13 Best Newton Running Shoes in 2021

Best Newton Running Shoes

Newton Running is a performance shoe company that is based in Boulder, Colorado.  They create performance running shoes that are gait efficiency for all levels of runners.  They offer shoes from neutral to those with wider platforms to help the runners with pronation issues or those that are known to be flat footed.  Helping each runner find the proper shoe design to fit their running needs.  They even create running shoes that are designed to allow the insoles to be removed and replaced with orthotics if that is what the runner is medically required to have.  They understand the love of running and do their best to supply the best performance shoe that is needed for different types and levels of runners.  Along with knowing the love of running, they also believe in helping and giving back to the community that has given to them.  They are known to offer special events, offering techniques to enhance the skill of running and sometimes even help children that love to run but can’t afford quality shoes to be able to obtain the shoes they need.  There are several styles of Newton Running shoes to choose from.

Top Newton Running Shoes Comparison Chart

ProductMaterialAction/Reaction TechnologyPriceWhere to Buy?
1. Newton Running Women’s Fate 5FabricYes$$$$Check Price On Amazon
2. Newtons Running Women Distance 8Mesh Yes$$$$Check Price On Amazon
3. Newton Running Women’s Gravity 8FabricYes$$$$Check Price On Amazon
4. Newton Gravity Woman’s III Running ShoeMeshYes$$$Check Price On Amazon
5. Newton Running Woman’s Distance Running VMesh & TextileYes$$$Check Price On Amazon
6. Newtons Men Running Gravity 8FabricYes$$$$Check Price On Amazon
7. Newton Men’s Terra Momentum Running ShoesNylonYes$$$$Check Price On Amazon
8. Newton MV2 Neutral Men’s Speed Racing Running ShoesMeshYes$$Check Price On Amazon
9. Newton Men’s Motion III Running ShoesMeshYes$$$Check Price On Amazon
10. Newton Men’s Kismet Running Casual ShoesMeshYes$$Check Price On Amazon

Newton Running Shoes Buyers Guide

Newton running shoes offer a platform from a zero heel to toe drop to others that are elevated to help the runner during the pronation stage of their foot movement to move naturally with ease.  There are different mm drops in the description of these shoes letting you know what the drop is for each of these styles.  Purchasing a running shoe that has too much of a drop can also cause foot pain for the runner.  Make sure that you are selecting the proper fit for your foot and the style of running that you do.  The neutral shoe offers some protection in the cushioning on a normal, to just help to support the muscles and ligaments in your foot.  Using the proper support or protection for your feet can help to prevent injuries or stretching of the muscles in your feet, by letting your feet move naturally.  Newton shoes has special technology that they use in their shoes allowing more quality and performance for their customers.  They also use special technology in the soles of these shoes offering a quality traction and cushioning for a more controlled and confident run.  Knowing what your options are when purchasing your new performance running shoes will help you to select the proper shoes for your running style and the protection for your feet.


Most Newton running shoes are designed from a breathable type of netting.  This netting will allow the air to circulate through out the shoes helping to keep your feet cool and comfortable during your running experience.  This will also help to keep your feet from sliding inside of your shoe.  As your foot sweats, the moisture can cause your foot to slide inside of your shoe, causing you a loss of stability and control.  When you foot slides inside of your shoe it also moves your foot to a position as to where the support inside of your shoe does not support the parts of your foot that needs the support.  The sole of most of theses shoes are normally made from rubber and allows superior traction with your running surface giving you more control.  The Newtonian footbeds and the Action/Reaction technology also are made from special materials to help you to have full control and comfort giving you an extreme running shoe.  The materials used in these shoes are quality and help to make a durable and lasting running shoe.


The upper part of many of these shoes are made from a breathable mesh.  This allows the airflow to circulate through the shoe helping to keep your feet cool.   Some styles are designed from one piece of mesh, meaning there is no seams on the upper part.  This makes the shoe more comfortable on your feet and that there is no seam to rub against your skin, causing a blister or sore area.  Some of the mesh is also manufactured with a stretchy type of fabric allowing it to stretch with your foot.  This helps to create a glove like fitting effect and allows the shoe to flex along with your foot movements.

