11 Best Pointe Shoes for 2021: Low and High Profile Options

Best Pointe Shoes

When learning the art of Ballet dancing, there are certain moves that need to be completed on pointe shoes.  These shoes are designed differently to offer support to the part of your feet that need the most protection.  The pointe shoes are designed to be squarer and have a wooden or cork block type in the toe.  Then there are toe pads that go onto the top of the block.  This softens and protects your toes as with these moves all your bodyweight gets put on your toes.  The shoe is designed to help distribute the dancer’s weight load throughout the foot allowing the dancer’s feet to be fully vertical but be able to handle their weight.  These shoes are not for all dancers and it is very important to wait until your instructors say that you are ready to move into these shoes.  Moving into pointe shoes before you are ready can cause permanent damage to your feet, ankles, and legs.  It is very important to be fit properly for the perfect size of a pointe shoe.  Your instructor will play an important role in helping you to get started with this stage of your learning.  Even though some will become overanxious and want to start too soon on these shoes it is very important for your health to wait until you are ready for this stage of your development.

Top Pointe Shoes Comparison Chart

ProductTypePriceWhere to Buy?
1. Wendywu Professional Ballet Slipper Pointe Shoes for Women and GirlsLow Profile$$Check Price On Amazon
2. Capezio Women’s 176 Contempora Pointe ShoesHigh Profile$$$$Check Price On Amazon
3. Stelle Ballet Pointe Dance Shoes for WomenLow Profile$$Check Price On Amazon
4. Kukome Pink Women’s Ballet Pointe ShoesHigh Profile$Check Price On Amazon
5. Sansha Women’s Recital II Pointe ShoesLow Profile$$$Check Price On Amazon
6. TXJ Sports Smartodoors Pointe Ballet Shoes for Girls and WomenHigh Profile$Check Price On Amazon
7. Bezioner Ballet Pointe Shoes for Girls and WomenLow Profile$$Check Price On Amazon
8. Nexete Professional Vanassa Ballet Pointe Shoes for Women and GirlsLow Profile$$Check Price On Amazon
9. Daydance Ballet Professional Pointe ShoesLow Profile$$Check Price On Amazon
10. Bininbox Girl’s Canvas/Satin Ballet Pointe ShoesLow Profile$Check Price On Amazon
11. Zou Design Life Little Girl’s Satin Ballet Pointe ShoesLow Profile$$Check Price On Amazon

Pointe Shoes Buyers Guide

Once your Ballet instructor says you are ready to advance into pointe shoes, there are many things to consider.  Being measured for a proper fit is very important, finding a quality brand for proper protection, and making sure the shoe that you select has the proper support to help protect your feet.  These are only a few considerations when making your selection.  When you first start using your pointe shoes, it is important to use them with the supervision of your instructor to prevent injury to yourself.  There are many factors as to when you are ready to advance.  Strength, control, balance, attitude, and knowledge are only a few.  Stability is another important factor when selecting the proper shoe.  Quality designed shoes that will give you’re the support that you need will help you to become more successful and confident without getting injured.  In the beginning, you may not need a supportive pair of shoes as you will later after you have accomplished many of the moves and are moving on to perform harder and more complicated moves.  Finding the perfect shoe for your level of performance is what will help you to succeed injury free and become an accomplished ballet dancer.

Proper Fitting

It is very important for pointe shoes to fit the dancer’s feet properly.  Many manufacturers will offer a sizing chart.  When ordering shoes online, make sure to look for the size chart and measure the feet properly.  Some people make the mistake of only measuring one foot, but it is very important to measure both feet.  The measurements will normally not be the same.  In this case, use your largest measurements to order your shoes.  Many times, these shoes will run smaller than your street shoes and when a person is used to wearing a certain size all the time, purchasing a different size just does not seem right.  A proper fit of your pointe shoes will basically fit your foot like a glove.  This gives your feet the support that it needs and allows your feet to move naturally.  There are people that can measure your feet for proper fittings, many dance classes have people like that that are available.  Your instructor can help you to make sure that you’re sized properly.

