10 Best Nike Running Shoes of 2021: Men’s & Women’s

Best Nike Running Shoes

Victory.  Nike.  Two words that have become synonymous with not only American culture but also pop culture all over the world.  One of the most well-known brands in the entire world in a range of clothing options, Nike is known chiefly for producing some of the finest shoes on the market.  And they have been known for that for some time now, too.  Like Adidas’ three stripes, Nike is very easily recognizable for its ‘Swoosh,’ the brand’s calling card that can be spotted from a mile away.

But it’s never just been about the Swoosh, it’s been about a lot more than that.  Nike has constantly been a brand that has pushed the envelope, allowing runners- and athletes from a number of different sports- to go faster and longer as a result.

Today, we’ll take a look at where Nike is today in terms of running shoes with a buying guide and review, but first we need to take a look at the back story to get a full glimpse into how they got to where they are now.


Top Nike Running Shoes Comparison Chart

ProductHeel TypeShoe CategoryPriceWhere to Buy?
Nike Women’s Air Zoom Pegasus 33RaisedNeutral$$$Check on Amazon
Nike Women’s Flex Contact Ankle-HighFlatStable$$$Check on Amazon
Nike Women’s Free RN Distance 2FlatRacing$$$Check on Amazon
Nike Women’s Air Max Torch 4RaisedStable$$$Check on Amazon
Nike Women’s SwiftFlatNeutral$$$Check on Amazon
Nike Men’s Flex 2017 RNFlatStable$$$Check on Amazon
Nike Men’s Revolution 4RaisedRacing$$Check on Amazon
Nike Men’s Downshifter 7FlatNeutral$$$Check on Amazon
Nike Men’s Flex Experience RN 6FlatNeutral$$$Check on Amazon
Nike Men’s Lunarepic Low FlyknitFlatStable$$$Check on Amazon


Nike Running Shoes Buying Guide


Nike might not be as old as Adidas is, but they have still been around quite a while in the shoe market.  It all began back in 1962 with a man named Phil Knight.  Knight, a former runner himself, simply was selling what would become Asics shoes.  It wasn’t until 16 years later that the named finally changed from ‘Blue Ribbon Sports’ to ‘Nike,’ ushering in a new era of dominance in the shoe landscape with it.  But before that happened, Knight and his business partner and former coach Bill Bowerman had already made a splash with the release of the Cortez, one of the first ‘sneakers’ to have major levels of shock absorption, as well as other features like having more resistance to water than its predecessors.  This right there would give Nike a foothold in the industry, and it would take full advantage of the opportunity in a few years.

Nike shot into the stratosphere, not only off the back of cool and very useful shoes, but also in large part due to incredible marketing.  There is no better example of marketing than their campaign with Michael Jordan.  Air Jordan became a calling card, and it made every kid and adult want to ‘be like Mike’ by purchasing one of their pairs of shoes.

Nike only grew as a result of the campaign, and for the first time people started to realize that athletic shoes were about more than being cost effective.  People were now not only happy to pay extra for shoes that were ‘cool,’ but they were also giddy to have a pair of shoes that worked for them.  Nike’s boom in this period ended up fostering in unprecedented growth for a number of companies in the same market, and it has led us to where we are today in terms of having a multitude of options to pick from.

How Nikes in 2019 Differ From Others

While Nike does remain hip and cool to people the world over, they have built a lasting brand loyalty with many, many people after all, they aren’t near the top of the mountain just because of that.  Instead, it is because they have kept pushing the envelope in both the looks and construction departments.  No matter how great a shoe looks, if it doesn’t feel good and support the wearer, it’s not going to be very popular, especially in the internet age.  One way in which they differ greatly from the vast majority of companies currently is with the weight of the shoe.  Nike, in stark contrast to Adidas, has double downed on the idea of a lightweight shoe.

Many people go so far as to say that Nike in 2018 is going with the year of the ‘featherweight.’  The reason why is all in the numbers.  The average men’s running shoe (using a size nine as our guiding light) from Nike right now weighs 8.8 ounces.  That is very, very lightweight shoe, let me tell you, especially if you are running and pounding your feet on pavement.  How does this contrast with other companies?

