10 Best Shoes for Bartending Rated & Reviewed in 2021

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The service industry is the backbone of American society. Every restaurant and bar relies on a staff of service workers. Waiters and bartenders are the most important service workers in this particular establishment. Service work is not easy. Long hours, multiple orders, and customer service can wear on workers. Furthermore, walking around all day can be painful. However, you can avoid this with the right pair of shoes. This buying guide is for bartenders that want the best shoes for bartending available.

It is hard to get the best shoes possible for casual situations. Let alone getting the best shoes for work. Plus, no one wants to spend their days at a shoe store. Use this buying guide to your advantage. There is plenty of information on bartending, bartending shoes, and even a top ten list. Men and women can both find the right fit for their feet. Read more information below and buy yourself the best shoes for bartending available.

Top Shoes for Bartending Comparison Chart

ImageProductGenderTypePriceWhere to Buy?
1. Skechers for Work Men’s Flex Advantage Slip Resistant Mcallen Slip OnMenSlip On $$$
2. Red Wing Men’s Iron Ranger 6” BootMenBoot$$$
3. Feetmat Men’s Tennis Shoes Slip On Sneakers for MenMenSlip On$$$
4. New Balance Men’s 806v1 Work Cross Trainer
5. Skechers for Work Men’s Cottonwood Elks Slip Resistant ShoeMenCasual$$$
6. Crocs Women’s Bistro ClogWomenClog$$$$
7. Skechers for Work Women’s Ghenter Bronaugh Work & Food Service ShoeWomenCasual$$$
8. Feetmat Womens Sneakers Ultra Lightweight Walking ShoesWomenWalking$$$
9. MOZO Women’s Maven Food Service ShoeWomenCasual$$
10. Townforst Women’s Slip & Oil Resistant Jess Work ShoesWomenSlip On$$$

Bartending Shoes Buying Guide

Long shifts as a bartender require focus, mobility, and hand-eye coordination. After all, you need to pour drinks without spilling everywhere. Now, more Americans are drinking more alcohol than ever before. Thus, there are more bars and nightclubs popping up everywhere. These establishments need bartenders and bartenders need the best shoes for bartending. Read below to learn everything about bartending shoes and more.


Bartending & The Popularity Of Alcohol

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health conducts a study on Americans. They ask Americans over the age of 18 about their alcohol consumption. A 2015 study has revealed that 86% of all adults consumed alcohol within their lifetime. On the other hand, nearly 70% said they consumed alcohol in the past year. Furthermore, over half stated that they consumed alcohol within the past month. As a result, it is obvious that Americans like to drink alcohol.

Drinking can be dangerous. Drinking can lead to hazardous situations that bring about harm. As a result, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs need someone to administer alcohol. A worker that can limit alcohol consumption amongst customers that are far too drunk. This worker is known around the globe as a bartender. A bartender takes care of customers and moves around a lot. Thus, bartenders need the best shoes for bartending.


Bartending: A Profitable Industry

Bartending is a rather profitable industry. While the Bureau of Labor Statistics says their average wage is $10 an hour, it does not include tips. In high-end establishments, bartenders make quite a lot of money on tips. Especially on nights when the bar is busy. Bartenders are asked with serving customers quickly. Furthermore, they need to be efficient. To perform their job successfully, they need help from their shoes!


What Makes The Best Shoes for Bartending?

Now, you may wonder what separates bartending shoes from casual shoes. Actually, there is not a huge difference outside a few key factors. The most important factor involves the safety of the shoes. This will be discussed in greater detail later. But, bartending is a job that requires walking in slippery areas. Sometimes customers spill drinks and sometimes bartenders spill drinks. Therefore, you need great traction from the tread pattern.

A protective and flexible upper is another key factor. Make sure that you get shoes with great outsole material as well. For instance, anyone interested in style will love leather shoes. On the other hand, customers that need mobility will want some type of mesh material. Always make sure you weight this type of information. It is the easiest way to buy the best shoes for bartending. If not, you will waste countless hours looking at different shoe options!