Upper Shoe

The upper part of the pointe shoe is the body of the shoe.  This is normally made from a cotton or silk or a combination of both.  These soft fabric shoes have a binding near the throat of the shoe that allows elastic or a drawstring to help hold the shoe in place.  This ensures that these shoes are flexible and breathable.  The breathability will help to keep the dancer’s feet dry and the inside of the shoes from having a foul smell.  The breathability will also help to keep the dancer’s feet from being too hot or cold, helping them to be comfortable so that they will move freely and comfortable.


When a shoe is breathable, it is because of the fabric that it has been designed from.  This can be the outside to the lining on the inside that creates this feature.  The breathability is created because certain fabrics have small pores.  These small pores will allow the airflow to circulate through them.  This will help to keep your feet comfortable with the temperature ranges and will help to keep your feet dry.  As you are sweating from your feet, the moisture must go somewhere, if not it will build up in your shoes making your shoes, tights or socks and your feet wet and slippery.  This makes your feet hot and uncomfortable and can also cause your feet to slide around inside of your shoes and could cause you to lose your balance and slip and fall.  The small pores allow the moisture to escape as it quickly dries and helps to keep you safe and dry inside of your shoes.


The throat of the pointe shoe is the opening on the top of the shoe that is closest to the toes.  The throat size is controlled by a piece of elastic that helps to hold the shoe securely in place.  This allows the dancer to put on or take off their pointe shoes easily without stretching them out of shape too much


The binding of a pointe shoe goes around the opening of the shoe and is folded to create a channel.  This channel is what the elastic or drawstring goes through that is used to tighten the shoe on the dancer’s foot.


The box of a pointe shoe is the hard part of the shoe that surrounds the dancer’s toe area.  These boxes are many times made from canvas, linen, and glue.  This helps to protect the toe area and gives support to the sides of the foot.  The stiffness in different shoes vary.  This gives the dancer the ability to select the stiffness of the shoe that they prefer to dance in.

Winged Box or Winged Shoes

When you see that description says winged shoes or winged box, this is saying the box of the shoes are designed with longer than normal sides.  These longer sides are called wings.

Toe Pads

Toe pads come with many of your pointe shoes.  These pads are designed to protect the toes as you are putting all your weight on them.  These are placed in your shoe on top of the wooden block or box that goes in the toe of your shoe.  These are made from a plush soft fabric or from a gel filled pad.  This keeps your toes from pushing straight into the wood or cork and will prevent damage and blisters on your toes.  This also takes away the pain and allows you to have an additional focus on your balance and stability.


The platform is the hard part of the shoe that the dancer stands on.  This gives the dancer balance and support.  This also adds stability to the dancer’s moves.  Many times, this platform is made from wood or cork so that it is hard and stable.


The vamp of a pointe shoe is the front part of the shoes.  The vamp depth will vary in various styles and brands of your pointe shoe.  The vamp will help to offer balance and support along with help to distribute the weight of your body.


The shank of a pointe shoe is the part that gives the arch area of your foot the support.  The shank can be made from cardboard, burlap, hard leather or plastic.  The shanks of the different pointe shoes will vary.  The dancer’s selection will depend upon their strength and abilities.  The weaker the strength of the dancer, the stronger shank they will need.  If the dancer has great strength, then they will normally select a weaker shank giving them the support they need but allowing them to use their own strength to hold their weight.

Sock Liner

The sock liner is the inside lining on the bottom of the shoe.  This is put in place to help to comfort the bottom of the dancer’s feet.  It also must add some flexibility to the bottom of the shoe to keep the shoe from being too stiff.  The sock liner is normally also designed to be breathable to allow the airflow to circulate inside of the shoe keeping the dancer’s feet dry and comfortable.  This also helps the dancer’s feet to not slide around inside of the shoe, which could cause them to slip or create an injury.

