14 Best Shoes for Standing & Working All Day 2021: Steel Toe Options for Working on Concrete (Mens & Womens)

Shoes for Standing All Day

Starting a new job, or already have one where you are on your feet all day?  Or do you just like to be up and about for the majority of the day?  What’s the first thing you should do?  Properly equip yourself with the best possible shoes for you!  It might sound crazy, but that is the truth of the matter.  Anyone that has ever worked on their feet for multiple hours at a time will know the importance of finding shoes that have good support to them.  Without them, you take the risk of hurting all day and night, possibly not being able to sleep well, and then a vicious cycle starts.  In today’s article, we are going to look at the best shoes on the market for standing all day, and we will answer all of the questions that you might have about the entire process of picking them out.  Don’t sweat, sit back and let us help you learn!  We’ll begin with a buying guide, and then we will move into a look at the top-rated shoes for standing that are currently out on the market.

Top Shoes for Standing All Day Comparison Chart

ProductMaterialSolePriceWhere to Buy?
Skechers Women’s Work Track BootLeather & SyntheticRubber$$Check Price On Amazon
Alegria Women’s Keli ProfessionalLeatherSynthetic$$Check Price On Amazon
ONEMIX Women’s Air Running ShoesRubber$$Check Price On Amazon
Clark’s Women’s May Slip-onLeatherSynthetic$$Check Price On Amazon
ASICS Women’s Gel Venture Running ShoesSyntheticRubber$$$Check Price On Amazon
ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture Running ShoesSyntheticRubber$$$Check Price On Amazon
Reebok Men’s Work Cushion 3.0 ShoeLeatherLeather$$Check Price On Amazon
Skechers for Work Slip-Resistant Slip OnSyntheticSynthetic$$Check Price On Amazon
KEEN Utility Men’s Oxford Work ShoeLeatherRubber$$$Check Price On Amazon
New Balance Men’s Steel-Toe Work ShoeSyntheticRubber $$$Check Price On Amazon

Shoes for Standing All Day Buying Guide

Comfort vs Support

Before we get too far into the specifics, let’s go ahead and knock out this concern.  Whenever picking out shoes, it is easy to get drawn into looking for the most comfortable shoe possible.  I’ve done this, you’ve probably done this, and you have likely paid for it dearly, as I have.  Comfort is a noble thing to search for, but we must remember that it simply means you feel good in the moment.  I’ve had shoes that have been great to wear for an hour or two, or maybe more, here and there.  But those same shoes weren’t bad- they were abysmal- when I had to wear them five days in a row for eight hours while I stood up at my lab station.  The reason why?  They offered no real support.  It is very difficult to find out whether or not a shoe has good support, so that is why so many look for comfort first and foremost.  That’s why, at least in this area, it is so important to do research to find out what is likely to be best for you.  One size does not fit all, and you may like something I don’t, but in general, you should emphasize support over comfort.  If comfort comes along with it, great!  But if not, then just know it is for the best for you!  Don’t risk something like plantar fasciitis, or even back pain caused from repeated wear of poor shoes, happen over something that is very preventable!

Types of Shoes for Standing

This one should go without saying, but it does matter what setting you work in as it relates to the types of shoes you wear.  A nurse might feel really good in a pair of boots, but that would be just as out of place as a construction worker wearing Crocs!  So, just understand that you need to have an idea of what kind of shoes you need to wear.  The list included later will have various types of shoes on it, so that should help you pick which ones are worth looking at for you, and which ones are not.  Just because you see a good review doesn’t mean it is right for you!  The types can include, but are not limited to, boots, sneakers (or tennis shoes, if you prefer), and even slip-ons.  Depending on your situation, any of them could be acceptable, but if you are in a certain industry, you will have to be aware of your surroundings and choose wisely.

