10 Best Shoes for Retail Workers 2021: Comfortable Options for Long Shifts (Mens & Womens)

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When it comes to choosing shoes for standing, walking, and speedily making your way across the retail floor some shoes are certainly better than others. When you choose just any old shoe you can bet that you will need an aftermarket insole. That’s why we did the research on the handful of brands that have the right insoles to do the job on their own. In the Best Shoes for Retail Workers of 2019 you’ll find a buyer’s guide and reviews on the ten styles of the very best brands that are both comfortable and functional enough for working with customers in retail.

Dress codes are common and these shoes are both styled and priced to fit. There are so many designs that at least one pair is sure to jump out at you. We’ve included shoes for both men and women from the brands retail workers like you pointed out as standing above the others for comfort, support, and style. Our helpful buyer’s guide will help you discover which features are most important for your needs. So scroll down and let’s begin!

Top Shoes for Retail Workers Comparison Chart

ImageProductGenderTypePriceWhere to Buy?
1. Dansko Women’s Professional MuleWomenProfessional$$
2. Dansko Women’s Paisley FashionWomenCasual$$$$
3. Dansko Women’s Helen Fashion SneakerWomenSlip On$
4. Birkenstock Men’s Memphis Shoe
5. Birkenstock Women’s BenningtonWomenProfessional$$$
6. Birkenstock Unisex London ClogUnisexClog$$$$
7. NAOT Men’s Director FlatMen Professional$$$$
8. NAOT Women’s KireiWomenProfessional$$$
9. NAOT Men’s Bjorn FlatMenCasual$$$
10. NAOT Women’s Pleasure Leather ShoesWomenProfessional$$$$

Retail Worker Shoe Buying Guide

When it comes to buying shoes for retail you have many options but few choices for a shoe that will pull its own weight. Most shoes you find will need an aftermarket sole or your feet will be screaming for help at the end of the day. If you’re like most people working retail there are even more concerns that just your comfort – there are dress codes and professionalism with customers to be considered as well, which quite frankly, most shoes aren’t equipped to handle. But there are exceptions. And that’s what we’ll be talking about today in this buyer’s guide and the reviews to follow. The main difference between most shoes and the shoes in this review is that you will not actually need to have aftermarket soles in these shoes.

They are comfortable and have a sense of professionalism that will meet your dress codes. And, they come in such a variety of styles you are sure to find something that you like and would feel confident about wearing. We picked from just three brands that are known to stand out from the others with their shoe designs – Dansko, Birkenstock, and Naot – with a selection for both men and women as well as unisex shoes.

Parts of the Shoe to Pay Attention for Retail Workers

There are a few key things to look at as you go through the reviews of these shoes which, by the way, are the very best reviewed by people who work on their feet in full view of their customers, like you. These features are in common between them but are hard to find with other brands. All of them emphasize comfort, support, and a stylish look that’s sure to impress without being ostentatious enough to make your boss blush. Here are the features to keep an eye on that will help you make the best decision on the best pair of shoes for you and your work environment:

Insole Type

You have quite a few types of insoles to choose from in your footbed. They could be made from different materials but the real difference between them is the contour, arch support, moisture absorption, and the cushioning. Some of them will be more supportive than others which will be up to your preference. Many of the insoles below are made of cork which is both supportive and soft enough to mold to the shape of your foot as you wear them.

Cork is also well known for moisture absorption to clear away sweat and odors. Others are made of a softer material or are lined with a thicker cushioning which makes them a choice for pure comfort rather than support. Even though this review focuses on shoes that have a comfortable enough insole to wear on its own, all of them are removable to accommodate an aftermarket sole which you may still need if you have chronic, painful problems with your feet.

Something you will find in common between these shoes that other brands are missing is the contour of the insole to anatomically fit the shape of your foot. Some of them have padded heels with a cup as well that pairs well with other features that lend stability to your stance and step.

Outsole Durability

The outsole is the bottom of the shoe that grips the ground, or not. Some of the classier business casual shoes have no traction on wet surfaces which rules them out for certain professions on the basis of safety. Others are designed to be water resistant for frequent wear outdoors and still others are slip resistant to protect you on slippery surfaces. This is something you won’t have to worry too much unless you know for certain you have environmental hazards like slick floors, which we’ll talk about shortly. For the most part these shoes are designed to be worn indoors. But we have included some exceptions to keep an eye out for.