Outer Sole

The outer sole of the pointe shoe is the bottom of the shoe that makes contact with the floor.  It is also the base of the shoe for the inside to be attached to and allows the foot to sit comfortably on it.  This helps the foot to feel the contact of the floor allowing more natural and smooth movements.   The sole of the shoe is normally designed from a synthetic form or from a leather normally soft.  This type of fabric helps the dancer to move smoothly on the floor but gives them enough traction to keep them from slipping and falling during their routine or practice.

High Profile

A pointe shoe that is high profile has been designed with the shoe box as often a cylindrical shape.  This offers more room between the sole of the shoe and the top of the foot, giving the dancer more room for their feet to move freely and naturally and rely more on their own strength and abilities.

Low Profile

A low-profile pointe shoe is one that is designed with the toe box relatively flat shape.  This shoe is designed with very little space in the box area from the sole to the top of the box.  This gives the dancer a snugger fit and allows more support from the shoe as to where they do not have to use as much of their own strength.  This gives the dancer’s with not as much strength more balance and control.

Care of your Shoes

Some of the pointe shoes can be cleaned with mild soap and damp cloth.  Never get the bottom of your shoes wet, this can cause them to fall apart or can cause them to lose their shape or their functional ability.   If you happen to get a spot on them or something like that, gently try with a damp cloth.  These shoes are fragile when it comes to water and too many different cleaners.  Many of your toe shoes will come in a bag when you purchase them.  It is recommended to take them to your performance or to the classroom in your bag and change your shoes just before you go onto the stage or your class starts.  Do not wear these shoes outdoors on the ground or even the sidewalks or streets.

Best Pointe Shoes Reviews

  1. Wendywu Professional Ballet Slipper Pointe Shoes for Women and Girls

This pink ballet shoe has been designed in sizes to fit women and larger girl sizes.  This shoe has been designed with high-quality craftsmanship and materials.  The ribbon that is attached to these shoes is a high-quality ribbon.  The exterior design has been created with a more streamlined appearance while not allowing it to lose the width of the platform.  The European balance and curve that follows the shape of your foot offer injury protection and comfort while you are on the dance floor or practicing in class.  The opening of the shoe offers an elastic drawstring that offers a secure and snug fit on your foot.  This prevents your shoe from slipping and may be causing an injury that could end your ballet dancing.  The toe box has been created with a tapered shape to help to make it have less space inside to help with a more secure and safe fit.  These shoes are designed to be lightweight and breathable to help to keep your feet cool and dry.   Worn by professional dancers and recommended by instructors this shoe offers a great fit for your ballet dancing needs.  When this product is ordered it comes with your shoes, a pair of protective toe pads and a shoe bag to help to keep your shoes protected while not in use.  This product is worth its price as it supports and protects your feet while you perform your ballet moves.


  • Designed with women and bigger girls’ sizes
  • Created with quality materials and craftsmanship
  • Offers a more secure and safe fit


  • Shoes seem a bit stiff for some wearers
  • The toe box does not seem to fit properly for all wearers
  • Toe pads seem to be a bit thin and not as protective as others
  1. Capezio Women’s 176 Contempora Pointe Shoes

This 100% satin upper on this shoe has been designed for quality and support.  Leather sole that offers support and smoothness on the floor along with helping with some grip to keep from sliding has made this a great selection for showing off your ballet moves on the floor or in the classroom.  The shoe has been designed with curves to fit the foot and help to give you a proper form.  The design of a broad feathered box and wings helps to give you comfort and support.   The shoe design is slightly tapered helping with a more secure fit.  The U throat opening makes it easy to slip on and off and is secured by a tie to help hold it in place. The design of this shoe is not only about quality and comfort but has been designed to help you with your balance and style.  The ability to make your proper moves balanced and stable will show off your natural abilities with your moves.  This shoe is worth its price for providing all its benefits for your performance or classroom.


