10 Best Parkour Shoes of 2021: Options for Beginners & Advanced


The sport of Parkour dates all the way back to 1902. Now, parkour is a world wide sport practiced by many athletes. Parkour requires a number of physical attributes. Furthermore, parkour is demanding both mentally and emotionally. After all, you are leaping, running, climbing, swinging, vaulting and more. Therefore, you need to get the the proper equipment. Specifically, you need to get the best parkour shoes available! But, this is certainly easier said than done.

Now, how can you find the right parkour shoes for you? Parkour shoes need to perform at the highest levels possible. Luckily, this buying guide is made just for you. This guide has information on important qualities, essential shopping factors, and a top ten list of the best parkour shoes. Use all of this information to your advantage. You will not regret it!

Top Parkour Shoes Comparison Chart

ProductUpper MaterialHeel TypePriceWhere to Buy?
Take Flight Stealth Ultra Parkour & Cross Training ShoeMesh/SyntheticFlat$$Check on Amazon
Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 Sneaker
Mesh/SyntheticFlat$$Check on Amazon
ASICs Men’s Gel-Venture 6 Running ShoeMesh/SyntheticRaised$$Check on Amazon
Vibram Men’s KSO EVO Cross Training ShoeMesh/PolyesterFlat$$Check on Amazon
Merrell Men’s Trail Glove 4 RunnerMesh/SyntheticFlat$$Check on Amazon
Nike Men’s Free RN Running ShoeMesh/SyntheticRaised$$$Check on Amazon
Take Flight Parkour Athletic Training Shoe 1.0Mesh/SyntheticRaised$$Check on Amazon
Adidas Men’s Solar Boost Running ShoeTextile/SyntheticRaised$$$Check on Amazon
Evolv Cruzer Psyche Approach ShoeCotton CanvasFlat$$Check on Amazon
Tiger Claw Feiyue Martial Arts ShoesCanvasFlat$Check on Amazon

Parkour Shoes Buying Guide

What makes a good parkour shoe? This is a great question to ask. Parkour rookies may need some help finding the best parkour shoes on the market. Even experienced parkour athletes might require assistance. There is nothing wrong with this. Instead, it is smart. You must protect yourself and your body. Use this buying guide and top ten list to find the right parkour shoes!

Parkour: Popular, Edgy, & Physical

Now more than ever before, parkour is incredibly popular. Parkour started as a street sport. People had parkour sessions in public across public settings. This includes public platforms, buildings, ladders, and so much more. The internet accelerates the popularity of parkour as well. Now, people watch viral videos of parkour athletes every single day. If you feel inspired then take time t find the best parkour shoes before anything else.

As mentioned earlier, parkour is very physically demanding. As a result, you need to be fit and active. Furthermore, you need plenty of cardio endurance as well. But, you can take things to another level with some good shoes. However, finding the best parkour shoes is no walk in the park. So what are essential qualities in parkour shoes?

Important Qualities In The Best Parkour Shoes

Parkour is incredibly intense. Parkour involves climbing, running, swinging, jumping, rolling, and crawling as well. Basically, you move around a lot. Therefore, parkour shoes need many of the same qualities as great running shoes. But, they need to do a little more. After all, parkour is way more intense than just a simple jog. Running shoes generally get the job done. However, you can also invest in something a little more specific!

Now, you need to decide what you want. The best parkour shoes range and vary in terms of design and features. But, a few qualities seem to overlap. These qualities include durability, shock absorption material, comfort, traction and grip, and a firm fit. Always keep an eye out for any of these details. Furthermore, us the following factors to help shape your shopping process.

The Best Parkour Shoes: Factors To Focus On

Shopping is not easy. In some cases, shopping is not even fun. Generally, shopping is stressful and tedious. Therefore, you should want to cut down your shopping time. Well, these factors are definitely going to help you out. You can use each factor to help put every shoe option into perspective. It will certainly get you the very best results at the end of the day!


