12 Best Memory Foam Shoes of 2021

Best Memory Foam Shoes

Over the last few decades, modern technology has changed at a considerable pace.  We’ve gone from talking on phones with cords to having portable devices capable of doing all kinds of good and bad on them.  Like that, we have also seen the world of shoes change drastically as well due to new technologies.  This high tech change has helped improve our lives.  One area that’s done this is through the use of memory foam.  Today, we are going to be taking a deep dive into all you need to know about memory foam shoes.  In our buying guide, we will be examining the A-Z and we’ll also be delving into some of the best and most popular pairs of memory foam shoes in our reviews.  So, let’s get started so you can find the maximum amount of comfort possible for you!

Top Memory Foam Shoes Comparison Chart

ProductMaterialSolePriceWhere to Buy?
1. Skechers Men’s Afterburn Memory Foam SneakersLeather/SyntheticRubber$$$$Check Price On Amazon
2. Skechers Women’s Bobs Plush ShoesTextileSynthetic$$$Check Price On Amazon
3. Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running ShoesTextileSynthetic$$$$Check Price On Amazon
4. New Balance Women’s FuelCore Nergize v1 Cross TrainersSyntheticRubber$$$$Check Price On Amazon
5. Skechers Sport Women’s Empire Fashion SneakersFaux leather$$$Check Price On Amazon
6. Skechers Women’s Flex Appeal 2.0 SneakersKnit FabricRubber$$$$Check Price On Amazon
7. Roxy Women’s Bayshore Slip On SneakersTextileFabric$$$Check Price On Amazon
8. Dearfoams Rebecca Microfiber SlippersSynthetic$Check Price On Amazon
9. Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Madison Fashion SneakersTextile$$$Check Price On Amazon
10. Hanes Men’s Moccasin House SlippersRubber$$Check Price On Amazon
11. Ryka Inspire Women’s Walking ShoesMesh upper w/ syntheticRubber$$Check Price On Amazon
12. Wnnideo Full Length Memory Foam Inserts$Check Price On Amazon

Memory Foam Shoes Buying Guide

History of Memory Foam

To understand where you are going, you have to understand where you have came from, one popular saying goes.  So, let’s take a quick look at the history of memory foam.  The compound was first devised back in the 1960s by NASA, who were trying to come up with a way to make space travel much easier.  They never ended up using memory foam for any missions, and thus it ended up making its way into the private sector.  At first, it was used, primarily, for beds.  It was great because it locked into place much better than previous materials did, allowing you to not be jostled as badly upon entering and exiting the bed.  It also offered firmer support as a result.  It then transitioned toward medical shoes and slippers.  This brought those aforementioned benefits to those that were desperately craving it the most from their footwear, which was a win-win.  Nowadays, you don’t have to have severe foot problems to experience this great material.  You can find it on shelves and online at all sorts of places!

The Science of Memory Foam

Now that we know the history of memory foam, we’ll continue our “school” session with the science behind.  Don’t worry, though, we won’t go too far into detail.  To begin with, memory foam is formed using polyurethane, an already common material used in a ton of shoes, and other chemicals.  This creates a bond that is dense and what we know of as the ‘foam’ portion.  From there, thanks to the foam being sensitive to a certain temperature, it is able to be molded to your feet specifically.  Thus we get memory foam that can actually be tailored to you a bit more than most regular insoles are able to do for you.

Is Memory Foam ‘Good’ For You?

The first question that many people will be asking is whether or not memory foam is good for them.  This is a bit of a trick question, and it’s one that deserves to be answered straight away as a result of that.  The quick answer is that it is either a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and is based solely on you and your needs.  No pair of shoes is right for everyone.  That’s just a fact of life that you need to accept.  No matter how great they are and how much they claim to fix all sorts of problems, there is not a pair of shoes on earth that is great for everyone.  Memory foam is much the same way.  For some of us, it will be the solution to our problems.  For others, it will not be, thus leading you to look in a different direction.

Benefits of Memory Foam

In case you have been living under a rock for a while now, memory foam is super popular.  Big surprise there, huh?  What had begun as basically a material used for beds has now blossomed and is being used in shoes quite a bit.  But what exactly are the benefits of this material?  Is it truly helpful, or is it just more wishful thinking and creative marketing by an industry so well known for it that it’s impossible to tell truth from fiction?  Well, to keep it nice and succinct, here a few benefits of the material:

– It balances out the balance more evenly, thus making pressure more widely distributed.  With this being the case, it makes activity much easier and enjoyable for many folks.  Whether it’s walking, running, or standing, you don’t have pain in any one area because the idea is for the whole material to take the brunt of the pressure, not just one specific place.

