9 Best Nursing Shoes for Male Nurses in 2021: Comfort, Anti-Slip, & Style

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Shopping for nursing shoes as a male nurse can be difficult, especially with so many factors to consider. With long shifts spent almost entirely on your feet, excellent footwear is an essential component to staying healthy and avoiding pain. No one wants to head home at the end of the day with tender, swollen feet, especially when you’ll be heading back to work as a nurse the very next day. A great pair of nursing shoes for male nurses will keep you comfortable and energized throughout the day (and will stay well within your budget!).

If you’re looking to simplify your hunt for the optimal male nursing shoes, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve outlined the factors to consider during your footwear search, reviews of the nine best male nursing shoes of 2019, and a selection of frequently asked questions. After reading this article, you’ll have the information you need to effectively choose the ideal men’s nursing shoes for you, help others in their nursing footwear search, and be on your way toward all-day foot comfort.

Top Shoes for Male Nurses Comparison Chart

1. Skechers for Work Men's Flex Advantage Slip Resistant Mcallen Slip OnSlip On$$$$
2. Skechers for Work Men's Cottonwood Elks Slip Resistant ShoeCasual$$
3. Feetmat Shoes for Men Slip On SneakersSlip On$$$
4. Dansko Stylish Karl Men ShoesCasual$
5. Skechers for Work Men's 76759 Soft Stride Galley Work BootProfessional$$$$
6. Reebok Men's Work N Cushion 2.0 Walking ShoeAthletic$$
7. KEEN Men’s Austin ShoeProfessional$$$$
8. Nurse Mates Men's - Foley Professional$$$$
9. NIKE Men's Lunar Fingertrap Cross Trainer Athletic$$


Nursing Shoes for Men Buying Guide 

There’s no better time to find the perfect pair of shoes for your profession as a male nurse. Let’s get started!

As a male nurse, you have unique footwear needs. Nurses spend much of the day on their feet and need to be supported, as well as comfortable. In addition, finding a style that’s right for you is critical–after all, you’ll be wearing these work shoes for hours and hours, day after day, so you need to like the way you look in them.

The factors listed below should all be taken into consideration when shopping for male nursing shoes. The perfect pair for you will offer a combination of these elements in order to fit your needs and lifestyle as a male nurse.


Shoe Comfort

You’ll be wearing nursing shoes during long shifts, many of which will be spent of your feet. Instead of going home at the end of the day with sore and swollen feet, choose a highly comfortable pair of men’s nursing shoes.

Comfortable men’s nursing shoes have a few key qualities: a lightweight construction, breathability, and plenty of cushioning, especially in the sole of the shoe.

  • Lightweight shoes are more comfortable than heavy, bulky options because they reduce the amount of weight your body must lift when you take a step. When there’s less weight to manage on your feet, your legs and back will be far less fatigued after a day of hard work.
  • We all sweat, especially after a long, hard day on the job. Sweating in your work shoes can become extremely uncomfortable and lead to unpleasant odors. When those odors linger in the shoe, you may become tempted to go repurchase another pair. Nursing shoes that feature breathable mesh or an odor-resistant lining are optimal for long, grueling shifts.
  • Cushioning is a key feature in any work shoe; it lessens the impact on your feet with every step, reducing your chances of chronic foot pain and fatigue. Look for a pair of men’s nursing shoes with ample cushioning (namely in the sole, where the majority of the impact is imparted on the foot), in order to stay happy and comfortable on the job.


Arch Support 

Ample support is key in any pair of shoes for individuals standing on their feet for long periods of time. Male nurses need support throughout the work day to keep their feet healthy and stay comfortable. Look for shoes with supportive insoles and plenty of support around the arch. Nursing shoes with special toe protection stand apart from the rest, as you never know what may fall on your feet during a hectic work day. Wearing supportive shoes reduces your chance of developing a chronic foot condition over time from overuse–your feet will truly thank you for selecting a well-constructed pair of nursing shoes.