Cost is the easiest factor to deal with. All you need to do is make a budget. A budget is the best way to control and guide your sense of price. Now, your budget should be made of two different price points. One price point is the least amount of money that you want to spend. On the other hand, the second price point is the highest amount of money you want to spend. This seems simple at first. But, these price points are incredibly helpful!

Making a budget is incredibly simple. You concrete your budget in less than five minutes. You just need a piece of paper, a pen, and your brain. A budget brings you a step closer to the best parkour shoes. Start with whatever price point you prefer. For instance, if your goal is to save money then start with the maximum price point. If your goal is to get the best shoe regardless of price, start with the minimum price point.

The maximum price point should start with a high number. Slowly decrease the value of this number until you are comfortable. Once you reach a comfortable number, stop. You have found the most money you will spend. Then, think of a very low amount of money. Raise this number until it seems like a reasonable number. Do not spend so little money that you sacrifice value in the best parkour shoes!


Fit and size go hand-in-hand. After all, the wrong size is never a good fit. Always start with your shoe size and the shoe size information online. You do not want the wrong size. Return policies are tricky and can be a big-time hassle. Therefore, know your shoe size before anything else. Use the Amazon size chart online as well. It provides essential information on shoe size and your feet!

Unhappy and happy customers leave Amazon reviews. Therefore, Amazon reviews are the best place for real and authentic information. Specifically, customers leave reviews with crucial sizing information. They will usually not if the shoes run large or run small. But, do you know what this means? If not, then things get tricky shopping for the best parkour shoes. Luckily, this lingo is much simpler than you may think.

Basically, shoes that run larger are bigger than the normal shoe size. On the other hand, shoes that run small are smaller than the normal shoe size. Therefore, you just order size to adjust to the manufacturer’s size. For example, order a bigger shoe size if the shoes run small. If you wear a size 11 then order a size 12. However, order a smaller shoe size if the shoes run large. If you were a size 11 then order a size 10. Make sure you buy the best parkour shoes at the right size!


Durability is incredibly tricky and confusing. Especially when it comes to the best parkour shoes on the market. First and foremost, you must be realistic. No shoe is built to last forever. Not even the best shoes are made to last forever. Therefore, shoes are going to eventually wear out. Furthermore, parkour can quickly wear out shoes faster than any other activity. Be mindful of how long your shoes should and should not last!

Now, the balance between durability and lightweight is not easy to find. After all, you need both of these qualities in the best parkour shoes. Lightweight material moves with you and is portable. However, lightweight soles are more likely to wear out rather quickly. On the other hand, thick soles are built to last for a very long time. But, thick soles are clunky and heavy. You need to get the sweet spot to get the best shoes for parkour.

Focus on the lifespan of the shoes. Shoes with poor material will wear out in just a few sessions. Thus, high-quality shoes will make it through most situations. On the other hand, normal shoes usually last for four to six months at the most. Again, be mindful of how often you parkour. If you parkour daily then the shoes will probably wear out quickly. Remember this while you shop for great parkour shoes!


There is one rule more important than any other when it comes to parkour shoe material. You cannot buy leather shoes. Leather shoes are not meant for this type of physical activity. Yes, leather shoes may be good for a professional setting. However, they are too stiff and firm for parkour. Furthermore, they will break down and ruin quickly. So just simply avoid leather to find the best parkour shoes.

Mesh material or synthetic mesh material is the way to go. This material bends, flexes, and moves with your foot. All the while, the ventilation helps you stay cool. Avoid overstating during a hot and intense parkour session. Also, the mesh material is generally much lighter than other shoe material. Keep this in mind while you shop for the best parkour shoes. That way, you get the very best results!

Finally, focus on the closure material as well. Simply put, the closure area is where the foot meets your ankle. Usually, this features a lace-up design or a strap. The best closure is definitely a lace-up closure. This gives you a precise fit and a very firm fit all at the same time. Enjoy the best of both worlds and perform at a high level. You all not regret buying the best parkour shoes on the market!