Shoe Stability

This is of special notice to those of you who wear heels. You don’t have to break your feet for fashion on the job. There are options with smaller heels that are wide enough to balance you that also look cute enough to compliment. The same goes for shoes for men – you have flats as well as lightly heeled shoes that look respectable and won’t break your feet or your stability.

In a job where you’re on your feet all the time tolerating a wobbly stance will only tire you out and put you in pain at the end of the day. Some of the shoes below considered this more than others so keep an eye out especially if you know you are already compensating for a painful back, hips, knees, or feet.

Environment Conditions & Dress Code

The environment you work in has as much to do with your choice as your personal taste. One need not take precedence over the other. We briefly mentioned hazards like wet or slick floors. But you also have the air you bring to your workplace because of the context in which you meet your customers.

You will find dressy options for business and executive encounters as well as less dressy, more comfortable and durable options for more tactile work. All of them will keep you strong on your feet but where you’re standing, walking, or striding will be a big determining factor in your final choice.


This is an important feature if you have problems with your feet like bunions, hammer toe, or have had foot surgery. The width will help ensure the sides of the shoe won’t rub your toes and forefoot. If you have wide feet a wider fitting shoe will also keep you pain free and you’ll feel better at the end of the day when you take them off for the evening.

A wider shoe will also help you with your stability which protects your legs and back from taking on additional strain just to hold yourself up. You will mainly find the additional width in the toe box and forefoot. But you can also find a wider heel or shoes with an open back and no heel at all. If you happen to have narrow feet and prefer a shoe that will you too wide try ordering a half to one size smaller than you typically do for fit. We recommend you go out to a store for a fitting before you order online to be sure.


Here is where you have the most options. So long as you stick to a quality brand you have every look and design to choose from. We chose a good selection of classic styles from clogs to flats and Mary Janes and ankle boots.


There is always variance with the size of these shoes. Both from brand to brand and from style to style within brands. We indicated which fit true to size and gave advice on whether to aim a little larger or a little smaller within a size to a half size. Read carefully and if you’re in doubt set aside some time for a fitting in your brand of choice so you get your online order right the first time without back and forth shipping.


It is possible to find a pair of shoes that look good as they wear in as well as shoes that will last you longer than a year. Some of them will have durability problems that were made note of in their review. Each one is a little different. Some of them are made of a high enough quality of leather to be resoled when they wear out. Keep an eye out for special mention of longevity as well as weaknesses in durability.


The following shoes are made of leather. You will find rubber soles as well as synthetic soles. Most of the footbeds are made of cork or polyurethane with suede linings. All of these shoes are made with quality materials so you can put your best foot forward and you can count on them to last you reliably for months or years to come.

Heel Structure

In some of these shoes the heel fits loosely or there is no heel at all. This means the shoe may feel clunky to walk in or rub against the back of your heel if it is not sized correctly. Heel could also refer to the height of the shoe, as in high heels as opposed to a flat heel. If you don’t have sensitivity in your feet this is just fine.

For those with bunions it would be uncomfortable to have a shoe that doesn’t grip well around the heel because that means the shoe must grip stronger around the forefoot which doesn’t bode well for troubled feet. In the insole some heels also have additional cushioning for comfort. This feature varies a lot both in selection and preference. It is not one of the most important features but, incorrectly done, it could spoil your experience walking in your new shoes.

Cleaning Process

It is important to keep your shoes looking good for professionalism. These leather shoes are easy to clean with a damp cloth or sponge and, for the most part, they come with the instructions to do it properly without causing damage. Quite a few of them are treated for stain-resistance also.

Shock Absorption

This is a feature you won’t find with normal padding. Keep your eyes open for shoe descriptions that specifically mention shock absorbing cushioning because they will save you from long walks across the retail floor day in and day out. This is a special feature that is worth paying attention to. There are several ways to do it but it is usually a special kind of cushioning generally added around the heel.


This refers specifically to arch support and the structural integrity of the shoe to keep you standing for long periods without effort. All of the shoes have basic, cushioned arch support. However if you have especially high arches and need an aftermarket insole to support you it matters that the shoe is thick enough to support a raised arch.

Those are the main features to look for we used to describe the shoes in the following reviews. You should have a good idea of what you need now that you understand what sets one shoe apart from another. Now it is only a matter of matching a particular pair of shoes or a favorite brand to your needs. One last thing to consider it how much you enjoy wearing them – don’t leave attractive looks out of the equation! Now sit back, relax, and let’s look at these highly esteemed shoes for retail workers.

