10 Best Shoes for Back Pain 2021: Relief, Support, & Comfort

best shoes for back pain

Back pain is an epidemic across the United States. Adults face both mild and severe back pain alike. Unfortunately, this back pain can seriously effect people’s lives. As a matter of fact, many Americans cannot enjoy a number of physical activities due to back pain. What can you do? Buy the best shoes for back pain available. Luckily enough, this buyers guide has everything you need!

Read this buying guide to learn about back pain, where back pain comes from, and how back pain is affected by your feet. Furthermore, check out all of the ten best shoes for back pain available. You will find a great fit for your feet, no matter what. This last has shoes for formal settings, everyday life, and even athletic activities. Relieve yourself of that back pain today.

Top Shoes for Back Pain Comparison Chart

ImageProductShoe TypePriceWhere to Buy?
1. Orthofeet Asheville Mens Brown Leather SlippersComfort$$Check on Amazon
2. Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking ShoesCushioned$$$Check on Amazon
3. Crocs Men’s & Women’s Classic Clog Slip OnComfort$Check on Amazon
4. ASICS Men’s GEL Venture 5 Running ShoeCushioned$$Check on Amazon
5. New Balance Men’s MW877 Walking ShoeCushioned$$Check on Amazon
6. Birkenstock Arizona Unisex Leather SandalComfort$$$Check on Amazon
7. Clarks Women’s CloudSteppers Sillian Paz Slip On LoaferComfort$$Check on Amazon
8. Vionic Noble Laurie Backstrap SandalComfort$$$Check on Amazon
9. KEEN Women’s Rose SandalComfort$$Check on Amazon
10. Vionic Women’s Kea Orthotic TrainersComfort$$$Check on Amazon

Shoes for Back Pain Buying Guide

Back pain is no small-time problem. As a matter of fact, back pain can be incredibly serious in severe cases. The American Chiropractic Association collects and gathers data about back pain. That way, back pain is better understood and treated. Their data states that 31 million Americans suffer from lower back pain at any given moment.

Your back pain may not be associated with foot problems. However, it is possible. Thus, you need proper footwear and proper support. This includes any extra orthotics to go along with your new shoes. Read more information below on how to find the proper shoes for your back pain.

Why Are The Best Shoes for Back Pain Different Than Others?

Surprisingly enough, back pain relief and foot pain relief can come from some of the same shoes. But, not all the best shoes for back pain and foot pain are on in the same. Thus, you should always focus on the key features you require in any shoe purchase. After all, you need help from back pain and not foot pain. Luckily enough, this is much easier than you think!

Pronation & Supination: What You Need To Know

How can foot problems cause back pain? Through pronation and supination problems.  Your entire body is connected through your bones and joints. Thus, one kink in the chain is enough to cause problems further down the line. Now, do not workout through the pain. Contact a podiatrist if you notice any foot issues requiring treatment. That way, you avoid serious problems with your back in the future.

According to the University of Rochester Medical Center, flat feet and hypersupination can cause hip and lower back pain. Now, flat feet comes from overpronation. Your feet should pronate but not too much. If so, this can cause serious back pain and leg pain. What is supination? Basically, excessive supination is an outward rolling of the foot while walking or running. This puts too much stress on your feet and in turn, creates back pain.

The gait cycle is the measurement of the heel-strike to heel-strike. Simply put, this is a measurement of the walking cycle. This includes your foot leaving and landing on the ground. As the foot lands, it creates shock impact and stress. Unfortunately, this stress is the source of much back pain. Seek out the proper help for your body today!

What To Consider While Buying The Best Shoes for Back Pain

Shopping is not necessarily fun for everyone. Sure, some customers absolutely enjoy shopping for hours upon hours. But, other customers want the quickest and most convenient experience possible. Luckily enough, the top ten list of the best shoes for back pain is super quick and super easy. However, here are some factors of focus while shopping for your shoes. That way, you can look through shoes with this helpful information.

These factors range from important factors to more personal preferences. But, pay close attention to each and every factor. You need as much information as possible. Focus on the last two factors more than anything else. Especially if you are serious about relieving that back pain.

