11 Best Latin Salsa Dancing Shoes in 2021

Best Salsa Dancing Shoes

Salsa dancing is a popular form of social dancing.  It shows a lot of pull from Latin America style.  It is very fast and upbeat with various upbeat moves.  Most salsa dancing is done as couple dancing but there are some that are done in line dancing form, where you do not have to have a partner to join in.  There are many people that enjoy these types of dances for a night out.  It offers good exercise and appears to be a fun experience.  Others Salsa dance in competitions and on a more professional level.  There are Salsa dance classes that are offered that will help to teach you the proper techniques and moves to perform the dances correctly.  This is a great activity for many couples allowing them to have a fun opportunity to share time together.  Proper shoes are important when taking classes and learning how to properly do these dance steps.  You may need several pair of shoes for you and your partner once you start dancing.  There are a variety of colors even some with bling, such as rhinestones allowing them to match even your fancier outfits.

Top Salsa Dancing Shoes Comparison Chart

ProductMaterialHeel SizePriceWhere to Buy?
1. TTdancewear Women Rhinestone Ballroom Latin Salsa Dance ShoesSatin 2.5 or 3"$$Check Price On Amazon
2. Cleecli Women Latin Salsa Dance ShoesSatin2.5"$$Check Price On Amazon
3. Cleecli Low Heel Ballroom Salsa Dance ShoesSatin & Mesh1.5"$$Check Price On Amazon
4. GetMine Women’s Latin Salsa Dance ShoesFaux Leather2"$Check Price On Amazon
5. YYTing Women’s Ballroom Salsa Dance ShoesSatin2.5''$$Check Price On Amazon
6. NLeahershoe Men’s Breathable Salsa Dancing ShoesLeather1''$$Check Price On Amazon
7. Capezio Men’s Social Dance ShoeSynthetic1''$$$Check Price On Amazon
8. Minishion Men’s Modern Salsa Ballroom Dance ShoesLeather 1''$Check Price On Amazon
9. CRC Men’s Black Leather Salsa Dance ShoesLeather 1''$$Check Price On Amazon
10. Gogodance Men and Boy’s Black Leather Modern Salsa Dance ShoesLeather 1.2"$Check Price On Amazon

Salsa Dancing Shoes Buyers Guide

There are a variety of different designs and styles of salsa shoes.   Some work well for beginners while others are more designed for seasoned dancers.  As you progress in your dance classes and learn how to do more of this quick paced dancing you will know more what shoes that you like and which ones give you the comfort and control that you are more comfortable with.  As your dance abilities grow so will your wardrobe so selecting shoes to match your outfits become important to you as a dancer.  It is not only about the moves but is also about your style.  There seem to be more of a selection for women dancers than there are for men.  The men dancers also have a selection to choose from but just not as many as women.  There are certain things other than looks that are important when selecting the proper salsa dancing shoes.


As with most dance shoes, they seem to many times run smaller than your normal street shoes will run.  Some of the manufacturers will have a size chart when you order them online.  Make sure to measure your feet like they recommend and order the size that measures up on the size chart.  There are some that will be the same as your street shoes, but most of them seem to be sized differently.  Make sure that you are selecting the proper fitting shoes.  When a shoe does not fit properly, your feet will sometimes slide around inside and does not get the support that it needs.  This can cause injuries to your feet and ankles.  It can also cause you to fall while out on the dance floor putting you at risk for an injury from your fall.  Improperly fitting shoes can also cause your feet to get blisters or corns and other issues to your feet.


The flexibility of a salsa dance shoe is very important.  The ability to have a shoe that will allow your feet to move naturally and will move with your foot offering it support is what most dancers are looking for.  If you have a shoe that is too stiff, it will not allow your feet to move properly.  It will hold your foot back from making your dance moves in style.  A shoe that is not a proper design in flexibility can also cause damage and pain to your foot.  The flexibility of a quality shoe is designed in a combination of the materials that it is made from, the outer sole, the mid sole all combined allows you to be able to glide across the dance floor showing off your talent.  Many performers are it on the stage or dance floors will be looking for shoes that will help them succeed.  The flexibility of your dance shoe is a huge part of finding the best shoe for you.

