10 Best Men’s Dress Shoes 2021: Oxford, Monk Strap Options

Men's Dress Shoes

Dress shoes make or break a formal outfit. The right dress shoes provide a professional and confident appearance. The wrong dress shoes are uncomfortable and break in less than a week. You need to get the best men’s dress shoes available for purchase. Yet, this is easier said than done. Therefore, this buying guide aims to make getting a new pair of dress shoes easy. After all, no one should struggle to get good shoes for their job.

The fashion industry is very popular. Now, even men’s fashion is a huge industry with plenty of products. Thus, customers must pick from a number of products and brands. Big brand names may potentially attract customers. However, do they truly provide the best value for your money? Cheaper price tags may appeal to customers as well. But do they provide the best quality? These are all important questions to ask. These are also questions that will be answered in this buying guide.

Customers that need help buying men’s dress shoes need this guide. Read below for more information on helpful tips. Plus, we have gathered ten of the best men’s dress shoes on Amazon as well. Get the best shoes for your money today!

Top Men’s Dress Shoes Comparison Chart

ProductTypeMaterialPriceWhere to Buy?
Calvin Klein Men’s Bram OxfordOxfordLeather$$Check Price On Amazon
Clarks Men’s Tilden Walk OxfordOxfordLeather$$Check Price On Amazon
Mio Marino Mens Loafers Italian Dress ShoesLoafersLeather$Check Price On Amazon
Magnanni Men’s Marco Monk StrapMonk StrapLeather$$$$Check Price On Amazon
Johnston & Murphy Men’s Conard Cap OxfordOxfordLeather$$$$Check Price On Amazon
Calvin Klein’s Men’s Bartley OxfordOxfordLeather$$Check Price On Amazon
Bostonian Men’s Bolton Free OxfordOxfordLeather$$Check Price On Amazon
DREAM PAIRS Bruno Marc Italy Men’s Classic Oxford Wingtip Dress ShoesOxfordMan Made$Check Price On Amazon
Cole Haan Men’s Pinch Penny Slip-On LoaferLoafersLeather$$$$Check Price On Amazon
Cole Haan Men’s Lenox Hille Split-Toe OxfordOxfordRubber$$$Check Price On Amazon

Men’s Dress Shoes Buying Guide

Men’s dress shoes date all the way back to the 1800s. As a matter of fact, the classic Oxford shoe design did not become popular until 1800. Therefore, Americans have been buying dress shoes for hundreds of years. Now, there are more options to pick from than ever before. So it is not easy for customers to get the best value for their hard earned cash. However, this buying guide has some helpful tips and important information.

To understand the value in the best men’s dress shoes, it is important to think about all of the different styles. The two most common types of men’s dress shoes are Oxford shoes and Loafers. However, the Monk Strap shoe and the Derby shoe are still bought and worn. If you have not heard of these styles of shoes then it is important to read our buying guide. Then, customers can make an educated purchase with little to no effort!

Oxford Shoe

The Oxford shoe is the most commonly worn type of men’s shoe. Customers that want the standard look for their professional attire will want the Oxford shoe. It comes with shoelace eyelets tabs attached underneath the vamp. Now, for those who do not know, these terms are actually quite simple. The shoelace eyelets are basically the shoelace holes. The vamp is essential the middle area of the show.

In Scotland and Ireland, Oxford shoes are worn by men. Later, in the 1800s, the shoes became popular. Specifically, these shoes were inspired by a half-boot featuring slide slits. These boots were called Oxonian. Oxford shoes get their name from this shoe and Oxford University.

Oxford shoes are best for functionality. Reliable and comfortable shoes for daily attire. Customers that need everyday shoes need Oxford shoes. As previously mentioned, they are often worn along with professional attire. Most standard colors include black or brown, with one simple color. However, certain patterns can be applied to this shoe type. Also, the material comes from a variety of sources. This includes calf leather, suede, canvas, and fake and genuine leather as well!

Again, customers that want shoes for their 9 to 5 job, get Oxford shoes. First and foremost, these shoes are seen as the standard for businesses attire. Secondly, they look great and feel great as well. As a matter of fact, many shoes can be bought big enough to add any necessary support. Get the best men’s dress shoes with this buying guide.