If you have an existing foot condition and require custom orthotic inserts to manage that condition, look for a pair of nursing shoes with removable insoles. Work shoes with insoles that may be removed are highly convenient–you may simply take out the insole that was included with the shoes and substitute the orthotics that are specifically designed to keep your feet healthy, safe, and comfortable.


Style & Dress Code Considerations

Just because your pair of male nursing shoes is for work doesn’t mean it has to boring or lack in style. You will be spending your hard-earned money on the shoes, so it makes perfect sense to select a pair that you’ll love wearing.

When it comes to the style of a pair of men’s work shoes, ensure, first and foremost, that the design will coordinate with your nursing uniform. Oftentimes, this means that a pair of shoes in a neutral color, such as black or white, is the best option. Shoes that are an understated color are also a safe bet because you’ll be able to match them with a large number of the garment in your wardrobe.

Choose a men’s nursing shoe design that can easily transition from the workplace to outside of the workplace. This will grant your greater versatility as you pair the shoes with your nursing uniform, as well as the clothing that you’ll put on after or before work. When you can wear your men’s nursing shoes for a wide range of occasions, the money you spent on the shoes is put to great use.


Shoe Durability

Durability is a key component to all high-quality shoes. Nursing shoes must hold up after extensive use and be able to withstand significant wear-and-tear. After all, having to repurchase work shoes after only a short period of time due to damage is disappointing and pricey. Financially, it makes more sense to purchase a well-made pair of work shoes that will last for a long time to come than to select a cheaply-made option that will quickly fall apart and need to be replaced.

While typically more expensive upfront, leather shoes get high marks when it comes to durability. You can trust genuine leather shoes to hold up to intensive use and long nursing shifts.


Affordability & Pricing Options

Depending on your budget, an affordable pair of nursing shoes is crucial. Even if you’re willing to spend a sizable amount of cash on a pair of great nursing shoes, you always want to get the best possible value for money. Luckily, there are plenty of low-cost nursing shoe options to keep both your feet and bank account happy. Prioritize the features that you’re seeking in a pair of work shoes and find the lowest-costing option that offers those features. Also, consider making your nursing footwear purchase during a sale to maximize your savings and keep cash in your pocket.


Slip Resistance and Anti Slip Technology

Male nursing is a profession that requires an individual to spend many hours a day on their feet and walking around. Plus, the risk of spills and slick flooring around a hospital or doctor’s office is high, which can make the job dangerous for nurses. Men’s nursing shoes that feature slip resistance as a main feature are ideal. Added traction around the workplace will make your job safer and further prevent injury.

The factors listed above all go into the makings of an excellent pair of nursing shoes for men. Now, let’s go over the nursing footwear options that are currently available to you.


Best Shoes for Male Nurses Reviews

There’s an enormous number of men’s shoes available online today, and many of them fit the needs of male nurses. But, finding the perfect pair of shoes to fit your lifestyle as a male nurse can be difficult and overwhelming. Here, we’ve taken the guesswork out of your shoe shopping process, providing the nine best men’s shoes for nursing available in 2019.

You can’t go wrong with the terrific products listed below; each has been chosen for its high ratings, top-quality design, and range of features to fit the needs of male nurses. We know that one of these pairs of shoes is right for your lifestyle as a male nurse, so read on to decide which one is the perfect choice!


Skechers for Work Men’s Flex Advantage Slip Resistant Mcallen Slip On

These Skechers work shoes for men are ideal for male nurses on a multitude of levels. Firstly, the construction features a mesh fabric upper portion for breathability and comfort. Combines with the outsole, which offers slip-resistant traction for enhanced safety around the workplace, male nurses are sure to appreciate these well-made shoes.

To provide a snug yet flexible fit, these men’s work shoes from Skechers include elastic side gores at the opening. The elastic gores prevent discomfort around the opening of the shoe. Additionally, the collar of the shoe is padded.

