10 Best New Balance Walking Shoes of 2021: Women, Flat Feet, Plantar Fasciitis, Bunions, & More

Best New Balance Walking Shoes

Walking might seem to be a very simple form of exercise that virtually anyone can complete, but what many people don’t realize is that there is a whole lot more to it.  Depending on the type of work you do, as well as any foot conditions you might bring with you, complications can arise.  One such answer to these issues are going to be New Balance walking shoes.  Today, we are going to delve into the world of New Balance walking shoes in order to help you pinpoint exactly what you need to help you live a happier, healthier, and hopefully much more comfortable life.  We’ll start by breaking down everything you need to know in our buying guide, and then we will finish up with a review of the top ten examples on the market currently.  So, without nay further adieu, let’s go!

Top New Balance Walking Shoes Comparison Chart

ProductMaterialPriceWhere to Buy?
1. New Balance Men’s MW411v2 Walking ShoesLeather, Manmade$$$Check Price On Amazon
2. New Balance Men’s Mx623v3 Training ShoesLeather$$$Check Price On Amazon
3. New Balance Men’s MW877 Walking ShoesSuede/Mesh$$$Check Price On Amazon
4. New Balance Women’s WW411v2 Walking ShoesLeather/Synthetic$$$Check Price On Amazon
5. New Balance Men’s MW8131V1 Hook and Loop Walking ShoesLeather & Synthetic$$$Check Price On Amazon
6. New Balance Men’s MW840v2 Walking ShoesLeather$$$$Check Price On Amazon
7. New Balance Men’s 1165v1 Fresh Foam Walking ShoesSynthetic$$$Check Price On Amazon
8. New Balance Men’s Ralaxa Walking ShoesMesh$$Check Price On Amazon
9. New Balance Men’s MW577 Hook and Loop Walking ShoesLeather$$$Check Price On Amazon
10. New Balance Men’s M1300v1 Walking ShoesLeather & Mesh$$$$Check Price On Amazon

New Balance Walking Shoes Buying Guide

How Are Walking Shoes Different?

One of the first questions that you will ask is why would I want a pair of walking shoes?  That’s a good, thoughtful question, and it’s one that so many people ask and never get a very good answer on.  Because of that, they end up assuming they can just go with any old pair of shoes, which is not the case at all.  By looking at the differences between walking shoes and other types of footwear, you can get a better understanding of just what it is they do.  That way you can figure out whether or not you need this type, or if you want to go with something else instead.  For this, we will compare walkers with running shoes, since most of us are very familiar with those.  For one, walking shoes are much more stiff and rigid that their running counterparts. While you can safely say, or at least should be able to say, that walking shoes are not inflexible, they are not as flexible as running shoes.  Running shoes have to be very flexible.  It’s the same idea as a car hitting a wall.  If the wall doesn’t give, the car will sustain more damage.  But if there is some give to it, there will be a safer impact.  Secondly, the other major difference is going to be that walking shoes aren’t nearly as technologically advanced as running shoes are.  Every year you are seeing new technologies come to the fore in running shoes, making them lighter and more resilient.  This doesn’t happen as much with walking shoes because they are looking to keep you comfortable.  They don’t have to worry about weight as much, since they are not being used for pure speed.  Furthermore, fitness walkers will want a pair of shoes that are flat to the ground.  This is not always what you find with running shoes, unless, of course, you decide to go with what are called ‘zero drop’ shoes.

Why Walking?

Another huge question that many will opine and wonder about is just why walking would be something they would want to do.  Out of all activities that you could pick, why would someone pick walking?  For starters, walking can improve your cardiovascular health, help you burn calories, give you a boost in energy, and improve your overall mood, among other things.  You can even lose weight by simply walking, assuming you manage a diet well, too.  On top of that, walking is an excellent option for those of us that have health problems.  Your heart rate doesn’t get up nearly as high as it does when you are running or doing a more intense workout.  This is great for older people, especially.  But it’s not just for older people.  Even younger people can benefit immensely due to the fact that it is a low impact exercise.  This means the joints will not take a beating, unlike what you see with running.  Runners put a lot of pressure upon their knees and ankles, and that compresses the spine and can have an effect on the shoulders as well.  Walking is such a good way to take the impact out and get to basics.

Why New Balance?

