10 Best Shoes for Dancing in 2021: Hip Hop, Ballroom, & Salsa Dancing Shoes

Shoes for Dancing

When it comes time to get on your feet and dance, proper footwear is critically important. Whether you’re a total beginner or a seasoned dancer, having a great pair of dancing shoes will make all the difference as you start dancing and moving. Dancing, contrary to what some people may believe, is a physically taxing activity that puts a great deal of strain on the body. Whether your specialty is ballroom dance, jazz, tap, hip hop, ballet, or any style in between, it’s crucial to take care of your body with a comfortable, supportive pair of dancing shoes.

Here, we’ve brought together a collection of the best dance shoes available today. Whether you’re looking for an impeccable pair of tap shoes, a beautiful pair of ballet slippers, or something in between, we’ve got you covered with ten detailed product reviews. Plus, we’ve created a thorough buying guide to lead you through the shoe shopping process and ensure that you select the perfect pair of shoes for your needs.

Top Shoes for Dancing Comparison Chart

ProductMaterialStyle of DanceHeel HeightPriceWhere to Buy?
Tent Linodes Leather Upper Jazz Shoe Slip-onLeatherJazz0.4 in$Check Price On Amazon
Stelle 2” Character Dance Shoes for Women Big KidSyntheticAny2 in$Check Price On Amazon
Bloch Dance Women’s Jason Samuels Smith Professional Leather Tap ShoeLeatherTap$$$$Check Price On Amazon
Bloch Dance Women’s Pulse Leather and Neoprene Split Sole Jazz ShoeLeather/NeopreneJazz0 in$$$Check Price On Amazon
Bloch Dance Women’s Tap-Flex Leather Tap ShoeLeatherTap$$$Check Price On Amazon
TTdancewear Women Rhinestone Performance Dance ShoesSatinBallroom2.5-3 in$$Check Price On Amazon
Dynadans Women’s Leather Upper Slip-on Jazz ShoeLeatherJazz0.4 in$Check Price On Amazon
Bloch Dance Women’s Prolite II Hybrid Ballet Slipper/ShoeLeather & FabricBallet0 in$Check Price On Amazon
Ballroom Practice Dance Shoes 2.5” HeelsSatin/SuedeBallroom 2.5 in$Check Price On Amazon
Nfinity Adult Evolution Cheer ShoesLeatherCheer$$$Check Price On Amazon

Shoes for Dancing Buying Guide: What to Consider in Top Shoes for Dancing

Before making a purchase, you should understand the elements that make up a great pair of shoes for dancing. This is a specialized area of the shoe industry and there are, therefore, numerous factors to consider. While finding an attractive pair of dancing shoes is crucial, comfort is also a necessity since dancing can be taxing on the body. You must find a balance of form and function in the pair of dancing shoes that’s right for you.

Below, we’ve listed the main factors to look for in your search for dancing shoes. This information will help to further educate you in the realm of dancing shoes so that you can make a purchasing decision with confidence.

Style of Dance

First and foremost, settle on the style of dance you need a pair of shoes for. Different types of dance require very different shoes that vary in construction, features, and style. For example, if you’re seeking a pair of shoes to wear in ballet class, a pair of tap dancing shoes won’t satisfy any of your needs.

In this article, we’ve provided shoe options for the following styles of dance:


Tap dancing requires a shoe with top-quality steel taps, a sturdy sole and upper, and a snug fit. Due to the fact that the sound that the shoe makes is of great importance in tap dancing, finding a high-caliber shoe with well-constructed steel taps is critical.

Tap shoes are generally relatively pricey, especially when compared to other types of dancing shoes. This is because tap shoes simply require more materials in their construction, and are generally made from leather and steel. However, once you purchase an awesome pair of tap shoes, you’ll be wearing them for awhile, given that they’re built to be sturdy. So, just think of a high-quality pair of tap shoes as an investment in the future of your dancing.


Ballroom shoes can easily be mistaken for a simple pair of heels, but much more goes into this special type of dance shoe. The height and design of the heel, construction of the buckle, material, and decorative design of the shoe are all important factors in ballroom shoes.

Ballroom shoes for women are heeled, but the heel must be perfectly flat and have some width at the base to provide stability. The buckle of ballroom shoes should provide plenty of holes for adjustability so that everyone can achieve the perfect fit. As far as material goes, many pairs of ballroom shoes are made with attractive satin on the upper and a sturdier material, such as suede, for the sole.