  • Designed with quality material and craftsmanship
  • Offers a larger toe box to allow your toes to move freely
  • The U throat opening gives the wearer an easier on and off and a secure tie


  • Even with size chart width runs narrow
  • The number 2 shank was not strong enough for all wearers
  • The toe box did not seem to provide support for very long
  1. Stelle Ballet Pointe Dance Shoes for Women

These Stelle Ballet Pointe Shoes have been designed as a perfect shoe for a beginner pointe dancer.  These shoes have been designed with a satin upper and a flexible leather sole.  It has been given a shorter than average vamp making it able to give more support when creating your dance moves.  The shoe has also been given a square look with a wider toe box, allowing more support and the ability to add thicker toe pads for ultimate protection.  This selection has been designed to give women the comfort and support to help them naturally create their moves.  This shoe is worth its price while offering stability and comfort for hours on the dance floor or in the classroom.


  • Wider toe box
  • Shorter than average vamp
  • The square foot shape design offers more balance and control


  • Shoe size seems to run a bit small for some wearers
  • Added toe pads for extra protection are recommended by some wearers
  1. Kukome Pink Women’s Ballet Pointe Shoes

These women’s professional ballet shoes have been designed from silk satin and high-quality cellulose with a hard bottom.  The high-quality silky materials help to add comfort and quality for a professional appearance when you hit the dance floor or the practice room.   The silky upper and quality ribbon helps to keep the shoe secure and comfortable.   When this shoe is being ordered, make sure to check the size chart and follow carefully.  It also states if your foot is thin then you need to order one size smaller.  If your foot is thicker then you would need to order, then you would need to order one size larger.  This will help obtain a more secure fit including the width of your shoe.  When you purchase these shoes, you not only get the shoes but also, you will receive one pair of ballet gel toe pads to wear inside of your shoes and help to comfort your toes while you are standing on your toes.  This purchase is worth its price to support your feet as you perform in the classroom or on the floor.


  • Made from quality craftmanship
  • Quality silky soft fabric
  • Solid hard sole designed to help support your ballet moves


  • Even using the size chart, the sizing was off, and shoes seemed to small for some wearers
  • Shoe does not seem to offer enough support for some users
  • Quality of the shoe should be better for some wearers
  1. Sansha Women’s Recital II Pointe Shoes

These shoes are designed and created by Sansha are well known in the dance world.  This brand is known by professionals and recommended by many dance instructors.  This design offers 100% fabric with a satin upper.  The sole has been created from leather to make this shoe flexible, supportive and allows the dancers to move smoothly on the dance floor without allowing them to slide more than they want.  These pointe shoes are designed with quality and comfort to help the dancers to perform their moves to a professional level.  These shoes are worth their price as you are learning to properly perform their moves.


  • Well known shoes in the dance world
  • Designed with satin fabric
  • Leather soles that offer flexibility and control on the dance floor or classroom


  • Shoe runs small to size
  • The shoe could offer more stability for some wearers
  • The quality of the shoe could be increased for some wearers
  1. TXJ Sports Smartodoors Pointe Ballet Shoes for Girls and Women

This ballet pointe shoe has been designed to show off professional style.  It has been made available to fit women and bigger girls’ sizes.  The outer part of the upper shoe has been made from smooth silk to make the shoe comfortable and form-fitting.  The outer sole is made from leather to allow flexibility, smooth movement, and a non-skid performance.  The toe pads are designed from a silica gel that will help to protect your toes as you do your points.  The ribbon comes with these shoes but is designed so that you can sew it on to help to have a proper fit to keep your shoes in place.  When ordering this product, you will receive the shoes, two silica gel toe pads and two ribbons for you to sew on your shoes.  The quality and durability of this shoe make it worth its price for many wearers.