– Comfort is increased because the person in question is no longer subjected to having their heels, arches, or fore foot being put under intense scrutiny as they once were.

– They tend to better fit your specific foot.  One of the issues with many shoes out there is that they are made for a very wide audience.  This means they are not designed for you specifically, which would be impossible to do based on the thousands and thousands of pairs that are manufactured and then sold every year.  With memory foam, you get a fit that is more tailored to you, even if it’s not 100% perfect at all times.

– You get more stability.  Part of this is the fact that the balance is evenly placed, but that’s not all there is to it.  With memory foam, you have something that is more aggressively pushing into you.  This allows your feet and body to adjust and become more stable during the activity.

Negatives of Memory Foam Shoes

If we are going to talk about the benefits of memory foam shoes, then it is only fair that we also talk about the negatives that they bring to the table.  Nothing is perfect, mind you, so keep that in mind as you examine whether you want to turn to a pair or not.

– Body heat is retained very well by shoes with memory foam.  This doesn’t sound all that bad at first glance, but if you think about it, this is awful for someone that is active.  If you plan to run, the material is going to be trapping the heat in and not allowing it to escape.  This means that they are not very breathable, making it hard to run during the warmer months of the year.

– A problem that is associated with the lack of breathability, then, is going to be that odor forms quite easily.  Because the sweat piles up as a result of being unable to be vacated, you might find a bit of an unpleasant smell that begins to form inside of memory foam shoes.

– Gradual deterioration is the biggest problem that we see with memory foam shoes.  This doesn’t sound bad, after all don’t all shoes gradually deteriorate over time?  While that is true, it’s a problem with memory foam because you do not even notice it happening in so many cases.  This is because we have a very response-oriented brain that makes swift changes to accommodate for stimuli that rapidly changes.  We’ll never notice that the foam is wearing out, to the point where it may be essentially useless to us.  What this does is cause us to be in a spot of bother when we change our shoes to something new.  It takes a bit of extra time to adjust to them, even if they are the same model, simply because of all of the wearing down of the shoes over time.

Not Just For the Ladies

One thing that we tend to do is to assume that all of the ‘dainty’ things in life are solely for women.  This could not be further from the truth.  While the majority of shoes out there are made for and bought by women, it still is not truthful that memory foam is only for them.  Most of our shoes in our reviews, admittedly, will be women’s, due to the reason we explained above, but you should know that men, too, can benefit for the very same reasons with memory foam shoes.  Originally, memory foam shoes were made for women to wear as a comfort sort of item over something more functional, but that has changed down the years to where it’s for anyone and everyone in need of them.  So, don’t be afraid to give it a try.  It definitely won’t hurt to do so!

Standing Room Only

If you find yourself being one of those people that are on their feet all day, you will know the struggle of finding the correct footwear.  Standing, believe it or not, is extremely hard to do and is NOT the same as walking all day.  If you want to experience this, then take a week where you walk for eight hours and then a week where you stand in one general place for eight hours.  The two are not the same; they just aren’t the same thing.  There are certain rigors required when you are up on your feet for so long, and it’s hard to describe.  One thing that has been shown to help many people over the last few years is memory foam.  For this reason, memory foam has to be a real consideration for you if you are working at a job where you are consistently on your feet.  Memory foam shoes come in all kinds of looks and styles, too, so you should be able to find something that fulfills the requirements of your job as well.

A Runner’s Delight

While it’s awesome to find a pair of memory foam shoes to wear if you are going to be standing all day, it’s also equally as nice for a runner as well.  If you are a runner, you could very easily find that memory foam shoes are a huge help to you.  If you find yourself getting pains and sore spots very quickly and frequently, memory foam is well worth a try to fight that.  One recommended usage for memory foam running shoes is to combat against people that have plantar fasciitis.  The bottom of the feet, especially the heel areas, can really take a toll on some people, and one way to try and get around this is to try memory foam.  Some people will not like the feel on them as they run, but if you have been dealing with issues and just don’t want to give up running, this may be the ticket to you being able to continue to run moving forward.

