10 Best Shoes for Bunions 2021: Options for Flat Feet, Wide Feet, & Walking (Men’s & Women’s)

athletic shoes for bunions

When it comes to finding comfortable shoes that won’t irritate your bunions, most brands fall short. There are only a few shoe brands that are recommended in the way they fit for width, cushioning, and platform height that are bearable let alone comfortable. Well, we did the research and came up with the very best brands for comfortable shoes that you can wear for walking, running, sports, and work in comfort and style.

The shoes below are the most popular shoes in these brands that have impressed those who struggle with finding the right shoe because of irregularly shaped feet and foot injuries. Even if your bunions change in size from day to day it is not impossible to find one shoe that fits the shifting shape of your foot, every day. Whether you’re an athlete or just looking for something casual, you’re sure to find something to suit your feet and your taste in this review and buyer’s guide.

There are several features you’ll find in common to the best shoes for bunions of 2019, and you’ll find a full layout and description of what you’re looking for in the perfect shoe in our buyer’s guide below – so don’t skip it! Get comfortable and let’s begin.

Top Shoes for Bunions Comparison Chart

1. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18Athletic$$$
2. Brooks PureFlow 7Athletic$$$$
3. Brooks Ghost 11Athletic$$
4. Altra Torin 3 Athletic ShoeAthletic$$
5. Altra Superior 3 Running ShoeRunning$$$
6. Asics Gel Kayano 25 Running ShoeRunning$$$
7. Topo Athletic Magnifly 2 Running ShoesRunning$$$
8. Topo Athletic MT2 Running ShoeRunning$$$$
9. Vivobarefoot RA II Classic OxfordCasual$$
10. Reebok Crossfit Nano 8 Flexweave Cross TrainerCasual$$$

Best Shoes for Bunions Buying Guide

The biggest challenge in finding shoes that fit people with bunions is the width. You don’t need tight fitting shoes that rub against the sides of your feet and toes. But the common backlash to finding loose shoes or ordering too large to compensate is they don’t stay secure on your feet and they slip around. And then of course there’s the problem with cushioning – it is hard to ever have enough to make you comfortable.

Not to mention the way most shoes have an angle from the heel to the toe in the footbed that jams your toes into the forefoot of the shoe. That is why it is practically impossible to walk in to any old department or shoe store and walk out without wincing. But that doesn’t mean the perfect pair doesn’t exist – you just have to know what you’re looking for. For example, one of the things you’ll find in common below is a wide toe box. And another is grip of the shoe around the heel and ankle rather than the forefoot.

One more that you might not have thought of is a minimalist footbed, which means there is no angle from the heel to the toe because the platform is perfectly flat. In other words, the shoe gets out of the way and lets your foot do its thing. There are more shoes than you would imagine that meet these unusual requirements. But don’t be overwhelmed because there are several other factors to keep an eye on that make one shoe preferable to another for the unique shape of your feet. Bear these in mind as you read through the buyer’s guide below because they’ll make one shoe stand out from the others as you read the reviews. The features that make the biggest difference are:

Toe Box Shape

One of the biggest drawbacks of common shoes is a narrow toe box. This is the area of the shoe in the forefoot where your toes rest. Many shoes are just too tight and force your toes together, and worse, rub against your toes while you walk. This one factor may be the biggest challenge for people shopping for shoes that won’t hurt their bunions. Surprisingly, you’ll find shoes with a wide toe box most commonly among athletic shoes.

Some are for runners but you’ll find them especially for weight lifting. The drawback to that is most weight lifting shoes are just too stiff for walking. Scroll down to see the Reebok Nano 8 for the exception to that rule. All the shoes below do feature a wide toe box though and feature varying amounts of cushioning and agility in the forefoot that you won’t want to miss.

TPU Heel Technology

This is a fairly unusual feature you may not have heard of. A TPU heel feature means the shoe grasps around your heel for a secure fit rather than needing to be too tight around the forefoot, top of the shoe, or toes to secure your foot inside the shoe. This is of obvious benefit to people with bunions because there will be little to no pressure on the most sensitive parts of your feet.