Lacing System

The lacing system of some of these shoes are designed in a unique design including two eyelets in the heel area, helping to keep your shoe more secure to your foot.  Many of these designs include laces that are flatter in nature helping them to stay secure and to tie in a fashion that the runner can run with confidence, not having to worry about their laces coming untied.  Some of these styles also provide a gusseted tongue that the strings help to hold in place and keep your shoe more secure.


A gusset is a fabric or material that can be attached to one or both ends.  With a gusseted tongue of a running shoe, the gusset is designed in a loop or a material that is attached to the tongue on both ends, that allows the shoelaces to be strung through the loop helping to hold it in place.  This also help to make the shoe a more secure fit and adds more comfort by preventing the tongue to move out of place while you are running or doing rapid foot movements.  This not only makes the shoe more comfortable but will help to protect the skin by not allowing the tongue to rub and cause blisters or sore areas on the skin.


The tongue of the running shoes fit under the enclosure and is designed to sit between the laces and the top of the runner’s foot.   It is normally designed as a padded fabric that helps to protect the top of the foot.  The tongue on many of the styles is designed to be breathable allowing the airflow to come through the fabric helping to keep the runner’s foot cool.  This not only makes the shoe fit more comfortable but keeps the shoe in place on the runner’s foot during their running excursion.    The tongue will help to keep the debris out of the shoe so that the runner does not have to stop and remove the debris during their run.


The collar of these running shoes is the area that goes around the top of the shoe and behind the heel and around the ankle area.  This is many times padded to help the shoe fit more secure and to prevent rubbing against the skin creating blisters or sore areas.  In some of these styles the collar is made from breathable fabric helping to keep the runner’s foot cool and comfortable.

Sock Liner

A sock liner is sometimes sewn inside of a running shoe and is sometimes attached to be removeable so that it can be changed out or washed.  A sock liner is made to be breathable allowing the air to circulate inside of your shoe.  The sock liner will absorb moisture and allows it to dry quickly.  It will also help to secure your foot inside of the shoe giving you a more comfortable and secure fit.  With the added dryness inside of your shoe it will help your foot from sliding around inside of your shoe.

Action/Reaction Technology

This technology is known as the Newton secret to helping runners run faster.  This is created by the active movements of the lugs that are on the bottom of the soles.  As pressure is applied by your foot on these lugs it makes contact with an active responsive trampoline-like cushioning system.  This gives the runner a quicker bounce back and a loss of less energy making it easier for them to have natural movements in their foot as they are running.  This helps the foot come back up and roll forward as your foot hits the ground, taking less energy on your muscles, making the transition smoother and uses less effort.

Outer Sole

The outer soles of these running shoes are designed from various types of rubber, depending upon the shoe type.  There would be a difference between the distance runners and the road or trail runners on the bottom of the soles.  Some have various platforms, with added lugs that are round or squared to help to activate the technology that these shoes have been created from.  Some of these runners have had a high-density rubber that has been applied to the bottom of the shoes making a more quality traction and giving the runners more confidence to run faster down the trails.  Some have been designed with a greater shock absorption helping to protect the runner against jolts to their joints and muscles.  This helps many runners with their ability to run longer distances and to run faster and smoother.

P.O.P. Platforms

Newton running shoes are designed into three segments.  There are the Energy II, Aha Incorporate and the newest technology is the POP 3 Platform.   The Newton Energy has been designed with the mid and forefoot wider with an extended medial plate, giving the runner more stability.  The upper section is made from one piece of mesh and very breathable.  They are cushiony and soft allowing for more comfort.  The Aha is the next one in line and has been designed to be a little lighter than the energy.  They also offer more prominent lugs and are styled slimmer in the midfoot without the medial plate.  The newest is the POP 3 Platform has been designed to offer a less aggressive lug for an easier day of running.  This style of lugs seems to be easy on the feet for some runners.


