12 Best Men’s Causal Shoes Reviewed & Rated in 2021: Options for Jeans & Business

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Casual shoes focus on the important things: comfort, appearance, and the effort required to put the shoe on. You can not only look your best but feel your best when you find the shoes that are truly right for you. That’s why we’ve taken the liberty of researching and testing to craft a buyer’s guide for finding the best casual shoes for men. From that guide, we were able to assess a large list of top-quality shoes for men and narrow it down to the 12 best men’s casual shoes available on the market.

Whether they’re a snug pair of sneakers, a convenient pair of slip-on loafers, or even on-trend business casual, you want something that’s appropriate for everyday wear that you can expect to use for years to come. There are a lot of styles and brands that fall under the category of “casual” shoes, so we’ll first look at specific features you want to keep an eye out for, as well as the best types of shoes for informal wear, how to find the best casual shoe, and much more. Let’s dive in to get a better understanding of the best casual shoes out there and, at the end, we’ll also answer the questions you may still have regarding this style of men’s shoe.

Top Casual Shoes for Men Comparison Chart

ImageProductShoe TypePriceWhere to Buy?
1. Skechers Men's Diameter - Vassell Casual SneakerCasual$$Check Price On Amazon
2. PUMA Men's Tsugi Blaze Evoknit SneakerCasual$$$Check Price On Amazon
3. Skechers Men’s Citywalk Malton Oxford SneakerBusiness Casual$$$$Check Price On Amazon
4. Clarks Men's Cotrell Free Loafer
Business Casual$$$$Check Price On Amazon
5. adidas Men's Seeley Skate ShoeSkate$$Check Price On Amazon
6. LAOKS Men’s Oxford Wingtip ShoeBusiness Casual$$$$Check Price On Amazon
7. Clarks Men's Cotrell Slip-on LoaferCasual$$Check Price On Amazon
8. Scarpa Men's Mojito Casual ShoeCasual$$$Check Price On Amazon
9. Under Armour Men's Street Encounter Heeled Sandal
Beach$$$Check Price On Amazon
10. Timberland Men's Groveton LTT Chukka SneakerCasual$$$$Check Price On Amazon
11. Mio Marino Oxford Suede ShoeBusiness Casual$$$$Check Price On Amazon
12. Steve Madden Men's FASTO SneakerCasual$$$$$Check Price On Amazon

Men’s Casual Shoes Buying Guide

The biggest thing to keep in mind when on the search for the best casual shoes for men is the sheer amount of options you have at your disposal. It can be tricky when everything from flip-flops to boots can qualify under the “casual shoe” category, so let’s first narrow down what types of casual shoes you want to be on the lookout for. After that, we’ll also take a look at important variables to consider, keep in mind, and features you shouldn’t have to go without when you’re finding the best pair.

The Best Types of Casual Shoe for Men

While there are certainly hundreds of types of casual shoe in this category, there are only a few types that qualify as the best. We’re not dealing with your everyday flip-flops that will cause long-term damage to your feet overtime – we’re talking about high-quality casual shoes that are made to last, engineered for comfort, and styled for greatness.

Chukka Boots, Chukka Sneakers

Chukka sneakers and boots are synonymous with each other. Ankle-high leather boots with leather or suede uppers, open lacing with two or three pairs of eyelets, and rubber or leather soles make up a chukka shoe. While they can be classified under business casual, they are the most casual option out of the business casual footwear category. You can expect soft suede or smooth materials, rounded toes, and minimal stitching on these types of casual shoes.

Canvas Shoes

Canvas shoes are generally defined by the material they’re primarily made of. Like the fabric used by painters to develop their art, the canvas fabric used for these types of shoes is treated to make the shoe more resistant to weather and other environmental conditions. Typically, canvas shoes have a rubber, leather, or fiber material with a canvas upper, a light shoe made for casual wear. They don’t have the most stability for your feet, though, so they’re not made for extended running or any type of strenuous physical activity that would involve your feet.


