.

An affordable price tag is frosting on top of the cake. You get plenty of bang for your buck with these Crocs. Plus, you can pick from a number of different color combinations. That way, your shoes are personalized to your style preferences. The lightweight design enhances movement. The odor-resistant material is bound to come in handy. Also, you can wash these shoes with soap and water. The drying process is rather quick. Get convenience with your surgeon shoes!

Ventilation holes offer personalization and comfort. Let your feet breathe on a busy and hectic day. At the same time, use ventilation holes to add Jibbitz charms. There are plenty of different charms available. Use the heel strap for a secure fit or move it away for a more loose fit. Furthermore, the heel strap can be moved for a slip-on design. Now, these shoes are for men and women. So use the size information to get a perfect fit. Look no further if you want only the best shoes for surgeons on the market!



  • Comfortable & Convenient
  • Simple Design
  • Customizable Ventilation



  • Potential Sizing Issues


2. Merrell Men’s Encore Gust Slip-On Shoe

An ortholite footbed is the star feature in these men’s surgeon shoes. As a result, you get plenty of comfort from the support. Anyone that male surgeon looking for the best support available, stop right here. These are not the cheapest men’s surgeon shoes but they do offer supreme support. A sticky rubber outsole offers flexibility. Thus, you are going to be less tired after a long day on the job. Buy these best shoes for surgeons and make your days easier.

The EVA foot frame is made of molded compression. As a result, you benefit from enhanced stability and more comfort. A long day at work requires plenty of standing and walking. You are going to need some comfortable shoes to help take off the pressure. After all, no one wants to go home with sore feet. All the while, the 100% full grain leather appearance is professional and good-looking.

These slip-on shoes come with a sole unit built for extra support. Furthermore, a padded collar takes the pressure off your ankles. If you want the best shoes for surgeons for comfort, then you are in luck. These Merrell men’s slip-on shoes are perfect for you!



  • Durable
  • Support For Pain Relief
  • Professional Appearance



  • Loose Fit
  • Premium Price


3. Skechers for Work Men’s Flex Advantage Mcallen Slip-On

There are customers that often overlook Skechers shoes because it is not a household shoe name. However, Skechers recently renovated their company design and shoe stylings. Thus, they now focus on creating comfortable shoes that slip-on conveniently. Therefore, they obviously make some of the best shoes for surgeons. Now, this pair is specifically for men. So women are going to want to look elsewhere for their shoes. But, any male surgeon should jump on these great shoes.

This specific Skechers shoe is a #1 best seller on Amazon. So there are a lot of customers that love the easy slip-on design. The 100% synthetic material is versatile and flexible. As a result, the shoes move and bend to meet your movements. The natural feel is wonderful for long work days. The mesh fabric upper is a highlight of the flexibility. Move freely without any constraint in your workplace.

The best part of these shoes comes in the form of support. First, there is a memory foam insole for enhanced cushioning. Furthermore, the slip-resistant design is incredibly convenient. After all, there could be fluids on a hospital floor at any given moment. So you need shoes that can take on adverse floor surfaces. Now, keep in mind some customers complained of durability issues. But at the same time, other customers praised the durability of these shoes. Be sure to weigh this information to buy the best shoes for surgeons.



  • Premier Comfort
  • Long-Lasting



  • Durability Issues


4. Merrell Women’s Jungle Moc Slip-On

These women’s surgeon shoes feature a 100% leather and textile design. Also, there is a rubber sole in this shoe as well. Therefore, these are stylish and durable shoes for surgeons. Furthermore, an affordable price tag is very appealing for anyone on a budget. So if you are a female surgeon craving value then get these shoes. They are certainly amongst some of the best shoes for surgeons on the market.

The shoe lining is covered with an Aegis anti-microbial chemical and it features a synthetic upper. As a result, you enjoy support and shoes that smell great. Long days on the job can make you sweaty and smelly. It happens. So get some shoes that work for you on the job. All the while, the molded nylon arch shank is great for anyone that needs some arch support. Look for the right fit when it comes to the best shoes for surgeons on the market.