You needn’t sacrifice security of the fit of your shoe to keep width in the inside of the shoe. Also this feature prevents the shoe from slipping around on your heel which causes blisters and your foot from slipping around inside the shoe which is a common cause of rolled ankles, imbalance when walking over obstacles or in slippery conditions, and instability in the way you walk. This is a favorite feature of athletes who need to move with agility, keep a wide space around their toes for balance, and be sure of the secure fit of the shoe.

Shoe Collar

The collar of the shoe is the part that fits around your ankle at the top of the lacing. This is another place, like the heel, that the shoe should grip your foot for a secure fit rather than the lower parts of the shoe like the forefoot, top, and toes. It’s common in a lot of shoes for the foot to slip around and the collar is the section that will usually leave you blisters. The shoes in this review each have heavily padded collars or a low top shaft that fits below your sock line, and sometimes both.

Height of the Shoe and Impact on Bunions

The shaft is the height of the shoe. In other words, it shows how high up your ankle the collar of the shoe reaches. It has a lot to do with support of your ankle but also, specifically for bunions and flat feet, the amount of pressure put on the top of your foot as well as the tightness with which the shoe locks to your foot. High tops, like Converse shoes for example, tend to put more pressure on the top of your foot as well as fit the forefoot with more tightness and inflexibility which will generally lead to swelling.

They do hold secure around the ankle so they won’t rub or generally leave blisters though. The biggest benefit to a shoe with a higher top is support to prevent sprains and rolling ankles. You also have low top shoes which most of the shoes in this review are. They put less pressure on flat feet and fit less tightly around the ankle. These shoes, being athletic shoes for the most part, still fit securely without the high top but you won’t find the same ankle support.

Shoe Width and Toe Box

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to squeeze oddly shaped feet into a shoe that can’t be described as anything but narrow. It is uncommon for shoes to be crafted in normal sizing with larger than average width. But in the reviews below that is what you’ll find, most especially in the toe box portion, but also overall. A lot of them run true to size, but where you should order a half to a full size larger, it has been mentioned in the review.

Shoe Upper

The upper portion of the shoe can be made of a variety of materials from synthetic, mesh, leather, to stretchy and non-stretch fabrics. Flexweave and other flexible materials, such as leather, conform to fit the shape of your foot. This is a huge benefit to people with bunions and bunionettes that change in size from day to day because the shoe will adjust to fit you.

Meshes are good for breatheability because they ventilate the foot to cool trapped heat and dry sweat. The material you prefer is up to you. Even the materials that don’t necessarily stretch will break in and become more comfortable as you wear them. The upper also impacts the style and the environments in which you can wear them – leather for work, quick dry for walking on the trail, and others. We’ll talk more about that in the style section.

Shoe Cushioning

This is a major feature to be aware of for overall comfort. The amount of cushioning you need will vary based on the distance you will be walking as well as the type of surfaces you walk on most often. Some minimalist styles have very little padding to give a barefoot feeling that puts you in touch with the ground while still protecting you from debris with a rubber outsole.

Others are very padded and give a springy feeling for runners. Cushioning is a feature that sets a lot of the brands in this review apart from each other, some featuring gel inserts in the heel and forefoot while others focus on padding just the forefoot while still others pad so much it will feel like you’re walking on a cloud. Keep an eye on this feature because it varies dramatically from shoe to shoe.

Minimalist Style

This feature references the heel-to-toe drop distance in millimeters of the platform of the shoe. That is, how much does the heel angle downward toward the toes? In minimalist shoes you’ll find a practically or completely flat platform that does not interfere with the natural shape and movement of your foot. Shoes with a heel will tend to jam your sensitive toes into the front of the shoe.

These will not. The drawback to these is there is literally zero arch support, which might be a challenge if you need arch support. But if you are recovering from foot surgery, have frequent foot pain, or bunions, you’ll find the flat platform liberating. Many of these shoes have removable soles also so you can put your favorite aftermarket insole inside to perfect the fit if arch support is something you very much need. As you read through the reviews below bear in mind arch support is not something they come with out of the box.