Probably one of the broadest types of casual shoes, a sneaker is just a shoe with a rubber sole that’s specifically designed for casual occasions. While there are also running sneakers, business casual sneakers, and much more, there are also sneakers that are specified to be for casual wear. This type of casual shoe is also probably the most versatile, as you can generally rely on sneakers to hold up to physical activity, running, working, and a large list of other tasks that don’t necessarily fall under the casual category.


Shaped like a moccasin, a loafer is a leather shoe with a low flat heel. They’re typically slip-on shoes, so they’re one of the ultimate contenders for the best casual shoes for men. They’re an elegant bridge between formal and casual that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort to get. A stable of the Americana style, you can dress up or dress down with a nice pair of loafers and still make the whole outfit look good.

Oxford-Style Sneakers

The Oxford shoe used to be a plain, formal type of shoe, but they’ve evolved since then to be an excellent option for casual and business casual wear alike. The Oxford-style of shoe features closed lacing, where the shoelace eyelets tab stay attached under the vamp of the shoe. They’re typically made of mostly or all genuine leather, except for the soles, which provide a sturdy, rubber traction. By comparison, Oxford-style sneakers are going to be the most elegant type of casual wear on the list.

Skate Shoes

Designed primarily for skateboarding, skate shoes add an extra cushion to the feet that make them an excellent casual shoe option as well. While most are not necessarily intended for distance walking, they do have excellent traction since they’re engineered to be able to keep you on a skateboard for a full riding experience. Skate shoes do have a place on the list for best casual shoes for men, but there are shoes that have better uses depending on your ultimate need.


Anatomy of a Casual Shoe

A lot of terms are going to be used on this list that will help you understand which part of the shoe we’re talking about, its quality, and much more. When trying to pick the best casual shoes for men, you want to go into a guide knowledgeable about which parts are the most important.

The Upper

The main body of the shoe, the upper is considered any portion of the shoe above the sole. The toe box at the end of the upper determines how roomy it’s going to be inside the shoe for your foot. There are steel-toed and toe cap options to prevent your feet from being stepped on, and there’s typically a heel counter in the upper to balance your feet from slipping excessively.


The material used for the lacing will help determine the overall quality of the shoe, as well as makes tightening your shoes a lot easier. Many casual shoes are either slip-ons or have laces that don’t require tying or tightening, so that’s something to keep in mind when looking through all your options. If the shoe does have laces that require tying, flat laces are less likely to come untied or loosen, and top eyelets help provide a snug fit across the ankle.

The Sole

The sole of any shoe is going to be a big factor in determining how comfortable it is as well as how long you can see extended wear with it. The sole is comprised of three layers. The outsole, or the bottom layer of the sole, is made for durability with typically some sort of rubber. The midsole, or middle layer, is typically the layer that’s going to contain the most cushioning support. Finally, there’s the insole, otherwise known as the sock liner or the underfoot. The insole provides important arch support and additional shock absorption.


Key Factors and Features to Consider Before Purchasing

Now that you’re aware of the best types of casual shoes available, let’s dive in to the finer aspects when looking through each shoe. These are the important features and factors you can’t ignore when deciding on the best casual shoe for you.


The biggest reason you’d want to purchase casual shoes is for the comfort aspect. A vital thing to ensure the casual shoe has before your purchase, you would do well to look for cushioned insoles. Memory foam insoles, cushioned insoles, or EVA footbeds are all option that you can rely on the provide you with the ultimate comfort throughout the day.

Size and Style

After determining if the shoe is an optimal level of comfort, the style and size are the next most important features of a casual shoe. The style you choose plays a big role in the overall size of the shoe. Many shoe brands and shoe types can run smaller or larger than the standard shoe size, so you’ll want to do your research to make sure the casual shoe you’re looking at fits true to size. Otherwise, you may want to purchase a size smaller or larger to get the best fit. For the casual shoes we’ve taken the liberty of testing out, we clarify whether they fit as expected or if you’ll want to purchase something bigger or smaller.

Versatility of Use

You may be looking for a pair of casual shoes for one specific event. Maybe you’re looking for your next pair of everyday shoes, maybe you’re looking for shoes you can relax on the boat with or hike up a trail with. Whatever your reason or reasons may be, you want to look into the versatility capabilities of the shoe you’re eyeing. It wouldn’t make sense to purchase a pair of shoes that you can’t extended wear out of when you intended to use them for extended wear. Do you need waterproof shoes because of your environment? Ask yourself what kind of versatility you’re looking for in casual shoes.

