6 Best Sheepskin Insoles of 2021

Best Sheepskin Insoles

It won’t be long before winter, and because of that, preparations need to be made.  Rather than coolness, warmth will be what’s required as we go into the colder months, and today we’ll be taking a look at a way to maximize your footwear without going way above budget.  We’ll do so by taking a look at sheepskin insoles, a great way to keep yourself warm while avoiding paying out lots of cash in the process.  In our buying guide, we’ll be taking a look at the ins and out and all you need to know about them.  After that, we’ll look at some of the best and most popular examples of them on the market, all in a bid to help you get a good start on where you’re going!

Top Sheepskin Insoles Comparison Chart

ProductFeaturePriceWhere to Buy?
1. UGG Men’s Sheepskin InsolesDual-density Foam$$Check Price On Amazon
2. ABUSA Sheepskin InsolesNo frills choice$$Check Price On Amazon
3. LAMBAA Unisex Sheepskin Insoles100% wool$Check Price On Amazon
4. Ailaka Women’s Premium Sheepskin InsolesAnti-slip & breathable$$Check Price On Amazon
5. Alaska Leather Super Thick Sheepskin InsolesSuper Thick$$Check Price On Amazon
6. Acdyion Natural Sheepskin InsolesMoisture-wicking$Check Price On Amazon

Sheepskin Insoles Buying Guide

Cost Savers

One of the massive things that sheepskin insoles will bring to the table for you is a lack of cost relative to most things you could buy related to footwear.  Shoes can be super expensive, so if you are buying a pair for every little need you have, you could be spending an awful lot of money.  With that said, sheepskin insoles can help reverse some of this pain.  Rather than buying a pair of shoes that are made to be super warm, you can instead take a pair of shoes that you already own and wear and simply change out the insoles.  Changing out insoles is very common anyway, so why not just get a warmer insole that will keep that heat trapped in to keep you warm?!  This is what sheepskin can offer you, and it’s the starting point for today’s guide.

Comfort Restoration

Another major plus that sheepskin insoles are able to bring to the table for you is the restoration of a degree of comfort.  With winter boots and shoes, you sometimes will find them eroding over time.  You might not have as much thickness left to them simply because you have been standing (and squishing) the material down for so long.  Some people would automatically resort to going and buying another pair when this occurs.  It is logical to do so, after all.  However, it’s not exactly the most financially prudent decision you could find yourself making.  You can always try a sheepskin insole to replace the old insoles.  They may fix the problem you had, and they will do so at a fraction of the cost of a new pair of boots!

Why Sheepskin Is Preferred

For some people that are reading this, they will be unaware of the purpose of sheepskin and just why it’s used and pushed to be worn.  The reason why sheepskin (also known as lambskin, lamb’s wool, etc.) works is because it is heavily insulated.  This natural insulation means that it retains warmth very well.  Think about a house that doesn’t have any of that pink stuff in between the walls.  That house is not going to stay warm because there is nothing there to keep the hot air in.  This is the same idea with sheepskin.  It’s why you can’t just use any old material in a bundle and hope it stays warm.  Not all materials are able to do this.  But the really cool thing is that this very same material is also able to keep you nice and dry, and cool, when it does get warmer outside again.  You would think that this would not be the case, but sheepskin is essentially nature’s natural insulation and works both ways.

The other reason that you will want to turn to sheepskin, instead of something else that is inferior, is because it does a great job at wicking moisture away.  One of the most annoying things you’ll ever come across is having a pair of shoes that retain water inside of them.  Your feet get all sticky with any kind of movement at all and you feel so much heavier.  Sheepskin, contrary to what you might think about it, is actually really awesome at breathing out and wicking moisture away.  In fact, it can trap a large percentage of its own weight- up to 60% in the thickness.  This means you won’t be sweating in there once you reach that temperature you’ve been craving for.  So, no worries about going overboard here!


One of the main ways to measure how much warmth you will be getting is, you guessed it, by measuring how thick the sheepskin is.  The more you have on hand, the more unlikely it is that you feel that cool, crisp air hitting you.  The lighter and thinner it is, the more likely you’ll be to feel that cold twinge hit the system with a vengeance.  However, you do need to keep in mind that sheepskin insoles are only going to be effecting on area, so that has to be taken into consideration.


As mentioned above, the fact that the sheepskin are insoles does play a substantial role in how warm you will ultimately be.  Because the placement of the insoles is in just one place, the insoles, obviously, the shoes or boots are going to have to be fairly warm on their own for you to have the utmost warmth provided.  So shoes that have tons of mesh or just ones that are poorly constructed will not be as warm.  With that said, the fact you have sheepskin insoles is going to help them be warmer than they would have been, so it’s really a win-win for you no matter which way you go.  So just know that you should be expecting a reasonable amount of warmth relative to what you are wearing.  Don’t expect a ton of warmth if your shoes have a ton of holes in them!