The Elephant in the Room

If you have much knowledge of the subject at all, you will know that one brand in particular sort of dominates this realm.  That brand, of course, is Skechers.  They took the mantle of memory foam years ago and have ran with it since then, putting a ton of concentration and effort into building up a strong, steady program.  It’s become a staple for them, and it’s easy to see why.  They offer an abundance of products with memory foam in them, from slippers to tennis shoes to boots.  To be a bit more fair, we have tried to limit the number of entries they had.  With that said, it was hard to hold them to just one or two because they have shown themselves to be superb at bringing this great material to your soles!


One of the best things about memory foam shoes is that they are not limited in the type of shoes that they can go in.  This list is not about running shoes or walking shoes, or any specific type.  Instead, it’s about memory foam shoes.  Period.  This means that you can find all sorts of shoes on our list.  From those that are intended to help you get through your latest slog of a run, to shoes that help you navigate around the toys in the floor at home on your day off, to shoes that are going to help you do all points between, there is something for everyone.

That means that regardless of what you like to wear and how you like to wear it that there is something for you to wear.  Maybe you like to go with something casual and cool, like a pair of ‘tennis’ shoes, or maybe you like low profile flats.  Perhaps you want to turn to something you can wear in the house when no one else is around to judge you.  That’s available, too.

Also, don’t forget about the colors on tap.  Whether you are looking for a running shoe or just one to wear around, you’ll want to check out which colors are available.  One of the easiest ways to make someone unhappy is to purchase them a color they hate, so don’t do that here.  The good news is that memory foam shoes come in an array of colors and just depend on the brand that is making them.  Some are going to be a letdown with style but will be more functional, while others will do both well and give you lots and lots of choices to pick from.

Ease of Access

Since we are talking about memory foam here, we should also talk some about the ease at which, or lack thereof, there is when you are attempting to use memory foam shoes.  For a certain crowd, this is not going to matter all that much.  But if you are interested in memory foam for its more therapeutic or medicinal uses, chances are that you have some sort of issue that is going to make it a little bit tougher to wear shoes at all.  If you’ve got issues putting shoes on, for any number of reasons, what you should look for is a pair that slips on easily.  If that is not something that you can depend on given the environment you will be in when you are wearing them, you should take a look at something that has pull tabs.  Pull tabs can be found on both the heels and on the tongue in some shoes, and they help you pull the shoes on without a whole lot of fuss.  You may have to bend down still, but it will be much easier that way to put them on.  Don’t overlook this factor, since it can play a pivotal role in how much you truly end up using your new memory foam shoes.


We have talked about how heat often gets trapped in memory foam shoes, and while there is not a lot that can be done to combat that in many cases, there are still some ways to help fight back.  One way is by taking a look at the uppers of the shoes in question.  If you notice that there are vents- whether it’s via mesh or another substance- then you will have some breathability, at least, to help lead you through your day, workout, etc.  While this will not make up for the lack of airflow in the insole portion of the shoes, it will alleviate some of the sweat and yuckiness that seeps in there.  This will not, again, totally eradicate the problem, but it will help you a great deal.

Furthermore, we should also discuss the memory foam itself.  While it is true that many pairs retain heat at an alarming rate, you also should know that this is not always the case.  There are some pairs, as you will see below, that have been able to devise way to get some air into your proverbial system.  This is quite good news, and it means that you don’t have to be dragged down with overheating at every single turn.


With sizing in memory foam shoes, you have a bit of a varied situation.  Because there are a lot of different uses for memory foam, it’s hard for us to give you just one set of instructions and recommendations.  So instead of us doing that, we will give you some hints, tips, and tricks below that will hopefully help you figure out how to size yourself appropriately regardless of what you buy and why you are buying it.

– No matter what the use for your memory foam shoes is going to be, make sure that you take a look at any sizing chart that is made available to you.  It’s true that some shoes are going to run small or large, it really just depends, but a lot of times the company or brand itself will notify you of this.  If you aren’t looking, you may miss the memo and find that you have the wrong size.  Also, looking at what others are saying is a crucial part of getting the right size.  If people claim that a pair is too large at an alarmingly high rate, then chances are that they will indeed be running large.

– If you are going to be more active in your shoes, then you will need to take some extra steps to ensure that you have the right size.  If you are on your feet all day, believe it or not, you, too, are active.  As you stand for long periods of time, just as when you run or walk or do any other form of exercise for very long, your ankles and feet will begin to swell.  This swelling is a natural reaction from the body to a stressful situation and it’s nothing to be scared of.  Unless, that is, you have not sized yourself with this in mind.  The best way to make sure you’re properly sized is to try on shoes when you are ‘warm.’ This means you need to have done some exercise beforehand, or you can come in and try the shoes on when you are toward the end of your day.  This way that swelling gets factored in and you don’t end up with shoes that only feel good in the morning.