Price Range

Your price range means everything. After all, you cannot and should not spend money you do not have. Now, no one should feel bad about their budget. Some of the best shoes for back pain come at a bargain. But, still take time to create your price range or budget. Why? So you do not go out and get shoes that are super expensive but not high-quality!

The most expensive shoes are not always the best shoes. On the other hand, the cheapest product may sacrifice quality. Thus, you must find one of the best shoes for back pain right in the middle. Do this with your budget. Start with a minimum price and make it solid. Do not go too low. Then, ask yourself one question. How much money do I want to spend?

The answer to your question is the key to a budget. A maximum price prevents overspending on your shoes. Also, the minimum price prevents you from going too low. After all, you should not spare any expense when it comes to back pain. Yes, you may spend some good money on your shoes. But it is all worth it with the best shoes for back pain!

Proper Size & Fit

Fit and size are very complicated. First and foremost, the right fit makes or breaks shoes. You need a good feeling that is tight and supportive. But, you do not want it to be too tight. On the other side, loose shoes can be dangerous for weak ankles and physical activity. Find shoes with an adjustable enclosure for a customizable fit!

Buying the right size in shoes is simple at a store. However, buying the right size in shoes online is not. Unfortunately, some shoes may potentially run small or run large. What does this mean? Shoes that run large are much bigger than usual. Shoes that run small are much smaller than usual. Do not fear, there is an easy way to work around this problem.

Read through customer reviews. Customers note if they are unhappy or happy with a product. Furthermore, they always reveal their source of dissatisfaction. Thus, customers always notify others of any shoe size problems. Shoes run small? Buy a bigger pair than usual. If you wear a size 7 then buy a size 8 or 9. Shoes run large? Buy a smaller pair than usual. If you wear a size 7 then buy a size 5 or 6.


The best shoes for back pain do not come in a certain type of material. However, some shoes are better for back pain than others. Luckily enough, shoes for back pain provide you with options. Pick from leather, suede, and mesh material. Every single type of shoe material is a great pick. Thus, it all comes to what you want in your shoes versus what you do not want!

Leather and suede shoes are much better looking than mesh made shoes. All the while, leather shoes also usually come with a Nubuck enclosure. Simply put, a Nubuck enclosure is more durable and supportive than most others. But, leather is also stiffer and less flexible. So there is always a break-in period with even the best shoes for back pain.

Now, mesh material is the best material for informal and athletic situations. Look to leather shoes for work or formal settings. Why? Mesh material is breathable and provides ventilation. That way, your feet do not sweat too much during intense and long workouts. Furthermore, mesh is super flexible and moves with you! Get the right material for your feet today.


Durability is another tricky factor. Here is why: durability depends on shoe usage. How much you use shoes affects how quick shoes wear out. Furthermore, where you wear the shoes also matters. For instance, work shoes are less likely to break in a month as opposed to hiking shoes. After all, hiking shoes are put through inclement weather and adverse conditions. Thus, there is no shoe built to last forever.

All shoes break and wear out over a certain period of time. Do not get bent out of shape over broken shoes. Now, good shoes also do not break in a week. Therefore, avoid any low-quality and poorly made shoes. The best shoes for back pain are built to last for quite a while. But, how can you find shoes with durable features and designs? Well, this is much easier than you think.

First and foremost, look out for durable features in product descriptions. Generally speaking, certain shoes offer special stitching and durable features. The most common feature involves long-lasting EVA material. This stands for ethylene vinyl acetate and it is a combination of ethylene and vinyl acetate. Basically, this is a really elastic type of plastic that is stress-crack resistant and incredibly tough. All of the very best shoes for back pain come with this type of material!

Traction & Grip

Now, you may not think that traction and grip matter but you are wrong. As a matter of fact, high-quality traction is a huge deal. Do you like hiking or outdoor adventures? Do you live in an area with a lot of rain? You need traction in both scenarios to help you out. However, these features do not necessarily work to alleviate pain.

The traction of your shoes helps you stay in control. If not, you could fall and hurt yourself. This is the worst case scenario for anyone with severe back pain. One bad is potentially costly. Thus, customers with back pain require shoes with high-quality traction designs. Avoid a huge spill with the best shoes for back pain today.