Foot and Ankle Stability

This feature has to do with how well balanced the shoe is in standing, walking, and other sports activities like weight lifting and running in different environments. A more stable shoe supports your foot and prevents pain from leaning or adjusting the way you walk to keep your balance. This is a feature that impacts sports in a serious way. But for bunions it is generally less important than width and cushioning. It is still worth keeping an eye on for your individual needs.


This is the feature that refers to how the rubber bottom of the shoe is constructed to grip the ground. It has a lot to do with the environment you’ll be walking in, with lug patterns for off road to smoother patterns for traction on the road and smooth surfaces. Some outsoles have added features that lend stability. Just keep in mind where you will be walking to choose the correct shoe for your needs.

Style Preferences for Toe Box Room

Certain styles are better than others depending on the environment where you will find yourself most often. Work shoes, for example, require a casual look while other shoes are definitely designed to handle the outdoors in different conditions from wet to dry and smooth to stony. For a work shoe have a look at Vivobarefoot’s Ra II Classic Oxford. All others are up to your taste. A lot of orthotic shoes made to suit bunions and foot injuries overlook the style consideration. However, most of the shoes reviewed are designed for sports and they look good. The shoes discussed below are made in enough varieties of styles that you’re sure to find something you like. Function doesn’t have to overtake form in this case.

Those are the main features to keep an eye on as you read the reviews. You can always refer back for a reminder or more details as you start to narrow down the top ten to a favorite one or two. All the shoes below come from recommendations from people with bunions and bunionettes. And our reviews are based on information from the manufacturer and the people who love (or hate) to wear them. These are the best shoes for bunions of 2019 and this article is comprehensive enough that you won’t have to do all the research yourself. So sit back and enjoy the reviews!

Best Shoes for Bunions Reviews

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18

Brooks is a favorite wide-cut shoe for people with bunions but they are more than just that. This is a performance running shoe that comes with top-notch cushioning and a smooth look. It is made of synthetic material and mesh with a rubber sole. Adrenaline GTS features over-pronation and stability support and high-energizing padding. It is made to be used on the road. And the differential is 12mm.

It’s made from ventilated, flexible mesh and durable, sturdy materials for the upper. It has an asymmetrical saddle in the mid that makes it more secure with an adjustable, personal fit. It laces shut with a plush tongue and well-padded collar. The fabric lining feels comfortable on your foot. The molded foam insole gives light padding underfoot and it’s removable to allow your favorite aftermarket insole for perfect comfort. Brooks’ trademark Progressive Diagonal Rollbar is a tridensity midsole that provides progressive pronation control and seamless transitions through the cycles of your gait.

The full-length, segmented Crash Pad smooths your gait further that is combined with Deeper V which provides better release. HPR Plus reinforces high-wear sections of the outsole for enhanced durability. And the Flextra rubber outsole itself gives custom levels of support depending on gender (this is the men’s shoe and there is a women’s shoe available separately) and weight which make this shoe very versatile and a custom fit to you.

If you’re a long time fan of Brooks you will notice they made some changes to this version of Adrenaline. There is much more padding and less structural support in this shoe. If you need strong arch support look to a previous version of Adrenaline or different style of Brooks. The softness makes Adrenaline 18 stand out in particular from all others by Brooks for gentleness on your bunions and bunionettes.



  • Stability and superior cushioning
  • Like a combination of an ortho and an athletic shoe
  • More padding than preceding versions of Brooks Adrenaline


  • Lacking durability in the cloth and outsole
  • Much less arch support than its predecessors
  • Less structural support to keep their shape under heavy use and weight


Brooks PureFlow 7

PureFlow 7 is designed to liberate your gait for easy, natural movement and complete control. Brooks specializes in running and they develop their shoes with innovative technologies that enhance fit and function. They are also known to fit wide in their normal sizes which is a great choice for athletes as well as everyday wearers suffering bunions and bunionettes.

PureFlow 7 is a minimalist shoe that provides lightweight flexibility and puts you in touch with your stride, every step. The support it provides is neutral, it has a midsole drop of just 4mm, and it suits a medium to high arch. The rounded heel improves alignment and minimizes stress on your joints. The cushioning is Brooks’ brand BioMoGo DNA that adapts to your gait.

