10 Best Shoes for Orange Theory Fitness Classes 2020: Traction, Support, & Durability

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Whether you are a novice or a veteran of Orange Theory fitness, you need to get the right shoes. After all, Orange Theory workouts are unlike any other workout on the planet. Keep in mind that this privately owned fitness business is now a global brand. So people across the world get in on Orange Theory workouts to maximize their efforts. But, getting the right shoes is not easy. Especially with so many available options. Here is a buying guide to help you get the best shoes for Orange Theory.

While Orange Theory fitness is relatively new, people are in love. This is good because right now America is dealing with a weight problem. So newcomers are encouraged to sign up for a class. It is going to potentially change your life. On the other hand, experienced fitness freaks already know the deal. It can still help to get some guidance in the shoe process though. So read the guide below, look at the top ten list, and then check out the FAQ section as well!

Top Shoes for Orange Theory Classes Comparison Chart


Orange Theory Shoes Buying Guide

An Orange Theory fitness class is something incredibly unique and distinct. However, a good reference point is to think about Crossfit exercise. Crossfit is incredibly popular now across the United States. While Crossfit and Orange Theory fitness incorporates high-high-intensity interval training, Crossfit is more versatile. Crossfit involves multiple types of weightlifting, plyometrics, gymnastics, calisthenics, and even strongman exercises. Thus, Orange Theory fitness is more inviting to the common person!


Why Working Out Is Important: Health & Fitness

Now, before you learn all about Orange Theory fitness, it is important to recognize the value of exercise. Especially in the year of 2018. Right now, America is facing a serious obesity problem. According to data, nearly 160 million Americans are obese or overweight. Thus, everyone should be encouraged to be active and to get fit. At the very least, everyone should be physically active on a daily basis! Read some information about Orange Theory fitness below and then sign up for a class.


What Exactly Is Orange Theory Fitness? The History & Current Status

According to the Orange Theory website, this exercise is a 1-hour, full body work. It focuses on power, strength, and endurance. A heart-rate based interval training aims to burn more calories than your ordinary workout. You get a heart rate monitor when you arrive. Then, real time results show up so you can track your heart rate. The best part is that you do not feel any pressure to push yourself too far. The workout is catered to your level of fitness.

The work intensity varies based on everyone’s individual heart rate zones. Certified coaches help you workout without overtraining. After all, that is how people end up getting injured. Instead, you enjoy a workout class that is built for everyone. Not just the fitness freaks that already have plenty of endurance. Do not hesitate to buy some of the best shoes for Orange Theory. Then go and sign up for a very fun workout routine!

Across the globe, fitness lovers are falling in love with the Orange Theory fitness routine. Now, this company has celebrity and athlete endorsements as well. Even the Olympian athlete Lolo Jones is a spokesperson for the workout company. As a result, anyone that goes to Orange Theory classes often should keep it up. On the other hand, rookies should get involves today.


High-Intensity Interval Training: The Fact

The high-intensity interval training is the key source for the amazing results. According to experts, these interval workouts are the best way to burn fat. Data shows that these workouts can burn calories up to for hours after the workout. Therefore, it continually burns fat even after you are done! However, when you workout alone you do not receive the proper guidance. This is why so many people love Orange Theory fitness.

Examples of high-intensity interval training can include springing or using an ergometer. An ergometer is basically a rowing machine that simulates the motion of rowing in a boat. These workouts involve one period of a high-intensity workout and then another period of rest. Usually, the rest period is always shorter than the high-intensity portion. The key here involves your body and how it reacts to the workout.


Is Orange Theory Better Than A Regular Gym Workout?

To be blunt, yes. Orange Theory workouts provide the same after effect as high-intensity interval training. The entire goal is to create an afterburn effect. That way, you burn calories long after the workout has finished. But, Orange Theory workouts take this concept to another level. Professional fitness coaches oversee the hour-long workout. Results show that participants burn calories up to 36 hours after they finish working out!

