8 Best Knockoff Yeezys 2021: Boost Replicas Available on Amazon

real vs fake yeezy boost 350 reviews

Maybe you don’t know, but chances are you do if you are here, but the Yeezys inspired by Kanye West are one of the most popular and most expensive shoes on the market right now.  Everyone has to have a a pair of them, but finding them is hard enough.  Then you have to manage a way to pay a steep premium for them.  This fact has made it tough for a lot of people to get their hands on them and has essentially made it a dream to own a pair of the rapper-inspired shoes.

However, there are always other options, and in 2018 there is a very real market out there for people who are willing to get creative about it.  Our guide today takes a look at the world of the knock off Yeezys.  We will look over the history of the Yeezy and why it is so expensive to own, then we will look at some options that are much cheaper that are as close to real Yeezys as we can find in our reviews toward the end!

Top Fake or Knockoff Yeezy Shoes Comparison Chart

1. Maylexs All Cream Luxury Men’s Designer ShoesAAAAA$$$
2. FQ Butterfly Unisex Athletic SneakersAAA$$$$
3. TiAnge Unisex Casual Fashion SneakersAAAAA$$
4. Djchyep Men’s Classic YZY 700 Athletic SneakersAA$$
5. KEEZMZ Men’s Casual Fashion SneakersAAAA$$$
6. Adisply Fashion v2 Unisex Sneakers
7. Fereshte Men’s SneakersAA$$$
8. Spysport Men’s Boost Low Top v2 SneakersAAA$$$$

Fake Yeezy Buying Guide

History of the Shoe

We would be remiss to not go over the history of the Yeezys just a little bit before we get started with our guide.  Yeezys got their first start almost a couple of decades ago when Kanye West partnered with Louis Vuitton on sneakers that ended up being called “Don.”  This was West’s first foray into the shoe world, but it would end up being far from his last. 

Nike came in 2005, and for the first time the pri became a part of popular culture in 2009.  The first Yeezys came with a huge cross-strap and glow in the dark sole, which made quite the statement right out of the gate.  West stayed with Nike until 2013, when he decided to leave because he didn’t feel respected with the ‘Swoosh.’  He had issues with them over the paying of royalties and felt that they didn’t understand the appeal of his shoes, so he decided to seek out a new collaborator.

Kanye settled on Adidas, and he has been with them ever since, but Adidas weren’t the only ones to have a chance.  Puma also had a chance to wrangle him away, but the Three Stripes signed him, and now we have a huge Yeezy brand all of itself that is becoming more and more independent from Adidas by the day, it seems.


Brand Popularity & Scarcity 

Explaining away the popularity of the Yeezys isn’t the easiest of tasks, but it is one that has to be done in order to show why someone would go to such lengths to want a knock off shoe.  Obviously, if something is so cool that people are willing to pay such high amounts for and to buy a pair that they KNOW is fake out of the box, then the creator has done something very right and is on to something.  This is a little bit chicken and egg, with which came first, but we’ll try to examine the issue, and it should lead us to some answers about why they have been such a hit success.

Kayne West’s Personal Life Impact

A big part of the popularity of the shoes has to just be the personality behind them.  Kanye West, well before the Yeezys and before he married Kim Kardashian, was already a household name in the rap game.  He was hugely popular and successful at that, and a few PR stunts (intentional or not- like the one with Taylor Swift and the such) only served to make him even bigger and more in-touch with current culture.  Add in now that he has more followers than ever because his shoes are a take off, and because of who his wife is, as well as his rap career, and you have to understand a little bit better about why these shoes have gotten to this stage.

One reason that explains the popularity of the shoes is West’s knowledge of business.  No matter what you may think about the man, who has been a bit of a loose cannon for some time now, you have to acknowledge that he is a genius with marketing.  In a world where people are always craving more and companies produce too much, West has adopted the opposite strategy.  In an age where sports teams and leagues want to add games and clubs, thus diminishing the eyeballs on each game and the importance thereof, West has stuck to a tried-and-true “less is more” approach.

West does this by simply only releasing limited quantities of Yeezys at a time.  What this does is build hype into the product, and it means that they end up selling very quickly off the shelves as a result.  When you take all of the things that make Kanye popular and you add it to a small quantity, it is bound to be a recipe for greatness.  Furthermore, his use of social media, in which he has gone on Donald Trump-style tirades, only fans the flames for his brand and makes them even more popular.  Outside of his own channels of social media, he has hired influencers and used his wife to promote the shoes in a copycat way, making it look as if everyone wants them.   And now they do, because he has read the market and given them what they wanted.  By using social media, he has saved himself and Adidas millions and millions of dollars, cutting out the advertising costs for them.  It’s actually very parallel to what Trump did in the campaign, which is astounding really.  Did one influence the other in that as well?  We may never know.  While it might not seem like it, the market for these shoes is a direct cross section of art and pop culture, so much more than most would imagine.