Foot Stability

One of the most vital anatomical parts of the shoe is going to be the outsole pattern, which can make or break the grip for the shoe. Casual shoes are intended to have a skid resistance, providing a non-slip grip to the bottom of your shoes so you can feel confident taking every step. It’s important not to neglect the type of stability the casual shoe possesses when you want to find a pair that lasts.

Weight and Distance

The category for “casual shoes” is a broad one, so there may be casual shoes better intended for your specific need. Determine how much time you’re willing to spend standing and walking on your shoes so you don’t purchase a casual shoe that’s not designed for extended wear, or vice versa. Likewise, the weight of the shoe can play a role in weighing you down, which is why you want to typically look for a lightweight casual shoe alternative.

Foot Support

Deciding which part of your foot needs the most support is another important feature to consider for casual shoe wear. There are shoes that have deep heel cuts, comprehensive arch support, or material that helps to redistribute pressure in otherwise high-pain areas. Determine what type of foot support is important for you before purchasing casual shoes.


A casual shoe is not as easy to relax in if your feet can’t breathe in them. The upper part is generally intended for a breathable construction, but there are some exceptions to this rule. While this doesn’t necessarily rule out casual shoes that don’t breathe as well, it’s still something to keep in mind when deciding which pair to purchase. Other things you can look for that enhance the breathability of a shoe are perforation holes or a mesh material construction.


The manufacturing quality and material used will be the main factors in how long your shoe is going to withstand everyday wear. Most casual shoes are designed with a leather or synthetic material. The specific material used will be the biggest factor in the durability of the shoe. If you purchase casual shoes with genuine, 100% leather or another high-quality material, they’re going to outlast their poor-quality material counterparts.


You don’t have to just stick with black, gray, or other neutral colors when it comes to casual shoes. On the contrary, a lot of shoe brands offer a wide range of colors for you to instill some uniqueness into your wardrobe. A flair or splash of color on your shoes can make or break and entire outfit, so it’s good to decide ahead of time what kind of neutral color you’re looking for or what kind of bright color you’d like to make a statement with.

Age and Maturity Level of Different Styles

While you can technically wear whatever you want, a fully grown, mature adult in their 50’s is less likely to wear brightly-colored PUMA sneakers, while an 18-year-old may be less inclined to buy Oxford-style business casual shoes. That’s not to say you’re limited to what you can wear just because of your age, but it’s a factor to consider if you’re trying to find the best pair of casual shoes for yourself.


Other Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Casual Shoes

The variables and features on the casual shoe aren’t the only determining factors you should use when trying to find the best shoes for men. While the level of style and comfort are certainly the most important, factors like price and shipping options are things you may want to also consider.

Delivery Time

If you’re purchasing your shoes online like most people do nowadays, you’ll want to make sure the delivery process is something you agree with as well. Mostly, some brands try to deliver shoes without a shoe box, potentially damaging the shoe on its delivery to you. You’ll want to avoid these brands, so you can save yourself the trouble of receiving damaged shoes.

Return Policy

Whether you purchase your shoes online or in a physical store, understanding the return procedure might come in handy. Shoes can feel nice in the store but start to feel painful after extended wear, or shoes purchased online may come in a size too small or too large. Communicating with the online or physical store and taking advantage of their specific return policy is a great way to not have to waste your money or time.


Best Men’s Casual Shoes

Skechers Men’s Diameter – Vassell Casual Sneaker

The everyday lace-up shoe from Skechers fits true to size, with a memory foam insole to make every step feel like you’re walking on air. The breathable mesh lining and snug design provides a wonderfully comfortable fit. The tread is like that of rubber cleats, bumpy textured to provide a true non-slip grip even walking along a wet sidewalk or frosty road.