Orange Theory is great for experienced fitness freaks that love to sweat it out. However, this workout is also perfect for newcomers. You have a coaching staff to help you get through the workout. Furthermore, they prevent you from doing anything excessively painful. You also avoid the pressure of continuing when your body is in pain. Look at some of the best shoes for Orange Theory and then get active today!


What To Look For In The Best Shoes For Orange Theory

As previously mentioned, there are a lot of shoe options available for Orange Theory workouts. The shoe market is stronger than ever before. People want different shoes for different occasions. This does is not contained to only working out. Customers even distinguish high-end clothing into informal wear and more formal wear. So there is even an abundance of subcategories to navigate. Thus, this buying guide to the best shoes for Orange Theory is very helpful.

There are a few things that matter when it comes to getting shoes for working out. Workout shoes have certain qualities that enhance movement, provide support, and make the shoes comfortable. Therefore, these are a few examples of concepts to focus on. That way, you get some of the best Orange Theory workout shoes on the market. Use these factors below to help guide your purchase.


Shoe Price

Price is the easiest factor to deal with. You are either on a budget or you are not. If you have no budget then go crazy. Get the best shoes at the premium price and do not look back. However, shoppers on a budget, rejoice. There are great shoes available at a fair price. But, the best shoes for Orange Theory are not necessarily the cheapest shoes. So be prepared to spend some money no matter what.

Before you shop options, set up a budget. The best way to make a budget involved establishing two important numbers. One number is the smallest amount of money you want to spend. The other number is the most money you are willing to spend. Once the budget is done, shopping is much easier. You can rule out all options outside of your budget and focus on the worthy choices!


Shoe Durability

Now, it is important to be realistic about durability with shoes. Even the best shoes for Orange Theory do not last forever. Obviously, low-quality shoes fall apart in just a week. You do not want that. No one wants that. So you need to get durable shoes that can get through a good amount of workouts. But, it is highly unlikely that you can rely on these shoes for more than a year.

Durability all depends on the design and your workout frequency. If you workout every day for an hour for a year, that puts mileage on shoes. While the shoes should be durable, the wear and tear catch up with time. So your shoes are not going to be invincible if you take Orange Theory workout classes. However, good durability is still important!

Focus on stitching and craftsmanship for durability. Better stitching holds together over time. Regardless of pressure, this stitching keeps the shoes together. As a result, anyone that cares about durability will make sure their shoes are made of a good material!


Stability & Support

Stability and support vary from person to person. Some people want a lot of support and some people need a lot of support. If you have flat feet or feet problems, get the best support possible. Plantar fasciitis and flat feet should not prevent you from working out. Instead, anyone and everyone should enjoy a great workout session. There are options available for you and all of your feet issues.

Support is key in the outsole and the ankle area. Firm laces provide a good fit that is tight. Thus, the shoes stand up to pressure as you jump and run. Orange Theory fitness specifically involves a lot of running and jumping. So get shoes with good support so you avoid knee and ankle pain! The best shoes for Orange Theory provide firm support for you.



When you workout, you sweat. When you sweat, your feet smell bed. As a result, sweaty feet absolutely stink up shoes. It does not matter if you are a man or a woman. There is nothing more embarrassing than having smelly feet and smelly shoes. Especially if you are trying to make friends at your workout classes. Therefore, the best shoes for Orange Theory is built to be breathable. Keep an eye out for the material and the upper design as well

Mesh is the best material for anyone prioritizing breathability. Also, the upper area is going to provide a good fit. More often than not, lace-up closures are the best option for breathability. Adjust the laces for a tighter fit or to loosen up the laces. However, some shoes are made specifically with ventilation holes. That way, air flows in and out to keep you cool. Buy yourself the best Orange Theory shoes and enjoy working out.


