11 Best Lawn Aerator Shoes of 2021: Do They Really Work?

Best Lawn Aerator Shoes

One of the key things that you can do to make sure your lawn is healthy, green, and luscious, among many, is to make sure that it is aerated.  Aerating your lawn, however, can be a long, hard, and expensive process for many people, leading them to seek another option instead of going through with that entire drawn out process.  One option that you can turn to instead of the regular channels for aerating is to purchase a pair of lawn aerator shoes.  Today’s buying guide is going to be all about them.  From the ins and outs, the science of it all, and to products themselves, we’ll be taking a deep dive to let you know just what it is you want.  So, let’s get right into it and get you on the way to a healthier lawn!

Top Lawn Aerator Shoes Comparison Chart

ProductNo. of SpikesNo. of StrapsPriceWhere to Buy?
1. Abco Tech Lawn Aerator Shoes133$$Check Price On Amazon
2. Dripex Lawn Aerator Spike Shoes264$Check Price On Amazon
3. Tonbux Lawn Aerator Spiked Lawn Sandals268$Check Price On Amazon
4. Ohuhu Lawn Aerator Shoes264$Check Price On Amazon
5. Cabasaa Lawn Aerator Shoes132$$Check Price On Amazon
6. Punchau Lawn Aerator Shoes123$Check Price On Amazon
7. Mavicean Lawn Aerator Shoes4$Check Price On Amazon
8. Tacklife Lawn Aerator Shoes134$Check Price On Amazon

Lawn Aerator Shoes Buying Guide

What is Aeration?

The first question that we probably need to answer for you is about what exactly aeration is.  Aeration seems like a very big word, but if you look at it and break it down, it’s really not all that complicated.  The root word is basically what it relates to: air.  Aeration is a process whereby you put holes in your yard in order to allow water and grass to get directly to the roots.  One of the main reasons why you may not have a lush, green lawn is because it’s too hard for these vital nutrients to get to the roots themselves.  By aerating it with these tiny holes, it’s effectively able to breathe, giving it the chance to get those necessities and thus end up turning greener than it would have been otherwise.  How you aerate is totally up to you and can be done in a variety of ways.  Obviously, as we are discussing today, you can use aerator shoes to get the job done.  Another method is letting a professional crew do the job.  A third idea is to rent, borrow, or buy a hollow tine tool and do it yourself.  All three are methods you could use, but we’re going to concentrate on aerator shoes today.

Benefits of Aerator Shoes

Next, we should look at why you should be going with a pair of aerator shoes, rather than going with another choice altogether.  The first thing we will say is that aerator shoes are a very inexpensive choice relative to the other options that you could end up going with.  If you are thinking about hiring a service to come out and aerate, you’re going to be talking about some serious money.  Another reason to go with aerator shoes is that it is more under your control.  You can do it when you like.  Remember, though, that you should go ahead and fertilize right after you have laid out the tiny holes so that the nutrients end up reaching those roots that we talked about a bit earlier.  A third benefit to note is that it can help you rectify some of your pest problems.  There are a ton of misnomers and false beliefs out there regarding pests, but one thing to know is that aerator shoes can help you get rid of grubs.  You do need to take specific steps in order to accomplish this feat, but just know that it is doable for you to look into.

Limitations of Aerator Shoes

While we did mention the benefits of aerator shoes above, we also need to take a look at the limitations that they bring to the table.  They are not as straightforward as you might believe, so let’s take a look at some of the factors that you have to consider.  One thing that you should know right off the bat is that it’s not near as effective as using a hollow tine tool.  The reason behind this is because the shoes you will be using are not going to be as good at compacting the soil as the hollow tine would be.  It is better than nothing, sure, but it’s not as useful, seeing as how a hollow aerator tool is able to remove some bad elements from the yard.  Remember, we talked about the cost above, so you should know that a low cost is not always the best solution.  Another reason for the lack of usefulness of aerator shoes is that they simply don’t impact a large enough area.  When a professional service comes to aerate your yard, they are doing the entire thing.  This means they are giving the entire yard some breathing room.  Unless you plan on walking around literally all day long, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to make a huge difference.  You may make a change in a few spots, but overall it’s not going to be all that great.  The last ‘negative’ we’ll point out is that aerator shoes will require you to frequently aerate the yard.  In an ideal world, you only want to do this in the spring and fall months, so this is not doable with aerator shoes!