Well, the average running shoe from elsewhere in 2018 comes in at or above 10 ounces.  While it doesn’t sound like much, it can be a huge deal.  Take for example if the two shoes are identical in support.  Which would you choose, hypothetically, if each were the same and had the same cost?  The easy choice is the lightest one, and that is one of the reasons why people- both professional Marathon runners and the amateur- keep on picking Nike as their go-to shoe.  Yes, by being light in nature you do give up some stuff, that’s just the way it is, but the hope of Nike is that it makes up enough time for you so that it doesn’t matter in the end to you.

Regardless of whether they are looking to be the next winner of the Boston Marathon or win the 100M sprint at the Olympics, or you just want to get healthier by running two miles a day around your block at home, Nike has something for you.  While some of the options will be expensive, rest assured that Nike also offers bargains as well to help you not only get started but also potentially hooked on their brand!

Why Running Shoes?

So, why do you need to buy a pair of running shoes?  Well, it just makes sense for one, if you are running, to have a pair of running shoes.  I know, common sense has been thrown out the door in 2018, so here’s a few of the reasons you need to have an actual running shoe.

Running on pavement is very tough on you (more on that later), and you absolutely have to have and need support for you.  On top of that, you also need traction to make sure you aren’t slipping and falling while you run.  It’s no fun to be out injured when you could be training and keeping fit.

Some tennis shoes or sneakers, whatever you’d like to call them, just are not cut out for running.  They might look cool or feel great or be super light, but chances are they are made that way because the designers had no intention of you using them to run in.  Even a normal, run-of-the-mill Nike shoe isn’t meant to be used for running.  Not every shoe, even Nike, is created equal, so don’t just assume you can wear any old thing and be ‘OK’ for an extended period of time.

General Fitting Tips

One of the easiest mistakes to make when you are shopping for literally anything in the world is to get the wrong size.  It’s such a hassle because we’re all busy, and we don’t have the time to take stuff back or to mail it in, right?  Well, here’s how you steer clear of that once and for all.

Get Your True Size

Measure your foot at a shoe store, either by yourself or let an employee do it for you.  This will give you an idea of what you need to wear.  Some places can even let you know what your walking pattern- your gait- is like and can help you pick out a pair based on that.

Make Sure You Got Wiggle Room

Finding wiggle room is just as crucial as getting your size correct.  Without wiggle room, you are cramped and constricted and you will start to hate life.  It doesn’t matter how foamy and cushy the material on the bottom of your feet is if your toes can’t move.  So, a general rule, and yes it’s just a general one, is to make sure that you have a thumb or two’s space between your toes and the toe bed- the edge of the shoe.

You don’t want more than that- since you don’t want your feet sliding up and down in your shoes- but you also don’t want less, either.  Having not enough won’t make you slip and fall, but it will end up ruining your day and making you stop your run early nearly every single time.

Trying Them On Properly

You’re probably asking: there’s a proper way to try on shoes?  Yes, there most certainly is, and there is a proper time as well.  The best way to try on shoes, particularly for running, is when you have been active.

When your body is active, you heart is pumping and it forces your veins to work.  This causes swelling.  That in and of itself is a good thing, well because it shoes you’re alive, but the negative is that so many people forget or overlook this fact.  They buy a pair of shoes based solely off how they feel when they are cold and have walked in off the street.  This contributes to a lot of people’s unhappiness with a pair of shoes.  It’s not even the shoes, but oftentimes they get blamed because they were never even given a proper chance to make the impact they could have.

So, if you can, a good time to try on a new pair of shoes is in the middle of a busy day, or at the end of one.  If you can’t do that, then doing your best to get your heart rate up some would help tremendously.  And if you just can’t do any of that, then please keep in mind the fact that your feet will swell and that you might want to go up a half a size.  Or not, but you’ve been warned.

The Toe Box

The toe box (or toe bed) is an important place in the shoes that is so often overlooked.  Most people today are looking and longing for comfort and just feeling like they are walking on clouds, so they go straight to the foam cushioning and see how it feels and fixate on that.  It’s great to do that, and you should very much want to be comfortable there, but you absolutely cannot afford to sacrifice how your toes feel.

With that said, the toe box can vary wildly from shoe to shoe, even in those that are manufactured by the same company.  What you want to look for is a shoe that is wide enough to let your splay (spread out your toes) to your heart’s desire.  Some people like to feel more compact, while others love to be able to be very free.  Not having enough room can give you blisters, and those will just make you angry in the long run and cause you to stop.

If you are purchasing online, you need to know whether you have a wide foot or a narrow one.  That can help you navigate through the choices.