It fits close to your foot with a stretchy, woven upper paired with an internal bootie for a personalized fit that is not constrictive at all. The outsole itself is flexible to distribute the impact of your stride away from your body so it feels like you’re walking on a cloud. Athletes who are used to wearing Brooks may be frustrated by PureFlow 7’s its lack of the support they expect, but if you have bunions, this is only a good thing. It is softer around the instep and arch so it allows your foot to pronate.

The fabric is soft rather than stiff for support. If you need sturdy arch support this might not be for you but if you’ve been looking for a shoe that stretches to fit an oddly shaped foot with fantastic cushioning, you will love them. These are very comfortable right out of the box and they run a full size bigger than typical in sizing. It has a heel cup to hold your foot in place inside the shoe and the end product feels stable, light, and plush.



  • Minimalist drop shoe at 4mm
  • Plush cushioning
  • Stretchy upper adapts to fit your foot


  • No firmness to support the foot structurally
  • Narrow toebox compared to previous versions
  • Less durability in the fabric of the toes


Brooks Ghost 11

Brooks Ghost 11 performance emphasizes lightness and a smooth, gliding stride that feels like they’re not even there. These are made of fabric with a rubber sole. Ghost 11 is built with technology for a soft, secure fit by positioning stretch and sturdiness in key areas of the shoe so it ‘disappears’ on your foot.

It has two forms of Brooks trademark cushioning – BioMoGo DNA as well as DNA Loft. Together, they provide the perfect combination of comfortable padding and responsive spring in a durable, lightweight package. Every step feels smooth and stable thanks to the Segmented Crash Pad – an integrated system that absorbs shock that smooths the transition between your heel and toe while taking the impact of your stride. Ghost 11 gives a neutral cushion rated 2 out of 3 for softness and protection.

It has a midsole drop of 12mm. It is recommended for long distance running, cross training, treadmill, and use on the road. Ghost 11 fits loosely in the width. It is nice and roomy in the toebox with a nicely padded collar that still grips your foot for a solid fit. It has an added heel cushion that make long walks more comfortable than the versions before them but these new versions are less supportive than their predecessors. That means they will be softer on your bunions. Runners love them as the best cushioned running shoe available, but these aren’t exclusively for runners. If you’re on your feet for work a lot, whether for the post office or emergency room, these will become your go to shoe for total comfort.



  • These are best cushioned running shoes available
  • Lightness, softness, and firm fit disappears on your foot
  • Fits loosely in the width


  • Less supportive than preceding versions of Brooks Ghost
  • 12mm drop is less minimalist that other shoes for bunions
  • No arch support at all

Altra Torin 3 Athletic Shoe

Altra is another crowd-favorite brand for those with bunions. The Torin 3 Athletic Shoe is a blend of textile and synthetic materials on a rubber sole. It has a low-top shaft. It is designed to improve your natural foot positioning, the splay of your toes, and your comfort in walking.

The platform is an entirely cushioned zero drop that’s only 28mm high. That means there’s practically no distance between your foot and the ground except for the cushioning. The Torin 3 is rated at medium level cushioning of all Altra’s creations. The toebox is Altra’s trademark FootShape design.

The midsole is EVA featuring an A-Bound top layer as well as innerFlex technology. The outsole is Altra’s FootPod. The insole is a 6mm thick Contour Footbed. And the upper is a quick-dry Air Mesh providing ventilation to cool your foot while wicking away sweat. Torin 3 also features Altra’s Natural Ride System. These shoes are best used for running, walking, fitness, and cross training.

Altra improved on the Torin series in this shoe by enhancing the breathability with the Air Mesh upper and updating the outsole with FootPod technology. The FootPod traces the bones and tendons of the foot so the shoe moves with you and gives a sense of natural, unhindered flexibility. The Torin 3 keeps to the same shoe loved by their customers with plush, responsive, and light A-Bound Cushioning, FootShape toe, and Zero Drop platform for a minimalist shoe that pads the natural way you walk and leaves your toes room to move.

If you have bunions or sensitive feet from surgery these feel like heaven on your feet for the fit. For size, you’ll want to order from one half to one full size larger and you’ll find the men’s shoes are wider than in the women’s.