West has made claims earlier this year that his brand would be hiring 160 people by the end of the year and that they would hit over $1 billion in sales.  While experts in the business field are debating this because of simple logistics and numbers, you still have to take a step back and realize that he’s doing something right if he can make such claims and draw so much attention.  It’s that very thing that has stoked the flames of what has become an unforgettable brand that is capable of jumping from one company to the next if he wanted.


Impact of the Yeezy Brand 

What has happened as a result of the popularity of the Yeezys, you ask?  Well, we mentioned it very briefly earlier, but the answer simply is that the price has gone up dramatically.  How do this occur, you ask?  First and foremost, it has to do with the small quantities that are released.  Whenever that is the case, that is going to make it so some people are able to buy the shoe and others simply are not.  There are reports online of people sitting in online shoe carts for hours just hoping to buy the newest pair when they drop.  Why is it such a big deal to get them, though?

The reason why is because the shoes never end up being anywhere near the same price that they were originally.  For example, the 23 shoes currently that have been released (pre 2018) sold at retail for an average price of $295 a pair.  Yes, that’s more expensive than the vast majority of shoes that you will find, but just wait until you see the eye watering total that they resell for.  Those same 23 pairs resell, on average, for a total of $1730 apiece.  That right there sums up why they are so popular, and just why someone would want to look into buying a pair of fake or knock off Yeezys!


Wearing Fakes Are Cool?

 On top of everything we know so far, would you believe it if I were to tell you that wearing and collecting fakes was cool now?  Probably not, and I wouldn’t believe it, either, but the facts are right in front of us.  There are people now that wear, buy, and collect fake shoes, and they do it with pride like never before!  One group of ‘fake fiends’ is so good at picking out fake from real that they actively police the internet, looking to take down any postings that declare that a fake pair is indeed real.  Why would they do this?

Well, that answer is simple: to keep not only their prices lower but also everyone else’s and to promote fairness.  Buying fake when you know it is fake is one thing, but getting ripped off is just not cool.  There’s a strange dichotomy in all of this, but it’s interesting to note that even people that buy fakes want to do so knowing the truth, and will tell people that they are fakes when asked.  This guide is going to make sure that you realize these are fakes, just like these noble souls have done in a service to sneakerheads and fanatics the world over.


The Design of the Yeezys

 Another huge contributing factor in the rise of the Yeezys is simply the fact that they look so good.  While some pairs might not be your cup of tea, a couple of looks come to mind for me.  Like the “Red Octobers” (an all-red shoe that just screams at you like a fire-breathing dragon) and the “Yeezy Boost 950s,” (a horrendous looking boot design that is flash in all the wrong ways for me) might not be my style at all, others like the “Yeezy Boost 350” look just brilliant and like a shoe that anyone could be proud to have.

So, apart from a couple of exceptions, the designs have been a major plus in the surge in popularity of the shoes.  Even those that aren’t exactly enamored with Kanye or care much for pop culture will admit that the majority of the shoes with the Yeezy name on them look ‘fresh’ and would be nice to own, if they weren’t so dang expensive.  Kanye and whomever he has or hasn’t worked with to make the sneakers, and most of them are sneakers except for the unfavorable boots which resale for only a minuscule amount more than they were originally sold for, have done a great job of making these shoes look cool as well as feel hip.


Shoe Materials & Colorways

Another central factor in the way these things have sold over the years has been the materials used, and the quality of them.  If the Yeezys looked great but did not have good materials used, they wouldn’t retain their value nearly as well.  When our reviews begin here shortly, they will be taking into account how well the materials hold up.  Just because the look is similar to a specific shoe or just the brand in general, that does not mean they rival the materials of the Yeezy in any real way.

That is why we will be examining them for quality, just so you know what you are getting yourself into.  You will want to look good and feel comfortable in them, and if you don’t then you will definitely want to know about it.  The looks are only one part of any shoe, even if it is a fake one that you are looking to buy.



