21 Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis & Sensitive Feet 2021 (Men & Women)

nice shoes with support for Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis can be downright painful. The inflammation that is caused in the foot can severely affect your quality of life when you don’t have the right shoe. Without the proper footwear, the sharp stabbing pain in your heels that accompanies plantar fasciitis can be unbearable at times. Any physical activities such as running, walking, and exercising can aggravate the pain without the proper support.

If you suffer from plantar fasciitis and are ready to get back your life, finding the right, supportive and accommodating shoe may help you do just that. Doctors typically recommend physical therapy, and as well as shoe inserts to help add additional stability and support.

With physical therapy this can cause increased pain if you aren’t wearing the right shoes. Podiatrists and physical therapists recommend a change in shoes to help provide additional heel and arch support. In this guide we will look at and discuss the best types of shoes available on the market for those that suffer from plantar fasciitis to help you make an informed buying decision.

Top Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis Comparison Chart

RecommendationProductPriceWhere to Buy?
Best Men's RunningBrooks Men’s Ghost 10 Running Shoes$$$
Best Men's WalkingNew Balance Men’s M1540V2 Shoes$$$
Best Men's Boots
Timberland PRO Men’s 6” Pit Boss Steel-Toe$$$
Best Men's SandalsVionic Unisex Wave Toe Post Sandal$
Best Men's DressDunham Douglas Bikefront Orthotic Shoes$$$$
Best Women's RunningNew Balance Women’s W860n8 Running Shoes$$$$
Best Women's WalkingVionic Women’s Walker Shoes$$$
Best Women's SandalsVionic with Orthaheel Julie II$$
Best Women's DressAlegria Women’s Paloma Slip on Shoe$$$

Plantar Fasciitis Shoes Buying Guide

What Causes Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is a condition that is caused when there are repeated injuries to the fascia of your foot. This is the area where the plantar fascia attaches to your heel bone. Many common causes of plantar fasciitis include:

  • When you are on your feet for a long period of time. This can be from standing, running or even jogging. This can occur in those who are not commonly used to exercising or prolonged periods on your feet.
  • Wearing shoes that do not provide enough cushion or arch support can cause additional damage to the fascia.
  • Sudden overstretching of your sole most commonly found in athletes and runners who have increased the distance they are used to running or the intensity of their activity. Poor technique when starting off a run can also cause overstretching of the sole.
  • A tight Achilles tendon can affect the foots ability to stretch and flex the ankle which can put you at an increased risk of developing the condition.

Non-Medical Intervention for Plantar Fasciitis

There are some non-medical treatments that you can typically try to help relieve the symptoms and pain of plantar fasciitis. These include:

 Taking it Easy on Your Legs

This is one of the easiest ways to reduce pain. Limit the amount of time you spend on your feet to help prevent any flare ups or further damage of the fascia. Your feet will be under less stress and pressure giving them more time to heal. Avoid any activities that cause pain in your legs and feet. For those that have careers that require them to spend a lot of time on their feet, limiting your activity can be challenging, therefore it is important to find the right pair of shoes to help your feet heal.

Cold Compress After Walking

Try putting a bottle of water in the refrigerator in the evening. When you wake up in the morning, take the bottle, lay it down on the floor and do some rolling stretches over the bottle of water. You should place the bottle right under your arch, while applying pressure to keep the bottle rolling from your toes all the way to your heel.

This can help to reduce pain and decrease inflammation of your foot. You can also use ice cubes as a method of cold compress on your feet. You will place the ice cubs into a plastic bag and rub the bag over the top of the arch in your feet over and over.

Regularly Massaging the Foot

Using massage on the bottom of your foot can help alleviate some pain. Press firmly and make circular motions using the thumb on the arch. This can help to stimulate blood flow in the muscles and loosen any tight fascia. The best time to use this massage is right before you go to sleep and again when you wake up for the day.

Compression Sleeves or Socks

Compression sleeves and socks are available for your feet and legs to help reduce the stress placed on your feet. They work wonders for the pain that comes with plantar fasciitis. They can help your feet heal when mild symptoms are occurring. Pairing a pair of compression sleeves or socks with a good quality pair of shoes can help tremendously. You do not have to suffer in silence anymore.