How Aerator Shoes Work

Now that we know some of the benefits and limitations of aerator shoes and some other vital info, it’s going to be important for us to take a look at how aerator shoes are intended to work.  Yes, they do make tiny holes, but how do they do this?  Can’t you just go outside and use a prod of some sort to do that?  The answer there is a yes, but that would not be very effective, would it?  Aerator shoes, whether you believe they are great or not, are going to be vastly superior to that sort of method since they bring a concentrated effort to the table of working on the ground.  The way that they form those aforementioned holes is through the use of spikes.  These solid spiked soles on the shoes are attached to the tops of your shoes, making it so that you can wear virtually any pair of shoes while doing this.  Of course, you wouldn’t want to wear something that has an ultra flimsy sole, but the fact of the matter is that you can wear tennis shoes, work boots, and even more while attempting to do this.  Small spikes, such as those used in baseball, golf, soccer, etc. are also not going to be useful, since they do not cut down deep enough into the grass.  Therefore, if you want to try and do something like this, an aerator lawn shoe is the way that you should be looking.

Parts of Aerator Shoes

There are two main components to aerator shoes for your lawn.  It’s a pretty simple concept, in all actuality.  You need to have spikes and you need to have straps.  Without either of them, you’re defeating the whole purpose.  After all, you can’t have a door without a door knob.  Without that last component, you’ve essentially got a wall.  So, you need to have each of those two things working in conjunction with one another if you want the utmost from your experience.  In this section, we break down each by taking a deeper dive into what you need to know.


We’ll talk about the spikes first here since that’s the part that you are going to be looking at right off the bat.  That’s the piece of the puzzle that sticks out in the mind, so it’s only natural that you would be drawn to looking at them first and foremost.  With spikes, what you want to look for, above all else, is a good, sturdy construction.  Metal is the best choice, but you should know that not all of them are created equal.  If they look, or feel, flimsy, then they will not last as long as you would like for them to do so.  In addition to this, you should also be keeping an eye on how long the spikes are.  Depending on what you are looking for, you should adjust your line of thinking.  If you want to have the most success possible, then you will want the longest studs that you can find.  However, you should also keep in mind that this will make you more uncomfortable while walking.  Some people find that a nice balance of the two- usefulness and comfort- is the way to go.  Others, however, will just want pure performance and will not care about being uncomfortable.  It just depends on you, but you need to keep that in mind!

The way the spikes are made is also critical to how well they might or might not work.  There are two types: those made out of solid shaped wedges and then those that are known as ‘core aerators.’  The more solid types are made to, you could probably guess it, make holes in the ground.  The core aerators, meanwhile, operate like a small version of the hollow tine tool we discussed earlier.  These hollow spikes work by pulling parts of the ground up rather than just making holes.  Because of this, many people find them to be much more successful than ordinary aerator shoes that are solely focused on making holes in the ground.  Lastly, you should also look into whether or not a pair of shoes has extra spikes available to you or not.  If a pair of shoes has them on hand, then you will have some back up in the event that they end up breaking apart.  You can always replace them, if you have a replacement on hand.  But you sure can’t do so if they aren’t around!


The other component of the aerator shoes mixture is going to be the straps.  Without this, you’re going to be left with only a pair of shoes and some spikes.  They won’t stick on very well, so the first thing you’re going to want to be able to find is that they are durable.  If you don’t believe the straps are durable, then you’re going to find it very tough to get the most out of them.  On top of that, you also have to consider the adjustable nature- or lack thereof- of them as well.  If you find a pair of aerator shoes that allow you no opportunity to adjust them, then you are going to be setting yourself up for disaster.  Just as is the case with regular shoes, you want to have some chance to make tiny changes as you go.  Without being able to do that, you could be very miserable, regardless of the height of the spikes and the comfort level that your shoes typically yield.


Besides the straps and the spikes, there are other parts that should also be looked at.  They may not be as vital, but they still play a role in how long the shoes will last and how useful they ultimately are going to be.  One such thing is going to be the base of the shoes.  Like a house, you need to have a firm, steady, and stable foundation beneath you.  Without that, you’re going to see the rest it gradually fall apart, piece by piece by piece.  An upper that is made out of a strong material is also nice to have.  One such material that is preferable is that of Nylon, though others can also help.  This will help the shoes from eroding and it will stop chafing and irritating rubbing from occurring.  Another factor well worth mentioning is that you want to find a heel tab to help stop slippage from happening.  A heel tab is going to ensure that the straps and the spikes stay on your ‘regular’ shoes, which will promote safety and allow you to walk as comfortably as possible as you treat your lawn the way it deserves to be treated!