Flexibility is another essential factor to focus on while shopping for the best parkour shoes. After all, parkour requires all types of different movements. You cannot be bogged down by shoes that do not flex and bend. First, this makes parkour activities incredibly uncomfortable. Furthermore, this will also make all physical movement very easy. Always be sure to get some incredibly flexible shoes!

Generally speaking, mesh shoes are built to move, twist, and bend. All the while, the mesh material always retains its shape. So you do not need to worry about whether or not the parkour session will damage your shoes. Instead, the mesh shoes can physically do it all. Furthermore, specific features are made to provide flexibility in the heel and toe box area as well!

Now, there is a unique option available when it comes to the best parkour shoes on the market. Barefoot shoes are an option for any an all parkour athletes. Basically, these shoes give you a barefoot feeling. The goal is to enable all types of movement without holding you back. As a result, you have the best possible parkour experience. Weigh out what type of shoe you want. Then, go out and get yourself a brand new pair of shoes!

Sole Construction: Traction & Grip

The sole design is arguably the most important part of the best parkour shoes. Without a good sole, parkour shoes can result in an injury or worse. As a result, you need to find a high-quality sole built for traction and grip. Remember, parkour involves intense jumping and running. All the while, you are moving from one surface to another. Thus, proper traction and grip are definitely necessary.

Now, shoes with a good sole usually let you know. Always look for information in the product description. Usually, a rubber sole is the best way to go. A rubber sole is going to naturally grip surfaces. However, there are enhanced sole options available as well. Certain shoes may come with a special rubber compound or a special tread. Find the best parkour shoes with the best possible traction!

You cannot buy shoes with a leather sole or any other type of sole. Specifically, focus on a rubber sole or something special. That way, you stay in full control of your parkour experience. You do not want to slip and fall. This can lead to an injury and it is also very embarrassing. Protect yourself with the best parkour shoes and premier traction.

Shock Absorption Material

Shock absorption material is a key feature found in the best parkour shoes. You need shock absorption if you want to actually enjoy a parkour experience. If not, the stress and wear of parkour can do damage to your ligaments. Specifically, this can hurt your feet, shins, and knees. But, the right shock absorption takes away the pressure and pain of the impact shock!

Impact shock generates from the gait cycle. Basically, the gait cycle is the process in which your foot lands and leaves. As your foot lands, shock impact can cause pain. However, the material can absorb the shock and keep you feeling good. Specifically, shock absorption material is built around the heel area and in the footbed. Always keep an eye on these two areas!

The footbed is all that stands in between your foot and the ground. As a result, you may simply want shock absorption material in the footbed. But, if you have plantar fasciitis then you want heel relief. After all, plantar fasciitis is extreme heel pain. Get the proper relief that you need from the best parkour shoes. Furthermore, get premier comfort and support as well!

Comfort & Support

Comfort and support keep you feeling good after an intense parkour session. You need comfortable shoes to avoid any discomfort. Also, support is necessary for anyone with a previous injury. But, what is the best form of support? This is a great question to ask! Uncomfortable shoes are an absolute no go. You cannot do anything properly in uncomfortable shoes. Let alone jump from one platform to another!

As previously mentioned, breathability is essential for comfort. Sweaty shoes are the result of a constricting fit. However, comfort comes from many different areas. This includes the sock liner, the closure, and even the sole as well. This is not limited to just the midsole or insole. Instead, this applies to every single part of the sole! Make sure there is a soft material and premier cushioning!

The prime area for cushioning is all in the sole. This includes the insole, outsole, and midsole. Each sole makes up the only layer in between your foot and the ground. As a result, you need the best cushioning possible. Luckily, all of the best parkour shoes are made with plenty of material. But, remember that lightweight material is usually thin. So you need to find a good balance point in between lightweight material and good cushioning!

Style & Brand Name

Style and brand name are the most subjective factors of focus. Basically, these two factors only matter so much. For instance, brand name does not always provide the best possible value. However, going off-brand may reduce and decrease the level of quality.