Material Of The Shoe

The material of your shoe is a huge deal. After all, the material is going to affect many of the aforementioned factors. Furthermore, the material can even dictate the performance mentioned below. So take your time while looking at different types of materials. Even look at shoes that you currently own. Use them as a reference for what type of material you want.

Mesh material is the best material for anyone working out. The best shoes for Orange Theory are made of synthetic or mesh material. Whatever you do, avoid leather material. First, leather is a harder material and is not flexible. Second, leather is not lightweight in design and makes working out difficult. Lastly, leather is hot and will smelly absolutely terrible. Get the right shoe material in your shoes for the best workout experience.


Shoe Performance

When you workout, you need shoes that perform. Shoes that protect you and allow natural movements. For instance, lightweight shoes always perform better in a workout. The lighter the shoe, the faster you move. Do not hinder yourself with heavy and clunky shoes. Instead, impress other fitness fans as you tear it up at your Orange Theory workout. But, there is more to shoe performance than just a lightweight design.

Shock absorption and traction mean absolutely everything. As previously mentioned, Orange Theory fitness involves a lot of running and jumping. You need traction to get a good grip as you run and jump. If not, you slip and slide everywhere in an embarrassing manner. Especially if you are jumping onto workout stations and running on a track. Get good traction on your shoes to perform best during a workout.

Finally, shock absorption is a great feature for all workout shoes. Especially if you deal with any type of foot pain. As your foot hits the ground, the pressure creates impact stress. However, shock absorption takes away this pressure and the impact stress. Therefore, you can get around without any discomfort and any pain. Make sure that your shoes have this type of cushioning on the bottom. Make sure that you get the best shoes for Orange Theory available.


Brand Name

Brand name is a subjective factor when buying the best shoes for Orange Theory. If you care about brand name products, buy a brand name shoe. If you do not care about brand name products, then focus on what matters to you. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to products. Customers might only trust brand name products and will not trust off-brand shoes.

If you care about brand names then focus on the best sports brands names. The best brands include Nike, Adidas, and even Reebok. Now, customers may look at Adidas and Nike as the superior brands. Do not be fooled. Nike and Adidas are definitely great brands to buy from. However, Reebok has focused their efforts on crossfit shoes and other types of training shoes. Therefore, Reebok may have the best Orange Theory shoes for you.



Size is the trickiest part of ordering shoes. Especially if you want to order shoes online. After all, the wrong size cancels out all features on a shoe. Layers of cushioning do not matter if the shoe is too narrow for your feet. On the other hand, if your foot does not fit then the shoe is completely useless. Therefore, you must have patience when buying shoes online. Do not rush during the process or you may get the wrong size.

Amazon always provides a size chart for customers. Use the size chart to your benefit. Furthermore, utilize other resources like customer reviews. Usually, customers leave reviews if they get the wrong size. Furthermore, customers note if the shoe runs large or runs small. Simply put, if a shoe runs large then it is bigger than the size may suggest. So if you wear a 10, you may want to order a size 9. On the other hand, shoes that run small are smaller than usual. So if you wear a 10, order an 11.


Best Shoes for Orange Theory Fitness Classes Reviews

Orange Theory Fitness is not contained or separated by gender. Anyone and everyone can get in on the fitness fun. After all, everyone and anyone should be in the best shape possible. Being in shape and being healthy usually go hand-in-hand. Therefore, the top ten list must offer options for all genders. Well, you are in luck, this is exactly how this top ten list is put together.

This list of the top 10 best shoes for Orange Theory Fitness is divided into two halves. The first five shoes are all exclusively for women. Then, the bottom half is made of workout shoes specifically for men. Use this list to help you get the very best shoes for your Orange Theory Fitness. You need the best performing shoes possible to avoid injury and discomfort. Get yourself the best possible shoes for an Orange Theory Fitness class!


ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoes

Asics produces some of the very best running and fitness shoes on the market. Thus, you can trust this brand to provide you with the best shoes for Orange Theory Fitness. Women, look no further if you want the best overall shoes. Now, these shoes may be a bit pricey. So customers on a budget may want to look elsewhere. However, if you pay the full price you are getting some truly amazing shoes!