E.M.B. stands for extended Medial Bridge.  This is when the shoe is made wider in the midsole area, giving the runner more stability that they need to keep their balance and the ability to continue running.  There are runners that have problems with being flat footed or may overpronate or other pronation issues and they need a larger platform to help provide them with proper balance and stability.


This stands for super high abrasion rubber compound.  This compound has been designed and created to put on the outer soles of some styles of running shoes.  This helps to create a more secure traction and in other cases helps the runner to keep better control.  This can also help with allowing your foot to make natural movements with ease.

Best Newton Running Shoes Reviews

  1. Newton Running Women’s Fate 5

This women’s running shoe has been designed for all levels of runners.  The uppers have been designed from an open weave mesh allowing the shoe to be breathable.  The ability for the air to flow through the shoe helps to keep the inside dry and the runner’s feet comfortable.  The platform of this shoe has been designed as level offering a heel to toe drop of a 4.5 mm leaving the runner to be able to run with natural foot movements.  The outer sole of the shoe has been designed to offer quality traction while adding a cushioned padding to the forefront of the shoe.  The front of this shoe has been designed with a performance lace and tongue system that moves with the motion of the runner giving them more comfort and support.  The inside of the shoe has been lined with a breathable fabric liner, helping to comfort and keep the runner’s feet dry.  The insole of the shoe is a Newtonian foam full length to add responsiveness to the shoe.  This has been created with action/reaction technology giving it a high responsive trampoline type effect with the spring making for an easier more energized foot action as you are running.  This shoe has been designed as lightweight and super responsive allowing a quality neutral running shoe for quality protection to your feet during the pronation stage of your run.


  • Quality seamless mesh upper
  • Low heel drop allowing natural movements during your run
  • Quality insole with spring action energy in your steps


  • Shoe may not be the proper sizes for all wearers
  • Shoe may not offer enough support for all wearers
  1. Newtons Running Women Distance 8

This shoe is lightweight and add comfort and support for optimal responsiveness.  It has been selected as an Amazon Choice product which means that it has had good ratings, the price is considered a good price for the product and that it is ready to be shipped.  The upper is designed from quality breathable mesh and designed with minimalist overlays to help to offer support and comfort.  The outer sole has been designed from a durable rubber that helps to add an energy filled rebound as your feet hit the ground and start to go again.  This helps the transition smooth and allows your feet to move quickly down the trail. The enclosure of this shoe offers quality lightly padded laces to help the shoe move comfortably with your foot.  The padded tongue and collar help to make the shoe fit more secure while the pads help to protect the skin from rubbing.  The inside is lined with a soft fabric liner making the foot feel more comfortable and smoother inside of this shoe.  The insole designed from foam covers the full length of the shoe offering stability and support for the runner.   Action/Reaction technology has been used in padding and support for the midsole and the heel area creating a smooth-running shoe for most runners.  The cushion technology creates an energized running situation that helps to keep your feet energized.  It also offers a spring type reaction helping you to rock forward on your foot transferring the weight with ease for an easier form of foot movement during your run.  The Newtonian midsole that completes this shoes support system, offers a quality responsiveness allowing the foot to be closer to the cushioning giving it the ability to move naturally.  This shoe is worth its cost with all of its quality construction and support that it allows the runners to have.