  • Comes in women’s and Bigger girl’s sizes
  • Upper shoes designed from silk
  • Outer sole is flexible and made from leather


  • Sizing is off for some wearers
  • Ribbon was fraying for some wearers
  • Made too cheaply for some wearers and not supportive enough
  1. Bezioner Ballet Pointe Shoes for Girls and Women

Designed with a professional fit for all dancers.  Sized for women and bigger girls.  This shoe has been created from a satin upper and a leather sole.  This combination has made this shoe breathable, helping your feet to be cool and comfortable while allowing the moisture from your feet to escape.  This helps to keep your feet, tights and shoes dry after hours in them.  The ribbons that come with these shoes are designed from high quality and help you to hold your shoes securely in place.  These shoes are great for hours of practice at any level.  They offer the softness, flexibility, comfort and support that every dancer needs.  This shoe is worth the price for hours of use in the classroom or on the dance floor.


  • Soft and satiny
  • Supportive and comfortable
  • Flexible sole that offers nonslip action on the dance floor


  • Sizes are not correct for all wearers
  • Ribbons do not seem to be good quality for some
  • The toe box area does not seem to be made of quality for some
  1. Nexete Professional Vanassa Ballet Pointe Shoes for Women and Girls

These ballet pointe shoes have been designed to fit women, big girls, and little girls.  Make your selection when you place your order for these quality shoes.  The upper of these shoes are designed from a quality satin is soft and comfortable.  The outer leather sole has been designed to be flexible and offer non-slip support as you are learning the steps and working your way onto the dance floor.  The toe box has been designed to offer strength for stability and width so that you have room to move your toes freely allowing a more balanced move.   Strong elastic shank allowing you flexibility and comfort as your shoe moves with your foot.  As you make your purchase you will also receive toe pads, ribbons and a drawstring shoe bag to help to keep all your accessories with your shoes.  This shoe can be ordered in red, pink or black so that you can match your costume for your performance or your outfits for your classrooms.  The quality design and style of this pointe shoe can help you to perform with a professional look.  It is worth its price as it provides the comfort and support that you need.


  • Designed in a variety of children and women’s sizes
  • Quality materials and craftsmanship
  • Outer leather soles to help you slide into position while not sliding out of control


  • The toe box seems to too narrow for some
  • The quality of the materials and craftsmanship are not great for some wearers
  • The size of the shoe seems to run small for some
  1. Daydance Ballet Professional Pointe Shoes

This shoe has been designed to fit women, little and big kids.  Make your selection when placing your order.   The design has been made from two different materials which is a cotton canvas and silk.  The combination of the tow materials has made the shoe durable and supportive.  The sole has been made from cork and paper allowing a flexible but supportive bottom with traction to keep from sliding on the floor.  This combination of the sole also gives it a longer life so your shoe can offer a longer lifetime of use.  Do not allow the bottom of the shoe to get wet, including when you are cleaning them, do not use water.  When ordering these shoes, measure your feet properly and use the size chart when ordering.  This will ensure a maximized comfort fit.  The colors that this shoe can be ordered in is beige, light pink and red, giving you an opportunity to match your selection with your dance costumes.  This shoe is worth its cost as it will allow you to perform for many hours in your selection.


  • Offers selection in women, little and big kid sizes
  • Designed to give you a longer life for your shoes
  • Comes in red, beige and light pink


  • The back of the shoe seemed to stretch out of shape making it too large to stay in place
  • Do not allow the sole of the shoe to get wet
  • Quality of shoe could be higher
  1. Bininbox Girl’s Canvas/Satin Ballet Pointe Shoes

These shoes are great for the little girls but go up to cover some of the sizes for the bigger girls.  They are great for the classroom and are designed to help the little ones learn to properly form their dance moves.  The shoe has been created from canvas and the sole has been created from the tendon.  This creation helps to give support to the young dancers.  When ordering this shoe, measure carefully and compare to the size charts to ensure a proper fit.  This shoe comes in red and pink allowing a different color choice to match your practice outfits.  The price is worth it for the hours of practice that are performed in these shoes.