Best Shoes for Retail Workers Reviews

Dansko Women’s Professional Mule

One of the biggest challenges to finding comfortable work shoes for retail is the cushioning on the insole. Very precious few shoe brands come with the kind of padding you need and most of the time you will need to invest in aftermarket soles. One of those precious few shoe brands that does it right is Dansko. Dansko Women’s Professional Mule is 100% leather with a polyurethane sole. The platform measures about .75 inches high.

And it is designed with comfort in mind. It has a spacious, reinforced toe box that won’t rub against your feet and the polyurethane outsole bottom has a rocker that absorbs shock every step and carries your momentum forward for an easy stride. It includes an inner frame that protects you against the torque that causes twisted ankles. The instep has a padded collar that cleans easily with a damp cloth or sponge with a touch of soap.

Scuffs on the leather buff off with shoe polish to keep looking professional with no worries. The heel is extra wide for a stable stance. But the best part is the memory foam footbed that feels like walking on a cloud. This popular is a style icon for a reason. It delivers unparalleled comfort, support that keeps you on your feet all day long, and stability you can rely on in a classic design. For best fit, there should be the width of your pinky finger between your heel and the back of the clog. These are durable clogs that are built to last. They support your arch nicely. And they run slightly wide which is a huge plus for people with wide feet who have trouble finding a shoe that fits.


• Memory foam footbed
• Wide fit
• Classic style

• Handmade shoes have inconsistent sizing
• Run quite large so order one size smaller than usual for fit
• A little clunky to walk in and slipping may cause blisters


Dansko Women’s Paisley Fashion

This is another style of Dansko’s work shoes for women that are sure to impress. They are constructed of 100% leather with a synthetic sole made of top-notch quality vibram rubber. The outsole grips the ground firmly to prevent slipping in snowy and icy conditions as well as normal dry surfaces. The heel height is just one and a half inches – comfortable, casual, and still a little dressy.

It includes a thin waterproof layer that seals the seams as well as Dupont sorona fiber that dries moisture from sweat with a Cleansport NXT for odor management. The Nubuck suede upper is fully waterproof and treated with 3M Scotchguard Protector that repels stains. This shoe received the American Podiatric Association’s Seal of Acceptance for protecting and supporting excellent foot health. It includes Dansko Natural Arch technology which is a tri-layered, removable EVA footbed that cradles your foot and keeps you fresh on your feet.

They run true to size for fit. Out of the box they may feel a little stiff but as you break them in from walking you may find yourself with a new favorite pair of walking shoes. They are supportive, cushion the heel wonderfully, help you keep your balance, and offer quality traction on most surfaces. Even if you have pain walking after surgeries these will support and balance you. After a long day, this shoe will protect your feet so well you won’t be wincing when you take them off in the evening.


• True to size
• Great support and cushioning are painless and protect your feet even standing long hours
• Waterproof and ready for outdoor walking with good traction

• The Vibram outsole rips easily
• The upper tends to separate from the sole
• Fits narrow feet rather than wide


Dansko Women’s Helen Fashion Sneaker

Dansko’s Helen Fashion Sneaker is 100% leather on a synthetic sole. The heel stands at about one inch high. This sneaker is designed to roll with you when you’re on the move. It has a suede and mesh upper treated with 3M Scotchguard to repel stains. The elastic laces close with a toggle system that makes them easy to put on and take off again. The PU footbed is contoured to fit the shape of your foot, it is removable, and includes a layer of memory foam with arch support built in. It has a light EVA midsole constructed with a nylon shank for ankle support.

It stops odors before they start with an Aegis anti-bacterial lining in the insole and inner linings to keep your foot fresh and healthy. The fit runs narrow and is more comfortable for slender feet. They feel wonderful, have quality arch support, and they are ready right out of the box with almost no break in time. They may rub a little on your heel while you break them in and blisters are a risk. But after that, they fit beautifully and are very comfortable. Helen feels light on your feet and looks good. Even if your job has you on your feet for overtime shifts you will leave work feeling practically pain free, which is incredibly rare for any shoe with or without aftermarket insoles.

There may be a touch of color difference between your left and right shoe – how that happens we have no idea. Functionally though, they are sturdy, durable, and give plenty of room around the toes for natural balance. Even if you have bunions or other problems with an oddly shaped or painful foot, you’ll be thrilled by the walking experience. It is rare to find a shoe that handles foot injuries and still looks nice whether you’ll be wearing them casually or on the job.