Find a good spot in between. Also, just buy brand names if that is what you like. There is nothing wrong with trusting Nike, Adidas, or Asics with the best parkour shoes. After all, these are some of the best sports brands on the planet. You can buy shoes from them and get great performance each and every day. But, always be wary of potential knock-offs. Look through reviews and pictures for logos and brand information!

Style is incredibly subjective. First off, everyone has their own idea of style. One person may like a certain type of shoe. Another person may not like that shoe at all. Always focus in on what you want. Do you need to have the best parkour shoes in terms of style? Or do you care more about overall performance more than anything else? Weigh out these options and then buy yourself some great parkour shoes!


Best Parkour Shoes Reviews

This top ten list features nothing but the very best parkour shoes. Thus, you can pick any option and be happy with the results. Use each recommendation to your advantage. Buy yourself some brand new parkour shoes. Specifically, focus in on all of the aforementioned factors and qualities. That way, you can enjoy parkour sessions for a long period of time without any discomfort or pain!

1. Take Flight Stealth Ultra Parkour & Cross Training Shoe

Do you want the best overall shoes for parkour fun? Are you a traceur looking for the very best shoes available? Stop right here. This Take Flight Stealth Ultra Parkour shoe is number one amongst the best parkour shoes. Look no further if you value style, comfort, and traction. You get all of these features for a pretty solid price. Protect your feet and look good at the same time!

This shoe is made specifically for elite Parkour athletes. Take your training to new heights, literally. The dual sock liner is built for premier comfort. Plus, it blends together with the compression landing system. As a result, you get serious performance no matter what. Best of all, this shoe fits just like a glove. This will never fall off during an intense parkour session.

Premier traction is a huge plus. A specialized tread pattern combines together with a rubber compound. As a result, you enjoy a premier grip on all types of surfaces. Take control your safety during training. Best of all, the premier style is hard to come by. Especially given the premier performance. Use the Amazon size chart to get the proper fit. Then, enjoy the best parkour shoes every single day!



  • Great Price
  • Sleek Design
  • Premier Traction
  • Amazing Comfort



  • Size Problems


2. Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 Sneaker

Do you have no budget? Want to spend the premium price for the premium product? Well, you are in luck. The Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 Sneaker is the best product for the most lucrative price tag. If you have money to spend then spend it! If not, there are other options for a lower price. However, you do get premier quality from this shoe. The stylish suede overlay, lightweight design, and comfort make it one of the best parkour shoes available.

The suede overlay looks rich. The premium suede heel and toe lining is comfortable and performs well. Lightweight material enables and enhances movement. That way, you can jump and run without any constraint. A mesh toecap gives you a breathable source of air. Thus, you avoid sweaty and gross feet after a long parkour session. The best parkour shoes help you move and stay fresh!

Now, the Cush-Hole Shock Absorption is the real star. Three ventilation holes are in the rear midsole. These ventilation holes offer high-end shock absorption. As mentioned earlier, shock absorption material is a huge deal. This relieves most of the pressure from jumping and walking. That way, you perform better for longer periods of time. Get yourself some of the best parkour shoes. But, make sure they are in your budget!



  • Stylish Suede Design
  • Superior Comfort
  • Cush-Hole Shock Absorption



  • Shoes May Run Large
  • Expensive Price Tag


3. ASICs Men’s Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe

First and foremost, this is the best parkour shoe for the bargain hunter. Do you want to get value? Well, then you need to find great quality at an inexpensive price. This is easier said than done. Luckily, the ASICs Men’s Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe is the most valuable Parker shoe available. You can buy the best parkour shoes for an extremely low price. Best of all, you get the ASICs brand name in the process!

Now, there is a removable sockliner inside this shoe. This is perfect for anyone with an orthotic. Orthotics generally help anyone with flat feet or plantar fasciitis. Get this shoe if you need extra room for an orthotic. An ASICs High Abrasion Rubber is an innovative material with enhanced durability. This material is placed all throughout the outsole in key areas! That way, these shoes last longer for you during intense parkour sessions.