A rubber sole is built for durability. That way, these shoes stand up to multiple workout classes. The rear foot GEL cushioning system is great for working out. As a result, these ASIC shoes actively reduce the impact of your foot hitting the ground. This is incredibly comforting and supportive while in an Orange Theory Fitness Class. After all, so much of the workout involves jumping around and moving. So you need impact absorption to take the pressure off of your feet.

The stand out feature of this shoe is the removable sockliner. Simply put, you can take out the suckling to add your own medical orthotic. Therefore, you can upgrade the comfort with your own additions. Plus, it is wonderful for anyone that has an orthotic recommendation from a podiatrist. Now, some customers note these shoes run large. So be sure to get the right size with your best shoes for Orange Theory!



  • Shock Absorbing Material
  • Stylish Appearance
  • Incredibly Comfortable



  • Sizing Issues
  • Lack of Arch Support
  • A Bit On The Pricey Side


Brooks Womens Adrenaline GTS 18

First and foremost, these shoes are a #1 bestseller on Amazon. Simply put, customers love wearing these shoes during workouts. Thus, they are surely some of the best shoes for Orange Theory available. But, much like the first option, these shoes can get a bit pricey. Do not feel pressured into going above your budget. Be sure to find shoes that perform well and do not cost too much. However, anyone that just wants the best shoes regardless of price can buy these!

Anyone that needs overpronation stability, you are in luck. These shoes are the perfect support for anyone with flat feet. Also, the mesh material is not just breathable it is quite flexible as well. So you wear shoes that naturally move with your foot. Thus, these Brooks Adrenaline shoes feel like your bare feet. Enjoy superior comfort while moving freely in your workout class.

The plush tongue and collar looks great and is soft to the touch. So you can finish your intense workout without any discomfort. Furthermore, the premier cushioning is great for relief from foot pain. Get yourself these shoes and you get some of the best shoes for Orange Theory fitness. Dominate your workouts in style. Again, there are two real detractors here and one is the price tag. Although some customers complained about a lack of durability.



  • Great For People With Foot Problems
  • Premier Comfort
  • High-End Support



  • Expensive
  • Potential Durability Issues


Saucony Women’s Triumph ISO Running Shoe

Anyone that wants durability and flexibility, stop right here. These shoes are made of 100% synthetic material. As a result, the shoe material is going to feel natural as you workout. There is no discomfort in these shoes. The lace-up design is great for your own preferences as well. Tighten the shoes as tight as you want or simply loosen them up if you want some extra room. No matter what, these are certainly some of the best shoes for Orange Theory.

The breathable mesh material comes with a padded tongue and collar. A shoe’s tongue and collar are responsible for comfortability and support. Thus, the padded material adds an extra layer of coziness. Furthermore, the breathable mesh material lets you stay cool and avoid sweaty feet. After all, sweaty feet are often the source bad smells and foul odors. Especially if the shoes do not breath well.

A focus on the outside has created some serious traction. Plus, the performance cushioning combines with durable mid-foot outsole pods. These shoes are built to perform and are not too expensive. All the while, you enjoy some stylish shoes. Now, keep in mind that some customers complained about these shoes being narrow. Look through reviews and get the right size. Then, enjoy working out in the best shoes for Orange Theory.



  • Sleek Design
  • Great Color Choices
  • Cushioning Comfort



  • Narrow Shoes
  • Not Good For Anyone With Foot Problems


Mizuno Women’s Wave Inspire 12 Running Shoe

Another pair of shoes made from 100% synthetic material. Thus, these shoes last for a long time and perfectly compliment an active lifestyle. Furthermore, the synthetic sole lasts longer than any other sole material. A redesigned upper is better than ever before. As a result, you enjoy a great combination of support and soft material. Structure and comfort are the most attractive parts of these shoes. If you want these features, then these are best shoes for Orange Theory for you.