Fit and Feel

How should my shoes fit?  Well, that’s a question that I will answer the same every single time I am asked it.  A shoe should always fit you snugly but not tight.  A shoe should never be loose, especially if you are wearing it for an extended period of time, and it should also never be too tight on you.  A good rule of thumb is to have a half toe of wiggle space, but no more than that, to make sure you have the right fit.  That equates to about a half a size more than what your foot would measure to be.  The reason you do this is simple: at the store, you are usually going through light activity.  At work, though, your feet will swell after a while due to being on them all day.  The extra size helps account for that, and it makes sure you are more comfortable by not restricting your movement and/or cutting off your circulation.  One reason for this is because it presents a safety risk.  If you are wearing shoes that are too big for you, you could slip in your shoes.  Certain jobs wouldn’t appreciate this occurring on the clock, and it is liable to get you in a lot of trouble both with employers and just in terms of your general health.  Another reason is because over time, it will make your body adjust to the poorly-fitted shoes.  When this happens, your walk and even your posture changes, and you can begin to put strain on your legs, back, and neck, in addition to your feet.

The big reason you want your shoes properly fitted is so you get the intended support that was engineered into them.  Imagine the people that crafted those shoes.  Do you think they cobbled them together so that you could cram your feet in there?  Or do you believe they created them intending to make sure you had true support?  The former part is true, and we should never forget that.  No matter who good they look, or feel, it is vital to make sure they fit well on you.  Once again, this doesn’t mean comfort!

Speaking of comfort, there are some things you can do to make a pair of shoes, that support you well, already and make them more comfortable.  One thing that can be done is to find a pair of insoles that agree with you.  They may take some time to adjust to, but once you have they will save your feet a lot over the long run!

Last and not least, don’t forget about the width of your feet!  Some people simply have wider- or narrower- feet than others.  Some shoes are great for people with wider feet, while others are not so good.  It’s tough, but usually certain brands are best for people with specific issues.  Of course, if you ‘suffer’ from having wide feet, it can be tough, but you just hang in there and just do research.  Don’t just assume you have to go a size up in order to get the width right.  The length AND width right, and you’ll be much, much happier over the long haul.

How to Check Yourself For Supportive Shoes

I encourage anyone and everyone that is looking to buy a pair of shoes to go IN PERSON and try some on.  While it’s always a good idea to shop around online, and maybe even buy online, you certainly shouldn’t buy anything that requires a specific size and fit without getting an idea in person.  Yes, this process does mean it might take you a little bit longer and it might be a bit more of a hassle, but trust me, your health and attitude will thank you for it.  If you go in person, you can get an idea of how much support you will get from any specific pair of shoes.

There are three tests that you can conduct to do this, though I will say it might be wise to be out of eyesight of any employees while you do this.  It might look odd to them if they see, though you aren’t really doing anything wrong.

Test #1– The Bend Test: to see whether or not a given shoe has any lateral arch support, you will do this test.  Simply take the shoe and try to bend it in half.  Don’t do this with your World’s Strongest Man competition grip, but give it a good go.  If it’s easy to bend it toward the center of the shoe, then it fails the test.  If it is hard to bend, then it passes and has good lateral arch support.

Test #2– The Twist Test: once again, you don’t want to try and break it or make it appear that way, but give it a good twist.  If you can easily do that, then it will fail this test.  What that tells you is that the shoe doesn’t have the necessary stability to keep your feet stable.  Much like wearing a shoe that is too big, this can present some issues for you down the line.

Test #3– The Inner Sole Test: some shoes will not be able to have this test conducted on them but many of them will be eligible for it.  In this test, you want to see if you can remove the inner sole.  Some are glued in, so it may not be possible.  If you can remove it, you are trying to look and see how flimsy and/or flat it is.  The flatter, the worse off it is, especially if you are someone like me who has flat feet already.  This gives you no support whatsoever.  If it is very flimsy and flat, it just a run-of-the-mill production, and that means it will not give you a whole lot of support.

What happens if you cannot take the sole out, though?  Well, that is a very good question, and it also indicates a problem if you wish to put your own insole in to the equation.  If you are unable to remove their insole, it’s going to be hard to do that, unless your feet are very squished together, which I imagine most peoples’ aren’t.  So if you see a show like that, and it happens to pass the other two tests but still doesn’t feel comfortable to you, you might want to move on and look elsewhere.