Factors To Consider While Shopping For Bartending Shoes

Shopping is an art. You need to know the best qualities and the best prices. If not, you end up potentially buying a product you do not like. Worse, you spend way too much money on a low-quality product. Instead, let this buying guide help you learn what separates good bartending shoes from bad bartending shoes. All of the factors below will help you definitely buy the best bartending shoes on the market!



There are two factors that you need to take care of before shopping. First, the price is always the easiest factor to handle. Customers are best to create a budget for their shopping process. Take time to think about price ranges for the best bartending shoes. What do you think is too expensive? What do you think is too cheap? These are good questions to ask.

Remember that quality and price are not always intertwined. Instead, sometimes quality and price are not related at all. After all, the most expensive shoes are not always the best shoes. On the other hand, the cheapest shoes are not always built to last. Therefore, customers have to find the perfect spot. Where the prices are favorable and the quality is excellent. Lucky for you, this buying guide has just what you need.


Shoe Size

Buying shoes online is convenient and great. However, there is one problem that plagues online shoppers. Shoe sizes can vary and range from shoe company to shoe company. Simply put, some manufacturers make shoes that are larger than the standard shoe size. Thus, customers order their regular shoe size and get something way too big. This can be a hassle, especially considering the return policy.

You can avoid size problems by looking through online reviews. As a matter of fact, reviews are the best place to look for general information. Customers always leave reviews indicating size issues. If shoes run large, then buy a smaller shoe size than your usual size. On the other hand, if shoes run small then get a larger shoe size than usual. That way, you get the best shoes for bartending that actually fit.


Foot Comfort & Pain Relief

Pain relief and foot comfort are two of the most important qualities in the best shoes for bartending. Remember, bartenders stand and walk around all day. Thus, the shoes need to be as comfortable as possible At the same time, these shoes should actively relief soreness and pain. Now, if you have flat feet or plantar fasciitis, see a podiatrist. They can make specific recommendations for you. Furthermore, they can even recommend over-the-counter orthotics!

Comfort comes from a few different parts of the shoe. First and foremost, the sole and bottom are crucial to comfort. The most comfortable shoes come with some type of memory foam cushioning. As a result, you get to walk on cushions behind the bar. This helps take pressure off of your feet. However, comfort also comes from the uppers. Breathable material gives you more room to move and a better fit without creating excess sweating.

Finally, comfort also depends on the make of the shoe. Some people prefer laces on their shoes. That way, they adjust the fit to be as tight as possible. A firm grip feels good for some. However, others prefer a slip-on design that is loose and convenient. Get whatever is best for you. That way, you definitely get the best shoes for bartending.


Stability & Flexibility

When you bartend, you walk around a lot. You are always moving from one end of the bar to the other. You need shoes that have stability. Shoes that do not constrain your movements. The key to flexibility involves the material of the shoe. Leather material is more stylish in appearance. But, leather material can harden and is also very stiff. As a result, leather shoes are less likely to bend and move with you.

The more flexible material is definitely mesh. Most running and walking shoes are made of mesh material. After all, running shoes need to enable and enhance foot movement. So buying mesh is more than likely the best bet. However, it is entirely up to you. Everyone has their own shoe preferences so focus on what you like in the best shoes for bartending.

It is truly wise to seek out help from a podiatrist if you suffer from severe pain. These foot experts can get you into the right shoes. Furthermore, they can provide recommendations for orthotics. Orthotics are essentially helpful equipment such as an insert sole for extra comfort. That way, you can relieve serious pain from walking around.


Safe Anti Slip Sole Design

Safety is essential at work. Especially if you are a bartender. Bartenders serve drinks to customers. These drinks are filled with fluids that can potentially split onto the floor. Spilled drinks create slippery surfaces. These surfaces lead to slip and fall situations that are hazardous, harmful, and downright dangerous. As a result, the best shoes for bartending are built to prevent these situations. How? Well, the answer is quite simple.