Before we get into the reviews, a few words about sizing.  Getting the correct size can be tough for anyone with any variety of shoe, but unlike with ‘real’ shoes where you can go to the store and try them on, the replica market just doesn’t offer that luxury.  Buying replicas or fakes, whatever term you’d like to use, means you are most likely getting them from a foreign country.  No big deal, right?  My shoes already are manufactured elsewhere anyway, so no big deal?  Wrong.  While they are made elsewhere, they have people closer from home working in conjunction with them to make sure that things are done in a very specific way.

When this process is not done, you can end up with some funky size issues.  So it becomes crucial to do your research and see what others say.  We’ll do our best to relay this information to you, because it can make or break your enjoyment.  No one wants to pay hand over fist just to send back a pair of shoes to China in the hopes of getting the right size when they ship them back to you in a few weeks’ time.


Best Fake Yeezy Shoe Reviews


Maylexs All Cream Luxury Men’s Designer Shoes

I’m just going to say it right now. I’m partial to the All Cream Yeezys, and despite having just the one color (white) I like them a ton. This pair is Maylexs’ best take on the Yeezy Boost Cream 350 v2, and by all accounts they have done a good job at replicating that as best they can.  They are a little bit more expensive than most on this list and they only come in a few select sizes, but overall these shoes have a really great look both in profile and from the top view, too.  On the inside, there is a labeling indicating that the company that has made them is Maylexs, a big plus because they aren’t trying to trick you into believing that they are real.

One of the biggest pluses that any fan of the original Yeezy Boost will be giddy about is the fact that they will glow in the dark just like the real thing.  That alone could be enough to steer people toward buying them despite not being the real deal.  Even the logos are in the same areas and look fairly similar, which is one of the biggest things you look for in a fake.  On the negative side, they only have the only color that they are offering. On top of that, the sole has shown some issues coming apart and scratching, so that is something to expect to possibly see.



  • Glow in the dark look!
  • Awesome color
  • Logos are close to the real thing



  • Higher than most replica/knock offs
  • Come with just the one color
  • Sole has problems coming apart


FQ Butterfly Unisex Athletic Sneakers

Here is an option that can be enjoyed by both male and female, at least according to the listing, and it can be done so at a very low price as well. This pair of shoes are made in very American themes, with one even containing both the American and Canadian flags on them. However, it is the design of the shoe, not the colors that make you think they could be Yeezys.  They look like the Yeezy Boost 350 v2 in their look, apart from the color scheme of course, and in so doing will impress a lot of people around you while keeping your wallet much fuller than you would have with the real McCoy.

On top of being non-slip, not marking, and also being waterproof, they are also very lightweight, which will help you stay on your feet in a number of scenarios, making them good for both fashion and for workouts if you choose to do them.  And let’s face it, you can afford to scratch them up a bit, unlike the real and very costly Yeezys.  They are very comfortable as well, giving a major ‘boost’ to you.  The draw backs are that they do take quite a while to arrive as they come from China and have to take time to ship.  Converting to the proper size is also a huge hassle that has been a pain for some, so be prepared for that process.



  • For both sexes
  • Very, very affordable price
  • Very breathable and good for workouts



  • Not the best if you aren’t American/pro-America
  • Takes time to be delivered to you
  • Sizing is a big concern


TiAnge Unisex Casual Fashion Sneakers

Another shoe that is both unisex in nature and resembles the Yeezy Boost 350 v2, the TiAnge offering here is one that comes at an even lower price than the previous listing from FQ. With three colors, including a very nice black and white design, they do pop off the screen as you view them. One issue you notice right away is that they don’t carry any markings at all.  If you are looking for something a little bit more authentic looking, while still being a replica, these might not be the ones for you.

Also, there seems to be a difference in the colors.  While the black and white one and the Grey one are a little bit higher in the heel area, the all-black one does not have this feature.  Whether they are all the same or not is hard to say, so you might have to be a little bit careful there before you order them thinking you are getting one thing and then winding up with another thing entirely.  One issue is with the sizing, of course, with many indicating that they run small. Another problem that you run into is the lack of a properly made sole, which only makes sense because these are a knock off of the originals.  They also offer a lack of traction on the bottom, so this only shows the lack of great material used to make the product.



  • Extremely low price
  • Really nice color schemes
  • Good to scratch up for the price



  • Sole has problems ripping
  • Doesn’t offer much traction
  • Sizing issues once again


Djchyep Men’s Classic YZY 700 Athletic Sneakers

If you want to talk about a good knock off, then this is one right out of the box. Just one look at these shoes and you want to believe that they are legitimately real, a testament to the job they have done with them at Djchyep. These shoes, while clearly drawing inspiration from the Yeezys also plot a course of their own, which is refreshing to see. Coming in a number of colors and offering them for about a quarter of the cheapest brand new Kayne West Yeezys that you can find, these shoes are a good way to do a number of different activities all while being as fashionable as possible without breaking upon the piggy bank.