Strap and Buckle

All ladies Salsa dance shoes are designed with at least ankle strap to help to hold the shoe on and in place and you perform on the dance floor or stage.  There are straps that are made from an elastic type of fabric that is attached on both ends as your foot moves the straps will stretch with your foot allowing smooth and flowing movements.  There are other straps that are attached to the shoe on one end and then are fastened by a buckle that is attached to the shoe on the other side.  This seems to be the most popular on most salsa shoes.  Some of these straps are made from leather while others are made from a more elastic type of fabric.  The buckled straps are designed to be adjustable so that they can be loosened or tightened to form a proper fit for the wearer.

Lace Up Enclosures

Most men’s salsa dancing shoes are enclosed with inset eyelets that shoe strings run through.  These laces can be pulled as tight as needed for a proper fit to hold the shoe securely on the man’s foot.  This helps to keep his foot from sliding around inside of the shoe and helps to keep the support from the shoe on his foot in the proper place.  A proper fitting shoe will help the dancer with their balance and control as they make their way across the floor.  When your shoe is comfortable and fits on your foot, it also gives a dancer more confidence allowing them to show off their abilities without concern.

Outer Soles

The outer soles of most salsa shoes are designed from soft leather or have a flexible sole made from various materials and covered with soft suede leather.  This helps to offer smooth movement on the most dance floor or stage surfaces.  The suede bottoms will help to prevent slipping and sliding on the various surfaces and helps to prevent injuries to the dancers.  The right combination of allowing your feet to move smoothly and the ability to keep you from sliding out of control is a very important factor in selecting the proper shoe that works best for you.  The soft suede soles are designed to wear indoors only.  You will need to wear other shoes to your location and change into your dance shoes as you get ready to head out onto the dance floor.  Getting these soles wet will ruin them for further performance on the performing surfaces.


Most Salsa shoes have heels, even the ones for beginners and classes.  The men’s salsa dance shoes normally have a square heel that covers the back part of the shoe.  These heels are approximately 1 inch in height.  This added height will help the dancer to make their moves a bit easier.  The heel counters are many times reinforced and help to make the shoe sturdier.  This helps the heel on the shoe last longer and gives the dancer more security with their shoes.  The women’s heels can range from approximately 1 inch in height up to approximately 3 inches.  The more experienced dancer that you become the taller the heels seem to get.  The heels on both shoes also have been coated with soft leather suede for traction and dancing abilities.


These specially designed dance shoes cannot have as much support as many other shoes.  This would make the shoes too heavy and not flexible.  Many of the quality shoes have managed to put in some cushioning to help to comfort and support your feet.  This helps many dancers to be able to perform for a longer period without foot pain and fatigue.  The comfort added to these shoes also offers support on your feet where it is needed.  Some of the cushioning are made from foam while others are made from other supportive materials.


The midsole of most quality dance shoes will add additional cushioning but manage to keep them flexible yet supportive.  This will help to support the dancer’s arch area, helping to hold the tendons and ligament in place to keep them from stretching causing the dancer injuries that will keep them off of the floor for some time.


The inside lining on the salsa dance shoes is normally made from a breathable fabric.  The breathable fabric as it is called is because this fabric is designed with small pores.  These pores allow the airflow to circulate through them helping to keep your feet cool and comfortable.  As you are wearing your shoes for several hours during a practice or a performance, your feet will sweat inside of your shoes.  This sweat will cause moisture to build up and your feet will become wet inside of your socks.  The airflow that circulates through these tiny pores will allow the water to evaporate and keep your feet and the inside of your shoes dry.  This helps to eliminate odors that can form inside of your shoes.  It can also help to eliminate bacteria build up that can cause infections and other issues with your feet.  Keeping your feet dry while you are moving on the dance floor can also help your feet from sliding inside of your shoes for a safe and enjoyable evening.