The forefront boasts increased blown rubber. As a result, the shoes are both soft and durable. Mizuno always strives to take steps forward in shoe creation. The redesigned U4iC midsole platform lightens the foot impact on touch down. Therefore, anyone with flat feet that needs relief, you are in luck! These shoes help you avoid all of the pain that comes with running and working out.

If you have flat feet or any foot problem, these shoes are a great choice. After all, they are some of the best shoes for Orange Theory available. Get the proper support and stability that you need for your workout. But, keep in mind these shoes are rather pricey. So do not feel pressured to reach outside of your pre-set budget.



  • Great Fit
  • Good For Foot Problems
  • Amazing Workout Shoes



  • Expensive


Reebok Women’s CROSSFIT Nano 8.0 Flexweave Cross Trainer

First and foremost, these are fully mad made shoes. Thus, the handcrafted nature of these shoes is unique amongst other options. You get shoes made with a focus on durability and attention to details. Therefore, these are some of the best shoes for Orange Theory in terms of appearance. So if you care about style more than anything else, you are in luck. These Reebok shoes are made just for you!

The upper is made of flexweave material, which is a Reebok exclusive material. This material provides you with security, flexibility, and durability needed for lifting or exercising. At the same time, the minimal drop outsole helps give you plenty of stability. You can workout for a long time without feeling any pain or discomfort. Also, the wide toe box gives customers more than enough room in the front of the shoe. Move without any constraint wearing these shoes!

Reebok is a brand name that almost everyone knows. Therefore, you can trust them to make some of the best shoes for working out. Do not hesitate to purchase these shoes if you shop without a budget. However, the expensive price tag is not necessarily appealing to all. Keep this in mind as you search for the best shoes for Orange Theory!



  • Highly-Functional
  • Worth The Money
  • High-Quality Workout Shoe



  • Narrow Design
  • Takes Time To Break In
  • Expensive Price


Reebok Men’s CROSSFIT Nano 2.0 Cross Trainer

Look no further if you want the best shoes for Orange Theory for men. As mentioned earlier, Reebok is a brand name that many customers trust. Now, Reebok has closed in on the Crossfit market. As other companies focus on basketball shoes and cleats, Reebok makes the best Crossfit shoes on the planet. As a result, these shoes are going to be perfect for all Orange Theory Fitness classes. Plus, the best part is that these shoes are really affordable.

The 3-D FuseFrame creation provides you with a lightweight shoe that is incredibly supportive. As a result, you can move around without any issues in your workout class. Furthermore, the open-weave mesh upper comes with synthetic overlays. This provides you with breathability and comfort. Not to mention a good fit that is not too tight but not too loose. As you will learn, shoes can become a real problem if they do not fit. Especially while you are in a workout class. Avoid this by getting some great Orange Theory Fitness shoes.

A DuraGrip toe wrap offers you durability. At the same time, forefoot grooves offer up premier flexibility. Customers can move with premier comfort. With these shoes, you are going to show off at the next workout class. So buy yourself some of the best shoes for Orange Theory. You will definitely not regret it!



  • Amazing All-Around Shoe
  • Good Support For Plantar Fasciitis
  • Breathable & Flexible Material



  • Sizing Issues


Adidas Men’s Ultraboost Road Running Shoe

Adidas is one of the premier sports brands on the planet. While they are not focused on Crossfit shoes like Reebok, Adidas has some great options. So much so, that they have made one of the best shoes for Orange Theory on the market. The Adidas Ultraboost Road Running Shoe is built for physical activity. As a result, you get to wear brand name shoes that live up to the name. Perform well at your next workout class wearing these stylish shoes.

The Adidas Primeknit upper is the standout feature in this workout shoe. An intelligently engineered knit torsion system is right between the heel and forefoot. As a result, you benefit from stability and balance. Not to mention the locked-down fit with fit counter molded heel provides great support. All the while, a continental rubber outsole offers premier traction and grip. Thus, you are going to get some great performances from these fitness shoes.