Using double layered knit, the shoe is able to be lightweight, breathable, and flexible because of it.  The rubber used is non-slippable and also resists abrasions, which is not something that will be able to be said about all of the entries that make our list.  Some of the issues include that they do run small, which is not all too uncommon in this area of the market.  A possible problem that you might have with them is the lack of any clear markings, but the fact that they have used pretty good materials in them can negate that for most people.  And lastly, there aren’t any neon laces used, a common thing in the Yeezy, so that could cause you to have a think about whether to get them or not.



  • Uses really good materials
  • Takes their own spin on the Yeezy look
  • Doesn’t tear easily on the soles



  • No clear markings to indicate what they are
  • Lack of neon is a small letdown
  • Tends to run small


KEEZMZ Men’s Casual Fashion Sneakers

Another option that is inspired by the Yeezy line, but also takes its own stance on, the KEEZMZ is worth a look if you are looking for something in the very cheap range that is also very lightweight and flexible. On top of that, they are breathable as can be as well, featuring mesh to help you air out your feet. Beneath the upper, you have a sole that is slip resistant, making them seemingly suitable for athletics and just casual wear as well.

However, it would be wise to use them for more light activities, because they are not going to offer a ton of support while running, jumping, etc.  While not really looking like any of the Yeezys all that much, and that has cost them a little bit in our rankings, they still have a nice, understated look that does remind you of some of the more ‘quiet’ Yeezys for sale.  They come in four different colors, with the simple gray looking the most like the Yeezys.

The last issue that needs to be addressed is the sizing problems, with a good number of them running small.  You might have to order up, so do your research if you decide upon this pair!  They also don’t come with a box, which can be an annoyance to some who just want to crack open the box when they arrive like a child on Christmas morning.



  • Very comfortable
  • Understated fashion approach gives classy look
  • Extremely good price



  • Not best for vigorous activity
  • Doesn’t look the most like Yeezys
  • Run small like so many


Adisply Fashion v2 Unisex Sneakers

Another option that is out there to service both male and female is the Adisply, and as you’d expect by the name they try to do their best to mimic Adidas all the way. These shoes are very reminiscent of the Boost 350 v2s, which seem to be the Yeezys that are surging the most right now. One of the things that you notice with these is that they have a ton of colors to pick from.

While all of them have a little bit of white running through the middle part on the side of the shoe, they are otherwise one color.  So, in theory, you can get the ‘red zebra’ and have a combination of the “Red October” and the Boosts in one shoe, all while staying within a very manageable price range.  Like some of the earlier picks, these shoes are made of double layered knit fabric, making them lightweight and comfortable.  The big issue I see with these is that they have a lack of reviews and are still new.  Because of that, they are a little down on the list.



  • Very good price
  • Huge number of colors available to pick from
  • Looks very similar to Yeezys



  • Lack of reviews about them can be scary
  • Hard to pick the right size


Fereshte Men’s Sneakers

Fereshte offer a few Yeezy-like shoes, but this pair that looks a lot like the Red October line makes the list today, with one of the colors looking eerily similar to it while not being the exact same. Coming at a very low price that will make them enjoyable to a wide range of people, the Fereshte also has a ton of colors.

Perhaps most impressively, the shoes are lightweight and very flexible, as well as breathable. This makes them a good shoe to have for casual wear, but we’d still be remiss if we didn’t warn you that they might not be your best bet for activities, no matter what the claims about them might be.

One issue that a few people have encountered is with putting them on their feet.  However, once they are on, they seem to be comfortable and make them happy.  They also are not great for standing in for a long time, because they offer a lack of support, so the materials used aren’t quite up there with actual Yeezys.  The size is also a concern, with many complaining that they are much too small.



  • Seller offers discounts if two are bought
  • Very good price
  • Mirrors Yeezys without tricking you



  • Hard to get on your feet
  • Sizing woes once again
  • Don’t give very much support


Spysport Men’s Boost Low Top v2 Sneakers

Made to closely mimic the Yeezy Boost 350 v2, the Spysport v2 comes close to matching the look and comes in a number of colors for a very low price in comparison to even the original selling price of real Yeezys. There are a lot of reviews on these where people are believing that these are real, but it is clear that they are not because they do not feature the correct markings.