The element of ballroom shoes that truly make them stand apart from the rest is the decorative design. Ballroom shoes for women frequently feature ornate designs or decorations such as rhinestones. Ballroom shoes may also be available in many colors, from neutrals like nude and black to flashier options like red. These visually exciting elements make ballroom shoes appropriate for both the stage and the studio.


Shoes for jazz are a simple type of dance shoe and are typically quite affordable. Jazz requires a good base to turn and spin on, as well as flexibility in the arch to show off the line of the foot. Many pairs of jazz shoes are unisex and available in black or nude. Black shoes are desirable because they provide a classic look that coordinates well with many costumes. In addition, black jazz shoes are often worn for musical theater numbers. However, nude jazz shoes are many dancers’ top choice because the color more easily blends with their skin tones and the shoes won’t leave black marks on dance floors.

Jazz shoes are typically made from leather with a stretch material at the arch and a soft lining, often made of cotton. These shoes also have a slight heel and may or may not feature laces for a tighter fit.


Ballet slippers are classic dance shoes that come in many varieties. Some ballet slippers are made entirely from a canvas material, some are made from leather, and some are made from a combination of leather and canvas. Modern ballet slippers have a split-sole design, with a section of stretch material at the arch to provide a greater range of motion and accentuate the shape of the foot.

Ballet slippers commonly feature a drawstring, enabling the dancer to tighten the upper more closely to the shape of their foot. This type of dancing shoe also generally has elastics that cross over the top of the feet to keep them securely in the shoe.

Traditionally, ballet slippers are pink for women and black or white for men. Some ballet slippers are available in nude tones to blend with your skin tone.

Cheer/Hip Hop

Shoes for cheerleading or hip hop often look and feel a lot like sneakers. The important elements of this type of dance shoe are comfort and arch support. Just like a regular athletic shoe, cheer shoes should feature ample arch support and protection for the ankle. These shoes should also include plenty of cushioning to keep your feet feeling great, even after hours and hours of intense dancing.

More To Consider

Now that we’ve reviewed the main styles of dance and the characteristics of each style, let’s look over additional factors to consider as you shop for dancing shoes:


Generally speaking, dancing shoes can vary greatly in price. While you may easily find a suitable pair of jazz shoes for under $20, a great pair of tap shoes can cost well over $100. Fortunately, there are many brands for dance shoes out there, and no matter which style of dance you’re shopping for, you’ll have options to satisfy many different price points.

If affordability is your main priority, know that the cheapest shoe option may not actually be the most cost-efficient. Dance shoes wear out over time–it’s inevitable. However, cheaper shoes will almost certainly wear out faster than higher-end, more expensive options. If you have an intense dancing schedule and will be dancing in the shoes vigorously for extended periods of time, you may want to consider a mid-to upper-range shoe that offers excellent quality. When the shoes are well-made and of a higher caliber, they’ll survive through intense use for far longer than an inexpensive shoe, meaning that you’ll be saved from repurchasing shoes as often. Frequently, having to repurchase cheap shoes again and again will add up to be more expensive than one sturdy, high-caliber, and higher-priced pair of dance shoes.


With dance shoes, it’s crucial that you find a size that fits just right. Shoes that are even a bit too loose are too tight can become extremely uncomfortable as you dance, and could even cause injury. Unfortunately, finding your perfect size in a pair of dance shoes can be tricky. First off, many pairs of dance shoes have unique sizing that’s different from street shoe sizing. For example, a brand of ballet slippers may advise customers to select two sizes up from their normal street shoe size. Pay careful attention to size charts as you shop, and check out what other customers have to say about the sizing in reviews, too.

Clearly, there are many factors to consider as you shop for the perfect pair of dance shoes. Once you select the style of dance you’re shopping for, always be sure to check out the cost and sizing of the shoe. Paying careful attention to these important factors will ensure that you get exactly what you’re looking for!

The Ten Best Shoes for Dancing Reviews

From jazz to ballet to ballroom and more, the selection of fantastic dancing shoes listed below has it all. We’ve considered quality, style, cost, comfort, and durability to round up the leading shoes for dancing on the market today; check them all out to discover which product is the perfect fit for you.