Service industry shoes and bartending shoes come with a special and unique bottom tread pattern. This pattern specifically grips surfaces as you walk and move around. Better grip means better traction on slippery floors. Better traction prevents you from stumbling and tumbling onto the floor. Therefore, you need to keep an eye out for one feature in particular. The best bartending shoes all have a non-slip bottom!

Safety is more than just a non-slip bottom. Instead, safety also comes from support. Foot injuries are less likely to happen with proper support. This is why basketball players wear high-top shoes. High-top shoes have the proper ankle support. However, support also comes from the upper area as well. So make sure the bartending shoes are built to support you!


Style & Appearance

Style and appearance are very subjective. It truly depends on where you work and the work culture. Anyone that works in a high-end, sophisticated bar needs professional shoes. You need nice dress shoes with non-slip bottoms. That way, you have a good appearance while benefiting from the best shoes for bartending. So always take a temperature check on the work climate. If it is more of a formal establishment, get some snazzy shoes. If not, then only focus on the performance and value.

If you work at an informal bar, you are in luck. This means that it does not matter what your shoes look like. You get to simply buy whatever shoes are the comfiest and best in the workplace. So strictly focus on some slip-on shoes with a slip-resistant bottom. You will not regret it. Slip-on shoes are convenient to put on and super comfortable to wear to work.

Do you want the best of both worlds? Shoes that perform well behind the bar but still look good. Lucky for you, the top ten list has a few options like this. You can find some casual shoes with a lace design. They look just like regular athletic shoes or walking shoes. However, they all boast the non-slip design so vital to bartending. You can use all of these recommendations to find the best shoes for bartending on the market!


Shoe Durability

Durability is difficult. After all, even the best shoes available are not built to last forever. Therefore, you always need to be realistic about shoes. Especially if you are a bartender. Keep in mind that there is one variable that has a huge effect on shoe durability, you! This includes how often you use the shoes, how long you use the shoes for, and how you maintain the shoes. As a result, you should not freak out over shoes that suffer from the usual wear and tear.

As mentioned earlier, bartending keeps you on your feet all day. Every minute of your shift involves standing or walking around. As a result, there is a lot of pressure put on your shoes. It is normal to have problems after six months of consistent use. Especially if you spend the workday behind the bar. Keep in mind that sometimes bars can get messy. So sometimes your shoes get messy. Always properly maintain shoes to maximize their lifespan.


Brand Name Bartending Shoes

Last but not least, brand names are one of the more subjective factors. If you value a brand name shoe, buy a brand name shoe. If you do not care, then buy an off-brand shoe for your feet. Now, there are obviously a few premier brands that stand out amongst the pack. For instance, New Balance is known for making great walking shoes and other orthotic-based shoes. Therefore, they are a great source for some of the best shoes for bartending!


Another great brand may surprise customers. Skechers used to be looked down upon by shoe shoppers. However, Skechers has reinvented their entire company and how they make shoes. Their entire company goal revolves around comfort and foot support. They aim to create shoes that help people of all ages and backgrounds feel good on the job. So definitely look towards Skechers for some of the best bartending shoes.


Best Shoes for Bartending Reviews

In older times, bartenders were primarily men. However, there are just as many female bartenders as they are men. Therefore, this top ten list represents both genders. The list is divided into two sections of five choices for men and five choices for women. All of the first five choices are bartending shoes specifically for men. All of the bottom five shoes are bartending shoes specifically made for women.

Use this top ten list to get yourself some of the best shoes for bartending. Then, long days on the job become more comfortable and easier. Good shoes help you perform well at the job, no matter what. Be sure to look through reviews as well to help add to your information!


Skechers for Work Men’s Flex Advantage Slip Resistant Mcallen Slip On

The very best men’s shoes for bartending come from Skechers. These flex advantage Mcallen slip-on shoes are super convenient. Slide these shoes on and head out in less than ten seconds. The synthetic sole is built to move with your foot. Furthermore, the mesh fabric upper enhances your movement as well. Therefore, you can move around the bar area with ease.