Tips For Using Lawn Aerator Shoes

Whether it’s about you being as safe as possible or getting the most out of using lawn aerator shoes, there are a few tips for you to look at in order to do as well as possible.  Here’s a look at some things that you can do for the most success!

– Remember, there are limitations to lawn aerator shoes.  Sometimes, the best you will do is to be able to break up the top soil, rather than truly aerate it.  So be patient and just keep this in mind.  It’s not a perfect process by any means.

– If you have areas that are difficult to get to grow well, this may be a good way to go about it.  It’s going to be hard to do even a small yard entirely with this method alone, but if you have small patches that need work, this could be just the perfect way to go about doing the job!

– Make sure to walk slowly while you are using these.  It’s paramount that you do so, otherwise you will lose control and could end up getting injured.  It may seem a little bit silly, but it’s not super easy to wear them for a lot of people.  This is especially the case if you have never worn cleats or spikes at all before.

– Spikes should never be worn on hard surfaces.  If you are going to venture onto hard ground, you need to be mindful that you need to take off your spikes.  Even if it’s just a few steps, it could really end up being a huge detriment to you and your health.  The spikes will have no grip on concrete or pavement, so you will end up falling and getting hurt.

– Putting on aerator spikes is not super easy for those that are older. While many of them are equipped with straps that do make adjustments pretty easy, it does not always equate to them being easy to get on.  Keep this in mind and weight the pros and cons of each offering in your mind as you consider what to do.

The Top Eight Lawn Aerator Shoes of 2019 Reviews

  1. Abco Tech Lawn Aerator Shoes

Starting our list today is a pair of aerator shoes that use three straps over top and have 13 metal spikes beneath them to dig up the ground and make it greener for you. Not only is this a cheaper option for you, but it’s also got the benefit of you getting some exercise in, which is a double positive! They have three strong, metal buckles that run across the top of them, helping to lock you in without you having to worry about them falling apart quickly.  Coming along with a free wrench to aid in the installation process, adjustments are made easy.  On top of that, you get a 100% satisfaction guaranteed offer as well, meaning you can send them back for any reason if you do not like them.  It’s really difficult to look away with an offer like that, making these such a strong choice for your selection!


  • Strong buckles to hold you in place
  • Warranty guaranteed
  • Easy to adjust
  1. Dripex Lawn Aerator Spike Shoes

Up next is a pair of shoes that have been upgraded over previous models, giving you more confidence in them while still maintaining a healthy level of positivity. With 13 spikes on each foot and four straps going across, with metal buckles that make adjustments easier and quicker, these are heavily reinforced to get the job done. The base is so sturdy, in fact, that it can handle up to 400 lbs of pressure, such is the strength.  The upgrades come in the form of the buckles, which are more numerous, and the spikes, which have been lengthened to help bite into the earth a bit more and better.  Coming with a free pair of gloves and a wrench free of charge, a two year warranty, and a one year money back guarantee, these shoes give you plenty of reasons to go out and order them to give them a shot!


  • 1 year warranty
  • Free bonuses with them
  • Reinforced construction and equipment
  1. Tonbux Lawn Aerator Spiked Lawn Sandals

Coming up next will be one of the more comfortable offerings out there, as these shoes, of which there are 13 on each shoes, are just 2.2 inches in height. That means they are still in the optimal range, only they are toward the bottom of it. That breeds comfort, while the durable metal buckles, of which there are four apiece, also help to keep you locked in and tight.  The straps are highly adjustable, allowing you to set how much or little tension you need on your feet, which further establishes just how comfy you’ll be in them.  With a complementary wrench included, you’ll have no difficulties getting them on at all, making them ideal for quick and easy wear.  They even come with a free pair of work gloves and a warranty good for two whole years, quite the package for such a low price.


  • Two year warranty
  • Very comfy choice
  • Super duper adjustable
  1. Ohuhu Lawn Aerator Shoes

Up next is a pair of aerator shoes that takes adjustment to the next level. So far, in fact, that they have five straps, not four or three, to help promote comfort and the perfect, optimal feel for you. This also locks you in better and allows you to have more confidence in your movement.  Though all of the offerings we have seen are one size fits all, you really have to commend them since this helps them fit you even better than others out there can do.  The spikes are just two inches as well, meaning they will be quite comfy, much like the Tonbux above.  This, along with an ABS heavy duty sole and a strong Zinc plated buckle and elastic band on the heel make for a strong total package that you’ll love.