Flexible Design

Flexibility and support are two sides of a coin when it comes to the best shoes for back pain. After all, supportive shoes are very firm and strong. Thus, you may not think these shoes are also flexible. However. All of the best back pain shoes feature the best of both worlds. Strong support when you need it most and extreme elasticity when you need it most! But, where does all of this flexibility come from?

Shoe flexibility comes in three different areas. This includes the upper area, the outsole area, and the insole. First, the insole area should offer you flex grooves. Simply put, flex grooves keep the shoe on your feet. Thus, the shoe grips well and prevents potential injuries and back pain. Remember, this is just the start of all flexibility in the best shoes for back pain.

The upper area needs to be as flexible as possible. If not, you are in serious trouble. Uncomfortable uppers cause pain from constant rubbing on the skin. Finally, the outsole must be versatile and elastic as well. Look for synthetic outsoles and rubber outsoles in your shoes. This material is much more flexible and versatile than any other material!

The Footbed

The footbed and sole separate your feet from the ground. Thus, the best shoes for back pain focus in on the foot area. Specifically, keep an eye out for a contoured footbed. Basically, this footbed is built to enhance proper posture and evenly distribute weight all at once. Thus, there is not overwhelming stress on one particular area of the foot. Also, the proper posture helps prevent and alleviate serious back pain.

Do you want a strong footbed or a soft footbed? Well, the best shoes for back pain deliver both. As a result, your footbed is lightweight but dense with cushioning. The footbed is firm and supportive but soft and cozy. You need versatile shoes built to do it all. Especially when it comes to the footbed and sole area!

Finally, focus in on cushioning and shock-absorption material. Again, the footbed area is right in between your foot and the ground. The material must provide you with a sense of comfort. That way, you feel like you are walking on air. All the while, the material must also actively protect your feet with strong and firm material.


The two most important factors are saved best for last. Support is absolutely essential for anyone with back pain. If there is no support then it is not one of the best shoes for back pain. How can you find the right support for your particular pain? There are a few different areas including the entire shoe sole, the uppers, and even the heel area all matter.

As mentioned earlier, abnormal pronation and excessive supination are two causes of back pain. Irregular posture causes the entire body to adjust. Thus, this can alter and change other areas of your body. Unfortunately, these changes are usually for the worse and create severe back pain. Thus, you need a specific type of shoe for your feet.

Check out your arches for good support design. High arches usually cause undersupination and overpronation. However, flat arches create issues with hypersupination and underpronation. Confused? Do not hesitate to see a local podiatrist. They evaluate your feet and provide great information for buying the best shoes for back pain!


Generally speaking, the best shoes are always comfortable and cozy. But, the best shoes for back pain are even more comfortable than usual. Why is this? Because the impact of motion can cause serious pain. Therefore, you need shoes with cushioning and an even distribution of said cushioning. If not, then your back pain will be an issue during all physical activity.

As mentioned earlier, the gait cycle measures your walking mention. The key to the gait cycle involves energy. As you walk, you exert energy onto the environment. In return, the environment exerts equal force back onto your foot. This can cause some serious shock impact while running and jumping. Thus, the shock impact puts stress and wear onto your feet. While cushioning cannot get rid of shock, it helps you avoid the pain and stress!

Look to the sole for all cushioning, comfort, and shock-absorption. Again, the best shoes for back pain cannot simple relinquish you of shock. However, the best shoes absorb up the shock and stress. Check for EVA foam that is both elastic and incredibly supportive. That way, your shoes actively support and enhance all of your movements. Enjoy daily life again with great shoes for back pain relief!

Best Shoes for Back Pain Reviews

As mentioned earlier, both men and women suffer from back pain. Therefore, both men and women need to find the best shoes for back pain. Luckily enough, this list of the top 10 choices has great picks for each gender. The list is divided amongst women’s shoes, men’s shoes, and unisex options. As a result, there are enough back pain shoe options for everyone. Read each product recommendation below and get rid of that awful back pain!