The elastic side gores near the opening are comfortable. Thus, you can stand in these shoes all day without discomfort. Also, the cushioning is supreme. A memory foam insole is very cozy for your feet. All the while, the padded collar rests softly on your foot. Stitching seams are also reinforced for better longevity and durability. Best of all, these shoes are very affordable. You do not need to spend a lot of money to get the best shoes for bartending available.

Now, there are a few negatives here. While these shoes are not ugly, they are certainly not stylish. So you give up style for comfort. Also, other customers noted potential sizing issues. Be sure to weight these things out so you get the right shoes!



  • Great Comfort
  • Non-Slip Design
  • Simple Design
  • Durable
  • Affordable



  • Sizing Issues


Red Wing Men’s Iron Ranger 6” Boot

Now, these shoes are the premium pick for men. If you have no budget, then you can stop right here. These are the priciest shoes on this list but they are absolutely top of the line. First and foremost, the boot design is stylish and professional. Thus, you command attention behind the bar. Furthermore, you can impress your boss with a more stern appearance. Thus, these are the best shoes for bartending if you want to drop serious cash.

The nitrile cork sole is unlike any other sole on the market. Therefore, these work boots are certainly unlike any other boot. Goodyear welt construction and triple stitch quality provide a long-lasting pair of work shoes. Thus, you are getting some shoes that are truly built to last. You also benefit from a rather easy cleaning process. Simply use a soft bristle brush and warm water to clean up these shoes.

The oil-resistant soil provides reliable traction behind the bar. After all, you need some help avoiding slips and falls. However, the most appealing part of these bartending shoes is the support. The high-top boot design gives you plenty of stability. That way, you can prevent serious ankle injuries f you ever do fall. Now, the negatives here involve the expensive price tag. Also, the boot design may not be for everyone. If not, then simply buy another option on this list! If you do like boots, these are the best shoes for bartending you can buy.



  • Sleek Appearance
  • Professional Look
  • Oil-Resistant Sole
  • Extra Toe Room



  • Expensive
  • Boots Run Large


Feetmat Men’s Tennis Shoes Slip On Sneakers for Men

Now, do not let the new name deceive you. Feetmat shoes are just as good as any brand name shoe. The lightweight design is great for anyone that has to walk around a lot. Thus, moving behind the bar is easier and more comfortable. Furthermore, it is also great for standing. Your feet feel so light as you work long hours through the night. Best of all, these shoes look really good. Plus, you can pick from a number of different color options. Due to this, it is one of the best shoes for bartending on the market.

These shoes are the most valuable shoes for bartending available today. You can get these she’s for nearly half the price of most options. All the while, you do not sacrifice any quality at all. Instead, you enjoy a well-designed mesh knit upper material. Thus, your feet stay cool, dry, and comfortable. Avoid overheating and smelly feet after long hours at the job.

The rubber soles are very elastic and move with you. Furthermore, the slip-resistant texture helps you avoid falling. Water and drinks can spill at any time at a bar. Make sure you get shoes built to protect you. Some customers noted issues with the size. Look through reviews to help you order the proper size!



  • Incredibly Stylish
  • Lightweight Design
  • Cozy & Supportive



  • Shoes Run Small


New Balance Men’s 806v1 Work Cross Trainer

New Balance is one of the premier shoe manufacturers around the globe. Specifically, New Balance makes shoes for people that need stability, support, and comfort. So it makes perfect sense they make some of the best shoes for bartending. After all, you need all of those qualities and more at the bar. Luckily, these shoes do not sacrifice style for performance. Instead, the design is both sharp and sporty. So you get the best of both worlds!

Now, these shoes are not waterproof. Therefore, too much water can do some serious damage. However, these are slip-resistant shoes. So you still get some serious protection against slip and fall injuries. Fresh foam comfort technology enhances your level of comfort. That way, you do not have to feel uncomfortable walking around the bar area. All the while, you get to show off to all of your co-workers.

