6 Best Shoe Horns of 2021 [Reviews & Buying Guides]

Best Shoe Horns

In the modern world, we are used to technologies that take leaps and bounds beyond what they once were constrained to.  The shoe horn, however, is not an example of this.  And that’s a good thing.  Rather than taking a piece of simple, effective machinery and changing it into something that’s outlandish and totally unnecessary, the shoe horn has generally remained the same over the years.  It’s still a piece of equipment that can and will help you get your shoes, and that’s what it should be left to be.  Today, we are going to take a look at the best examples of this on the market in our buying guide.  We’ll then wrap it all up with reviews of some of the best and most popular ones.  So, let’s get it going then!

Top Shoe Horns Comparison Chart

ProductMaterialPriceWhere to Buy?
1. Shacke 24 Inch Extra Long Handled Shoe HornSynthetic$$$Check Price On Amazon
2. Gainwell Stainless Steel Shoe HornStainless Steel$Check Price On Amazon
3. Zomake 7.5 Inch Metal Shoe HornStainless Steel$Check Price On Amazon
4. Velette 3 Pack Metal Shoe HornsMetal$Check Price On Amazon
5. Velette 16.5 Inch Long Handle Shoe Horn Two PackMetal$$Check Price On Amazon
6. Numplar Stainless Steel Shoe HornStainless Steel$Check Price On Amazon

Shoe Horns Buying Guide

Possible Uses

First and foremost, it’s worth pointing out that a shoe horn is not for everyone.  Not everybody needs to purchase one, and that’s because it is not of use to everyone.  With that said, there are a few reasons you should be considering getting one.  The biggest reason you would want to purchase one for yourself or a loved one is to make their life easier.  Bending over and putting on your shoes, let alone tying them fully, is a chore for some folks.  It’s unfortunate, but as we age and our bodies deteriorate, this can become an impossible task.  So a shoe horn is very much a viable option for an older person, or anyone that has had a lot of surgeries and has their mobility being severely limited.  Another reason to go with a shoe horn is because you are, perhaps, a little bit lazy.  If you don’t want to be bothered with slipping your shoes on properly and tying them each time but they still remain a little tight on you, then you can use a shoe horn to wedge yourself in there.  This will cut down on the time you need, and for some of us, any second we save is valuable and worth the time and effort put into cutting the corner a little!  Lastly, they can be awesome for kids.  We talked about how saving time can be a big deal, and sometimes we just don’t have the time to do everything little thing for the kiddos.  They need to be learning how to get their shoes on by themselves, even if it’s not exactly ideal.  With a shoe horn, you can start to give them a bit of responsibility while assuring that they are able to actually get the shoes on!

The Problem With Not Tying Your Shoes

It took us a while to figure this out, but we have found it to be true over the years since learning it: not tying your shoes and just slipping them on causes damage to them.  This is because you are basically just yanking on them and slinging them on top of your feet and then sliding them on.  This is not good at all for the structure of the shoes, and it helps explain why the integrity of them is lacking sooner than you would like.  Sure, the looks might be just fine, but it’s the part you don’t see that affects you greatly.  The midsoles and insoles are where the work of the shoes are really being done, and this is the area that gets compromised when you fail to tie your shoes properly.  If you do not want to tie your shoes and they have laces, then the best way to make sure you don’t have to tie constantly is to turn to a shoe horn.  A shoe horn is going to correct this whole issue by holding the counter (the part your heel goes in at) steady and allowing you to slide in without doing any significant damage to the integrity of the shoes.  This way everyone is happy all the way around.


As with anything out there on the market, you can get a good idea of the quality by taking a look at the materials that it is made out of.  Shoe horns, as with any item, will not be as high quality if the materials are not very good.  With shoe horns, you can see a wide range of materials used, including but not limited to plastic, metal, wood, and leather.  In this section, we’ll quickly summarize the pluses and minuses of each.