Instead, they have similar ones to the 350 v2 mentioned, which will make you look cool and won’t be noticed but to a few of the aficionados.  However, there do seem to be some big issues with this pair, because many claim that they do not look like the real Yeezys, which they say are taken and used in the listing.  So that is something to worry about big time.  Another worry is trying to determine what size to wear.

It takes some math and patience to accomplish that.  Thirdly, users have said that they can tell a difference between pairs made in China and the US, with the former pairs actually being better.



  • Low price compared with the real deal
  • Multi purpose shoe
  • Great look to mirror the 350 v2 Boost



  • Difference in Chinese and American made
  • Takes some figuring to deduce proper size
  • Might not be what you think you’re getting


Conclusion And Replica Shoe Recommendations

Buying Yeezys can be a very costly venture.  It takes a lot of money, time, and desire, or a combination of those three things that all must come together.  For those that love shoes, or just love that brand in general, it can sometimes be too difficult to find and afford the real thing given the after market that prevails at the moment.  With all of those traps up, the best option could be turning to a replica or fake of them.

What we have done today is try to give you a look at why this is a decent option for you to consider, and just what it takes to find a good pair.  Just like with real shoes, there are good fakes and bad fakes, and like with actual shoes, it is crucial that you weigh the risks and rewards that come with purchasing them.


Frequently Asked Questions About Knockoff Yeezy Shoes 


How Can You Tell If They Are Fake Yeezys or Not?

It’s not the easiest to tell if you have a legitimate pair or a fake pair, but there are some ways to tell.  Looking at things like the stitching, the heels, the lettering used on the Adidas font, and also examining the ‘YZY’ logo are also giveaways.  Another way to tell is to look at the size tag.

If the tag is arranged in a strange way for you to read and understand, then chances are that the pair is fake.  There are online resources available for you both to verify and compare Yeezys, so those are there if you’d like to take a further look.

Why Would I Buy a Fake Pair?

Some people simply can’t afford to pay the exorbitant markup prices for a resell pair of Yeezy shoes, so they turn to the knock off market to buy them.  Others can’t, or don’t, want to pay the original price of them, either, so they just try to find a cheaper, decently similar look, and then purchase that.  Money is hard to come by for a lot of people, so this is the biggest reason why you would want to buy a good pair of fake shoes!

Also, as mentioned above, there is a growing cult following of people that collect ‘fake’ sneakers, and the better the fake the more likely they’ll want them for their very own collection.  Remember, the higher prices come as a result of marketing, so when that marketing is removed, you could realistically buy several pairs of fake replicas for the price of just one pair of real- or a pair that claims to be ‘real.’


Is It Safe to Buy Replica Yeezys?

 On most occasions, the answer is a flat no.  If you are looking to get very good counterfeit ones, oftentimes you will find yourself going to websites with very long domain names that are based in foreign countries and have little to no feedback or reviews.  This is very dangerous, especially if you are going to be paying with a credit card, so it is advised that you steer clear of doing that.

You don’t know if someone is going to take your money and just stiff you without sending them, or if they will ‘skim’ your credit card information and rack up charges on it.  That is why we have gone through this list to find the best pairs that are on offer on Amazon so that you will know that you are safe and will have someone to hold accountable if you don’t get exactly what you are looking for.

How Many Real Yeezys Are Out There?

The number of actual Yeezys that have been sold is hard to pinpoint, but most analysts guess that the number is somewhere between 250,000 and 300,000.  By itself, that sounds like a whole ton of Yeezys, but in reality it’s not very many at all.  There are around about 7.5 billion people on earth.  That means that, at best, .004% of the earth’s population owns a pair.  If you consider that most are going to own more than one pair, that number comes down even more.  It’s a very lucrative and exclusive club, and these numbers only underline that and show why replicas are en vogue.


What Does Yeezy Mean?

 What’s in a name, huh?  The name Yeezy is inspired by a nickname that Kanye West was given by fellow rapper Jay-Z.  When he was still learning his trade as a rapper under Jay-Z, West was given the name “Yeezus” by the elder when he felt the younger man had nearly reached his level.  So, not only does it hearken to and rhyme with Jesus, it also pays homage to Jay-Z, a founder of the rap game.  They also are a catchy name, and they sound like the word “easy,” too, which has to be noted as a possible reason for their name as well.  Another explanation is that it is a common hip hop thing to add “eezy” to the end of a name, so that is another thought.

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