Believe it or not, the material used can differ when it comes to sheepskin insoles, contrary to what the name might imply at first glance.  However, you can rest assured you’ll be getting sheepskin on the top layer.  It’s the bottom layer, though, where the magic is at and things can differentiate.  There are three materials that can be used on this bottom portion, with them being leather, EVA, and fabric.  Each have their own positives and negatives, so let’s take a quick look at them.


Leather is one of the oldest materials known to man.  It’s always been popular because it was available to be used via animals.  Supper rugged, tough, and durable, leather lasts for a long time and is fairly breathable all things considered.  Furthermore, leather has always been preferred due to being super flexible relative to its strength, meaning it can be moved around and won’t be entirely cumbersome.  This means you don’t have to go through ‘foot gymnastics’ just to get a good, comfortable feel.


EVA is not new in the world of shoes by any means, but next to leather it’s only been around for the blink of an eye.  EVA was one of the big advancements in footwear that happened in the 1900s, and it’s continued to be a big player in today’s market because it lightens the load while still providing support.  It’s great at absorbing shocks, so that is why it is so supportive to you.  For someone that will be doing a lot of walking, this could be a great choice as it will make sure you don’t put a ton of strain or fatigue upon the knees, ankles, and hips.


The final material we’ll take a look at here is that of fabric.  Fabric, like leather, is breathable, but it’s also lightweight like EVA is.  This also helps make it more flexible, since there is just not as much there to be dealt with.  The big issue with the use of fabric is going to be that it’s just not nearly as durable as other materials, such as EVA or leather.  It thins out easily when compared to those, and it also is too flexible and can slide around the shoe a lot, which is not something anyone will sign up and volunteer to have going on.


How long something lasts is always going to be an issue, no matter what the cost is to you.  With sheepskin insoles, this is no different and is something worth discussing.  With this type of insole, the durability is going to depend on how much ‘compression’ there has been on the insoles themselves.  This sounds like a big word, but really it’s just a way to express how much have you walked on the insoles.  The longer you walk, the more wear and tear there will be on them, just as is the case with your regular shoes.  You wear out your normal shoes by walking, running, and standing on them, and every so often you will have to replace them, too.  Depending on the quality of the insoles, the materials used, and the brand you pick, the durability is going to differ dramatically.  Also, it should be pointed out that the thickness level of the insoles does not always correlate to how long they will last.  Common sense might dictate that thicker insoles would compress quicker than thinner ones, but this is not always the case.  So you just really have to examine the choices at hand and perhaps get a little bit lucky when you do make your choice of which one to go with.


Something else you might end up finding yourself doing is to make adjustments to the insoles.  Sometimes, however, this is a bridge too far- one to nowhere and cannot be done.  If you’ve ever bought an insert from the store before, you will know how this goes.  You try to painstakingly put it inside your shoes only to find out that it doesn’t fit.  Then you’ve got to do the whole cutting thing.  This is doable with sheepskin insoles, but it’s vital you realize that it is not possible for all of them.  Some of them will have edges for you to cut on, but others will not.  If they do not have guidelines by which you can cut, you will want to avoid doing so as you are going to end up cutting the seams and destroying the integrity of the insoles altogether.


We have talked about sheepskin insoles costing much less than buying a pair of new shoes or boots before, but what about price specifically?  Well, there is some very good news in this department for consumers and it’s that none of the items on our list below are going to cost you more than the low double digits.  This means you don’t really have to make a choice between a budget item and one that costs a little bit more, since there is not much of a price difference there.  So, basically what you’ll want to do is pick something that is made from a material that you like and then go from there, rather than starting and ending with the price alone.

The Top Six Sheepskin Insoles of 2019 Reviews

  1. UGG Men’s Sheepskin Insoles

Unless you have been living under a rock, you’ll know UGGs very well. So it’s no shock to see them here taking up our top spot. This brand has always been known for warmth and style, and these certainly bring both of those aspects to the table.  Instead of going with just one layer on the bottom of them, they come with a dual-density foam that makes them absorb shocks and add to the durability of them.  In the heel, they have a ‘PORON’ heel pad that also helps to absorb those constant shocks.  So not only do these help with keeping you warm, but they also ensure you won’t have near as many aches and pains while walking with them on.  This is quite simply put the way to go if you don’t want to stump up the cash to buy yet another brand new pair of shoes!