Customers note these shoes have some sizing problems. Be sure to look through the reviews to order the right size. Also, use the Amazon size chart to your advantage as well.



  • Attractive Design
  • Premium Comfort
  • Slip-Resistant Shoe



  • Size Problems


Skechers for Work Men’s Cottonwood Elks Slip Resistant Shoe

Now, these are shoes for someone that wants performance and nothing else. The simple design is not horrible. However, it will not win any style awards. Instead, these shoes look professional and plain. While some customers want flair, others do not. Plus, this is probably the safest choice in terms of flying under the radar. After all, it is not always a great idea to attract so much attention. Always keep it professional.

If you want performance, these are the best shoes for bartending that you can buy. Skechers creates some of the most comfortable shoes on the market. Thus, you enjoy some serious memory foam qualities. A relaxed fit is tight but not too tight. That way, you avoid blisters and soreness. All the while, these shoes are very well-priced.

The slip-resistant nitrile rubber outsole resists against oil and chemicals for the best traction. Also, the slip-resistant sole keeps you safe. The traditional look is always a smart move in your workplace. Keep in mind some customers complained about durability. Also, these shoes are not lightweight. Remember this as you search for the best shoes for bartending.



  • Solid Price Tag
  • Superior Comfort
  • Excellent Shoe



  • Durability Problems
  • Plain Design


Crocs Women’s Bistro Clog

Now, Crocs may not seem like the best choice for bartenders. But, when you really think about it, Crocs are perfect. Crocs are not the most stylish option. Therefore, anyone craving style should look elsewhere. However, if you only care about performance and comfort then Crocs are you. Crocs are built for the rain and for water. Therefore, they are perfect for wet areas. The non-slip bottom protects you from a dangerous situation while on the job!

This specific Croc shoe does not come with ventilation holes. Thus, they do not breath like the standard Croc shoes. However, this does provide you with a big-time benefits. The enclosed design covers your feet entire. Therefore, spills in the bar area hit the shoe and not your feet! Keep yourself clean on the job at all times in some affordable shoes today. These are certainly some of the best shoes for bartending for women!

These Crocs are incredibly comfortable on top of everything else. However, some customers noted sizing problems and issues. Look through the reviews to make sure you get the right size. Customers alway indicate if the shoes tend to run large or run small! Look no further if you want to just get some of the best shoes for bartending on the market.



  • Good Price
  • Comfortable
  • Great Foot Relief



  • Ugly Shoes
  • Sizing Problems


Skechers for Work Women’s Ghenter Bronaugh Work & Food Service Shoe

If you care about comfort and nothing else, then you are in luck. Skechers has made the very best bartending shoes for you. First and foremost, these shoes have a rubber sole. Thus, these shoes are very durable and reliable. You can use these shoes for a good period of time without any problems. All the while, the 100% mesh fabric upper is flexible. Move without constraint at work all day long!

Slip-resistant tread is the key to this shoe’s performance. You enjoy premier traction all behind the bar. Water and spilled drinks do not stand in your way. Best of all, these shoes are so comfortable and breathable. After all, the mesh material is always the most breathable material available in shoes. Buy yourself some of the best shoes for bartending. You will certainly not regret it.

Now, these shoes are not the best for support. The shoes do not absorb shock well. Thus, if you have flat feet or any other issues, you should buy another pair. Always look at the size chart and customer reviews to get the right size as well!



  • Simple Design
  • Skechers Brand Name
  • Slip-Resistant Tread
  • Mesh Fabric Upper



  • Lack Of Foot Support


Feetmat Womens Sneakers Ultra Lightweight Walking Shoes

As previously mentioned, Feetmat shoes may be new to you. However, you would be wise to get to know the brand. Their shoes are so versatile you can wear them literally anywhere. This includes both casual situations and in the workplace. The Feetmat shoes have a very simple design. As a result, you look good at work and still manage to fly under the radar. Command the bar in these shoes!