Where to where:

Literally anywhere. The Oxford shoe is the most formal shoe and thus, it is the most versatile shoe. Customers can wear Oxford shoes to work every single day. The Oxford shoe is great for family get togethers and parties as well. Plus, black Oxford shoes can be paired together with a nice suit for big formal events!

Monk Strap Shoe

The Monk Strap shoe is incredibly distinct and sleek. However this shoe little different from the other options. These are men’s dress shoes made without any lacing. Instead, the styling is made to close with only a buckle and strap. These shoes either go by the name of Monk shoe or Monk strap. While these shoes are not as formal as the Oxford, they are still so dapper. Plus, they are still a much more formal option as compared to a Derby or loafer.

Monk strap shoes are most popularly crafted with suede. That way, they boast a very rich appearance. Customers can definitely choose these Monk strap shoes to stand out. However, it is up to their discretion if it is best for the workplace. After all, they may look wonderful but during an 8 hour day they could become uncomfortable. Take time to get the best fit for your feet while you work all day.

Where to where:

The best place to show off a Monk strap shoe is probably a wedding or another formal event. While you can potentially wear this in the workplace, it could be a little too flashy. Be sure to evaluate other attire at your workplace before buying this type of dress shoe.. However, a big formal event is the best place to flash off these best men’s dress shoes.

Derby Shoes

Now, customers may not think that Derby Shoes are the best formal wear to buy for their feet. However, anyone who thinks that is wrong. Derby shoes are commonly accepted amongst workplaces just like Oxford shoes. Unlike Oxford shoes, these shoes have quarters divided by sticking lines. As a result, the appearance of Derby shoes is unlike any other type of shoes. Therefore, customers that want style will want these best men’s dress shoes for their attire.

Derby shoes are a great purchase for people that need special occasion shoes. Their striking appearance may be a lot for customers to wear every day at work. However, anyone that gets dressed up for Church and other formal occasions will love them. Now, do not hesitate to get Derby shoes if you want to look good. These are some of the more contemporary best men’s dress shoes options.

Where to where:

The derby shoe is best for the average workday. Customers can enjoy dark brown Derby shoes with plenty of workplace combinations. As a result, they are probably the most versatile shoe option. So for some, this will be the best men’s dress shoes money can buy. After all, there is nothing better than work shoes for the work day!


Loafers are surely the most popular type of best men’s dress shoes on the market. Especially with the rise of younger consumers. Now, slip-on formal wear is worn in workplaces across the country. Therefore, customers that want convenience with their style are in luck. Loafers are such an easy way to dress up. You literally slip these shoes on and you are good to go.

Customers that want loafers are going to find so many options out there. The best part is the range of brands and prices. You can find slip-on shoes for all types of workplaces and professional situations. Plus, these shoes are viewed as high fashion now as well. Therefore, you upgrade your outfit with easy to wear shoes and premier style.

In Europe, loafers first rose to prominence in formal settings with formal wear. Now, America is absolutely in love with how loafers look and match with formal clothes. As a matter of fact, many celebrities and athletes prefer these shoes. Thus, loafers may be some of the best men’s dress shoes. However, it really depends on your opinion. Therefore, it is important to know what to look for in great men’s shoes.

Where to where:

The places for loafers are usually informal events and get togethers. You can wear these shoes to family events. That way, you look great and stay as comfortable as possible. Some workplaces may allow for these loafers. However, more conservative areas are best suitable for other types of men’s dress shoes.

What To Look For In The Best Men’s Dress Shoes

There are so many great men’s dress shoes out on the market. Thus, customers can be overwhelmed by the number of options. Especially anyone that is new to buying dress shoes. Recent college graduates preparing for the workforce may struggle getting quality for a low price. However, this should not be the case. Instead, anyone and everyone should be able to get the best men’s dress shoes.

Customers may be surprised by some of the factors to consider when buying men’s shoes. After all, some of these factors are very simple. However, others are a bit more complex. So read this information below to get great shoes for your work situation. You can impress your boss, co-workers, family, and more. Plus, nothing increases your confidence like some brand new shoes!


The price of a shoe is the most obvious factor to consider. After all, so many consumers are operating on a budget. Now, for those without a budget, go crazy. There are some real high-end brands that produce expensive shoes worth the money. Then, you are definitely getting the best men’s dress shoes money can buy. However, here are some facts for any shopper on a budget. After all, you need to have the right attire to be taken seriously in the workplace.