Long-lasting, the only potential issue is the glue used to put the soles in. Depending on how the shoes are cared for, the toe side of the soles may start peeling back. With the right level of care, though, the Diameter – Vassell casual sneakers from Skechers can last years through a variety of environments. With the memory foam insole as superbly pleasant as it feels, these are easily placed at the top of the list.

These are lace-up casual sneakers with contrast bicycle-toe stitching have a smooth leather upper, perforation accents, as well as other stitching and overlay detailing. The contrast-colored side strips add to the appearance of the sneaker. The shock-absorbing midsole and half-inch heel allow for a confident stroll, with a cushioned insole for smooth sailing. The front perforation accents provide ventilation, so you don’t have to worry about your feet sweating or emitting an odor.


  • Low price
  • Breathable mesh lining makes for a sweat-resistant material
  • Fits as expected, true to size


  • Insoles start to peel back if not cared for properly


PUMA Men’s Tsugi Blaze Evoknit Sneaker

PUMA takes convenient casual sneakers to the next level with a built-in sock style that you can just slip on and take on the day. With a resistant rubber sole, the Tsugi sneaker are long-lasting and intended for daily, extended wear. The fold-down heel is a cool addition that makes the sneaker go on even easier, so you don’t have to struggle to slide on your shoes before you head out. Beautifully designed, the rich, vibrant colors are even more impressive in person, made of 100% textile materials.

The woven heel gore and soft molded overlay offers extra support and surrounds suede overlays with a knitted upper. Generally, these sneakers fit well to size, engineered for long walks, everyday wear, but they’re not necessarily good gym shoes. These shoes are perfect for someone looking for a stylish shoe that’s designed to be put on with ease and remain a comfortable fit the whole day.


  • Built-in sock style makes it easy to slip shoes on
  • Vibrant, high-pigmented colors make for a beautiful design
  • True to size, generally fits as expected


  • Casual fit means the shoes were not necessarily designed for gym wear


Skechers Men’s Citywalk Malton Oxford Sneaker

A lightweight, casual dress shoe option, the Citywalk Oxford sneaker from Skechers provides a perfect fit. This pair of shoes would be an excellent option for a business casual work environment or daily casual wear, and it runs true to size. The tongue, featuring the classic Skechers logo patch, is comfortable and padded, and the soles are made of a durable rubber material for a non-slip grip.

Measuring approximately one inch, the heel of the Citywalk sneaker guarantees additional functionality and utility, so you can feel more confident about every step you take even walking in the rain or snow. The inner soles contain a firm memory foam base that provides excellent arch support and the exterior material is 100% leather for long-lasting wear and resilience. While there’s much to love about the Skechers casual men’s sneaker, the only minor disadvantage is the snug fit prevents the shoe from being able to breather very well. Wearing thin socks with this sneaker pair is an easy solution, though, which is why this is closer to the top of the best men’s casual shoes list for 2018.

These Citywalk sneakers are different from the first pair of Skechers on the list because of the Malton Oxford style, which is a semi-brogue type of Oxford shoe. The light punching detail and straight cap make this pair stand out, perfect for a day running errands, heading into work, or simply relaxing.


  • Affordable price
  • Fits true to size
  • Memory foam insole for comfortable extended wear


  • Snug fit means the shoe doesn’t breathe well, thin socks are recommended


Clarks Men’s Cotrell Free Loafer

Made from 100% textile and leather, the Cotrell Free loafers from Clarks provide a business-oriented style with a casual feel. The durable rubber sole and 1.57-inch heel height allow confidence with each step and a non-slip journey. Featuring a removable Ortholite footbed that has cushion soft technology, this pair was designed for ultimate comfort. The easy slip-on shoes are crafted of smooth leather with textile stitch detailing and compliments an array of casual wear, from jeans to khakis to slacks.

Clarks has been designing men’s dress shoes for over 100 years, so it’s no surprise that they’ve branched into casual and business casual attire. The variety of styles and versatility of their shoes shows that Clarks can provide the quality standards you’re looking for. The top-quality components of each pair of shoes reinforces the reputation of the brand and the wearability of the Cotrell Free loafers.