One of the first things that you might be asking is why is New Balance right for me?  Can they help me get over ‘XYZ.’  The answer here is that they may be. Then again, they may not be right for you.  Careful evaluation and consideration will help you hone in on the answer.  One of the great things about New Balance is that they have built a great reputation up throughout the years.  Many, many companies exist in the world of shoes today, so many in fact that it will make your head spin.  Shoe manufacturers are coming onto the market every single day, it seems, so a lot of times you end up sticking with what you know works and has been around.


New Balance has been around for over 100 years now as one of the leaders in the athletic genre of footwear.  For the longest time, they didn’t even have endorsement deals, instead focusing solely on what the people of the era wanted and needed.  That portion of their mission has carried over to modern times, where they have forged a path outward with a shoe (or multitudes of them) for every possible use.  One of these uses is walking.

New Balance Specializes in Walking

While there are tons of different types of shoes being produced by all sorts of companies right now, New Balance has always been at the forefront when it comes to walking shoes.  Not many companies boast this sort of track record.  New Balance doesn’t have just one or two pairs of them.  A quick Google search yields many offerings of such, as does Amazon or other platforms where you can buy them.  So not only do New Balance have something for walking, but they also have something for specific types of walkers.  These subsets help you to get a better grasp on the world and keep you moving in the right direction- forward- at all times.  The way that New Balance have been able to do this is by putting emphasis in three areas of the shoe as you go through your gait- what can be defined as basically your walking pattern.  We each have a different gait, whether it’s a minute difference or a profound one.  They have focused on the heel strike, a full contact zone, and then the toe section.  In the heel strike, they have made sure that you don’t have untold amounts of pressure placed upon you as you walk and strike your heels to the hard ground.  The full contact zone is made with the idea in mind that the whole of the shoe takes the force, that way you don’t have any one area being put under immense pressure.  Lastly, they also work to take the pressure off of the toes.  The toes are all too often put under intense workloads, and they have sought to correct this in each of their walking shoe offerings.

Medicare Approval

One of the other great things about New Balance shoes is that they have helped out a ton of people that are dealing with unfortunate conditions, such as Diabetes, for one.  A lot of the shoes made by athletic companies do not have the capability to be approved by Medicare, but New Balance is not like that.  With certain walking shoes, Medicare will cover the shoes as long as they are deemed to be what the patient needs to have.  These types of shoes are different, we’ll discuss that later.  These are tough to find, so don’t overlook this!

Width, Width, Width

Boy, oh boy, doesn’t it just feel terrible to have shoes that aren’t quite wide enough for you?  That’s what oh so many on the market are like.  Especially Nikes.  Unfortunately, they run small and narrow, binding up people and leaving them cussing and screaming all too often.  With New Balance, instead of crossing your fingers and hoping you will get a good fit, you can make doubly sure you are getting that.  That’s because nearly all of their shoe sizes come with legitimate width options.  You can pick from narrow, standard, wide, and extra wide in most, if not all cases, meaning you no longer have to try and size yourself up and throw off the length as a result.  That’s not good for you, as we will talk about later, so New Balance is very much preferable if you are not one of the more ‘normal’ members of the shoe-wearing community.

Walk Don’t Run

So, so many people out there believe, falsely, that running shoes are the cure to all evils out there in the shoe market.  If you have an issue to tackle, then running shoes will be the answer.  They, along with what he have so aptly (not at all) named ‘tennis’ shoes are the most prevalent, so it’s easy to see why people draw this thought.  They think that since they are super easy to buy that they must be great for anything.  The true is, though, that running shoes are not the Swiss army knife of shoes.  While some of them can be used for various purposes, and to great effect, the vast majority are not that great in reality.  It’s assumed you can wear them to the gym, for standing and working all day, and all sorts of things.  To be fair, a lot of them are just as good for walking as they are running, but this is not always the case.  This is why today we are looking at shoes that are made specifically for walking (with one exception to the rule).  From there we will have some that go into different directions, that way they can rise to the challenge and help you out no matter what sort of issues you may be facing.

Standing is a Tough Thing To Do

If you have ever worked a job where you are standing on your feet all day, then you will know all too well how that first week or two was.  It was pure torture on you.  You hurt from the heels to the bottoms of your feet and then up to your knees and maybe even your back and neck.  Standing and walking is different, too.  Try standing in one spot all day, or thereabouts, and then walk a lot.  While you may be used to one, transitioning to the other is not the easiest process at all.  And, as we said with running shoes above not always being cut out for use with walking, walking shoes are also not always going to be the best for just standing.  Sure, they do have a much better chance at being able to support and comfort you throughout the day than others out there, but they still aren’t just an automatic ‘fit,’ if you will.  We’ll make sure to point out any cases below in our reviews when it comes to shoes either not being a good fit for standing or just being exceptional at it.  It’s a strange thing, but the two are not the same and your feet will ache like crazy if you treat the concepts the same!