Cushioning is crucial in male nursing shoes–after lengthy shifts on your feet, the cushioning will reduce foot and ankle pain. These Skechers nursing shoes feature a memory foam insole with ample cushioning to keep male nurses comfortable all day long. For added support, there is an extra 1 1/4  inch built into the heel.

The slip-on design of these shoes means that you won’t have to worry about laces coming untied while you’re on the job. The neutral black color will coordinate with any uniform and could even be worn while you’re not at work.



  • The mesh fabric upper portion of the shoe is breathable.
  • The outsole is slip-resistant and provides enough traction to keep you safe around the hospital or doctor’s office.
  • Elastic side gores provide a close, comfortable fit.
  • The memory foam insole offers cushioning to reduce foot pain and discomfort for male nurses.
  • The slip-on design of these shoes is convenient for those who dislike having to fuss with laces.



  • These Skechers work shoes don’t offer as much arch support as other available shoes for male nurses.
  • While the exterior of these shoes provides slip resistance, your feet may slip inside of the shoe.


Skechers for Work Men’s Cottonwood Elks Slip Resistant Shoe

Constructed from 100% leather, these Skechers work shoes for men provide a classy look and a relaxed fit–the perfect combination of form and function. These shoes have a heel of roughly 1.25” and a lace-up design for added visual interest. Stitching accents, an embossed side “S” logo, and the smooth nappa leather add to the dress casual design.

For comfort on the job, these Skechers shoes have a removable insole with memory foam cushioning. The memory foam provides the softness your feet need to get through long nursing shifts. The midsole is shock absorbent to further remove the strain from your joints.

A slip-resistant nitrile rubber outsole provides exceptional traction with these men’s nursing shoes. In addition to providing protection from slips, this outsole is resistant to oil and chemicals, which is a great feature for nurses in hectic work environments.

These Skechers have a relaxed, comfortable fit for busy male professionals. But, the design is sleek enough to be dressed up for a special occasion. This versatility makes these shoes a great value for the price.



  • The shock-absorbing midsole provides much-needed support for male nurses during long shifts.
  • The insole features memory foam cushioning to keep your feet comfortable throughout the day.
  • The leather design may be easily dressed up for an after-work occasion.
  • The rubber outsole is slip-resistant, as well as resistant to oil and chemicals, for safety around the workplace.



  • While convenient for some, the lace-up design may not be ideal for those who prefer slip-on work shoes.
  • These Skechers work shoes may wear out quickly with intensive use.
  • The “relaxed fit” may not be as close-fitting as some men would like.


Feetmat Shoes for Men Slip On Sneakers

Seeking an exceptionally affordable nursing shoe that still delivers on comfort? In that case, the Feetmat Slip-On Sneakers for Men may be an ideal choice for you. As one of the least expensive options available for male nursing shoes, this product is ideal for consumers on a budget. Available in multiple different colors, you can also let your style come through in the workplace, (note that these shoes do come in black, the most popular color choice for male nursing shoes).

Even with a reliable rubber sole, these Feetmat slip-ons are incredibly lightweight; the heaviest variety of this model weighs only one pound, approximately. The entire upper section of the shoe is made from a breathable mesh knitting material, keeping your feet feeling cool all day long. Additionally, the outsole is soft, flexible, and bendable for enhanced comfort as you walk.

For the support and comfort that your feet need to handle a long day as a male nurse, these shoes feature cushioned memory foam insoles. Ample cushioning is essential in any great work shoe, and these Feetmat shoes deliver. Plus, the collar includes soft padding for a close fit and much-needed foot cushioning.

To stop slips and falls at the workplace, these shoes feature rubber soles with high elasticity and a slip-resistant texture. You’ll have peace of mind in knowing that these shoes can handle the hectic work of a male nurse.



  • These Feetmat slip-on shoes one of the most affordable male nursing shoe options available.
  • The extremely lightweight construction reduces strain on your feet and makes it simple to pack these shoes in a gym bag or suitcase.
  • These shoes come in multiple color options, enabling you to pick a design that suits you.
  • The upper section of the shoes is made from breathable mesh knitting for breathability.
  • The cushioned memory foam insoles support the feet and reduce pain after a lengthy shift.
  • The rubber soles of these shoes have high elasticity and a slip-resistant texture for safety around the workplace.