Pronation vs Supination

While it is very nice to know this information when you are shopping for any sort of shoes, it is very important to know whether you have pronation or supination in regards to your ankles.  This can dictate a lot about what kind of shoes you need.  While some shoes will be appealing to you due to how they look, they simply will not fit you well if you have the opposite problem that they are looking to fix!

Let’s start off by looking at pronation.  This does affect your walking a little more than standing, but it is still important considering that the pose you hold will be very similar to your gait- your walking/running style.  Pronation is natural, but overpronation is the problem.  This occurs when the ankle rolls downward and inward too much as you take a step.  This causes the big toe to pick up the slack, and it means that your foot twists as you step.  This can cause instability of your feet, and it obviously, as you can tell, puts a great deal of strain on the big toe as well.  People like me, that have flat feet that is, are most likely to have this sort of condition going on.  This can cause shin splints (I can attest to this) and knee pain as well in more severe cases.  Knowing this info can help you select the best pair of shoes for you.

Supination, meanwhile is the opposite of overpronation.  It can also be called ‘underpronation‘ as well.  This occurs when a typically high-arched person doesn’t see his or her steps flatten out during their stride.  Of course, you also are going to naturally stand that way, too, so this becomes an issue.  To better understand, just know that we all supinate naturally.  However, if a person has their heel off the ground first, this supination begins to take place.  Instead of putting the strain in the big toe, this instead puts the strain on the smaller toes and the outer edges of the foot, meaning all the work is going to have to be done by them.

To get an idea of which you are, you can examine your current shoes to find out.  Much can be gained by doing that (you can even do the tests we talked about above on them to see if they work for you or not!).  Simply look and see which areas on the shoes have the most wear to them.  If your soles show more wear on the inner part, you are experiencing overpronation.  If it’s on the outer part, of course, you have supination.  If worse comes to worse, going to a store that sells athletic shoes can help because most sales people are used to selling to people and will know what to look for if you need help!

To fix the problem of overpronation, there are three steps that can be taken.  The most mild of cases can be fixed by shoes that are more stable.  For those that show moderate levels, shoes that control your motion are recommended.  And finally, for the worst of cases, custom orthotics will likely be needed.  Supination’s fixes can be as simple as a neutral and flexible sole to your shoe for the lightest cases.  For those in the medium range, look for cushioned shoes to help you.  And for the worst, like with overpronation, you will be looking at custom insoles to help you out.

Leather or Synthetic

It’s an age old question: which is better- leather or synthetic?  Both have their uses, and each also have their detriments.  Shoes that are made out of leather, which is the ‘throwback’ option are easier to clean and oftentimes offer a more ‘premium’ feel to them.  They can also be quite a bit more expensive, though, so there is that to remember.  Synthetics (i.e. man made products) might not be as easy to clean, but they usually weigh less and are much more breathable.  If you are going to be in the elements all day, synthetics will typically hold up longer due to the fact that they are very durable.  Leather products are good, no way around that, but they don’t hold up quite as well because they are usually a more premium sort of option.  In some sectors of the shoe market, it has become increasingly difficult to find any leather options.  If they are found, they are usually very expensive, so it’s hard for many to justify a reason to purchase them.  Just remember that leather is much harder to rip, though, and it has that glossy look to it, so it is worth ponying up the extra few dollars to ensure you don’t have to buy a brand new pair every month or two.  But to ask it to go a couple of years might just be a bit too much, depending on the frequency of use.  It’s all about weighing your options and deciding which features are most important to you.  A general rule to keep would be to buy leather if you are going to be working inside.  They will last much longer in that environment, and you’re more likely to want to have something that looks that little bit better stylistically.  If you are working outside, then synthetics are probably the best way for you to go.  There is a reason why the vast majority of cleats are made using synthetic material today, and this should be an indicator that they will do a good job for you out there as well.  In terms of fit, both are at a push.  Leather used to feel much better, but synthetics have closed the gap over the years by being more bendable and allowing you to mold and contour them to your feet.