Best Salsa Dancing Shoes Reviews

1. TTdancewear Women Rhinestone Ballroom Latin Salsa Dance Shoes

This women’s Salsa dancing shoe has been designed to be extremely flexible, comfortable and lightweight.  This shoe has been designed for the use of beginners and for professional Latin dancers.  The body is made from satin with an array of rhinestones on display making this shoe a glittery show as you move across the dance floor.  The sole is designed from a suede sole helping you to enjoy enough traction to keep from slipping but enough smoothness and control to complete your dance moves.  It offers multiple ankle straps to help to hold the shoe securely in place and fastens with quick release buckles for easy removal on the dance floor.  The sturdy heels that are designed on this shoe can be ordered in a 2.5 or 3-inch-tall depending upon the choice of the dancer.  The color selection for this shoe comes in an array of colors sure to match any dance attire.   This elegantly designed salsa dance shoe is worth the price for many dancers as they show off their dance moves on the floor.


  • Quality design
  • Lightweight, flexible and comfortable
  • Can be ordered in a 2.5- or 3-inch heels


  • The heel plate seems to come unglued for some after a short wear
  • Rhinestones seem to come unglued easily
  • Strap comes way to long and additional holes must be poked in them in order to fit

2. Cleecli Women Latin Salsa Dance Shoes

This shoe has been created from satin with a professional dance style.  The straps and rhinestone covered buckles on the top of the shoe allows for an adjustable toe width by adjusting the straps with the buckles for a perfect fit.  With the adjustable toe straps these shoes work well for dancers with medium to wide foot width.  The wrap around ankle strap that also fastens with a buckle makes the ankle area adjustable to finish helping to hold the shoe in place.  This creation has been designed with lightweight materials keeping this shoe light on your feet.  The midsole has been created with an elastic touch allowing it to flex as you make your moves.  A sweat absorption suede insole has been added to help to keep your feet comfortable and dry.  The inside lining is designed as soft and breathable allowing the airflow to go through the lining and the moisture on the inside to escape, keeping your feet and the inside of your shoes dry.  The outer sole is soft leather so that you can move with ease across most dance floor surfaces.  This shoe is made to size and following the measurements on the size chart should be like your normal shoe size that you wear daily.  The simplicity and style of this shoe makes it great for many occasions as it is soft and flexible offering comfort to your feet is a great choice for any indoor dress occasion as well as an excellent choice for your salsa dancing enjoyment.  It seems to be well worth its price as many customers are using this shoe to slide across the dance floors.


  • Created lightweight and flexible
  • Breathable lining for dryness
  • Sole is made of soft leather allowing you to perform on most any dance floor surface


  • Cannot be worn outside
  • Shoe would be nice is designed in a flashier style

3. Cleecli Low Heel Ballroom Salsa Dance Shoes

These salsa dance shoes have been designed to work well for beginners and for hours of practice even for more advanced dancers.  The heel has been designed wide and low and only measures 1.5 inches in height giving the sturdiness that many beginners need for learning the dance moves.  The uppers have been created from satin and mesh allowing a cool and comfortable flexible mix for any dancer.  Lightweight materials have been used to help to keep these shoes light on your feet.  An elastic midsole has been designed to give this shoe the flexibility that you need as you make your moves on the dance floor.  A moisture absorbing suede insole along with a breathable lining makes the inside of this shoe breathable allowing the airflow to help to keep your feet cool and dry.  The ankle strap and buckle has been added to help hold your shoe in place as you glide across the dance floor.  A size chart has been added for proper fitting measurements, which appear to be close to your normal shoe size for most wearers.  This light weight and flexible salsa shoe is a great addition to your salsa dancing wardrobe and can help you to spend hours on the dance floor.  The great creation is worth its price as you are learning and practicing your moves.