Diabetic Shoes

There is a ton of information available online about Diabetes and shoes to help treat those with the condition, but we should touch on a bit of it here so as to help you out a great deal if you don’t want to take the time to search those out.  Patients with Diabetes, particularly ones with more severe cases, are going to need to have shoes that go beyond what regular shoes do to make sure that they do not get any blisters, cuts, or other ailments as a result of their footwear.  One such way, then, that life is made easier and safer for them is to have a very spacious shoe.  A lot of us will think about the toes first and probably last, but it goes well beyond that.  You also have to have plenty of space with the width and also the tops of the shoes can’t be directly on top of the feet.  We’ve talked about how New Balance offers shoes in an array of widths earlier, so that problem is rectified in a big way.  But even still, not all of their shoes will be ideal for those suffering from Diabetes.  You also need to ensure you don’t have the tops scraping across the top of your foot.  When this happens, it can create a bevy of problems, and in very severe and awful cases, it could even cause you to need an amputation.  That’s definitely not something anyone wants to have to deal with and is very much avoidable.  Another helpful thing for them is going to be a hook and loop closure, which will mean shoes are easier to take off and put on than with regular old shoe strings.

Identifying Gait

Figuring out what you and your feet need is just as vital as figuring out which pair of shoes is best for you.  If you don’t know how you walk, then chances are you will end up falling short of what you really began your search for.  Gait, as we are going to define it, is the way in which you walk.  It’s your pattern, as we have touched on already.  This is different for everyone, but there are three main camps that you see people tend to fall into.  There are people who are pronators, supinators, and then those with neutral feet.  As you can guess, those with a neutral gait are going to have a more wide range of choices to pick from since they won’t really hurt them to wear.  But the other two types have some work to do.  Those who have their ankles roll inward experience pronation, while those who have the opposite are supinators.  Too much supination can cause ankles to roll easily, so you really need support.  Likewise, pronation, which is more prevalent with those that have flat feet, can cause Achilles issues, Plantar Fasciitis, and bunions if you are not mindful.  Not all shoes are going to treat these conditions, so you need to figure out which is you.  Podiatrists can help identify you, as can some specialty shoe shops as well.  Even ordinary retail shoe workers may be able to help you, so don’t be afraid to ask if you feel one of these could be a problem for you.

Finding The Right Fit

No matter the brand of shoes, the type, or the model, there are some things that are just universal to the cause.  Without getting them right, you can forget it.  You will remain in pain, and it’s probably going to be your fault, too.  Fit is the main thing here.  So many people, too many people, get this wrong, and it’s typically blamed on companies when it could have been easily avoided.  Here’s some things to look for when you go to size yourself.

– New Balance is popular all over the place, so it’s smart to go and try on some pairs.  You can always jot down the name of the model for purchase online if you want to do that.  This way you know what you like and don’t like and how they fit.

– Make sure you balance out the width and the height.  Too many times people forget that they need to check these in conjunction with one another.  While it is true that you have more options with New Balance than most other brand names, you still have to make sure that you aren’t sacrificing one thing for another.

– Wear the shoes, whether it’s the first time in the store or at home, in your so-called ‘natural environment.’  What we mean by this is to wear the same socks, or close to them, inside of your shoes. Also, you will want to do this after you have either exercised or been on your feet a lot.  This way you can take swelling into account.  Swelling will make your feet larger as you move through the day, so if you fail to record how they feel at their largest and settle on something that has just barely enough room when you are ‘cold,’ then you could be in a world of hurt once you are toward the tougher parts of the late day.

– If you must buy online, it’s important that you don’t just merely assume that your size is going to be the exact same as your ‘normal’ shoes, unless of course, you are going to be going from a pair of New Balance to a new pair of New Balance shoes.  In that case, you should be fine.  Make sure to look over reviews and research that’s available to you on whether or not a pair runs large or small, that way you can ensure you have the right size.  Contrary to popular belief, there really isn’t a ‘standard’ size chart for shoes, so that can drastically throw off your search and leave you scratching your head once they arrive and you try them on.