Now, these shoes can get a little bit pricey. Be sure to remember this while searching for the best shoes for Orange Theory. As previously mentioned, a higher price tag does not always reflect higher quality and material. Be sure to get shoes that you like and do not cost you too much money!



  • Amazingly Comfortable
  • Stylish Design
  • Fitness Performance



  • Potential Durability Issues


Mizuno Men’s Wave Inspire 12 Running Shoe

Mizuno makes some of the best shoes for Orange Theory, regardless of gender. As a result, their shoes grace this list twice. Once for the women above and now once for the men. Customers that need extra width are in luck. These shoes are available in widths. So you can make sure that the shoes are not too narrow for your feet. Narrow shoes result in pain, discomfort, and general soreness.

Mizuno shoes are 100% manmade. The handcrafted details are built to last and look so wonderful in the gym. You will definitely stand out amongst other fitness freaks! Customers get a better upper, a better forefront design, and a softer touch down onto the ground. So these shoes are great for anyone that has flat feet. After all, anyone with flat feet usually deals with pain upon impacting the ground. Do not let your flat feet stand in the way of your next Orange Theory Fitness class.

Some customers noted that it took time to break these shoes in. Thus, you should try to wear them around the house before you head to your workout class. Let them break in and they will be much more comfortable in the long run. Also, these are some of the most inexpensive best shoes for Orange Theory available. So save yourself some money and get great value in return!



  • Firm & Smooth Design
  • Great Flexibility
  • High-Quality Appearance



  • Durability Issues


Brook Men’s Ravenna 7

The lace-up closure is complemented by the plush tongue and collar. Therefore, you get a good fit with some extra cushioning. These Brooks men’s shoes are the best shoes for Orange Theory if you are a mild overpronator. Avoid the usual discomfort and pain that comes with working out. Instead, protect your feet and enjoy working out for a long period of time. You can crush your Orange Theory Fitness class without any problems!

The upper is built to actively manage moisture. Thus, these shoes are protected from all types of elements outdoors. All the while, these shoes are so breathable and fit well. The linens are made to wick away moisture and prevent over-sweating. After all, workouts always get sweaty. You do not want to smell bad or deal with terrible odors in your shoes. Instead, let this pair of fitness shoes do all of the dirty work for you!

The Forefoot pods create energy return. As a result, the energy from your foot impacting the ground is given back to you. These shoes offer more bounce and explosiveness than the usual fitness shoes. Due to this, they are amongst the best shoes for Orange Theory on the market!



  • Nice Fit
  • Amazing Support
  • Enhances Natural Motion



  • Potential Sizing Issues


Nike Men’s Metcon 2 Cross Training Shoes

First and foremost, Nike is one of the top sports brands on the planet. As a matter of fact, many may argue it is the very best above the rest. As a result, Nike is a great company for anyone that needs the best shoes for Orange Theory. After all, Nike always wants to reinvent how people think about and wear their shoes. Plus, these Metcon shoes are super stylish. You can even pick from a number of different color combinations for your workout classes!

The super-strong cables in this shoe are combined along with the laces. These two parts work together to keep your foot secure. The tighter fit provides you with more support as you workout. Furthermore, lightweight cushioning is great for comfort and mobility. After all, your shoe should not be heavy at all. Heavier shoes are harder to move in and can restrict your movements. This makes a work harder than it needs to be!

A rubber sole gives you more than enough traction. Grip all types of surfaces as you push through an intense workout. All the while, a mesh upper gives you support without sacrificing comfort. While this is the last choice on this list, it is not the least. You can still get the best shoes for Orange Theory with this choice. Now, some customers noted problems with durability. But, others said these shoes lasted them for quite some time! Look through reviews and judge for yourself.