– No matter what your use is, again, you should also look to wear the same clothing along with your shoes as you will be doing when you wear them ‘for real.’  If you plan on wearing socks, then you should wear the same exact kind- or close thereto- to make sure that’s all accounted for.  If you don’t do this, you may not get a complete picture of what they will feel like.

– For more casual types of memory foam shoes, you can forget about some of these rules.  While you definitely don’t want them to be too small, it’s also not going to be a huge deal if they are a little bit large on you.  The extra room will give you more leisure.  With this being said, you do need to keep in mind that walking is going to be a bit more dangerous with larger shoes on, as they could slide off or cause you to slip.  So you really need to be conscious of what the intended use is truly going to be, otherwise you could end up hurting yourself.

The Top 12 Memory Foam Shoes of 2019 Reviews

  1. Skechers Men’s Afterburn Memory Foam Sneakers

To no real shock, Skechers gets us started here, and it’s with their Afterburn sneakers. Coming equipped with memory foam and all sorts of other bells and whistles, these shoes would make for a great pair for work, leisure, or even some athletics as well. They are a little bit understated in terms of the looks, but apart from that it’s hard to knock them.  They have the customary memory foam insole that’s required to make this list, and they also have a very well cushioned tongue, too.  On top of that, they do their best at providing breathability, and they do so by installing mesh on the upper in a few places.  With a thick, generous sole, you also get a lot of support and stability there, particularly in the heels.  The toe even has a bit more thickness to it than you might expect, leading you to be a little safer wherever you find yourself.


  • Protective and supportive
  • Versatile pair of shoes
  • Breathable and cushioned


  • Style is a small letdown
  1. Skechers Women’s Bobs Plush Shoes

Following up from the Skechers sneakers above is a pair for the ladies that you can just slip on and go in. These shoes come in a multitude of colors, from the plain to the flashy, meaning you will be able to mix and match to basically anything in your wardrobe. These are a purely comfort based shoe, with an upper that is made out of canvas. This means they will stretch and flex well, giving you a ton of room to maneuver in.  The difference between them and others that are similar, though, is the memory foam insole, which makes them a much better choice if you happen to find yourself on your feet more throughout the day.  The midsole, which is very low profile and hard to spot, is actually quite strong in these, providing a lot of shock absorption, which is certainly not normal when it comes to flats such as these.  If you want comfort and support, then look no further than these here.


  • Stretchy and flexible
  • Shock absorbing midsole
  • Tons of colors
  1. Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoes

Coming up next is a pair from Adidas that ends the early monopoly of Skechers. This is a pair of shoes that is intended for running solely, all the while looking brilliant as Adidas shoes typically do. Adidas has mastered its Cloudfoam technology at this stage, and this pair demonstrates that fact, using it in the midsole and outsole in addition to the insole as well.  On top of that, they have also used it for their sockliner, which makes it more soft to the touch and comfortable for you to wear.  With a knit upper, too, there is plenty of breathability for you to get all of your exercise in on those super warm days without feeling weighed down by sweat.  With a pull on tab above both the tongue on the back, they are easy to slip on despite using a ‘regular’ laces method.  This gives you a lot of ease of use and adjustability, which should be very much a welcome sign.


  • Soft and foamy throughout
  • Very breathable
  • Exquisite looks as you’d expect
  1. New Balance Women’s FuelCore Nergize v1 Cross Trainers

If you are wanting to be more active, but you don’t know exactly what kind of activity you want to do just yet, then this is a good choice for you. These shoes from New Balance are cross trainers, meaning they are designed to do a number of activities fairly well. You can run, lift weights, walk, and do all sorts of things.  Just be aware that they won’t do any one thing extremely well, so that’s one thing to think of if you are specializing in something very specific.  With a removable foam insert that uses their memory sole technology and their REVlite midsole foam, these are going to be super supportive and allow you to feel stable wherever you find yourself exercising.  The upper is made to where you can slip them on easily, though you still get the adjustments and additional support from the laces that you need.  NB often gets a bad reputation as far as looks good, but it must be said that these also look great in a wide range of colors, so that’s worth a mention as well.