  • While some individuals may prefer a slip-on design, as is featured with these Feetmat men’s shoes, others may desire lace-up shoes for a closer fit.


Dansko Stylish Karl Men Shoes

For male nurses seeking a high-end clog to wear to work, the Dansko Karl Men Shoes are a fitting choice. Constructed from durable leather that’s both practical and fashionable, these clogs are a top choice of work shoes for many individuals. The padded instep collar provides exceptional comfort as you walk–perfect for busy, active nurses. In addition, the reinforced toe box provides extra space for the toes to accommodate any swelling or discomfort.

These Dansko clogs have a polyurethane outsole with a rocker bottom. This works to drive the foot forward and prevent fatigue. It also offers excellent shock absorption for improved foot and ankle health. Anti-skid tread on the bottom of these shoes prevents slips to keep you safe around the office or hospital.

For the support needed in all men’s nursing shoes, these clogs have a contoured insole. The insole also offers excellent breathability for foot comfort all day long.

The convenient slip-on design of these Dansko clogs make it easy to get on and off. Additionally, the lining of these shoes is antimicrobial to prevent odors and keep your feet feeling fresh.

For increased stability on the job, these clogs have a wide heel strike. The overall fit is casual, roomy, and comfortable. Male nurses will enjoy these elegant, high-quality, and supportive shoes.



  • The leather design is neutral, elegant, and provides great durability.
  • The toe box is reinforced and offers extra wiggle room for the toes.
  • The rocker bottom, polyurethane outsole is shock-absorbing and helps minimize fatigue, even when you’ve been on your feet all day long.
  • All Dansko shoes are thoroughly tested and inspected to ensure the highest level of quality; these men’s work shoes will last for years to come.
  • The antimicrobial lining prevents odors for all-day wear.
  • A contoured insole is both breathable and supportive to prevent pain and swelling in the feet.



  • The clog design doesn’t provide a snug fit and may be too loose for some people.
  • These Dansko shoes are relatively pricey and aren’t the best option for individuals on a budget.


Skechers for Work Men’s 76759 Soft Stride Galley Work Boot

For male nurses seeking an athletic design to wear as a work shoe, these Skechers work boots may be an ideal choice. Made from leather and synthetic materials, these black have a casual lace-up design for a snug, secure fit.

Removable polyurethane insoles make these shoes supportive while enabling you to insert custom orthotics, if desired. The removable insoles are an excellent feature for nurses with foot conditions including plantar fasciitis and metatarsalgia. The rubber outsoles of these Skechers work shoes are OSHA compliant and slip resistant, giving you greater comfort and protection against falls.

A composite toe and ripstop upper panels add function and reliability to these men’s nursing shoes. The heavy-duty, lace-up design is ideal for all-day wear as a male nurse.



  • The leather and synthetic construction is durable yet comfortable.
  • The removable polyurethane insoles give you the choice to insert custom orthotics.
  • The rubber outsoles provide traction, are slip-resistant, and comply with OSHA regulations.



  • If you prefer not to put in custom orthotics, this shoe won’t provide as much arch support as other available options.
  • The Skechers work boots may squeak as you walk, which can quickly become irritating.



Reebok Men’s Work N Cushion 2.0 Walking Shoe

These work shoes from Reebok provide many desirable features for male nurses. Made from 100% leather, these shoes come in black or white, so you can select the best option for you. The basic, low-cut sneaker design is ideal for the workplace and will provide the comfort you need to get through a long day.

To provide protection against slips and falls as a nurse, these Reebok Men’s Work Shoes have an oil-and-slip-resistant outsole. The beveled heel design helps to support your feet and improve the efficiency of your stride.