Other Factors to Consider

Some other factors you will want to think about include weight, whether a shoe is slip resistant, height, and how breathable they are.  The weight can be crucial if you are standing all day.  Maybe a pair of boots looks good on you, but are they truly worth the extra weight that they will add to you all day long?  Even with a great shoe with all the support you could ask for, an extra pound or two can take its toll on you.

Some work environments will require you to wear a slip resistant shoe, so if that is you, or you just feel that you will be safer with them, you need to pay attention to this.  These shoes help keep you safe by minimizing your chances of sliding around on slippery surfaces, and thus can be a real lifesaver for you.

The height of a shoe is also crucial.  We mentioned it briefly earlier, but if you are someone that has flat feet- and even if you’re not- you don’t want a flat shoe.  It just offers your arches no support, and it forces you to seemingly sink lower and lower throughout the day.  You can avoid that by making sure that the heel is about ¼”.  However, you don’t want anything over 2”, either because that will put additional strain on the toes.

Breathablility could also be a very important aspect for you if you are working in a place that is humid and/or warm.  Even if not, you might want breathable shoes simply because you are going to be standing all day and thus will be a little bit sweaty down there from it.  If you are feeling moisture in your socks, chances are you need to look at a better pair of shoes to help you get through the long day a little bit better.  The most breathable shoes use mesh in order to give your feet ‘pockets’ in which to breath.  While it is great for airing them out and making sure you don’t stink, it does have its drawbacks.  If you work around water, or other substances that are in the air, you could end up having them go through your shoes and into your socks/feet, so you’ll have to be aware of that when making your decision over whether to get them or not to work and/or stand in all day.

Breaking In Shoes

One thing many, many people the world over forget about is the need to break in their shoes after they have been bought.  Just like any footwear, work shoes also take some time to get used to.  Unfortunately, the way they feel the first time you wear them will not last forever, so you have to be careful and remember that it will take time to get used to.  Even the most comfortable of shoes can become cumbersome after a while, so of course the best shoes aren’t going to feel like the world’s greatest things right away.  A recommendation would be to wear your new shoes around the house for a few days before wearing them on the job.  While eventually you will just have to ‘suck it up’ and wear them on the job, it would be cruel way to break them in.  Dip your toe into the water just a little by easing your way in.  Even if you just wear them for a couple of hours at home a couple of days, it’s not nearly as big a jump to then wear them all day long at work.

To Wear a Running Shoe or Not to Wear a Running Shoe

Many of you will automatically be thinking that a running shoe, or sneaker or tennis shoe, whichever you prefer, will be the best option here.  But not so fast, my friends.  Running shoes are great, for running.  They help you stay comfortable and support you while in motion.  But that does not necessarily mean that they are the answer to all of your questions if you are going to be standing all day.  The definition of “all day” becomes crucial here to selecting just what you need to buy.  If your all day consists of a ‘short’ shift that is around eight hours or less, then you are probably going to be very happy buying a pair of running shoes (that fit well and support you well, mind you) for your choice.

However, if you are an ER nurse, or you work longer types of shift, especially on harder grounds, you will probably want to steer clear, unless you just really love them.  Remember, though, that eventually you’re probably going to have to pay the piper.  Style doesn’t mean much when you are getting home and throwing your shoes off in a tizzy.  We’ve all been there, and looking cool doesn’t get you much when you literally just want to shut down at the end of the shift.  So, if you are working multiple days for looonnnnggg hours, it would be encouraged to look at others options than running shoes, even if they happen to look by far the coolest to you.


Cushioning goes hand-in-hand with the concept of comfort that we talked about earlier in the guide.  Cushioning can be a lifesaver to some, and it can be a menace to others.  If you are not used to have a lot of cushion in your shoes, going to a pair that has a lost can be a recipe for disaster just as it would be for someone to go from a lot to none.  If you are someone that likes wearing flimsy shoes, it might be wise to look for a medium degree of cushioning.  From there, you can work your way up the ladder until you are ‘ready’ to wear some that has a ton of cushioning in it.