  • Soft and flexible
  • Offers comfort for hours on the dance floor
  • Designed with quality satin and mesh for comfort


  • Width needs to be a bit narrower for some wearers
  • Need to be available in a variety of widths

4. GetMine Women’s Latin Salsa Dance Shoes

This Latin women’s Salsa shoe has been chosen as an Amazon Choice.  This means that this selection has been given good ratings, is reasonably priced and is ready to ship.  This selection has been made from faux leather and high-quality sequins, allowing you to glitter and shine as you make your moves across the dance floor.  Designed with wear resistance, durability and comfort for many hours on the dance floor.  The bottom of the outer sole has been created with non-slip wool to help you to keep from slipping while you are performing.  The insoles have been designed with compression resistance adding strength to your shoes and your performance.  The heel is a 2-inch heel that is designed to be sturdy and long lasting.  These shoes come in a variety of 6 different colors including gold making this a great evening shoe to help you show off on the dance floor.  The quality comfort and design of this shoe makes it an excellent choice for your dancing abilities.  This shoe is worth the price for many hours of enjoyment.


  • Quality crafted
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Wool lined outer sole to help with non-slip control


  • Shoe runs small for some wearers
  • Some wearers do not feel the heel offers enough stability
  • Suede started peeling off after just a few wears

5.  YYTing Women’s Ballroom Salsa Dance Shoes

These lady’s dance shoes are designed from quality satin uppers with belt stretch strapping making for an easy to put on and off and a comfortable fitting shoe.  The inside of the shoe has a breathable suede lining allowing airflow to help to keep your feet and the inside of your shoe dry.  High elastic midsole allowing comfort and flexibility that will move with your feet.  The outer sole is made for quality suede giving you the ability to move freely on the dance floor and help to keep you from slipping.  The 2.5-inch heel gives you the elevation and stability that you need to complete your dance steps.  This shoe is soft, lightweight and flexible allowing it to move with your foot.  The comfort and lightweight that this shoe offers makes it a great selection for dancing, performing and enhancing your natural abilities for a relaxing and enjoyable time.  This product is worth its price and is being enjoyed by many.


  • Quality design
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Suede covered bottom of the sole to allow you to safely create your dance moves


  • The sizing on the shoes may be off for some wearers
  • After wearing them the first time, some wearers are complaining of having blisters
  • Shoe did not seem to offer enough sturdy support for some wearers

1. NLeahershoe Men’s Breathable Salsa Dancing Shoes

This men’s salsa shoe is designed from leather with a variety of stylish holes helping to keep your shoe breathable to allow airflow.  These holes in the shoe will help to keep your feet dry and the moisture from building up inside of your shoes.  Many times, this moisture can cause a very foul odor inside of your shoes making it embarrassing when you must remove your shoes.  This shoe has been designed with quality workmanship to help your shoe last many hours on the dance floor and to help comfort your feet for a fun night on the town.  The outer sole has been designed with comfort and support allowing you to move quickly and safely on your feet across most any dance floor.  These shoes have been created with quality and comfort in mind.  Their ability to help you look good on the dance floor is an added bonus.  These shoes are worth the price for all the comfort and benefits that they offer.


  • Designed with airflow holes on the outside for breathability
  • Made from quality leather
  • Comfortable and durable for many hours on the dance floor


  • The comfort for some could be more supportive
  • The shoe came apart at the seams for some wearers
  • The bottom of the sole split for some wearers after a couple of hours on the dance floor

2. Capezio Men’s Social Dance Shoe

This men’s social dance shoe has been designed for students or dancers in a variety of different type of dances.   These round toes and 1-inch square heels make these shoes good for ballroom dancing and other dances such as salsas and tangos.  The upper part of these lace up shoes are made from a faux leather.  The bottom of the soles are made from suede, giving the dancer or performer more control and the ability to move smoothly around on the dance floor.  This shoe has also offered a sponge insole to offer shock absorption as you make your dance moves and jumps in your routine.  The design also offers a padded achilleas notch to help with added comfort and more flexibility.  A moisture absorbing cotton lining has been used to help to keep your feet dry from the moisture inside of your shoes.  The strong heel counter has been designed to offer ankle support, which is important to help you from turning or twisting your ankle while dancing.  This shoe has been designed to be supportive, lightweight and flexible so that you can use this shoe in most form of ballroom dancing.  This shoe is worth its price for all its benefits and different uses that it has.