Finally, the real star here is the Rearfoot GEL Cushioning System is made for impact shock. Thus, this relieves the pressure of your foot impacting the ground. That way, you do not feel as much pain. Best of all, you transition smoothly to a mid stance without any problems. Enhance your parkour session with the best parkour shoes available. You will not have to spend a lot of money in the process!



  • ASICs Brand Name
  • Appealing Price Tag
  • Long-Lasting Material
  • Rearfoot GEL Cushioning System



  • Break-In Period


4. Vibram Men’s KSO EVO Cross Training Shoe

Now, if you prefer style then look elsewhere. This is not the option for anyone that wants a sleek design. Instead, these are the best parkour shoes for nothing but performance. Get the most out of your parkour experience with this Vibram KSO EVO Cross Training Shoe. Basically, there is no other shoe that performs this well. But, there are some detractors that may pull you away.

Again, there is not a lot of style here. This shoe basically fits tight to your foot. It is built to look just like your foot. But, the polyester fabric is still very soft. Furthermore, the rubber sole provides a great amount of traction. Also, the XS Trek Outsole is built for all different types of terrain. You get the best grip possible no matter what. All the while, a padded tongue and speed lacing system provides a great fit!

The machine wash cleaning process is super simple and convenient. Due to this, we recommend this KSO EVO Cross Training shoe as one of the best parkour shoes. You can take on any single terrain at any given time. But, you do sacrifice a stylish appearance in the process. Weigh out what matters to you while buying the best parkour shoes available. It will surely help!



  • Superior Traction & Grip
  • High-Quality Material
  • Ridiculously Lightweight



  • Not Stylish At All
  • Lack Of Support


5. Merrell Men’s Trail Glove 4 Runner

Merrell is a premier brand of sneakers. Usually, Merrell manufactures shoes for formal settings. Other times, Merrell makes shoes that are best for standing on your feet all day. However, this Merrell Trail Glove 4 Runner is one of the best parkour shoes available. The 100% textile and synthetic design moves with you. As a result, you can jump and run without any constraint. Best of all, this shoe comes with a very fair price tag as well!

The vegan-friendly design is great for environmentalists and socially conscious shoppers. A Vibram sole provides the best possible traction and is built to last. As a result, you get great performance for a longer period of time. The mesh material is breathable and feels great. All the while, the Mselect fresh lining gives you such a good feeling. Avoid discomfort during hard parkour sessions in the best parkour shoes!

A trail protect pad is built to protect your feet. After all, parkour can definitely be hard on the bottom of feet. Protect yourself and protect the health of your feet. That way, you can do more during your parkour sessions! Now, customers note durability issues in the Amazon reviews. But, this is only after months of use and that is completely normal. Find the best parkour shoes for your specific needs. Then, get out and have some fun!



  • High-Quality Performance
  • Good Looking Shoe
  • Mselect Fresh Lining
  • Trail Protect Pad
  • Flexible Mesh Design



  • Do Not Last Forever


6. Nike Men’s Free RN Running Shoe

Do you want a premier brand name? Look no further then, the Nike Free RN Running shoe is just for you. This is definitely amongst the best parkour shoes for a number of reasons. First, this is a rather good looking shoe. However, it does not sacrifice performance, support, or comfortability. As a result, it is a viable option for your active lifestyle. Especially if you want some sleek new shoes for your feet!

The soft and lightweight material creates an open knit stitch on the top of the foot. Thus, you enjoy great breathability while running around. Keep your feet cool at all times and avoid too much sweat. If not, you will sweat profusely and ruin your socks. The thin design is great for a lightweight shoe. Move without any issues and benefit from a very secure fit.

The Nike RN Running Shoe features a Nike Free Sole. Thus, you get the sensation of a minimalist running shoe. This shoe actively moves with your feet. It expands and contracts upon landing on the ground and pushing off. As a result, the natural feel enhances your fun parkour session. As always, thin material is more prone to durability issues. Remember this as you search for the best parkour shoes available.