The exterior of these Reebok work shoes is made entirely from leather, providing excellent durability. While a great choice for the workplace, these are also considered walking shoes, so you may wear them comfortably on the street and during light exercise. Wide sizing is available in order to achieve a custom fit for more individuals.



  • The fully leather exterior is both attractive and durable.
  • The oil-and-slip-resistant outsole prevents falls around the hectic workplace.
  • Wide sizing is available for those who need some extra room for their feet.
  • The beveled heel design helps to improve your stride.



  • The design of these sneakers may be too casual for some male nurses.
  • The insole doesn’t provide as much support as other male nursing shoes on this list.


KEEN Men’s Austin Shoe

The Men’s Austin Shoe from the brand Keen is a top-rated, well-made, and attractive product. The lace-up oxford design is both casual and neutral, enabling you to wear these shoes with a wide range of clothing, both in the workplace and out.

The upper section of these men’s shoes from Keen are constructed from 100% combination waterproof nubuck, full-grain leather. The waterproof leather is highly convenient and will stay in great shape in all different conditions, even outdoors. This top-quality nubuck material contributes to the overall durability of the shoes and will keep them looking sharp for months and months to come. Plus, the water-resistant leather upper requires no special care, (we know that as a nurse, you have a packed schedule already).

Male nurses need great support and comfort in a shoe, and the Keen Austin Shoe certainly delivers on both of those fronts. An internal metatomical footbed supports the natural contours of your foot for a close, custom fit. This footbed from Keen will reduce any pain, swelling, and discomfort that you normally experience after long shifts on your feet as a nurse. In addition, this shoe features leather and fabric liners to keep moisture in check and offer fantastic breathability for all-day comfort.

As a male nurse, you know to expect the unexpected while you’re on the job. With Keen’s patented toe protection, dubbed “Keen Protect”, you’ll know that your toes are safe from whatever the day may bring. The toe protection wraps up and over the outsole to cover the entirety of the toe bed and keep your feet healthy.

These men’s shoes from Keen are more than just functional–they’re attractive, too. The oxford style provides a classic look with athletic-inspired detailing for a casual feel. The lace-up design allows you to find the perfect fit, while contrast and tonal stitching offers visual interest. In short, you can’t go wrong with these all-purpose Keen shoes.



  • The 100% nubuck leather upper of this shoe is attractive, ultra-durable, and water-resistant for reliability in all different conditions.
  • The Keen Metatomical footbed fits to the natural contours of your foot for unparalleled comfort and support.
  • Keen’s patented toe protection will keep your toes safe and supported, no matter what your day as a male nurse brings.
  • The classic, casual oxford style of these shoes can easily be transitioned from the workplace to the streets to a social event and more.
  • These shoes provide excellent breathability, thanks to the leather and fabric linings that combat moisture during lengthy shifts.



  • Due to the materials and construction, these shoes from Keen are not a lightweight male nursing shoe option.
  • After extensive use, these leather shoes may develop creases at the sides.


Nurse Mates Men’s – Foley 

For a simple yet highly functional pair of men’s nursing shoes, check out the Nurse Mates Foley shoe for men. Offered in both black and white, these slip-on shoes are specially designed to meet the need of male nurses. For great durability, these men’s nursing shoes feature a full-grain leather upper. Not only is the leather material good-looking, but it’s also stain-resistant and exceptionally long-lasting.

The classic, simple, and sporty style of these Nurse Mates shoes will coordinate with virtually any outfit, and certainly any nursing uniform. The shoe is slip-resistant for safety around the workplace, and the rubber cup outsole is durable.

For a comfy, custom fit, these men’s Nurse Mates shoes include dual side goring. These sections of stretch material ensure that the shoes fit well to your feet and provide all-day comfort. To reduce discomfort from sweating within the shoe, this product features a lining that wicks away moisture, even during a tough, lengthy shift as a nurse.

The Align corrective orthotic included with these male nursing shoes make them a supportive option for all-day wear. Your feet will feel far less strained at the end of the day, and you’ll experience less fatigue on the job. Additionally, a 1-inch heel boost provides a bit of extra support and height.