There are a couple of products on the market now that take cushioning to the next level.  We all know about memory foam.  This technology is even being used in beds now, and it helps your feet get the same feel ever single time because the inserts remember your feet and welcome them back in.  Gel padding is also a popular option, though it is a little less extreme than memory foam.  If you are looking to work your way up the ladder, it would be wise to try gel padding before jumping head first into the pool with memory foam, because it can be a startling experience to begin with.


It might be unpopular to say this in 2018, but we are all different and the two sexes have specific needs that must be addressed.  It is no different when it comes to shoes.  One rule that has to be followed is to make sure to buy a pair of shoes that fits your gender.  There are some shoes that look virtually the same, but a lot of the time they are constructed in such a way to service the needs of a certain group of people.  Ladies, this is mostly for you.  Men aren’t very likely to buy, or wear, a ladies shoe.  However, women are more likely to do this.  They buy men’s shoes because they might be cheaper, or they might look cooler.  No matter what the reason, it’s important to know that this can cause you harm over the long run, so try to avoid doing that just like it’s wise to avoid wearing a pair that are not properly fitted!

Let’s Review the Best Women’s Shoes for Standing All Day!

Before we get started, a quick note here.  This list is going to include both men’s and women’s options in a top five list with each.  We will do our best to showcase different types of shoes, so as to fit your needs!  Without further adieu, here we go with the Top Five Shoes for Standing All for Women!

  1. Skechers Women’s Work Track Boot

Alright, I know what you are thinking. Ugh, Skechers you might think.  Aren’t those for kids maybe?  Well, this pair of shoes begs to differ by bringing you real, grown-up relief to your feet.  Coming with relaxing memory foam, these shoes offer a sturdy answer to your work day problems.  But beware, they are not the prettiest looking shoe on the market, so if you are looking for style, these are definitely not meant for you because they come in just a couple of colors.  A big plus for these ‘boot’s is that they are slip-resistant, which means if you are behind a counter where you probably won’t be seen very much, these are perfect and will keep you from slip sliding around!  They are also great at preventing moisture and other things from making a mess on them because they are very easy to clean due to being made up of leather.  They also aren’t wayyy bulky like some shoes in this corner of the market, so it’s another big time plus to look into.  The laces are a little bit short, so that could be another draw back that you might not like about them.


  • Come with memory foam
  • Moderate price level dependent upon size
  • Slip-resistant


  • Not the best look out there
  • Might run a tad bit small
  • Laces might need replacing
  1. Alegria Women’s Keli Professional

Here’s a stylish look for those that are in the professional field and can afford to have something that doesn’t need to put up with very harsh environments. This shoe, which almost looks like a Croc, is essentially a loafer that many doctors and similar occupations use.  These shoes are really great to look at and come in a number of different looks and styles, but they aren’t just all about the looks.  One of the things that will save your feet from hurting is the fact that the toe is pointed upward.  This is becoming a more common practice in shoes, and it goes a long way to protecting your feet from potential harm.  The shoe itself has memory foam inside of it to give you a comfortable feel, while also having leather on the outside.  The leather helps it look really great and it makes it pretty easy to clean off as well, but just know that these are not the kind of shoes that you are going to want to do dirty jobs with. One also has to be careful about doing their research.  Some models of this shoe are slip-resistant, while some others are not.  It could pose a problem if you have them because they could, theoretically, slip off entirely if you aren’t careful.  One other possible issue is that they can begin to make a squeaky noise after a while.  Quite a few people have complained about the issue, but there are solutions, like using baby powder, to put an end to that.