Tent Linodes Leather Upper Jazz Shoe Slip-on

The Tent Linodes Leather Upper Jazz Shoe Slip-On is a best-selling shoe. One fantastic aspect of these jazz shoes is that they are appropriate for men and women alike. Simply select your standard shoe size, then add 1.5-2 sizes for men or 0.5 of a size for women. So, whether you’re a man or a woman, you can enjoy the various benefits of these classic jazz shoes.

Constructed of soft leather, the Ten Linodes Jazz Shoes are available in both black and brown. Black jazz shoes provide a traditional look, while brown shoes more closely blend in with skin tones. In addition, brown shoes won’t leave black marks on marley dance floors. The synthetic soles of these shoes are flexible and provide enough support for dancers.

The upper portion of these jazz shoes is made of leather and satin for a classy look. The lining of these dance shoes is made of leatherette and cotton for a smooth feel as you move. These jazz shoes have a split-sole design for greater flexibility at the arch, creating a beautiful foot line as well as a larger range of motion. The heel of these shoes measures about 0.4 inches and is flat, enabling you to dance with enhanced stability.

The price of these shoes may vary depending on the selected size. However, affordability is a wonderful benefit of these shoes from the brand Tent.


  • These shoes come in both black and brown, allowing you to select the perfect color to suit your needs.
  • The Tent Jazz Shoes are unisex, so both men and women can enjoy the numerous benefits that this product has to offer.
  • The satin and leather upper construction is attractive and functional.
  • The split-sole design offers heightened flexibility for the foot and allows for a more appealing foot line.
  • The flat 0.4-inch heel provides stability.


  • It may be tricky for some dancers to find their perfect size in these shoes, as you must add to the standard sizing, depending on your gender, in order to get the right fit.
  • After extensive use, the cotton lining of these shoes may bunch or roll up.

Stelle 2” Character Dance Shoes for Women Big Kid

For a classic, affordable, and versatile pair of character shoes for dancing, consider the Stelle 2” Character Dance Shoes. Available in sizes for both women and girls, these shoes are a fitting choice for female dancers of many ages.

The Stelle Character Dance Shoes are constructed of genuine imitation leather for a traditional, timeless look. Available in both black and tan, you can select the color you need for class or the stage. In addition, these character dance shoes have a 2-inch square heel–a height that’s manageable and comfortable for even your most intense dance routines.

For comfort and circulation as you move, these Stelle dance shoes have a breathable lining. This model provides an awesome fit from the start, with no need to break the shoes in, so you can start dancing at your best right away. An attached ankle strap with a pin buckle ensures that you get a secure, custom fit.

The round toe design of these character shoes prevents pinching of the toes to keep you on your feet comfortably for hours and hours. The soles of these shoes are incredibly soft and feature a memory foam cushion for support. Dancing in high heel may sound like a recipe for poor foot health, but these character dance shoes are designed to minimize foot pain while you dance.

These shoes from the brand Stelle are an affordable option for all character dancers. This product runs true to size–simply select your street shoe size, and you’re good to go. Whether you’re ballroom dancing, dancing in a musical theater production, character dancing, or just need a great pair of heeled performance shoes, this product from Stelle is worth your consideration.


  • These Stelle character shoes are available in sizes for both women and girls.
  • The imitation leather construction is available in both black and tan and provides a classic look.
  • The square 2-inch heel is comfortable and stable to dance with.
  • The breathable lining of these dance shoes curbs sweatiness, even after hours of dancing.
  • These shoes have a round toe design to keep your toes from feeling pinched.
  • The soft memory foam sole is comfortable to reduce foot pain and minimize swelling.


  • These Stelle dance shoes feature a sole that’s stickier than competing options, which may be inconvenient for performing turns and pivots.

Bloch Dance Women’s Jason Samuels Smith Professional Leather Tap Shoe

Do you need a classic tap shoe for both the studio and the stage? In that case, check out the Bloch Professional Leather Tap Shoe. This high-quality shoe is made from 100% leather for a classic, top-caliber look. It’s available in both black and white, enabling you to select the perfect design for your needs. While these Bloch tap shoes are undoubtedly pricey and a significant financial investment, serious tap dancers will make great use out of these exceptional dance shoes.

The Oxford style of these Bloch tap shoes is timeless and attractive, providing an old-school style for the modern tapper. But, these shoes are far more than just aesthetically beautiful; they are highly functional as well. The design of these shoes features specially developed metal bonding procedures. This makes sure that the screws holding the metal taps in place can’t become loose unless altered by the dancer. So, as the dancer, you won’t have to worry about the taps inconveniently loosening over time.