Arsenal of Treatment Options for Heel Pain

Having a good pair of shoes should be your first tool for the job. But there are additional items you can use with your shoes to relieve your pain and symptoms even further. These include such items as:

  • Orthotic inserts
  • Alignment padding
  • Heel cups
  • Arch support

A good pair of shoes for plantar fasciitis will usually come included with all the above to help relieve the pain and pressure points on the foot. They can help provide the support your feet need to help you heal even when you must be on your feet for long periods at a time.

Importance of Finding the Right Shoe for Plantar Fasciitis 

When you suffer from plantar fasciitis your feet are at a disadvantage when it comes to supporting your weight and maintaining your balance when you move. Running can be almost impossible because of the pain you experience. The plantar fascia is the area of your foot that runs down from the forefoot all the way to your heel. A fibrous sheet that helps to protect all the internal parts of your feet, the plantar fascia has an important job.

When you have plantar fasciitis, the ligaments within the bony joints to your arch become too relaxed. This then makes your arch flatten, which then causes tearing in the fascia. Plantar fasciitis is more common in athletes, the elderly and anyone who spends long extended periods of time on their feet. Choosing a good, supportive pair of shoes is beneficial for those with this condition because it can help to ensure your feet are aligned properly to minimize pain.


Factors to Consider in Plantar Fasciitis Shoes

When you suffer from plantar fasciitis you can’t just go into the shoe store unprepared and pull a pair of shoes off the shelf expecting them to fit perfectly. Instead, you must prepare ahead of time and arm yourself with the right arsenal to find the right pair. Here are a few considerations you will want to look at when determining what types of shoes are a good fit for you. 

Shoe Functionality

You will want to consider how you will use your shoes. Ask yourself the following:

  • Where will I more frequently wear these shoes?
  • What types of activities will I be participating in when wearing them?
  • Where does the most pain occur in my foot?

Functionality should be the very first consideration. This can help you to determine the type of support, materials and style of shoe you will need.



The sole of your shoe is an important factor to consider. If you find yourself in an environment where you may encounter liquids or other potential hazards on the ground, you will want to ensure you purchase a pair of shoes that offers slip resistance and protection from falls. Rubber soles are great for those looking to have additional security and support with falls.

Another consideration within the sole of your shoe is to think about the material and design of the midsole. You will want to have one that is padded and thicker in design. This can help to ensure the fascia is supported properly with the appropriate cushioning to help minimize the pain.


Arch Support for Plantar Fasciitis

Arch support is another big factor to consider. The plantar fascia supports your arch and assists you when you walk. The heel of a supportive shoe should be firm but still a bit elevated. This is the best position to help align your feet properly while reducing any weight on the Achilles Tendon. Decreasing pressure that is put on this tendon will help you reduce your chance of experiencing pain associated to plantar fasciitis. Ensuring the plantar fascia is supported with proper alignment and cushioning can help to decrease the likelihood of pain occurring.

Pronation of Your Arch

You will want to make sure you play close attention to the pronation of the arch in your foot to help you figure out the best type of shoe. If you have a flat foot or lower arch, this means your stride will rest equally on both the inside and outside of your feet. A high arch or overpronation means your stride comes into contact more with the outside of your foot than the inside. Having a neutral type of pronation means you have a normal arch and your stride is placed well on the outer portion of your foot.

Where your stride rests should play an important role in determining the type of shoe. You want to pay attention to this as you want to ensure you have proper arch support especially when you suffer from plantar fasciitis.


Toe Box Support

The toe box of your shoe should have enough room so that it provides you with space for the middle and rear portion of your feet. Finding a spacious toe box is important when you suffer from plantar fasciitis. Enough space in the toe box will allow your feet to roll over near the forefoot while still providing a sturdy foundation to help prevent toe extension. This can help to prevent any additional pressure and stress on your foot which can help to alleviate pain associated with plantar fasciitis.


Tips to Help You Choose the Best Fit for Your Feet

Shopping for a good pair of shoes for plantar fasciitis may at first seem a bit overwhelming and challenging. But like anything else, if you do your research ahead of time, you can ensure you find just the right pair. Regardless of how you shop for your shoes, either online or in store, t here are some tips you can use to ensure you find the right fit. Having the right fit is important to ensure all parts and components of the shoe work properly and in your benefit. Here are some tips to help you find just the right fit:


Measure Your Feet

A good rule of thumb is to have your feet properly measured at least 2 times each year. You don’t want to rely on measurements that you got over 10 years ago. Our feet go through changes as we age, so you may be surprised by getting a new measurement to find out you’ve been wearing the wrong size all along. When you age the ligaments and soft tissues within your feet start to relax more and stretch out. Not only does this cause your feet to change size but they also change shape. You will want to make sure you measure the width, length and arch of your feet. Here’s how:

Take Measurements Later in the Day

By the end of the day, there is a good chance your feet have swollen some. If you measure your feet in the morning, there is a good chance the shoes will feel too snug by the end of the day. So, therefore it’s imperative to take the measurements at the end of a long day.