  • Comfortable & Lightweight
  • Attractive Design
  • Natural Movement
  • Super Light Support



  • Sizing Issues
  • Thin Material


7. Take Flight Parkour Athletic Training Shoe 1.0

The Take Flight Parkour 1.0 shoe is the original parkour training shoe. Elite parkour athletes across the globe made this shoe. They all provided information to the Take Flight Brand. Then, Take Flight made these shoes. So do not hesitate to buy Take Flight shoes. They areal amongst the best parkour shoes available. Best of all, you save money on your shoes in the process.

The special rubber compound delivers an enhanced grip. Plus, the outsole tread pattern enhances this grip even further. As a result, you get the best possible traction from some of the best parkour shoes. All the while, the compression landing system is wonderful. Enjoy a dual sock liner design on top of this! Superior comfort helps ensure your feet stay healthy at all times!

An affordable price tag is very appealing. Due to this, we recommend this shoe as one of the best parkour shoes. However, there are certainly a few detractors. First, this is not a very stylish shoe. It is not ugly but the design is very minimal. Second, there may be some sizing issues. Look through reviews to find out of these shoes run small or large!



  • Serious Traction & Grip
  • Super Comfortable
  • Specifically Made For Parkour



  • Shoes Run Small
  • Minimalist Design


8. Adidas Men’s Solar Boost Running Shoe

Adidas is one of the most popular sports brands on the planet. As a result, they produce some of the best athletic and high-performance shoes. So you can definitely get the best parkour shoes with this Solar Boost shoe. The lightweight design is ideal for parkour situations. That way, you move easily and are not weighed down by heavy shoes. This also enhances your endurance and cardio as well!

Responsive cushioning is a very innovative feature. You receive any exerted energy. Thus, the shoe works for you. This helps you move more for longer periods of time. All the while, the tailored fiber placement reinforces the midfoot. A Techfit upper is built to deliver a natural feel. As a result, you enjoy a flexible sense of support and a great fit as well. Enjoy the best of both worlds with this parkour Adidas shoe!

A cushioned tongue is great for comfort and a very precise fit. Plus, the molded heel is made to enable Achilles movement. All the while, it helps provide relief and wonderful support. Best of all, this shoe provides plenty of great traction and stability. All around, this is certainly one of the best parkour shoes available. Also, you get a brand name in the process!



  • Adidas Brand Name
  • Continental Rubber Traction
  • Torsion System Stability
  • Precise Fit



  • Pricey
  • Narrow Shoe


9. Evolv Cruzer Psyche Approach Shoe

The Evolv Cruzer Psyche Approach shoe is built to dominate all types of terrain. This is the perfect shoe for adverse hiking experiences. As a result, it is also one of the best parkour shoes on the market. After all, these two experiences require similar shoe features. This includes durability, premier traction, comfortability, and more. Make sure you get the right shoes for your parkour experience. If not, you could end up with serious foot pain.

Moisture-wicking material actively absorbs sweat. As a result, these shoes are always fresh and comfortable. The microfiber lined memory foam insole is built with comfort and durability. Enjoy a very cozy shoe for a very long period of time. Furthermore, the lace closure is tight and secure. That way, this shoe stays on no matter how far you jump. Best of all, the lightweight design is great for portability!

Now, the TRAX Rubber Technology is the real star. As a result, you get the best possible traction on all types of terrain. All the while, the material is made of recycled rubber. So environmentally conscious shoppers can rejoice. Now, these shoes are not that attractive. So if you want style then pick another shoe option. However, if you want the best performance then you are in luck. You can buy the best parkour shoes for a pretty fair price.