  • Very stylish look for the fashionable lady
  • Built-in memory foam
  • Upward-facing toe


  • Can start to squeak after a while of using
  • Not a shoe meant for the outdoors or for quick movements
  1. ONEMIX Women’s Air Running Shoes

When it comes to style and looking good, there aren’t going to be many that look better than this. Something about a running shoe just always seems to captivate, and it’s even more the case when they have a nice color pattern.  This one happens to have just that, with a multitude of different color schemes to pick from.  While these shoes do not have memory foam built in, they do come with a shock absorber system at the bottom to help you deal with being on your feet all day long.  They are also elastic, which means they give way easily and offer you a lot of flexibility while wearing them, which could be a plus if you are the type of person that likes to fidget their toes a lot and can’t stand being cramped up or constricted in your movement.  One thing that has to be said is that despite being labeled as a running shoe- likely due to the look more than anything- this is really a shoe that is meant to be used for standing or lighter types of work.  So, that is something that means they could be good for you if you aren’t working extremely long shifts.  They are very light and they have mesh as well in order to offer you easy movement and breathability.  One potential annoyance is that it appears that these can only be ordered in men’s sizes, so you would have to pay careful attention when ordering so as to not get the wrong size for you.  Last but not least we should mention the ‘sloped tongue.’  This is a new design meant to keep feet from slipping around, and it seems to be a hit with a lot of people!


  • Sloped tongue design
  • Shock absorbing system
  • Runner’s look


  • Have to be ordered in men’s sizes
  • Not great for those with wide feet
  1. Clark’s Women’s May Slip-on

Another pair of shoes for a more professional look and style, this could be the pair for you if you are someone that is looking for something a little bit more classic. These shoes only have a small selection of colors, with a simple toned look to them, so there isn’t much flash to them unlike the previous professional type look.  This is a more dignified, and possibly older kind of look, if you will.  But they still don’t look terrible, so don’t think that!  On top of the looks, these shoes are 100% leather.  They will be easy to clean, and you won’t have to worry about them giving you a lot of problems unless you are outside in the harsh elements a lot.  One thing that has to be said straight out is that these do have a heel to them at about 2 inches.  Some settings will be conducive to that, while others will not, so your decision might come down to that.  Some ladies really want comfort and the high-heeled look, and this pair can give both while also giving the support that you truly need.  On top of that, the shoe is also non-slip and it has ortholite technology that keeps your feet cushioned inside and gives you about as much comfort as you could ask for in a shoe with a heel.  It also appears that these shoes seem to do well with people with narrow feet, so that is another big plus for you, potentially!  Beware, they do take time to break in, so be prepared for that.


  • Very classic, professional look
  • Ortholite technology a big helper
  • Good for people with narrow feet


  • Takes some time to break in
  • Can be hard on those averse to high heels
  1. ASICS Women’s Gel Venture Running Shoes

This is a versatile option that will allow you to do a couple of different things. In addition to being able to run in them, you are also going to be happy with this pair of shoes if you are working in them all day, provided you probably don’t want them for ridiculously long shifts.  These shoes, first and foremost, are engineered with a gel cushioning system that has ASICS up there as one of the best on the market.  No matter what sport or activity, if it doesn’t require a cleat, ASICS is at the forefront of it, and you can benefit as a result.  If you just so happen to need an orthotic after all, you can remove the inner liner and place your own in there to go along with it.  These shoes also are made out of 100% synthetic materials, meaning they aren’t as rigid as some others might be and could better serve your needs.  They come in a number of styles, and they offer traction on a number of different terrains, because they are designed for running.  Be aware that some of the designs are a little ‘wonky,’ but don’t let that affect your view of the shoe as a whole.  They can be a little bit narrow, they can be a little more expensive than some of the other options, depending on the color and sizing, and they also can be a bit big, but they are still a very good pair that’s worth the time to look at them.


  • Very versatile shoes
  • Sturdy but flexible
  • Lots of color options


  • Can be a bit pricey
  • Some of the color combinations are lacking
  • Sizing can be difficult

Top Five Men’s Shoes for Standing All Day Reviews

  1. ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture Running Shoes

While these shoes may well be rated #1 in the “Trail running” category on Amazon, this pair is also very good for working and standing in all day and have to be mentioned amongst the best. Like the ladies’ counterpart, it comes in a number of colors and styles.  The weird thing is that the styles aren’t nearly as strange looking as some of the women’s are, so that will definitely be something men like about them.  With that said, some of them don’t look the greatest, so you might want to make sure you take a close look before you purchase.  Like the women’s ASICS, these are also gel cushioned.  These have a system in the rear part of the foot that helps absorb the shock, so it does have a bit of difference from the women’s product.  It is also made with “high abrasion rubber” so despite it being synthetic, they will hold up extremely well in a myriad of different situations and environments. Also like the women’s product, you can easily insert your own orthotics into it in order to add to the mix it already presents you with.  These also seem to do a good job for those that have flat feet, so it’s worth looking into, even at a slightly higher than normal price, if that fits your description!  One thing to know is that ASICS do tend to run small in men’s size in regards to both width and length, so you might want to try some out just to make sure before you buy them online and then end up disappointed with them.