  • Two layers of foam
  • Heel pad for absorbing shocks
  • Trusted brand
  1. ABUSA Sheepskin Insoles

If you want something that is less aggressive than the UGGs that top the list, then these from ABUSA can help you out tremendously. These inserts, unlike the ones above, don’t have a ton of arch support but because of that they are flatter and will not be as tight of a fit for some folks. For some the lack of support is a no go, but for others it will be a welcome sight due to having more space and/or not needing the support due to not being on their feet that much.  It has to be reiterated that these are not going to be the best at absorbing shocks, but they are still plenty warm and breathable, as well as being flexible enough to give you the perfect fit.  So if you don’t need a ton of support, these are the way to go for you.


  • A better fit
  • No frills choice
  • Very flexible


  • Not much arch support
  1. LAMBAA Unisex Sheepskin Insoles

Up next is another choice that will leave you happy as you seek a replace to the insoles of a number of different types of footwear. These insoles retain heat effectively without weighing too much and are also super soft, as you would expect them to be. They have a double layer to them, using wool fleece and wool fiber to give you plenty of warmth and protection.  What this does is make them warmer, but it does come at a small cost.  You won’t have a ton of shock absorbing properties to them and they will be a little heavier.  This is not a big deal if they are leisure shoes, but if you will be walking a lot, it might not be the all time best choice.  Regardless, it’s a nice alternative to have and a unique makeup to take a look at.


  • All wool construction
  • Very, very warm
  • Great for leisure


  • Lacks at absorbing shocks
  1. Ailaka Women’s Premium Sheepskin Insoles

Two forms of animals combine here with this offering as sheepskin works up top while pigskin works beneath. We know what the sheepskin is there to do, but the pigskin is there as the bottom layer and works to make the insoles fit perfectly to the shoes without sliding. We see a lot of issues with keeping the insoles where they need to be, so this is a very necessary addition made that plenty of others do not make available.  They utilize wool felt in the middle, which makes them more absorbent to shocks, making walking and even running much more possible.  If you are concerned about these, you can gain confidence by the fact that they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which is never, ever a bad thing for you to have!


  • Money back guarantee
  • Absorbs shocks
  • Pigskin prevents slippage
  1. Alaska Leather Super Thick Sheepskin Insoles

Up next is what is rightfully called a ‘super thick’ insole, meaning it’s going to be super warm and also will be exceptional at giving you a ton of shock absorption. They are hand cut and made in Alaska by people that know all too well how crucial it is to keep warm in those cold, brutal months. Many felt that since they are so soft that they would not offer a whole lot of relief for your feet and joints, but that’s not the case at all.  Even if it does take some ‘breaking in,’ you will experience a load off your feet and will be much more comfortable as you go about your day in them.  They even offer great customer service, too, which helps put them over the top.


  • Very warm
  • Great for walking
  • Aids joints greatly
  1. Acdyion Natural Sheepskin Insoles

The thing that these insoles do, via the use of EVA, is to be super good at breathing out. They also, because of that material, are going to be very good at being light yet supportive, making them an obvious choice for anyone that is very active and can’t stay off their feet. An added bonus that they have brought into a lot of people is that they help increase the size of your shoes, making sure you don’t have to wear shoes that are too small for you.  With a 30 day money back warranty, you also get a little bit more confidence from them that they will hold up for you, something that’s never going to be turned down!


  • Great for active people
  • Breathable and warm
  • Helps expand shoes and give a better fit

Conclusion And Final Sheepskin Insoles Recommendations

Everyone loves, or should love, a good deal, and there are few things in the footwear world that make more sense than a sheepskin insole.  Sure, super warm shoes made out of fancy, materials are awesome, but those cost a lot of money.  Plus, your old shoes just end up sitting in the corner for months of the year waiting to be used again.  You can avoid this by deciding that you’re going to utilize your shoes for all they are worth.  You can do this by pairing them with a sheepskin insole.  Today, we broke down the ins and outs and went over everything it is that you needed to know about them.  We also looked at reviews.  Now, you will be able to take your knowledge and apply it as you go out and buy the best possible insoles for you to wear!

FAQ’s About Sheepskin Insoles

How Do You Clean Sheepskin Insoles?

The best way to clean sheepskin insoles and make sure you don’t ruin them is to read over instructions they come with.  Almost all of them will be unable to be washed in the washing machine, so you will need to hand wash them.  Even in doing so, you’ll need to be careful to not dunk the whole thing in water, since it can hurt some of the various materials that might comprise the entire piece.


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