If you want to work on a budget then you must focus on value. This means taking time to get durable shoes built to last. After all, inexpensive shoes are not good if they fall apart in one week. As a result, it is important to check out our product reviews later in the article. We have options that range from expensive to inexpensive. However, most of them are super durable and made to last for a long time!

Do not fool yourself into thinking that quality means an expensive price. Instead, you can get great shoes for a lower price tag. Be patient and take your time to get the best men’s dress shoes.


The second most obvious factor to consider is comfortability. After all, the best men’s dress shoes need to be cozy. If not, your 8 hour work day can become an instant nightmare. There is absolutely nothing worse than wearing shoes that are way too tight. Plus, it can even really hurt when you have to walk around and follow your boss. Instead, find shoes that have comfortable features and a nice fit!

Now, comfort is going to depend a lot on the shoe styling. For instance, Oxford shoes are less likely to feel as good as loafers. However, these two shoes are not equal in appearance as well. Yet, customers can find Oxford shoes with padded comforts and cushions. Furthermore, there are even gel pads and sole inserts available for purchase as well. So customers should take time to find the right shoes for their needs.

The most important part of understanding comfortability involves arch support, heel support, and the sole/bottom design. As previously mentioned, some shoes offer cushioned support and firm arch support. On the other hand, some shoes are not built for this type of support! Keep this in mind as you search for the best men’s dress shoes.


Finding durable shoes is tricky because of how shoes are used and how often shoes are used. There is nothing more prone to wear and tear than shoes. Think about the standard shoes that you wear. More often than not, customers need new shoes every year. Walking in shoes simply wears them out and there is nothing that can change that. Therefore, customers need to be realistic about how long their shoes will last.

Now, the best men’s dress shoes are built to last. Customers can use our guide to get shoes that are durable and great. However, daily wear to work sometimes does damage. After all, shoes are not made to last forever. Therefore, customers may want to get a few pairs of shoes. It is a great way to mix and match. Also, be careful taking dress shoes into different elements as well!

Data shoes that hard floor and pavement can wear out shoes after nearly six months. Therefore, customers should not stress themselves out over durability. Yes, it is important to get shoes that do not break in a week. However, all shoes break eventually. So be sure to focus on appearance, price, and comfort more than durability.

Style & Appearance

Style & appearance are the most important parts of finding the very best men’s dress shoes. As we mentioned before, every single customer is different. Everyone has their own sense of style and personality. As a result, everyone is going to want to get a pair of shoes that boast a different type of look. Therefore, the men’s dress shoes that you buy must look great and professional!

The right pair of dress shoes can chance your confidence and appearance. Buying the best shoes may catch the attention of your boss. The best set of men’s dress shoes may give you the confidence to crush your presentation. We encourage customers to take their time when checking out different styles. After all, there are so many different options to choose from!

Loafers are a great choice for customers that want formal wear for a date night or a good night on the town. However, they can still be worn in some professional settings. Customers who need to round out their professional tire may want to get the standard Oxfords. Keep in mind what kind of suit colors and formal combinations you own at home as well. After all, black and brown shoes match different colors!


Last but not least is fit. For some, getting shoes that fit is no problem at all. For others, finding shoes that fit is hard work. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to sizes and more. After all, there is nothing worse than ordering shoes that do not fit. Let alone wearing shoes that are not comfortable and do not feel good. Avoid this by simply utilizing the size chart on Amazon. Plus, you can always use your last pair of men’s dress shoes for reference.

Now, part of finding the right fit depends on what you prefer. Some customers want a very tight fit for their shoes. Therefore, they may want to get a size that is as snug as possible. However, some customers prefer a loose fit for their shoes. That way, their feet can breathe as they sit at work for 8 hours or more. We encourage customers to think about what kind of fit they want. That will make finding the best men’s dress so simple and so easy.

Brands To Look Out For

For some customers, a big brand name is absolutely everything. As a matter of fact, customers base plenty of their purchases on brand names. However, others are not as obsessed with having products like this. Well, anyone that wants the very best brand has come to the right place. Those who do not care can at least use these names to help enhance their search process.


In 1972, Aldo Bensadoun created the Aldo brand. In that year, the first store opened in Montreal. They are a brand that produces high-quality men’s dress shoes. Also, they prioritize customer service and treating their customers well. Therefore, they are a source for some of the best men’s dress shoes. So pay attention to any shoes from this brand to get some truly quality shoes.