Lightweight shoes are the best for any workplace situation. Lucky for you, these shoes are incredibly lightweight. Also, the mesh upper is a nice fit for breathability and comfortability. Avoid irritation while also getting a very snug fit. All the while, you get arch support form the insole and great midfoot support as well. Thus, long work days become more comfortable and you do not deal with pain.

Finally, the non-slip rubber soles are perfect for the bartending area. However, these are not great shoes for wide feet. Also, other customers stated they had size problems. Keep this in mind while buying the best shoes for bartending.



  • Appealing Price Tag
  • Good Style
  • Comfortable Fit



  • Sizing Issues
  • Not For Wide Feet


MOZO Women’s Maven Food Service Shoe

MOZO makes some of the best food service shoes on the market. For any woman, these are some of the best shoes for bartending available. First, these shoes have a minimalist design. As a result, it is very sleek but tame at the same time. That way, you look professional in the workplace. But, you do not have to sacrifice comfortability not performance!

The slip-resistant traction comes from Shoes for Crews. Shoes for Crews creates top of the line bottoms with great tread. Thus, these are perfect for bartending in wet and slippery areas. You benefit from a grip that prevents slipping and sliding. Furthermore, the water-resistant and full-grain leather upper combine for some serious durability. You can even take out the laces if you feel like it.

There are some customers that complained about a lack of durability in reviews. However, others stated that had no issues. Look into the reviews for more information and make your own decision!



  • Professional Appearance
  • Great Performance
  • Protective Non-Slip Tread



  • Possible Durability Problems


Townforst Women’s Slip & Oil Resistant Jess Work Shoes

Last but not least, these are the best shoes for bartending if you want style. First and foremost, the slip-on is incredibly convenient. Put these shoes on in a matter of moments. This comes in handy if you are in a rush to get to work. The ballet-inspired design looks absolutely wonderful. You can impress co-workers and customers alike in your brand new bartending shoes!

The affordable price tag is great for customers that want value. You spend less money than usual and get more value than usual. The lightweight design is convenient for anyone that walks a lot at work. Bartenders are literally always standing or always walking. Therefore, these are perfect for long hours behind the bar. All the while, the cushioned insoles and flexible mid-sole provide you with impressive performance!

A cushioned foam footbed keeps you cozy at work. The Genuine leather upper comes with accented stitching. Plus, the rubber slip and oil-resistant sole protects you from any dangerous slip and fall hazards. Now, these shoes are not the best for anyone that needs enhanced support. Furthermore, leather shoes can get hot. Keep these facts in mind as you try to buy the best shoes for bartending.



  • Nice Price
  • Supreme Style
  • Great Comfort



  • No Ventilation
  • Sizing Issues



Final Thoughts & Shoe Recommendations

Buying shoes is not easy. No matter what kind of situation you are buying them for. Whether it is for casual situations, athletic situations, or professional situations. You need to find the right shoes or you will not be happy. After all, your feet are vital to everyday life. That is why people take foot pain like plantar fasciitis so seriously. Be sure to use this buying guide to help you get through the buying process!


Below are a few specific recommendations for customers. This includes the best overall choice, which has a good price and performs the best. The best shoe at a premium price is the best choice regardless of price. That choice is best for customers that want to spend money. Finally, anyone that cares about value is in luck. The last recommendation is for customers that want a low price on a good product. Use this information to get the best shoes for bartending.


Best Shoes For Bartending Overall for Men


Skechers for Work Men’s Flex Advantage Slip Resistant Mcallen Slip On

These are the very best shoes for male bartenders on the market. Do not be tricked by the Skechers name. They manufacture some of the most comfortable shoes on the market. All the while, you benefit from a convenient slip-on design. Do not let the Skechers name confuse you. These shoes are good looking and can help you take care of business. Look no further for the best male shoes for bartending.