A Merrell Air Cushion heel is great for surgeons in need of heel support as well. All-in-all these are some of the best-priced surgeon shoes available. But, you do not sacrifice any quality with these shoes. Instead, you get convenient slip-on shoes that are a wonderful fit. However, keep in mind that these shoes may potentially run small.



  • Soft
  • Durable
  • Plenty of Support



  • Low Traction On Slippery Surfaces
  • Sizing Issues
  • Lack Of Style


5. Merrell Men’s Encore Bypass Slip-On Shoe

These are surgeon shoes specifically made for men. So women will want to look for other options on this list. However, the 100% leather and mesh design is great for male surgeons. You get a professional appearance without any of the usual discomforts. After all, men’s formal wear is not always cozy. Instead, these shoes feature a breathable mesh lining. That way, you stay cool and dry at all times. Due to this, these shoes are amongst the best shoes for surgeons.

Do you want slip-on clogs? If so, these shoes are great for your lifestyle. The slip-on design is great for anyone on the go. Slip your shoes back on after you finish up lunch. An M-Select GRIP outsole is built to provide better traction than usual. That way, you can be in full control on slippery surfaces. All the while, the shock-absorbing air cushion heel is wonderful for anyone with flat feet.

Now, make sure you get the perfect fit for your feet. Some customers complained about sizing problems. In this case, the shoes slid right off of their feet. Use the Amazon size chart and review information. Get the right sized shoes for surgeons and avoid the hassle of returns!



  • High-End Comfort
  • Professional Appearance
  • Enhanced Traction



  • Potential Size Problems
  • Expensive Price


6. Crocs Men’s & Women’s Classic Fuzz Lined Clog Shoe

The lightweight design of Crocs is appealing for all surgeons. Luckily, these Crocs are made for both men and women. So everyone enjoys some of the best shoes for surgeons in the workplace. But, the water-resistant design is the real star. After all, hospitals are home to patients and plenty of fluids. Therefore, surgeons need shoes that do not stain. While Crocs may not be the most professional shoes, they are certainly the best for surgeons!

There is a dual comfort foam footbed on top of the croslite foam midsole. These two pieces complement one another for a cozy fit. As a result, these shoes enable and support all of your movements. Get from one end of the hospital to another without feeling any foot pain. All the while, these shoes are so convenient to slide on in the morning. You can leave your home in a hurry thanks to the slip-on design.

What stands out with this pair of crocs is the fuzzy liner. Now, some customers wish this liner was removable. Others believe that the fuzzy liner is unique, warm, and cozy. Keep in mind that the fuzzy liner is very distinct and looks different. Anyone that wants that type of style is in luck. You can by the best shoes for surgeons today!



  • Great Color Selection
  • Fuzzy & Warm Feel



  • Non-Removable Liner
  • Potential Durability Issues


7. Calzuro Autoclavable Clog with Upper Ventilation

The Calzuro Autoclavable Clog is made for both men and women. Thus, anyone can buy these shoes for their daily job as a surgeon. Now, these shoes are unique amongst the other options for one reason. The shoes are Italian made. Therefore, they are a little more stylish than the average pair of surgery shoes. Customers can enhance their appearance in the workplace with this Calzuro surgeon shoe. So if you care about how you look, buy these shoes.

Anyone with latex allergies can buy this shoe. It is latex free and also comes with an antistatic material. Therefore, you do not need to worry about getting shocked. Long days in a hospital require sterilization. As a result, these shoes are sterilizable, machine washable, or just be disinfected with bleach. You get some seriously impressive performance with these shoes. Due to this, they are some of the best shoes for surgeons on the market.

Now, while these shoes are stylish they lack some of the extra support. If you need support then there are other options available. Do not force yourself to wear uncomfortable shoes in the workplace. Plus, these are some of the more expensive shoes on the market as well. Make sure you know what you want in the best shoes for surgeons. It makes shopping so much easier.