  • Rear shock absorption
  • Fits your own inserts
  • Much better styling


  • Tend to run small
  • Some of the color combos are dorky
  1. Reebok Men’s Work Cushion 3.0 Shoe

Whether you realized it or not, Reebok are still around, and they have brought out a good shoe for the working place in this particular pair. These shoes truly are best for those that are going to be on their feet working all day.  They bring a combination of both leather and synthetics, allowing you to get the best of both worlds, and it also deploys the use of mesh in order to make your shoes’ breathability much better.  The toe at the front of the shoe points up a little IE. a boat in order to help alleviate some of the issues for the heel so you can be relieved when you get home at night.  They are also excellent for walking as well, with a ‘beveled’ heel area to help you push off as you go from stride to stride. The outsole uses rubber to protect and give you longevity, and they also give you very good traction.  These shoes are very good for working in oil-based products, so these might be worth the look if that is something you need.  One thing that has to be said against these, though, is the look.  There’s not much there at all.  It seems to be a common complaint about Reebok, and an all-black look with hardly any noticeable marking on it can be tough for some.  But, if you are behind a counter all day, or you work by yourself or something, it might not matter all that much to you.  It also comes at a very good price, so look for these if you are looking for a moderately good looking shoe that won’t allow you to slip and will hold up pretty well for you.


  • Good price for the product
  • Hard to mark up
  • Breathable and easy to clean


  • Very plain look
  • Don’t appear to have as much cushioning as previous models had
  1. Skechers for Work Slip-Resistant Slip On

If you are looking for a more casual look while still getting yourself a good, comfortable feel, this could be just the way for you to go. This is a slip on shoe, which means that there are no annoying strings or Velcro or anything to get in your way.  It’s designed solely for comfort sake.  While many slip ons can be downright uncomfortable, this one goes a long way toward changing that narrative by a soft fabric lining inside along with memory foam insoles to keep you going throughout your day.  It goes without saying that this shoe would be best suited for those that are in more professional setting, like a doctor’s office or something of the sort.  You definitely wouldn’t want to wear these if you up and about a whole lot, but they will be good for you as you stand for long stretches of time. These come with elastic at the opening to make sure you are not cramped for room, and also feature mesh throughout to keep your feet breathable.  They are synthetic in the sole area, as well as featuring a slip-resistant outsole.  The front of the toe points upward a little bit to help take some of the pressure off the heel as well, which is never a bad thing in this area.  One possible negative is that there don’t appear to be many colors available.  However, the understated black look is quite appealing, in truth, and it will take a lot to get it dirty.  If you want something that looks good in a more professional surrounding and want to keep on your feet, this is a very good way to go!


  • Slip ons are very convenient
  • Hard to scratch them and/or get them dirty
  • Will keep great traction


  • Not many colors to pick from
  • Can be rough on those that walk more than stand
  1. KEEN Utility Men’s Oxford Work Shoe

Want a shoe that will allow you to do virtually any job without risk of injury due to them? This could be just what you are looking for.  These ‘Oxford’ shoes just look manly, if you will.  They look like a classic work shoe should look, and that is a big chunk of the appeal for them.  One of the biggest aspects that is emphasized with these shoes is safety.  The toe offers you protection via a wrapped outsole.  While this pair of shoes does not have a steel toe to them, this does mean that your toes are protected better from things being dropped on them than most shoes would give you.  With that said, it’s still probably unwise to buy these and drop heavy weights on yourself on purpose.  They also protect you from sliding by offering up anti slip outsoles.  On the inside of the shoe, you can expect comfort to be had thanks to a blend that includes memory foam to help you relax while on the job as much as one can possibly do that.  On top of that, the all-leather is combined with EVA (mesh-like) material to make sure you can get the best of both worlds in terms of breathability and stain resistance.  It’s quite easy to clean these.  The negatives to look at are that these shoes are a little bit pricey to begin with.  They also tend to run a little wide, so you might want to be careful and measure and research a little before committing to them!  Overall, these offer about as much protection as a guy could want on the job while also looking decent and being comfortable all at the same time.