  • Lightweight and supportive
  • Flexible quality outer sole
  • Energizing footbed allowing spring like action for naturally smooth foot movements


  • Does not offer enough arch support for all runners
  • This style did not seem as comfortable as other Newtons for some runners
  1. Newton Running Women’s Gravity 8

This women’s running shoe has been designed from an adaptive fit air mesh upper design.  This allows a proper fit and lets the airflow circulate through the shoe helping to keep the runners feet dry and comfortable.   This shoe offers a special design giving the runner more responsiveness and natural running moments as it allows the foot to make natural contact with the ground.  This can help to give the runner more confidence as they are connected to the ground as their foot is allowed to move naturally.  The outer sole is designed from quality rubber and styled with tactical flex grooves allowing a quality traction and the ability to move naturally.  The tongue and collar are designed to be flexible and breathable.  They are both padded to protect the skin and to help offer a quality fit for the action-packed runners.  An advanced lacing system has been styled as an enclosure for this model allowing a more comfortable and secure fit.  A soft fabric lining lines the inside of the shoe helping to comfort your feet all day long.  The footbed has been designed with a cushioned full-length padding offering protection and comfort.  The midsole has been designed with a high-rebound EVA cushion with Newtonian cushioning which provides more responsiveness to your feet.  The level platform that holds this shoe to high standards offers a 3 mm drop from heel to toe allowing your foot to make its natural movements as it hits the ground and rebounds back into position for its next move.  This lightweight shoe has been designed as a high energy long distant running shoe allowing you comfort and support all the way.  This shoe is worth its price for a runner who values quality and protecting their feet.


  • Lightweight and comforting
  • Offers quality energy efficient cushioning
  • Low heel to toe drop allowing your foot to perform natural movements


  • Feels like the fit is different than other Newtons for some runners
  • The sizing may be different for some wearers
  • Some runners may need more or less support as they run
  1. Newton Gravity Woman’s III Running Shoe

This women’s running shoe is designed to make a quality daily training shoe or a faster paced racing shoe.   It has been designed with a lightweight upper mesh allowing air circulation helping to keep your feet cool and more comfortable during your intense periods of hard running.  The heel of this shoe has been designed with the Action/Reaction giving the runner the added cushion that they need and the bounce of the rebound for an easier transition of their foot’s natural movement.  The outer sole has been designed from quality rubber with 5 anatomical lugs on the bottom.  These lugs have been created to apply pressure to the trampoline like system designed in this shoe to help make transitioning your steps easier.  This allows for a lower energy and smoother transition.  This helps to keep your feet and muscles more energized allowing you to make more natural movements so that you can focus on your speed or your training.  This is also known as the Newton’s POP technology or sensation.  This shoe has been designed to be a women’s road running shoe.  Offers quality protection and support to help on a rigorous training day or to help with the natural movements to win the race.  This shoe is worth the price either as a long distant runner or as an intense training shoe.


  • Quality constructed daily trainer or long distant runner
  • Lugs on the sole offering a smooth and easy running transaction
  • Offers POP sensation keeping this shoe a low energy running shoe


  • Using these to walk, some customers have had issues with the lugs coming unglued
  • Toe box was too narrow for some runners
  • Stitching on the tongue came unsewn for some wearers
  1. Newton Running Woman’s Distance Running V

This women’s running shoe has been designed to offer support for a variety of different styles of runners.  This shoe has been created to be lightweight and well cushioned offering a supportive running shoe.  The upper has been made from a lightweight, seamless, breathable mesh and textile, making this shoe cool and comfortable on your feet.   The upper has also been designed with full flex zones to offer your foot the freedom to move more naturally.  The lace up closure has been created with lightweight semi flat laces, helping to keep them securely tied during your running time.   Lightly padded collar and tongue to help with comfort and a more secure fit.  The inside has been lined with a soft fabric lining to help comfort your feet.  The foam insole has been made removable, so that it can be replaced as more support is needed.  The midsole and heel have been created using the action/reaction technology creating a springy effect, helping the runner to roll their foot forward with ease.   The outer sole has been designed from s.h.a.r.c. and EVA materials and equipped with ice rubber lugs in the forefoot.  The P.O.P 1 platform features squared off corners on the lugs that allow extra bounce and the ability for a faster lift off of your feet during your run.  The heel to toe drop on this shoe is only a 2 mm which allows the runner to perform with natural movements while being supported by this shoe.  This shoe is worth its price helping the runner to move rapidly down the track.