  • Sleek Appearance
  • Prevents Sweaty Feet
  • Easy To Clean



  • Lack of Support
  • Expensive Price


8. Skechers Sport Men’s Equalizer Coast to Coast Mule

As previously mentioned, Skechers is not the brand from even five years ago. Now, Skechers is at the forefront of comfortable shoes. Look no further if you want to get some of the more comfier surgeon shoes. The Skechers Equalizer is only for men. So women will have to find another one of our great options. But, male surgeons can enjoy plenty of comfort and plenty of performance. Get yourself some of the best shoes for surgeons on the market!

The upper is comprised of a smooth and soft suede with some mesh fabric. As a result, these shoes look great and performs well in the hospital. Mesh fabric is flexible and moves with you. On the other hand, suede is one of the most stylish materials for shoes right now. Also, there is a memory foam insole for anyone that needs some extra support on the job. Do not hesitate to upgrade your daily work life with some new shoes today.

Customers rave in reviews about the comfort of these shoes. However, other customers complain about durability issues. Always be wary of potential durability issues with shoes. After all, no shoe is built to last forever. Make the most of your workday wearing the best shoes for surgeons!



  • Superior Comfort
  • Slip-On Design
  • Flexible Mesh Design
  • Stylish Suede



  • Runs Small In Size
  • Narrow Design
  • Durability Issues


9. Danko Women’s Professional Mule

These Danko Professional Mule shoes are made only for women. So men will have to find another one of the great shoe options on this list. However, women looking for a professional look are in luck. These shoes are made of 100% leather and look very serious. Therefore, you can hit the hospital with premier confidence. If you crave style, these are some of the best shoes for surgeons available.

The polyurethane sole is unique and distinct. This specific sole material is long-lasting. Therefore, the sole on this shoe is built to last. A reinforced toe box is strong for extra protection. Plus, it is also incredibly spacious to give your toes some extra room. Furthermore, a polyurethane outsole is built for shock-absorption. Any female surgeons with flat feet will enjoy this absorption. It helps prevent pain on impact and relieves your feet!

Now, these are handmade shoes. Therefore, you must get the right fit or problems are are afoot. Make sure you get proper measurements and use the Amazon size chart. This helps you get the right sized shoes. Buy the best shoes for surgeons to better your daily life at the hospital.



  • Incredibly Durable
  • Handmade Design
  • Stylish & Sleek



  • Sizing Issues


10. OOFOS Unisex OOcloog Clog

Last but not least, these OOFOS clogs are made for both men and women. So anyone and everyone can buy these surgeon shoes. The synthetic design is versatile in nature, unlike leather. Therefore, these shoes are going to enable and enhance your movements. You do not need to worry about any discomfort on the job. An intelligent and biomechanical design focuses on a natural motion. Thus, the rubber sole is both durable and versatile. Get the most out of your shoes while you work all during the day.

A patented footbed cradles the arch as you walk. Thus, it actively reduces stress on sore feet, your lower back, knees, and even the ankles. So you get ridiculous support and comfort all throughout the day. Plus, the Recovery Technology can absorb nearly 37% more impact than other shoes. If you have fleet feet, these shoes are great for your daily life. Less impact means less pain and a better feeling for you!

These shoes are machine washable. You can literally throw them into the washing machine and then keep it moving. After a half hour, the shoes are all finished up. If you want a fair price, convenience, and support, these are the best shoes for surgeons on the market!



  • Super Comfortable
  • Great Support For Foot Problems
  • Durable



  • Not Stylish At All
  • Sizing Issues
  • Hot


Conclusion and Final Shoes for Surgeons Recommendations

Surgeons, nurses, and doctors are all so important to the structure of American life. Without these workers, people would not get treatment for their health. From life-saving heart surgery to treating the common cold. Everyone relies on these medical workers for help. Therefore, these people deserve to wear only the best footwear available. So you should not waste any time with low-quality surgeon shoes. Instead, buy the best shoes for surgeons available today.