• Supportive arch
• Plenty of room in the toe box is good for painful and oddly shaped feet
• Footbed is contoured to fit the shape of your foot

• Squeaky around the heel
• Color may vary slightly between the left and right shoe
• Fits narrow feet but may not be comfortable for wide feet


Birkenstock Men’s Memphis Shoe

Up until this point we’ve looked at women’s shoes. This is a quality choice for men. Birkenstock’s Memphis shoe is made of leather with a synthetic sole. It is another of those rare brands that are designed so comfortably that you don’t need an aftermarket sole. It has a leather upper, a soft and well ventilated leather lining as well as a removable, contoured insole made of suede.

The outsole is rubber. And it is a handsome choice for any work environment but especially in an office or retail setting. They are German in design and it shows in profile. These are some of the best for comfort, durability, and style for dress casual. Because of that they are not as thick vertically as you’ll find in an American styled shoe and, if your feet are large, you may be more comfortable ordering one size larger.

That is also why these particular shoes do not fit the same as other pairs of Birkenstocks you may be familiar with if you’ve worn them before. The rubber outsole is highly durable and will last you for longer than a year with daily use walking indoors. The footbed is very nice, but quite firm and may take a little time to get accustomed to. But once you break them in, you’ll be spoiled. If nothing else this shoe is exceptionally well made.

• High quality and exceptionally crafted shoe
• All leather German style that shows
• Built for longevity with an outsole that lasts longer than 12 months with daily indoor wear

• Narrow fit over the top because of German styling and you may be more comfortable ordering one size larger
• Stiff sole with poor shock absorption
• Durability issue with the sole detaching from the upper of the shoe

Birkenstock Women’s Bennington

Birkenstock’s Bennington is an all leather choice for women with a rubber sole. The premium leather upper of this ankle length boot is finished in patina for longevity and is styled with a rounded toe. The interior is finished with smooth, ventilated leather linings. The removable cork footbed is lined with suede and molds to your foot’s shape for a truly personalized fit.

The rubber outsole is durable and gives good traction and support for your feet, legs, and lower back. This is a comfortable, business casual and low profile option with elegant support for daily wear. Its quality, smooth leather upper paired with Birkenstock’s reliable, supportive interior come together for an ideal finish that is so comfortable you won’t want to take them off. These fit narrow in the neck and footbed, so ordering one size larger is a good idea to be sure of the fit. You might invest in a shoe horn even with the correct size especially if you have high arches.

Once you get the fit correct, you’ll be spoiled. The style can be worn with just about any outfit. No water gets in when you walk in the rain. These are comfortable, closed-toe ankle boots designed with a wide toe box that also gives excellent support for your arches. You can order the same size you normally order in Birkenstocks but if you have narrow feet you may prefer to order a size down because of the extra width. This boot is structurally durable and built to last as well as look good as the leather ages so long as you care for it with a leather protector. If you have bunions, bunionettes, plantar fasciitis, or foot surgery you will love the extra width around the toes, built in cushion, and arch support – you can wear these for the whole day without pain.


• Wide toe box is good for bunions, plantar fasciitis, and other foot problems
• Quality shoe built to last that is good in wet weather
• Stylish option versatile to wear with a variety of outfits in a casual setting

• Difficult to put on without a shoe horn
• Runs wider than normal Birkenstocks so narrow feet may prefer ordering a size smaller
• Not as supportive as other Birkenstock styles

Birkenstock Unisex London Clog

Birkenstock makes desirable fashions for both men and women, so a unisex shoe that looks good no matter who is wearing it is a natural choice for this brand. This London-style clog is all leather on a synthetic sole with a contoured footbed made of cord that curves to meet the arches and curves of your feet. The cushy footbed is an added layer on top of the cork for softness. The outsole is EVA which lends extra softness and traction on the ground. Birkenstock knows what they’re doing as they’ve been in business since 1774.

This clog is distinguished by its matte leather upper, adjustable buckle, suede footbed, comfortable cushioned cork insole, and ridged outsole that grips as you step for a confident stride. The shoe reshapes itself to cradle your foot as you walk. The special Birkenstock Footbed introduces a new way of sharing the weight of the whole body evenly across the footbed of the shoe, giving ideal support. People enjoy wearing these shoes because they are quite comfortable. They fit true to size as you would expect.

London Clogs are quality, well-crafted, and they look nice. When they are brand new the edge of the leather around the heel is unfinished and may feel sharp against your heel – as they break in this gets better but be aware you may need to wear socks or sand that section down until that happens. They are perfect for feet with painful problems as the cushioning in them makes them feel like you’re walking on a cloud. This is a good pair of shoes if you live on your feet at work. 12 hour days plus with walking, running, and a standard dress code is nothing for these. The leather is sturdy enough to resole and put back to work.