  • Enables Movement
  • Lightweight Design
  • Perfect For Training



  • Potential Durability Issues


Final Thoughts & Recommendations

If you are an Orange Theory fitness regular, use this buying guide. Get some of the best shoes available to enhance your workouts. You will feel less pain and will perform so much better in class. Rookies should use this buying guide as well. Fitness freaks are looking get as active as possible. So why not try something new that is going to help you enhance your workout!

Buy yourself some of the best Orange Theory shoes and then sign up for a class. All of the top ten shoes on this list are built to perform. Again, focus on what you value in your workout shoes. Support, stability, comfort, and style are all different aspects of a good workout shoe. Make sure that your purchase is the right one. Take control of your life and get into shape. You will love how you feel and look!


Best Shoes For Orange Theory Overall For Women

ASICS Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoes

These women’s shoes are the very best shoes available for women. The Asics name provides customers with a renewed manufacturer. Thus, you are getting guaranteed value for your hard-earned cash. Look no further if you want the very best shoes for your feet!


Best Shoes For Orange Theory Overall For Men

Rebook CROSSFIT Nano 2.0 Cross Trainer

The Reebok Nano 2.0 shoes are definitely the best Orange Theory shoes for men. The outsole is built with a texture that grips surfaces. Thus, you can run and jump with some truly impressive control. Above all else, these shoes look absolutely great!


Best Shoes For Orange Theory At Premium Price For Women

Mizuno Wave Inspire 12 Running Shoe

These women’s shoes are a great choice if you have no budget. Feel free to splurge and get yourself some amazing workout shoes. The breathable upper and double fan wave technology keeps you cool. No matter how hard you sweat, avoid overheating during a workout. Plus, it helps you dodge smelly feet!


Best Shoes For Orange Theory At Premium Price For Men

Adidas Ultraboost Road Running Shoe

An Adidas Primeknit upper is the standout feature in this shoe. This specific feature sets these shoes apart from other options. However, the hefty price tag may not be great. Look no further if you want the best shoes for men regardless of price.


Best Shoes For Orange Theory for the Money

Saucony Triumph ISO Running Shoe

Anyone that wants to save money on their women’s workout shoes, you are in luck! These stylish little shoes are the least expensive option on the market. All the while, you get reliable and high-quality performance during a workout. These shoes offer great traction and performance cushioning. As a result, we recommend them as the most valuable shoes for Orange Theory.


Best Shoes For Orange Theory for the Money

Nike Metcon 2 Cross Training Shoe

If you want to get value, then this is for you. These are the most valuable men’s workout shoes. Therefore, they are the most valuable Orange Theory fitness shoes. Plus, you get a Nike brand product at the end of the day. Save money and get a high-performance shoe for your workout!


Frequently Asked Questions About Shoes for Orange Theory Fitness


Is An Orange Theory Fitness Membership Worth It?

This all depends on how often you work out. If you workout once or twice a week, it may be a good idea to get a normal gym membership. However, if you are dedicated to getting into serious shape then sign up as soon as possible. As previously mentioned, the entire focus is to continue burning calories after the workout is done. So you are going to burn more calories in one hour than you would in three.

The best part of signing up for an Orange Theory class involves working out with others. A good system of checks and balances to keep you honest. Also, the coaches are encouraging and monitor your activity. As a result, you will not overdo it at your workout class! Instead, you safely workout and enjoy yourself!

Can I Do Orange Theory Fitness If I Have a Disability?

Yes. As a matter of fact, Orange Theory fitness is a great idea for anyone with a problem. The coaches can adjust the workout to your physical situation and fitness level. Therefore, everything revolves around you and your body. You do not need to avoid a fun workout because of a physical injury. Instead, the routine can be shaped to your specific situation!

How Do I Know If I Need Extra Support?

Call a podiatrist and schedule an appointment. They can check out your feet and make specific recommendations. They will even provide you with specific over-the-counter orthotic recommendations.

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