Whenever you see metal next to a shoe horn, you should be thinking stainless steel.  They are on in the same, so this is going to help clear up any confusion you might have.  This material is known the world over for being strong and very tough to break or even bend.  Plus, it’s going to be very smooth, too, allowing you to easily slide your foot in without any issues.


Plastic gets a bad reputation in a whole lot of circles, but you shouldn’t totally discount its usefulness.  Plastic has the ability to be super tough and durable, just like metal, and it comes with the added advantage of being lighter.  Because of that, it’s an excellent choice when you are traveling.  Plus, it’s very, very smooth.


With wood, you have to be very careful and considerate.  Some wood shoe horns are not going to be good, while others will be more than adequate for your purposes.  What you have to key in on is the type of wood that it is.  If it’s a flimsy looking wood, then it will bend and break if you put enough pressure and torque upon it.  Obviously, this is not ideal.  But it would be foolish to say that all woods should be avoided out of principle.


Leather is an absolutely awesome materials for all kinds of clothing, but it’s the best kind of material for use with a shoe horn.  Leather is easily damaged in all sorts of scenarios, especially if it is to somehow end up getting wet.  That means traveling with it has to be a chore since you have to be super careful that nothing happens to it.  Leather can also get coarse and rough over time.


Sometimes, you’ll also see a combination of these materials being used in conjunction with the shoe horn.  If this is the case, it’s done that way so as to combine the positives of different materials while taking away some of their negatives.  This gives it a nice blend and helps to give you the best possible quality they can.


The grip is yet another component of the shoe horn that you need to take a look at.  It’s not the most important part, but it is essential to have one that works.  You don’t have to have an overly pronounced grip, by any means, but you also don’t want one that is too big and gives way.  To avoid that from occurring, look for something sturdy.  There are also grips that help you keep hold of them, which is especially useful for those that are older and can’t afford to drop the shoe horn and be forced to pick it back up.


The other big thing to mention before we get into the reviews is the length of the handle.  The length is going to be instrumental to you in getting the most out of the shoe horn.  If the length is too short, you’re not going to be using it very often and you’ll just end up back at square one.  For people that have less mobility and flexibility, a longer length is very much going to be a necessity for you.  You’ll not want to have to bend down all the way to the ground, since that’s what you are trying to avoid doing to begin with, after all.  So, a long handle is a great tool to help you reach your foot without a whole lot of trouble.  Studies have actually shown that the amount of hip ‘flexion’ used is diminished as the handle length goes up in size.  This means that anyone that has had hip issues or just has general mobility problems will be able to move better and will not have to worry about reaching their foot to get them on.  Just keep in mind that if it’s a child, a long handle can have the opposite effect!  Know who you are buying for, and you’ll be able to find the right ‘zone,’ if you will!

The Top Six Shoe Horns of 2019 Reviews

  1. Shacke 24 Inch Extra Long Handled Shoe Horn

If you lack flexibility and mobility, then look no further than this offering from Shacke. This is by far the longest length on our list, helping anyone be able to reach their shoes with a 24 inch handle. That’s two feet, ladies and gentlemen!  That will help considerably, without question.  Furthermore, this shoe horn is made out of high quality, sturdy plastic that makes it able to withstand the test of time and prosper.  The grip is great, utilizing an entire palm grip design to help you grasp onto it much easier than many you’ll find available on the marketplace.  The one possible downside here could be the price, but it’s really not that bad considering that no shoe horn is really that expensive anyway!


  • Super long handle
  • Great for low flexibility users
  • Massive, easy to use grip


  • More expensive than most
  1. Gainwell Stainless Steel Shoe Horn

Next up is an option that will help you out a ton if you are on the road and just can’t stop for too long. This travel shoe horn is small but is made out of stainless steel, making it look just a bit better than many out there while still remaining lightweight. The other thing that you’ll like is that they give you a really nice leather handle down at the bottom.  That means you’ll get all of the benefits of both materials without the worries of them failing in their weaker areas. Because of its small size, it’s for usage by all types of people and ages, though it’s not the easiest for those with sever mobility issues, for obvious reasons.  They even throw in a lifetime guarantee to you, so if you are not satisfied then you’ll have an avenue to get your money back!