  • Lightweight and supportive
  • Made from a breathable, seamless mesh
  • Removable foam insole for easy replacement


  • Size is not true for all wearers
  • Sole came unglued for some wearers
  • The toe box seems to set too low on this design for some wearers
  1. Newtons Men Running Gravity 8

This lightweight and responsive men’s running shoe has been designed to give you control and support as the shoe hits the ground with every step.  The upper of these shoes have been designed from an adaptive fit air mesh allowing a secure fit and airflow through the upper part of the shoe.  The upper is also constructed with a seamless style to make it fit comfortable and not have to worry about the seams rubbing against your skin.  The anatomical tongue has been designed to be breathable and to fit perfectly against the top of your foot for a secure and more comforting fit.  The inside has been lined with a soft fabric lining, letting you feel the soft and comforting lining for your feet.  The footbed has been created from a full-length foam.  The midsole has been created with an EVA and Newtonian cushioning providing a more responsive footbed.  The outer sole has been created from a durable rubber with tactical flex grooves allowing more natural movements as the shoe moves with your foot.  The level platform that this style has been designed with offering only a 3 mm heel to toe drop, allows a natural running ability.  This shoe is worth its cost, with all the natural abilities and support that it offers to the runners.


  • Adaptive and breathable upper
  • Full length foam cushion
  • Tactical flex grooves added to the sole for more confident and natural movements


  • Sizing may vary for some wearers
  1. Newton Men’s Terra Momentum Running Shoes

This men’s Trail Guidance running shoe has been designed to lightweight and highly responsive.  The upper of this shoe has been designed from a breathable closed mesh that has been designed to keep the debris from the trail from coming inside of the shoe or poking through the mesh.  The breathable shoe allows the airflow to circulate through the upper keeping the runners feet cool and dry.  The enclosure has been designed with slip proof laces being secured at the heel with double eyelets, keeping the shoe from slipping and offering more support as you run.  Reinforced toe caps and a gusseted tongue helps to protect the forefoot and also helps to protect your foot from light moisture on the trail.  The Action/Reaction technology that has been used on the midsole and heel, helps the runner with lack of energy loss and higher responsiveness.  A biomechanical metatarsal plate offers a more comfortable run with smoother movements as your foot rolls forward.  An anti-bacterial sock liner has been designed to help to reduce odors.  This treatment that is used will help to kill the bacteria that can build from the moisture inside of your shoes.  This shoe is worth its price for the miles that it helps to support and comfort your feet on the trail.


  • Lightweight and level platform design to help with natural movements
  • Reinforced toe caps for longer lasting wear and added protection
  • Technology to help with tired and achy feet to keep you running longer


  • Sizing may not be a perfect fit for all wearers
  • Some runners ordered a larger size
  1. Newton MV2 Neutral Men’s Speed Racing Running Shoes

This men’s neutral racing shoe has been designed to be super lightweight and for speed.  The heel to toe drop of this shoe, offers a zero drop making it a superior racing shoe.  The upper of this shoe has been created from an open-air mesh.  This allow the shoe to be breathable, allowing the air to circulate and allowing the moisture on the inside to evaporate keeping your feet dry.   The slip proof lacing and the double heel eyelets help to provide stability with this shoe by holding it in place and keeping your foot from sliding.  A second-generation Action/Reaction technology has been used in this shoe providing a quality responsiveness and protection while helping your feet to not lose too much energy as you are running.  This helps to keep your feet from getting too tired during your run and allowing you to comfortably cover the miles.  The ETC antifriction helps to prevent abrasion.  An antibacterial sock liner has been designed inside of this shoe to help a more secure fit and has been treated to kill bacteria inside of your shoe to prevent odors and bacterial build ups.  The outer sole has been created with a high traction 5 lug pattern and supported with a high-density rubber to add extra bounce and traction.  This shoe is worth its price allowing you to run fast with ease.