Measure Your Arch

In order to find the best possible arch support, ensure you measure your arch length. This can be measured from the ball of your foot to your heel. The bend within your larger toe should match up with where the shoe bends.

Stand up for Measurements

Make sure you are standing when your feet are measured. This is because when you are in a standing position, your feet tend to spread out more. You will want to have someone else take the measurement because you will want to make sure you are standing taller and looking straight ahead. How you are standing can greatly affect the measurement of your feet. 

Don’t Focus on Size

Try to not get overly concerned with the size of your shoe. There is a huge difference in sizes between the different shoe companies. Each company uses what is known as a different last. A last is a form that the shoe is molded and designed from. So, a size in one brand may not fit just like the same size in another.

Fit Your Shoes to Your Bigger Foot if Uneven

Yes, that’s right, no too feet measure the same. There is usually one foot that is a tad bit larger than the other. You will want to fit your shoe size and fit to the larger of the two feet. You can insert various pads or other types of inserts to add in room in your shoe but there is nothing you can do about a shoe that is too small. You will want to fit them to the larger fit to ensure you find the right size and balance between the two.

Exercise Shoe Options and Plantar Fasciitis

Just because you have plantar fasciitis doesn’t mean you can’t exercise or be more physically active. Running for instance can enhance your mental and physical health in so many ways, but with a foot condition it can be very painful to suffer through. With your doctor’s advice you can still enjoy many physical activities including running. Let’s look at the different types of exercise that you can still participate in with plantar fasciitis, so we can determine the best type of shoes for the job.


Best Types of Exercises for Plantar Fasciitis

When you get the greenlight from your doctor there are a few different options you can choose when it comes to exercise. These include:

  • Yoga
  • Bicycling
  • Strength Training
  • Running
  • Walking
  • Pilates
  • Swimming
  • Elliptical machine

When you have plantar fasciitis, running isn’t entirely off-limits, you just have to make sure you take a few precautions before you participate in it. This is because rigorous exercise can cause more damage and pain if not done properly. It can be tough at first to try and adjust to a new routine or a less intense workout when you are a runner, but in order to stay physically active it is a must. One of the precautions you must take is to find a solid, supportive pair of running shoes.

We’re going to discuss how you can do this further in detail in this guide. But before we do, we must first look at the suggestions that medical professionals have on how you can continue running with plantar fasciitis. This will help to determine better what type of shoes you should be wearing when you run or participate in any physical exercise or activity.


Medical Suggestions for Running with Plantar Fasciitis

You should always first talk with your own doctor to see if they have any specific recommendations on the types of precautions you should take to continue running. One of the first suggestions that many may make is to take it slower when you are first starting back to run after a plantar fasciitis diagnosis. While it may seem like you are being punished, taking a slower pace is beneficial for a few different reasons.

Impact to your feet when running slower is way less intense than a faster pace, this helps to give your feet more time to heal. Jogging also can help to improve your overall cardiovascular health.


What to Check for When Looking for Shoes

You can no longer just buy a pair of shoes off the rack and expect them to work wonderfully. Instead, you must take some time and do some research to find a pair that will work best for you. There are considerations you must consider which include:


Overall Shoe Fit

The most important consideration for runners with plantar fasciitis is the fit of the shoe. This is because with the condition, your heel and arches are typically swollen and inflamed, so prioritizing a good fit for your shoe will help wonderfully. To understand whether the shoe you are trying on has the proper arch support you will want to check if the pressure in your foot and pain is eased or if it gets worse. A shoe with good support will ease the pain not increase it.

Footwear Style

Just because you must have a more supportive shoe doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. While it is true that many moons ago, most supportive shoes for conditions such as plantar fasciitis were a bit chunky or clunky, now that is not the case. Today’s shoes are created with many different designs to help suit your personality and style to match with any outfit.

Added Orthotic

You may discover that no matter the type of shoe you find, it feels like you require a little more support. Orthotic inserts are great to help with this. The best thing about orthotic inserts is you can wear them with virtually any pair of shoes to help provide that extra security to create a great fit.