For complete durability, these tap shoes have a triple-stacked heel and a double stacked hard leather outsole. These features increase the longevity of the shoes, making them well worth the high price. In addition, there is a top-quality steel resonance plate between the tap and the leather outsole of these shoes. The resonance plate enables the dancer to achieve incredible pitch and depth of sound with every tap, instantly boosting performance quality. These shoes are built to achieve the maximum tap plate contact with the dance floor, or any flat surface, to create the best possible quality of sound.

As far as sizing goes, begin by selecting one size larger than your street shoe size.


  • The quality of these taps shoes is simply exceptional, namely from the metal bonding procedures, which prevent any unintentional loosening of the tap screws.
  • The triple-stacked heel and double stacked hard leather outsole provide excellent durability so that these shoes will last for years to come.
  • The steel resonance plate placed between the tap and the hard leather outsole enhances the pitch and depth of every tap sound.
  • The true leather Oxford design is beautiful, versatile, and classy.


  • These shoes are expensive and are therefore not a budget-friendly dance shoe option.
  • You must pay special attention to the sizing of these tap shoes because, for a significant number of customers, they did not fit as expected.

Bloch Dance Women’s Pulse Leather and Neoprene Split Sole Jazz Shoe

Also from the brand Bloch, these neoprene jazz shoes are a staple in most dancers’ wardrobes. The 100% leather and neoprene construction provides flexibility, durability, and breathability so that you can dance comfortably for hours on end. The upper portion is made of leather, while the arch section is made of neoprene stretch satin and holds closely to the arch for a beautiful foot line.

To further show of the arches of the feet, these jazz shoes feature an embossed pleat detail. In addition, the front sole of the shoe is made from moldable suede. This material enables dancers to truly feel the floor as they dance, making turning and spinning more enjoyable than ever. Adding to the feeling of being close to the floor, a low profile heel provides exceptional control so that dancers can stop on a dime. A rubber outsole provides further traction.

These Bloch women’s jazz shoes come in both black and tan. While somewhat pricier than other available jazz shoes, the high-quality neoprene and leather materials, along with the functional split sole design, justify the price. To achieve the correct fit, select a ½ size larger than your street shoe size.


  • These jazz shoes are available in both black and tan.
  • The neoprene material at the arch hugs the shape of your foot to create a stunning line.
  • The leather top portion is durable and attractive.
  • An embossed pleat detail further accentuates the shape of the arch of the foot.
  • The moldable suede front sole, in combination with the low profile heel, creates a feeling of being close to the floor so that dancers can turn and stop with ease.


  • These Bloch shoes are more expensive than other available jazz shoes.
  • Customers have complained that these jazz shoes wear out more quickly than some of its competitors.

Bloch Dance Women’s Tap-Flex Leather Tap Shoe

For a great quality pair of tap shoes that’s more affordable than the aforementioned Bloch Jason Samuels Smith Professional Leather Tap Shoe, consider the Women’s Tap-Flex Leather Tap Shoe from the same brand. This pair of tap shoes comes at a more manageable price while delivering a high level of durability and functionality.

Made of 100% leather, these tap shoes are available in both tan and black. The full leather split sole is highly durable so that these shoes will hold up to hours of rehearsal and performance. Plus, this split sole design provides flexibility for a larger range of movement, without compromising support. The leather stacked heel and strong heel counter are stable for comfort, which the shockwave tap plates provide an impeccable sound.

To prevent slipping, which can be dangerous and lead to injury, these Bloch tap shoes feature a non-slip balance rubber pad next to the front toe tap. This fantastic addition offers a secure grip to stop falls before they start and level the sole for enhanced balance.

Another great feature of the Tap-Flex Leather Tap Shoes from Bloch is the notched collar at the heel. This addition relieves pressure on the Achilles tendon to prevent foot pain, discomfort, and even the development of Achilles tendonitis. For breathability after hours of intense dancing, these shoes also include a full Kashmir lining to minimize moisture and boost comfort.


  • The 100% leather construction is attractive and durable.
  • The full leather split sole design provides greater range of motion at the arch and plenty of support.
  • The stacked heel and strong heel counter offer excellent stability and comfort.
  • The non-slip balance rubber pad help stop slips and falls.
  • The notched collar at the heel relieves pressure off of the Achilles tendon for greater comfort and improved foot health.
  • The full Kashmir lining provides breathability for comfort.