  • Sized for youth sizes
  • Comfort design for the classroom
  • Offers support as your child learns the steps


  • Size is off for some wearers
  • Inside sole is known to come loose on some pairs
  • String came out of shoemaking it hard to keep on my daughters’ foot
  1. Zou Design Life Little Girl’s Satin Ballet Pointe Shoes

These girl’s pointe ballet shoes have been designed with high-quality fabric and ribbon.  This shoe has been designed with softness, durability and wears resistance for longer usage.  The outer surface is made from satin and has been enhanced with a quality ribbon.  The inside has been covered with manmade materials for added comfort and support.   The outer sole has been designed from leather to allow you the freedom to flex and to move smoothly on the dance floor but still be able to have enough traction to be able to keep control on your moves.  The design of this shoe offers a curvature of the shoe to comfortably fit the curve of your feet, allowing for a more secure fit and support.   The recommendation for this shoe is to pay close attention to the size chart and if you have a narrow or thin foot, order one size smaller while the thicker or wider foot should go up one size.  This will help to make a comfortable and supportive fit.  This shoe is worth its price offering a variety of sizes while giving comfort and support.


  • Quality design and style
  • Upper has been designed with quality silk and ribbon
  • Outer sole has been designed with leather


  • Size ran small even using the size chart for some wearers

Conclusion And Final Pointe Shoes Recommendations

As you can see there are a variety of different type and styles of pointe shoes for Ballet.  When selecting the proper pointe shoes there are several considerations that must be determined.  If you are a beginner, make sure that your instructor says that you are ready to move into pointe shoes.  If not, you are at great risk to cause injury to yourself.  If you are ready, then it is time to be fitted for properly fitting pointe shoes.  This is vital for your success.  A properly fitted pointe shoe will give you the necessary support and strength where it is needed on your foot to perform the necessary moves.  The shank of many of these shoes offer different strengths and what strength you will need will depend upon your strength and your abilities.  There are shoes that are designed for beginning students all the way up to shoes that are designed for professional dancers.  These shoes range in price from very minimal to over a hundred dollars a pair.  So, consider what you need with the help of your instructor and then decide what you can afford in your budget.  Make sure that your Ballet Pointe Shoes meet all your requirements or no matter how cheap or what a good deal you can find, you did not get a bargain.  There are also pointe shoes that are designed for learning in the classroom but may not be recommended for your performances.  Discuss this with your instructor.  Some of this has to do with the quality and the abilities that are offered by different shoes and their manufacturer.  If I was starting out to learn how to use pointe shoes, I would select a pair of shoes designed for beginners.  One of the considerations I would make would be the Stelle Ballet Pointe Shoes.  These are designed for beginners offering a shorter vamp, a wider toe box and has a leather sole.  This makes this shoe more stable and supportive, creating more strength and natural movement for the dancer.  This pointe shoe seems to have been designed with quality craftsmanship and materials and with the extra support for strength and balance this allows a beginner to focus more on their moves and not struggle as hard to find their strength that is needed to perform the moves.  Making the choice that fits your ability and strength and your level of dance expertise, helps to make the best pointe shoe for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pointe Shoes

How do I know when I am ready to advance to toe shoes?

Advancing to toe shoes too early can cause major damage or injury to your feet, ankles, and legs.  Your instructor will be able to tell you when it is time for you to advance.  Different people advance to this stage at different times, depending upon their own abilities.  A lot of knowing when has to do with your strength, your discipline, your balance, your attitude, and your own abilities.  All these combined is what makes you a successful dancer.  Your teacher has been trained to recognize these factors and knows which of her students can safely be able to handle the pointe shoes and which ones need to take more time and develop the traits that they need.  Sometimes a student may have the strength and balance that they need, but their attitude makes them not want to listen and follow exact instructions.  This could cause the student to get injured and even though it would be their own fault, the teacher is not willing to take the chance on being responsible for someone who will not listen and follow instructions.

Is there anything I can do if my pointe shoes start to feel mushy?