  • Very comfortably padded with a wide cut and perfect toebox
  • Zero drop design for natural gait with no pressure from the shoe
  • Accommodates wide feet up through EEE


  • May fit too snug – order one half to one full size larger
  • Outsole wears down quickly
  • Flat insole has zero arch support


Altra Superior 3 Running Shoe

Altra’s Superior 3 Running Shoe provides different features than it’s other models. This shoe is 100% textile in construction with a rubber sole. The insole is easily removable. And it features Altra’s GaiterTrap Technology and a completely reinforced upper for durability and to lock your foot to the insole to strengthen your stride for running.

The Superior 3 is superior because it is redesigned based on user feedback. This trail shoe has unique changes including more accurate sizing, reinforced upper, and a lateral flare for stability on the outsole. It brings the Superior series up a level without sacrificing the technology that made this line famous – the Trail Claw outsole, removable stone guard for rock protection, and GaiterTrap.

If you walk off-road, this is a great option for a full-package shoe that won’t irritate your bunions. It is quite comfortable. The inside is wide enough to allow your foot to spread for better balance and no pressure on the sides. It absorbs shock and cushions each step nicely. And it will protect you from sharp objects and debris on the ground even without the rock plate.

The feel is low to the ground, nice and wide, and stable balance. You’ll feel free to move fast. There is only one problem where the reinforced section near the laces meets the soft fabric near the toe. You can easily attach moleskin on the top, inside of the shoe. This is a bad, but not unfixable, oversight by Altra that you should be aware of before you purchase if you have sensitive feet.

They break in nicely and only get more comfortable. A weakness for durability in this shoe is where the sole meets the upper of the shoe in the front. Overall, even with its drawbacks, this is an excellent trail shoe for people with bunions and an improvement on Altra’s earlier models.



  • Best all around trail shoe for people with bunions
  • Absorbs shock and cushions each step comfortably
  • Lateral flare noticeably improves feeling of stability


  • Rubbing and irritation where the reinforced fabric of the lacing meets the soft fabric near the toe
  • Durability problem in the rubber at the toe
  • Customer service will defer to the seller for problems with the shoe



Asics Gel Kayano 25 Running Shoe

These synthetic shoes have a midsole made of Solyte which makes them not only lighter than Asics’ standard EVA and SpEVA, but better cushioned and more durable. The shaft is a low-top which is good for flat feet and bunions because it puts no pressure on top of the foot and does not squeeze.

It includes an Impact Guidance System (IGS) that is made of linked components to enhance the natural way you walk from placing your heel on the ground to lifting up your toe. FluidRide Midsole by Asics gives the best combination of spring back and cushioning in a lightweight and durable package. The FluidFit upper integrates a multi-directional stretch mesh that is reinforced and adapts to your foot to fit you like a glove.

The exoskeletal Heel Clutch System provides superior support and provides an exceptional fit to your heel. It also has Rearfoot and Forefoot Gel Cushions that absorb shock from impact. This system allows agile movement in multiple planes as the foot shifts positions during the gait cycle. This is 25th edition of the Kayano features FlyteFoam Propel and FlyteFoam Lyte cushioning for an incredibly lightweight and responsive energized padding system that provides top-notch comfort from heel to toe.

All said and done, this shoe will give you a stabilized walk and comfy, personalized fit. Asics Gel Kayano 25 is tough, comfortable, breathable, and practical. They are great for running because you don’t have to be afraid of injuring your knees and ankles jogging on the pavement. They’ll help you with pain you got from your old shoes when walking, jogging, and running distances. Asics went back to the way they used to build their shoes for fit. They run true to size, the toe box is roomy, and they give plenty of padding.



  • Excellent cushioning
  • Customized, personal fit
  • Comfortable width


  • Less durable than previous Kayanos
  • Stiffness in the top of the shoe may lead to blister
  • Somewhat bulky compared to similar shoes


Topo Athletic Magnifly 2 Running Shoes

This well-padded, zero drop running shoe is built with a sturdy, snap-bottom layer and a sweeping toe rocker. It is made for running on the road of light and ventilated materials. Topo is a great wide fitting shoe for people with bunions and comes recommended as one of the only brands that does it right. All Topo shoes are built with little to no distance between the heel and toe, called drop.