Features to Consider

It’s important to know what features you should be looking for when it comes to finding an appropriate pair of shoes.  While looking for the right fit is important, there are other features you should look for to ensure you find a pair that fits just right. These features include:


  • Arch Support
  • Footbed Padding
  • Lightweight Design
  • Shock Absorption
  • Cushioning
  • Removable Insoles
  • Heel Cup Design


What to Avoid If you Have Plantar Fasciitis 

You should steer clear of shoes that seem too heavy. No matter how supportive they may seem, weighty shoes can make the symptoms and pain of plantar fasciitis even worse. Avoid any running shoes that seem of poor quality. It should always be a good rule of thumb to choose a shoe that seems more durable than others. A pair of shoes when you have plantar fasciitis is an investment, one that might be a bit pricey, so you should choose wisely with a shoe that offers a long-life span. Also, it is best to avoid narrow fitting shoes, not just if you have wide feet either. Narrow shoes may not be able to deliver the comfort and support you require.

Best Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis Reviews


Brooks Men’s Ghost 10 Running Shoes

The Brooks Ghost 10 Running shoes have a durable rubber sole that provides you with superior slip resistance. The insole is well cushioned to provide you with comfortable support. The cushioning included is high energy cushioning which means it can stand up to long days on your feet. Available in a wide range of colors, you will never have to worry about not having a pair of shoes to match. The soft fabric lining provides a comfortable, but secure fit. The insole can be removed to replace it with insertable orthotics if necessary. The Omega Flex Grooves give you more ease of movement when walking. This type of material and design allows for a more natural foot movement.



  • Helps with plantar fasciitis heel pain
  • Great for runners
  • Comfortable cushioned innersole



  • Soles aren’t as durable as advertised
  • Toe box and inner shoe is narrow


New Balance Men’s M1260v6 Running Shoes

Made from Synthetic fabric the New Balance Men’s Running Shoes are great for those with plantar fasciitis. They provide a synthetic rubber sole that offers superior slip resistance and durability. The Active Lite foam midsole offers comfort and stability that you need when you suffer from plantar fasciitis. You can choose from two different color designs. A blue and dark grey and a grey and yellow.



  • Tight, secure fit
  • Great for wider feet
  • Works well with orthotic inserts



  • Large toe box
  • Only available in two color options


Best Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis


New Balance Men’s M1540V2 Shoes

While this shoe from New Balance is technically a running shoe, it makes a great walking shoe for those with plantar fasciitis. The durable rubber sole not only offers superior grip to the ground, it also helps with slip resistance for wet environments or those that meet spills. The design is of this running shoe is that of motion control, it works with a padded and mesh tongue that offers breathability. The roll bar support provides extra security when it comes to ensuring the shoe fits right in all places. This is important for those with plantar fasciitis. These shoes also include a polyurethane insert that can be removed for any orthotic inserts if needed. There are four different color options available which provide you with some design and style.



  • Amazing support for those with plantar fasciitis
  • Great for those with wide feet
  • Toe box is roomy but not too big


  • Arch support is too stiff
  • Insoles are made of poor quality


New Balance Men’s MW928 Walking Shoe

If you’ve been searching for a good pair of walking shoes, you may enjoy the New Balance MW928 Walking Shoe. The durable rubber sole helps to provide you with superior grip and slip resistance. This is a classic leather shoe that offers a secure lacing feature with a thick cushioning. For those that suffer from plantar fasciitis the stabilizing roll bar technology offers amazing support to help minimize pain and discomfort. The Absorb middle cushioning helps to provide you with additional comfort to help decrease any symptoms associated with plantar fasciitis. The Absorb technology helps to increase the overall cushioning in the shoe as well as the compression resistance to help aid in absorbing any forceful energy when walking or running.



  • Odor resistance with the Phantom Liner
  • Durable energy absorbing midsole cushioning.
  • Easy to clean leather material



  • Soles have been known to fall apart
  • Some reports of discomfort
  • Only available in black and white


Best Sandals for Plantar Fasciitis 

Vionic Unisex Wave Toe Post Sandal

It’s not often that you find a comfortable and supportive flip flop style sandal when you suffer from plantar fasciitis. The Vionic Wave Sandal features a mesh webbed material that is padded with a neoprene liner. The woven toe post is stylish and cushioning. It is made of lightweight material so that it does not feel too heavy on your feet. Intertwined with flexible midsole absorbent shock resistance, this sandal reduces stress on your knees, ankles and feet. The outer sole is designed with a wave-pattern to help improve your overall traction. They are easy to clean, all you must do is take a damp cloth and wipe them down.