  • Quality dance shoe for variety types of dancing
  • Cushioned foot bed to offer comfort for the wearers
  • Shoe is designed to be flexible so that it can move with your feet


  • The sizing on these shoes seemed to be an issue for some wearers
  • The toe box on this pair of shoes seemed to be smaller than most for some wearers
  • The outer material began to peel off the shoe after the first wear for some wearers

3. Minishion Men’s Modern Salsa Ballroom Dance Shoes

These men’s 1-inch heel has been designed to show your style as your move across the dance floor.  The leather upper has been designed from quality leather.  The lace up system up the front allows the shoe to be laced as loosely or tightly as the wearer needs them to be.  The stylish black and white oxford is just one of the colors that this shoe can be ordered in.  The outer sole is made from suede to give you the ability to glide across most any dance floor but leaving enough grip that you will not slip and fall as you make your moves.  The design for comfort and control has been an important factor when creating this shoe.  When ordering these shoes order your normal street shoe size for a quality fit.  These shoes are worth the price for the elegance and ability to help you show off your moves.


  • Quality leather uppers
  • Stylish black and white oxfords
  • Bottom of the sole made from suede to allow you to move smoothly on the dance floor


  • There seems to be issues with the sizing for several wearers
  • The materials seem to be thin and not of great quality for some wearers
  • Shoes do not offer a lot of support for some dancers

4. CRC Men’s Black Leather Salsa Dance Shoes

This men’s rounded toe lace up ballroom shoe has been designed to be stylish for many occasions, from weddings to a night of Salsa dancing.  The upper part of these shoes are made from leather making them a quality fit for most dancers.  The interior is designed with brushed material that is moisture absorbing to help keep your feet and the inside of your shoes dry.  This helps to eliminate the odors that sometimes build up inside of your shoes.  The outer sole is made from non-slip suede allowing the wearer to perform on most any dance floor without slipping and losing their balance.  The heel on this shoe is 1 inch tall and square allowing more balance and support for the dancer.  This man’s shoe has been created for comfort and many hours on the dance floor.  The shoe is available also in white, to match most any outfit.  This product is worth its price and is a great asset to most any dance wardrobe.


  • Round toe and square heel make for a good dance shoe
  • Suede bottom of the soles makes moving smoothly on the dance floor easy
  • Breathable allowing airflow to help keep your shoes and feet dry


  • The suede on the heel started coming off after the first practice for some wearers
  • The size is not accurate for some wearers
  • Shoe offers no arch support for some wearers

5. Gogodance Men and Boy’s Black Leather Modern Salsa Dance Shoes

This dance shoe has been designed with sizes small enough to also fit some young boy’s size for those who want to get an early start on the dance floor.  The upper has been designed from quality leather with the lace up system for the enclosure allowing to tighten the strings as lose or tight as they need to be for a proper fit.  The outer sole is made from a non-slip suede allowing more traction and confidence on the dance floor.  The heel measures 1.2 inches with a steel reinforced counter to allow more strength and ankle support.  The interior of this shoe has been lined with a brushed material that is breathable and will keep your feet and the inside of your shoes dry.  These shoes have been created to be lightweight and comfortable offering the support that a dancer would need for hours on the dance floor.  These shoes are great for ballroom dancing, salsa and tango dancing giving the dancer the comfort that they need.  This shoe is worth the price allowing the wearer confidence and quality control.