  • Some customers had trouble finding the right sizing for this shoe.

TTdancewear Women Rhinestone Performance Dance Shoes

For women needing a beautiful and well-made pair of ballroom shoes for rehearsal or performance, the TTdancewear Rhinestone Dance Shoes are worth consideration. These lovely ballroom dance shoes are affordable and come in a large selection of colors, from nude to black to red and more, so that you can select the perfect style to fit your needs.

Made of satin for a sleek, upscale look, these dance shoes are made to stand out. The rhinestone detailing adds plenty of sparkle for the stage, but these shoes can easily be worn in class or rehearsal as well. The suede sole is both comfortable and durable, enabling you to dance in these shoes for many, many months to come. The heel height is 2.5 or 3 inches, which is just what you need for ballroom dancing.

These TTdancewear ballroom dance shoes feature ballroom quick release buckles for comfort and convenience. The lightweight design of these shoes enables you to dance in them with ease. Both professional and amateur ballroom dancers will appreciate the functional and stylish construction of these shoes.

The heels of these ballroom dance shoes are flared and feature leather on the bottom for ample support as you dance. In general, customers absolutely love the comfortable fit of the ballroom shoes, especially for the affordable price.


  • These shoes are beautifully made, with plenty of rhinestones to make you stand out and a wide selection of color options.
  • The satin construction provides a streamlined and professional look.
  • These ballroom shoes have a suede sole for comfort and durability.
  • The 2.5-or 3-inch heel height is the ideal height for ballroom dancing.
  • The quick release buckles included with these ballroom shoes are convenient and easy to use.
  • The lightweight design of these shoes reduces strain on the feet and legs.


  • Customers have noted that the sizing of the strap is not ideal; some customers had to add a hole to the strap, while others had to trim the strap.

Dynadans Women’s Leather Upper Slip-on Jazz Shoe

For a simple women’s jazz shoe that’s highly rated by customers, check out these leather slip-on jazz shoes from Dynadans. These dance shoes come at a budget-friendly price and are available in both black and brown. The leather construction with a synthetic sole and neoprene stretch arch insert create the ideal combination of durability, flexibility, and comfort.

These slip-on jazz shoes have a split EVA sole to create a beautiful foot line that accentuates the arch. The fabric lining is soft and comfortable after hours of dancing; the neoprene stretch arch insert reduces foot pain by providing a supportive base. These jazz shoes also have a 0.4-inch flat heel. This heel provides stability so that you can dance with ease and traction to reduce your risk of slipping.


  • These simply constructed jazz shoes are highly rated and affordable.
  • You may select either a black or brown design.
  • The leather upper construction is both attractive and durable.
  • The arch insert is stretchy and made from neoprene to emphasize the shape of your arch.
  • The split EVA sole of these shoes provides excellent flexibility and range of motion for the feet.
  • The 0.4-inch flat heel is stable and reduces slipping.


  • Finding your perfect size may be difficult; some customers recommend ordering a size down from what the size chart recommends.

Bloch Dance Women’s Prolite II Hybrid Ballet Slipper/Shoe

For a basic women’s ballet shoe that ticks every box, check out the Bloch Prolite II Hybrid Ballet Slipper. With an affordable price tag and all of the features of a great ballet shoe, this highly-rated product is certainly worth your consideration. Plus, these shoes are available in both pink and black.

These women’s ballet shoes have a 100% leather and fabric construction for both durability and comfort. The leather sole can withstand extensive hours of dancing, while the soft canvas arch insert conforms to the foot to create a beautiful line. The canvas arch also prevents uncomfortable wrinkling when the foot is pointed, and it won’t stretch out of shape with use.

These women’s ballet shoes have a cotton lining and a suede insock to keep your feet feeling comfy in the shoe. A thin cotton drawstring is built into these shoes and allows you to adjust the upper portion of the shoe to your feet for a close, secure fit. In addition, crossed elastic straps have been pre-sewn to these shoes so that they may be used right out of the box. The elastics also keep the shoes secured to your feet for a perfect fit as you dance.

To achieve the right fit, begin with 2 to 2 ½ sizes smaller from your street shoe size. These ballet slippers come in a wide range of sizes for both women and girls, with narrow, medium, and wide options.