For some people, you need a little help from an insert in your shoes to make your life more bearable.  Some are made to help you with comfort, others are made to help you fix a problem in your gait (like pronation or supination).  Whatever your problem might be, if you are in need of one, it’s very highly recommended that you take it with you to try on shoes.  If you can’t get your insert into the shoe, then it’s probably not going to be the best idea to forge ahead and try to wear that shoe on a consistent basis.

Categories of Nike Running Shoes

Taking a look at the different types of running shoes that Nike offers can be very valuable to you as you look to find the right pair for you, so we will quickly go over the varying groups that you could see when you go to the store or search online.

Neutral Ride

The type that is by far the most prevalent not just in regards to Nike but also the shoe industry as a whole, neutral ride is a good ‘starter’ shoe that can be good for general uses.  If you are still new, or you just want a more affordable option to go with, neutral ride is the right pick for you to help you being your journey.  Once you start to see any possible problems evolving, you can start to look at other options to tailor to your specific needs.

Stable Ride

Stable ride shoes are also very popular, but they are the next rung up on the ladder.  Stable ride shoes offer more stability– its really just in the name here- than their neutral counterparts happen to.  People that need more support, whether it’s because they have had ankle or arch or some other issue before, will be glad to take a look at these.

Racing Shoes

Racing shoes are offered by Nike for the ultra-serious runners.  These are more premium options, running typically much more expensive than most others out there, but they have a lot of things that make them desirable.  Racing shoes, at least as far as Nike goes, are engineered in such a way to help you go really long distances.  Some of Nike’s offerings in this type are very difficult to get a hold of due to its already stellar track record.

Barefoot Feeling Shoes

If you are a fan of shoes that don’t make you feel like you are wearing any, then this is your category.  Minimalism has become a movement in recent years for runners all over the globe, none more so than in trail running, but it is also crossing over and appealing to traditional pavement runners as well.  However, Nike had started working in the area long before this recent craze began.  These shoes were introduced, not as a replacement for your normal shoes, but as an alternative that you could rotate in every now and then to try and improve your balance and stimulate muscles.

Trail Running Shoes

We won’t spend much time on this category, but if you love being on varied paths and running on terrain that is ever-changing, this is the type for you.  Trail running shoes have additional features on them to help keep your protected, meaning they do weigh more than regular running shoes.  If you are running on pavement, they are unnecessary, but if you are going to be doing trails, you might want to take a look.


Best Nike Running Shoes Reviews 

1. Nike Women’s Air Zoom Pegasus 33

If you find yourself to be a more serious and avid runner and need a good trainer, then this is a good selection from Nike to have in your collection. Not only do these look extremely cool in a number of colors, they also have great functionality to help you compete toward the top as you train everyday. On top of that, they still remain popular and are at a very reasonable price to keep you happy.

These are still a good bet for daily training due to the Zoom Air bag, which offers you more cushioning and helps improve your flexibility and your transition speed as well.  No matter what your goal, whether it is distance or speed, this shoes do a good job of helping you get there.  Breathability is also a major plus in the shoe, but that doesn’t mean that you have to worry about the mesh allowing water in.  While it will do that, it also has a quick drying upper to help you stay as dry as possible all around.

One frustration is that the toe box is fairly narrow.  If you have a wide foot, this may not be the best choice you could make.  It is a little bit stiffer and less responsive than some shoes, but for the price it is easy to see why it is so popular.



  • Great price
  • Very stylish
  • Good for long and short runs



  • Narrow toe bed
  • Stiffer than previous versions
  • Little heavier than some options


2. Nike Women’s Flex Contact Ankle-High

Another typically tremendous looking shoe, the Flex Contact seeks to do a couple of different things. The main idea of the shoe is to give you a more natural feel. But before it goes all minimalist on you, it also wants to give you a cushioning feeling, and it does just that with the soft foam underlay.

This shoe is another example of the more affordable group of shoes, so it would be a nice show to have for training and daily use.  While it’s not always suggested, this shoe has shown an ability to stand up to a variety of uses, including weight lifting and other programs like HIIT, so you can also get use of them in those areas as well if you choose and be happy with them.  Because of that, it is safe to say that traction is very good on them, and that you also get a good deal of breathability as well, something that can be crucial in any of those exercise types.