1. Orthofeet Asheville Mens Brown Leather Slippers

The Orthofeet Asheville leather slippers are the best shoes for back pain thanks to two reasons: comfort and style. These leather slippers look absolutely great. Wear them out in public or just out to the mailbox. You can take even take a leisure stroll through the neighborhood. Best of all, the slip on design is super convenient. Slide your new shoes on in a jiffy!

The Ortho-Cushion System is a key feature in this shoe. After all, the best shoes for back pain all boast serious cushioning for support and comfort. You benefit from a lightweight sole filled with air cushioning. Thus, you receive some extra pep in your step. The biomechanically engineered cushioning alleviates any and all stress from your joints. In turn, this actively relieves back pain.

The heel pad and anatomical arch support match your foot movement. As a result, the pain alleviation runs all the way up to your back. Best of all, you spend less money than usual and get the best shoes for back pain overall. Also, you can even insert in a new sole to replace the removable insole. There is no better shoe for men’s back pain on the market!



  • Amazing Fit
  • Slip On Convenience
  • Premier Style
  • Supportive Cushioning



  • Stiff At First
  • Shoes May Run Large


2. Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

The Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker shoes are pretty expensive. However, you receive serious back pain support and high-quality performance. The full-grain leather and velvety Nubuck uppers look great and last for a long time. Best of all, you do not sacrifice comfort. But, these are not the best looking shoes on the market. Thus, customers craving style may want to check out another option!

Now, the best shoes for back pain are not made to be the most stylish shoes on the street. Instead, back pain shoes are made to deliver support and comfort. The Diagonal Rollbar® controls your pronation. That way, your back does not feel pain due to your foot’s positioning. All the while, the fabric lining is soft and offers a removable sockliner. That way, you insert orthotic devices with ease.

Finally, the full-length MoGo midsole is soft and stable. As a result, there is energy returning to your feet with each and every step. All the while, the HydroFlow® technology increases midsole comfort through cushioning and shock absorption. AS mentioned earlier, shock absorption is found in only the very best shoes for back pain. So while the Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker is expensive, it does help alleviate so much pain in your back!



  • Controls Pronation
  • Shock Absorption Material
  • Premier Technology & Features
  • All-Black Leather Design



  • Expensive Price Tag
  • Break-In Period


3. Crocs Men’s & Women’s Classic Clog Slip On

Crocs slip on shoes are always a surprising pick for pain alleviation. After all, many adults assume Crocs are made for kids and no one else. This is not true at all. As a matter of fact, Croc clog slip on shoes are super popular amongst doctors and nurses. Why? Crocs are very convenient and incredibly comfortable. Thus, they support standing all day long. Look no further if you want the most valuable shoes for back pain available.

Now, Crocs are ideal for all of the outdoor enthusiasts out there. Wear Croc clogs through muddy trails and dirty terrain. After, use a hose to simply wash them off. Then, dry off the Croc clogs and you are all set. Best of all, the waterproof design provides great durability and reliability. Enjoy the best shoes for back pain, regardless of the weather conditions!

Croc clogs are made for both genders. As a result, both men and women can buy some of the best shoes for back pain. Even better, both men and women save plenty of money in the process. You do not need to empty out your wallet for back pain relief. Instead, get some Croc clogs today!



  • Waterproof
  • Easy To Clean
  • Incredibly Convenient
  • Affordable Price Tag



  • Lack Of Style
  • Sizing Issues


4. ASICS Men’s GEL Venture 5 Running Shoe

ASICs is a very popular brand across the globe. Runners and athletes alike respect and love ASIC shoes. Simply put, ASICs focuses on creating incredibly comfortable and supportive athletic shoes. As a result, you can look to ASICs for the best shoes for back pain. Specifically, the GEL Venture 5 running shoe is a great pick. Especially if you like to go for long runs!

A long cardio run creates serious pain in your back. Luckily, the ASIC GEL Venture 5 boasts some serious cushioning. The rearfoot GEL cushioning is more than just comfortable. This cushioning is built for stability and support. As a result, there is less stress on your lower body. In turn, reduced lower body stress helps take away and alleviate back pain.