It assists in appropriate weight distribution during the gait cycle and provides a more natural stride. Far from having to change the way you run, natural form will put less pressure on your foot and help heal injuries like bunions, flat feet, and post surgical pains that get irritated by other shoes. Topo features a roomy toebox. It also gives a multi-density midsole with two layers of padding – one that cushions the foot and another that is firm and responsive on the ground. It is made of lightweight, breathable materials that feel like a second skin.

And with a 0mm drop you have the most natural possible running and walking experience with a minimalist shoe. This is a great brand with a roomy toebox if you don’t need much padding. These have less cushioning and you’ll feel more firmness and direct connection to the ground. These run slightly larger in size so you may want to order half a size smaller than usual.

They are just fine right out of the box without needing to break them in. And they have the perfect features not to aggravate injuries to the foot or oddly shaped feet. They are a good looking option and the best minimalist shoe you can get. It allows your toes to spread comfortably and won’t irritate your bunions. But most importantly, Magnifly 2 is built with quality.



  • 0mm drop for a pure minimalist shoe
  • Wide toebox allows your toes to splay for comfort and balance
  • Two layers of padding for cushion and responsiveness


  • Firm feeling with less padding than similar shoes
  • No arch support
  • Sized slightly small – order a half size larger than normal

Topo Athletic MT2 Running Shoe

Topo’s MT2 Running Shoe provides comfortable performance. It is versatile for different kinds of wear and differently shaped feet. It is constructed of ventilated mesh upper, sturdy midfoot overlays, an entirely gusseted tongue, and spacious toe box. The outsole integrates traction lugs in multiple diretions, flex grooves in the forefoot for agility, mud release features, with an improved surface area for grip against the ground and durability all in rubber.

MT-2 is the winner of “Runner’s World” Best Buy Award for 2016. The gusseted tongue prevents dirt from getting inside the shoe. Topo used an innovative, lightweight print technique to remove the need for seams and eliminate weight, and the carbon rubber outsole features multiple upgrades to improve traction and surface area for grip. These are best used for running on the road and light use on trails.

This is a 3 mm drop shoe. They are a very good alternative option to Altra Superiors for use off the beaten path. Topo’s MT-2 is more durable, has better cushioning, but it’s not quite as flexible. It is more protective and padded than MT-1, but hasn’t lost the originals agility, responsiveness, and quality fit. Plus, the toe box is nice and wide for comfort. They have excellent grip and feel stable.

But don’t turn to these shoes for ankle support because the sides buckle in the ankle area even just walking normally. These shoes are perfect for people with wide feet and bunions – your toes will thank you. The men’s sizes tend to run slightly wider so if you are a woman with wide feet don’t skip the men’s version of this shoe. They fit a little bigger than other Topo shoes so you may need to order down a half size. They are great for all manner of foot injuries because they won’t cause you pain in walking or exercising.



  • Light, comfortable fit for wide feet and bunions
  • 3 mm drop from heel to toe for natural movement
  • Wide toe box for spread of the toes without rubbing


  • Not as flexible as Altra Superior
  • Poor ankle support
  • Heavy compared to other minimalist shoes

Vivobarefoot RA II Classic Oxford

Vivobarefoot is known for their minimalist shoes and this Oxford is a casual option for a type of shoe that is usually athletic. It has a leather upper on a rubber sole and a lining treated with Dri-Lex. This lace-up shoe does not restrict your freedom of movement in the most nontraditional sense of the word yet still maintains a look of sophistication. The upper and extremely thin sole are flexible yet sturdy.

They allow you to feel the ground beneath your feet, giving you the liberating feeling of walking barefoot. If you have foot problems and can’t wait to take off your shoes to free your feet, you will like these. When you add in being on your feet working all day, especially in a setting that requires dress shoes, your options are quite limited. Vivobarefoot RA II Classic Oxfords are that option.