Best Shoes For Bartending Overall for Women


Crocs Women’s Bistro Clog

For women, these Crocs are the best pick. Sure, they are not going to win you style points. However, these Crocs get the job done. The simple design is durable and long-lasting. Plus, you protect yourself from spills and falls on the job. A convenient slip-on design helps you slide these shoes right on. You can get out of the house in a matter of seconds if you need to rush.


Best Shoes For Bartending at Premium Price for Men


Red Wing Men’s Iron Ranger 6Boot

These work boots are not cheap. Thus, they are the premium pick for male bartenders. If you have money to spend, then stop right here. The Red Wing work boots are the most stylish and professional looking bartender shoes available! Also, you enjoy wonderful ankle support. Get yourself the best bartending shoes that meet your personality and preferences.


Best Shoes For Bartending at Premium Price for Women


Skechers for Work Women’s Ghenter Bronaugh Work & Food Service Shoe

The Skechers Ghenter Bronaugh Work shoes are the premium pick for all women. Best of all, these shoes are still not even that expensive. Enjoy a simple design that passes the eye test but stays professional. You will love these bartending shoes during long shifts at work. As previously mentioned, the Skechers brand has completely changed their public appearance. Their focus is creating comfortable shoes for everyone!


Best Shoes For Bartending at a Value for Men


Feetmat Men’s Tennis Shoes Slip On Sneakers for Men

Slip-on shoes are so great for everyday life. You do not need to tie them up or hassle to put them on. Just one motion and you are good to go. Plus, these shoes are so cheap but so well-designed. You get premier quality as you walk around and work all day. All the while, you serious save some cash. Who doesn’t love saving themselves some money?


Best Shoes For Bartending at a Value for Women


Feetmat Womens Sneakers Ultra Lightweight Walking Shoes

Feetmat makes the most valuable bartending shoes for women as well. Their shoes are so versatile and good looking. You can wear them at work and out with friends. Plus, the lightweight design is great for walking around all day. Avoid discomfort and pain with this pair of incredibly affordable shoes.


Frequently Asked Questions About Bartending Shoes


What Is The Best Way To Avoid Sizing Issues?

Avoid sizing issues by knowing your shoe size. If you need specific measurements, schedule an appointment with a podiatrist. They can measure and evaluate your feet. Thus, you find out if you have flat feet or any type of extra support. Also, look through reviews online and use size charts when available. Customers always leave reviews and mention size problems.


What Is Better: Leather Material Or Mesh Material?

Leather and mesh are the two most common shoe material. However, leather and mesh are completely different from one another. The leather is the more visually pleasing material. It looks professional and glares in the light. But, leather is stiff and hard. Therefore, it is not the best shoe for walking.

Mesh is the better material for mobility and flexibility. Most running shoes and athletic shoes are made of mesh. These shoes need to feel natural and organic on the feet of athletes. Thus, they are a great choice amongst the best shoes for bartending. Keep an eye out for mesh made uppers and more!


What Should I Do If I Need Extra Support?

Do not ignore foot pain. If you deal with severe pain, get help from a podiatrist. It is really easy to schedule an appointment with a local podiatrist. They look over your foot and evaluate the structure. Then, they can determine the source of the pain and what is wrong. Problems like flat feet can get much worse if never treated. So do not hesitate to get some help if you need it!

A podiatrist can help provide you with information on the best shoes for bartending. You can get shoes with enhanced stability and support. More so than the average shoe available for purchase. But, the best part is that they recommend over-the-counter orthotics. Buy orthotics from a local store and enhance the support of your shoes!

How Do You Recommend I Approach Buying Shoes If I Have Sweaty Feet?

Sweaty feet are a real problem. Do not be embarrassed. Plenty of people struggle with smelly and sweaty feet. Look for breathable mesh material and ventilation holes. The best shoes are going to fit well but provide some breathing room. That way, you do not sweat too much while on the job. Instead, your feet say fresh at all times and you can relax.

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