The mesh material is comfy and breathable. Thus, you avoid seriously foul odors after a long workout. All the while, a trail-specific outsole comes with reversed traction lugs. The GEL Venture 5 grips every surface available and especially uneven and outdoor terrain. Meanwhile, you remove the sockliner for any additional orthotic. ASICs has some of the best shoes for back pain available. Plus, this is a very affordable pair of shoes!



  • Affordable Price Tag
  • ASICs Brand Name
  • Rearfoot GEL Cushioning
  • Comfortable & Supportive Design



  • Break-In Period
  • Lacks Shock Absorption


5. New Balance Men’s MW877 Walking Shoe

New Balance is another premier shoe brand. But, New Balance is a very unique shoe brand. Their goal is to make incredibly comfortable and supportive walking shoes. Therefore, the New Balance MW877 is one of the best shoes for back pain. Especially if you want a good looking pair of shoes! The simple grey suede and mesh design looks great and lasts for a very long time.

Support usually comes from a few different areas. In particular, the upper area and the tongue area are two key parts. The MW877 features a padded tongue and a padded collar. As a result, you enjoy some great support and comfort. All the while, mesh material is both breathable and flexible. So you move without any constraints during daily walking trips.

Finally, the ABZORB midsole cushioning and Walking Strike Path technology work together in the MW877. The ABZORM midsole cushioning alleviates the stress of walking. As previously mentioned, the impact part of the gait cycle creates the most stress. Without foot support, this stress can run all the way up to your back. Luckily, the Walking Strike Path technology helps provide a natural fit. Thus, the New Balance MW877 enhances natural movement like all of the best shoes for back pain!



  • Appealing Price Point
  • New Balance Brand Name
  • Made In The USA
  • ABZORB Midsole Cushioning
  • Walking Strike Path Technology



  • Confusing Size Chart


6. Birkenstock Arizona Unisex Leather Sandal

The Birkenstock Arizona Leather Sandal is another unisex option for customers. As a result, women and men can buy this sandal and enjoy back pain relief. Now, remember that this is a leather sandal. Thus, it is not ideal for chilly areas with tough winter seasons. Instead, buy this sandal for warm summer weather and long walks outside. You will not regret your purchase.

This sandal offers a leather, suede, and Nubuck design. As a result, you will enjoy this sandal for a very long time. Adjust the fit to your comfort without sacrificing any support from the sandal. Instead, the arch support evenly distributes weight and encourages a proper posture. Poor posture is a common cause of pain and the best shoes for back pain help control pronation and supination.

The footbed comes in the form of cork and latex material. Suede tops of the footbed design deliver some serious comfort. But, the EVA outsole is the real star in this shoe. Shock absorption is helpful in the best shoes for back pain. That way, stress impact tension does not wear and tear on your body!



  • Luxurious Leather Sandal
  • Premier Pronation & Supination Control
  • EVA Outsole
  • Shock Absorption Material



  • Expensive Price Tag


7. Clarks Women’s CloudSteppers Sillian Paz Slip On Loafer

Clarks is a high-end shoe brand for formal footwear. Specifically, Clarks makes cozy and comfortable formal footwear for both men and women. The CloudSteppers Sillian Paz Slip On Loafer is not only one of the best shoes for back pain. This is the best pair of formal shoes for your back pain. Enjoy a soft cushioning design, a good price tag, and a very professional appearance all at once!

First and foremost, the soft fabric lining and ortholite footbed are the stand out features. Basically, both of these features enhance the comfort and cushioning of this shoe. Best of all, remove the cushioning insole for any orthotic additions. Thus, you enjoy the standard comfort along with whatever medical enhancements you own.

A shock-absorbing EVA outsole is a big deal for any woman with back pain. EVA material outlasts all other outsole material. Thus, this sole lasts longer than rubber soles and synthetic soles. Meanwhile, the shock absorbing material alleviates the stress of walking. Look no further if you want the best shoes for back pain for women.