– Last but not least make sure to ease in your new shoes.  A lot of shoes are great when you unbox them and put them on.  They require very little to no break in time.  This is what you want to see, but it’s not always the case.  That’s why you want to take it slow with them.  Wear your new shoes for an hour or two around the house to get a feel for them.  Just sitting with them on is a big helper to you.  Once you have done that, you can gradually move your way up to longer and longer times with them on and then start to wear them to walk (or work) with.


All walking shoes have, or should have, a few features that help them maintain their integrity and keep you firmly on your feet.  Without these, you don’t have a very good shoe at all.  Luckily for you, New Balance do a great job in all of these facets. All you have to do is decide which ones are best for you by weighing the pros and cons of each pair.

Heel Support

One of the most overlooked factors in all of shoes in general has to be the heel.  A lot of shoes might ‘fit’ you and look good, but they don’t do such a good when they are actually being worn because of the heel lacking support in a very big way.  If you don’t have a nice, deep heel counter, then you are up a creek, so to speak.  A heel counter keeps your foot in place, making sure you don’t slide around.  However, a good one will not be too aggressive and won’t dig into you in order to cause irritations and blisters and the like.


There is always going to be a need, regardless of the shoe type, to have adequate traction, and that is the case with walking shoes.  Most walking shoes are going to be made with the goal of walking on pavement and harder surfaces in mind.  This means you are best served to stay on those types of ground.  With that said, most do decently well on grass and might be ‘OK’ elsewhere.  Some of New Balance’s offerings are going to be made with indoor use in mind, while some of their others will be for outdoor use, possibly even on trails for hiking and the such.  The thicker the sole is, the more durable and well suited it will be for outdoor use, so just keep that in mind as a general principle.


The midsole is where so much of the ‘magic’ is at, and that is certainly the case as it relates to New Balance shoes.  New Balance have always been great in this key area, and that persists to this day.  In the midsole, you have the cushioning aspect coming into play.  The midsole is the area between the soles (the rubber tread- traction component) and the upper.  This is where you get to see if they are going to be comfortable throughout the day or not.  Shoes with excellent midsole have some space between them that allows you to compress and decompress, essentially taking a load off your joints.  Most of New Balance’s shoes, at least for walking, are brilliant at fitting your natural shape, so they should do quite the job for you.


You can’t go over any type of shoes without mentioning the style at least a little bit.  When it comes to New Balance, there is a stigma attached to them that some simply cannot get over.  Let’s go ahead and state this right away.  New Balance are much more function oriented than they are fashionably driven.  That’s the way they have always been, and it appears to be the way that they are going.  However, they are not always the worst looking shoes out there.  Some of them are a little plain to some people’s liking and some can be ‘old people’ looking, but they also have some that look pretty cool as well.  You just have to find what you like and go from there.  Style should not be on the top of your list, but we would be kidding ourselves if we didn’t say that it was a factor at all.  It is, that’s just the way that it is and how it always is going to be.  Functional means should be taken care of first and foremost, then you can move on toward the looks of the shoes.


Depending on who you are and what you are seeking, you will have a couple of options in regards to closures for your shoes.  One such option is the traditional option in the shoe string method.  This type is pretty self explanatory and known by all of us.  You get the opportunity to tie them yourself, or you can slip them on (this isn’t preferred since it can actually damage the integrity of your shoes, however).  You can loosen them up or tie them tight, it’s all up to you.  Or you can go with what is called the ‘hook and loop’ closure.  This is basically going to amount to Velcro that runs across the top of the shoes, making it super easy to deal with if your fingers aren’t as nimble and agile as they used to be.  Some models will have just one of them enclosures, but most of the New Balance ones we’ve seen have two.  This makes it so much easier to adjust, making them great if you have a lot of swelling as you go about your day standing.  And you will!


Depending on the type of walking you will be doing and where you are going to be doing it at, a good, breathable shoe might just be what you are looking for.  Breathability is a concept that can be defined by how well your shoe is able to breathe out.  Does your shoe let air in and let out sweat or does it accumulate it?  There are some very good shoes on the market that do not do this, and it causes active people to pass them over.  So having a shoe that is breathable is paramount to your cause if you don’t want to have a bunch of water soaking you and piling up, which will slow you down since you’re effectively heavier.  The best way to get breathability is typically through the use of mesh.  Mesh has tiny holes that are stationed throughout the shoe.  It’s mostly positioned on the upper part of the shoes, but many also use it on the tongue or even the sides as well.  There is a bit of a downside to mesh, however, since it can lead to more durability issues.  If mesh comprises too much of the shoes, then it could tear and end up causing you to be left with half a shoe.  So, it’s a balancing act for sure and does depend on the quality of the mesh in a lot of cases.  If you are walking outside on a very warm day, you will probably want lots of it.  But if you’re inside, assuming it’s well ventilated in there, you might not need it.  Also, be aware that breathability can be both a blessing and a curse to you.  If something can get out, then it can get in.  So if it’s raining, then you will see it puddle up in there.  So watch out for that!