  • Tons of nice colors
  • Lots of potential uses
  • Supportive and adjustable
  1. Skechers Sport Women’s Empire Fashion Sneakers

Skechers comes roaring back onto the list here yet again, only this time it’s with a pair of sneakers that are designed more with fashion in mind. While walking will be a breeze in them thanks to the abundance of memory foam and softness provided, they are not really designed for a ton of that. These are made from a faux leather to give off a certain look, all the while a low top design is there to help you have less weight heaped upon you so your comfort is ratcheted up significantly.  With a slip on design that is coupled with a bungee lace setup, these shoes are all about fashion and looking nice.  The upper is made out of mesh that has been woven into them, which is going to help reduce the heat that is getting into them.  With a number of nice colors that catch the eye, there is something here for just about everyone, making them impossible to ignore.


  • Low profile and light
  • Super fashionable
  • Tons of mesh and super comfy
  1. Skechers Women’s Flex Appeal 2.0 Sneakers

Skechers makes it onto the list for a final time here with another pair of sneakers, though these are built for more function than fashion, unlike the previous pair. These shoes are made to be super flexible, doing so in large part for two reasons. First, you have their Flex Sole, in it’s second iteration now, that makes them bend more than most others can even dream of doing.  Then, up top you also see that flexibility through the use of a lot of knit for the upper.  That makes them breathable and stretchy, two necessary components of an ultra comfortable pair of shoes.  Along with their typical memory foam, too, you can see why these are called the ‘Appeal’ line for sure.  With an insole that has three layers, including a bottom one that is made out of air cooled foam, you get to see some breathability that just isn’t present in so many of the memory foam products out there.


  • More function than fashion
  • Super flexible design
  • Three-layered memory foam
  1. Roxy Women’s Bayshore Slip On Sneakers

Coming in next is something that is meant for a lot of comfort and will certainly stand out as well. These take on the look of sneakers but are really slip ons. These are flat to the ground, unlike most flats that end up ‘digging’ into you, these don’t do that thanks to the use of memory foam insoles that keep you going.  Along with that the inserts are very soft to the touch thanks to the use of linen and the like.  The upper looks as if it is made out of canvas, but it is made out of strong synthetic material instead that does make them a little bit more durable.  Thanks to the use of a molded arch, they are able to support you, while the toes are lifted slightly off the ground to keep you from over working that part of the foot.  With a number of colors to pick from and a style that hearkens back to days gone by, these shoes are perfect for anyone that lives and thins outside the box.


  • Tons of colors
  • Super comfy and durable
  • Molded arch for more support
  1. Dearfoams Rebecca Microfiber Slippers

Coming in next is a great choice if you want a comfy and relaxing house slipper to wear. The Rebecca is low cost pair of shoes that will also give you a lot of cushion thanks to the memory foam supplied within. The upper is made from 100% polyester, which is a great material to use if you want to see something last quite a while.  The soles used are decent, with enough grip on them to get you through.  These won’t be like other slippers that have almost no tread to them, so that’s got to be seen as a positive if you want to do more than just lounge around lazily.  Another bonus worth pointing out to you is that they are also going to be able to be washed in the washing machine, which is not something that can or should be done with all types of shoes.  If you want to find a very casual pair of shoes to wear around for a low price, then it’s going to be hard to come up with many better.  One thing to note is that they do run small, so that is a factor that you will need to consider.


  • Supremely soft all over
  • Durable but machine washable
  • Very low price


  • Tends to run small
  1. Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Madison Fashion Sneakers

Dr. Scholl’s has been in the footwear game for a long time, and though they are generally known for putting out inserts that you plug into your current shoes to fix a bevy of problems, they also make shoes as well. These are an example of that. These sneakers are made with fashion in mind, offering a ton of colors, which is an improvement over virtually every pair they have put out in the past.  Using 100% synthetics with some holes in there to allow breathability, these are also good to be out and about in.  With a cool fit memory foam insole, you get a plush layer to stand upon while not needing to be worried with sweating profusely.  They are also flats that slip on easily as well, so that’s something you’ll no doubt have to be enamored with thanks to their usefulness and convenience.  They are a trusted name, and they offer something a bit different here to real aplomb.