  • Great Price Tag
  • Professional Shoe
  • Sleek Design
  • Ortholite Footbed



  • Run Small


8. Vionic Noble Laurie Backstrap Sandal

Now, some customers prioritize fashion and style over everything else. Furthermore, these customers usually spend money freely. Well, the Vionic Noble Laurie Backstrap Sandal is the best shoes for back pain at a premium price. You spend more money than usual and get better quality than usual. Best of all, you enjoy a sleek and professional appearance at work!

Again, this shoe is not made for outdoor walking and exercise. No, this shoe is made for conference rooms and dominating the business world. Professional women enjoy high-end style without the usual back pain. A deep heel cup and enhanced forefront contour fit to your feet. As a result, this shoe alleviates so much of your usual back pain!

Finally, the lightweight design is complemented by a flexible EVA midsole. All the while, this shoe absorbs shock and alleviates stress on your feet, knees, and ankles. After all, back pain commonly starts from the feet up. The very best shoes for back pain enhance natural movement and keep you comfortable. The Vionic Noble Laurie Backstrap Sandal does this and so much more!



  • Formal & Professional Style
  • Upscale Appearance
  • Lightweight Design
  • Flexible EVA Midsole



  • Expensive Price Tag
  • Not For Long Walks & Outdoor Activity


9. KEEN Women’s Rose Sandal

The previous Vionic sandal is not for outdoor situations. However, the KEEN Women’s Rose Sandal is made for all types outdoor fun. As a matter of fact, this is the best shoes for back pain while hiking and exploring the great outdoors. The 100% leather and textile design is sleek and firm. But, the sandal design delivers premier breathability. That way, you do not sweat too much while having fun.

An adjustable hook-and-loop strap offers customization in regards to the fit. Alter and change the hook-and-strap fit for a tight or loose fit. It is all up to you. The non-marking and multi-directional traction outsole perform at the highest level possible. As a result, you will not slip and fall in wet mud. After all, this can potentially cause a serious injury.

Now, this is one of the best shoes for back pain due to one unique feature. The metatomical EVA footbed is not available anywhere else. Basically, this footbed is built to deliver more support than usual. A specific emphasis on the first metatarsal joint creates a foot-shaped footbed. Thus, this shoe moves with you during every single step!



  • Ideal For Hiking & Exploring Outdoors
  • Metatomical EVA Footbed
  • Adjustable Hook-and-Loop Strap
  • Convenient & Cozy Design



  • Size Issues


10. Vionic Women’s Kea Orthotic Trainers

Vionic owns another spot on this list of the best shoes for back pain. However, this shoe is different than the previous sandal option. Instead, this is great for casual situations and trips to the grocery store. The upper is handmade and consists of high-quality mesh material. As a result, this shoe is incredibly flexible and also very breathable. Enjoy comfort and performance along with premier back pain relief!

The insole design delivers the best of both worlds: flexibility and a firm design. Best of all, remove the textile-covered EVA orthotic insert when necessary. That way, you add whatever required medical orthotic helps. The durable rubber outsole provides a great grip and is built to last for a long time. Meanwhile, the slip on design is convenient for everyday life.

Mesh material is best for any outdoor or workout scenario. That way, you do not sweat and cause a gross odor. Now, this price tag may be a bit too much for some customers. Evaluate your budget and ensure this price fits into your price range. The best shoes for back pain should not come at too much of a cost.



  • Stylish Design
  • Textile-Covered EVA Orthotic Insert
  • Slip On Design
  • Mesh Material



  • Expensive Price


Conclusion and Final Shoes for Back Pain Recommendations

Every single shoe on this top ten list is a high-quality product. Simply pick one option and you are all set. Yes, it is actually that easy. Avoid wasting time at the local shoe store. Do not sit and read through countless products online. Point, click, and buy one of the best shoes for back pain today. Best of all, you buy this shoe right from the comfort of your own home.

Are you a bargain hunter? Or do you like to spend lavishly? Well then, you want a specific type of shoe. In some cases, you may just want the best product available. Luckily enough, the recommendations below are just for you. Read through each category to find the most valuable, best overall, and most expensive options. Get the best shoes for back pain today!