The Nurse Mates Men’s Foley shoes comes is regular and wide sizes to accommodate a range of foot sizes. Also, the slip-on offers the convenience of being able to get up and out the door to work quickly.



  • The high-quality, full-grain leather construction of these Nurse Mates Slip-on shoes increases their lifespan and keeps you from having to worry about stains.
  • The rubber cup outsole is slip-resistant to prevent falls while you’re on the job.
  • The neutral, simple design comes in black or white to coordinate with any nursing uniform.
  • The elastic side goring provides a close, custom fit.
  • The included Align corrective orthotic reduces foot fatigue and pain after long hours on your feet as a male nurse.
  • These shoes come in both regular and wide sizes to provide a better fit for a larger range of people.



  • These nursing shoes for men don’t have laces, which some individuals require in order to achieve the desired fit.
  • These shoes run large, which may make it difficult to select the right size for you.


NIKE Men’s Lunar Fingertrap Cross Trainer 

While originally intended for use as a cross-training shoe, the Nike Men’s Lunar shoe offers an array of fantastic features that male nurses need. The design of these athletic shoes features a weaved visual element to bring together style and function. Plus, the outsole is made from a solid rubber material to provide traction on slippery surfaces and a non-marking grip. For further improved traction, these shoes include a multidirectional outsole pattern with nodes shaped as deltas.

For a close fit and an ultra-lightweight feel, the Nike Lunar trainers feature Dynamic Fit technology. A full mesh inner sleeve construction stays close to the foot and provides all-day breathability. Despite the close fit, these men’s shoes are easy to get on and off. In addition to providing excellent comfort during exercise, this glove-like fit will reduce leg and foot fatigue during a long day as a male nurse.

For an efficient, natural stride, these Nike cross-training shoes for men feature wide flex grooves with optimal depth. Especially for male nurses, who often spend most of the day on their feet, this feature will reduce foot pain over time.



  • The rubber outsole with a multidirectional delta-shaped pattern provides traction to reduce slips around the workplace.
  • The breathable, lightweight construction, thanks to the featured Dynamic Fit technology and mesh inner sleeve, offers all-day comfort for busy male professionals.
  • These shoes include wide flex grooves for a natural, healthy stride.
  • The weaved design adds visual interest while remaining appropriate for the workplace.



  • The sizing of these Nike shoes isn’t as expected for many previous customers.
  • While these shoes offer traction on indoor surfaces, they may become quite slippery on wet outdoor surfaces.


Conclusion & Final Shoe Recommendations 

There you have it; the nine best nursing shoes for male nurses in 2018. Providing a sweeping variety of features, benefits, and designs, this products list truly offers excellent footwear options for male nurses of all sorts.

For those who greatly value affordability and need to stick to a tight budget, the Feetmat Shoes for Men Slip On Sneakers are a fantastic choice. Without skimping on design quality, comfort, or functionality, the nursing shoes are easy on the wallet.

Need a nursing shoe that’s more stylish than the norm? The aforementioned Dansko Stylish Karl Men Shoes may be the best choice for you. Bringing together form and function, these shoes are ideal for nurses looking to dress up the basic male nursing uniform while staying safe and comfortable.

You’ll get plenty of use out of the Keen Men’s Austin Shoe, and not just during your shifts as a male nurse. These shoes feature a high-quality construction and numerous advanced features that make them perfect around the workplace, out on the streets, or even during an outdoor excursion. Supportive, comfortable, and attractive–these Keen shoes are worth an honorable mention.

Those are just a few of the many male nursing shoe options provided in this article. Each product has its own set of advantages and disadvantages for male nurses to note; after considering the pros and cons of these nursing footwear options, you’ll hopefully have a clear idea of what shoes you need to make the work day safe and comfortable for your feet. With the right pair of male nursing shoes, you’ll go home at the end of the day feeling less fatigued and ready to relax after all of your hard work.