  • Super lightweight and built for speed
  • Offers a zero-drop keeping your feet closer to the ground
  • Quality outer sole with lugs and high-density heel for better traction and bounce


  • Shoe does not provide the comfort for all wearers
  • The sizing does not work for all wearers
  1. Newton Men’s Motion III Running Shoes

This men’s running shoe has been designed to provide stability and performance.  This low top running shoe makes a great training shoe and a great racing shoe.  The upper of this shoe is designed from a breathable mesh allowing the air to circulate throughout the shoe keeping your feet cool and ready to run.  The enclosure is fastened with lightweight semi-flat laces that help to give the shoe a secure fit.  The P.O.P. 1 platform has been designed with a system of lugs that activate the trampoline membranes in the shoes.  This helps to enhance the performance and allows for a more energized run.  The Action/Reaction technology has been used in the midsole and the heel to help to provide shock absorption allowing a smoother run.  The Medial Bridge to the outside has offered a wider support that works great for the runners that may have issues with flat feet or other conditions that may need the added stability.  This shoe is worth its price as it provides a quality support and stability for all runners.


  • Made from quality breathable mesh
  • Designed to provide added stability and performance
  • Lug system designed to create a more energized run


  • Lugs seemed to come lose for some wearers
  • Sole started coming apart for some wearers
  • Some wearers felt the shoes were too big for the sizing
  1. Newton Men’s Kismet Running Casual Shoes

These men’s casual running shoes have been designed to be lightweight and responsive.  It offers a wider base for those who might need the extra width for stability and control.  This can include runners that are flat footed or that have problems with overpronation.  The shaft of this runner measures as a low top from the arch.  The upper is designed to be breathable, helping to add comfort to the runner’s feet.  Action/Reaction technology has been used in the forefoot and heel, creates Newton’s trampoline like effect.  This makes the natural movements of your foot easier to pronate and takes less energy from your muscles.  A Biomechanical Metatarsal Sensor Plate has been used to help provide support to certain areas of your feet, while helping you to make better contact with the ground as you are running.   The extended medial bridge or e.m.b. provides a wider platform for those who may need the added stability.  The outer sole has been created from a durable super high abrasion rubber compound or s.h.a.r.c.  This helps to add more durability and stability to this shoe.  Added to the sole, is a 5 lug P.O.P. 2 platform which beveled and articulated lugs have been surrounded by static lugs making a more secure traction on the bottom of the sole.  This design offers the runner a broader support base and the ability to have a more relaxed run.  This shoe has been designed with quality and support, making it worth its price for many runners.


  • Quality design and responsiveness
  • Extra wide platform giving stability to runner who need the extra help
  • Lugs have been strategically placed to offer secure traction


  • Lugs seemed to come off for some wearers
  • The center lugs seemed too long for some wearers
  • Some of the outer sole came apart for some wearers

Conclusion And Final Newton Running Shoes Recommendations

Newton running shoes are known as quality high-performance running shoes that help many different runners at a variety of different levels.  They have designed quality shoes that work well for training shoes, as runners are learning the beginning techniques for proper running.  They have them designed for short or long-distance running.  There are neutral running shoes and shoes that have support for runner who have pronation problems.  There are many different types of running shoes to meet your specific needs.  You can even find that they have shoes that have removable insoles so that you can replace them as they lose their support, or you can remove them and add an orthotic depending upon your medical needs.  When purchasing you new running shoes it is important for you to know what type of running shoe that you are needing and to carefully select the proper size of the shoe.  This will give you the support where you need it and help you to be able to run naturally building up your muscles while Newton is adding the support to help make this possible.  As you are selecting your proper running shoes, there are several things to consider, including your personality or your style, make sure to select a pair that also makes your running outfit look good.  Like most of us you will need to consider your budget.  Make sure that your selection will match your budget so that you are not doing without other things because you spent all of your money on your new shoes.  Save a month or so if you need to, so that you can select the shoes that work the best for you.  I think the Gravity 8 would be a great choice for a quality running shoe.  It is available in both men’s and women’s styles.  It has been designed as a long-distance runner being lightweight, breathable and offers a high-quality responsiveness, giving the runner confidence as they are running down the trail.  This shoe has been given flex grooves to help make the shoe move with your feet and   You want to select that perfect pair for you matching your needs, running type, size, dress style and your budget.  This way you have selected the best Newton running shoe for 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions About Newton Running Shoes

Why are some runners saying that Newton are controversial running shoes?