The lightweight pair of casual loafers does try to fit close to size, but they can run a little big. You may find yourself fitting more comfortably into a size or half a size smaller than what you would normally purchase for shoes. Given that fact, however, it does appear that a wider range of sizes is available for the Cotrell Free loafer, meaning men that can never find shoes big enough for their feet will have no problem.


  • Wide range of sizes for bigger feet
  • Cushion soft technology for a comfortable experience
  • Leather loafer style makes this casual pair appropriate with business attire too


  • May run a little big, a perfect fit may require a half-size or size smaller than usual


adidas Men’s Seeley Skate Shoe

Skate shoes are an excellent way to stay comfortable throughout the whole day, making many skate shoe models impeccable men’s casual shoes. The Seeley skate shoe from adidas is no different, made with a grippy vulcanized rubber outsole that can stick to the ground or a skateboard for a superb non-slip experience. The classic lace-up style for this skate shoe features the signature 3-stripe classis adidas logo and an abrasion-resistant upper for quality style and comfort. Best of all, you get a wide selection of color options, including 7 different color styles.

Made of 100% synthetic material, the Seeley skate shoes are a durable model with long-lasting capabilities that can withstand daily wear and tear. Seeley is adidas’ way of paying homage to the iconic Gazelle skate shoe, blending adidas history and skate performance together for a stellar on-board experience and easy casual use. These shoes are perfect for the men who want to relax and have a genuine day off. Leave the business casual attire behind and feel the wind in your hair with the skate shoes that can last you for years to come.


  • Non-slip soles that have a lot of grip
  • 7 different color options

ׇ• Perfect for casual wear as well as skateboarding


  • There’s no mistaking these for business casual shoes, not appropriate for certain business settings


LAOKS Men’s Oxford Wingtip Shoe

The business casual hybrid from LAOKS features a men’s oxford shoe that has a casual style and fit. The high-gloss leather upper is easy to maneuver and handle, and the lace-up classic closure ensures an adjustable, true fit for any foot. The lightweight feel doesn’t stop the durability of the rubber sole, allowing for a much longer wear and pair of shoes that can last years through an array of different environments.

Experience all-day comfort like you never have before with removable insoles that can provide extra cushioning when your feet start to ache. Adjustable, you have full control of the comfort given from the LAOKS Oxford shoes. Comfort can be found in every step with the wingtip lace-up design that allows for a secure hold on each foot. The round toe design is classic, and these shoes can be complimented well with khakis, slacks, or even jeans. These are different from the other Oxfords on the list in that the smooth leather allows for a more youthful look.


  • Extremely lightweight, ultimately comfortable feel
  • Comes in classic brown or classic black to match any casual attire
  • Easy to slip on, generally fits as expected


  • Without the addition of the removable insole, shoes can be hard on the feet after a few hours of wear


Clarks Men’s Cotrell Slip-on Loafer

Another pair of loafers from the Cotrell collection by Clarks makes it to the list. In more formal colors with some slight differences to the outer appearance, these slip-on loafers are extremely comfortable for hours on end. The synthetic sole and 100% leather outer material provide a non-slip grip and stylish look all at once. The flexible sole makes it easy to step in, with a 1.5-inch heel for better gripping capabilities. The breathable leather upper makes it cool to keep your feet in all day without the worry of sweat or foot odor. Incredibly lightweight, it feels like you’re walking on clouds once you slip these loafers on your feet. Featuring the same Ortholite memory foam insole bed, you can step lightly and easily on the daily.

These are some of the best casual men’s shoes as we see Clarks add more style to their collection. Intended for everyday wear, you can wear these multiple times a week for years and expect them to still hold up if you provide them with enough care. However, lack of proper shoe care can result in the soles wearing away faster than the rest of the shoe as the sole is made from a different material.


  • Long-lasting leather material for years of use
  • Business casual for a relaxed wear even while working
  • Fits true to size


  • The soles are a little harder on this pair than other Clarks loafers
  • Sole is easier to wear away if shoes are not cared for


Scarpa Men’s Mojito Casual Shoe

Versatility is king when it comes to the Mojito footwear by Scarpa. Intended for everything from traveling the city streets to hiking the mountain trails, the Mojito packs a wide range of features designed to look good and function even better. Intended for deep grip in any environment, the treaded rubber sole holds tight to natural paths and concrete alike. They’re laced all the way up to the toe for a modern touch and genuine support.