Frequently Asked Questions About Shoes for Male Nurses 

Do you have questions that need to be answered in regard to men’s nursing shoes? In that case, look no further than this FAQ section. Here are the most commonly asked questions about the nursing footwear products noted in this article:

 How can I clean the Keen Austin Men’s Shoe?

The Keen Austin Men’s Shoe may be cleaned by gently brushing the exterior of the shoe with a soft bristle brush or small towel. This process will loosen and remove dirt and debris that may have accumulated on the shoe.

To remove stains from the Austin Shoe, you may gently rub a gum eraser in circles over the stain. Then, lightly brush the area. For stains that can’t be removed using this first process, apply a mixture of water and a small amount of vinegar with a damp cloth to the stain. Only use the water and vinegar mixture as a last resort, however, as it may cause some discoloration to the shoe.

Is the fit of the NIKE Men’s Lunar Fingertrap Cross Trainer tighter or looser than average?

The Nike Men’s Lunar Fingertrap Cross Trainer shoes offer a close, tight fit. The snug fit of these athletic shoes is ideal for keeping your feet from slipping inside of the shoe, but may prove to be too tight for some individuals. Luckily, the lace-up design allows for some flexibility as far as fit goes. To loosen up these shoes, simply don’t tie the laces as tightly, leaving some extra wiggle room for your feet.

What is the difference between waterproof shoes and water-repellent shoes for nurses?

While waterproof and water-repellent shoes may sound the same, that is not the case. Waterproof shoes are entirely safe from water damage and are designed to withstand being completely submerged in water. Water-repellent shoes can withstand light rainfall and splashes of water, but would become damaged after being entirely submerged in water. For the work environment of a male nurse, water-repellent shoes provide sufficient protection against water damage; a waterproof design is a nice addition, but not entirely necessary.

Do the Skechers for Work Men’s Flex Advantage Slip On shoes include toe protection?

No, the Skechers for Work Flex Advantage shoes don’t feature a steel or composite toe. So, these shoes don’t offer ample protection for your feet if a heavy object were to fall on them. While nurses aren’t at too high of a risk for foot damage due to large falling objects, the lack of toe protection is a factor to consider. These Skechers Work Shoes for Men are a fitting option for those who prioritize comfort and breathability over toe protection and durability.

Are the Reebok Men’s Work N Cushion 2.0 Walking Shoes constructed of both leather and synthetic materials?

Yes, these Reebok Men’s shoes are constructed mainly from leather on the upper portion. Synthetic materials have been used to construct the tongue of the shoe and the band stretching across the rear of the shoe for flexibility. To manage sweat and odors, the interior of the shoe is made from synthetic materials. This makes the shoe more comfortable after several hours on the job by keeping your feet feeling fresh.

What does it mean when a work shoe has a composite toe?

Work shoes with “composite toe” offer toe protection for greater safety on the job. While steel toe boots include a steel material in the toe for heavy-duty protection, (these types of shoes are typically required by construction workers and professionals in similar industries), composite toe shoes include composite materials, such as carbon fiber, plastic, etc., to protect the foot.

Male nurses generally don’t require a high amount of toe protection on the job. In the workplace as a male nurse, the chances of a heavy object falling and causing damage to your feet is relatively low. However, you may note that high-quality work shoes often include toe protection and may be fitting for male nurses due to other appropriate features.

How can I clean the Dansko Stylish Karl Men Mules?

The Dansko Stylish Karl Men Mules are constructed from high-quality leather, so extra care must be taken in order to clean and maintain these shoes without causing damage. To clean these shoes, first consider what you are looking to remove. To get rid of light scuffing, simply rub the scuff gently using the tips of your fingers. For more stubborn stains, including dirt and debris, gently work at the stains using a soft, damp towel.

Do not use harsh chemical cleaners to maintain the Dansko Stylish Karl Men Mules, as doing so will damage the shoes. If you’re looking to use a cleaning solution to maintain these clogs, use the Oiled Leather Restorer offered by Dansko. This cleaning product is specially designed to safely clean leather Dansko shoes.

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