Women’s vs Men’s

Many of the shoes we are going to see below are going to be labeled as “men’s” shoes.  However, that shouldn’t worry you too much.  In order to keep the list nice and succinct and full of different choices, we have made sure not to list the same model for each gender.  Most of them below are in both genders.  The only difference is that they are better made to fit the anatomy of your sex.  Because of New Balance’s commitment to offering width options, there is very little reason to justify switching to the other gender!  So, if you like the sound of a pair, then you should look for them in your gender!  Now, let’s get to it!

The Top Ten New Balance Walking Shoes of 2019 Reviews

  1. New Balance Men’s MW411v2 Walking Shoes

Starting out our list is the MW411v2, which is top of the line as far as walking goes. The calling cards for these are durability and comfort, blending the two together in order to give you a happiness for a very long time. Because of these two facts these have proven to be very versatile, allowing wearers to walk a lot and to work on their feet for long periods of time as well.  Made out of leather and suede and with a modicum of breathability built in, these are strong and sturdy and will not get all that dirty.  They also bring a lot of adjustability to the picture, letting you taking out the insole and place your own in and have two additional eyelets to make it easier to get your desired fit.  As far as walkers go, these are also lightweight, at just 12 ounces, which is really startling given how bulky most are in this corner of the market.  Overall, it’s hard to beat these!


  • Very versatile shoes
  • Light for walking shoes
  • Extreme durability


  • Slight lack of breathability
  1. New Balance Men’s Mx623v3 Training Shoes

These are the exception to the rule on our list and are not technically a walking shoe. These are training shoes, which means they are made to do all sorts of workouts, including walking. Because of this, they are flat to the ground, making them ideal for someone that wants to be pretty serious about their fitness walking.  On top of that, they are going to be extremely durable if you use them for just walking, seeing as how they are made to take abuse with weights and from hard cardio exercises.  The midsole is laced with EVA, which is common in training types but not so much for walkers, and it means its lighter yet still just as cushioned and thus supportive.  These come in a whole range of colors as well, so that will be sure to help you narrow in on a style you like.  The style does lack a tad, but that can be overcome by their comfort.


  • Great for all types of workouts
  • Lighter due to EVA midsole
  • Lots of colors


  • A little plain looking
  1. New Balance Men’s MW877 Walking Shoes

These shoes go against the grain that most walking shoes and New Balance shoes typically attend to. First, these shoes look much better than so many of their counterparts, even if they are gray. Secondly, they utilize technology, unlike oh so many walking shoes, in order to give you a better path forward.  They do this through their ‘walking strike path’ tech, which is going to help you hit the ground with less force on each stride.  Comfort is also on your side should you choose to pick these, with a padded tongue and collar area, which is in the heel, that helps ensure that you comfy and locked into place.  The midsole has their more normal ABZORB tech, but that doesn’t take away a single bit, helping to give you a better ride and doing so without a ton of weight.  A lot of people find that the use of mesh is very helpful, so you do get a lot more breathability from this pair than you do from others from this particular company.


  • Better looks
  • New tech used
  • More breathable
  1. New Balance Women’s WW411v2 Walking Shoes

The biggest plus side to these, among many, is that they have excellent breathability built into them. This makes them very helpful on very warm days, since you’re not going to feel overheated and worked too hard. The use of the mesh is also going to help reduce the weight as well, helping to give you more freedom of movement.  They’ve also been shown to be very good across a number of varied surfaces, meaning the traction is really something to shout about.  They are more affordable than so many options on the market, especially good ones, and despite being lighter than most from New Balance are still incredibly strong and durable.  On top of that, they look much better than most would imagine and are as comfy as you would expect for them to be.  It is a low top, which might scare one or two about their heels sliding out, but they do a good job at preventing it from occurring.