Imported from Italy, you can feel confident in the quality suede leather and smooth, vellutina lining. The shoes sport a rubber toe cap to prevent abrasions and have reinforced arch support thanks to the dual-density EVA cushioning. A key feature of the Mojito is the molded Vibram Spyder sole, which is what gives the shoe its vast range of terrain versatility. The shoe fits like a glove, which can be an advantage thanks to its snug fit, but it can also have its drawbacks. For example, the shoes can run half a size too small due to the narrow fit. You can accommodate this by buying a half-size larger than your standard shoe size. Despite the minor drawbacks, the Mojito men’s casual shoe is a strong contender for the top 12 list.


  • Intense traction and grip
  • Reinforced arch support


  • Narrow fit may require buying a half-size larger than your standard shoe size


Under Armour Men’s Street Encounter Heeled Sandal

Easy of entry is at an all-time high with the stretch bungee lacing system in the Street Encounter heeled sandal from Under Armour. Engineered for ultimate comfort and a complete fit, the stretch canvas upper has a full-length, die-cut EVA sock-liner. The sock-liner eliminates time you have to spend putting on your footwear, while the redesigned EVA outsole improves traction, increases mobility, and has a lightweight cushioning you can feel with every step. Built to quickly be able to slip on and back off, this is the perfect go-to pair whenever you’re leaving the house in a hurry, don’t have time to lace up your boots, or just want to relax in something more comfortable on your feet throughout the day.

Made primarily of textile EVA redesigned material, your feet can feel as snug and pleasant at the end of the day as they do at the beginning. They fit as expected, and the material is flexible enough that it allows the shoe to breathe well. You don’t have to worry about your feet sweating or producing the dreaded foot odor thanks to this pair of men’s casual canvas sandals. The laces are simulated, so you don’t even have to worry about lacing your shoes up before heading out the door. The only downside is the material is not exactly designed for any manual labor or strenuous physical activity. Intended for casual wear, these would be a good investment if you work in an office or need a new pair for your down time.


  • Fits as expected, doesn’t run too small or too big
  • Lightweight shoe you don’t have to lace up
  • Affordable casual shoe option


  • Shoe material not designed for strenuous activities with it, better designed for strictly casual wear


Timberland Men’s Groveton LTT Chukka Sneaker

With 15 different color and style options, the Timberland Groveton LTT chukka sneakers are designed for individuality and versatility. The high-top shoes can be worn anywhere and everywhere, with a sleek street style that makes them perfect for everyday wear. The most innovative lug outsole from Timberland to date can provide maximum traction. The shoes are also made with Cordura nylon and premium leather than allows for a textured, stylish look.

Not just for the trail, the Groveton sneakers are perfect for any outdoor excursion, holding up to your forest adventures and hiking experiences. The 100% recycled pet laces and 100% recycled pet lining allows for full breathability and ultimate climate control no matter what environment you’re in. The weather durable excusive outsoles with a grip stick rubber compound is made with 15% recycled rubber. Finally, the multi-directional leading edges, 17 lug design features, and beveled lug sidewalls allows for a style without giving up the traction and self-cleaning capabilities of this impressive shoe.


  • Sturdy, 100% leather and textile material shoe
  • Fits as expected, stays true to size


  • Tongue not being stitched to the sides of the shoe makes the pair water-resistant, but not waterproof


Mio Marino Oxford Suede Shoe

Mio Marino is a classic shoe name brand that provides a classy style to even the most casual of shoes. This minimalist suede shoe style features comfort in its very design, stylish enough for every occasion without having to worry about pain over extended wear. The unforgettable quality Mio Marino offers with this shoe means a perforated round toe design, to improve breathability, as well as textile lining and a two-tone rubber sole for ultimate traction and support. Presented with care, these Oxford suede shoes come in a waterproof shoe bag.