  • These ballet slippers are available in both pink and black, and there are many sizes to choose from.
  • The leather portions of these ballet slippers are highly durable.
  • The soft canvas arch insert molds to and shows off the line of your foot without wrinkling or stretching.
  • The cotton lining and suede insock are highly comfortable.
  • The cotton drawstring enables you to tighten the upper portion for a closer fit.
  • The crossed elastics are pre-sewn, saving you time and providing a secure fit.
  • The Bloch Women’s Prolite II Hybrid Ballet Slippers are affordable.


  • Many customers note that these ballet slippers don’t fit as expected.

Ballroom Practice Dance Shoes 2.5” Heels

These elegant and functional Ballroom Dance Shoes from the YYTing brand are a well-rounded pair of dance shoes. Despite the highly affordable price tag, these shoes feature an upscale design that comes in four different colors: nude, black, tan, and red.

These ballroom dance shoes have an upper made from top-caliber satin for a classy look. The insole is made from sweat-absorbing suede and the midsole is made from high elastic latex. The outsole is made from thick, heavy-duty suede to increase the longevity of these shoes while also providing flexibility and comfort.

These shoes feature a 2.5-inch heel that’s both stable and attractive. A stretch belt is included in the upper design of these shoes to help you achieve a secure, comfortable fit. The absence of a buckle makes it incredibly quick and convenient to get these shoes on and off. In addition, the material is super lightweight and soft for excellent freedom of movement.

Built for either the studio or the stage, these shoes can be worn for all types of ballroom dance, from the salsa to the rumba and everything in between. These ballroom dance shoes run true to size but may not be worn outdoors.


  • These ballroom shoes are highly affordable and run true to size.
  • The satin design of these shoes is highly attractive and comes in nude, black, tan, and red.
  • The sweat-absorbing suede insole and high elastic latex midsole provide comfort after hours of dancing.
  • The suede outsole is both durable and flexible for an ample range of movement.
  • These ballroom shoes have a 2.5-inch heel that’s stable and secure.
  • The stretch belt helps dancers achieve the perfect fit without the hassle of having to fasten a buckle.


  • These ballroom dance shoes will become damaged if worn outdoors.

Nfinity Adult Evolution Cheer Shoes

The Nfinity Adult Evolution Cheer Shoes are a great pair of dancing shoes for cheerleaders, competitive dancers, and even hip hoppers. These shoes may be worn by either men or women, men simply need to select 1.5 sizes larger. The classic white design enables you to fit in with the team while enjoying superior comfort and support.

These Nfinity dance shoes are made of white leather and sateen for a sleek look. The leather is durable to outlast intensive wear. In addition, these shoes feature bubble laces that ensure a snug, secure fit. So, no matter whether you’re dancing or flipping through the air, these shoes will stay in place.

The insole of these cheer shoes is ergonomically designed to conform to the unique shape of your foot. This fantastic insole provides exceptional support for your arch and cushioning to reduce foot discomfort, even after long training sessions. The outsole of the shoe includes strategically placed rubber pods that protect the shoe in high-impact areas and increase shoe longevity.

One attractive feature of these Nfinity shoes is the included AnkleLoc Technology. This advanced feature provides a great fit around the ankle for increased safety and stability. Also, the forefoot area has a natural fit for comfort around the toes and the ball of the foot, which commonly receives a great deal of impact.

Nfinity notes that these shoes typically run one size smaller than regular street shoes. The shoes are made to run a bit small in order to fit the foot very closely. There should be no movement of the foot inside of the shoe in order to prevent injuries. So, consider ordering one size up when purchasing these cheer shoes.


  • The white sateen and leather construction is both sturdy and attractive.
  • These shoes feature bubble laces to provide a tight, secure fit.
  • The ergonomically designed insole conforms to the shape of your foot for enhanced comfort and stability.
  • These shoes feature AnkleLoc Technology to protect the ankle from injury and provide increased stability.
  • The forefoot area of the shoe is built to minimize impact on the toes and the ball of the foot.


  • The sateen material may wear down and easily become dirty, especially during outdoor cheer events.

Conclusion And Final Shoes for Dancing Recommendations

As you have learned in this article, shoes for dancing come in all different varieties. Depending on your chosen style, from tap to jazz to ballroom to ballet, there are countless shoe models to choose from, each with their own set of upsides and downsides. Dancing shoes need to be supportive, comfortable, attractive, and durable. Plus, shoes for dancing need to fit perfectly, otherwise you’ll be placing yourself at risk for injury.