In my research I have found that Newton is an all love, or all hate shoe.  I feel it depends upon the type of runner that you are.  There are runners that say they love, love them.  That Newton’s offer a great level platform that offers little to no heel to toe drop.  That they give the wearer a roomy toe box that gives you the opportunity to allow your toes to move naturally.  The support is amazing and the spring that they offer gives the runner the energy to their feet to run longer distances at a faster pace.  Some runners really like the lugs on the shoes because it helps to activate the trampoline-like effect and allows them to make a smooth transition when running.  There are some runners that are saying that they once used a different type of shoe and they were getting pains in their arches and their shin area, once they switched to Newtons, the pain went away, and they could run more comfortably again.  The Newton’s shoes are liked by many because of their high quality with the support and the long-lasting time frame of the shoes.  Newton has a long line of supporters that would not want to run in any other shoes.  Some of the runners that are not huge fans, are barefoot toe shoe runners that want no support in their shoes, only the bottom of the feet protected by the outer soles.  Others may not be fans of the lugs because they are not use to them.  Some prefer more of a heel to toe drop.  From what I have seen, the runners that wear the Newton runners on a regular basis love them.  They love the quality and the support of the quality high-performance shoe and would not make another choice to run in.

How do I know which type of shoes is best for me?

When you are selecting your new Newton running shoes, consider the type of runner that you are.  If you are a long distant runner, you would want to select a running shoe that has been designed from long distance running.  If you are a beginner and are still learning the techniques, a training shoe might be a good choice for you because it has been designed for people that are learning but there are also those that will allow you to do your normal running in them also.  If you have a running coach, ask them, they are full of knowledge and can help you to make the proper selection for your style of running and which shoe will help you to make the easiest moves.  You could also contact the customer service of the manufacturer so that you can get firsthand information on your new running shoe purchase.

Are zero heel to toe drop shoes better to run in?

A zero to low drop running shoe, helps a runner to be able to run more naturally but still have the support that they need to help their muscles be able to strengthen naturally.  The zero to a low drop allowing you to run with natural movements, have been known to help runners that are experiencing pain such as knee pain to actually ease the pain and accomplish a more pain free running experience.  Runners have actually said that they were running in other shoes without the drop and that they were experiencing knee pain and would have to take days off from their running routine, but then their knees would immediately start hurting again.  Once they started running in the zero drop, they were no longer having the knee pain.  They did say that they experienced some muscle aches and soreness as their muscles strengthened but that soon went away, and they were able to enjoy a pain free running experience.

Are more expensive shoes better than the cheaper shoes to run in?

On a normal it would depend upon the quality that you are looking for.  In general, the companies that manufacture the more expensive shoes have spent time and money on research, to learn the technology to design to make these shoes more supportive and comfortable for the wearers.  They select the materials that are of higher quality and that offer more support and durability for their designs.  They make sure that their craftmanship is done in quality fashions to give their running shoes a longer life span.  When a quality shoe company goes to all of this trouble to gain the knowledge and reputation for their product, they want to keep and protect that reputation.  If they do not make the quality that backs their reputation and their price, then they will not have a customer base.  The cheaper shoes can not be designed in this same manner because the company could not afford to sell them at such a cheap price.  On a normal, a cheaper priced pair of running shoes are going to be made from cheaper materials that will not normally last as long.  The support will normally wear out faster and in the long run a runner will spend more money purchasing multiple pair of cheaper shoes.  In my opinion purchasing a quality pair of shoes that give me more support is worth the extra price that I would pay for my comfort and stability that it offers.

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