The toebox is quite wide, it’s lightweight, and it’s a zero drop minimalist shoe that almost feels like it isn’t there. The leather is a little tougher than its predecessors and that can create a tight feeling across the top of your foot. They do get better as you break them in. The leather is soft enough to adjust to the shape of your foot quickly and it feels like wearing a soft glove. The footbed insert is cork that keeps the inside of the shoe dry because it wicks away sweat, moisture, and odors with them.

These are zero rise shoes which means there is no elevation to the heels. The soles are just 3 mm thick and made of V-sense TPU – and they are so pliable you really can feel the ground beneath your feet. Out of any shoes these feel like walking barefoot. Your foot will naturally adjust to any terrain while still being protected from debris underfoot. Even though the soles wear out fairly quickly compared to other shoes these may still turn out to be the most comfortable shoes you’ve ever tried.



  • One hundred percent barefoot comfort
  • Soft leather that adjusts to the shape of your foot
  • Zero rise with no heel


  • No repair centers in the US for the soles
  • Soles wear out fairly quickly
  • Tightness over the top of the foot from new leather

Reebok Crossfit Nano 8 Flexweave Cross Trainer

Another of the best shoes for bunions that you shouldn’t miss is the Reebok Crossfit Nano 8. And that is specifically because of the Flexweave. This shoe is 100% synthetic with a rubber sole. It has a low top shaft. Reebok integrated their new bootie in the heel for a personalized fit to enhance comfortable performance.

It has RopePro built in to give traction and to protect the shoe for rope climbing. And the Toe Tection technology reinforced the toe for durability against dragging and wear during intense exercise. Reebok built Nano 8 for excellent stability by securing the foot on a 4 mm minimalist drop outsole. It has a very wide toe box that empowers your movements and helps you keep your balance by allowing your toes to spread so you are always standing on a strong foundation.

The Flexweave uper is flexible and stretches to fit your foot, securing you to the footbed, without sacrificing durability. And the cushioning is focused around the forefoot for comfort and agility. This shoe is best used for CrossFit and Weightlifting. An additional feature is the TPU heel wrap that keeps your foot locked into the heel which is great for bunions because the shoe will be held secure to your foot around the heel and ankle, allowing the toe and forefoot to fit loosely.

You can run in them without swelling because there is no rubbing or pressure on the sides of your feet and toes. They are incredibly stable, flexible for agile movements, and very comfortable. These are recommended as a weight lifting shoe so if you need to lift heavy packages or squat frequently for work these are a good choice. Even as a lifting shoe they are versatile for walking and running which is unusual, making them a quality option for cross fit exercise. Another unusual thing about them is their durability – whenever you see flexible fabric uppers you can expect great comfort and not-so-great durability, but not in this case. This may be Reebok’s very best.



  • TPU heel wrap secures the foot inside the shoe around the heel and ankle
  • Generous toe box and exceptionally comfortable cushioning
  • Stabilizing yet flexible enough for agile movement


  • Insole doesn’t fit snugly into the shoe and may shift or leave space to the toe
  • Durability issues include the heel cup and outsole
  • No arch support on flat insole


Conclusion & Final Bunion Shoe Recommendations

Now you know the features to watch for and the best shoes for bunions of 2019, chosen for their cushioning, width, and toe-to-heel drop. Knowing what the features mean for your comfort as the wearer in combination with the crowd favorite shoes for people with bunions gives you a big leg up on choosing the right shoe for your feet the first time.

We went over shoes for athletes and for casual wear at work or for every day use and we hope it changed your opinion on whether it is even possible to find something comfortable let alone attractive to wear. It is not uncommon for bunions and bunionettes to change in size from day to day but that doesn’t mean you need a different shoe for each day of the week when just one can adapt to the unique size and shape of your foot.

You don’t need to struggle to find a shoe that fits anymore regardless of having irregularly shaped feet or painful foot injuries – in fact, we think you’ll be impressed with your options. We did the research for you and took into consideration recommendations by people like you who struggled with bunions and found the top-notch brands for comfortable, stylish shoes you can wear for everyday walking, work, and athletic activities like running, weight lifting, and even rope climbing.

There aren’t many brands that take the width, cushioning, and platform height into consideration for what you need, let alone looks. Now that you’ve found shoes that won’t irritate your bunions, choose a shoe and step into a more comfortable lifestyle.

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