Best Shoes for Back Pain Overall For Men: Orthofeet Asheville Mens Brown Leather Slippers


The Orthofeet Asheville Brown Leather Slippers are the best shoes for everyday back pain. Wear these slippers around the neighborhood or to the local grocery store. A convenient slip on design is wonderful for normal activity and wear. All the while, the Ortho-Cushion System alleviates more than just back pain. Look no further if you want the very best men’s shoes for back pain.


Best Shoes for Back Pain Overall For Women: Clarks Women’s CloudSteppers Sillian Paz Slip On Loafer


Women looking for formal shoes for back pain, rejoice! The Clarks CloudSteppers Sillian Paz Slip On Loafer is the best choice. Furthermore, this is also the best pick overall. Best of all, you do not spend a lot of money for the best overall shoe for back pain. The shock-absorbing EVA outsole helps reduce stress impact and so much more! Buy yourself the best shoes overall for women’s back pain today.


Best Shoes for Back Pain at a Premium Price For Men: Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes


The Brooks Addiction Walker shoes are the most expensive shoes for back pain. Yes, this is a rather costly pair of shoes. But, you do enjoy the best possible quality on the market. Control your pronation and enjoy energy-returning technology. All the while, you benefit from shock absorption and enhanced midsole cushioning.


Best Shoes for Back Pain at a Premium Price For Women: Vionic Noble Laurie Backstrap Sandal


The Vionic Noble Laurie Backstrap Sandal is the best women’s shoe for back pain at the premium price. This sandal is made for businesswomen and formal occasions. Thus, you benefit from a sleek and stylish design along with high-quality materials. A flexible EVA midsole works together with an enhanced forefoot contour. That way, you stay comfortable during long work days and conference calls!


Best Shoes for Back Pain for Value For Men: Crocs Men’s & Women’s Classic Clog Slip On


Now, the Croc Classic Clog is made for both men and women. Thus, technically this shoe is best for both genders. But, for the sake of this article, we will provide two different options. This Croc is best for any informal situation and everyday life. Slip on your clogs and enjoy a waterproof design.


Best Shoes for Back Pain for Value For Women: Keen Women’s Rose Sandal


Finally, the Keen Women’s Rose Sandals are the best women’s shoes for back pain. Look no further for a sport pair of sandals with a smart design. A customizable fit comes in the form of the adjustable hook-and-loop strap. All the while, this shoe is machine washable. Throw it in the wash and use the gentle cycle with a small amount of detergent. Best of all, you save money and get the most value all at once!


Frequently Asked Questions About Shoes for Back Pain

What Matters Most When It Comes To Minimizing Back Pain?

Simply put, back pain is a big problem that usually deals with more than one area. However, back pain caused by feet requires two features: comfort and support. Specifically, look for extra cushioning and some type of shock-absorption. This will eliminate discomfort which is often the source of serious back pain!

Should I See A Podiatrist For My Back Pain?

No. You should start with a physician. Specifically, visit your family’s preferred physician. They know your body better than any other doctor. Thus, physicians evaluate your daily activity, any muscle problems, and more. Let them fully inspect you before anything else. Then, see a podiatrist if the back pain comes from pronation or supination issues!

Are The Best Shoes For Back Pain Like The Best Shoes For Flat Feet?

Not necessarily but there are some similarities. For instance, flat feet often cause pain due to uneven weight distribution. Thus, they require shock absorption material just like anyone with back pain. Basically, shock absorbing material actively soaks up all impact stress from walking, running, and jumping. That way, this impact stress does not affect the rest of your body!

Should I Workout Through Back Pain?

Absolutely not! While some fitness freaks describe this as being “tough”, it is foolish. Your back is an essential area of strength and a key area for all mobility. Never take any unnecessary risks with back pain. Small discomfort is one thing but severe pain is another. Check with your physician if you suffer through intense pain after a long workout.

Are There Knockoffs Sold Online?

Unfortunately yes. There are plenty of knockoff products sold online. Especially attempting to mimic popular brands. How can you avoid them? This is rather simple. Read through reviews and check out the product pictures. Look in the pictures for official logos and designs. Then, check out customer reviews for any additional tips and information!

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