• Durable for standing, walking, kneeling, and climbing for long hours at work
• Comfortable for troubled feet and long 12+ hour work days
• Soft foot bed is very comfortable and like walking on a cloud

• Soft footbed may not be preferable to cork footbed of other Birkenstock styles
• Shoes run short in sizing and you should order one half size to one size larger
• They do not stretch very much when breaking in

NAOT Men’s Director Flat

This handsome men’s dress shoe is a 100% leather with a rubber sole and a comfortable choice for business casual. It is a slip on with an instep gore to make it easy to put on. The comfortable fit is accentuated with a padded heel cup as well as padding along the back and sides. The cork and latex footbed is anatomically contoured to fit the shape of your foot and lined in suede. It molds to fit the shape of your foot as you wear it for a truly personalized fit. The technical lining is also padded for additional comfort, moisture wicking, and warmth.

This shoe is a part of NAOT’s executive collection with a 1.75 inch heel. You will look smart working with customers. They fit true to size as expected and are quite comfortable. They are well crafted and built with quality materials for longevity. However, they are not slip resistant at all and will serve you better on dry surfaces for safety. The heel is quite stiff and may be uncomfortable which can be fixed with aftermarket cushioning.

The upper of the shoe fits snugly to the top of your foot. This has quite a spacious toe box which is great for natural balance as well as those who have painful problems with their feet to avoid rubbing. The Director is comfortable out of the box without a break in period. The sole is hefty and it has a simple, classic design with an air of cool. It is well manufactured and durable for it. These are so comfortable and classy you might just come back to NAOT for a second pair in a different color. They are great in a casual setting as well as for work in a retail or office environment with a dress code. They feature unique velvet detailing that is subtle but makes a statement.


• Comfortable fit that molds to the shape of your foot
• Conservative, classic design with velvet detailing for emphasis
• Constructed with quality that translates into longevity and durability

• Not slip resistant at all so only wear on dry surfaces
• Fits tightly over the top of the shoe if you have high arches
• The back near the heel of the shoe is quite stiff and may be painful

NAOT Women’s Kirei

Kirei is a stylish Mary Jane flat made of 100% leather with a synthetic sole. The platform stands at about .5 inches. The hook and loop strap is paired with a cushioned heel cup for balance and stability. The footbed is cork as well as latex lined with suede and is removable to accommodate your favorite aftermarket sole, if you need it. This footbed molds itself to cradle the shape of your foot as you walk in it for a customized fit just for you.

The sole is slip-resistant for safety walking and working on slippery surfaces. This shoe breathes vibrant new life into the classic Mary Jane design. It has a technical lining with padding for comfort and moisture absorption. You don’t need to break it in to enjoy a comfortable walk in Kirei. It fits perfectly straight out of the box. The fit runs slightly small so order one size up to be sure of the fit, especially if you have a wide foot. The arch support is wonderful and will help you if you have foot injuries. It is functional as well as fashionable. Kirei comes in a nice selection of natural colors.

And you can wear them with practically anything they are so versatile. It is an ideal shoe if you walk often. The heel is wider than your average shoe and it is made of a soft grade of leather. It is not the most supportive shoe for that reason but it does have adequate arch support for shoes of this type. But if you are looking for something comfortably cushioned this is right up your alley. You could just about live in these shoes and never get aches and pains, even if you have problems with your feet. Kirei is perfect for work, travel, and an active lifestyle.


• Slip-resistant for stability on wet surfaces
• Functional and fashionable
• Good shoes for walking often that accommodate painful foot troubles

• Runs small so order one size up to be sure of the fit
• Wide heels and soft leather may gap in the sides as you step
• Emphasize padding over support

NAOT Men’s Bjorn Flat

Bjorn is a very lightweight, slip resistant, and durable comfort clog for men. It is 100% leather with a rubber sole. The heel stands at about 1.5 inches high and the platform comes in at .75 inches. It comes with an anatomically designed footbed made of cork wrapped in suede that molds itself to the shape of your foot as you wear it. The front has a padded technical lining for moisture absorption as well as even more padding in the instep and heel for enhanced comfort. The inside gore provides adjustability.