Those seeking out an awesome pair of jazz shoes should check out the Tent Linodes Leather Jazz Shoe Slip-on, the Bloch Women’s Pulse Split Sole Jazz Shoe, or the Dynadans Slip-on Jazz Shoe. All of these fantastic products offer affordability and a classic jazz shoe design for any dancer.

This article provided two tap shoe options: the Bloch Jason Samuels Smith Tap Shoe and the Bloch Tap-Flex Tap Shoe. Though both of these pairs of shoes are from the same brand, they represent two different price points. The Jason Samuels Smith Tap Shoe model is a high-end and gorgeous pair of shoes. But, if that product is out of your price range, the Tap-Flex Tap Shoe will provide high-level functionality, just at a more affordable price.

If you’re seeking a pair of ballroom dancing shoes that can seamlessly transition from the studio to the stage, check out both the TTdancewear Women Rhinestone Performance Dance Shoes and the Ballroom Practice Dancer Shoes. Dancers who love a bit of extra sparkle will appreciate the TTdancewear ballroom shoes. For dancers who would rather skip the hassle of a buckle, the Ballroom Practice Dance Shoes have a stretch section that makes putting on and taking off the shoes a breeze.

Dancing is all the more fun when you’re wearing an exceptional pair of dancing shoes. So, go ahead and take a closer look at the fantastic dance shoes listed above! The sooner you order, the sooner you can get up on your feet and hit the dance floor.

FAQs About Shoes for Dancing

If, after reading this guide to shoes for dancing, you have questions about products, this is the perfect section for you. Below are answers to commonly asked questions about shoes for dancing for that you can be a more educated consumer:

  • Do the Nfinity Adult Evolution Cheer Shoes come in a protective case?

Yes, these cheer shoes from Nfinity come in a hard protective case. The case is constructed from a rigid fabric material. This case can help keep your cheer shoes in top condition when they’re not in use.

  • When ordering the TTdancewear Women Rhinestone Ballroom Dance Shoes, which size should I select if I’m between two sizes?

These shoes will stretch after you’ve danced in them, so it would be a wise decision to opt for the smaller size.

In general, dance shoes should be fitted more tightly than you would for a regular street shoe. While shoes that you are just walking or standing in can have additional room in them, extra room in a dance shoe can lead to injury. Dancing shoes that are too big on the dancer cause the foot to slide with each movement, and promotes improper foot technique. So, when trying on a pair of shoes for dancing, always make sure that your toes go right up to the front of the shoe and that there’s no extra room in the heel.

  • Are jazz shoes a good choice for Zumba and aerobics?

For dance exercise activities like Zumba, jazz shoes are not the best footwear choice. Jazz shoes are made to provide flexibility for the foot and create a beautiful line of the arch. In Zumba, you need greater arch support, impact absorption, and stability. So, it would be a better choice to go for a pair of athletic shoes or hip hop sneakers.

  • Do the Ballroom Practice Dance Shoes 2.5” Heels offer a different heel height option?

While, currently, the Ballroom Practice Dance Shoes only offer the option of a 2.5-inch heel, the 2-inch heel option will be available soon. A shorter heel height is ideal for smaller individuals, ballroom dancers with less experience, and younger dancer who are just starting out. This is because the smaller heel height is much easier to manage as you move and dance.

  • What is the difference between split sole and full sole tap shoes?

Tap shoes can be either split sole or full sole. Full sole shoes have a hard sole covering the entire surface of the foot, including the arch. This variety of tap shoe may provide greater stability, durability, and a more resonant sound.

Split sole tap shoes have a thick sole at the ball of the foot and at the heel, but not at the arch of the foot. This enables the dancer enough flexibility to point the foot and show off the line of the arch. Split sole tap shoes are more lightweight and offer a greater range of motion than full sole shoes.

  • What are the benefits of a ballet slipper with pre-sewn elastics?

The elastics on ballet slippers keep the foot inside of the shoe as you dance, provide stability for the arch, and offer a more snug fit. With some ballet slippers, the elastics are not attached to the shoe right out of the box, so the dancer must sew them on him or herself. Pre-sewn elastics are exceptionally convenient because the shoes may be worn to dance class right away, without having to take time to sew the elastics on.

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