While most have said they are ‘OK’ in terms of foot room, they have also been known to be a little bit narrow on people, though not to the extent of the Pegasus.  They do, though, appear to run small, so that is something you will have to consider.  A final thing to look at is the shoestrings.  They can be annoying to you because they are short, so you might have to make some adjustments for those or avoid them altogether.



  • Great price
  • Really nice looks and colors
  • Gives cushion and minimal feel at the same time



  • A little narrow
  • Runs small
  • Shoelaces are frustratingly short


3. Nike Women’s Free RN Distance 2

While not quite as affordable as our first two options above, the Free RN Distance 2 is another reasonably priced Nike offering that will keep your purse and feet happy. Just like the others, these shoes look really great and have a number of awesome colors to choose from to make you light up your day or to just make you look like class.

Headlined by the ‘flywire’ technology included in it, they give you a strong, yet lightweight support by using cable to keep you secure and locked-in while still remaining as free as you can be.  The cushion inside uses the Lunaron foam to help absorb impact with the ground and then return it to help you minimize energy as you take each and every stride.  With the word ‘Free,’ you do get a certain connotation, and this shoe doesn’t let you do, keeping a low weight to allow you to keep from feeling weighed down.

The ‘bootie’ like design does a great job at keeping away irritation, and thus it allows you to concentrate or running and enjoying your time instead.  Some detriments to be looked at is the fact that they run a size smaller than you’d anticipate, so trying them on becomes a must.  Another gripe is that it is easy to get small pebbles in the grooves of the sole.  When running this can be a hindrance because it can make sounds and cause you to be knocked off balance.  They also run narrow as well, so that is a concern to be had.



  • Another reasonably priced shoe
  • Flywire makes you comfortable and light
  • Irritation not an issue



  • Runs small
  • Narrow fit for wider feet
  • Rocks get stuck in the bottom


4. Nike Women’s Air Max Torch 4

One of the lesser known gems in the running community, yet still one of Amazon’s most popular shoes in the Nike category, the Air Max Torch 4 has upheld through the last few years and remains a solid choice for your consideration. One of the chief reasons the shoe is so popular is that it is just so comfortable to wear. Not only in terms of the insole, but also because of the relative plenty of room you have in the toe box, which it must be said differs wildly from what we have seen so far.

These shoes are also made in such a way that they are good for a number of terrains, meaning that this is a versatile shoe, the first of which to crack our list.  The outsole is a big part of this, and because of the great rubber used, many enjoy using these in a wide array of activities, which is just not commonplace anymore in a very specialized marketplace.

One possible negative that you might see is that the design of it isn’t nearly as flashy as any of the three above.  By no means do they look bad, but they aren’t the normal look that you would expect from Nike.  It’s almost as if Adidas designed the looks and left out the Three Stripes because it has that understated and more classic kind of look.

Another huge plus is the relative lack of expense to buy them, while a final draw back is the fact that they are not the best for longer runs.  If you are looking to just run short distances, or you want a new pair to rotate in and out for your shorter runs, this is a good way to go.



  • Seem to not be too narrow
  • Another inexpensive choice
  • Good for varying terrain



  • Not the flashiest of looks
  • Not intended for long distance running


5. Nike Women’s Swift

The fifth and final entry on the women’s top 5 is the Swift model, and once again it is an affordable option that will not break the bank, continuing our trend here so far. The Swift model is made to do what it sounds like- allow you to be swift of foot. It accomplishes this by being a very lightweight shoe, even for Nike’s standards, in order to allow you to glide around through your runs.  It is extremely low weight, so it will be tailored to those looking to go as fast as they can for short bursts.

However, it’s main draw back, like so many before it, is that they just aren’t that great for longer distances due to a lack of arch support.  While the shoe has a lot of comfort built into, even more than some of Nike’s more expensive models up the ladder, you do have a toll to pay in terms of the longevity of it.  The Flywire construction used in some other models is used here in a very effective manner to give the shoe a lot of comfort, but it also does a good job at locking you into place.

On top of that, they last quite a while as long as you use them in the proper manner (on the road and maybe the occasional trail), and they, like the vast majority of shoes today, make great use of mesh to air them out.  As long as you aren’t planning on going on uneven ground or wear them a ton for long runs, you should enjoy this and might want to make them part of your collection.