  • Made from quality leather
  • Crafted with quality craftmanship
  • Reinforced heel counter for more support to your shoe and your ankle


  • The sizing for these shoes did not seem to work for all wearers
  • Materials seem to be of cheaper quality to some wearers
  • OK for classes but some would not wear to competitions

Conclusion And Final Salsa Dancing Shoes Recommendations

As you make your way out on the dance floor with your salsa partner, having comfortable and supportive shoes will make your night out more enjoyable.  Selecting the proper salsa shoes can make all the difference in your dancing abilities and your enjoyment.  Never make your selection on looks alone, just because you find a pair that your really like the style, do not immediately think they will be okay for you.  Do your research.  Make sure that you read the reviews that other customers that have already purchased the product have written.  Read them all so that you can make your own educated decision.  It is also a good idea to read the manufacturer’s information and description on these shoes before you make your purchase.  Be very aware of what is being said about the size when ordering online.  I have seen that many different brands and styles have size charts.  Remember that they are known to run smaller than street shoes.  Measure your feet exactly as the directions tell you to do.  Look at your measurements and compare them to the size chart.  I would go with their recommendation even if you must order up 2 sizes than your normal size.  Most manufacturers know their products and will not intentionally steer you in the wrong direction.  Also look for any other benefits that you would like with your new shoes such as comfort, flexibility, and breathability.  I would recommend for a woman who is an accomplished dancer and is going out to a fancy dress up the competition to consider the TTdancewear Women’s Rhinestone Ballroom Latin Salsa Dance Shoes.  These are designed to be light weight and flexible adding comfort and bling as they are covered in an array of rhinestones that will sparkle and glitter as you make your way across the dance floor or stage.   These can be ordered in a 2.5- or 3-inch heel that has been reinforced for sturdiness and balance.  Not only will you be able to show off your abilities but also your style.  There are a variety of colors to choose from to help accessorize your outfit.  Making the right choice for the best salsa dance shoes is totally up to you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Salsa Dancing Shoes

How do I choose the best salsa dancing shoes when I go out clubbing?

There are a few things to consider.  The ballroom salsa shoes are designed with soft soles that can only be worn indoors on the dance floor.  These are not a selection that you can wear outdoors going in and out of clubs or even getting to one if you are going one place to stay for the evening.  If you select these to wear to the club for an evening of salsa dancing, will you have a place to put your street shoes that will be safe?  After a few drinks will you be able to keep up with the shoes and things that you have had to change?   My recommendation would be to find some quality leather soled dancing shoes that it is okay to walk outside while you are wearing them.  You will need to make sure that they have some traction but not enough to enable the smoothness that the bottom of your shoes need to provide to help you move your feet on the dance floor.  The shoes will also probably need to have some flexibility to them along with some support and comfort.  Some dancers perform better with at least some type of heel so I would make sure that the shoe that you select will have at least a 1-inch heel and is reinforced for proper stability and balance.   Finding the perfect shoe for salsa dancing that you will not ruin by walking outdoors in them would be the best choice for nights out clubbing.

I am just getting ready to start salsa dance classes, what are the best beginner shoes?

The first thing I would recommend is to check with your instructor and see if there are any special request or qualifications that are needed for the classroom.  There are certain shoes that are available that will say they are designed for beginners.  Normally these shoes will have low heels or sometimes there are even some with basically no heel.  They are designed to be very flexible, making it easier for a beginner to learn how to move their and to accomplish the basic moves to the dance steps.  Finding a beginner shoe with ankle support and will help you to be able to control your foot from being wobbly.  There is a lot to learn in the beginning and selecting the shoe that will help you to accomplish that would be the best shoe for a beginner.  Trust your instructors’ recommendations because he or she has probably been doing this for quite some time and has a lot of knowledge and information to share with you.

I want to salsa dance and have fun, when I go out sometimes everyone is so serious, am I wrong?

No, you are not wrong.  If you are not having fun when you go out to salsa dance maybe find another place to go or another group of people to salsa dance with.  Salsa dancing should be fun, it is very upbeat and is not all about just the steps to the various dances, it is about feeling the music and making your steps show what you feel.  It is okay if you are out clubbing to add your own style and swing to the dance.  Why would anyone want to go out dancing and not have fun?  Find a place to go where people are not so serious about their moves and steps and are enjoying the music and letting it help them to relax and have a great time.  Not everything in life is supposed to be serious and dancing no matter what type you choose should always be fun.