Allen Edmonds

Elbert W. Allen created the Allen Edmonds shoe company in 1922. This brand originates from Belgium, Wisconsin. According to their site, their shoes are endorsed by multiple presidents. This includes Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. As a result, customers can definitely get some of the best men’s dress shoes. After all, shoes good enough for the President are going to be only the highest quality.

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss is a brand best for customers with no budget restrictions. After all, Huge Boss has some of the more expensive shoes on the market. Yet, there shows are wildly popular amongst customers. Consumers across the globe want to buy their products to impress others. Since 1924, Hugo Boss has been one of the premier formal wear brands on the planet. Thus, they sell some of the best men’s dress shoes on the market.

Bruno Magli

Bruno Magli is an international brand that provides some foreign flavor for American customers. In 1936, the three Magli siblings created the brand. Marino, Mario, and Bruno started their business in the basement of their home. Thanks to the help of their grandfather, their business expanded from their home of Bologna, Italy. Now, it is a high-end shoe company with some of the best men’s dress shoes available.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is without a doubt one of the most popular fashion manufacturers on the planet. Established in 1968, their products have been at the heights of the fashion world. From cologne to shoes, Calvin Klein is beloved amongst customers. Therefore, they are a great source for some truly lavish men’s dress shoes. As a matter of fact, they have multiple products on our list of the 10 best dress shoes for men.

Cole Haan

Cole Haan is another brand listed in our product reviews section for the 10 best dress shoes for men. Cole Haan produces some of the best shoes for a great price. As a result, everyone can enjoy some rich looking dress shoes. Keep this in mind as you look to get the best bang for your buck.


Florsheim was founded in 1892 in Chicago. Since then, their shoes have captured the hearts of consumers all across the country. Premier stying and high-quality craftsmanship creates sleek shoes. Find shoes from this brand for long-lasting shoes. They are great for everyday life in the office and more.

Gordon Rush

A more modern brand, Gordon Rush has risen to the top of contemporary footwear. Made for the working man, these shoes are tailored with impressive designs and stitching. Customers can get great style and elegance for a fair price. Look to this brand for some of the best men’s dress shoes.

Jack Erwin

This is a unique brand made by younger people for younger people. As a result, anyone that is under the age of 30 will love their shoes. The Jack Erwin goal is to make lush shoes for a good price. So keep an eye out for their brand if you truly want to get the best dress shoes for men.

Johnston & Murphy

Since 1850, Johnston & Murphy has crafted some of the finest male formal footwear on the planet. Their shoes are specifically made to represent the American lifestyle. Therefore, office workers will definitely love wearing their shoes to work every single day. Plus, they are pretty stylish to boot. Look further for some of their shoes on our list of the best men’s dress shoes available.

Kenneth Cole

In 1982, Kenneth Cole started creating high-end formal shoes. Now, they produce some of the very best loafers available. Thus, customers craving nice loafers for their formal events will want some of these loafers. Especially if you want to dress to impress. Look no further for some truly impressive formal shoes.


One of the most high-end brands for men’s dress shoes is Magnanni. La Mancha, Spain is home to this amazing shoe manufacturer. They churn out only the most carefully crafted shoes on the market. As a result, customers can look ti Magnanni for some of the best men’s dress shoes. We even have one particular show on our top ten list. However, keep in mind that these shoes are not cheap!

Ted Baker

Ted Baker is a United Kingdom company creating distinct types of men’s formal shoes. Every detail is important to the overall shoe quality Furthermore, their brand has carried over to North America quite well. Plenty of department stores boast their catalogue of shoes and clothing. Also, their shoe materials offer customers variety. This includes high-end leather shoes and suede shoes as well!

Top 10 Men’s Dress Shoes Reviews:

  1. Calvin Klein Men’s Bram Oxford

Calvin Klein is renowned for producing high-quality men’s dress clothes. Therefore, it makes sense that their Men’s Bram Oxford shoes are number one on this list of the best men’s dress shoes. The material is 100% leather for an authentic appearance and feel. The synthetic sole is made for comfortability and versatility. The textured nappa leather with contrast topstitching offers a unique and distinct design. Customers can wear these shoes in professional settings with a suit or dress casual with denim jeans.