Below, there are specific recommendations for customers. Use these recommendations to find the right shoe for your specific needs. After all, no two customers are the same. Some customers care only about the price tag and nothing else. On the other hand, customers may focus on appearance or support. Get shoes with features and qualities that you like. Use our recommendations to buy the best surgeon shoes.


Best Shoes for Surgeons Overall: Crocs Men’s & Women’s Classic Clog


Crocs make shoes for people all across the globe. While some think that Crocs are best for kids, they are wrong. Instead, Crocs are without a doubt the most popular shoe for doctors. Crocs let water and other fluids flow right off and onto the ground. Therefore, they are certainly perfect for a hospital that is always filled with fluids. So these are the best surgeon shoes on the market!

Best Shoes for Surgeons at a Premium Price: Merrell Men’s Encore Gust Slip-On Shoe


Do you shop without a budget? If so, then the Merrell Men’s Encore Gust Slip-On Shoe is a great choice. The polished slip-on design features a padded collar and a supportive sole. There is also an ortholite footbed put into the shoe. As a result, you get some true performance at the work day. Long hours are much more convenient and cozy. But, these are premium price shoes. So be prepared to shell out some serious cash.


Best Shoes for Surgeons for Value: Skechers for Work MEn’s Flex Advantage Mcallen Slip-On


Customers craving value are so lucky. Skechers has you covered. These Skechers shoes feature a padded collar and enhanced stitch seams. Thus, the shoes look high-quality and feel great. Furthermore, you enjoy a memory foam insole for premier cushioning. Get on your feet without any discomfort even after a long workday. Life as a surgeon is so much easier wearing the best surgeon shoes available.


Frequently Asked Questions About Shoes for Surgeons

How Do I Avoid Sizing Issues?

It is not easy dealing with potential sizing issues while buying shoes online. First and foremost, know your shoe size. Simply take the most comfortable shoes you own and use that size. Then, look through reviews on Amazon. Amazon does provide a size chart but customers still struggle to get the right size. Especially since some shoes may run large and others may potentially run small.

To put it simply, shoes that run large are going to come in a larger size than usual. Thus, customers must buy smaller sizes than normal. On the other hand, shoes that run small are smaller than usual. As a result, customers must buy a larger size to get the right fit. You should use all of the reviews on Amazon for help. Customers always note potential sizing issue in their reviews!

Are Slip-On Shoes the Best Choice For Surgeon Shoes?

Yes. Avoid laces in the hospital when you can. Slip-on shoes are more convenient and more practical. Also, these shoes are usually made to avoid stains, water, and other fluids. Whereas most shoes with laces feature fabric and material that stains easily. Furthermore, laced shoes are less comfortable than slip-on shoes. The lace design may be a bit too constricting for surgeons that need to move around. Think about what you value, then buy the best shoes for surgeons that meet your requirements.

Should Style Matter Or Should Surgeon Shoes Just Be Practical?

Your surgeon shoes must be practical. Now, you can still get some stylish shoes that perform well. But, it is rare to get the best of both worlds if you work in a hospital. Crocs are a viable option for anyone that craves personalization. Use the ventilated holes to decorate your shoes with charms and unique designs. That way, you can enjoy yourself while you work!

What Is More Important: Support Or Anti-Slip Material?

This is certainly not an easy question to answer. Mostly because it is a truly subjective choice for customers. In the perfect world, you should get both with your shoes. After all, the very best shoes for surgeons are comfortable, stable, and slip-resistant. Most of the choices on this list are like this. However, if you are forced to pick between the two, there is one easy way to pick.

You need to think about what helps you the most while at work. For instance, anyone that has flat feet, back problems, or any other issues needs to get extra support. If not, you will end up sore at the end of the workday. There is nothing worse than going home after work every day in pain. So, find the right surgeon shoes that best fit your needs. That way, you can get the best shoes for surgeons available on the market today! Treat your feet right.

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