  • Lots of colors
  • Maximum breathability
  • Slip on flats
  1. Hanes Men’s Moccasin House Slippers

Just in case you thought the guys were getting left out, we have this pair from Hanes that make the list at the ten spot. These house slippers are made, well, for the house, but they are also going to be able to do a bit more if you choose. While we don’t encourage you to go work in them, they do have excellent tread to them on the soles, so you can step outside for a moment or two and do a task if needed. The insides, obviously, are quite plush and pampering to the feet thanks to the use of the memory foam, which help you by contouring to your feet.  With the use of Hanes’ fresh IQ advance protection, you will not be forced to endure ridiculous odors due to them being curtailed.  They are not very highly priced at all, and they are durable and fairly good looking as well, especially for a lazy day pair of shoes.  On thing that may be a little frustrating is that they don’t go by normal sizes but rather a range of sizes, so that may make ordering a little tougher than it has to be.


  • Plush and pampering feel for the man in your life
  • Has great tread on the soles
  • Won’t pick up odors


  • Runs in S, M, L, etc rather than numbered sizes
  1. Ryka Inspire Women’s Walking Shoes

If you are looking for a pair of walking shoes that will actively work to support you, then this might just be the pair for you to turn you fortune around with. With all synthetic materials, you can count on them being durable and able to take a beating, all the while the upper is full of mesh that extends to the sides of the shoes, giving you a lot of breathability up top. With a memory foam footbed for cushioning, too, these will be your go-to shoe for getting a move on when you realize that they are quite light compared to other walking shoes.  Walking shoes tend to be heavy, but these do an excellent job at reducing the weight needed in order to give you a much better experience.  With a padded collar and tongue, too, and a heel tab that makes dragging them on and off easier, your access time will be diminished greatly.  They do run a little bit small and narrow, so take time to do some research to make sure you are getting the best fit for you.


  • Light for a walking shoe
  • Very durable and breathes well
  • Super soft and cushy


  • Runs small and narrow
  1. Wnnideo Full Length Memory Foam Inserts

This is a bit of a cheater selection here, as it’s not really a pair of shoes. Rather, these are inserts that you can place into any pair of shoes, which should be fruitful for a ton of people, and especially those that frequently go from one pair of shoes to another. They are also a great idea if your current memory foam shoes have worn out.  With that said, you should be careful and remember that the rest of the shoe may be worn out, too, if the memory foam has.  Alas, these are at a great price that will not see you spending too much on them, and they are great for all sorts of uses.  With a deep U-shape cup and an arch shell on the outsides of them, you get awesome arch support and a narrow heel cup that are able to support you over the course of a long day or hard, harsh movements.  With a 90-day return guarantee on them as well, you can have a lot of confidence that this is the right product for you.


  • Great arch support
  • Good replacement choice
  • Confidence via 90-day guarantee

Conclusion And Final Memory Foam Shoes Recommendations

Determining whether or not a technology works and is fruitful can be a challenging process in 2019.  There are articles all over the place espousing the benefits of this, and articles saying that about this other product.  This serves to create a ton of confusion, and it can lead people to just flat out give up.  Rather than causing you to do that, though, our guide today has striven to give you all the answers you need in one place while also giving you reviews of the top pairs of memory foam shoes that can be found.  What once used to be found exclusively in your bed can now be found in your shoes, and you will find that it’s for the best if you jump in and wear them.  Don’t wait any longer then, get to finding the pair you will love for long time!

FAQ’s About Memory Foam Shoes

Do I Need to Wear Socks With Memory Foam Shoes?

This solely depends on what you want to use them for and what kind of shoes they are.  If they are house shoes, slippers, or slip ons of any kind, then not wearing socks is probably your best bet.  If they are tennis shoes or any kind of shoe that you are being active in, then you need to take special care of them.  That means you don’t want to be leaving that out of the picture.  Failure to wear socks can only exasperate the odor issue entirely, so it’s a good idea to wear them in most cases.  Even for short stints in between, you really want to put socks on.

Is Memory Foam Just For Tennis Shoes?

If you take a look at our list above, you will find that memory foam is not just for ‘tennis’ shoes.  The material has been used in all kinds of different shoe types so far, and that should be viewed as a definite positive.  By the same token, it’s not just for casual shoes that are to be worn around the house, so you don’t have to contend with that connotation, either.  It has real usefulness for multiple types of shoes, as our guide and reviews have shown you.

Does The Brand I Pick Matter?

Brand loyalty is a powerful thing, so we won’t flat out tell you no.  If you like a brand, then it’s probably because they have served you well in the past. With that said, brands don’t always matter.  If you see that an item is a good fit for you and it’s highly received by other consumers, it could do you quite well.  Skechers does an awesome job with memory foam shoes, no doubt about it, but they are not the only brand that exists, for example.

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