If you are attracted to the ease of a shoe that slides on with an open back, closed toe, and heel ridge you will have a hard time finding one more comfortable. These fit well, look good, and they are comfortable as well as durable. The leather stretches nicely and they only get more comfortable as you break them in with wear. It is quality enough that you could have the soles repaired or replaced.

It fits true to size as expected and are a good match for wide feet. These shoes will last you for years reliably. And we’re willing to bet that you’ll practically live in them and come back to Naot for your next pair after you try them. They are somewhat clunky to walk in, as clogs are, but this is quite a handsome pair. You can even add orthotic inserts to them to perfect the fit. The leather is a bit stiff but it is a perfect match for people with high arches and problems with their feet.


• Fit wide feet nicely
• Super comfortable
• Very durable and last a long time

• Run slightly small compared to other Naots
• Stiff leather may rub against your toes
• May be difficult to get correct fit based on sizing from other shoe brands

NAOT Women’s Pleasure Leather Shoes

This attractive, stylish Mary Jane is 100% leather on a synthetic sole with a heel height of about 1.5 inches. You can wear it just for looks both day and night. It has a hook and loop strap in the instep and features a cushioned heel cup for a sturdy fit, along with a decorative bow you can keep on or remove depending on your taste. The cork and latex footbed curves to fit your foot’s anatomy and it is wrapped in a suede lining for comfort that molds to cradle the unique shape of your foot as you wear it.

This is a part of the Eden collection, which means it features a 25 polyurethane (PE) sole with a metal shank. This is a beautiful shoe made to dress up in comfort with arch support to match. It has a bow as an added touch to the classic Mary Jane silhouette. This is the perfect thing for women who work on their feet all day, like a flight attendant. They are comfortable straight out of the box. They fit just as beautifully as they look. They are as light and comfortable as walking on air with just enough cushion and support to keep you comfortable on your feet on 10+ hour work days and nights.

Wearing a brand new pair of shoes to work the first day usually kills your feet, but not these. They support you in all the right places. Even if you have bad feet and you cringe at the thought of heels are just high enough and just wide enough to be both stable and attractive. They are cushioned enough to put a spring in your step on hard surfaces but not so much as to disrupt your balance.


• Stylish, comfortable heel for long work days on your feet
• Stable heel is just wide enough to easily keep your balance
• Quality cushioning puts a spring in your step without feeling unsteady


• They fit a little snug around the toes but break in nicely
• Occasional manufacturing defects
• Do not stretch so much to accommodate swelling feet – order a size larger

Conclusion and Final Shoe Recommendations for Retail Workers

The buyer’s guide brought you through the features and the reviews shoes you the most excellent choices available for comfortable, supportive, and stylish shoes for retail workers. You’ve seen a selection of designs for both men and women from the only brands of their kind that give you everything you need without absolutely having to have aftermarket insoles to do it right. It used to be difficult to find comfortable, functional, and attractive work shoes for retail that suits both your dress code at work as well as your price range, but not anymore.

There are so many styles to these particular brands that choosing the right shoe has become a matter of taste. In this article, the Best Shoes for Retail Workers of 2019, you discovered the very favorite brands and the top 10 rated shoes for men and women in their lines by retail workers like you, for retail workers like you. Where most shoes fall short and leave you in pain during and after a long work day, the brands you learned about today have the insoles and craftsmanship to carry you through painlessly, in comfort, and you might even pick up a compliment or two along the way.

Just any old shoe might do just one or two of those things at the expense of all the others, even the added expense of bearable aftermarket insoles. So the next time you need to dress to impress on the job that takes good care of you while you stand, walk, and stride as you work you know exactly which brand, and more importantly have a favorite shoe, that will have your feet happy come evening time. Pick your favorite and take a step in the right direction.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shoes for Retail Workers

Shoes for 12 hour shifts on concrete floors?

I am about to start working at a new employer and I’ll be on my feet for 12 hours each day. I’m worrying that my feet will be aching by mid-day. Do you have shoe suggestions for me?

Depending on how much cushion you want, you do have several options. Maybe I should rephrase to say it depends on how much support you need for the structure of your feet because that’s what’s going to hold you up and keep you from over exerting yourself. Which will, in turn, make you more comfortable throughout the day. One good choice is NAOT Women’s Pleasure Leather Shoes because they are a favorite of flight attendants who are on their feet for 12 hour or longer flights. A good gender neutral option is Birkenstock Unisex London Clog for the way it evenly distributes your body weight across the insole. For a man, I would recommend Birkenstock Men’s Memphis Shoe for the way the cork footbeds molds to the shape of your foot for a custom fit.

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