Wear these shoes for hours on end without any problems thanks to the flexible Oxford construction. Move comfortably and enjoy the cushioned foam insole. Plus, then cushioned foam is made for shock absorption to avoid any discomfort. Nearly 82% of all customers stated that these shoes fit to size. So you can get great quality shoes that are bound to fit with no hassle.

The two disadvantages to these dress shoes is the lack of arch support. Keep this in mind if you require serious arch support. Secondly, the synthetic sole may make some noises while you walk. However, these shoes are fairly priced for Calvin Klein mens shoes. It is not easy to find name brand products at such a great price. Therefore, these are the very best men’s dress hoes on the market.


  • Good price
  • Great quality
  • Stylish Design
  • Brand name


  • No arch support
  1. Clarks Men’s Tilden Walk Oxford

Stand out amongst the crowd without having to break the bank. This product offers some serious comfortability for customers. There is no pinching in any areas and these shoes feel great. Well-designed insoles give cushioning. Also, there is a ring of cushioning inside of the shoe near the heel area. That way, you can wear them all during the day without dreading how they feel. Keep in mind that nearly 81% of all customers state this fits as expected.

The breathable leather uppers help prevent excessive sweating. Rubber dress soles give some traction to avoid slipping on water on other surfaces. Plus, the material is flexible for a cozy fit instead of a snug fit. As previously mentioned, these best men’s dress shoes boast a nice price tag. Enjoy premier quality without a hefty price tag.

A disadvantage of this best men’s dress shoe option is the lack of longevity. Over time there may be a crease or wrinkle near the toe of the dress shoe. Therefore, they may not last as long as some customers want. Every customer needs to consider what is essential to their shoe buying process. Look back over the Buying Guide section for extra help. Be sure to focus on what you want from your men’s shoe to get the best product.


  • Great price tag
  • Comfortable leather material
  • Increased traction


  • Not waterproof
  • Narrow ends for toes
  1. Mio Marino Mens Loafers Italian Dress Shoes

What are the benefits of wearing loafers? First and foremost, customers enjoy a versatile look that is stylish for nearly every occasion. These Mia Marino loafers slip right on for a soft and lush feel. Customers access multiple colors to match all sorts of different suit styles and more. Mix and match to put together an outfit that catches your bosses eye. Be the envy of all your friends with thees amazing loafers.

The PU leather helps make these loafers not only durable but also waterproof. These loafers fight against UV rays that cause shoes to crack. As a result, you get great longevity and long-lasting sleek shoes. Plus, these shoes are so inexpensive it makes them such a steal. So you can get a great pair of loafers without having to empty out your wallet. Get the best of both worlds with these best men’s dress shoes.

The negatives of these shoes mostly involve the lack of authentic leather. The PU leather is faux leather. Therefore, it does not give customers real leather for their loafers. While some customers do not care about the leather material, others do. So if you want true leather then look at another dress shoe option. However, these are still an elegant pair of men’s dress shoes for the workplace and more!


  • Long-lasting
  • Resistant to UV rays
  • Great driving shoes


  • Faux leather
  • Soft feel on the bottom
  1. Magnanni Men’s Marco Monk Strap

This shoe is unlike many of the others on this list. Due to the Monk Strap design, this is a unique shoe to purchase. As a result, customers that want to really stand out should look into this option. The imported shoe is made in Spain and is produced by a worldwide brand. Magnanni is known for creating some of the best men’s dress shoes made of leather on the market. Therefore, customers can get something truly amazing with this product.

The 100% leather design is authentic and rich. A leather sole is integrated into the shoe for a full leather layout. The waxed finish offers a leather-wrapped silver-tone buckle. So customers do not have to tie their shoes constantly and can instead just buckle it. Again, this is such a rarity amongst all of the standard Oxford dress shoes. Thus, it gives customer a chance to be unique amongst their co-workers.

Reviews for this product are absolutely outstanding. So the only real negative is the hefty price tag attached. Some customers may not feel comfortable spending a lot of money on their shoes. However, others do not mind and want the best men’s dress shoes money can buy. Get shoes that best fit your wallet, no matter which option it is!


  • Professional and stylish look
  • Elegance and grace
  • Unique leather-detailed buckle on the Monk Strap


  • Big price tag
  1. Johnston & Murphy Men’s Conard Cap Oxford

Johnson & Murphy make some of the best men’s dress shoes on the market. This shoe is made of 100% leather for customers craving a legitimately leather shoe. British tan coloring lets customers mix and match this shoe with plenty of outfits. However, there are other colors avialable as well. A synthetic sole is going to last for quite some time as well. Also, the Italian calfskin uppers full leather linens are absolutely impressive and look amazing.