There are a few things that experience has taught some people.  One is to try to purchase quality shoes once you start wearing pointe shoes for extended periods of time.  In the long run, you will wind up spending as much money on cheaper shoes as you will purchasing the more expensive ones, but time will teach you that.  If you are taking classes more than once a week, then some recommend getting more than one pair of pointe shoes.  Purchase one for each class that you have during the week.  When your class is completed, take the padding from your shoes and put each pointe in a separate mesh bag.  When you get home set the bags out separately to allow your pointes to dry thoroughly.   If you have another class within the next day or two, wear another set of points.  The moisture from your sweat helps to break these down and they will lose their strength and support, some pairs faster than others.  Another trick that some people have used is to use JetGlue when they are dry, then you must let the JetGlue glue dry and this will help your pointes to stay solid and last longer.  Taking proper care of your pointe shoes will help them to give you the strength and support that you need for a longer time.  If you do not take care of them, then just count on buying several pair because some of them will not last very long.

Why do many pointe shoes come with the ribbons unattached and not sewn in place?

Everyone’s foot is different, and the ribbons are used to help keep the shoes in place.  If the ribbons were all attached to the shoes in the same place, there would be many people that these would not work for.  The best way to find out where your ribbon on your pointe shoes needs to be attached is to find your arch inside of your shoe.  Then pen the ribbon to the inside of your shoe on the arch.  Then tie the ribbon up like normal and try some different moves.  Try it and see how it feels on your foot with your foot on flat, on Demi and on Pointe.  Many times, the ribbon will have to be adjusted, move and penned again until you find the proper feel and fit for your foot.  That is why it is recommended to pen the ribbon instead of sewing it on your first try.  The purpose of the ribbon is to keep your shoe from bulging and to help to keep the shank firm against the arch of your feet for additional support and balance.  Another reason is that there are different instructors that require the ribbon to be fastened and secured differently and require certain types of ribbons.  Some will require two separate ribbons on one shoe.  Others will use one long continuous ribbon per shoe.  There are too many different variations for the use of the ribbon for the manufacturer to sew the ribbons in place and it will work well for everyone.

What is the proper way to attach the ribbon to my pointe shoes?

The proper way is honestly the way that is the most comfortable for you.  There are many different variables that the ribbon is attached to the shoe.  Some instructors and dancers have their own ways and own threads that have proven themselves to be best for them.  Experience and learning go well together and the more of an accomplished dancer that you become the more that you will find to work the best for you.  Remember the purpose of the ribbon is to keep the shank snugly against your arch for support and balance and to keep your shoe from bulging.  There are some dancers that attach the ribbon to the outside of their shoes, while others attach them to the inside.  Other dancers will only use certain threads because they have found them to be stronger and the stitches will hold.  Some dancers will only use wax threads because they offer strength and do not pop the stitches when the ribbon is being stretched tight and is in a bind.  Others will only use a nylon or double a cotton thread, basically what is comfortable for the dancer.  Some dancers will even use a sewing machine to attach their ribbons, but most ribbons are hand sewn.  Remember that when performing on stage, the audience will not be able to see your stitches on your ribbon.  Most dancers will match as closely as possible the color of the thread to the color of the ribbon and their shoes, this helps to keep the thread from standing out.

How can I get properly fitted for the pointe shoes that work best for me?

If you are taking dance classes, then your instructor should be able to help you with this matter.  If not, there are many different dance stores and dance studios that will be able to help you.  Go into a dance studio or store and ask for someone that use to dance ballet and specializes in pointe shoes.  This person should have the training and personal experience and knowledge that will allow her to help you to get just the perfect fit.  She knows that improper fitting shoes can damage your feet.  She probably also knows the pain that pointe shoes can cause when they do not fit properly and do not allow your feet to move naturally.  She will know how to measure your feet from the length to the width to the circumference, allowing her to select the perfect size to fit the shape of your foot.  With her knowledge and measurements, she would know whether you would need a high- or low-profile shoe, a shoe with a larger toe box or a shoe with a longer or shorter vamp.  Once you find the proper fitting shoe, it is important that you realize that not all brands and styles will fit the same.  If your shoe saleslady finds you a proper fit, it would be safe to order that same shoe online, in the same size, but when you go switching sizes and brands make sure to follow the recommendations of the manufacturer,

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