  • Easy to clean
  • Shock absorbent soles
  • Midsole cushioning for comfort



  • Not true to size, runs a bit small
  • Needs to be worn in for ultimate comfort


Birkenstock Arizona Unisex Sandal

Birkenstocks have been around for some time now, in fact they date back to 1774 when they were originally made in Germany. For those that suffer from plantar fasciitis, these are a great supportive sandal that doesn’t feel too tight on your feet. The authentic Birkenstock footbed helps to distribute your body weight evenly throughout your foot, which helps to provide you with the optimal support and comfort, instead of placing additional stress on your feet. They synthetic sole is made durable, which the Birkenstock brand stands by the quality of their sandals. Made from an authentic leather material, these sandals match with virtually any and every outfit you may have.



  • Quality material
  • Durable synthetic sole



  • Requires a breaking in period for optimal comfort



Best Boots for Plantar Fasciitis 

Timberland PRO Men’s 6” Pit Boss Steel-Toe

Timberland has always been a leading brand when it comes to providing you with a high quality, durable work boot. The steel toe construction in this boot is simply amazing. It meets all the ANSI safety standards and offers you a roomy toe box, more so than other competitive brands on the market. This can help decrease any pain you feel after a long day of work on your feet. The traction grip on the sole is great for those that work in a wet environment or may be subjected to spills. A removable sock liner helps to keep blisters at bay, especially in those early wear it in stage.



  • Durable, high quality material
  • Steel toed boots for added protection
  • Built to last
  • Water resistant



  • Not true to size
  • Needs to be worn in before optimal comfort is achieved


Wolverine Men’s W02421 Raider Boot

Made from 100% durable leather material, these boots are built to last. The nice thing about the Wolverine Men’s boots is that they come with a tough rubber sole to help prevent slips and falls, which is greatly important especially when you work in an environment where you may be in contact with spills, including oil.  The insole is removable to help make room for any orthotic insoles should you need them. There is a breathable mesh lining that offers superior comfort when you wear these for long periods of time during your work day.



  • High quality leather material
  • Easy to clean
  • Slip resistant
  • True to size



  • Needs a brief wearing in period
  • May be tight fitting at first
  • The cushioning isn’t as comfortable as advertised

Best Dress Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis 

Dunham Douglas Bikefront Orthotic Shoes

For those that suffer from plantar fasciitis, it is difficult sometimes to find a dress shoe that fits great and lasts. The Dunham Douglas brand offers you superior comfort and relief from pain. These shoes are one of the most comfortable on the market. The only downside to these comfortable shoes is that they are only available in black and brown. They still pair nicely with slacks and chinos though which is a positive. While they are marketed as dress shoes, they also make great casual wear shoes when you want to dress up your jeans a bit. The double stitched seams offer superior protection and durability.



  • True to size
  • Durable
  • Snug fit
  • Superior cushioning and pain relief



  • Only available in black and brown

Mephisto Men’s Cap Vert Slip-On Shoes

The Mephisto Men’s shoes in a penny loafer design are both comfortable and stylish. While they are orthotic shoes, they still offer a unique design and style. One of the nicest benefits to these shoes is they help to alleviate symptoms of plantar fasciitis. They can be worn for both business and casual wear. They are available in a black and brown design to help offer versatility when wearing your outfit. The internal cushioning helps to provide you with support and relieve pain symptoms you may experience. The arch support in these shoes is top notch, it helps to take additional stress off your feet.



  • Quality arch support
  • Durable leather material
  • Comfortable and stylish
  • Orthotic shoes



  • Not true to size, runs a bit smaller than average


Best Womens Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis 


New Balance Women’s W860n8 Running Shoes

If you are searching for a shoe that provides extra cushioning and support, the New Balance Women’s W860n8 running shoe might be the one for you. The responsive internal cushioning provides durable and reliable support when you are walking or running. The midsole is infused with the TruFuse material that helps to provide you with a consistent cushioning all around. The design includes an engineered mesh throughout which provides you with lightweight breathability and ease of movement, perfect for those that suffer from plantar fasciitis.