These are some of the best men’s dress shoes for customers that prioritize style and sophistication. First impressions matter more than most people even imagine. This is especially true in workplace settings where competition is high. Customers should always dress to impress their bosses and other workers. However, the best part of these shoes is the comfortability. Wear them all day in the office and you will forget that they are even on!

The only downside to these shoes may involve the sizing. Make sure that you pay attention to the size chart for the right fit. That way, you do not have to send any shoes back to Amazon. These size charts are on the website for a reason, use it to your benefit! Thus, you get great shoes without any sort of hassle attached.


  • Solid price tag
  • 100% leather design
  • Unique Italian calfskin construction
  • Premier padded comfort


  • Takes tie to break these shoes in
  • Size issues
  1. Calvin Klein’s Men’s Bartley Oxford

As previously mentioned, Calvin Klein absolutely dominates the market for men’s formal wear. Therefore, their Bartley Oxford is another one of the best men’s dress shoes avialable for purchase. However, this is a unique spin on the Calvin Klein shoe thanks to the slip-on design. Customers can slide these shoes right on in the morning to maximize convenience. That way, you get on the move to work so much quicker.

The style of these shoes is a focal point but so is the comfortability and fit. Customers can get great dress shoes that feel good to wear. After all, many men dread having to wear any types of formal wear. So it is essential to get shoes that look good and feel good. Thus, you perform to the best of your abilities in the workplace without any distractions from your shoes.

The real problem with these shoes involves getting the proper size. Customers are encouraged to use the provided size chart on Amazon. They provide the proper sizings for shoes to get the best fit. Keep in mind that just about 69% of all customers say these shoes fit as expected. So while some may come across problems, not all customers struggle with size issues.


  • Sleek appearance
  • Easy slip-on design
  • Comfortability


  • Sizing problems
  1. Bostonian Men’s Bolton Free Oxford

These are some of the best men’s dress shoes for customers that want a more tame look. After all, not everyone wants to walk into work with the flashiest outfit possible. Instead, some workers prefer to be subtle and a little more toned down. As a result, these Bostonian slip-on shoes are a great purchase. Customers enjoy style and comfort with this product for a great price tag.

Easy and on off is great for workers after a long day in the office. After all, the work week is stressful and difficult. Customers can enjoy the rubber soles offering premier comfort. Wear these shoes all day during work and you will forget that they are even on. Also, these shoes are very light thanks to an intelligent design. That way, they are not heavy and do not weigh on customers.

These shoes have one issue and that deals with the size. These shoes are very wide and customers need to get the right fit. Focus in on the size chart provided by Amazon to ensure you have proper sizing for your feet. Remember that nearly 82% of all customers say these shoes fit as expected. Therefore, a majority of customers get the right size by simply utilizing the size chart!


  • Fair price tag
  • Great comfort


  • Wide design
  • Durability issues
  1. DREAM PAIRS Bruno Marc Italy Men’s Classic Oxford Wingtip Dress Shoes

Customers that want a well-priced shoes made in the United States will love this product. The lace-up construction is simple and straightforward for a standard appearance. Throw on these shoes with a blue suit outfit for a sound and professional appearance. After all, sometimes wearing flashy shoes attracts the wrong type of attention. Show your boss and co-workers a more serious demeanor with these men’s shoes today.

A classic rouge wing design offers exceptional style for special occasions. Perforated pattens are stitched into the shoe to provide some flexibility and comfort. As a result, you do not have to feel constricted by these shoes. Instead, move around with ease while wearing these high-end shoes. Plus, the faux leather lining looks great but does not cause any mobility issues.

The true disadvantage for these shoes involves durability. These shoes have a hollow sole and thus, they are best for special occasions. Dinner parties, weddings, and formal get togethers are the best places for these shoes. However, every day work may require another one of the best men’s dress shoes on the market. Take time to evaluate what the necessity is for your shoe buying situation. If you want the best men’s dress shoes for Christmas and Thanksgiving you are in luck. However, daily work wear may need to come from another product.