  • Resists stains and easy to clean
  • Breathability is very good considering all factors
  • Anti slip and protected toe


  • A little bit expensive
  • Tend to run wide
  1. New Balance Men’s Steel-Toe Work Shoe

If you are ready to take the next step up in protecting yourself from potential harm on the job, this shoe will be right up your alley. This pair of shoes is there for those that are working hard labor on the job, combining standing with the risk.  So, if you are one of those people you know that you need support, comfort, and protection in case something does happen to hit you.  These shoes look to solve all three issues.  While New Balance has many of the same issues as Reebok in terms of looks, this is still a quality pair of shoes.  There are four different choices for colors, and only one of them looks like a style that is remotely appealing, so there is that.  You aren’t exactly spoiled for choice in this corner of the market, though, so you might have to bite the bullet just a little on it.  You simply can’t have it all.  The outside of the shoe is made out of synthetic materials, and it also is slip-resistant on the outsole to keep you from sliding around and getting injured.  Not only does the steel toe keeps your toes as safe as they can be, the shoes also have ‘ABZORB’ cushioning that helps dissipate lingering comfort issues.  Depending on the size, they can get pricey, so you will just have to do some shopping if you decided to go this route.


  • Steel toe keeps you safe from drops
  • Cushioning and slip-resistance helps
  • Synthetics are difficult to stain


  • Look isn’t the best
  • A little pricey

Conclusion And Final Shoes for Standing All Day Recommendations

In conclusion, there are a number of things that are important when selecting the correct pair of shoes to wear for working and standing all day.  Remember, each and every person is different.  Your wants, needs, and likes will differ greatly from others, and that will push you into various directions when conducting your search.  Whether you are looking for something flashy or functional, whether you experience pronation or supination, there is something for you out there.  Through this review, we’ve looked at all of the various things that can make your journey difficult and tired to give answers to help you have a much easier time selecting a pair of shoes that will last a long time and keep you at the utmost level of comfort while doing just that!

Frequently Asked Questions About Shoes for Standing All Day

  • How do I figure out the best fit for me?

Unfortunately, this is not something you are able to do online.  If you are unsure of what size you need, it is vital to go to a store and try pairs of shoes on.  Even if they aren’t exactly what   you want, this will help.  Employees are trained at most sporting goods stores to not only  measure you but also observe your gait and your walking pattern.  If you find that someone can’t help you identify this, then you can seek professional help to rectify any issues that you may have.

  • How do men’s shoes differ from women’s?

One big reason why they differ is because the sexes naturally have diverse hip placement. Generally speaking, women have wider hips, meaning their gait is going to be affected in ways that men’s aren’t.  Therefore, simply just over that it is important to not wear a pair that is not   meant for your gender.  Another way in which they are different is that women’s shoes are            usually lighter.  This makes perfect sense because overall women are smaller than men.  It also has to do with the materials that are used to help rectify problems.  Another key difference to    note is that women’s feet, by and large, have a wider toe area than men’s feet happen to have. Because of all of this, shoemakers do their best to design and then construct shoes for specific purposes to adequately fit you.

  • Should my shoes feel great right away?

Simply put, the answer is a clear no.  Not everything in life is going to feel good when you start   doing it.  Anyone that has ever worked out will tell you that when they have begun.  Remember, everyone has different feet.  And every shoe is different.  So that means patience is needed when   you are attempting to break in a new shoe.  Some will be great pretty soon, some might take time.  Don’t rush it, and don’t judge it too early, or you could end up being very unhappy.

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