  • Exquisite traction
  • Tons of breathability
  • Lighter than most


  • Some style woes to be had
  1. New Balance Men’s MW8131V1 Hook and Loop Walking Shoes

If you just can’t manage to tie your shoes anymore, then these are one possible way for you to turn. The MW8131V1 is very sturdy and will not wear out anytime soon thanks to the strong construction and attention to detail that has been paid to manufacturing them. These are one of those pairs that Diabetic patients will be very interested in as well.  They have plenty of room to them, and you can adjust them at will thanks to the two Velcro straps that they have available to you.  One of the main issues for these is going to be the looks.  If you are into that, then you will be disappointed with these.  But if function is you’re main thing and you have something you are looking to fight against, then this is the way for you to go without question.


  • Tons of adjustments to be made
  • Great for anyone with Diabetes
  • Very, very sturdy shoes


  • Not great looking at all
  1. New Balance Men’s MW840v2 Walking Shoes

One of the trump cards that the MW840v2 has to call upon is that it has been made to handle all kinds of surfaces and speeds in which you might be moving upon. This versatility is further aided by the ABZORB cushioning system that is so aptly used in order to keep you comfortable both during and after your walk. The rubber tread beneath is thick ad will be quite durable due to that.  It’s ratcheted up to a whole other level with what they call the ‘Ndurance’ rubber, which is made with the goal of extending the life of the shoes in key areas that typically wear out the fastest.  This attention to detail is really something to be commended and it shows they have listened to their customers in a tangible way.  With a removable insert to give you some options and a strategic use of mesh built in, you get the comfort, support, and air that you need to sustain yourself throughout your walk.


  • Versatile pair of walkers
  • High wear areas reinforced
  • Very durable soles


  • Very lacking with style
  1. New Balance Men’s 1165v1 Fresh Foam Walking Shoes

In terms of style, it’s going to be hard for you to beat these. New Balance have gone above and beyond here and seemingly answered the critics with these in that regard. But on top of the looks, these have a function as well.  By using foam in the midsole, they are extra spongy and are going to provide you excellent cushioning while cutting down on the total weight you have on your feet.  The midsole area in question is also quite large, which is going to make it much easier for them to take pressure off the soles and give you a more comfy walk.  They are very breathable as well, with mesh all over the upper and even on the tongue.  The one knock against these is that they are more narrow than previous versions and other New Balance shoes tend to be, so that is something to look out for.


  • Awesome styles and colors
  • Lots and lots of breathability
  • Large foam midsole


  • More narrow than most New Balance products
  1. New Balance Men’s Ralaxa Walking Shoes

If the 1165v1 are the best looking New Balance walking shoes, then these have to be a very close second. These also look great, but they, too, have a purpose to fulfill. They have a ton of mesh to them as well, helping aid your breathability, but that’s not where it stops.  These are very lightweight and are more of a ‘minimalist’ option than you will find on the walking shoes market.  This means they are super flexible, flat to the ground, and much lighter than so many of their relatives are.  There is a lot of cushioning to them, but it’s not as huge or pronounced as the previous offering was.  This makes them stand out as less aggressive and makes them good for a more neutral foot and those of us that have fewer feet problems to rectify.  It’s also going to be more snug and narrow, so you need to keep that in mind when considering these.


  • A minimalist walking shoe
  • Great looks as well
  • Awesome for those with few foot problems


  • Can run narrow and snug on some
  1. New Balance Men’s MW577 Hook and Loop Walking Shoes

This offering is a whole lot like the MW877 we looked at above, but it does have some noticeable differences that need to be pointed out. For one, they have the hook and loop, via two Velcro straps, which will give you a better chance to adjust them yourself without the pain of tying shoes. With a high ABZORB heel and a lot of cushioning, you will be happy with the load taken off of your feet. Through the use of foam in the collar and tongue, you could use these very capably if you have Diabetes since they will not dig into you.  They are less breathable than many out there, offering very little of that, so that is one of the knocks they will have.  The other is going to center around their looks, which are paltry at best.  But their fully leather makeup means they will be durable, easy to clean, and strong for a very long time to come.