  • Great for special occasions
  • Stylish but professional
  • Latex Cushioned Footbed


  • Hollow sole
  • Not constructed for everyday use
  1. Cole Haan Men’s Pinch Penny Slip-On Loafer

These Cole Haan pinch penny loafers are some of the best men’s dress shoes available in terms of loafers. The Moccasin-toe penny design is sleek and sophisticated. Customers get an elegant pair of shoes without spending a ridiculous amount of money. Plus, the 100% leather design is authentic and rich. As a result, customers enjoy some seriously high-end style. Keep in mind that 72% of all customers say this shoe fits as expected.

The leather sole is great for customers that sit at work all day. A perforated footbed is complimented by the stacked heel. As a result, these shoes have a very sturdy heel for customers that need some support. Also, the slip-on nature of these shoes are so convenient and simple. You can get out of the door within a matter of seconds using these men’s shoes. Thus, they are some of the best men’s dress shoes available.

The only negative with these shoes involves the durability. Therefore, these are not the best shoes for customers that want everyday types of shoes. If you walk across the office a lot then thees shoes may fade and may not last. As a result, these shoes are best for family get togethers and special situations. Be sure to get the best mens’ dress shoes that meet your lifestyle needs. After all, no two customers are the same.


  • Moccasin-toe design
  • Stacked heel and perforated footbed
  • Sturdy heel


  • Durability issues
  1. Cole Haan Men’s Lenox Hille Split-Toe Oxford

These are the last product on this list of the 10 best men’s dress shoes but it is certainly not the least. Cole Haan is one of the best brands in the United States when it comes men’s dress shoes. As a matter of fact, Cole Haan has plenty of repeat customers who come back for more shoes. After all, these are very well-priced shoes that offer a greta deal of value.

The leather design looks great and professional. Customers can work all day in these shoes without worrying about looking bad. The old-school lace-up Oxford design comes with a stacked heel. Also, the tonal stitching provides and a hand-crafted appearance that is unique and distinct. Other co-workers will surely ask you where you got these nice shoes from! Turn heads in the office and get the attention of your boss with these sleek set of best men’s dress shoes.

On the downside, these shoes may develop a squeaking noise over time. The heel is made of synthetic materials, like rubber. Therefore, they are not waterproof and the environment can affect the shoe quality. Customers must evaluate what they want from their shoe. Thus, you get the best results when shopping for the best men’s dress shoes.


  • Great look
  • Great value
  • Great price


  • Unwanted squeaking from sole

Conclusion And Final Men’s Dress Shoes Recommendations 

Hopefully all of the previous information helps guide you towards the best men’s dress shoes. That way, you can absolutely improve your appearance in the workplace. Walk into your next meeting with the best shoes on the room. Customers can find a great pair of shoes in our list no matter what they specifically want. After all, we provided a great range of amazing dress shoes.

Best Overall Product

The best shoes are the Calvin Klein Men’s Bram Oxford shoes. These shoes boast an impressive brand name, a great look, and they are comfortable.

Best Slip-On Loafers

The best loafers also come from Calvin Klein. These Calvin Klein Men’s Bartley Oxford shoes are made to look like Oxfords but do not have shoelaces. Slip these loafers on to enhance your look for a sleek and sophisticated outfit. Set the tone amongst friends with these incredibly rich shoes.

Best Men’s Dress Shoes With No Budget

Customers that are not worried about money will want the Magnanni Men’s Marco Monk Strap shoes. Again, these shoes are going to stand out amongst all other shoes in the workplace. Thus, customers enjoy an absolutely unforgettable set of shoes for their feet. Take your formal wear to another level.

Best Men’s Dress Shoes On A Budget

Customers working with a budget will want the Clarks Men’s Tilden Walk Oxford shoes. These shoes are super inexpensive but super comfortable. The flexible design allows customers to walk all throughout the workplace without any issues. Get yourself the best shoes for a good price today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Men’s Dress Shoes

What Is The Most Versatile Color To Choose For Men’s Dress Shoes?

There are plenty of different colors for men’s dress shoes available for purchase. As a matter of fact, there are more options available than you could imagine. Men’s dress shoes can come in red, blue, grey, white, and more. As a result, customers may want to get something that stands out with their outfit. However, most customers want to get dress shoes that are very versatile. That way, you benefit from shoes that match different outfit colors and more.