  • Another relatively inexpensive option to consider
  • Extremely light and ‘Swift’
  • More comfort provided than some more ‘premium’ options have



  • Not for long runs
  • Not for uneven ground
  • Doesn’t offer a ton of stability


6. Nike Men’s Flex 2017 RN

Keeping up with the theme of lower costing shoes, the Flex 2017 RN comes out on top for the men’s in 2018. One of the main contributing factors to the success of the shoe so far has been the wide versatility that it offers. In addition to being a good running shoe, wearers have found that they can get great use for it and get real bang for their buck in other areas such as weight lifting, cardio, HIIT, and even walking as well.

That is not always the case with shoes that are meant for running, so this is a big driving force in this shoe’s popularity.  Anyone that likes comfort will be happy with this pair as well, because they do an excellent job at giving you just that, especially in the ankle area.  There is a lot of freedom of movement built in due to the way they have made the upper and the midsole, and people have grown to love that they are able to move their toes and feet a little.

While these do run true to size, there is an issue once again concerning the lack of toe room. These are narrow, so you might want to look at other options or possibly go up a size after trying them on just to see what you think about them.  The outsole is another potential issue, with some wearing issues taking place on them.  So these aren’t going to be great for road warriors, but they will do a job for the weekend warriors that don’t need them all the time, or for people that want to mix it up with their uses.



  • Once again an inexpensive shoe
  • Very versatile in nature
  • Allows excellent range of motion



  • Don’t offer a ton of support
  • Not great for frequent runners
  • Run narrow


7. Nike Men’s Revolution 4

The Revolution, another option that is budget friendly, comes in at #2 on the list for men’s Nikes. And much like a lot of the shoes they have on the market now, they have a familiar good look to them.

Another reason for the popularity of this particular model is the comfortability you get straight out of the box.  Some shoes, even those meant for pure running, just aren’t good without a solid breaking in period.  However, these do a great job right away, allowing you maximum comfort.  And really, that’s all you can ask for from a low priced shoe.  If you can get that and get a little bit of support, then you are golden, and it explains why this shoe has done so well and keeps on doing well.

Another major point that has been praised is the fact that they are wider than most of Nikes other options.  While there will always be some that complain about a lack of space, these do a good job of fixing an issue that so, so many Nike shoes have.  The upper foot area is very heavily ventilated, giving the wearer the chance to breathe down below, while the traction offered is durable via the rubber outsole they have used.  Because they are lightweight, many will prefer them in both racing and training conditions, only serving to add to the reasons for using them during your run.

They do happen to run a little bit, small, though so that is a possible downer.  Another issue is that they can develop holes in the upper if you put them through very hard use, so that is something you have to be careful with and keep a close watch on.



  • Not nearly as narrow as some
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Very pleasing to look at



  • Runs a little small
  • Very hard wear could see holes form


8. Nike Men’s Downshifter 7

The Downshifter 7 is the most diverse looking shoe of all that we have looked at today, standing out quite a bit in its design from its Nike brethren. The Downshifter is a step up over the aforementioned Flex 2017 RN, but many have stated that they like the Flex a little bit better due to having a bit more comfort. However, this is still a minimalist shoe that provides a lot of room to maneuver in, and it is where it is because it is a step up in materials.

One such way that it is an improvement is with is flex grooves, which are found in the outsole of the shoe.  This not only adds to your comfort but it also adds to your level of performance as well.  The lightweight phylon compound also is used on the entire part of the midsole to help decrease weight and give you a much easier time. While the overall comfort may not be quite what the Flex 2017 RN has, it does have added support, and one of the few holes is the fact that is has a narrow fit like oh so many of Nikes shoes have had that have made this list.

One big issue to add to that is that these do not seem to do a good job on wet surfaces, so they do lack some traction when it is not ideal conditions outside.  Another issue that could keep you from buying them is that they are not so much for running long and/or serious miles, so you might look to a little higher priced option if you match that criteria.



  • Flex Grooves and phylon work wonders
  • Very inexpensive
  • Much different look than most Nikes



  • Not wide in the foot
  • Not intended for longer runs
  • Far from ideal in the wet


9. Nike Men’s Flex Experience RN 6

Another shoe that looks great and has a number of great color options, this shoe looks a lot like the Revolution and other models Nike has. Because of that fact, the Downshifter sticks out so much. Nonetheless, the Flex Experience RN 6 is another lower priced option that will leave you happy if you are looking for something dependable and breathable.

These shoes have a ton of mesh used in order to keep you cool, and it really works to do just that.  You can feel the difference throughout your activity.  They also happen to be very durable, standing up against the test of time and remaining in the shape in which they were bought.