  • Lightweight, mesh material
  • Stability Post
  • Increased support



  • Size runs a little small


Saucony Women’s Guide 10 Running Shoes

Designed with a lightweight mesh fabric for extra breathability, the Saucony Women’s running shoe helps to provide the added support you need when you suffer from plantar fasciitis. The durable rubber sole helps to provide slip resistance, while the top sole is cushioned to provide you with superior comfort. The lightweight fit is great because having a heavy pair of shoes can often cause additional pain on your foot.



  • Durable rubber sole
  • Lightweight fit
  • Cushioned topsole



  • Runs a bit smaller
  • Toebox isn’t roomy



Best Womens Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis 


Vionic Women’s Walker Shoes

If you are searching for both a supportive and stylish shoe, then the Vionic Women’s walking shoes are the ones for you. They are available in 9 different styles and designs. This helps to provide added versatility to your daily clothing choices. The removable textile EVA footbed provides you with increased support where you need it the most. This helps especially when you suffer from pain from plantar fasciitis. The durable rubber sole helps to increase slip resistance when you may encounter an environment where you may come into content with spills. The patented Vionic Active Motion System helps to create an orthotic friendly shoe with a flexible insole to provide you with a light weight option for foot support. These make great shoes for both work and play.



  • Durable rubber sole
  • Leather outer design
  • Removable footbed



  • Not true to size runs a bit bigger


New Balance Women’s W1540V2 Shoes

Made from a durable, high quality synthetic material, these New Balance Women’s Shoes provide maximum support for your feet. This is incredibly helpful, especially when you suffer from plantar fasciitis. The breathable mesh material helps to provide you with a lightweight design. The roll bar in the back provides stability in the back of your foot where you need it the most. To add to the durability of the shoe, it features a no sew design theme to help stabilize the material and keep the shoe together.



  • Durable leather design
  • No-sew application
  • Quality material and construction
  • Big enough to fit in orthotics



  • Runs a bit wider in the heel


Best Womens Sandals for Plantar Fasciitis 


Vionic with Orthaheel Julie II

This women’s Vionic with Orthaheel sandal is one of a kind as it’s a thong style sandal that still is suitable for those with plantar fasciitis. Made with faux leather or the choice of a metallic faux leather. Wrapped with microfiber for added protection it features a biomechanical orthotic insert that has arch support to help minimize pain and discomfort.

The heel cup is designed deep to provide cushioning support. The orthaheel technology works well to help provide a more natural alignment with your foot. Now just because this is a unique orthotic sandal, you don’t have to worry about sacrificing style for comfort and support. This sandal still provides style to match any outfit from a day at the office to a day at the beach.



  • Comfort and arch support
  • Helps to relieve plantar fasciitis pain
  • Stylish
  • Orthotic insole



  • A brief wear in period is required
  • Decorative flowers have been reported to fall off


Chaco Women’s Zx2 Classic Athletic Sandal

The Chaco brand has been around since 1989 and they have developed a major reputation since. They are known for their simplistic design with only 8 components and parts. Each pair comes with adjustable double straps which help to custom fit to your foot offering support that is specifically for you. There is also a secure toe loop to provide you with an even better fit. The sole is infused with antimicrobial properties to help provide you with a defense against odor control.



  • Secure double straps and toe loop
  • Antimicrobial for odor control
  • Rubber sole for slip resistance



  • Runs a bit smaller than normal
  • Wears quicker than most on the insole


Alegria Women’s Pesca Shoe

If you are looking for a supportive but still stylish sandal, the Alegria Pesca design may be the one for you. It was designed and handcrafted with a leather upper shoe and a unique embellished design to help give it its own distinctive style. The adjustable buckle closing helps to ensure it stays snugly fit onto your foot. The leather insole features a combination of both memory foam and latex for added durability and comfort. The cork footbed is surprisingly comfortable for those long days on your feet. What’s even better is it being super durable and long lasting. The rocker outer sole features a polyurethane material that helps increase your sandal’s overall durability and grip on most surfaces.



  • Durable and Secure
  • Comfortable in all the right places
  • Distinctive style and design



  • Runs a bit bigger to size



Best Womens Dress Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis 


Alegria Women’s Paloma Slip on Shoe

These paloma slip on provide a bit of sass and style to your outfit. They are available in many different designs. Each design more unique than the next with bright, bold colors. The Paloma shoe is great for any occasion. It features a leather top hook and loop strapping system that helps to ensure a tight, custom fit. The leather insole gives your feet some much needed breathability which is great for those long days on your feet. The cork and memory foam footbed allow your feet to sink into a more natural fit which conforms to your feet creating a custom secure fit.  The insole is also removable to make room for any necessary orthotic inserts should you need them.