When do I know I am ready for taller heels when I am Salsa Dancing?

From what I have seen it is always better to start out with a lower heel.  This gives your muscles in your feet time to adjust to the steps and movements that they are probably not used to.  It is also easier to learn how to perform the proper steps because with the shorter heels you will have more control and more ability to move freely until you have mastered some of the simpler steps.  Everyone is different and will develop and advance at different speeds.  There will be some people that can move into taller heels early on and others that put themselves at risk going into taller heels too soon.  If you have a dance instructor, ask for their opinion or advice.  If you dance with a partner, how well do you and your partner move together that will be another factor to consider.   Just remember there is no set time and you should never feel rushed or forced to move into higher heels or into some of the fancier moves that may require them.  Enjoy and feel comfortable in whatever you wear.  If you move into higher heels too soon before you are ready you are risking an injury to your feet or ankles and may never be able to move into the taller heels.

Why are heels important on salsa shoes?

Heels are important for men and women on salsa dancing shoes because they help to push your weight up on the ball of your feet, where many of your salsa dance moves are performed.  The higher the heel the more weight that is pushed farther up onto the ball of your feet.  The heels will also help you to have a better balance to be able to move freely and do more defined steps and moves.  It is important to stay away from everyday heels and heels such as stilettos because they are not designed to be dance shoes but street or dress shoes.  The heels are not reinforced to add the stability that a dancer would need and could break under the pressure and movements causing injury to the dancer.  Some heel gives you the ability to move easier which is why the dance shoes are designed in the manner that they are.  They are designed to give you comfort and to help you create your dance steps in a smooth and easy manner.

Why is dance shoe better to dance in than my favorite pair of street shoes?

Dance shoes are designed for dance and your street shoes are designed some for walking or jogging but each has been designed to serve a purpose which is to protect your feet.  A dance shoe has been designed for comfort to allow you to spend the night on the dance floor without painful feet or fatigue.  The dance shoe has been designed to allow you to move comfortably across the dance floor without your shoes not allowing you to turn because they are sticking on the floor and won’t move freely.   The dance shoes are also designed to offer support and to flex where they need to flex to help to protect your feet and to keep you free from injuries.  Many dance shoes are designed to fit your foot like a glove, making your feel confident and giving you the ability to move naturally while your shoe is offering you comfort and support.  As you will notice most dance shoes will have ankle straps or a lacing system for men so that the shoe can be fastened or laced as tight as necessary.  It is very important for a proper fit and that is why they have been designed to fit properly even around the ankles and at the tops of the shoes.  This will help to give your ankles the support that your dance shoe has been designed to give help to keep you from turning or twisting your ankle.

What is the best way to help to keep my salsa dance shoes clean and in good shape?

There are a variety of different types of fabrics that dance shoes are made from.  As always, I will recommend reading the manufacturer’s instructions for care on any pair of shoes.  Many manufacturers will tell you on their websites or will even have information that comes with their shoes to tell you how to care for them.  Always follow these instructions first for the protection of your shoes.  Shoes made of leather can be cleaned with a wet cloth and can be polished with the proper color of shoe polish to make them look new and shiny again.  Sparkle net, mesh and satin can be cleaned gently with mild soap and water.  I would not get them very wet just maybe a bit damp to remove a spot if necessary.  If you have shoes with a suede bottom, this can be gently brushed with a wire brush.  This can help to remove spots and help the nap of the suede to stand back up and bring it back to life.  Make sure with the suede bottom shoes that you do not get them wet and do not wear them outdoors.  This can cause damage that cannot be repaired.  Be sure to wear street shoes to your dance or to your class and change once you get there.  It is suggested to get a bag and to transport your dance shoes in a protective bag to help to keep them clean and free from scratches and scuffs.

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