First and foremost, customers should rule out exotic colors. Lime green dress shoes are not going to match anything but lime green. Therefore, it is essential to stick to neutral colors. Specifically, the best two colors are either brown or black. Yet, there are so many shades of brown that it can get confusing. So pay attention to the types of outfits you want to wear and the colors. After all, a complete outfit always looks better than a thrown together outfit.

Black is the color for the best men’s dress shoes that will mach just about anything. Black goes with all the neutral colors and other colors as well. Thus, customers can get away wearing black shoes with literally any of their outfits. In this same vein, dark brown is the best shade of brown to buy. A darker brown is going to match nearly everything. On the other hand, a lighter brown usually matches other light colors. Evaluate your closet to get the best shoe color possible.

Q: What Is The Difference Between Leather Or Rubber Soles?

The best men’s dress shoes separate themselves from one another through minor details. As a result, the difference between leather and rubber soles is important. Now, no sole inherently better than the other. Instead, it comes down to a preference for each individual customer. Now, remember that a rubber sole is commonly also called a synthetic sole. So keep an eye out for these two terms on product listings. That way, you make the best decision possible.

Leather soles are the more elegant version of a sole. However, that does not always indicate the best quality. Likewise, rubber soles are not as graceful as a leather sole. Yet, that does not mean that rubber soles offer a low-quality sole. Instead, customers can enjoy leather soles just as much as rubber soles. Just keep in mind what you want out of these dress shoes.

If you want the best men’s dress shoes for practical purposes then get a rubber sole. On the other hand, leather soles are much better for special occasion situations. Yet, anyone that wants the premier material may want leather. After all, so many fashion experts believe that leather soles add a lush touch to dress shoes.

Q: What Is The Best Material For Men’s Dress Shoes?

There are some shoes made of PU leather, real leather, and suede. The best shoe choice will always come down to personal preference. What type of look do you want? Once you determine this, it all becomes so much easier. However, not everyone is a shoe expert. Thus, the difference between suede and leather is not simple for all. So here are a few differences between suede and faux leather and real leather.

Real leather is authentic leather implemented into the construction of a shoe. On the other hand, fake leather is synthetic type of leather. Now, some customers crave the feeling and look of real leather. If so, then simply find the very best leather shoes available. However, there are some advantages to buying shoes made of fake leather.

Some fake leather material battles against harmful UV rays. UV rays truly wear on material over time. It can damage and do real harm to how the material looks. Especially if that material is the color black, which attracts the sun. Therefore, customers may want to get something fit for a long-lasting life.

Suede shoes are more of a wild card when it comes to formal wear. After all, leather shoes are the common and standard type of shoes. Yet, suede can offer such a distinct and rich appearance. Furthermore, the texture on suede shoes is so appealing. As a result, some of the best men’s dress shoes made be crafted with suede. Every customer should get the shoes that they love the most!

Q: Are Men’s Dress Shoes safe On Slippery Surfaces?

To be blunt, no. More often than not, dress shoes are made only for indoor areas. Dress shoes are not made with the same qualities as outdoor boots. Therefore, they perform differently on slippery, wet, and frozen areas. Be sure to avoid these types of areas when wearing these men’s dress shoes. However, customers that want these specific types of mens dress shoes can find specific brands that create shoes.

As previously mentioned, the fashion industry is stronger than ever before. As a result, there are new innovations every single year. One of these big chances involves creating slip resistant dress shoes. That way, bar tenders for formal establishments can work without worry. Brands like Shoes for Crews® uses advanced technology to create safe mens dress shoes.

Customers buying shoes for professional situations should focus on getting stylish shoes. After all, slip resistant shoes are made more for practically. Formal attire should usually aim to impress others at conferences and meetings.

Q: How do I get the best fit with my Men’s Dress Shoes?

This is the biggest problem that men have buying the best men’s dress shoes. After all, the right fit can make or break a shoe purchase. Furthermore, the process of buying shoes from Amazon and replacing them is a chore. Therefore, customers must be cautious when buying their shoes. Get the best results by properly utilizing the size chart information and more.

Customers can also use review and question information to their advantage. For instance, Amazon provides information on how shoes fit for each product. Also, customers often leave reviews discussing the fit. So you can learn if a shoe usually fits large or fits small on customers. All of this helpful information can give customers an advantage. Utilize it to make your shoe buying experience easy, smooth, and enjoyable!

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