  • Adjustable hook and loop system
  • Removable insole for orthotic inserts
  • Available in many different colors and designs



  • Runs a bit small to size

Orthofeet Chelsea Pain Relief Slip on Shoes

The Chelsea Pain Relief Orthotic shoes don’t look like your typical orthotic style shoes. They feature a leather exterior with superior orthotic support inside. This includes an orthotic insole that offers an anatomical arch system and a cushioned heel to help conform to the curves of your feet. The cushioning system is lightweight and comes with an air cushioning that not only helps with comfort and pain relief but also provides breathability. The cushioning system in these shoes are specially designed to help alleviate any stress on your joints and feet. This can help provide increased stability while allowing for a more natural foot motion. The Soft non-binding top shoe comes with an extra-large toe box that can help to remove the pressure on any toe deformities such as bunions or hammer toes. While the soft foam padded inside eliminates any significant pressure points to provide you with overall, long-lasting comfort, this is extremely important for those that suffer from plantar fasciitis.



  • Durable leather exterior
  • Quality rubber sole for slip resistance
  • Designed specifically for those that suffer from plantar fasciitis
  • Provides superior pain and stress relief



  • Size runs a bit large
  • Rubber sole doesn’t wear well


Best Womens Casual Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis 


Klogs USA Women’s Naples Mule

These Klogs Women’s Naples style mule was designed for those in the nursing career field and for a good reason. When you spend more than 12 hours on your feet each day, you really do need a quality, supportive pair of shoes. Those that suffer from plantar fasciitis need the same support when on the go. That is why these shoes are a great choice if you are searching for something that will provide you with the comfort and support you need. They are extremely cushioned for added comfort. They also feature anti-slip soles that have been tested thoroughly for slick or wet working conditions. The removable insole offers support and comfort but can also be removed to include an orthotic sole if necessary.



  • Durable and long lasting
  • Extreme cushioning for comfort
  • Great support to help relieve pain associated with plantar fasciitis



  • They run a bit larger to size


Spenco Women’s Siesta Slide Mule

One of the nice things about the Spenco Slide Mule is the versatility it allows in choosing the different types of shoes. If you’ve been searching for a supportive should that aids in the reduction of any stress or pain associated with Plantar Fasciitis. Available in a wide variety of colors, this comfortable slid can be paired with virtually any outfit from day to night. With a durable rubber sole, you don’t have to worry about slips or falls when you encounter spills. The orthotic grade arch system helps to relieve stress on your feet and joints. You don’t have to worry about pain on your toes either, the unique metatarsal dome helps to keep your toes secure and protected, which is great for those long days on your feet. The zero-drop heel lift feature offers even additional support by helping to elevate your heels and reduce the stress that is placed on your feet when you walk. A compression style molded footbed gives you a custom fit by conforming to the curves of your feet.



  • Conforms to your feet for a secure fit
  • Deep heel cupping feature
  • Available in multiple colors to style with any outfit
  • Rubber, durable sole for slip resistance



  • Runs a bit larger, which can be tricky for these slid on, purchase a smaller size



Conclusion & Final Shoe Recommendations

Plantar Fasciitis can become a debilitating problem if you don’t follow through with the proper treatment or prevention options. It can if left untreated cause severe pain that is unbearable, making it difficult to participate in your daily activities even something as simple as just walking. The good news is there are shoes available that are made specifically to address the pain and pressure points associated with plantar fasciitis. A good, quality pair of shoes can alleviate pain and help to aid in the healing process.

There isn’t any reason you should have to suffer in pain. Do your research ahead of time to ensure you find the best possible pair of shoes. You will be surprised when you do find the right pair of shoes for your feet. It will hit you when you are walking and going throughout your day and don’t experience any pain at all. That is when you will know that you found a good quality pair of shoes.

The nice thing is, there are many more brands and manufacturers that make different types of shoes for people with plantar fasciitis. It used to be you we’re stuck wearing a pair of sneakers or athletic shoes if you wanted the proper support. However, now there are many styles available in dress, casual and even sandals that offer the support for those that suffer from plantar fasciitis. Now your choices aren’t limited, and you are free to find a pair of shoes for every possible occasion that can help to make sure you are always supported and pain free.

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