  • Tons of adjustments
  • Very comfy to walk in
  • Strong and reinforced
  1. Cabasaa Lawn Aerator Shoes

Though these don’t have as many straps, with just two, as some others, they are still going to be easy to adjust and will also be comfortable, in large part due to the spikes being 2.2 inches tall. With 13 on each shoe, you’ll have plenty of ability to cut down into the ground in an attempt to get the ground in better shape. As mentioned, they do have less adjustability to them, but they are still easy to adjust thanks to you being able to maneuver the strap to fit your size easily.  One thing to not worry about is the ease at which it takes to get them on.  They are super easy to put on and take off, all through the use of a wrench that they have happened to include with them.  One thing to note is that many have liked these more than other ‘cheaper’ options, so that just goes to show you that sometimes paying more is your ticket to a little more positivity!


  • Easy to adjust via straps
  • Comfortable choice
  • Easy to install
  1. Punchau Lawn Aerator Shoes

Up next is a pair of shoes to wear on the lawn that are going to be slightly different than the others we’ve seen so far. The price difference is truly negligible, but these are cheaper than most out there due to the fact that they only have 12 spikes on each shoe. This is not a huge difference, but it’s worth pointing out to you.  They have three buckles and straps to them, offering you plenty of options to make adjustments with.  With two inch spikes beneath, they will be fairly comfortable but will not be quite as effective as some taller ones would be.  These are not as easy to get on and off as some of the others, so that should be something you need to take stock of.  Overall, this is a good pair if you don’t mind some minor changes from the norm and want a lower price to have to stump up.


  • Cheaper than others
  • Easy to adjust
  • Comfort above all


  • Not as easy to get off and on
  1. Mavicean Lawn Aerator Shoes

Up next is another option that is quite low on the price totem pole in the form of this offering from Mavicean. These come equipped with four straps on them, one of which is used to hold the back of the foot in place well thanks to having a couple of areas to hold the foot back. With four straps, with metal buckles running across them, these are great for making adjustments on.  They are easy to assemble, which is a no brainer for any piece of equipment that you want to go out and buy.  One of the things that you get with this offering is a ton of bonus goodies.  You get three shovels, with varying sizes and shapes, and a mini wrench tool to help you get them on.  The main issue that people have found with these is that they do fit very big, so if you are smaller then you may have some problems with them.


  • Very cheap price
  • Easy to adjust
  • All sorts of bonus items


  • Very big fit
  1. Tacklife Lawn Aerator Shoes

Rounding out our list today is another low priced alternative to paying big money for professionals to come in and aerate for you. With four straps, a stronger sole than many have out there, and a nail length of 2.2 inches, you get a nice blend of comfort, durability, and strength out of these shoes. Coming along with two extra backup spikes for replacements if necessary, a wrench, a manual for additional information, and a two year warranty, you definitely get a lot of confidence driven into you by these.  One thing to note about these is that they do have a lot of quality control problems.  This means that anything from straps or the nuts and screws could be messed. Sometimes it’s fine, but other times it’s not, so that’s not going to help you have a lot of confidence in this choice.


  • Comfortable and durable
  • Two year warranty
  • Stronger sole thanks to being reinforced


  • Big time QC problems

Conclusion And Final Lawn Aerator Shoes Recommendations

Taking care of a lawn- or yard- is not the easiest thing to do in the world.  That’s even more the case if you want it to stand out and look like you are in the Major Leagues or something similar.  It takes long, hard hours and dedication, plus some thinking outside of the box at times.  One way that you can possibly help yourself is by turning to a pair of lawn aerator shoes.  They are an inexpensive idea that might just help you that tiny little bit that you need.  With that being said, they do have limitations, just as we do.  It’s not always easy to find out all of the information and find products, too.  But thankfully, we’ve done all of that leg work for you today in this one place, allowing you to rest easier and figure out just what you need- and perhaps more crucially, what you don’t need.

FAQ’s About Lawn Aerator Shoes

Are There Any ‘Secret’ or Added Benefits?

There is definitely a very big one we haven’t talked about, and that pertains to exercise!  Many people don’t think about this, but with a pair of lawn aerator shoes, you’re definitely going to be getting exercise in.  Not only are you going to be walking, but the spikes will also give you calves more of a workout than ordinary walking will do.  While you do need to make sure you’re being safe and walking at a reasonable speed, it’s not something you should totally overlook!

Can Aerator Shoes Help Prevent Grubs?

In theory, yes they can do so, for sure.  The way this is supposed to work is by taking away their living space.  You can do this, if you know where they are located, that is, by going to the place where they are and making two holes per square inch.  This is not going to help your soil grow and prosper, but it will help get rid of those pests and get you into a better state of mind as a result.

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