  • Firm Lace Closure
  • Microfiber-Lined Foam
  • EVA Midsole
  • TRAX Rubber Sole



  • Lack Of Style


10. Tiger Claw Feiyue Martial Arts Shoes

Now, you may not think that martial arts shoes work for parkour training. But, you are completely wrong. Think about what is most important in parkour shoes. Above all else, you need as much traction as possible. Well, martial arts shoes are made for maximum traction. As a result, the Tiger Claw Feiyue Martial Arts Shoes is one of the best parkour shoes available. Best of all, it is available for a very affordable price!

This shoe is incredibly popular amongst Shaolin Monks and masters. They recommend the impressive traction and grip. That way, you perform at the highest levels possible. Enhance your parkour training today with a brand new pair of shoes. Luckily, this shoe is also very attractive. The low-top design is bound to turn heads out in public. A simple and durable canvas lace-up top is awesome as well!

Now, the padded sole is very lightweight. So you get plenty of comfort and support. But, thinner soles are more prone to wear out. Some customers noted potential sizing issues. Always look through reviews and use the Amazon size chart as well. That way, you can get the best parkour shoes at the right size!



  • Stylish Design
  • Optimal Traction & Grip
  • Padded & Lightweight Sole



  • Potential Durability Issues
  • Size Problems


Conclusion and Final Parkour Shoes Recommendations

Parkour is not an easy form of physical activity. It requires dexterity, strength, and serious endurance. However, you also need the right parkour gear as well. Take time to buy gear that goes beyond just shoes. After all, different forms of physical activity require different types of gear. A runner may want a headband or something to hold their phone. Get yourself the best parkour shoes and so much more.

If you want to cut out the hassle of looking through options then rejoice! Below, there are a number of different recommendations. These recommendations include the best shoes for parkour overall, best shoes at a premium price, and the most valuable shoes on the market. As a result, you can get the specific pair of shoes for your particular wants and needs. Read more below and use these recommendations to find the best parkour shoes. You will not regret it!


Best Parkour Shoes Overall: Take Flight Stealth Ultra Parkour & Cross Training Shoe


The Take Flight Stealth Ultra Parkour & Cross Training Shoe is the best overall parkour shoe available. You get style, comfort, support, and traction at all a very good price. Therefore, this is obviously the best choice amongst other amazing options. Get the best value for your hard-earned cash today. Then, go out and have fun during your intense parkour sessions.


Best Parkour Shoes at a Premium Price: Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 Sneaker


There is nothing wrong with spending money on a great product. After all, if you have money then you may as well spend it. Well, the Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 Sneaker is the best parkour shoe at a premium price. You spend the most amount of money and receive the most value possible. This includes the premier level of traction, a sleek design, and serious attention to detail!


Best Parkour Shoes for Value: ASICs Men’s Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe

Frequently Asked Questions About Parkour Shoes

What If My Parkour Shoes Break Down?

As mentioned earlier, no shoe is built to last. So do not freak out if you have durability issues. Instead, be mindful of how often you do parkour. If you parkour every single day, then relax. Shoes are going to wear out eventually. Especially as you run and jump around. As a result, you should be realistic about durability. Poor material will break down in two days. However, even the best material may give out after four or more months!

What Is The Best Fit For Parkour Shoes?

You need a very tight fit. It is essential to wear shoes with a lace-up closure. The lace-up closure provides the best possible fit. You can actively adjust and alter the fit for optimal convenience and comfort. Furthermore, the precise fit keeps your shoes on. You do not want to lose them as you jump from one platform to another. After all, parkour sessions can be incredibly intense.

Are Neutral Colors Better Than Light Colors?

Yes. There is no doubt about it. Over time, parkour fades away lighter colors. As a result, light colors will begin to disappear and look bad. Instead, stick to neutral colors for the very best results. If not, then your shoes will lose their style and attractive appearance rather quickly!

What Do I Do For Extra Support?

Go see a podiatrist. A podiatrist is a foot expert. They can examine your feet. Thus they properly diagnose any potential problems. Then, they recommend you medical or over-the-counter orthotics. Use these orthotics to your advantage. The ASICs shoe on this list has a removable insole. As a result, you can access extra space for an orthotic insert sole.

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