  • Easy to adjust
  • Awesome for helping deal with Diabetes
  • Ton of cushioning


  • Not very good looking
  • Lacks breathability
  1. New Balance Men’s M1300v1 Walking Shoes

Rounding out our list today is a shoe for someone that likes to get out on the trail a little more than on normal old ground. These shoes are made with a very resistant sole that will not let wear and tear get the best of them. With a toe cap at the front, you even get some protection there that you might not even be expecting.  The shoes are also resistant to water, meaning you can go through all sorts of conditions and not get doused with water all over.  Their use of their ‘roll bar’ technology makes these stable for you in both the middle of the foot and in the rear, helping you keep from turning over your ankles on harsher terrain.  You might fear that these wouldn’t be as ‘soft’ or cushy as others, but they are actually just as comfortable only with the added strength to resist harder climates and walks.  If you are on the trail and want something to hold up longer, it’s hard to get much better!


  • Off-road walk
  • Very stable in rear and midfoot
  • Just as comfy as others


  • Too much for some
  • A little heavy

Conclusion And Final New Balance Walking Shoes Recommendations

At first glance, you would think that any old pair of shoes would be great for walking in.  Just throw them on and go.  While this seems like a natural conclusion, and a good one at that, it’s simply not true.  Not every single pair of shoes will work for every circumstance, even a fairly benign activity like walking, and that gets even hard to find when you consider that there are all sorts of ailments that people deal with on a daily basis.  Because of those, walking shoes aren’t quite as simple as what you might believe.  Thankfully, we have given you both tips and products to go by in order to pick out the best shoes possible for you, and hopefully New Balance is the way to go to resolve any lingering problems you have had!

FAQ’s About New Balance Walking Shoes

Will New Balance Shoes Help Fix My Pain?

If you are having pain radiating from your feet, the problem could be any number of things.  It could be your feet, or it could be a more serious issue.  While shoes can fix the issue, they are only going to mask the underlying condition if you don’t seek to correct it.  Sometimes going to a doctor or foot specialist will help.  It might just take an orthotic insert as well.  Taking the extra step will make a huge difference to you and your overall health and comfort level.

Can I Workout Using New Balance Walking Shoes?

In most cases, the answer is going to be a firm ‘no’ here.  While you can do some light stuff that is meant to be done at low impacts (i.e. no jumping, using heavy weights, doing push ups, etc.) you will be fine.  But once you start going above and beyond that, you can really set yourself up to have shoes that get damaged.  Plus, they won’t be supporting you like you need them to do.

What About Walking Trails?

Trail walking and running is super enjoyable and a great, relaxing way to spend a day, but it’s also not the easiest thing to do.  Trails are known to be ripe with varied terrain.  This makes it more enjoyable, since you don’t have just one surface to traverse upon, but it’s also dangerous without the right equipment.  Wearing regular walking shoes will not cut it, since the soles are made to grip pavement and the like, not for slippery rocks and for wet grass.  Better to be safe than sorry here!

When Should I Replace My Shoes?

This is a very, very common question, and it makes a lot of sense to ask it.  One of the things is discussed with running shoes is that they have a mileage range for you to hit.  Walking shoes might just have a mileage target, too, but there are some other things to look for.  First of which has to be the way you feel while wearing them.  If you feel that you are much more sore than you used to be while wearing them, then your support is likely too far gone and you need to replace them.  It is natural for shoes to have support wane off over time, so you may not notice it right away or it may be gradual, but if you notice it starting to be a big problem, then you need to put those shoes out of frequent use.  Holes in the uppers or soles that are coming apart are also bad news.  As is a midsole that is starting to show cracks.  If you look in the wide part of the shoes that extend over the edges a bit, you may see creases and cracks forming.  If this is what you see, your support has broken down.  Dirt and grime is not a reason to fully replace your shoes, however, so don’t look for that to be your smoking gun!

Can I Throw My Shoes in the Washer?

Technically you can, but that doesn’t seem to be a very wise or prudent idea, in all honesty.  Doing so can be detrimental to the lifespan of your shoes, seeing as how they put them under some much strain.  This is definitely the case with the dryer.  You should never, ever, put your shoes in the dryer.  You also have to be careful putting them in the sun for too long.  If you have any questions about care, you should look over the tags and any accompanying information that may have came with the shoes.  They will clue you in on the materials and what you can and can’t do.

How Long Have New Balance Been Around?

New Balance has been at it for over 100 years now, dating back to 1906.  They have been affecting change in the shoe industry ever since then, choosing to focus on improving customers’ lives rather than merely going for the best looks.

Are They Made in the USA?

Yes, they are.  New Balance are one of the few (they claim they are the only ones to produce in the country) out there, and this is seen as a virtue by many people for this reason alone.

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