  • Leather and stainless steel combine
  • Great for traveling
  • Easy for most to use


  • Not for inflexible folks
  1. Zomake 7.5 Inch Metal Shoe Horn

Next up is an ever so slightly longer model at about an inch longer than the Gainwell above. This one also differs in that it has a different approach with the makeup of it. It’s constructed in a smooth yet rounded shape to help you slide into your foot a bit better thanks to the contours.  It’s due to this design that you’ll be able to put on all kinds of shoes- from cleats to heels or just regular tennis shoes.  The handle is easy to get a hold of, even if it’s simple and there is a hole to make it easy to hang up some place when you are not using it.  It is not the longest one you will find out there, but it’s also not the shortest and is thus a nice in between size for traveling.  The metal design will help it stay durable, too!


  • Unique design
  • Helps you squeeze into various types of shoes
  • Hangs easily
  1. Velette 3 Pack Metal Shoe Horns

Next up is a little bit of everything. No one will be left out with this three pack, which features two shoe horns that are 7.5 inches and one that is four inches. This makes you able to use them wherever and whenever.  The longer ones are great for adults to use, while the ‘mini’ version is a great option for the kids to use so that they are not overwhelmed by the large.  The smaller one can also be used when traveling since it takes up such a small amount of space.  Made from solid metal and with slight but adequate angling to help you slide in, it will be long lasting and efficient.  Another positive is that it’s at a very low price, too, which is exceptional considering that you are getting three for the price of one.


  • Three for one deal
  • Kids and adult friendly
  • Great price
  1. Velette 16.5 Inch Long Handle Shoe Horn Two Pack

Velette comes right back on to the list here, but this one is much different from the one above. This is meant for those that have limited mobility due to the sheer size of it, which is a foot and a half. While it’s not quite as big as those above, you still get a huge amount of coverage at your fingertips.  Plus, you get two of them, so there is plenty to go around!  The end has a very comfortable handle that helps you grip it through the use of a rubbered contour.  They are made out of stainless steel, meaning they won’t be tearing up on you anytime soon and that you’ll be able to use them without cutting yourself.  It’s hard to go wrong with these, particularly due to the price you pay- or the lack thereof!


  • Very long handles
  • Contoured grips
  • Super durable
  1. Numplar Stainless Steel Shoe Horn

Next up is a fairly routine shoe horn, yet it’s also one that is going to be very useful for a lot of people. At 12 inches, the length is just about perfect for everyone as its not too long or too small. It can be carried around, then, but it also can reach quite a distance, which is a nice mixture of the two acts you have to balance a bit. It is thicker and heavier than many other shoe horns out there, which they brag about, and this helps it to be stronger and much less flexible, driving down the likelihood of it breaking.  The stainless steel makeup means you won’t be getting cut on it, while the handle is more like a lanyard that can wrap around your wrists to ensure you don’t drop it.  That’s a nice little touch to add, and it’s one we’re appreciative of!


  • Attention to details is nice
  • Thicker and heavier than most
  • Nice in between sizing

Conclusion And Final Shoe Horns Recommendations

Because of the sheer magnitude of the internet, you get dozens and dozens of possibilities whenever you search for any particular item.  The more simple it is and the longer the product has been around, the more possible queries you get.  The shoe horn is a demonstration of such an effect, and due to that alone, it can be tough to find a good one to buy.  But instead of racking your brain, or just aimlessly choosing one and hoping to get a good one, you can use our list and guide to help you narrow down what you need- and perhaps most important what you don’t.  With our list, you’ll be able to cut the clutter and know where you can begin your search!


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