Unlike the Downshifter, this pair is very good on wet surfaces, allowing you to run in the rain if you have to do so.  Also, these shoes don’t run nearly as narrow as a lot of others do, so that is a major plus to look at.  They are very flexible, and because of that, they have seen great use for other functions like weight lifting and cardio as well as the normal running.

However, there are concerns to be had.  The previous model, the Flex Experience 5, offered more protection on the bottom.  When running on hard surfaces, you don’t get a lot of support at all, and it can be a nightmare for anyone that has Plantar fasciitis issues.  This is a good shoe for an entry level racer, but if you are a hardcore runner, it’s probably not your best bet because you have taken a pounding over the years and need something to support you a little bit better.



  • Good price
  • Tons of mesh to keep you cool
  • Great in sticky conditions



  • Not very forgiving at all
  • Good for entry level runners but not so much for long timers


10. Nike Men’s Lunarepic Low Flyknit

Coming in at a much higher cost than those came before it is the Lunarepic, which seeks to not only make you standout with its looks but also to keep you comfortable and feeling very light in so doing. The first way they accomplish this feat is through the flyknit technology, which gives you a sock-like feel and is rather seamless. It makes you feel comfortable because it affords you increased flexibility and a cloud-like feeling.

There are some concerns to be had, however.  In addition to the cost, because of its lightweight it does yield as much support as many would like.  Also, there is a lack of ankle support because it is nearly a ‘low top’ shoe. For people with ankle problems, that can be a concern as it could cause their ankles to turn over.  However, the cushioning provided by the groove system on the bottom of the shoe and on the sides of the foot are enough to make a lot of people very happy and go with these shoes regardless.



  • Very durable
  • Very nice colors
  • Extremely flexible and light



  • Pebbles and other things get lodged in the sole easily
  • Not a ton of support is given


Conclusion and Final Nike Running Shoes Recommendations

To conclude, Nike shoes have a ton of upsides to them.  By and large, they are very lightweight and allows their wearers to experience a level of comfort that is hard to match by most out there.  However, there are some issues that have to be overlooked to get that comfort, especially in the models that are lower priced.

A lack of support is not uncommon, and though that isn’t the best for hardcore runners or people that know they have certain physical issues to deal with, it is not something that cannot be overcome.  This move to lighter shoes was always going to come at a cost, but the hope for Nike is that they can hook you, and that eventually they can figure out a way- and they will down the line- to make them just a light but give you as much support as you could ask for.

Until that day comes, you will still have to choose and weigh up the good and the bad to determine whether it is the right fit for you.  Either way, Nike have come a long, long way, and it will continue to play a big role in the direction that shoes go for the foreseeable future.


Frequently Asked Questions About Nike Running Shoes

Do I really need to worry about men’s and women’s?

Yes, I’m afraid you do.  Men’s shoes are heavier than those made for women.  Sure, you can wear them, and you will look cool in them, but you are going to be lugging around more than you probably want to.  The two genders also require different things from one another. While men may need more protection and support from being heavier, women may need more arch support.  It’s little things like that that can add up.  Just because they fit, don’t mean they are a good fit!  A lot of people will try to say there is no difference, but there is one, and you shouldn’t make a snap call based on a lack of knowledge.

Can I use my running shoes for something else?

Yes, you can.  But should you should be the question.  Running shoes, typically, and none more so than in the year 2018, are made for running.  We are living in a specialized world where athletes, even as kids, are being shoehorned (pun intended) into one sport or another.  In much the same way, shoe companies have started to make shoes for very specific purposes.  Gone are the days where a shoe has a lot of uses, typically.

There are some exceptions on our list, of course, but by and large you should be careful.  Sometimes a good running shoe is going to be comfortable on the road, but it may not be great for you standing all day at work, and it might not work well or hold up at the gym.  Just some food for thought!

Should I look at more expensive priced shoes?

To answer that, you have to know what you want.  Basically, Nike is going to give you lightweight and an awesome look no matter which way you go.  However, if you want something that is more supportive or just better suited to you specifically, then going with a higher priced pair might just be the right path for you to take.  Just know that spending more money isn’t going to just make your shoes better or make you happier, and they won’t necessarily look better.  Instead, it’s about the inside of the shoe and the support it gives.  If you are a casual runner, you might be perfectly happy with an average shoe, which is what most of this list has been today!

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