  • Oxford style allows for a business casual versatile style
  • Perforated suede means ultimate comfort
  • Affordable price for Mio Marino branded shoes


  • You may need to purchase a size up as this brand can run a little small

Steve Madden Men’s FASTO Sneaker

Paving the way for “dressy sneakers,” Steve Madden makes a versatile shoe with the FASTO sneaker. You can take these shoes anywhere adventure takes you with the rubber sole that promotes non-slip traction. Made of 100% fabric, these canvas shoes have a metal eyelet lace construction. You don’t have to tie these shoes, but the laces can be tightened to improve the overall snugness of the shoe. It comes in three neutral colors, so you have full control for which shoes will go with your style.


  • Casual dress shoes that are designed for comfort
  • Easy to slip on and off
  • Synthetic sole for non-slip grip


  • Without proper care for canvas shoes, this pair can wear out faster than usual
  • The shoes run a bit big, so you may need a half-size smaller


Final Thoughts & Recommendations

You’ve reached the end of our recommendations, and we hope you’re able to take away useful knowledge that will allow you to find the best pair of casual shoes for you. We were able to provide recommendations for a variety of reasons, so the best casual shoes for you may not be the best option for the next person.

The Skechers Men’s Diameter casual sneakers are at the top of our list thanks to their affordability without the sacrifice of quality. Meanwhile, the PUMA Men’s Tsugi Blaze Evoknit sneaker is an excellent option for those who want a nice flair of color. The Skechers Men’s Citywalk Malton Oxford sneaker is more apt for those looking for a business casual wardrobe instead of strictly casual, and the Clarks loafers from the Cotrell collection offer ultimate comfort while passing for almost formal wear.

Those looking for a versatile option can look no further than either the wingtip shoes from LAOKS or stay classic with the Timberland chukka sneakers. Someone focusing more on the price will get their money’s worth with the Mojito shoe from Scarpa. Finally, those who enjoy a good name brand shoe that’s reliable with its quality will have no problems with the Steve Madden FASTO sneakers, or the Oxford suede shoes from Mio Marino.


Frequently Asked Questions About Casual Shoes

What exactly are “casual shoes”?

Shoes that are less formal than genuine dress shoes that are generally designed with comfort as one of the biggest motivating factors fall under the “casual shoe” category. Technically, they’re any shoe you’d wear to a casual event, from flip-flops to skate shoes. Many casual shoes can also fall under the business casual category, making them perfect for everyday wear even to the office.

What activities are casual shoes meant for?

By its broad definition, a casual dress code is simply meant to emphasize personal expression and comfort over formality. Casual shoes are meant for any occasion you want them to be used for, but they’re best in an informal setting. Something relaxed, not planned, or occasional is a perfect time to break out the casual shoes so you don’t have to rely on your formals all the time.

How long should casual shoes last under normal conditions?

Assuming proper shoe care is taken under consideration throughout the entire lifespan of the shoe, a quality casual shoe can last 2 to 10 years. This depends greatly on the material used for the shoe, the price, and the wear and tear the shoe sees daily.

How should casual shoes be cleaned?

The maintenance required for casual shoes depends on the material of the shoe. For example, leather shoes can be rubbed with a white vinegar and water solution to clean them of any wreckage and keep them looking smooth.

Suede shoes, on the other hand, require a scrub brush or gentle brush that can buff the stains away mildly. You don’t want to put too much pressure, as you may scratch the shoe, but you can even use a white eraser to clean the rubber parts if necessary.

Finally, fabric like canvas shoes can be cleaned with a soft toothbrush. Using an equal parts water and baking soda, you can scrub the paste into the shoe and the sole to make it look as good as new again.

If you don’t want to bother cleaning the shoe yourself, some shoe manufacturers do offer after-sale service. Make sure the shoes you purchase qualify under the manufacturer’s warranty if you want to get away with someone else cleaning your shoes for you.

Are casual or business casual shoes more appropriate?

This question comes back to the versatility you can get out of a pair of casual shoes. Do you want to just use them for everyday wear outside of work, or do you want to take the next step and have some business casual shoes that you can get away with wearing? Business casual shoes are a more formal take on their regular casual counterparts, so it ultimately depends on how often you’re willing to go strictly casual with your wardrobe.

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